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LJ recently moved it's servers to Russia and changed it's Terms of Service. There's an article on Gizmodo here and on another site here. I've had some people ask if we are going to move the Comm to another site. At the moment, no we don't. But I wanted to get opinions on the matter.

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28 April 2017 @ 04:35 pm
My apologies for the vagueness of this request but I am looking for an older J2 fic where one of the boys (J1) is in a catatonic state. There is music involved and possibly Steve or Chris as a music therapist. The boys knew each other when they were younger and J2 has recently returned. There is an aunt and baking and I think sitting under a table (though this could be me mixing fics)

Any suggestions greatly appreciated (and fingers crossed it still exists x)
28 April 2017 @ 03:34 am

I was wondering if anyone can help me find a fic I've lost. It's J2 and they are both some kind of were!cats (Maybe Lynxs or panthers, I'm not too sure on that.) Jared was kidnapped as a child and is raised with his cat side being surpressed by the man Jared believes to be his father.

Jared's father is not nice and abuses Jared, making him think that he is sick and that's why he has to take the pills. I think Jared's father dies or Jared ends up running away but Jensen and his pride find him sat alone in a airport café, confused and afraid as now his medication has been stopped his cat traits are coming back. He ends up passing out and Jensen takes him home, where he and his pride help him to understand who he truly is and that his is a part of their pack.

I think it ends with Jared and Jensen becoming mates. I remember a part where Jared's skin sorta gets hot whenever Jensen is near. There was also a scene where Jared needs to be cooled down in a bath but he freaks out due to his past abuse and Jensen has to calm him down.

Thank You. :)
28 April 2017 @ 12:22 am
This is all i can remember about this fic.....Jensen and Jared are together, Christian Kane's there too and he and Jensen party a lot. Something happens one night and Jensen gets hurt and falls into a coma, it's years later and he wakes up but Jared has moved on and is with a woman, but to Jensen it's the next day. He tries to get back with Jared but he wants nothing to do with him. Then Jensen moves away and Jared realises he's still in love with Jensen and follows him. Does anyone know the name of this story. Thanks to all who reply.
26 April 2017 @ 10:45 pm
I need help!

I've heard about really amazing story - Tender Loving Care by Jassy, but unfortunately it seems that this story is post only here:


and obviously, this website is not working. So I was wondering if anyone of you know if this story is available on some other website, or PDF or something, becuase I would really love to read this story.

Thank you!

Edit - FOUND - links are in comments. Thank you amazing people!
26 April 2017 @ 03:18 pm
I am looking for a fic that i read a while ago.
Sam and Gabriel were together and bonded in season 5, but after Hammer of gods gabriel was very weak and when we was able to come back, Sam was already in Cage and i think god come to Gabriel, becouse Gabe feel Sams' pain all the time and to make it easier he destroyed the bond.
Sam come back but Gabe doesnt know that and when Metatron finds Gabriel to create Meta fiction he told him that Sam was alive all that time.
Thank you for your help!
26 April 2017 @ 02:16 pm
Hi guys, does anyone know where I can find [livejournal.com profile] familybizness's fic? I just found out their journal's been suspended (D:) and I've had no luck finding a copy of their fic (or even a way to contact the author themselves). Particularly interested in finding these two:

Testing The Strong Ones
Sam gets a severe migraine near detroit. Dean and Cas are there. Cas isn’t wild about Detroit at all.

Sam comes back weak and emaciated, borne across Castiel's arms, unable to stand or even sit up on his own, and Dean reaches out – "Give him to me" – and has his exhausted, fragile brother in his arms, close against him, before his mind has even processed the central fact that Sammy is here. (Post-S5 AU. Cas pulls Sam out of Hell. )
23 April 2017 @ 10:43 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic where somehow sam has wings and they are really sentive. When Castiel touches them it's almost sexual, I can't remember much but I remembers Sam getting almost lost in his own world when Cas touches his wings and dean saying something along the line of you just felt up my brother in front of me.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me
For the J2 au, Jared was kept in some kind of government institution against his will. I don't know if he had ever been outside. Jensen goes to work at the facility (perhaps as an intern?) and JDM might be his supervisor. Jensen bonds with Jared and eventually realizes that it is wrong for Jared to be kept a prisoner. Jensen helps Jared escape (and perhaps tries to get them to Jensen's parents for help). It is not Dream Him Free or To Dream, Perchance to Live. They were teens or early twenties at most in the story.

#1 found by [livejournal.com profile] maryjo24. Predicted by Cha at sinful-desire.org.

The second one I am still looking for is probably wincest, but I am not completely sure of that. The boys are staying at a place by the sea, I believe, for a case. The "monster" turns out to be a human male who disguises himself as a creature and intentionally scares a young girl badly enough that she falls into the sea. Sam dives in to save her and he ends up smashed into some rocks by the waves and damamging (permanently?) an appendage (I think it was his hand/arm). He has to cling to the rocks and be pulled out. The girl is very much a human and believed in the monster, which is why she got scared and ran from it. The person who disguised himself as the monster had no remorse for their predicament. It is not O sea-starved.

Any help would be appreciated.
23 April 2017 @ 02:53 pm
Hello! Just recently I got into podfics and have been looking all day today for ones I had read before or thought I would like and have discovered that a lot of the links are broken at the jinjurly site.
So what I'm looking for is longer podfics, preferably at least an hour, I am partial to bottom!Jensen bottom!Dean but at this point I'll kind of take anything I can find. It needs to be formatted for an mp3 not mp4 as I don't know how to change it from an mp4, I like happy endings, they don't have to be all happy happy joy joy, just have a happy ending please.

Also there is one specific fic that I'm looking for, Jensen is a fairy of some sort I think, Jared is a human, I don't remember much about it other than that Jared had to rescue Jensen from a tower and had to fight Dannielle who was a red dragon. I think Tom was in it too, and in the end after a long life together Jared dies of old age and is wisked away to Jensens world where Jensen is waiting. But for some reason I think that is not correct, I think Jared went and met with Jensen's sister, maybe aunt after he had rescued Jensen and found out that Jensen was a prince, I seem to remember that the leaves on the trees were sparkly diamonds.
help please?
Thank you in advance
22 April 2017 @ 07:57 pm
So I have been looking for certain fics that focus on Dean saying yes to Micheal and Sams reaction to his brother being possessed by him

There's always fics with Sam being possessed as lucifer. But I just really want to read a story that is mainly Sam and Dean experiencing Micheal!Dean that brings out Micheals character a bit as well.

I'm just really interested in some angsty vessel!Dean Fics.

I'm also not really looking for Micheal and Dean as the same person. Gen, No Destiel please

Thank you so much :)
I'm looking for any fics with one of these things:

1. Sam and Dean are really in sync and coordinated, especially when they're talking. For example, finishing each other's sentences. I just want to read fics where they know each other so well that they know what the other is gonna say or do without asking.

2. Fics where homophobia ruins a previously good relationship for Dean or Jensen. In pretty much every story with homophobia, the homophobic parents already kinda suck to begin with so it's not really surprising when they're not supportive. So I'm looking for stories where Dean or Jensen actually has a really great relationship with his family/friends but then it's ruined when they find out he's gay. It doesn't matter if the homophobic person changes their mind later or not. I would especially love it if it's John who can't accept that Dean's gay.

Thank you for any recommendations!
22 April 2017 @ 04:25 pm
I'm looking for a specific story I read a number of years ago, where Dean was a mutant-an empath, and Sam was also a mutant-he had antlers I think? John tries to hunt a young mutant girl who spreads disease when Dean is a teenager, and he meets Magneto who rescues the girl. Sam runs away to Xavier's and Dean doesn't see him for years. Eventually Dean joins Erik, his empathy comes online too strong, and Erik takes him to Charles. Anyone?
22 April 2017 @ 10:52 am
I'm looking for stories where Gabriel tells Sam that he's interested in him/in love with him and Sam rejects him, either as a joke or because he does not believe Gabriel is serious.

I prefer stories with a happy ending but I'm happy for any with this plot.
21 April 2017 @ 07:27 pm
Hi all--

does anyone have a copy of sloedjinn's Well Fed? It was a fill on the kinkmeme & is listed on the pinboard, but sloedjinn deleted their fics. Sam/Dean, ABO, Omega!Sam, lactation!kink.

Also looking for a fic that featured Sam/Dean/John which I thought was maybe on the kinkmeme. It was about how the only place that first John, then the boys, allowed themselves emotional expression and feelings was in the shower. They could hug and kiss, all three of them, but only there.

Crossing my fingers that you lovelies will help me out.

ETA: 2nd Fic Found!
20 April 2017 @ 09:21 pm
Hello all,
I was just thinking of some of my favorite gen fics, and I remembered one that I can't remember the title too. What I do remember is this: the boys are working a case that looks an awful lot like one that affected Dean a while back. People are falling into comas, with no reason. However, Dean is adamant that its a different thing, because he knows that when he was in a coma, he was aware of his surroundings and retains those memories. The current victims do not.
I would love to reread this fic, so thanks for the help!
20 April 2017 @ 03:10 pm
I'm 99% sure I've read this on the spn-kinkmeme lj a while ago. Jared and Jensen were in a relationship (bottom!Jensen) and Jared asked Jensen to get castrated for him, and Jensen agreed. I'm not sure if it was entirely consensual or more of a dub-con nature.
Hope somebody can help, thanks in advance :)
20 April 2017 @ 02:22 am
Looking for a story i read a couple of years ago Jensen and Jared were married and Jared accepted Jensen cheating on him. But Jensen finds out Jared was in a car accident and he breaks off his affair does anyone know which story I'm talking about?
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20 April 2017 @ 12:29 am
I'm looking for a specific destiel fic. Dean and Cas weren't hunting anymore and had settled down together. They had a bunch of kids that I think included Ben, and maybe a deaged Sam, and Claire and Krissy. There was a serial killer that was targeting them, (for being gay parents?) and the police got involved. I thought it was on AO3 but I can't find it and I've looked. This is really bugging me. I think it's a WIP. Please help! 
Hi friends,
I'm posting after a long time. Well here's what I want and I hope you can help me.

I'm really craving for fics with a really adorable, innocent and klutzy Jared and a really protective Jensen in them, where Jared's innocence brings out protective instincts in Jensen.

Can you please rec me some stories with adorable younger Jared and a bit older and protective Jensen? Any rec is okay as long as it ends happily.
I've already gone through tags of J2-recs.

Thanx a million in advance
19 April 2017 @ 04:17 pm
The import/backup/move to dreamwidth is all done. You can find the comm at [community profile] spnstoryfinders and I’m [personal profile] kruel_angel_lj there. We still have no plans to move and the majority (53.6%) of you voted to not move. So for now, I’ll be backing up periodically to dreamwidth from LJ.

If you want to move to dreamwidth from LJ, DW’s support page has tutorials on how to do everything from importing to claiming your open ID. There’s a tutorial here for how to make your DW look like your LJ and here for viewing comments in whatever format you want.
Hey folks! I'm looking for a specific Destiel AU from a few years back.

Dean's a middle or high school teacher living with Sam and Jess and suffering from serious depression. I remember there's a part where he gets in bed at the end of the school week and doesn't leave it all weekend :(
Cas, if I remember correctly, is a new teacher at the school. He and Dean subsequently fall for each other and I think maybe move in together at some point because Sam and Jess have a baby.

Ring any bells?
18 April 2017 @ 07:36 am
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a story of ao3, I've searched but I have not been able to find it, basically John is going to look for Sam to Stanford since Dean disappeared while they are in the search Jessica is rescued by Dean who apparently has powers, The last thing I remember is that Jessica ends up traveling with him.

Does anyone sound familiar? Thank you
Hello all you lovely people in the supernatural fandom :)

I'd really like to read some Dean and Sam ABO fics please?

My guilty pleasure are when both boys are Alphas but Sam get turned into a Omega or Beta and Dean becomes his Alpha.

It could be Teenchester, Season 1- 12 boys , AU, Smith and Wesson....I'll even take WIPS (just as long as they are planning on finishing them)

The only thing I am asking is that Sam was born an Alpha but later turned into an Omega/Beta.

Thank you, you lovely kind people :)
17 April 2017 @ 11:01 am
Hey, I feel like I've read every Sam fic out there at this point so I thought I'd come here to ask for help.

Anything Sam-centric, but other characters are definitely welcome, and I don't mind which era it's set in or if it's AU. Preferably gen. Hurt!Sam is a bonus. Casefics, one-shots, long fics are all welcome. I really like dark/horror fics and hurt/comfort fics. Just throw whatever you've got my way, recs and self recs, and I'll be grateful! :)
hello, does anyone have a copy of this fic? :) i would really appreciate one. my email is mirukeu@gmail.com.

thanks in advance! ^^
16 April 2017 @ 03:00 pm
Hey. I'm looking for fics where Dean struggles with guilt over the things he's done in his life and/or he feels like he's not good enough, a failure, a horrible brother/son etc.
Thanks guys.
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I'm looking for a J2 fic I read a while ago and now can't find, where Jensen bonds with a female wolf pup when he's young, and grows up with others who likewise bonded with a wolf pup. Jensen being bonded to a female wolf means his mate will be male, because the mate is determined by the wolf's sex. Jensen is picked on for this, by one boy in particular, and is definitely an outcast. He's also amazing with a bow and arrow.

Jared shows up later on in the story, and is to be the new chief of the village (which I believe is in a cave system in a mountain? maybe?). It's clear from the first second Jared and Jensen meet that they're mates. Jensen doesn't react well - he runs off - and he's extremely against the mating, and Jared has to work to bring Jensen around.

If anyone can help me find this fic I'd really appreciate it! I've tried Googling different phrases/terms and can't find it myself.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: FOUND thanks to a kind anon! Fic is HERE in case anyone else is interested!
15 April 2017 @ 01:04 am
A couple of months ago I read this fic and didn't save it and now I can't find it. So, this is what I can remember. This fic is set in a small town, everybody has normal jobs, nobody died. The reader is Jessica Moore's sister, and she's Dean's childhood best friend. They grew up together and when she wanted to go to New York, he was the one supporting her. She kind of had/has a crush on Dean and he had/has a crush on her, he dated Lisa Braeden, she dated Castiel Novak. In New York, she started a company and made some friends. A couple of years later Dean and the reader hook-up in Las Vegas. When her dad dies she returns to her hometown for the funeral but leaves quickly. A few weeks later she returns again for some reason and when she arrives she finds out that Dean is marrying Anna Milton. Dean asks her to come to his wedding. Her gay best friend is also invited. She doesn't want to go because it's too painful. When the wedding is about to begin the reader overhears Anna talking to someone on the phone about selling Dean's bar asap and then divorcing Dean. The reader crashes the wedding in the church, declaring her love for him and quoting Whitesnake. Dean storms out and takes Lisa with him. Dean returns, the reader opens up an office in her hometown so she can work there and they live happily ever after, or at least I think they do.

(the tags didn't work, I don't know if they're visible)

The title pretty much says it all, I'm hoping to find some recs for Suicidal Sam, after the events of Southern Comfort. Any pairing or gen is fine.

Thanks, lovelies!

If anyone would like to take over this page and make something of it please reply and let me know.
14 April 2017 @ 12:39 am
Hey friends,
After tonights episode I'm craving fics with Dean falling or being pushed down stairs or over the balcony.
Hurt comfort is the best!  I remember one story from a couple yrs back where Dean was pushed (by a spirit?) down the stairs and went through the ballisters, hanging by one arm. I believe Sam had to grab on and maybe he dislocated his shoulder? I think Sam was also pushed and was laying in a heap at the bottom, had to get up to rescue dean? There may have been a female character that at one time went down the stairs as well. Haunted house maybe?
Any fics are welcome. Hurt Dean please.  Thanks.
09 April 2017 @ 08:01 pm
This seems to be a cute/fun idea. Any stories like that out there? :)
08 April 2017 @ 04:39 pm
hello, i'm looking for some general dean fics. :3

1. cuddly dean: this is totally canon for me, with the way dean cuddles his pillow. so i'm looking for fics where someone finds out that dean's a closet cuddler (which he'd probably refuse to admit because he's supposed to be all macho). i don't mind gen or slash.

2. reluctant bottom dean: where dean is convinced he's a top but he's actually a bottom. like top this by leonidaslion.

3. angels/dean: dean's soul is apparently the brightest. so naturally, the angels are kind of a little awestruck and maybe in love with his soul/dean.

4. cherished dean: destiel; cas knew everything about dean but still thinks he's worth saving (and rebelling, and falling). and when he gets to know dean and all the little quirks like the way he loves his pie and dr. sexy and cas just thinks he's really precious and adorable.

5. clueless vanilla dean: in the show dean's sex scenes showed him to be pretty gentle and vanilla while sammy was all - toppy. i'd love some fics where for all dean's manwhorish ways he's actually pretty vanilla and clueless about most kinks, especially regarding gay sex. any slash fic is fine, but for wincest i'd like for sam to find this hot, maybe, or dean being all shocked how his supposed prude little brother is like that in bed.

thanks in advance! :D
07 April 2017 @ 09:32 pm
Are there any Prison Break fusion/AU's where Dean's the one in jail, and Sam deliberately gets himself imprisoned in order to break Dean out? (i.e. Lincoln!Dean and Michael!Sam).

Any length, pairing, rating, I'll accept it all, please and thank you!

I was recently going back and rereading some of my favorite Dean/Castiel fics when I found that thepinupchemist's Eden and the Hunterlands series had been taken down. I was wondering if there was anyone who may have copies of It's Not My Burden, Hold This Wicked Soul, and Rise like the Tide that they were able to share. I can't believe I never thought to download the series and was really bummed to find them gone.

Either way, thank you so much! :)
I am looking for 2 general types of fics

1. Fics where Sam really needs or wants Dean. For example, Sam is in trouble and he knows Dean can make it all better because he's Dean. Either Dean actually is there and Sam is glad he is or Sam wishes his brother were there.

2. Fics that show Sam prioritizing Dean as most important over other people (like John). For example, I read this one where Dean and John split up in the woods to go look for a monster while Sam stayed behind. Dean gets caught in some kind of barbed wire trap. Sam heard something (or something like that) and thought one of them was in trouble, but he didn't know which one and he decides to go after Dean instead of John. If anyone knows that fic or any fics like that one, that would be great.

Basically, I'm looking for fics where Sam is shown to really appreciate/love his brother. Thank you!
1. Are there any canon universe fics where they go to another planet? Probably set back when Cas had his wings, he flies them there. But anything really.

2.S12 Spoilers )

3.S12 Spoilers )Particularly hoping there's some where he meets up with Cas and they go it alone, start a new life somewhere else, a home together. Hunting or whatever. I don't like curtain fics, but something like a break from hunting is ok, or something I can read that way (no 'and they lived in peace until they died of old age' endings)

4. Hunts/case fic in the snow. Anything set in Alaska?

5. Ben becomes a hunter fics, set in the latest few seasons. Hopefully gets his memory back and meets up with the Winchesters...

6. Fledgling!Cas is taught how to angel by his older siblings, pre-series, pre-human era? Cas being in awe of the splendor of earth.

Destiel or gen fic only. Bottom!Cas only pls. No human!fallen!Cas pls. Thanks
06 April 2017 @ 11:09 pm
Any fics where Sam and Jess are in a relationship, but when Sam gets hurt (seriously injured, sick and feverish, etc.), he only asks for Dean? Themes I'm looking for basically, are:
- jealous, hurt or confused!Jess who's trying to understand Sam and Dean's bond. Not looking for character bashing, just something that highlights the fact that Sam always, instinctively turns to Dean first.
- Sam being closer to Dean or trusting him in ways that he doesn't with Jess, despite loving her.

Really, anything along this line would be great! Stanford-era, AU's, not fussed. Preferably just Sam/Jess, but if there's Sam/Dean in there too that's fine. (Hell, if it's not Jess but some other female character that's fine too, please. :) )
05 April 2017 @ 09:02 pm
See specific fic request below the cut...


(Mods, can we get a Season 12 tag?)
04 April 2017 @ 10:50 pm
I'm trying to track down a fic I have only vague memories of. I believe the Js got together in high school, but then someone - maybe Jared's brother Jeff? - found out and threatened Jensen so he took off without a word to Jared. I remember Jared falling apart when Jensen didn't show up for his graduation. Jared gets kind of wild, drinking and smoking pot. I think it's several years before they reconnect, and Jeff helps Jared find Jensen again in the end. Ringing any bells?

ETA: Found! It's For The Love Of Jensen Ackles, link to Mediafire for pdf in comments. Thanks so much all!
Summary: The prompt: A J2 version of The Ugly Duckling. Jensen is the fat kid at school and Jared either bullies him/is his only friend, but because he's younger he doesn't stand up to the bullies. The boys lose touch but meet again in college where Jensen has lost the weight, but is still very self-conscious and shy. Feelings ensue and they go back home to visit Jensen's family/friend and meet up with the bullies
04 April 2017 @ 06:49 pm
Sup. I'm looking for any kind of fics where Castiel rapes and/or abuses Dean for whatever reason. Chapter-length fics are preferred but honestly I'll take anything. Thanks guys, appreciate the help.
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04 April 2017 @ 05:42 pm
Hey y'all,
I'm looking for a specific fic in which Jensen wakes up as Dean and immediately Sam is aware. It's set in a more grounded world, where any magical rituals take a long time to draw out the circles and Sam mentions it took like two weeks to draw out the one for opening Hell (or something like it). Basically Jensen is freaked out by how severe Sam is and can't imagine how bad Dean is. Eventually they're able to switch them back, and Jensen asks Jared what Dean was like, and Dean liked to look at the pictures of Danneel and JJ on Jensen's phone.
Thanks in advance!
:D Hope there are some like this

Ones where Castiel ages along with him would be cool too!
03 April 2017 @ 11:19 pm
I'm looking for an old destiel fic where angels were known but like a higher, revered class with humans below them.

Dean somehow catches Cas' eye or is in an arranged marriage but because of the human and angel hierarchy he doesn't have much choice about how the situation starts and comes together. Once they are together it slowly starts to work out but not without several mishaps along the way and misunderstandings as neither group knows all that much about the other. Or at least Dean doesn't know much about angels as he was never really interested.

I believe Mary and John were still alive and Dean was living at home with them before this happened. Dean, if not a virgin entirely, hadn't been with a guy before.

Anything similar would also be appreciated as long as there is no Sam/angel pairing unless it's with Lucifer.
03 April 2017 @ 08:01 pm
Yesterday I was dragged to a friends house to watch wrestle mania and wrestling is not my thing. But watching some of those matches and how close they are to each other and how tight and scantily clothed some of the costumes are it got me thinking to what an spn slash fic would be like about the guys as professional wrestlers. I'm looking for either J2 AU or AU wincest where the boys are brothers but they are wrestlers and not hunters. Does anything like that exist?
I'm picturing something like where they get matched together and one of the guys develop feelings for the other and starts having a hard time hiding it when they are so close to each other in spandex and enjoy being manhandled...
03 April 2017 @ 04:51 pm
This one is a bit of a long shot guys, but I'm going to ask anyway because I've been thinking about this fic for a while now.

This was a short (?) Gen, pre-series, Dark Angel crossover fic featuring teen Dean. I think it may have been an outsider POV too.

All I remember is one scene where a woman who works for Manticore is mugged in an alleyway and teen Dean comes to her rescue. Dean ends up with a superficial injury, a cut lip or something like that and the woman dabs the wound dry with a hanky.

Dean is modest and kind to her and then goes on his way. When she returns to work the woman remembers how brave Dean was and replaces the DNA Template of one of the proposed X5's with Deans DNA.

I loved they way the author spliced the two fandoms together and would really like to read it again.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me an author or story name?

Fingers crossed and many thanks.
03 April 2017 @ 04:34 pm
hi! so, i'm currently reading hail mary and i just feel for cas so much right now, because of how he holds onto his broken faith and his too-big heart and how he sees beauty in humanity, and it makes me sad to think of how he probably feels lost and alone sometimes, like he doesn't belong.

i'd like to read some fics that have sam and dean appreciating cas, treating him like family. team free will dynamics and like cas finally found a place where he belongs. and they don't just abandon him and take care of him when he's weak or crazy or whatever. fics where cas gets promoted (like to an archangel) would be awesome too!

also, i love gabriel and it'd be great if he's also a member of team free will or helps them out more often.

gen or slash, but destiel for the slash please - i don't ship sastiel. oh, and no 'normal' au.