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LJ Tos Changes - Poll

LJ recently moved it's servers to Russia and changed it's Terms of Service. There's an article on Gizmodo here and on another site here. I've had some people ask if we are going to move the Comm to another site. At the moment, no we don't. But I wanted to get opinions on the matter.

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Human AU, Adult, Eventual Dean/Castiel

Mods - I don't know how to use tags please advise if I mess up. This is also my first post on dreamwidth-- which probably shows. Thanks in advance for being patient with a novice & for your work maintaining this group.

I am looking for a specific fic. Dean ends up working with Cas at a remote hotel/resort by a lake. The owner (a relative of Cas'?) is pregnant and has been left by the child's father. The hotel is struggling to stay in business and Dean and Cas try to work for free to help out. They stay at the hotel in the off-season. The owner has health complications due to pregnancy and Dean and Cas help with doctors visits etc. I believe Sam shows up at some point looking for Dean who ran off for some reason.

J2 RPS pretend couple story with Neil Patrick Harris

Mods, I hope I tagged it correctly now. I tried it on the laptop this time but I'm not sure what I did wrong the first time. Please tell me what is wrong about the tags if its still not right.


I'm looking for an older story and my memories of it might be a bit sketchy.

Jared tries to land a role in the new movie Neil Patrick Harris is making but the man will only hire him if he is gay(?)I think he only wants someone that knows and supports the gay community? This is where my memory fails me. So Jared asks Jensen to pretend to be his boyfriend. He does so reluctantly. This works and Jared lands the role.

There is also scene in the story where Jensen hosts a poker game where the admission is the script of a movie or play. Everyone brings a script from a recent audition, the worse and idiotic the script the better. It was a longstanding tradition that Jensen now continues.

Rings a bell? Does anyone know the title or writer or even a link?


Looking For: Wincest Fuck or Die, Bottom!Sam, Tied Up Dean

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a specific wincest fuck or die fic i seem to have lost. Here's what i can remember:

Theres a witch involved but she gets away.

Dean is tied up and wakes up to find Sam stretching himself out. Sam is embarrassed and tells Dean not to look.

They argue about going after the witch but Sam insists they don't have time and sits in Dean's lap and rides him.

In the end Dean begs Sam to let him go because he wants to touch Sam.

Thats all i can remember, fingers crossed someone knows what I'm talking about! :)

Gen story, Sam part demonic, missing an eye, still hunting, holy things cause pin

Older story, but here is what I remember: Sam and Dean are still hunting, Sam has lost an eye, writing sigils or devils traps, etc causes him pain, but he's grateful to still be working with Dean. I think the demon blood is causing the problem. Very short story and pretty sure it's Gen. I tagged au and possible future fic. Thanks so much

Omega verse, Mpreg

Gabriel is an omega and runs away from his oppressive home. He meets Sam and they fall in love, but Sam has to leave (Works on a ship? is a soldier? idk). While Sam is gone Gabriel realizes he is pregnant and is excited to tell Sam only to "find out" that Sam died while he was away. He then raises their child while dealing with the stigma of having a kid out of wedlock only to find out years later that Sam is alive. They reunite and its a happy ending. Also Cas is in there somewhere, I think he eventually went looking for Gabriel?

Sam/Dean Underage

[livejournal.com profile] lifelesslyndsey had trouble posting, so I'm posting this for her:

The fic was Sam/dean, weecest I think. I'm fairly certain Sam was 14, Dean was older so it may not have qualified as weecest. John was on a hunt so Sam and Dean were living in a little house. This, I know, is a lot of fic. The one detail that stands out is the neighbor. He was kind of....grooming Sam. I remember him making dinner, grilling. Mentions of a freezer full of steak or pizza, idk. But the creepy grooming neighbor that Dean does not like stands out.

Famous Jensen, Clueless Jared


I hope you can help me.

Are there any stories where Jensen is famous and meets a clueless Jared and they fall in love?

Also I would like to read stories where Jared works for Jensen. Can be AU Sam /Dean too.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Specific Jensen!slave and Jared!King

Hello guys!

I'm looking for a specific fic and I can't remember the title or the author but I'm DYING to read it again! It's a shorter fic and has battlefield King Jared arriving to his tent after a day of fighting to his lazy concubine Jensen asleep naked on his bed. I believe that Jared gets a little irritated about his spoiled slave but mostly lets his slave pass for the night because he's exhausted. I don't remember much else but I'm hoping someone knows where it is or maybe has a copy I can BEG for because I'm in need!

Thanks for the help beforehand!

Trying to find 2 fics on ao3

Hi everyone, looking for 2 fics I read a few weeks ago on archive of our own.

The first one, Sam and dean find cas being tortured by some guy. The guy has carved Enochian sigils on cas so his wings manifest physically against his will and can be seen.
Cas keeps freaking out when brothers have to or accidentally touch his wings. He compares his wings being forced to manifest and then touched/seen without his permission was like rape. Sam and dean look after him and Eventually becomes okay with dean touching his wings. May have been gen or Destiel.

The second fic has cas suddenly appearing in the bunker. Sam and dean have to go through cas's important memory to keep him alive. They are able to feel cas emotions and find out how much he cared/admired them for the start.
One example I remember was them realising when cas first met Sam and called him boy with demon blood he actually didn't mean to be offensive he was actually happy to meet Sam and greatly admired him.

J2 NON-AU FIC!!! Found!!!

Hey guys!

Please help find this one J2 non-au fic that I can't find anywhere and it's killing me. Please help.
I read it a while back and don't really remember the name, so what I do remember is

-So it's non-au. J2 is in an established relationship. They're still married to Dani and Gen and their wives know about them and support them.

-Jensen is away with Dani in LA i think? and he gets a call that Jared is in trouble and is about to be fired or something.

-I don't remember much, but I think Jared is in trouble because Misha said something or hinted at something during a convention or something and now the CW executives are coming to deal with it.

-I think there was also a scene where Mark was really pissed at Misha. Jared locked himself in his trailer I guess or something and didn't let anyone in until Jensen came.

I know it's not much and maybe a little complicated, but if anyone knows what fic I'm talking about then please help me!!!

Thanks you all! :D

It's Not Without Him by MorganaDW on AO3, here is the link:


Specific pre-series hurt!Sam and goodfather!john fic

There is a fic that I have been searching for everywhere, but can't remember the name of it or the author. Heck, I'm not even sure if it really exists or if my imagination is just making it up.

Anyway, I seem to recall that the story is about John needing to hold Sam up on his feet after Sam gets impaled on something. John's actually not a bastard in this and is rather frantic to keep Sam awake and standing so he won't be injured any worse.
I think the story took place in a haunted house and Dean was sent out for help, but John has to basically hold Sam up for a really long time. I can't remember much more than it was a good story and it really bugs me that I can't find it anywhere and I would love to read it again.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Specific story: J2 with Jared in a military family

Jensen and Jared are teens and Jared has moved around a lot because his dad is in the military. Jared's dad's leg is injured so the family moves to this really small town while he recovers and Jared meets Jensen there. Jensen's older brother died so Jensen's uncle moved in to help out the family. One day, Jensen is hurt and crying and Jared assumes it is Jensen's father who abuses him. However, at the end of the story, it's revealed that it was Jensen's uncle who was abusing him and it's implied that the uncle killed Jensen.

Thanks for any help!

Lucifer & Sam

I folks! I was wondering if there are Sam-centric fanfics dealing with Lucifer in season 11 and 12.

I mean, I think those seasons had a lot of wasted potential and didn't deal well with Sam facing again his torturer. And also how it was so easy to built another vessel for him.

I want fanfics of season11-12 with Sam afraid of Lucifer, dealing with the trauma, maybe Lucifer playing with him, trying to manipulate him of trying to convince to be his vessel. I read a lot like that from season 5 (and I love them), but now I want them from seasons 11-12.

I don't care about pairings (except no Sam/Lucifer, unless it's non-consensual) but I want the characters to be well written and in-character. Bonus for protective!Dean.
I have no idea if I'm making any sense but thank you in advance!!

LF: J2 Kid Fic, Single Dad Jared

Hey Guys,

I recently read a story where Jared had a kid by himself because his boyfriend left him. He lived with Chad and Sophia. He owned a coffee shop and met Jensen there. Turns out Jensen doesn't like kids (or so it seems at first...) They stop dating. Jared then gets hurt and visits a physical therapist, which *surprise surprise* is Jensen. Jensen then tries to win Jared back.

ring any bells ?

Thanks !

Looking for deleted fic by hemrage 'Desperate Times'


Read an mpreg fic 'Desperate Times' by Hemrage on Livejournal many years ago. Craving to read it again but it seems that they have deleted their journal. Anybody has a copy of the fic?

Would be very grateful for your help in any way...


looking for a specific fic again

Does anyone have the full length fic for Never Finished Paying for My Ride by octopussy (deannawincester) or know what's happening with it? I would love to read it but it has been taken down for edits since February 2016 so I don't think it is coming back up, or it is going to be permanently taken down? Thanks in advance!

looking Jensen raising an autistic child

Hey all,

So I'm looking for a fic that I read years ago. All I can remember is that Jensen is raising an autistic son, and Jensen himself is on the spectrum but was never officially diagnosed. I just remember moments where Jensen could recognize some of his own characteristics and mannerisms in his child.

On that note, I would greatly appreciate any recs that deal with either of the J's or the Winchesters raising an autistic child (or one with asperger's syndrome). Or the reverse of that would be great as well: either of the J's/Winchesters having autism/asperger's while raising a child (neurotypical or otherwise). Any pairings welcome.


Fucking Kodiak, Alaska

I'm devastated! Seriously, my breath caught and I thought I'd cry, when I went to read one of my all time favorites, "Fucking Koadiak, Alaska", only to find its been deleted, for a re-write. Xenodike has OK'd sharing, so could someone please, pretty please send it to me?

Specific slave fic

Hello lovely people !

So, I read a fic a long time ago, I'd like to read it again but to be honest, I remember very little about it. It's a slave fic. J2 I believe. The only scene I really remember is J (Jared? Jensen? no idea) talking to a friend, telling them that he got a slave (maybe he's a little embarrassed about it) and they tell him that they think it's a great idea because J is so bad at relationships, he needs someone who will take care of him without asking for anything in return. The master (whoever he is) is not evil. Ring a bell ?