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sometimes i wonder how a writer would describe me if i were a character in a book

can we make this an ask meme?

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I didn’t realize this was something that I wanted/needed.

And I know some of you guys are incredible writers gogogogo please <3

There needs to be an emoji for “sorry I took such an embarrassingly long time to respond to you; at first I was in the middle of something, and then I forgot about your message, and then I remembered but there had already been an awkward gap of time, and then I felt so crappy for not replying that it was easier to put it out of my mind, and then it kept lurking in the back of my head and making me feel guilty every time I remembered that I needed to reply, and then I just felt stupid because normal people don’t get anxiety spirals around responding to a friend, and now I’m mustering all my courage to reply belatedly, but I’m terrified that you’re secretly judging me for being such a failure at human interaction.”
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So I get really narky when people pull the whole ‘oh Eowyn’s storyline came to such a sucky ending; she was really cool going around killing orcs and Witch-Kings and then she got shoved into a traditional girly role by marrying Faramir and becoming a healer’ thing, because no. No-no-no-no-no. Not only does that stray dangerously into the territory of ‘women only have worth if they’re doing traditionally blokey things’, but that misses almost the entire point of Lord of the Rings.

Tolkien was in the trenches in the first world war, right? He got all that ‘for death and glory’ shit shoved down his throat, that was the whole point about the war, it was when so many people came to see how awful and misleading all the propaganda about winning glory through violence and death was. And Tolkien’s work completely shows that: it’s why the hobbits, who’ve never craved power or battle the way men do, are the heroes of the book; it’s why strong men like Aragorn and Faramir are shown to be lovers of peace rather than war. It’s why the quote - but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory; I love only that which they defend – is so poignant and beautiful, when seen in the context of all Tolkien had gone through. He’d seen all but one of his closest friends die in an utterly pointless war; the prevalent message in his books is ‘if you’re going to have that many people die, let it be for something worth dying for.’ (Like defending your home from the lord of all darkness, for example.)

And Eowyn might be a fantastic female character, but she’s also got so much development to go through, and she’s by no means perfect. I find it really interesting that when Eowyn talks to Aragorn about wanting to go off and fight she never really actually mentions protecting her people, but speaks about wanting to ‘face peril and battle’, and to do ‘great deeds’. And it’s not that Eowyn doesn’t want to protect her people, because of course she does, but she’s also got such a driving motivation within her to do glorious and fell deeds simply for the sake of valour and renown. It’s one of her defining features, having an attitude that got so many young men killed in the war and which, obviously, Tolkien would have been very wary of.

(Also, I think, there’s so much in Eowyn that wants to prove herself to be more than ‘a mere woman’; because twice in that conversation she asserts that she’s no mere ‘dry-nurse’ or ‘serving-woman’, but a member of the house of Eorl and therefore capable of greater things. There’s almost this slight sense of Eowyn considering herself more than ‘just’ a domesticated woman that I sometimes get from her in the books? Which is very sad - the idea of Eowyn having less regard for others of her sex who do mind the house or raise the children - and why I so love that ‘I am no man’ moment in RotK. Eowyn’s no longer hiding herself, or dismissing fellow women as the weaker sex, but acknowledging and embracing the fact that women in all their forms can fuck you up.)

And then we reach the Houses of Healing, and Eowyn yearning for death in battle just like her Uncle Theoden, and basically buying into that whole world war one ethos that Tolkien would have considered so poisonous. Which is why her friendship and courtship with Faramir is so fricking beautiful. Remember that quote I wrote earlier? That’s from Faramir. He’s not backing down from conflict, he’s in no way less of a ‘real man’ than anyone else; he’s just saying there needs to be more to the fight than simply having a fight. There needs to be a reason; something worth fighting for. Eowyn recognises that Faramir is a good man in every sense of the word: he’s strong and valiant, but he doesn’t fight simply to prove himself or for the sake of winning glory, he fights for other people. And Faramir gently challenges Eowyn on her idolisation of battle-glory and encourages her not to scorn gentleness or peace, and he’s so freaking good for her.

(Seriously. Can we just stop for a moment and think about how wonderful Eowyn and Faramir are for each other: Faramir encouraging Eowyn to turn towards life and healing and openness while never denying her strength or courage, and Eowyn giving Faramir the validation and security he never got after so many years of an awful relationship with his father? I honestly don’t know why I don’t get all giddy about these two more often, because they make the very best otp.)

And the result of the departure of the Shadow and her friendship with Faramir is Eowyn’s decision that ‘I will be a shieldmaiden no longer, nor vie with the great Riders, nor take joy only in the songs of slaying. I will be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.’

I think that last bit is so important because I’m certain that Tolkien doesn’t mean for Eowyn to immediately pack up her sword and shield and become a good girl sitting at home with her knitting and waiting for the men to return home after the fight – after all, she’s going to be the wife of the Steward of Gondor and there’s a lot of mess to clean up after the War of the Ring. Eowyn’s probably still going to find herself defending hearth and home from time to time. But the important thing is that she’s no longer defining herself simply by the doing of valiant deeds; she’ll no longer compare herself to the great warriors of her house and feel lacking simply because she hasn’t killed as many men. Most importantly, she’s not going to take joy only in the songs of the slaying, in destruction and death. Tolkien was all about healers symbolising life and rebirth, and Eowyn’s decision to become one – to aid in the preservation of life rather than the taking of it – is so beautiful. I don’t think Tolkien ever wrote Eowyn’s ending to make her reclaim her ‘lost femininity’; I think it’s a lovely way of adding to the ever-present theme in Lord of the Rings of hope and frailty and healing and friendship over glory and battle and strife.

Hello everyone,

My sister just IM’ed me this morning. She’s found a flight between Venezuela and Aruba, and then from Aruba to the US. This trek would get her out of Venezuela before the change in Constitution that starts on July 31st, which will lead to more political upheaval and is making flies get filled extremely fast as Venezuelans migrate. 

Her problem is that she won’t have enough money for the second flight until next week, and she’s very worried she’ll lose the opportunity. She’s already made a reservation but she’ll have to pay in 24 hours.

So, at this point in time, any help is very, very welcome, and you can support her via Ko-fi (it’s basically paypal):

Signal boosts are super welcome too. Thank you so much!


Red fox (vulpes vulpes) and magpie by Niko Pekonen

22 July 2017 @ 04:40 am
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 photobucket sucks monkey ass...
now I need to move files from as far back as 2004 into some other site; postimage aparently.
any other recomendation?

in other news, with Chester's death I forgot what else was yesterday. it was my sweetest A birthday and he'll be having a fit if he were still here.
I miss hsi serious face, I miss his hands, the scratchy beard and the bluest eyes, I miss the duck smile and the scar there where I have mine too.
I miss you ass where are you?
happy birthday to the guy who will never have another birthday.
22 July 2017 @ 02:40 am

I’m Rabbie. I’m 23, I’m trans, queer, and disabled. My life is a nightmare. They’re coming to turn my power and water off today (7/19/2017) because I haven’t been able to pay. I go days without eating. My rent was due three weeks ago and I haven’t been able to pay. Nobody has been donating, and I’m constantly harassed. I want to give up so bad, please help me. Please, please help me. If you reblog anything today, let it be this. Even 50 cents, a dollar helps, I’ll do anything to fix this. Please, I’m so scared.

Paypal: rabbitcomrade@gmail.comSquare Cash:$RabbieDee




Fanfiction Club: The Rules

This idea came to me when I woke up first thing this morning.









NASA’s Most Shocking Image

This image is a 1.5… *BILLION* pixel photograph of the Andromeda Galaxy.

To view the image in all its glory go here.

NASA is the coolest thing that’s ever happened.

alltogetherterrible oh gosh

I zoomed in and I was like “yeah right” while it loaded and then my jaw actually dropped 

holy shit

i mean i knew theoretically what this was supposed to look like, but i didn’t actually expect to see it

but then when i zoomed in, all the noise turned into ACTUAL STARS, that you can see individually

good job, NASA








(PS thank you for thanking NASA, my dad worked there for over 32 years, and he’s been sad lately because he doesn’t think anyone cares about space or exploration anymore, I can show him these comments)
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I found this on tumblr the other day:


Cracktastic, right? I always wonder how people come up with hilarious stuff like that. Do you know any other funny gifs or manips? Please, share them with me! I always enjoy a throw your head back, belly hurting laugh. :D
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the fact that your patronus can be a person is really creepy to me

like imagine ron seeing hermione cast a patronus and his freckly spectral face is grinning at him from across the room? i would freak the fuck out

I am just imagining some American transfer student goes go Hogwarts, does the charm, and out pops Obama. Just full out President Obama.

Reblog if your patronus is President Obama.

okay but consider this: Dwayne “The Patronus” Johnson

let your character fuck up. please. let them fuck up on a scale so massive that this particular thing cannot be salvaged. let their fuck up have permanent consequences. and stoooooooooooooooop having them being the smartest person in the room who always has a sharp comeback to put their enemies down, and who always handles their enemies with grace or at least an air of superiority that s justified because they’re so cool and smart and clever™
let them bleed for their mistakes, let them MAKE those mistakes, and let that bleeding be ugly and disgraceful. let them suffer for their own mistakes, and let them suffer in knowing that they cannot fix. and let other people hate them for the shit they’ve done, and for once let the haters not be ‘petty bad people’.
Let the haters be right.

Coffee should not be drunk in a hurry. It is the sister of time, and should be sipped slowly, slowly. Coffee is the sound of taste, a sound for the aroma. It is a meditation and a plunge into memories and the soul.

—Mahmoud Darwish, from Memory for Forgetfulness: August, Beirut, 1982 (University of California Press, 1990)

Coffee should be injected straight into the vein.
21 July 2017 @ 12:34 am
Depression is not easy; depression is a monster you don't want to fight.
because you don't fight a thing in front of you that you can run away from; you fight yourself and nobody knows you better; nobody else knows how to hurt you worst.

losing someone close to you; not having the one who was your north is awful, the need to join them is so strong, add adictions and I bet you'll be ready for a coffin.
why you? why you who were the voice of my teen years? why you the one concert I enjoyed the most,.
Why you couldn't fight one more day, one more night...  one more battle.?

its over now,  and I kinda envy you, because as someone once stated, when you die it's over for you, but is never over for those who stay here; without you.

hope you found peace in the end; and hope you don't remember the pain, (I know there was some pain) 
wherever you go, wish you calm peace and rest.
Good Bye the voice of my pain, the sound of my tears, good bye Chester Bennington.

Clutching my cure
I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again
I hurt much more than any time before
I have no options left again
I don't want to be the one the battles always choose
'cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused

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20 July 2017 @ 09:12 pm

So sad about this right now The Originals to End After Season 5

Julie Plec announced on Twitter on Thursday, The Originals is set to end after season five. Season five is set to air in 2018.

It's bad enough that The Vampire Diaries sucked the last few seasons and ended. Supernatural has not been the best, well for me the least for a couple of seasons. And that will be ending next year. Teen Wolf will be completely over soon. Also sucks my favorite host is not on America's Got Talent anymore, and can't stand the new one. Now all I will have left to watch is America's Got Talent, The Flash and WWE. Guess I'll have to try and get back into Arrow and try another hand at Supergirl for things to watching now.
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via - Chapter 1 - Crownofpins - Castlevania (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]:

Author: Crownofpins

Summary: Deep in the wilds, mysterious things wander through the lands on mysterious trails. Dracula isn’t the only legend that walks their earth.

Trevor darns clothing, Sypha sews some pants, and Alucard spends a lot of time thinking about plumbing. And, through it all, they bond… hopefully. If they don’t kill each other first.

And if they don’t get eaten first. That’s important too.

 Graphic Depictions Of ViolenceAlucard/Trevor Belmont Trevor Belmont/Sypha Belnades Alucard/Trevor Belmont/Sypha Belnades Sypha Belnades/AlucardAlucard (Castlevania) Trevor Belmont Sypha BelnadesFriendship Pre-OT3 OT3 magic is menacing men darning socks Domestic sinister toilets Fairy Tale Elements drinking alone in the dark never ends well  

This is an exquisitely beautiful story that I highly recommend to one and all.

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!!!!!!!!!!! IN TODAY’S DISGUSTING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!

R. Kelly is a perpetual Pedophile who’s now started a cult consisting of 6 girls; that we know of so far that is.

According to the girls Parents, he:

Keeps several young women at his homes in Atlanta and Chicago;

Replaces their cell phones with ones specifically used to communicate with him and forbids them to contact their families;

Requires they call him “daddy” and ask permission to leave the studio or their residences;

Films their sexual encounters with him;

Abuses them physically and verbally 

This wouldn’t be a stretch considering the numerous times R. Kelly has been in trouble with the law for pedophilia. Let’s not forget he not only made a sex tape urinating on a 14 year old girl, he also married Aliyah when she was 15 years old. 



Reblogging this again because there have been articles since the early 2000s of this disgusting mess and the authors of those articles being that they were black women, were called “bitter” and “liars”. As Peter had said, EVERYTHING in the dark comes into the light.


my finished Selfoss piece from the Wanderlust show at @lightgreyartgallery last weekend – one of my absolute favourite places we visited on our Iceland trip.

This is set up to be a six color screenprint, so fingers crossed that I can do a limited run print at some point in the near future!
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19 July 2017 @ 05:35 pm
I need a hug. )

eta: ...went out for some retail therapy, because I could just not stop picking at my Nook like a scab. I was planning to get some earrings, but found the Moana cd at a much more reasonable price (it was around $22 in meatspace when the movie came out, but apparently it's dropped down to $11), so I got that instead. Also browsed through a videogame shop, reminded myself of all the games I own already and still want to play, and got a scoop of mango icecream that was way better than I was expecting. I'm still not happy about Dropbox, and I still don't want to poke at my Nook at the moment, but I feel much more even keeled now. Might start a re-watch of Leverage - that show always makes me smile.
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First of, happy birthday, dear [personal profile] flarelunari! Look, the King is dancing just for you! How's that for a birthday present, eh? :D

Now to the useful stuff I promised in my headline.

# First, icons for writers and book lovers. [personal profile] flarelunari, you remember us talking about needing some writing icons? I just stumbled upon a few and wanted to let you (and everyone else, of course) know. They are here and here. It's not much but it's a start.

# Another really handy thing I came across today is a website that helps you find the html code for a certain symbol or character. Ever wanted to place a 🎔 in your entry or comment? Or a 𝄞? What about this ⚔? There are tons of emoticons, characters and symbols. And it's easy to find and copy them. Just go to and discover a character. Here, look: ☕ Aww, that's too good. I like that site!

I wanted to write more but it's late over here (after 11pm) and I have to get up early in the morning, so this little update has to do for the moment.
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J.R.R Tolkien, looking at flowers.

Apparently people hated to go for walks with him because he would stop and look at every tree for like 20 minutes.











When I was 17 my appendix ruptured because I thought I was just having period cramps and didn’t go to the hospital so don’t tell me PMS symptoms are no big deal

this actually happened to me during my math final and i didn’t think anything of it and when i was later admitted to the hospital my math prof was asking me ‘you didn’t have to take the final! why didn’t you tell me it hurt?!?!’ and i told him i’ve had cramps worse.

he gave me 100

This is actually an extremely common occurrence simply because in sex ed they don’t teach you how to tell the difference between menstrual cramps and other more serious pains. The way to tell the difference between cramps and appendicitis is that while menstrual cramps are generalized toward the middle of the stomach below the belly button, pain from a swollen or burst appendix will start in the middle of the stomach and relocate to only the lower right side, even lower than menstrual cramps, and is a very localized pain. It also comes on extremely suddenly and will worsen over time or when you make a sudden movement, like a cough or a sneeze.

Basically, if you’re feeling any sort of pain, even if it’s menstrual cramps, don’t hesitate to tell the school nurse or a parent, or if you’re out of school and home even make a doctor’s appointment. Chances are if your cramps are that bad there’s something they can do to improve that as well.

I am boosting the shit out of that reply, because I am twenty-fucking-five years old and did not know how to tell the two pains apart

Adding another diagnostic tool! This is something we use in the ER called the rebound test. Basically, appendicitis and cramps react differently to certain things. If you’re still not sure if you have cramps or appendicitis, take two fingers and press them into your abdomen where the pain is (try repeating this on the lower right quadrant of the abdomen just to be sure.)

When you press in firmly, it will probably hurt. Here’s the test: LET GO. Does it get better or get worse? Appendicitis will immediately hurt worse when you let go. Cramps will not. Go to the ER if the rebound test makes it worse!


My husband got sent home from the ER with a rupturing appendix. When he came back and was rushed into surgery, the surgeon was super angry – “Why didn’t anyone do the rebound test?!”

All great info, but there is another lesson to be learned here: if you’re in major pain, it’s probably important - so don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. There is a documented pattern of women who go to the ER with complaints of pain being dismissed as overreacting…when in reality women have an incredibly high tolerance for pain, to the point that some don’t even realize exactly how serious their condition is. These stories only serve to illustrate this point.

Reblog to literally save a life.

Every time I see this..

Someone I knew who was a trained EMT says he heard during training “Men, whatever pain level a woman says she’s at, add two to imagine how bad it hurts you. If she says six it would feel like an eight to men.”

Cramps do a number on our concept of pain.

via Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Court Finds That Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline Violated the Law - THE INDIGENOUS AMERICAN:



Update on that Dakota Pipeline controversy. 

A federal judge ruled that the federal permits authorizing the pipeline to cross the Missouri River just upstream of the Standing Rock reservation, which were hastily issued by the Trump administration just days after the inauguration, violated the law in certain critical respects.

In a 91-page decision, Judge James Boasberg wrote, “the Court agrees that [the Corps] did not adequately consider the impacts of an oil spill on fishing rights, hunting rights, or environmental justice, or the degree to which the pipeline’s effects are likely to be highly controversial.” The Court did not determine whether pipeline operations should be shut off and has requested additional briefing on the subject and a status conference next week.

July 16-18, 2017
18 July 2017 @ 02:37 pm
18 July 2017 @ 02:37 pm

“Seals In A Kelp Forest” by Kyle Mcburnie

17 July 2017 @ 11:24 pm

About Me )
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Also, Sypha is 100% not the voice of reason in that trio, quit shoving her in that role, fandom. Sypha is the idealist with principles she values over self-preservation, Alucard is the drama queen, and Trevor is the one exhaustedly saying ‘Guys. Guys no. Do not fight the giant demon with only a sword and a pack of matches. Do not.’
18 July 2017 @ 05:22 am

Dear Netflix and Castlevania,

How did you know my one super special awesome weakness for SASS ROGUES.

Kay thanks.

early this morning, i commented on a fic that i had left kudos on a while ago that i was too shy to leave a comment on before. 

the fic was uploaded in 2010.

and the author responded and thanked me today. 

so, yes, to everyone that thinks “oh the writer will think i’m weird, this was published years ago”: no!!! we love comments. it doesn’t matter how old the fic is. promise.  ✿◠‿◠ ❤

(Okay @armera and @yrimiel rebloged my eariler post so I’m tagging them, but please, interact with me. I am a social creature and crave validation)

Imagine for a moment, Monster Hunter Belmonts.

Belmonts that use magic to make themselves stronger and more durable and train like demons for /generations/ until they become something a little bit more than human.

Imagine Trevor fighting a regular human for the first time. He still remembers the aftermath. He tones it down after that but he’s never been very good at knowing what normal people are like. He gets up just a little to easily, punches just a little to hard.

He gets used to it.

The Cyclops is a surprise. He never faced one and his first strikes barely draw blood so used to holding back. Killing it’s a rush.

He barely has to push himself with the demons. Humans are breakable and deamons are just as fragile if you know their weaknesses and the Belmonts made sure that everyone of them knew them. Sybla fights beside him, wielding fire and ice and wind and something in him /sings/

And then Alucard. And he hasn’t had to push himself this way in years. He’s so used to trying to slow down, soften his blows, act a little more human, not draw too much attention to himself, and well, he’s out of practice.

He’s not afraid of death. He is however slightly afraid of what his mother will do to him when she finds out how easily he was taken down.

There’s a hand in his hair, pulling his head back to bare his neck and he hasn’t faced someone this strong in years. It’s a little distracting. And then the bastard is backing off, following Sypha’s command as if it was as easy as breathing and Trevor is completly and totally screwed.
17 July 2017 @ 11:29 pm
 my life right now is a hectic mess, I'm almost falling asleep and is notg even midnight; I'm going to bed early ffs...

so yeah I'm alive and fine, don't worry, just busy.
love you all sorry I missed birthdays and a couple dates.
18 July 2017 @ 12:12 am


w.i.t.c.h.: you have either a mild dislike or a strong passionate hatred for winx club, and you’re probably not straight. if your favourite guardian was irma you’re 100% not straight

princess tutu: you’re a dancer, or you used to be a dancer, or you REALLY wish to be a dancer. if you were into cosplay you probably were one of those people who used actual pointe shoes for your princess tutu cosplay and ended up with fucked up feet because you’ve never danced ballet in your life especially en pointe

tokyo mew mew: you’re a furry and/or you really like fruit. something something warrior cats phase? and if you’re gay (which you probably are) it was zakuro who made you realize that

ojamajo doremi: people call you a social justice warrior like 3 times a week, you have great taste in tv shows. you’re an infp and you probably care too much about personality tests

winx club: you love fashion, especially of the 2000s. if you draw there’s a 78% chance you suck at anatomy. there is and always has been rivalry between you and people who love w.i.t.c.h. and others can never tell whether it’s playful or serious

sugar sugar rune: if your favourite character was chocola meilleure you’re chaotic good. if your favourite was vanilla mieux you’re either a liberal who has only read harry potter, or a leftist with social anxiety

sailor moon: you’re LGBT, you love fashion, you often wear cute nail polish, VERY intro astrology! and you can’t fucking drive

mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch: you love musical theatre and you’re kind of too passionate about it and people around you hate you for it but won’t tell you. 50% chance you’re an air sign

cardcaptor sakura: you seem really kind and sweet but it’s hard to tell whether you’re genuine or not so a lot of people think you’re kind of fake but anyway you like fashion and your fashion taste is funky and eccentric but ultimately better than anyone who likes winx club

shugo chara: you probably developed a personality disorder sometime later in your life





how to look like u werent just crying in the bathroom

hold a cold rag/tissue to your eyes and anywhere else that tends to get red or blotchy for two minutes

regulate your breathing so your blood flow evens out

fix your makeup and make sure you’re not sweaty

go back out and live a lie

reblog to save a life

Pat dry your face - DONT rub. It will agitate the skin and make it red again.

Fan your face too, feels good as well as reducing redness.


“I sneezed and my eyes watered”
“I yawned and my eyes watered”
“Stubbed my toe”
“Hit my elbow”
“Hit *previously injured body part* on something.”

Trust me, as someone who has learned to shift from anxious wreck to “Everything’s Great! :) ™” in 0.2 seconds when I need to,
These work.
They really work.

For those who need it.





btw here is another source other than trumpdaily confirming this. 

these white demons deadass stole 880k from sick kids to go towards their shitty ass golf resorts and plastic surgery………

What the actual fuck