I've been trying to find this fic again for ages, but coming up blank. Does anyone have a copy they could send me? Its one of my favourites, and I'm going into hospital for surgery and trying to download my favourite fics to read while i recover. It would be very much appreciated.

My email is: dawchi4@aol.com

Cheers for the help.

D xxx
19 May 2017 @ 02:26 pm
I am looking for Misspelled by [livejournal.com profile] cala_jane and was wondering if anyone had a copy of it? I've looked in the deleted journals and tried looking in Ao3 and am not sure where else to look. Hoping someone here can help.
Thanks in advance
14 March 2017 @ 04:28 pm
Hello everyone. I'm looking for stories that have Jensen as a dragon rider but more specifically if there is a story out there that has Jensen in a role similar to Eragon who is chosen by the dragon to become his rider. Looking for stories where Jensen has special abilities related to his being a dragon rider.

Self recs are always welcomed. Please no WIPs or destiel/cockles (no offense to anyone just not my cup of tea). J2 or gen is fine.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations.
11 March 2017 @ 06:10 pm
1. I am looking for a fabulous story that I haven't read in a long time and now can't find. In it Jared and Jensen have super powers, Jensen I think maybe almost destroyed a city by turning it into steel, he was mind controlled by his wife who was not a good person. Jared for some reason became a part of Jensen's team and in the end his ex-boyfriend helped Jensen's wife kidnap Jensen to take over the world or something. Jared's power might have had something to do with electricity and I think maybe Tom was his boyfriend at some point. But I might be mixing up a couple of fics.

2. any super power fics you can think of please.

3. Upon further review I was mixing up two stories, one where Jensen is kidnapped by his ex, and the other where Jared turns a city into steel.

I have found the first one, please help me find the second one, where Jared turns a city into steel!

Thank you in advance
Hey y'all,
I was reading a j2 fic that mentioned "If It Wasn't For You Meddling Kids" by Apocalypsos.
So I went to re-read that, but the account has been deleted. I checked the purged/deleted list but they're not listed. A google search brings up Parts 2 &
3, but I can't get a hold of Part 1.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys!

EDIT: Apocalypsos' dreamwidth account is still working, and fic is still accessible.
ALthough I remember this story as being mature but not explicit content wise, I'll put it below the cut, just in case.

Read more... )
03 September 2016 @ 11:47 pm
I think I need a refresher in "Google 101". Could I please ask for assistance in finding the following types of stories:

1. Dragon rider stories where Jensen is either rider or dragon. Would love one similar to Eragon. (Looking for more recent stories but will take any recommendations in case I missed some.)

2. Stories where Jensen has scars and he's afraid that Jared won't like him once he sees them. Jensen could have gotten them from a fire, or accident or from an injury caused in the line of duty (fireman, police or even military) or even from an abusive childhood.

3. Looking for a specific story but not really sure it exists or the premise just popped in my head....what I do recall is that Jensen was a Healer (magical not literal)but he and his friends tried to keep it a secret because each time he healed someone it took a little bit out of him. Of course he falls for Jared who is then severely wounded and Jensen heals him almost dying himself. There were little incidences in the story where Jensen did heal his friends (paper cuts, broken arm). Really hope this story actually exists.

Please no death fics or WIPs. J2 or Gen is preferred. Self recs are always welcomed.

As always, thank you in advance for any offerings you have.
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Hello! I will be out of the country for a few weeks and I am looking for J2 PDFs which I can download. However, regular links for stories are also welcome! I love reading J2 fics but unfortunately it seems that I have read all the good ones and there haven't been any new stories in the genres I want. But I am hoping I have missed out on some, please help!
Here are a few topics, all J2 pairing, preferably newer fics:
1) Where one or both Js are cops, spies, FBI agents, basically being BAMF!!
2) Space stories where the whole story takes place primarily on the ship, or on some new planet for a little while.
3) Where one or both Js are superheroes, or have special powers.
4) Hurt!Jensen, AU, Non AU anything-- this is my favorite topic! I like it when he is not too delicate but more like a strong scruffmuffin (<3)
5) Alpha!Jensen, Beta!Jared paring like Alpha Pack, no mpreg preferably. I like when Jared is strong too, not a weak omega.
6) Any stories where Js, especially Jensen is being a hot badass! I like stories with less smut (LOL), but if there are sex scenes I prefer Top!Jensen. However if you think the plot is awesome, rec away!
No death!fics, no WIPs
Self-recs are welcome!
Thank you!!!
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Hi, all,

I'm trying to put together lists of all Jared/Jensen psychic, superhero/supervillain, and mutant power fan fics, new and old that are still available online. (No A/B/O or mpreg pls).

I have the first part of a list on my blog here.

The more the merrier.

Thanks in advance!
06 March 2016 @ 01:32 pm
Alright, so I've just updated my movie remake comm [livejournal.com profile] spnremakes and it made me want to start another project.  So, i'm putting together a master list of all the amazing science fiction stories that our fandom has created. Apocalypse, Alternatre Histories, Zombies, Superheros/Powered up boys, time travel, Aliens... whatever fits in the sci-fi realm.   I've gone through every list, comm, and author that I know writes sci-fi but I don't want to miss anything!  So, please rec me any and all sci fi!!  Any pairing, SPN or RPF, any rating!  If you have a great rec list, or know an author who writes a lot of sci-fi, lead me their way!!   There can be crossovers, but the story needs to have one of the SPN/RP characters as a main character.

And yes, I have checked the tags here already :P

Thank you !!
16 December 2015 @ 01:21 pm
So, I know I'm not the only one who binged watched Jessica Jones when it when it came out. I read a story like this on AO3 recently, and I was wondering if there were any other stories where either Dean/Sam or Jensen/Jared are Jessica and Trish? I would definitely appreciate it! Thanks guys!
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23 November 2015 @ 04:07 pm
Hello everyone. I have searched many stories using the tags here with the boys as a Sentinel/Guide or having spirit animals and haven't found much and definitely nothing recent. So...I am looking for stories depicting Dean/Jensen having Sentinel or enhanced abilities with Sam/Jared being his guide or calming influence. Or stories where Dean/Jensen has a spirit animal that guides him and allows him to have similar abilities to that animal (without changing into that animal). Would like Sam/Jared to be his calming influence. Stories do not have to crossover with The Sentinel or involve Ellison and Sandburg at all.

Wincest, slash and gen accepted. Please no Destiel or WIPs.

Thank you in advance for any story suggestions.
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Hi! I'm looking for this fic where Jared is raising his young daughter and is fighting for custody of her with Sandy's parents (Sandy's passed away). To save $, he moves into a house with Jensen (a healer/empath massage therapist), heavily tattooed/body-modded Chris Kane, voo-doo priestess Daneel, vampire Genevieve and nudist Misha, who want him to be the "normal" one who will interface with the world for them.

I adore this story and really want to read it again! I know I know the author but can't remember who it is, for the life of me. :(

Found in comments!
Hey gang,

It's been awhile since I've posted.  I think my google-fu is kind of kaput.  My J2 fanfic searches don't really come up with much these days. :(  I'm hoping y'all can help a gal out.

I'm looking for recommendations on Jared/Jensen fics over 4500k words that are fusion/crossovers or superhero/supervillains or musicians.  I'm not looking for the old classics like "Gunshy" (Bones crossover by setissma) , "My Love is Like to Ice, and I to Fire" (by Tiana), or "Beautiful Disaster" (by thenyxie) respectively.  I'm hoping for anything written in the last six months to a year.

Please, no mpreg or A/B/O.  I would especially be in your dept if someone found me a J2/Marvel fusion or J2/Once Upon a Time fusion -- I somehow doubt there's a J2/Major Crimes fusion out there :P.

There is one specific old superhero fic I've been searching for.  I don't recall the name or who wrote it.  I'll put the description under the cut.
Read more... )
Hi, if anyone can help me find this i shall be very grateful.

Jensen works at some sort of institution for people with powers, it's run by JDM if memory serves me right. Jared comes along and is unconscious and trapped in some sort of recurruing nightmare and jensen can enter his dream. Its a massive risk and he gets fired (maybe?) Or JDM tries to, but he saves Jared and wakes him up.

I dont know if it was slash or gen, but it was heavy J2.

Thank you! this is an awful description, so i hope you can help.
This is driving me batty because I know I have this fic somewhere, or at least think I do.

Jared is a villain kinda person and his power is entropy/chaos.
In his civilian life he is in a relationship with Jensen.

Jensen is a hero and his power is order.

They are happy as boyfriends, don't know the other is their nemesis, but they do find out. But they both comment on how, once they figure it out, it made sense.
Jensen never wanted to stay at Jared's apartment because the chaos hurt him.
Jared didn't want to stay at Jensen's because the order and neatness hurt him.

They find their powers, somehow, work together and they find a happy compromise.

It's not Charades by Bertee, which is excellent and I suggest anyone read it.

Found by [livejournal.com profile] saltandburnboys: Opposites kink-meme fill - http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/67741.html?thread=22189213
Hi guys! I'm looking for any fics that feature a pining Jensen who is secretly (or not so) in love with Jared. High school / college AUs are welcome. I'd also like for fic with the two still being actors on SPN but something happens (like Jensen getting hurt) and that's how Jared finds out about Jensen's feelings. Strong preference for bottom!Jensen

Hello again! I was wondering if anyone knows of any fics with jensen as a stubborn or brat prince. Maybe there is some rescuing and he doesn't want to be saved. Anything will help.

Also Im looking for a fic j2 based of dungeons and dragons? All I remember was jensen was a wizard.
08 October 2014 @ 04:55 pm
I'm not sure what it's called but I'm looking for a specific J2 fic. I'm pretty sure Jared and Jensen could communicate telepathically or something when they were younger, but they'd never met. And then, when they're adults, Jared becomes an intern at the company Jensen works for. And Jensen remembers that Jared and he used to be telepathic, but Jared doesn't remember Jensen. And Jared is with Sandy, and then Jensen falls in love with Jared, but Jared still stays with Sandy. And then at the end **Spoiler** Jared comes back because he and Sandy didn't work out.

Does this ring any bells?

Thanks for any and all help!
05 October 2014 @ 03:57 am
H1 everyone! I've been scrolling tags for a few days but not finding what I'm looking for. Can anyone rec any J2 fics where one of the boys can read the others thoughts but without them being superheroes or aliens? Perhaps that's how he learns how the other feels about him? Happy endings only and no death fics please.

Hello Again!

I'm looking for a specific superhero fic. I've written down the name but it is with like a hundred other names so I thought I would come here instead of going through all the names one by one.
Anyways, it is J2 and Jared is a super villain and Jensen is a superhero and they are both dating one another. Jared's group kidnaps Jensen for bargaining and Jared takes a shot for Jensen so he finds out but it all ends happy I think.

I will also take any J2 with powers or superhero J2 stories. I would love to read any self-recs as long as it sticks to the theme and No Mpreg Please

Please and Thank You!
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21 July 2014 @ 11:28 am
The first fic I'm looking for is a Wincest fic. I think it's a comment fic. John found out that Sam is going to Stanford and decides that Sam needs to be brought under control, his control, under his collar. Sam is rather disturbed by this, and Dean is all "Hell no, Sam is mine!" and tells John he knew about Sam leaving and that Sam had Dean's permission to go since Dean was going with him.

The second one was a J2 fic, this one was a longer fic, but my memories are vaguer. They're in some sort of containment center, though Jared's section includes an area outdoors. Jensen ends up in Jared's area because some of the other inmates dumped him there, I think. I know that Jared is feral and someone, the government maybe, is using him as an assassin. Jared latches onto Jensen and everyone is surprised that Jared doesn't kill him. I *think* they have sex, but I'm not sure. Jensen ends up becoming a stabilizing influence on Jared, I think through a mental bond? And then they both end up escaping. That's not quite the end but I don't remember what happens after that. Also, I have read Feral by riyku and while it is a bit similar it is not the fic I'm looking for.
-FOUND! Link is in the comments.

Do either of these fics sound familiar?
hello! ok here we go I'm so sorry that I can't remember much on these fics, but I'm really hoping that you guys can fill in the blanks and help a girl out!! :)

1. Jared is a superhero and so is Jensen, he's kinda like catwoman to Jared's batman in a way. All I really remember is the first time they meet, its in an alley and Jensen is mysterious and is on a motorcycle dressed all in leather! not much help I know......

2. Jared and Jensen have powers, Steve and Chris are together too. Jensen and Chris are very old and Jensen's powers are out of control and he is afraid he's going to hurt Jared and everyone else. They try to find someone to take his powers away from him but it doesn't work I don't believe, everything does end happily though, somehow Chris knew that everything would be ok and Jensen wouldn't hurt anybody.

3. Jensen, Danneel, Chris and somebody else maybe are the last of their alien race, they are on earth to stop evil aliens from destroying the earth and them as well. Jared is Jensen's boyfriend but in order to continue the line I remember the aliens had to pair up, even though they weren't in love. I know Jensen and Danneel had children and Jared was kind of jealous. Happy endings of course!

Thank you!!
29 June 2014 @ 02:58 pm
FOUND!  Link in comments.

I've been trying to find this forever and I just can't remember the title.  It's a lot like Veterans of the Psychic Wars by kellyntar (http://psychicwar.livejournal.com/3181.html) except Jensen is the psychic and Jared is his partner.  Or maybe it's Sam and Dean.  ???  I remember it being long, and I thought it was a big bang, but I've looked through those and don't see it.  Anybody got any guesses?
04 June 2014 @ 01:05 am
Hi all!

I was trying to read almightyspaz's Through the Never, a J2 fic with Jensen as a wizard and Jared who believes he's cursed, but unfortunately the LJ account has been deleted. Does anyone know if almightyspaz has another account somewhere or have copies of their fics that they're willing to share? Please?

Thank you!
21 April 2014 @ 08:16 pm

Looking for a specific Superhero AU. It's J2 and it's Jared centred. All I really remember is that Jared is able to recognise superhero's around him: he recognises Jensen and figures out his identity without trying. When he does that same with Misha, Misha informs him that it shouldn't even be possible for him to do that.

Urgh, I know it's vague but that's all I've got. Maybe Jared also had a power but I'm not sure.

Hope you can all help!

Edit: FOUND!

It was "The Extraordinary Experiences of an Unusual Sidekick in the City" by truelyesoteric.
02 March 2014 @ 11:22 pm
I just finished re-reading Veterans of the Psychic Wars by [livejournal.com profile] kellwyntar and I remembered reading a similar story at some point. It was a sci-fi piece where Jared and Jensen were involved in some sort of war (with aliens maybe). I believe they may have been cadets in training for part (or even all of the fic). One or both of them has some type of psychic ability and when they bond they become very powerful. I don't remember many details, but I think the different groups within the academy or training center kept to themselves and didn't interact. J2 were in different groups, so it was something of a scandal when they got together.

Does this rambling sound familiar to anyone? Help!

Edit: found in comments
22 January 2014 @ 12:21 am
Hi everyone,

I'm having a craving for two types of fics:
1: where Dean or Jensen is a typical bad boy: drinking, smoking, tattoos, maybe getting arrested, or when people just think they are trouble. I am looking for fics like the one where Jensen and Jared meet when Jared is on a holiday with his family and they meet because Jensen sleeps outside on the porch (I lost the link to this fic, if anyone could help me find it that would be appreciated).

2: fics where Jensen does something incredibly heroic. Fics where he is just this regular guy who is put in a position where he has to act and simply does. I remember this fic where Jensen could turn into a dragon (named Alamo?) and he played a large role in saving the world (again, I lost the link so if you recognize this one as well..). I really loved that one, but anything where Jensen is part of a large fight for the right would be great!

I prefer gen fics, but really anything out there is fine! :)
01 December 2013 @ 06:54 pm
I'm looking for a fic in which both J2 are superheroes.  One has control over fire/heat and one over ice/cold.  They get put on the same team or something and have to learn how to work together, because otherwise they accidentally hurt each other.  Obviously, they somehow end up together.

I'd also love any other superhero J2 recs you guys might have!  I've read all the ones over at J2-recs, and am on the hunt for more.

Thank you!
Hi guys,

I'm not looking for a specific story, rather a theme. I'm looking for stories where either Dean or Jensen is raised in isolation.

This could be anything from being raised in a lab, being a science experiment, to being raised in a normal environment but being kept socially isolated because he has powers/weird parents or is somehow abused or seen as 'special'.

If you've read "The Doors of Time" by Felisblanco, that's a wonderful example of one of the kinds of fic I'm after.

It can be AU, Canon AU, I'm not fussy. I'll read just about anything, Gen, Slash, even Het on occasion.

Many thanks and fingers crossed.

Mods:I tried to select tags appropriate to the search, nothing showing for isolation, please add/delete any you think appropriate.
I've recently read this story where Jensen was some dark angsty superhero and Jared was one as well and it was really good.

1) Been having trouble find some superhero stories. I've been looking for a story where:
Jensen/Dean is the superhero
His superhero persona is completely different from his real life one. Ex. Superhero Jensen/Dean would be Dark and the other Happy going and Goofy
Jensen/Dean gets into a relationship with Castiel/Jared/Sam, doesn't matter which one.
Jensen/Dean goes through every length is hide is secret identity
His partner ends up finding out anyways
Happy Endings!
I dunno something like that. I'm really picky.... :p

2) Lately, I've really been into anything John Winchester. Anybody know of some long John/Sam stories or even one-shot? I would prefer them not to be related, but if it's really good and plot driven I won't care. It could even be RPF too, I don't mind JDM/Jared either!
18 July 2013 @ 10:56 pm
I need help with finding two fics:
Number one: where Jensen is a superhero and Jared a villan and somehow Jensen ends up injured in the evil villans lair and Jared helps him escape  somehow.
Second one: Jensen's family are superheroes and Jensen doesn't have any Powers and gets kidnapped or somethin.
Please help!
Thanks in advance!

Number two: Jensens family are superheroes and he doesn't have any powers and he gets kidnapped or hurt... Please help!! Thanks!!
18 July 2013 @ 01:12 am
Feels bad for not including this in my last post, which you guys rocked at helping. Looking for 1 supernatural fic and 1 prf fic. I have looked through all the tags and used my google fu to no avail. So here is what I remember and I hope someone knows what I am looking for. Thank you for taking the time to help or read this post, you guys rock.

1. A Supernatural slash (I am sure it was in ff.net) that is a few years old. Started out with Sam and Dean as kids, (I think it was Deans POV). Dean remembers how he watched over Sam and gave him everything he could over the years (one particular scene was how Sam got a hand gun that used to be Dean's and was very proud to shoot it like dean, Dean gave him hand me downs too?). When they grow up Sam has feelings for Dean which he tries to put off. Eventually Dean gives in and they have a relationship. I think it ended when Sam went to college. That's what I remember, not much but I hope it helps.

2. RPF slash fic. There are lots of superhero themed fics out there I lost this one somehow. Jensen comes from a family of superheros and hates it. He has the power to grow/talk to plants, his brother was really fast? could fly? and hid working for the circus? Jensen meets Jared who likes superheros, then Jensen gets saved (bank robbery/falling building) by a superhero who he may like and comes to think it's Jared. A supervillian is after Jensen's superhero crush when Jensen confront Jared and finds out Jared is the superheros handler. They run to a park chased by supervillian and Jensen saves the day by growing the plants/trees and defeating the supervillian.

Hope all my tags are right and someone can help find these.
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27 March 2013 @ 08:04 am
I'm looking for a story I read a long time ago. Its and J2!harry potter au.

I can only remember a few parts, Jared is an lycanthrope. One of the girls in the class likes Jared and in an act of jealousy Jensen sends the girl out into the woods so she will see Jared transforming.

I know its not a lot to go on but I'm really hoping someone out there will know.

Also if there are other J2 Harry potter stories out there i would love to read them.

Thanks in advance

Note: i already read
18 March 2013 @ 08:55 am
Hey everyone!

1. Im looking for any j2 stories that are based of the Harry potter series

2.Any good Cas & Dean fics based off of movies

3. Cas & Dean high school or college au.

Thank you in advance
15 March 2013 @ 10:11 pm
Any body know where to find a fic that has Jensen as a genie and Jared as an actor I believe....there is the original story and the sequel. The sequel has people getting sick on set and Jessica Alba as Jensen's arch nemesis? Help?

hey any good wincest or j2 on 7x14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie?

Hey anybody know any good Iron man J2 stories? I read bertee's IronManesque fic and kinda got a craving...

Also anybody got any good bottom!jensen, hurt!,jensen, overprotective!jared?

Please and thank you!!
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I found a story on AO3 (I think) featuring Pyschic!Jensen, who can see the past. I think he might help on murder investigations? One day he has a vision of Jared dying, begging Jensen to save him. The story seemed to have a lot of really amazing art, some of it comic book style.

I didn't get a chance to read it before, so any help finding the story would be great!

Found in comments!
18 February 2013 @ 11:04 am
What's the one that deals with 'Craft' and it's always capitalised. JDM was a professor. And it varies from low level mind reading to way advanced stuff. And (unless I'm mixing two fics up) Jensen (I think) is 'Null' or 'Blank' and doesn't have any magic.

I think the title might have something to do with lorem ipsum (the 'nonsense' Latin that's used to 'fill space' when you're trying out different fonts). Or the 'lorem ipsum' actually means something and is used in 'Crafting' for spells or something.

If I am mixing 2 up can y'all link me to both?

ETA: Found! Links in comments. Thanks you guys!
HI!!!!!! I'm looking for 2 specifics fics I have read before and lost :( because I'm a looser who never figured out how to bookmark anything.

1. powers!jensen and jared. What I remember is that Jensen was incapable of being injured/killed and Jared was an Empath (or maybe a mind reader). Jensen gets recruited to a team of people with abilities which is ran by JDM and Jared is the leader. Misha, Chad Michael Murray, and Tom are all part of the team too. I remember Misha can make anything blow up and Tom is super strong. I also remember one of the girls (Sandy or Gen) is there and can talk to computers (I think). I know all the people on the team had really suffered in the real world because of their powers and had a lot of emotional baggage. Jared and Jensen don't like each other at first, mostly because Jensen has a dirty mind and it really freaks Jared out. Jared never touches anyone because he is afraid he will hurt them. They have to fight a "supervillan" who can make time slow to an almost stop (I think it was Chad Lindberg).

2. The second fic, I may be mixing 2 up (if so I'd like to find both). This is what I remember: J2 are both like Super Spies for the government and responsible for the government and responsible for protecting the people of Earth from finding out about aliens. Jared is from Earth and Jensen grew up on a space station. Jared told all his friends he was a traveling toothbrush salesman, and one day he came home from a conference with Jensen. In truth they had met while protecting the Earth. They were retired and then were attacked and called back to active duty in space. They ended up on Jensen's space station. I remember the station being described vividly especially a park. I remember Jensen's parents were in the science wing and they had to get special permission to go and see them. That's really all I remember of that one and I know it's not a lot.

I'd also take any recs along these lines too. Anything goes (I really don't have any squicks) as long as it has a happy ending!!!!
03 January 2013 @ 10:51 pm
What I remember about this story is pretty vague. It was a J2 au where Jared and Jensen were being trained in some sort of institute/school/military facility. Somehow they'd bonded (psychically, soul-wise, whatever) and caused this huge explosion. Everyone tries to figure out what it was, and finds out that Jared and Jensen are exponentially more powerful, but even MORE powerful if they are close or touching.

I think I remember one of the boys trying to more this huge block with their power.

I've looked through a few pages of the powers tag and found nothing, so I hope I haven't made this all up in my head. :)
02 January 2013 @ 12:33 am
I'm looking for a J2 movie remake of "I am Number Four", I checked the movie list and no luck. If anyone knows of it, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Sorry mods! I'm on a Kindle and it wouldn't give me the proper tags even when written out. But thank you for adding them for me.

Fic found in comments.
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31 December 2012 @ 01:13 am
Hi Y'all,

First off, I'm not really sure if I'm smashing 2 possibly 3 fics in one, but here it goes. The fic I'm looking for has both J's with powers. It was multi-chapter. Or at the very least and extra long one-shot. Both J's are either in HS or college. I think Jared has the ability to turn invisible and Jensen has telepathy (this is a hit or miss). Jared works at an ice cream shop or coffee shop and his friends constantly make him spill the drinks all over him. Jared has a crush on Jensen and sees him in the store. Jared is embarrassed that he has a spilled drink all over himself and turns invisible. Later in fic the Jensen's ability comes through. Jared's life is in danger. I think a "bad guy" finds out about Jared's powers and kidnaps him. Jensen finds out where Jared is and saves him.

Also, it was pretty vanilla, no real kinks, no mpreg, etc. Just schmoopy slash.

If any part sounds familiar, please go for it. Thanks in advance.

BTW, Mods, if there are any tags you think I'm missing, let me know and I'll fix. Thnx

Found in comments.
23 November 2012 @ 10:29 pm
Hey y'all
Looking for a fic where Jensen is a genie. Or at least I think he's a genie...

Can't really remember much, but what I do remember was that Jared was the "bottle holder" and somehow the bottle gets stolen. Somewhere along the way Jensen starts to lose his magic and if he loses all of it it will kill him. One of the Samantha's is also in this and she helps Jared find the magic dust that Jensen needs. They have to go through challenges that can kill them along the way. The other thing I remember is that it was a long fic, 10K+-ish

It's possible that I'm smashing 2 different fics together, but if anyone can help with this...

Thx in advance.

22 October 2012 @ 04:01 pm
Hi Y'all,
I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I think Jared was an actor or PA and Jensen was either his co-star or director. Jensen has powers magical or other wise but keeps it secret. Danneel is his cousin i think. Jared finds out about the power and ends up having a problem of sorts with it. Danneel get mad at Jared and tells him that Jensen is on "trial" for Jared finding out and now has to fight to keep them although there is really is no trial.

Hope someone recognizes it.

ETA: FOUND in comments.
22 September 2012 @ 12:28 am
My computer got sick last month and I lost all of my bookmarks. I'm slowly gathering them up again as I remember. Right now I'm looking for two stories. I don't think either of them was very long.

#1 Sam goes back to visit a teacher, who is disappointed (?) that he hasn't done more with his life, and the teacher thinks dean is abusing sam and offers to help him get away. I think sam and dean are outside the school together when this happens.

#2 j2 - ugh. Um. Okay - some people are gifted, tk etc and jared gets a job at a space station (?) or something, where jensen is and jensen has a special talent (communicates with computers, maybe?) And he bonds with jared, teleporting into his room in his sleep, or something like that. And Jeff is married to alona? I might be confusing two stories? I'd love to have both if I am?

This is the best com. You always find what I'm looking for :)

Yay! *Found* in comments! *iz happy*
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18 August 2012 @ 10:26 am
Has a story been written where our favorite boys actually are the Avenger characters?  Jensen Ackles is Captain America, as opposed to playing Cap as a character?  Where Jared is the filthy rich super-smark playboy who becomes Iron Man?  Curious if this bunny has bounced anywhere else.

Also seeking any stories where the guys are taking a cruise or working a cruise ship.
04 July 2012 @ 06:39 pm
I'm looking for two things (not specific stories just recs) J2, I prefer bottom Jared, no non-con...

1. Boys with service dogs, doesn't matter who has the disability or what the disability is.

2. Mutant boys- like "Give thy thoughts no tongue" by queerly_it_is, not x-men crossovers just boys with powers.

Thanks, and Americans- happy Independence day!
22 June 2012 @ 03:12 am
Hello! I read a J2 fic a while back and I can't seem to find it again. Jared was a telepath, Jensen was a metal bender. I remember a few specific scenes where Jensen took Jared back home to meet his family- Jensen had a fear of flying because he thought he could bring the plane down when he was younger; also when they got there he gave Jared a bird made out of metal he had made? I think it may have originated from a kink meme prompt because I think some of the plot had to do with Jared being able to hear Jensen's continuous inner monologue of dirty talk (erm... dirty thought :D ). Although I may be mixing up different stories now, lol.

If this rings a bell please let me know-- this has been driving me crazy!
21 May 2012 @ 12:50 am

Hi again ya'll! Just so you know, I AM looking around for stuff that fits this request myself, but I have hope that you guys won't mind helping me out a little anyway. What I am looking for is complete, first time J2 fics with hot sex and preferably long. The longer the better, in fact. I don't mind AUs but I'd also like to read stories of them as the actors they are, too. Here are some 'themes' I like to help you figure out what to rec me:

1) Knotting, the whole Alpha\Omega thing, Mpreg
2) Obsession, Possessiveness, Jealousy, and Protectiveness
3) Humor, Hurt\Comfort, Romance, Drama, and Hot Sex
4) Underage Sex but not with more than a seven year age difference between the couple
5) Powers, Magic, Creatures, etc.
6) Knifeplay and Bloodplay
7) Pretend Couple turn into real couple

That kind of stuff. Please help me out and give me some recs, guys! Thanks so much!

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