08 May 2017 @ 10:41 pm
Hey guys,

1. I was wondering if there any stories that involve the yellow-eyed(I know his name but I can't spell it) kids that lets them beat the prophetic match or at least they pull one over the yellow eyed one.

2. Or stories that involve the boys becoming more of part of the hunter community, and they don't become hunted

3. BAMF Sam is also apperciated without dean being a dick would be awesome

4. Does anyone have any stories where the boys are dark but still hunters and not insane or demotic.

5. The boys use hoodoo and magic but are not evil

Basically I just want the grey!boys who don't see the world as black and white.
Any length, any paring, and I would prefer complete
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25 January 2017 @ 09:13 pm
Hi there,

I am looking for some stories that centre around sams visions.
I have read quite a lot of those out there so I'm really looking for something a bit different I haven't read before.

Other things I like-
-the longer the better
-dean and others caring for Sam during and after visions
-symptoms of visions (such as headaches, dizziness, fainting) worsening and effecting Sam.

Thanks for your help!
Hi! I'm looking for 2 separate specific fics, both involving Sam & Dean, probably Gen although maybe Sam/Dean.

1) A casefic set in Season 1-3, I believe, when Sam's psychic powers were still active but before Cas/Ruby become involved. Sam has some sort of vision or premonition about a woman who's in danger (in a vision, he sees her involuntarily commit suicide due to some supernatural influence) in a town somewhere in the Midwest or East Coast (I think). I don't remember why, but Sam hesitates to tell Dean this. Instead, he convinces Dean to come with him to this town on a thin lead regarding a water monster in a lake or river nearby. Dean doesn't believe him from the jump and knows Sam's hiding something, but trusts Sam enough to play along, although he's not happy about it. Sam finds the woman (who I think is a divorce attorney or something), through the help of a local diner waitress, and visits her on his own while he sends Dean off to do more research on the fictional water monster. Turns out, the water monster is real and the boys eventually take it out. Sam then sneaks off on his own again to help the woman; he stays at her place overnight and somehow prevents the supernatural influence from causing the woman to commit suicide. Dean keeps calling Sam's phone as he doesn't know where Sam is, but Sam again being sneaky doesn't call back until he saves the woman. At the end of the fic, in a token of gratitude, the woman invites Sam and Dean to have dinner at her house. This fic is probably moderate length (at least a few thousand words) and had, I think, 3-4 sections/chapters, and I think I read it on LJ or Dreamwidth.

2) Fic set in a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization is rebuilding itself, and the Winchester boys have become myth/legend for saving the world. Dean and Sam have become separated and Dean lost his memories somehow. It's written from Dean's POV but his name isn't mentioned because he doesn't remember who he is, and we only know based on description of his physical appearance and other hints. He seems like a storyteller/seer-type figure to the people around him. At the end, Sam comes and finds him, and I think I remember that Sam touches Dean's face, which is when Dean remembers who they both are. This fic is shorter (maybe 1-2 sections/chapters on LJ or Dreamwidth).

I've gone through all my bookmarks, sifted through my history for the last several months trying to find these stories but somehow I can't find them. Any help would be appreciated; these fics were beautifully written and I'd love to read them again. Thanks so much!!
15 April 2016 @ 03:31 pm
Okay, so this has been driving me crazy the past few days. Now normally I am not into wincest like at all. But there is this one story that I read oh so while ago and I remember that I liked the storyline. But the name, where I read it, and what it was about completely escapes my brain. I do know this that it starts out with Sam having visions earlier on then the show. That he has a vision when he touches some lady's journal and promptly passes out( i think). I believe that Sam and Dean might have a wincest relationship but for all i know there may not have been wincest at all.

Also I am looking for stories that are teenchesters/pre-series absolutely NO wincest. I am not a fan except for that freaking story that is mentioned above. Sam can be 12-18 and Dean can be 16-22. I have searched through so much of spnstoryfinders i think I might just go crazy. I want them decent in length.

1. Mary is alive boys separated later in life
2. Just general teenchester fun
3. THat one Outsiders story that has a man thinking he's Ponyboy's dad but isnt. That is driving me bonkers. (Jk but not really I am losing it)
4. Sam and Jess stories are okay.
5. Sam having visions when he is younger but not younger than 12. (they couldve started earlier but the story doesnt take place until he is at least 12)
6. Unfortunately since the specific fic has been found. And now because of that freaking story I now crave wincest between teen sam/dean. Sam being at least 14/15. I'm not disgusting just that story causes problems. Since the entire story isnt wincest which is why I like it so much. Damn.

PLease Help all suggestions are welcome. Just save my brain from overloading.
23 February 2016 @ 11:19 pm
1. I've looked through the tags before, but I was wondering if anyone had reccomendations for fics where Sam, or even Sam and Dean, have always had visions, not just the ones sent by the demon. I've read jennytork's Two of Us, where Dean and Sam both started getting visions at puberty, and really enjoyed it. I was wondering if there are any other fics with a similar theme. I'd prefer gen, but if the story is well written and the pairing isn't the main focus, I'll read most pairings.

2. This may seem weird, but are there any fics where one or both of the boys get turned into something or grow wings or something and end up grooming each other and it doesn't end up being sexual? Even something simple like giving each other a massage after a particularly stressful case. Basically, a gen fic where the boys take care of each other in some physical way.

3. Finally, are there any fics where something happens and one of the boys is permantely mute? Preferably something long term, that happened when they were kids or teenagers? I read a fic a while ago about some monster stealing Sam's sight, and it said that usually it would take the voice first, but Sam wasn't very loud. I kind of wondered what would have happened if it had actually gone for his voice first.

Again, I'd prefer either no pairings or background pairings only, but I'll read most pairings if the story is well written. Lots of tags, but I'm trying to cast my net wide. Thanks in advance.
29 January 2016 @ 01:02 am
All general searches, and all gen-oriented. Self-recs are totally cool as always. Thanks!

1. I'd like to read about the nature of souls.

There was a fic I read some time ago by silver ruffian where Death gave Sam's soul to Dean, and he had to carry it around with him on the way to Sam's body. (And
I think we've all seen smaller asides, usually by Cas, in fics about the effects of Hell and et cetera on human souls, too...) I thought it was interesting to see how it looked and acted, in a way that was different than ghosts and spirits. In that particular fic, is was of course Soulless Sam's antithesis; all emotion and feeling without conscious barriers in the way. I'd like to see more of that, whether that's the direction it goes in or not. Though as always I prefer the subject to be Dean :p... Sam's okay if it's adorable enough, however. Maybe Sam saves Dean from Hell and cannot yet return him to his body. Maybe it's Cas healing the demony bits post-hell. Maybe the monster of the week literally bares his soul... Anything!

2. Something involving Demon Dean and human blood, not counting the cure. We saw Crowley go through a human blood addiction. What about Dean?

And sans addiction... What if the cure would only work for so long, and Dean needed more shots of human blood every so often, or in certain cases, to keep him from lapsing back into demonhood?

3. Outsider POV on Dean and Alastair's screwed up relationship. By "outsider" I mean someone that knows Dean. Sam, Bobby, etc... There was a really good one I read called
These Bones of Mine by amaresu, and another called Sometimes It Is Barren by rockpaperscissor. Alastair does not have to be there in the flesh, or even alive. Maybe Dean's just talking to someone about it, and we get to see their reactions.

4. I literally cannot find one single fic involving Sam having visions of Demon!Dean. Not one!

5. I can't imagine it would go very well if a shapeshifter or something attempted to download Dean's memories post-Hell... I would be 100% okay for crack on this.
13 June 2015 @ 12:22 am
Hi! All I really remember is that Dean and Sam were on a case and in a small town bed and breakfast sort of place. The creature they were hunting was possessing Dean or getting into his dreams and he kept passing out. It became harder and harder for him to regain consciousness each time the spirit (?) Went into him. And I think there were amnesia aspects where he would think he was the ghost/spirit/whatever whenever he woke up. There was a scene where Dean said that he was afraid to go to sleep because he didn't know if he was going to remember who he was when he wakes up.

Please help!
In this story, right after the demon leaves and they head to the hospital, Sam has a vision and sees the wreck. He goes an alternate route, maybe to Bobby's? No one dies in this. Please help!

I'm looking for a few different genres today. Primarily, I am looking for long fics, at least 20k or higher. The more words the better and finished too, please.

Now, I feel like I have exhausted AO3 and ff.net if they have been summarized accurately. So if you have any recs from lj, self-rec or otherwise, or stories with vague summaries that don't normally attract attention, that would be fantastic. Also:

--Fics that deal with Sam's visions/demon powers
--s5 angst where Dean realizes he's been hurting Sam (or any other season, I love hurt!Sam and guilty!Dean)
--Any Sam/Cas or Sam/Gabe, but only bottom!Sam
--Fics that deal with Sam being possessed by demon or angel and the after-angst that it causes
--Any well-written heavily AU fics where Sam and Dean are still in character, but the world is changed (I'm thinking like Faceless, which is one of my all time fave fanfics)

I am cool with gen, Wincest, slash, whatever. Just no Destiel, unless it is in the background and only het if it isn't the main relationship.

Thanks everybody!
I'm looking for a long fic where Jared 'wins' Jensen in battle and takes him under his protection. Jensen is a seer but he has to stay a virgin to keep his gift. Jensen sees himself and Jared ending up in bed together but he doesn't say anything. Jared is openly gay but there is a woman (can't remember who it is right now) who is having his baby. Gen is in it too and she is in love with the woman who is having Jared's heir. There are a lot of RPS characters in it and the writer uses place names like Texas but changes them a little to fit in with the story...

Hope that description finds the story!
I'm looking for a very sweet brotherlove fic I lost the link to when my computer crashed. Sweet, but heavy and traumatic at the same time, of course. It is NOT a Wincest fic. If that's what tickles your pickle, more power to you, but please do not point me in anything that direction. The story starts with the boys investigating multiple, seemingly related suicides. They come across one in progress, and Dean unsuccessfully tries to talk the kid off a ledge. The boy either jumps or somehow falls, and is killed. Dean falls as well, and is stopped but injured by a tree branch (or some sort of natural structure). The boy was haunted and/or possessed by something that feeds upon a person's guilt and claims/draws on their souls to maintain itself. It was demon-esque, but I don't think it was actually a demon. I don't remember what they called it, I think maybe it wasn't even something that was ever in a show. It's not something that can be exorcised of gotten rid of with a typical salt n' burn. Anyway, the spirit possesses Dean, or haunts him, something like that. Dean becomes very ill from the shoulder wound he got in the fall being infected, and from the effect of the spirit.

As Dean's guilt amplifies even more than baseline, he makes a confession to Sam. He is hesitant, saying he's afraid Sam will leave him. The story is about a girl named Hannah, who had been a friend of Jessica's from Stanford. She worked at a place that had Winchester in the title, Winchester Mansion or something. Dean was investigating a case, and Hannah was accidentally killed. She was knocked from a window or balcony, and Dean tried to save her but couldn't hold on. Sam is very angry and does leave. He feels guilty and returns quickly, but Dean is already gone. Sam has a vision of Dean killing (shooting) himself [which he spirit tells him he has to do for Sammy's sake.]

~~{{Plot and ending spoilers from here on out!}}~~ Sam calls Bobby for help, and they find Dean just in time to stop the suicide, but Dean is further injured by the bullet grazing him. The spirit is taking him over with a vengeance, and he is very sick and feverish due to wounds and infections. There are long scenes were Sam and Bobby try to treat him in a hotel room, afraid to take him to a hospital because someone is looking for them (Agent Hendrickson, maybe? I don't remember for sure). There are long scenes where Dean is delirious, and having hallucinations about Sammy being in trouble and Dean being unable to help him. Sam tries to comfort him and reassure him that what he's experiencing isn't real. Schmoop, schmoop, lots of precious schmoop. (But NOT overdone and cheesy schmoop. In my opinion, anyhow.) The way they vanquish the spirit is by stopping Dean's heart with something in a syringe. Dean is down for a long time and Sam has just given up CPR and is holding Dean when he revives. In the end they wind up re-visiting the place where Hannah was killed so Dean can come to terms with his guilt about the incident. For which Sam forgives him, naturally.
I'd love to find this, it was a great story and very well written. If someone helps me find it, everybody should give it a read (0; Thanks!!
30 May 2014 @ 07:58 pm
Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to help me find a specific fic.

-Sam has his psychic abilities but something happens and then Dean can feel Sam's emotions (I think it's something like Dean can feel Sam's emotions and Sam can hear Dean's thoughts, but I could be wrong).
-Sam tries his hardest not to let them bleed into Dean but he really struggles and when he's asleep he has zero control over it. I think at some point they try and separate but not for long.
-Eventually they give in and they learn how to work them together and beat the big bad together (it actually has a Breaking Dawn kinda vibe about it, but I like to forget that I've read the book to make that connection)
-It has Wincest undertones and I'm pretty sure Dean think it's his own fault Sam has the thoughts he does and he tries to fight them for as long as he can.
-I think it's a pretty long fic

This is rather vague and I am sorry, but I'm really hoping someone can help me out.
Hi everyone. Looking for some fics that I'm not even sure exist! Please help :)

1. Fics where the Winchesters are recognized by the world as heroes. This includes the world finding out about the existence of the supernatural.

2. Fics about the Winchester Gospels being revealed to the world as true or being added to the Bible. I read one where they spontaneously appeared one day which was good, so anything similar would be great.

3. I would love to read something where there is an Official Government Hunter's Agency or even a secret Hunters Council. Would love to see Sam and Dean as leaders or important people of some kind.

4. There is a lot of mentions of hunting a ghost or demon in the White House. Just wondering is there actually any fics where the boys meet the President, whether in the Oval Office or not?

5. Fics where Sam's powers don't turn him evil!!!

Any pairings or even crossovers are welcome!
I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam starts to have visions of people's deaths that were unrelated to Azazel.

One clear scene I can remember is where Sam and Dean are in a diner and Sam can tell that this teenager who is gay is going to kill himself. Sam is worried so he starts talking loudly to Dean about statistics on suicide among gay teens, how things get better once you leave high school etc.

And another time Sam finds out a woman has breast cancer and he has another loud conversation with Dean in front of her about breast cancer statistics and how important it is to get regular checks and stuff.

Dean is confused and misunderstands and thinks Sam's powers have developed more and that he's reading Dean's mind and is trying to reassure Dean that it's okay to be gay/attracted to Sam.

I think it ends in Wincest.

27 August 2013 @ 01:46 am
Hey guys,
So I read a story a little while ago where Sam and Dean first meet, maybe they aren't related. Sam had a medical alert bracelet for epilepsy, he wouldn't have full blown seizures, he would just kind of zone out and tap his fingers I think. It turns out that he was actually having visions when this happens but he of course doesn't tell anyone that. I'm sure Dean finds out but I don't remember much more than that.

I've looked under every epilepsy/seziure tag in a couple different communities but can't seem to find it. Can anyone help me out? Please?
11 August 2013 @ 10:36 am
Hey guys, I've been posting like crazy (mea culpa), but here's one that's been pestering me: I know I read this really good story where Dean, upon reaching Stanford, realizes that Sam dropped out. He eventually finds Sam living as a "resident brujo" in a bar frequented by the Hispanic community, giving Tarot readings and snorting cocaine to control and/or stimulate his visions. The owners of the bar house him and feed his habit, as well as trying to protect him from the demons who routinely come after him. The story really focused on how Sam is treated with respect beyond the norm, because everyone around him knows he's not human. This and any other stories where Sam and/or Dean are treated as supernatural beings (like the Pagan Gods 'verse) would be greatly appreciated! :)
22 May 2013 @ 09:24 am
I'm searching for a specific fic I'm whic Cas has fallen and is blind. He lives alone and has psychic visions ehich he uses to help hunters including at one point Dean when Sam goes missing on a hunt. I think he was also kidnaped by a gang or some drug dealers to get some information from him.
20 May 2013 @ 12:52 pm
This is an older fic, and had John, Cas, and Sam and Dean in it. Cas goes to Sam before the apocalypse actually happens. This time, and offers to let him fix it, but he will have to make a sacrifice. Sam sees what is actually happening, and what happened before, and what will happen now. The guy appears totally crazy talking to himself and people who aren't actually there. I think Jess might be in there somewhere if I'm not mixing fics.

John, and especially Dean are losing it trying to figure out what's happening. I don't know if this has Dean/Sam or Sam/Jess. I read it long ago, and am a big fan of the slash pairing, but gen finds it's way into my screen with the occasional Jess/Sam. I can't find it, and have been searching somewhat frantically. Any help would be appreciated.

Correction, Jess is not in this fic. Though the one found by Katsheswims is close in the later stages. I'm pretty sure Cas starts Sam on this Journey, and Sam willingly accepts what will be the burden to save the world. Dean asks him later, and he said the cost wasn't too high to save the world.
08 May 2013 @ 12:35 am
Hello all. I'm trying to track down a fic I read a while ago and I had such a lovely response with my last request, I thought I'd try asking here.
It was a Stanford era fic, where Dean turns up before the Pilot with his newborn baby girl, who's mother has just died. He'd met and married her in the time after Sam had left (I can't remember where John is during the fic, but I'm pretty sure he's not missing?). Dean turns up a Sam's because he needs somewhere safe and secure that he can crash with his daughter. Sam had recently broken up with Jess because he'd been having recurring dreams about her dying and they freaked him out.
I'm pretty sure it's a one shot, and am 90% sure I read it on live journal.
Thanks in advance if anyone happens to know the fic I'm referring to.
Hi all,

I am looking for a fic where Sam and Dean are surrounded by demons (and I believe Ava), and because they kill Dean, Sam goes crazy and kills all the demons with his powers. One of the demons, who still lives, offers to make a deal, where the brothers will be sent to another reality. The catch? There will be no Sam Winchester - that way, his family will stay out of the demon's radar and remain safe. Sam takes the deal since it's the only way Dean will live, but one of the demons interferes so that Dean actually remembers everything. He freaks out when he finds himself in his four-year-old body, but relaxes when he realizes Mary's pregnant and so he'll be back with Sam again - except Sam's due date passes and he gets a sister instead. Dean freaks out and over the years tries several times to run away to find Sam, and eventually leaves to track him down - which he naturally does. Sam's had a rough life, and John distrusts him, enough that he gets a private investigator to find out stuff about Sam. The demons don't of course leave the Winchesters alone, and so Sam and Dean return to battle them and save Mary again.

There are also scenes where Dean ignores/rejects his sister (for example, refusing to read her a book because that's a book that he associates with Sam).

Thanks for all your help!
I found a story on AO3 (I think) featuring Pyschic!Jensen, who can see the past. I think he might help on murder investigations? One day he has a vision of Jared dying, begging Jensen to save him. The story seemed to have a lot of really amazing art, some of it comic book style.

I didn't get a chance to read it before, so any help finding the story would be great!

Found in comments!
Hope you guys can help with this, I think it's fairly old, but wonderful.

Sam and Dean are not brothers, but they meet when Sam, who is just a kid, has a vision involving Dean. He keeps telling his mother (aunt?) that he is waiting for his friend, Dean. They are at a beach, and Sam and his mother (aunt?) take Dean out for ice cream and keep him away from his hotel room. While they are out, a demon comes and burns it down (John is gone for the day) and he comes home to find the room burned and Dean out (against orders) with Sam. Sam's mother (aunt?) is a witch, and she helps John and Dean (and later other hunters). I think they live in California? Anyway, Sam & Dean stay in touch and sometimes John lets Dean stay at Sam's house.

Sam periodically has visions, mainly about Dean when he's going to be in danger, and gets bad headaches afterward. His mother (aunt?) has special tea to help him with the headaches.

As time passes, Sam falls in love with Dean. Dean resists, but ultimately falls for him, too. There is some kind of difficulty between them and Sam leaves home after his mother (aunt?) is killed (by demons, unbeknownst to him). I recall him coming back to his old house after several years? He and Dean are reunited.

I hope someone recognizes this one, I would love to read it again. Thanks in advance!

Update : found! Far Away by Delnach http://delanach.livejournal.com/15041.html
Hey everyone!  Just looking for some general fics.  I've seen fics (not to mention episodes) where Dean is thrown into an alternate/dream universe where Sam doesn't know him or outright hates Dean.  I was wondering if there are any fics of the opposite floating around.

So, any fics where Sam gets sent to an alternate/dream universe where Dean hates Sam and/or doesn't know about Sam (i.e. doesn't think he has a little brother)?  Or at the very least their relationship is very strained/formal because of Sam (but not for the usual Stanford-related reasons)?  This can also include Sam having a vision of a world that could be or something.  I don't care.  As long as Sam goes from a loving!Dean universe to a mean!Dean universe.

Also, I'm really interested in fics where Dean dislikes/hates Sam, even if it's not an AU, so if the fic doesn't match this criteria exactly, I'd still appreciate the rec.  I don't care how/if Sam fixes this, happy or sad ending, or if it's gen or Wincest.  I'll take anything!  Thanks!
20 August 2012 @ 05:30 pm

I've looked into all Dean/Cas I have *which aren't much* for this fic so I'm starting to think it might be Gen... My head is a little fuzzy about the things that happened, all I can remember is that Cas stabbed Dean *he had to and was really sorry* and I'm sure some one had a vision about it happening *it wasn't Sam, I think it was Chuck who did* 
also I think it was set in season 5...coz I remember something about sam being a vessel *I'm only 50% sure about this*
That is all I remember unfortonatly :(

Also, can you guys Rec any of your fav Dean/Cas.... Jensen/Misha.... With Hurt!Dean/Jensen... I prefer Angsty Fics And bottom!Dean/Jensen....


EDIT: Story Found: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
01 June 2012 @ 09:08 pm
I just noticed that InSecret deleted all of his/her fics from fanfiction.net. I was wondering if anyone had a copy of That Vision Thing and if so, can you please send it to me? My email is kaseyqueen@yahoo.com. Thanks!

I would also appreciate any other of his/her fics if you have them.
30 May 2012 @ 01:16 pm
Hello all,

I can't remember the title or author of the writer who wrote a story about Dean being possessed by a woman... I remember that the brothers were in an attic and the ghost got inside Dean. I know she also made a comment of his peepee when he used the bathroom one time... and I think I remember that her possession gave Dean some abilities to see what harm was coming to those around him. Hopefully I am not confusing two stories into one...

Thank you!

Found... Kind of...
03 May 2012 @ 10:37 pm
Hi there, just wondering if there are any fic where Dean can see ghosts or if he can tell if someone was a demon like in 3x16 where he can see Ruby. Either Dean can have been born with the ability of he could be cursed, hey even some visions would not go unliked. Preferably gen and no slash, but if there is one out there with slash I'll read it no matter the paring. Thanks!
22 April 2012 @ 01:39 am
Hey guys, I'm wondering if you can help me find some stories.

I'm actually looking for anything that deals with Sam's psychic powers like his visions, his new powers in Season 4 as well as the demon blood addiction. Or Sam trying to come to terms with his mom basically selling him out before he was born or the demon blood running through his veins.

Gen or Wincest is fine. I would prefer to have a very understanding/caring Dean accompanied with the request, maybe even mad or upset Dean at first but I only ask for a happy ending. Thanks!
17 April 2012 @ 03:10 pm
I recently read Shadow of Doubt by the wonderful Saucyminx and I'm wondering if any of you fine people can point me to something similar - specifically involving Jared having some sort of supernatural or psychic ability that causes him to be isolated/socially awkward/shy/hesitant, etc. and of course he meets Jensen and J2 sexings eventually occur.

Self-recs are always welcome and the only kinks that are off limits are D/S and MPREG.

Thanks in advance!
31 March 2012 @ 08:02 pm
Hey all, here's a simple request for you guys. I'm just looking for some fics where Sam either has a migraine or vision and Dean comforts him/takes care of him. Can be a tag to an episode, a one shot or a long story with it just as a scene. Anything really! Gen or Wincest is fine. I just want oodles of hurt/comfort from Dean.

14 March 2012 @ 01:55 am
Hi! I actually don't remember a whole lot about this story, but I'll do my best to describe what I do remember.

Read more... )

I hope this sounds familiar to someone because I got to thinking about it a little while ago and have no idea what it is. Thank you!

FOUND: Link in comments
04 March 2012 @ 02:16 am
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a specific psychic Dean fic where Dean was cursed (I think) with psychic powers and he had lavender or purple eyes with it. It was a pre series fic with Caleb and Pastor Jim as well. I thought it was saved but nope.
Can anyone help me out here, thanks.
Fic Found Yay!
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hi yall,

This is my first post, so I hope I wont screw up.
Anyway, I'm looking for a specific fic and I hope you guys can help me find it.

I read it a few months ago, and I tried to find it, but i can't find it anywhere.

It started with Sam and Dean driving in 2 cars, I thought they had contact by phone and would meet somewhere. A car driving behind Sams car started to annoy him, and eventually started to push him off the road. On a bridge over a river, he pushed Sam off the road, Sam trapped in the car. Dean watched it happen, jumped in, but Sam was gone.

When Dean was watching over the river i think a few days later, he met a man, telling him he could bring Sam back, but only for a short while. The man was a demon. In the end after a while (a week, or a month, don't remember) Dean needed to kill Sam, to give him peace. If Dean would kill Sam, Sam would have peace. If not, the demon would take him with him to hell.

Sam was brought back, couldn't remember anything about the accident. Dean was acting strange, because he knew he was gonna have to kill Sam.

Sam had a vision, or a dream where Dean shot him. He didn't tell dean. He started to find out what was gonna happen, and made preparations, didn't tell dean.

Then the day came Dean had to shoot Sam. He brougth him somewhere, i think the bridge. Sam couldn't believe what happened...

well, I don't wanna spoil all the fun. I hope someone knows what fic I'm talking about... I really wanna read it again!

19 January 2012 @ 11:09 pm

I'm looking for stories where the boys either practice magic or are magical, or have some sort of ability. Not really looking for a superhero au's, but more along the lines of magic. Think witchcraft, warlocks and things of that realm. I'd prefer the stories to be slash, but in absence of that, I'll take gen.

RPS and SPN are welcome, I read both. I love long stories, but any length is good. Self recs also welcome.

Thanks. :)

(I have read the infamous Doors of Time and If There's a Rocket, Tie Me To It. While they aren't specifically the type of story that I'm looking for, they are magical boys so I thought I'd mention it.)
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its me again. Looking for general stories, where:

Dean or Sam is a Demon/possessed or has powers. He is in love with the other brother (hidden feelings, is afraid of talking about his feelings or what the other could think of him). Demo n/Possessed version blabs it out or acting weird (talk strange, act strange and maybe accomplished non-con (but in the end it isnt non-con!!). The other brother is also in love so it leads to Wincest in the end.

All stories with Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen is writing about his feelings (hidden feelings) about the other and try to hide, but the other find out. While the other maybe flirting with others and so the in-love-part is really jealous (maybe thoughts of suicide because of unanswered feelings) Happy-Endings are welcome but Non-Happy-Endings wouldnt matter. But I prefer Happy Endings!!!

Both stories: no crossovers, no etablished relationships, no character-deaths no non-cons
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16 January 2012 @ 12:19 am
Hope you guys can help me find some of the kind of stories I’ve been craving.

Anything where Sam has his powers (visions, telekinetic, all powerful, etc… but please no demon blood) and acts in a kind of childlike/mentally unstable way. Preferably with a supportive/protective Dean.

Thank you!!
11 January 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Hi there! I'm looking for any story you can rec me in which Sam loses touch with reality, hallucinates and doesn't know what's real any more. I'm not looking for mental illness fics per-se, I just want some off-the-deep-end Sam due to a curse, drugs, PTSD, torture, memories of Hell, hallucinations of Lucifer after the cage, anything where Sam loses it and starts acting crazy. I'd love to read stories in which the author focuses on Sam's train of thought at this point. 

(I've recently read a fic called "Everything flows, nothing remains" at "OhSam", in which Sam gets a phone call telling him that Dean has been killed in a robbery and he has to come identify the body, at which point Sam breaks down and goes nuts, then finds out that the dead guy wasn't really Dean. I loved that story, and I'm looking for other fics in that same register. Not this fic, just others like it.)

I'd love it if the fics were Wincest (Sam/Dean), but if they're really good, they can be gen, too. Just no het or Dean/Cas, please. Self-recs are more than welcome, and I accept any kind of genre, kink or plot. Bonus points if you can rec me something in the Season 7 timeline.

Thank you, and I hope you can help me. :D
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I am searching for a fic that I can't find anywhere.
That's what I remember: It's an apocafic. Dean is with a group of survivers. However, he is not his older self as Sam shattered his mind before going darkside and forming an army with the other psychic kids. But whenever something bad  is about to happen Dean gets agitated, not being able to communicate properly with the others. Eventually Sam's army nears the survivors and the nearer Sam gets the more Dean seems to become his old self. In the end Sam saves Dean and joins the survivors?
The title was something like Dean I am? Dean and I?  Arrgh, I can't remember!

Thanks a lot for you help :*
29 December 2011 @ 09:12 pm

I'm looking for anything post-cage that has Dean in a position where he has to tell people that Sam's schizophrenic or something of the like to keep them both out of trouble with hospitals and questions. Like, Sam freaks out around someone and Dean keeps them from calling the cops by assuring them that Sam's sick and Dean knows how to help him. Thank you!
28 December 2011 @ 04:42 am
Ok I have just two simple requests for today.

1. Mommy!Dean fics. Meaning fics where Dean acts motherly or does things that a normal mother would do for their child.

2. Visions. Fics where Sam has a vision and Dean comforts him through it/takes care of him. Could be episode tags or anything basically.

I prefer Gen for both but Wincest will do as well.

13 December 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Hi there! I'm looking for any fics in which either Sam or Dean somehow get a glimpse of the future and they try to change it.

The cause of this knowledge could be a vision, a spell, time traveling or even someone (supernatural creature, person from the future etc.) telling/showing them what is about to happen. The thing that is shown to them has to be something really bad: Sam's or Dean's death, Dean's deal, the Apocalypse, Lucifer, or any other horrendous scenario, and they have to try to stop it somehow. The main idea has to be that of a do-over, a chance to make things right.

The pairing should be Sam/Dean, or Dean/Sam. No Dean/Cas, or Het, please. However, if they're really good, I'll take gen fics, but only if there is a fair amount of brotherly bonding and schmoop, the boys willing to do anything for each other and all that. :)

I'll take any kinks and any genres, as long as there is a decent plot. The longer the story, the better! Self recs are more than welcome.

I really hope you can help me out. Thank you in advance! :D
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08 December 2011 @ 07:39 pm
Recently bought a new computer and I lost the link for the following story:  "Beyond the Illusion".  Can anyone help ?  Thank you in advance.
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04 October 2011 @ 12:38 am
Hey guys!

I have a kind of weird request. It's kinda strange but I'm sure you guys have heard and read weirder in this fandom, lol. (I hope)

Anyway, do you guys know of any stories where Sam/Jared is hurt and or attacked in the shower? Ok, I really can't explain why but I've just kind of had this in my head for a little while. So, anything where he either has a vision while he's in there, someone attacks him, maybe someone attempts to or does rape him, he is locked in the bathroom under bad circumstances, you know, anything where he is hurt in the shower or I guess the bathroom in general.

I would prefer no self-hurt or suicide fics, which might be the first kind of stories that come to mind about hurt in the bathroom.

Please and thank you guys.

You never let me down.

(p.s. mods I tried to tag this as good as I could for all possibilities. I feel like I've been having a lot of my posts rejected or they get lost somewhere along the way. I'm trying though lol)
06 September 2011 @ 03:30 am
Hey guys,

I'm looking for any stories that involve Jared (or Sam but I love Jared a little bit more =]) being experimented on for any reason. Be it he's a werewolf, vampire, psychic, or someone just wants to check him out for reasons unknown, ANYTHING!! I'm craving some hurt/scared!Jared (or Sammikins) ya dig? Please, and thank you, you guys never let me down.

Also, on another note, I posted (or attempted to post) a request yesterday morning about the slave!Jared story In Service and I'm not sure if I did something wrong or there is something about that story that I don't know about, but it never got posted. I never could find it so I thought I'd ask here but I think there is something going on with that story. If you know where I can find it or have any information regarding it, could you please let me know? I'd really like to read it some way, some how.

Thank you guys.
28 August 2011 @ 05:34 pm
I am looking desperately for a fic where the boys are 15/11 years,I think. Dean has a older friend that has a garage and a beautiful classic car that Dean like. One day he invites Dean and his little brother to his house, put drugs in there drinks and almost rape Dean in his room. In meanwhile John returns from the hunt, goes looking for the boys. he found Sam sleeping on the couch, druged. John saved them and kill the guy. The next day John punish the boys.  Please, if somebody know the that fic, I am looking two months for it!

One more fic. The title was "Rough day". Dark fic. Boys 16/20. After the hunt went wrong John punish them (more like beat them) with belt, puddle. Firs Dean then Sam. Sam also had to go to the hospital and they pay 150 $ and that upset John. In the end when they were sleeping John went to console them and tell them he love them.  I can find it anymore. If sombody has it, can you tell me where to find or send it to me? 
09 July 2011 @ 05:52 am
 I've been looking for this specific story, for several months, & of course, I've had no luck. I don't remember all of it, but it starts out with the boys on a regular, run of the mill, hunt. The house they're investigating is old & falling apart. The boys are heading down to the basement, when the basement stairs collapse & Sam falls through the floor. He ends up with traumatic brain injury & his mental state becomes about that of an eight year old. Dean mean while, has to learn how to care for his brother & to try to figure out how to continue hunting, or if it's even possible. Sam is also still getting the visions (I believe the story takes place somewhere around the middle of season one/ beginning of season two). The only other part I really remember is the boys are in a bar some time later, after the accident, & Sam ends up being picked on and made fun of by a bunch of college kids about his age. Only Sam doesn't realize that, that's what's happening, he thinks they're just being friendly & Dean has to come to his aid & help him ... I remember it was a really sad story, & told very realistically as far as a real life possible injury that one of the boys might actually suffer. It may have been a story written in response to a challenge having to do with realistic un-supernatural injuries, or The what would possibly  make Dean stop hunting prompt, I can't remember ... Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
05 July 2011 @ 01:58 am
I was hoping you guys could rec me some fics for the following:
1. Any pre-series fics where Sam starts getting visions as teen or little kid and John and Deans reactions to it. I only want gen or AU for this and the longer they are the better, but I'm not picky =)
2. J2 AU's featuring either mpreg and lots of hurt/comfort or anything that deals with one of the guys becoming seriously ill (eg. cancer ect).
3. Sam or Dean getting injured in a natural disaster. It could be pre-series with the boys home alone and John on hunt unaware of whats happened- but it doesn't have to be pre-series and again i'd prefer gen for this one.

*All self-recs are welcome.
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 Does anyone have a working link for this fic?  I was scrolling through old "visions" tagged entries and found a request for this fic.  The description was a fic about Sam and Dean hunting something underground with civilians around, and Sam was having severe visions (the OP said at one point in the fic Dean must support Sam's weight while climbing down a rope because Sam is having a vision and passing out).  Someone had responded and said the fic was The Caverns by Charmed10f2, but the link they gave doesn't lead to a story.  I really want to read it, so if someone has a working link please send it my way!  

Also any other fics that sound close to this one are appreciated, specifically hurt!Sam fics having to do with severe visions and/o Sam and Dean dealing with visions while on a hunt or trapped somewhere.