13 August 2016 @ 09:03 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic about Castiel. Castiel goes missing, the angels (Zachariah?)removed his memory and gave him memories of a total different live (including a new name). The life he thought he lived trough was filled with all the bad stuff. He was also HIV-positive.
I've been looking everywhere and I just can't find it. I think it was gen.
I am looking for a specific fic that I saw a few years ago that involved non-con, due to the dark content of the story I'm putting the request after the cut.

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I am looking for hurt/comfort fics with Dean and Castiel, or J2 where one of them suffered any form of abuse or was hurt in some way and the other one takes care of them and deals with the after math, or one was abused in the past and the other helps get them past it. Can be gen or slash, any length or rating.

The stories I have found so far for this are Jensen Ackles Doesn't Exist by Xenodike, Coming Down on a Sunny Day by Maychorian, and Last Resort by Choosetolive and DreamsofSpike,
03 August 2014 @ 11:25 pm
Hello all! :)

I really love amnesia fics, and I am looking for some recs on good amnesia stories. Particularly looking for three types of fics:

1. The memory loss leads to some sort of misunderstanding or general confusion.

2. The amnesia leads to two people realizing their feelings for each other or getting together (Castiel loses his memory, and wakes up thinking he is already in a relationship with Dean or something like that.)

3. One or multiple people lose their memory and it is a challenge to figure out who they really are.

I am interested in anything that fits into one of these categories, in Supernatural or in RPF, any pairing or gen. I just really love this sort of story and would really appreciate anything I can get along these lines.
I have been thinking about it for a few days, but I can't seem to find this fic anywhere. The problem is that I don't remember much - starting with the title!
What I do remember:
At the beginning, or at some point in the first few chapters, Castiel is in a hospital (I don't remember if he is still an angel or he fell), unconscious, and Dean and Sam go to pick him up.
When he wakes up he is amnesiac.
Sam, Dean, and Cas end up staying for a prolonged time at the doctor's place - the doctor is a woman and possibly Sam at some point falls in a relationship with her.
Does it ring any bells?
Thank you!

Somewhere to Elsewhere
I can't remember the details of this but I remember being intrigued. The story is based around a teenager (I can't remember what name he goes by) who is caught doing something bad, like maybe stealing Dean's tractor? Dean at this point is middle-aged and grumpy and I think has a bad leg or some kind of similar affliction, and he lives on a farm or a big plot of land or maybe just an old house. The teenager is sent to do housework/yardwork for Dean for the summer to make up for whatever he did. Yadda yadda, stuff happens, and it turns out the teen is Cas who lost his memory from falling or something, and he doesn't remember who he is until he gets his grace back out of a lake. Or something. Obviously my memory is wonderful. I can't remember if Dean knew it was Cas all along or not. It does end up being a kind of Dean/Cas fic, although Cas never looks like Jimmy Novak again, interestingly enough. I don't remember Sam being around so it may have been a post-Season 5, Sam-is-stuck-in-hell fic. It was just really different altogether and I'm mad I didn't save it. I hope someone can help me out! Thank you!

EDIT: found! By Some Unseen Light by melo.
23 July 2013 @ 03:07 am
I have searched high and low but I cannot for the life of me find this fic.

It was a long one, at least 20k, and Bobby played a huge part in it. It was also Dean/Cas. I think it only spanned over a few days, in-fic timewise. Dean and Sam found Cas outside their motel, but Cas didn't remember them. He started to slowly regain his memories and there was plenty of confrontations between him and Dean. I think the temporary amnesia was either because he'd fallen or because God had returned.

I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but it was a fantastic fic and I saw it on a rec list somewhere. Hopefully someone will recognize this fic.

Thanks in advance!
16 May 2013 @ 05:08 pm
Hi, so I need help looking for a specific fic. I remember it was a godstiel fic where Castiel wakes up with amnesia of his time as Godstiel. He finds Dean who he has turned as his puppet consort and finds out that as Godstiel, he had ripped shards of Dean's soul and hid them all over the world (and the moon). I remember him restoring Dean and finds out that there is a big soul shard missing and it turns out to be in himself and what cleaned out the Purgatory souls. I remember that there was art that goes along with it.

Certain details that might help:
Castiel took Dean to the Maldives and made it their homebase
There was an art piece of Castiel wearing armor like medieval knight armor.
14 April 2013 @ 02:15 pm
I woke up from a nap and the only thing I could think of was Castiel playing Goldie Hawn in 'Overboard!' Does anyone know if there have been any stories written based off the movie, or even loosely based? I went through the amnesia!Castiel tags, but didn't seemed to find anything. Maybe I missed something... I'm open to the pairing, I would just prefer it be Cas that is suffering from amnesia. Thank you in advance for any help!

I am looking for a specific Dean/Castiel fic, which begins with a teenager who played a prank on a retired Dean's house. He's forced to help Dean clean up the house and slowly begins to develop a friendship with him. It's a great outsider POV, especially when the teen overhears Dean and Sam arguing about a mysterious lost friend. Then it turns out spoilers! )

I've tried all my Google skills but since I know neither the author nor the title I'm drawing a blank. Help would be appreciated!

ETA: Found! Thank you!
09 March 2013 @ 05:03 pm
looking for Amnesia!Castiel
I don't remember much just that Castiel is sent to a hospital because he keeps hearing Jimmy's voice telling him he's an Angel.

I'd really love a copy of this fic if anyone has one, or knows where it's located and what its called. I'd appreciate an assistance given. thank you for your help.

(send to: mizukiruhoh@hotmail.com)

tags: affliction: amnesia!cas, pairing: cas/dean
21 January 2013 @ 12:23 pm
Specific Fics:
a) Dean and Cas were working together in the Winchester family business of being a private investigation firm thing. Sam comes back to talk with Dean and finds out that Cas is there. Castiel was not happy about Sam leaving Dean alone. I don't remember much but Castiel and Dean were good friends and that Cas was previously employed by the another faculty before coming face-to-face with Dean due to the case where they were after the same boy before Cas decided to switch teams to work with Dean.
This one has been FOUND too!! Yay!

b) It was a curse fic. Dean and Castiel were cursed and they kept transforming every time they slept (I think) and as the curse progresses the more tired they are. They were transformed into rabbits at one point and another they had amnesia and were both in the same bed (alone in the motel room) and they may have hed sex, not sure. Sam and Gabriel save the day at the end.
IT'S BEEN FOUND!! In the comments below!

c) This one is a J2 fic. Jared is the Alpha of his pack and something happens where he is aware of Jensen from another (more brutal) pack where they had him wear a silver collar. They managed to rescue Jensen and then Jared took care of him. Jensen does not see his worth and Jared is certain that he wants Jensen as his mate and Beta. Jensen was given a job at the clinic where he took care of and/or entertained the children while waiting. Misha and Genevieve worked there too. Genevieve was working to sabotage Jensen's relationship with Jared.
FOUND! Found in the comments bellow!

General Fics:
1) Are there any fics where there are fics where Dean is a student at Hogwarts?
2) Mpreg!Dean or Jensen with graphic birth? (If there is Wincest please warn me)
3) Are there fics with Transformed!Dean that is hunted by John Winchester?
4) Fics where Dean suffers the transformation of becoming the things he hunts and dealing with it.

Gen or slash is fine, just warn me (in bold capital letters) if there's wincest. 
Destiel is preferred.
Thanks for your help!
27 December 2012 @ 05:28 pm
Hey I am looking for a specific Dean/Cas fic that starts when Sam and Dean are kids. Cas ends up hurt and John finds him and takes him in. At first John is disturbed by Cas because he doesn't seem like a young child, Cas realizes this and hides his grace from himself essentially becoming a child. John raises him with Dean and Sam to be a hunter. Dean and Cas end up together and John finds out and kicks them out, or at least Cas out. Dean makes the deal same as canon and Cas rescues him again, but I don't remember when he gets his angel memories back.

I don't think its a timetravel fic but I could be wrong

Any help would be appreciated! Thank-you!!
09 August 2012 @ 01:47 pm
I'm looking for any fics where either Dean or Cas has amnesia. I don't care if it's or not. Destiel pairing please. Also I'm looking for any fics that start off as Sam/Cas or Sam loves Cas anything like that but does end as a Destiel, Sam can be with anyone. I have read a few but would love to read more.
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16 July 2012 @ 02:29 pm
I've found a new "Cas" kick again! They beginning to A Reason To Fall had me thinking about Cas being in a Hospital with no memory or with and how he would react. Would he call Bobby, Dean, Sam, or would he just get up and go? Then I went on a side trip to him being Kidnapped. Either by bad guys or good guys (as in one of his brothers trying to keep him safe etc.) But Alas! I can't find very many! So I would love your guy's help! If you have any Favs related to this as well please rec those too!

-Cas Kidnapped or in a Hospital
-Him haveing to get help
-I love comfort and hurt to go along with it
-if you have any fatherly!Bobby I would love you!

Thanks to any who can help!

(Mods- I couldn't find a Cas-kidnapped but one for each of the boys. I would love if you could add Cas to the list as well ;) Thanks!)

Edit: Help! I still want more :p I suck I know but I would love more it you guys got them! Thanks!
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because reasons. and i mean any kind of 7x17 fic; character studies, oneshots, codas, whatever. dean/cas would be amazing.

and for that matter, any 
whoops spoilers )

on a less spoilery note -- rec me some angsty angsty porn. dean/cas, please. i'd love some last night on earth, last chance to tell you i love you kind of thing. i'd totally be down with some crying of either or both parties.