01 September 2017 @ 12:31 pm
Hey all,

So I'm looking for a fic that I read years ago. All I can remember is that Jensen is raising an autistic son, and Jensen himself is on the spectrum but was never officially diagnosed. I just remember moments where Jensen could recognize some of his own characteristics and mannerisms in his child.

On that note, I would greatly appreciate any recs that deal with either of the J's or the Winchesters raising an autistic child (or one with asperger's syndrome). Or the reverse of that would be great as well: either of the J's/Winchesters having autism/asperger's while raising a child (neurotypical or otherwise). Any pairings welcome.

23 October 2016 @ 11:22 pm

I'm looking for a specific supernatural rpf fic. I believe they were both in high school. Jensen was popular, Jared was a bit of a loner. Jensen was dared to befriend Jared and give him a makeover and get him a date for some sort of school function. Jensen's cousin was a hair stylist I think. Anyway, Jared found out, things got tense, but eventually worked itself out. If anyone has any idea of what story this is, please let me know. Thank you!

Also, I've been reading stories with mute/deaf/blind Sam/Jared and mentally ill/mentally disabled/autistic Sam/Jared and homeless Sam/Jared. I think I've read all that's been posted, but just in case, if you know of anything that is a bit harder to find, like isn't labeled for it, please let me know that too.

Thank you!

Story found! Title:My Problem is You Make Me Melt http://juice817.livejournal.com/200810.html or http://archiveofourown.org/works/6542323?view_full_work=true
Looking for 2 Gen Fics: Wee!chesters+ fledgling Cas+John+Gabriel & autistic Castiel

Its been a while since I last read these two fics. They may have been deleted and if so I am hoping someone was smarter than I was and managed to save a copy of them.

The first one: Wee!chesters + fledgling Castiel + John + Gabriel
found: Plan B by: Kitkat0114 https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7892342/1/Plan-B

John kind of freaks out about the baby angel. I remember John tries to ditch Castiel a couple of times and Gabriel rescues Cas and drops him back off with John and the kids. Gabriel is getting pretty fed up with John. Also, the last time John tried to ditch Castiel it was in a restaurant and when John got back to the hotel Missouri called him up and gave him an earful about responsibility and I think she even threatens to come after John with her spoon if he does not stop his foolishness.

Second fic features autistic castiel. He’s non-verbal. Adult Guardian Dean takes Castiel to a shop for clothes and the lady offers to sew angel wings on Castiel’s trenchcoat.
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20 December 2014 @ 01:23 pm
I'm fairly new at this so please be patient with me.

I'm looking for a fiction is about broken boys or very dependent boys. It can be post hell or purgatory or because of torture that make them nearly catatonic or have autism like behaviour. They can be cursed also i'm not picky as long as the have that behaviour.

A lot like this fic "Grass Is Always Greener" By: AlElizabeth
Grass Is Always Greener
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03 September 2014 @ 07:57 pm
In this story, Jared was an actor (I think?) and a relative died leaving him property that no one else in the family particularly cared for. He gets there and finds Jensen out in the cold and sick and he, along with a woman who also cared for the house (Sam Ferris, maybe?), they take care of Jensen. He's perceived as being challenged, I believe, but he and Jared bonded and eventually got together. I'm sparse on the details, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.

(Any other fics like this featuring a down-on-his-luck Jensen that eventually leads to J2 or Cockles??)
11 July 2014 @ 11:03 pm
hey there, can you guys rec me any J2 or wincest fics where jensen or dean has some sort of mental disability? could be very bad or could just be something small. i will also take deaf, mute or blind fics. please bottom jensen or dean only if there is sex and i prefer no gen. thank you!
21 March 2014 @ 04:04 pm
This was a series with two short fics that I read a while ago on AO3, but I think have been taken down?
Castiel had been deaged, the how/why either i can't remember or wasnt specified. In the first fic Dean was getting Cas a new coat, and Cas picked out a trench coat. Dean got wings sown onto the back of it. In the second fic Dean was enrolling Cas into Kindergarten. The specific thing about these fic was that Cas was autistic and didnt talk at all.
I'd really love to find them, so if anyone knows what I'm talking about and/or where I can find them again, that'd be brilliant
i'm looking for a specific j2 story that i can only remember bits about. i remember loving it but i don't  have it saved in my delicious account.

things i remember:

  • jensen had autism/asperger's syndrome and is a fairly solitary guy

  • he's a bull rider (i'm almost positive that's what he was. if not, it's something very similar and he travels around to do it)

  • christian kane and steve carlson were together in it and were jensen's bff.

  • either chris or steve also had asperger's and the other one was really understanding and good at knowing how to help his bf and jensen feel more comfortable/be okay

  • jared (obviously!) falls in love with jensen, despite his quirks but doesn't always do the right thing

  • i specifically remember a scene where one of the guys goes into sensory overload and uses a weighted blanket to calm down and jared starts to understand how he can help jensen

that's basically all i remember... i hope it's enough! if i come up with more, i'll edit. and if anyone can make sense of my ramblings, i'll be shocked and super thankful!

(hope i did this right, this is my first post here)
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12 April 2013 @ 12:50 pm
Hey guys, I was hoping you could help my find a few different kinds of fics. I'm sure there must be more out there that I haven't found yet so I'm hoping you can help me turn up something new. Here is what I'm looking for:

  1. Wincest, where the boys acknowledge the fact that they are brothers, particularly during sex. Like them calling each other little brother and big brother during sex and using the fact that they are in an illicit relationship like a kink.

  2. J2, where the boys are some how in an illicit relationship such as teacher/student, employer/employee, a large age gap where one is under age, where they are both underage, anything like that and where attention is drawn to the fact that their relationship is taboo.

  3. Either wincest or J2 where one of the characters, it doesn't matter who, has either Asperger's or Autism.

  4. Either wincest or J2 where one of the characters, it doesn't matter who, is either blind, deaf, or mute.

  5. Either wincest or J2 where one of the characters, it doesn't matter who, is a recluse, or agoraphobic, anything where they wont leave the house.

  6. Either wincest or J2 where one or both of the characters are super adorably geeky.

  7. Either wincest or J2 that is so sweet and full of schmoop it's almost unbearable. One of those frilly, makes your teeth hurt, borderline crack it's so over the top schmoop.

Thank you!
12 March 2013 @ 03:00 pm
Hi, I'm looking for some J2 story recommendations. This is what prompted my post, I have read several wonderful fics where one of the Js is somewhere on the Autism scale (such as sandymg's One Small Step) and was wondering if there are any stories where one of them has dyslexia. I don't care if it's a high school story or the boys as adults. Any stories in a similar vein would also be welcome. It doesn't necessarily have to be dyslexia, any other learning disability is fine. And I would prefer longer stories but shorter ones are fine.
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07 January 2013 @ 09:49 am
Hi, me again :) If anyone can help me out with any of the following, that would be very much appreciated as always.

1) I've recently discovered a love for non-AU orientation discovery fics, (I guess you could call them that), but the majority I've read were set in Jensen's point of view, with the exception of The Play-Nice Proviso (a beautiful read, by the way) which featured some points of view from Jared as well. Well, I'm looking for non-AU discoveries where it's mainly focused on Jared as the person who figures out he's falling for his co-star and tracks his feelings and doubts about it. If anyone has happened to come across this kind of fic, please send it my way :)

2) My friend sent me this edited picture of Jensen and it got me set off on a search for any fics where Jensen is in drag. I've come across a transgendered Jared fic so I figured drag!Jensen should exist as well.

3) any fics where either Jared or Jensen a) is dyslexic and the other J helps him out with reading and stuff b) has autism c) is deaf or mute

4) in need of some schmooptastic pre-slash wincest or spn gen that focuses mainly or solely on Sam and Dean's codependency. Can be 3rd person or outsider pov.

Completed fics with working pdf links are preferred but anything will do. Thanks so much in advance! <3
Jensen works in a Christmas Decorations Store (yes that is all they sell, year round). Jared is mentally challenged/autistic, and physically abused by his mother. He comes into the shop to see the pretty baubles. Jensen hears the abuse/sees him thrown down the stairs. Jared ends up in the hospital; Jensen takes him home with him. Jensen builds a 'Winter Wonderland' in his back yard; to help Jared have a happy Christmas.

ETA: Fic Found. PDF Available in 'Deleted Journals' List. It's The Christmas Wish By PignAPoke
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22 November 2012 @ 11:20 am
Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!

I was looking for a specific story and I know you are the perfect people to help me.

I think it was called "My Autistic Son" It was about Sam being autistic. I remember there was a part where Sam freaked out at the store banging his head on the floor.

I think he hated the color red and could'nt stand to be touched. I think he liked his hair being towel dried and brushed though.

I'm hoping someone can help me here, I have spent hours lookibg through posts here abd on google.

Thank you!!!



The autistic son of mine - by kimsboy82http://kimsboy82.livejournal.com/3350.html
10 November 2012 @ 02:14 pm
Hello everyone out there!

I really loved Cas' behaviour in season 7 after he took Sam's mental pain and it reminded me of someone with autism.

Now I want to know, are there any Fics out there with Castiel havin autism or asperger? I don't care if it's AU or sets within the serie, I just really want an autstic Cas! I don't care if it's slash or gen or even het, as long as there's no heavy man/woman action. And, to be honest, if it's an AU I would really like to see Gabriel in this fic, too, but that's just the icing on my cupcake!

It would be great if youcould help me! Thank you.
11 April 2012 @ 04:12 pm
Hey people!!! Ok so i've got two requests.

1. Are there any good Autism Jensen or Dean stories? I have read the Superantural stories by Jenny Tork and Jane-eyre, and I've also read The Puzzle and sequel, and the one where Jensen is a college student and he's really good at drawing things. Are there more than these or is this it?  

2. I know people in the past have asked this, but are there any stories where Dean or Jensen have Dyslexia? I read one on fanfiction.net about Sam being paralyzed and Dean having really bad dyslexia but I havent seen any other ones.  
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22 December 2011 @ 01:28 am
Hello !

Okay, introduction out of the way... I've been searching this comm. and etc. and for some reason I can't find a few fics !
Anyway, on to said fics I'm seriously searching :

First fic :
- It's J2
- It's an AU where Jared is autistic/asperger (maybe, something like that anyway), and he wears headphones all the time.
- I think it was an Highschool AU, and he lives with only his mom...
- I don't remember how Jensen came to be in contact with him, but I remember he thought Jared was ignoring him because of the headphones; so maybe they were assigned a project together ?

Second fic :
I might be nuts, and it might be part of the above... but anyway;

- J2 again
- In which one of the boys slowly befriends the other, day by day, even if they seemingly get nothing in return;
It takes a lot for one of them to trust -anyone-, so maybe it was a dare to befriend the odd guy in school or something like that...
- The one befriending the other takes it to heart finally and really likes him, even falls in love with him.
 I'm afraid I don't recall more, or which of the J2 played was in which role, argh.

Third fic :
- Sam has multiple personalities, starting really young, possibly because of Azazel's blood (?).
- I remember those names, some I'm not *quite* sure : Maxwell, Lash, Jonas, Alicia (?), Mark (?), Justin (?).
- Their common point is that they all love Dean, and they manage to hide it from John, even if I think Maxwell threatens to shoot John but ends up not doing it because Dean wouldn't like it.
- Meg is actually a twisted female personality of Sam's.
It really is one of my favourites...

So anyway, if anyone could find these, I'd really appreciate it, and bake the finders cookies or something xD !
Especially since I've been itching to draw the scene I remember from the first one... (my way to contribute to the fandom I guess!)
18 August 2011 @ 04:41 pm
This dirst has been asked too many times I know but I can't seem to find exactly what I want on previous posts.

1. Sam with autism/aspergers, or some sort of social/development disabilty rather than mental illness, but he and Dean still hunt, though Dean has to watch Sam a little more than he would if he was 'normal'.

2. Sam or Dean having a really REALLY bad day/week.

3. The boys have some sort of breakdown (car wise lol) one of them is hurt or sick but they have no choice but to move on foot to find some sort of shelter.
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20 February 2011 @ 02:46 am
Hey guys I'm looking for fics where Sam either has autism, another mental illness or a learning disability. Sam can either be deaf, mute, blind just some kind of disability. I'm up for anything really, the boys as brothers, not-related, the boys adopted but can we keep all recs gen please. Thank you xD
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18 January 2011 @ 09:54 pm
Hello.  I'm looking for any fics out there in which Dean has autism.  He can fall anywhere on the spectrum.
Bonus points if there is some Dean/Cas thrown in somewhere or protective Sammy.
Thank you!
11 January 2011 @ 06:55 am
Hello Everyone,

I remember once having read an AU, has consumed too many drugs in the Gabriel and his motor skills were limited and his brain has been damaged also. But with John's help he became a Police Officer.

Does anybody know, which story I'm talking about?

And now a general request;

I am a big fan of Mentally Challenged or autism have stories. And my favorite character is Gabriel.

Now to my question, Are there stories in which Gabriel is mentally challendeg or autism or something else that distinguishes it strongly from the other? Something
you do not know look at him, but knows when you talk to him?  It can be anything; Mentally Challenged, Autism, abused and not able to distinguish friend from foe, abused and thinks everything is his fault or he thinks, one of the Winchester wants him to be a sextoy and he doesn't mind, 'cause he doesn't think that high of himself, Personal Disorder, At the mentally level of 5... really, anything! Or just somethign that hurt him really bad. It can even be something different; He's mute or deaf and is ashamed of himself or something

I don't care, if it's Gen or Slash, I even take Het.

Thanks to Everyone

09 November 2010 @ 10:56 pm
So..I'm really depressed right now because someone stole my iPod during school...and it had all my supernatural fics on it because my computer just died and entered internet heaven...so I'm looking to collect more fics. I should have updated my delicious bookmarks, but for some strange reason I didn't....and I regret that. So I'm looking for a pile of really good fics that are really long or verses. I don't care what it is, but If you are going to share there are a couple of things that I'd love for you guys to show me.

- Angst, hurt!Jensen, abused!Jensen, mental illness!Jensen...anything that has dark fics with Jensen

- Misha Collins or Castiel fics...either paired up with Dean/Cas or Misha/Jensen..I'm not to fond of Jared/Misha...but if that's in a story then whatever..I can deal. I just need any fic that will keep me busy during study hall

- any fics that deal with Autistic Misha, or Jensen. I've already read True Colors and love it to death, but I'd like to read something new ^^!

-any morbid fics with attempted suicide or death to either winchester boys or Jensen and Jared death fics.

If anybody can just find a bunch of fics...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEE!!!!! HELP ME! I don't want to have to go searching all over for those fics I've wanted to read.

Ugh If I find that person that stole my iPod I'm going to be break them in half! >:( I suffered an entire school day without fanfiction....OMG THE AGONY! SO PUT YOUR BIG HEARTS TOGETHER AND START POSTING IF YOU WILL PLEASE!
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09 November 2010 @ 03:20 pm
Hey guys I'm looking for fics with Sam with a disability like autism. Maybe things were harder on Sam and he may have been a little slow. Pretty much any fics with Sam with a disability like autism with Dean taking care of him. Please no Wincest for this unless it's an absolute must read then I'll read it too :) Thanks
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10 August 2010 @ 05:27 am
Since I'm stuck at home for awhile I was wondering if anyone can rec me any fics where Sam is autistic or has a mental illness of some sort. I don't mind if it's wincest or not I'm not picky. Thanks.
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31 July 2010 @ 04:38 pm
Hello out there, I love stoeries where one of the boys is mentally challenged or autistic.

But now I want some Cas stories. Does anybody knows some stories (preferably AU) where Castiel is mentally challenged or autistic? i don't care if slash or gen, but I would love to read something like this.

Thank you!
29 July 2010 @ 05:46 am
Hi, everyone! With the terribly bad mood I'm in at the moment I figured to read some mentally handicapped Jared for the time being ( I know, odd way of lighting up the mood) So i was wondering you guys could rec me a fic along those lines. I've read True colors by [livejournal.com profile] munibunny and loved it to pieces so maybe a fic along those lines and bonus points if it's autism or some sort of mentally handicap impairment that makes Jared slower than others (I always believe people with a disability have a greater character and personality then one who is known as normal including myself) So any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and either j2 or gen is fine. Thanks
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26 April 2010 @ 10:09 pm

I've been looking all over it and I was sure I saved it on delicious, but I can't seem to find it :(

I remember that Jensen has an autistic son, and he's looking for a nanny of some sort. Jared ends up living with Jensen in a separate section of the house.

Sorry, that's all I remember. It would be a great help if someone could find this for me. I would appreciate any other nanny!Jared fics as well. Thanks!
10 March 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone could rec me stories wherein:

1) Dean is shy. Any age is okay, maybe a wee!chester fic or an AU setting. I just want shyness to be something he has to face and others notice about him. Schmoopy and happier fics would be ideal, but I'll take angst. Just no daddycest or underage. Wincest or others pairings are fine.

2) Any stories that deal with Dean or Jensen having autism? Either gen, J2 or Sam/Dean would be okay. I knew of [livejournal.com profile] soledadseraph's Against All Odds, but it's no longer available. The only other one I can remember is Nothing Dark by [livejournal.com profile] evening_spirit (J2 college AU). Are there any others around?

Alternatively, I'll take similar conditions that impair social interaction, maybe as a result of trauma or injury. I know of [livejournal.com profile] violetknight's Sunshine on a rainy day. I'm mostly after the hurt/comfort potential, so hopefully not pwps if it's possible.

Thank you in advance!
22 February 2010 @ 03:38 pm
This is first time when I search fics here, but I think you guys are fantastic. ;D  Btw sorry for my bad english, I usually speak finnish. ;)
So where to I start....well I'm looking for 3 general fics:

1. I really want to read some girl!sam fics. Like Sam born as girl, no genderswap. No fics were dean and sam are both girls. Wincest, please, if it's possible. :D

2. I just whachted movie called Rainman and I'm wondering if there's fics where Sam is autistic.. I think it would be really great to read fics where Sam is autistic and Dean is really protective. Gen is great, but wincest are awesome. ;)

3. I have read couple fics where is abused!dean, but I can't find fics where is abused!sam and Dean is the abuser. I know I'm weirdo but I would love to read fics where Dean will rape Sam or something like that. (I feel so ashamed now..)

Thanks for all the lovely people how can help me find these fics! :D
22 February 2010 @ 03:15 pm
It has the name Xmas in it...and has a not exactly autistic, but slightly mentally slower jared. He eventually goes to live with jensen because his parents were abusive. I was reading it the other day and forgot to bookmark. HELP. please?


any other similiar type stories are greatly appreciated.

Found! * its xmas story by motoque :-)
29 January 2010 @ 05:36 pm
Some time ago I read a fic where Dean was born with autism if I'm not mistaken John doesn't care but Mary does and latter when she has Sam she says that he is perfect. If I'm not mistaken I think she ignores Dean or something along those lines.

I will also take any other fic where Mary isn't a perfect mother, where she doesn't love Dean or pays attention for him or did not even want to have him. OIr fics where Mary lives but takes Sam and leaves Dean behind
04 November 2009 @ 10:10 am
Hey guys!

I came across a story the other day that featured Autistic!Jensen (I can't tell the name right now, b/c I'm at work and I'm too lazy to sign into my delicious) and I was wondering if there were anymore stories with any of the boys (J's or the Winchesters) having Autism. They can be adults or kids. Also, any really good Deaf!Dean stories...especially wee!Dean.

Also, I wanted some epic-length J2's to read. I don't care what they're about (I've already read all the big bangs, believe it or not!) as long as neither one of them dies.

WIPs are okie as long as you warn me. Anything else goes.

Thanks guys!
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05 October 2009 @ 10:41 pm
Hi there,

I'm after a fic I'm sure I read recently but I just have no idea where to find it. It was a pre-series fic, with John and Mary having their first baby, Dean, but soon realising he wasn't quite 'right'. Mary wanted to have another child to 'start over' or 'do it right this time' or something like that, and John feels sorry for Dean. I think it went up until the house fire and beyond? Sorry, I really can't remember too many details, just that Dean had autisim, and at first Sam wondered why he was different. I think the fic ended when they were still young children. Any help would be appreciated!

FOUND - well kind of - it's Against all odds, but it has been taken down. Thanks to all who replied and I did get a link to another great fic. (in comments).
19 September 2009 @ 02:26 pm
I am looking for a fic where Jensen has an autistic son that he is raising alone after his partner has died. Jared is an occupational therapist who becomes his nanny. I think Jensen owns an art gallery.

ETA: found What Happens to Us? http://hunters-retreat.livejournal.com/144118.html
31 August 2009 @ 10:38 pm
So, I'm wondering if there is any fics, where John discovers that Sam is autistic when he is a young boy and then either decides to give him up or keeps him with them. I just re-read "A life redirected" where Sam is brain damaged as a child and it made me curious to read fics where he is mentally challenged from the begining... I don't know if I make sense or if there are fics like that, but I hope they exist somewhere...Self pimping is highly encouraged.

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10 August 2009 @ 01:48 am
I'm looking for any stories out there where Sam is autistic, especially non-verbal where he only reacts to Dean and Dean is super protective of him. It's interesting to wonder how someone on the Autism spectrum would react to growing up in such an environment as the Winchesters had. On one hand, they are constantly moving and having to deal with changing situations all the time, on the other hand it creates somewhat of a routine in itself. I'm thinking of writing something myself, but I'd like to see what's out there already (if anything).
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29 May 2009 @ 01:13 am
Are there any fics out there that have autistic!Sam / autistic!Jared? If there's any relationship in the story, I'd prefer slash. Gen is fine too. Just no het, please.

And after having a marathon of Supernatural season 2, I'm wondering if there are any good fics with the boys in prison and Dean/Jensen having to protect Sam/Jared from becoming someone's prison bitch. Or at least saving them from some the clutches of someone that made them their prison bitch.

(mods, there isn't a tag for anything like autistic!Sam, so I used illnesses. I hope that's okay.)
22 February 2009 @ 04:15 am
Does anyone know of any stories with Dean/Jensen having MPD/DID or has Autism? Can be Wincest, J2 or Gen. No daddycest Please.  prefer Teen!chester and up also want it to be permanent even IF the cause is a curse or accident. Other then that basically anything goes not TO picky. 
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02 December 2008 @ 10:39 pm

1) Any J2 or Wincest with one of the boys (or both) being autistic

2) J2 in which one of the boys has a mental disorder or something similar...like 'In From the Cold' by  ladyjanelly


I was wondering if there are any stories that involves one of the wincheter boys suffering from Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.
It could also be them dealing with other people suffering form it. 
I dont have any other recvests. It can be Wincest, het, gen, pre-series, AU, anything goes.
Thank you. 
Love SB

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