05 September 2016 @ 10:29 am
Simple request this time: I'm looking for any fics which Sam/Jared has bipolar disorder. I don't care if it's teenchester, canon, gen, wincest, or J2. Literally just any bipolar Sam fics are very much welcome.

Sorry, I've been on the interweb all day looking, and can't find much. And I've been hyped up on chocolate icing and can't seem to stay away from fanfiction. Thanks!
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11 July 2014 @ 11:03 pm
hey there, can you guys rec me any J2 or wincest fics where jensen or dean has some sort of mental disability? could be very bad or could just be something small. i will also take deaf, mute or blind fics. please bottom jensen or dean only if there is sex and i prefer no gen. thank you!
11 September 2012 @ 08:46 am
I want the angstiest slash fics out there, with Dean or Sam as main character (Or both, I love me some Wincest). Don't care about who they're paired with at all (though no sabriel), only that they are so angsty that they make you wanna take a machete to your throat! The kind that makes your chest hurt and your eyes flood!
Bonus points if it deals with depression or any other mental illness, the boys taking medications for that, if it deals with suicide or attempts at it, self harm, you name it.

And I'm not even in a bad mood today!
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so hi fellas,

i'm not looking for any specific storys, just some good fics to read ! i guess you can help me

1. highschool and college fics, where either dean / jensen or cas / misha is teacher and one or the other student. maybe that one whoever are student gets in trouble and teacher gets worried about him, and somehow they fall in love. i also would like to read stories with same basis but where teacher panics about their big age difference and maybe ends their thing and another gets really sad or pissed etc

2. stories like http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7726055/1/Too_Much ( one of my all the time favs, you really should read it ! ). i mostly prefer cas as bipolar and dean getting care of him. college and high school au's are the best, but i take others too

3. eating disorder fics. i don't care which one of these two are sick, but i maybe like more dean as the one. maybe it could be sam or gabriel / bathazar too, like, seeking attention, getting jealous when brother has found someone who gets suddenly all the attention. i've read lately stories http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7563979/1/The_Dead_Walk ( another favourite !! ) and http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6887905/1/Thin plus few others, but most of them have been wincest or j2 so please, give me some destiel

4. just good college and gich school fics, as long as possible ! me likey if there's some drama clubs or dancing hobbies, but i'm okay without them too. just something good to read !

show me what you guys got and hit me with your best shots ; i dare you !
30 April 2012 @ 09:19 pm


I'm looking for a Destiel fic, the longer the better (over 20k if possible), where either Dean or Castiel has some form of mental health problem? It doesn't even have to be, like, diagnosed; just maybe where one of them is sort of messed up, y'know? Anything really, PTSD, schizophrenia, depression... loads of angst, but with a happy ending of some sort! Has to have a happy ending! It can be AU or canon, I don't mind.
Podfics/Audiofics are welcome too (actually encouraged)

Thanks in advance :B

24 April 2012 @ 06:44 pm
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for four certain types of stories.

1. Stories will someone in the Supernatural show realizes they favor Dean more than Sam, and try to talk to Sam about it. I'd prefer Gen or Wincest for this, and for Sam to have it in the back of his mind that he's the least favorite of the brothers.

2. Stories with Jared/Jensen as chefs and/or cooks. I've already read the ones on j2_recs and here, so give me some uncommon ones. :) J2 only.

3. J2 Stories with Alpha/Omega. As for above, I've read stuff from j2_recs and here, so uncommon ones would be nice. Jared has to be omega or beta and a bottom, Jensen an alpha.

4. Sam/Jared with bipolar disorder. Gen or Wincest/J2 only here.

Thanks guys!

Also: No threesomes/moresomes, Jared/OC, Jensen/OC (if it's largely part of plot), non-con or dub-con. :)
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18 March 2012 @ 07:26 pm
Preferably something under 20k or I won’t get anything done tonight.

Destiel that addresses one ore more of these:

  • Wolf/Werewolf AU
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Any kind of disability or mental illness for one or both characters
  • I love fics where one of them is dependent on the other for something or everything
  • love angst/deathfics that are balanced by a little fluff
  • lots of Sammy plz (I really like Dean chooses between Sam and Cas, but if Dean chooses Cas, don’t even bother reccing it)
Thanks in advance! :)
06 March 2012 @ 10:08 pm
Hey guys. I hole y'all can help me with this.

01. Sam/Jared with Bipolar Disorder, Dyslexia, Mute or Deaf.

02. A Non-AU in which the J2 are still actors but Jensen works on Days and Jared on Gilmore girls.

03. An AU in which the boys didn't go into acting at all.

04. AU's in which Sam doesn't go to Stanford, but doesn't get depressed about it either.

Nothing too long. J2 or Wincest only. Tagged the he'll outta this so look there for specifics.

Thanks guys. :)
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19 February 2012 @ 08:41 pm
1. Sam with bipolar disorder or depression. I only want Sam here, not Dean.

2. Wincest, season seven stories, especially after the episode that just aired.

2.5 Any stories where Dean kills Cas for what he did to Sam. Or shows Cas how much he hates him for doing what he did. No destiel here whatsoever okay.

3. Wincest stories based off of "The River", "Once upon a Time" or "Scrubs".

4. Stanford era Wincest stories where Sam has cancer. It can be a happy ending or sad ending. No Sam/Jess pairing in this please. I'd like for Dean not too know right away even though Sam's been calling him to tell him but if there's nothing like that, that's fine

5. J2 stories that take place on Valentines day, in either high school or college.

6. J2 stories based off of Scrubs.

Mods- I tried my best with tags but my iPod cuts off more than half of my selection so I could only write the ones I remembered. If it's not enough, let me know and I'll wait until I can get a computer
02 January 2012 @ 08:06 am
soooo Happy new year and let's have some SPN AU stories! :D

Mute/Deaf Jensen fics, fics that feel realistic when u read it and not just mention he's deaf once and then treat the story as if this fact was never writen in the first place.

Same goes for blindness, i want to know how jensen 'sees' the world and  how he handles himself and other peoples reactions and actions towards him (born with it or accident induced)

Mental disorder stories, now this one i would love if it was in his teenage years and like.. hard core bipolar/schizophrenia stuff (think Billy Chenowith from sixfeet under), maybe he's in an institution and jared is part of staff? or even his doctor.

thnx in advance :D
29 December 2011 @ 09:12 pm

I'm looking for anything post-cage that has Dean in a position where he has to tell people that Sam's schizophrenic or something of the like to keep them both out of trouble with hospitals and questions. Like, Sam freaks out around someone and Dean keeps them from calling the cops by assuring them that Sam's sick and Dean knows how to help him. Thank you!
So, I usually try to avoid sounding so dramatic but my life lately has been incredibly hard. to be honest I'm cracking a little under the pressure and lately supernatural and spn fic is really the only thing that actually distracts me. For that reason I was hoping that all you wonderful people can help me find more to read! You have never disappointed yet, so here goes! 

(also i hope i got the tags right! mods please help if i messed up!)

here's the request! )
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09 November 2010 @ 07:50 pm
Looking for your favorite fics where one of the boys has a mental illness, i.e. bipolar, schizophrenia, anorexia, self-harm, depression, PTSD, any kind of abuse etc.

Only J2 or wincest please, and a relatively happy ending and no death fics?