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I'm looking for a specific supernatural rpf fic. I believe they were both in high school. Jensen was popular, Jared was a bit of a loner. Jensen was dared to befriend Jared and give him a makeover and get him a date for some sort of school function. Jensen's cousin was a hair stylist I think. Anyway, Jared found out, things got tense, but eventually worked itself out. If anyone has any idea of what story this is, please let me know. Thank you!

Also, I've been reading stories with mute/deaf/blind Sam/Jared and mentally ill/mentally disabled/autistic Sam/Jared and homeless Sam/Jared. I think I've read all that's been posted, but just in case, if you know of anything that is a bit harder to find, like isn't labeled for it, please let me know that too.

Thank you!

Story found! Title:My Problem is You Make Me Melt http://juice817.livejournal.com/200810.html or http://archiveofourown.org/works/6542323?view_full_work=true
14 April 2016 @ 07:43 pm
I'm new to this so if I do something wrong I'm really sorry!

I'm looking for a story where Cas is blind and he's a professor at Sam's college. I think Dean was a former police officer and he got shot and he sometimes goes blind but only temporarily. I'm pretty sure I read it on Archive of Our Own. I think it has DeanxCas and maybe Sam and Jess.

29 November 2015 @ 07:44 pm
First time posting so I hopefully do this right!

I read this fic ages ago, I know it was on AO3 but I can't find it in my history which is a little strange. It had multiple chapters based on Sam's life after he was blinded on a hunt (either by a witch or a werewolf), it had time stamps from when he was younger in school and when he is older hunting with Dean, sure it's set between pre-series, season one and two and it's not Wincest though it contains cute brotherly moments!

In one chapter Dean had been hustling pool and the guys accused him of cheating and he ran out of the bar with Sam but they are cornered outside the bar, cue BAMF!Sam though he is blind he can kick some serious ass! There is another chapter where Dean his kidnapped by Gordon and Sam saves him and there is another one where the boys end up switch like Dean is blind and not Sam and it gives Dean an insight on what Sam goes through on a daily basics.

Hope that's enough info and I hope you magical people find it!
I'm going on a long road trip soon and wanted some awesome fics to pass the time! I haven't read a SPN fanfic since March 2014 (ish), so I'm looking mostly for fics created in 2014 or 2015, but that's by no means a rule. These are some of the genres I like, but if you have any angsty/dark/epic personal favorites, feel free to share those, too!

I prefer Wincest and Gen, but will read Destiel, RPS, and OC Romances if the story is really good. I'm cool with very dark fics, and I have no problem with major character death... I like me a good tearjerker. I'd prefer if the fics don't go too AU (unless it's a crossover or something), but again, I'll make exceptions for a good story.

Thank you all in advance! :D

1. Blind!Dean or Blind!Jensen. Or more generally, any fics where Dean/Jensen isn't born disabled, but becomes disabled over the course of the fic. Will read disabled Jared/Sam if the story is good enough.
2. Demon!Dean, especially AUs where Dean wasn't cured in 10x03.
3. Crossovers with Merlin, Stargate (SG1/Atlantis), Star Trek (TOS/TNG/VOY/Movies), Doctor Who, Dark Angel, NCIS, or Fringe.
4. Sam/Jared or Dean/Jensen are transformed into some supernatural creature. I especially love fics where Dean is transformed into an angel or some kind of winged creature... super mega bonus points if you can find one that isn't Destiel.
5. Dean-Is-Michael fics. Also, Dean-Is-[any role Jensen has played in the past] are pretty cool.
6. Amnesia!Dean or Amnesia!Sam.
7. One of the Winchesters is cursed.
8. Any fics where Dean is (willingly or unwillingly) used as a vessel. I kind of expect Destiel in a fic like this, so it's fine in this case.
9. Bodyswap fics!
10. Possessed!Dean
11. Fics where Dean decided to stay young in "About A Boy."
12. Cast-Are-Characters or Cast-Meet-Characters.
23 May 2015 @ 10:22 pm
Hi, everyone:)
I´m looking for some good wincest stories:

1. Any good case fics with protective Dean and hurt Sam
2. Any slow burn fics with the boys pining for each other
3. Any fics with blind Sam and Dean helping him deal and taking care of him

please all bottom Sam or switching, also prefer long stories 20Kwords and more

thank you all in advance:)
23 March 2015 @ 10:12 pm
(Oh wow, the tags....)

Thank you all for all the wonderful fics! I've slowly but surely been updating my list of bookmarks and I couldn't have done it without you guys :)

Today, I'm looking for two different things:

1) I'm looking for J2 or Wincest fics where one of the boys is blind. But the thing is, especially when it comes to wincest, I'm looking for fics where the boys have always been blind, not just because of a curse or whatever? Are there any fics like that?

2) I've sort of asked this once, but I'll ask it again. I'm looking for fics where Dean is taken as a mate by an angel/angels. I don't mind the pairing, literally anything goes (Dean/Michael, Dean/gabriel, Dean/lucifer, Dean/Michael/Lucifer?). Just please no Destiel, because I've already read heaps of those fics (and that's what most of the fandom is based around anyway), and please no non-con.

Come on fandom, please don't disappoint me! ^_^

08 November 2014 @ 09:45 pm
Recently I've been reading some alpha/beta/omega fics and enjoyed them! I also read a really good Blind!Jared fic that made me want to read more!

1. First a more specific request! I'm looking for fics where Sam and Dean (RPF is okay too) are transported into an alternate universe, cursed, or something along those lines, and becomes an Omega or Alpha.

2. A more general one. Just any A/B/O that you thought where good. With plot as well as good smut! PWP is okay though as long as it's well written! :-)

3. Fics where a character is blind, deaf or both and have at least a reletivly realistic portrayal of the blind/deaf community.

For all requests, I don't mind about pairings but I do like Dean/Cas or J2 and I love Sam/Gabriel. I prefer Sam or Jared to top but anything is fine!

Feel free to self rec!
First: I am sorry if my english isn't the best, I live in Germany so my english is far away from perfect :D

1) It was a specific wincest fic and it was AU. I remember that Sam was a paramedic and Dean hunted but I think he was alone because the boys were raised apart. Sam had a good childhood though. So, I think Dean kinda theatened Sam to come with him but I am not really sure about that. They were at some kind of summer cottage and it was from Sam's ex. Sam and Dean had a lot of sex but they both didn't know that they're brothers. Later though, they discovered it. I think it was at Bobby's and he told them. After that Dean didn't want to continue with their relationship and Sam ran away. I forgot the ending so I have no idea what happened after that and I am dying to read it!

2) This fic is wincest too and an AU too but Dean and Sam were unrelated. Sam lived with John (not sure about that) and they hunted but John beat him. Dean was his teacher and I think somehow they were at the same time on a werewolf-hunt. The werewolf escaped so Dean gave Sam his number and told him he wanted to help. They fell in love and at the beginning Dean tried to ignore his feelings for Sam because he was his student but I'm pretty sure that they were together in the end. I remember that I read it at fanfiction.net.

3) Does somebody know good mute, deaf or blind!Sam fics? Long fics and any pairings are welcome (gen too) but it has to be sam!centric.

4) Are there any storys where Dean comes to Stanford and realizes that Sam's still hunting/helps people somehow or where he thought Sam's college life was oh so perfect but in reality Sam really had to work hard so he could pay for everything? Wincest and gen are okay.

I hope somebody can help me! (WIPs - as long as they're not abadoned - and self-recs are totally okay!)
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So I read this one really good fic while I was obsessed with blind!sam, I'm pretty sure it was sett in season 8, Dean had just gotten out of Purgatory but he couldn't find Sam. Meanwhile Sam had been kidnapped along with Jody Mills maybe? Anyway. he was kidnapped and being tortured by Missy (the little girl from the crazy family in season 1) she was all grown up and angry that her family was killed, she was working with some other people vampires or demons I think. She cut out Sam's eyes I think, I know he ends up blind and eventually Dean rescues him. There might have been non-con?
12 July 2014 @ 06:07 pm
I'm looking for any fics where Dean shows up at Sam's place in the pilot and finds out that _______. It can be anything, Sam's blind, in a wheelchair, has a boyfriend (where Dean though Sam was straight), is recovering from cancer, has a mental illness, genderbent, honestly anything at all, even suicide and death fics.

Please no wincest. It doesn't really have to be the pilot, it could be at the beginning of season 4 or 8. Protective!dean and guilty!dean is awesome.
26 May 2014 @ 09:48 am
Does anyone know any fics where after Sam lets Lucifer out, he looks for too long or doesn't look away fast enough and ends up blind? Anything would be appreciated.
06 January 2014 @ 06:19 pm
I have a craving for hurt and sick Winchesters.
Permanent or long lasting effects.
A helping of blind and/or deaf is always appreciated.

Where there really is no good reason _why_ . Just bad genes and unlucky circumstances. Mix in a helping of less than stellar healt care, and perfectly ordinary injuries or childhood diseases can have huge effects.

As for timelines: Anything from pre-series to future-fic. But I don't like soulless Sam.

Long to epic stories and verses.
Prefer gen or het, but will read slash if it is well written.
I'm a Dean girl, but not fanatic.
And please, no death fics...

http://nwhepcat.livejournal.com/1279086.htmlNwhepcat's Rage, rage and all that crap is a perfect example of what I'm looking for.
09 December 2013 @ 02:45 pm
Hi! I'm looking for Blind!Sam fics that are, preferably long (20k+), well-written, not weechester, and not incredibly dark/angsty (so not looking for graphic torture). Wincest is fine. Sam and Dean gen is fine. Not really looking for any other pairings. Sam becoming blind in the fic is fine, but for some weird reason I’m especially interested in fics wherein Sam has always been blind or been blind for a long time already. AUs are okay, but still being a hunter and everything with the supernatural is better. I’m pretty open. Anything to share?
So, as often happens, I got in a mood to read a certain genre. I'm currently looking for long J2 or Wincest physical disability fics, preferably that deals with navigating a relationship while dealing with a disability. My Kindle has a whole collection dedicated to disability fics, but they're not hitting my buttons at the moment. I re-read the Battlements verse and the Twists and Turns verse, which is what sent me on this search.
  • Jensen/Jared or Dean/Sam pairing

  • No preference who is disabled (it just happened that the last two I read were Disabled!Jensen)

  • No preference on disability (blind, deaf, paralyzed, etc.)

  • Longer the better...something I can really sink my teeth into

  • Focus on the disability and how it affects the relationship would be nice

So! Rec me your favorite disability fics! Fill my Kindle with goodness :D
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Hi, everyone. I'm looking for something specific but I don't know a lot of details about the fics, so this will be the vaguest search ever and I'm sorry for that. I really hope someone knows these fics because I miss them and I genuinely think about them all the time.

Search 1)
This might actually be two separate fics, but if they are I want both. Sam is blind. I don't know how or why, but he worked at a gym and he and Dean go to the Grand Canyon (?) or something and hike even tho Sam is blind. It was really good.

Search 2)
This one expanded into a whole universe, man, with different OC POVs and an AU where they aren't brothers, but two random guys from Lead, SD. They have to pretend to be a gay couple to go on a bus tour of Nova Scotia and find out who's killing gay American tourists in Canada. I think they fuck in the woods, or say they do or something. It was so good.

Do you see how vague and useless these searches are? Please find them. They are so good. The authors deserve parades. 
29 September 2013 @ 04:42 pm
Hey guys! so I have been looking for this fic everywhere and i can't find it! Sam and Dean were on a hunt and i think it was a witch and during the hunt there is a really bright light, and when Sam and Dean wake up Sam is blind and Dean is deaf. and they drive to Bobby's and Bobby is making a cure and Sam and Dean go to the store and they play pranks on each other and Its brotherly and funny. and for a cure Bobby needs their blood for the ritual and Dean gets all protective and stuff, but then its all okay and they are cured and its perfect!! its Gen, no slash of any kind.
and do you know any fics like that when they temperarily loose there senses? gen or wincest?
26 April 2013 @ 04:28 pm

1 - It was very short. Started off with Cas pushing Sam to his knees in front of Dean and telling Dean that this is how Sam will redeem himself, pay for his sins. He proceeds to encourage Dean to force Sam to have sex, that it is Sam's idea on redeeming himself. All the while Sam is quiet. In the end Cas tells Sam that eventually he will manipulate Dean so much that Dean could kill Sam and not feel a thing, Sam (who is manipulated and believes he is a sinner) quietly agrees. (this story could be considered dub-con)

2 - Sam is somewhere (heaven?) and there are lines and lines of angels who are one-by-one forcing themselves on him. Eventually Cas arrives and Sam is relieved and crying to be freed, however Cas apologises and proceeds to rape him too (not of his own choice, he was forced) suddenly Dean appears and saves Sam. The story fast-forwards - A stumbling and sickly Sam is being led into a diner by Dean, upon closer look it is discovered that he is now blind (a result of the rapes?) Cas attempts to help him but Dean is angry and vengeful ...I think it was a WIP

Any help is much appreciated, especially since I have a bad memory and I probably did not describe these well.
Thank you!
28 January 2013 @ 09:21 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a 2 specific fics and some gen.
        1.I read this one on FF (I think) a while ago, Sam is diagnosed with leukemia and uses Stanford as an excuse to leave and get treatment, later when hunting with dean it comes back. 
       2. Jensen and Jared are married, Jared is blind, their adopted son is looking to buy Jared a christmas present.

Also anything with sick Jared/Sam is great! Any illness, wincest or gen :)
05 January 2013 @ 10:00 pm
Hey guys! I'm hoping you guys can help me find some recs this evening. I'm looking for a few things

1. I'm looking for some guilty!Dean fics. Anything where maybe he hurts Sam emotionally or physically and realizes his mistake and feels guilty for it and comforts Sam. Maybe he's drunk or really angry? Anything will work. Wincest and Gen is okay.

2. Secondly, I am looking for fics where Sam and Dean grew up as foster children and Sam is severely abused and Dean is super protective over him. Can be Au, wincest and or gen. Anything will do with this.

3. Anything where Sam is deaf, blind or has some sort of developmental syndrome like autism or aspergers or anything of the sort. Muchos protective Dean is appreciated!

4. Anything where Sam is bullied. 

5. Dean discovering Sam was abused when he was a child (whether by another man, John etc.)

And that is it. (Can you tell I am really in the mood for some juicy, angsty, hurt!Sam fics? lol) Thanks guys!
10 December 2012 @ 08:37 am
Looking for any fic where one of the boys is blind and the other trains seeing eye dogs, slash please. I like J2 and Wincest :) Any pairing and any kink and self recs are welcome! Thank you!
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30 October 2012 @ 09:40 pm
I was wondering if anyone knew of any gen/het fireman!Dean fics?

More general, any gen/het fics where Dean and Sam are not hunters? Or one is and the other isn't? I'm also searching for gen/het fics where Dean and Sam are raised apart (but still brothers).

Lastly, I'm looking for multi-chapter fics where Dean (or Sam) is mute, deaf, or blind. But not born that way. I've read a bunch of one shots with such a theme but I'd like something that I can really dig into.

Thank you so much for any help! :D
17 September 2012 @ 06:50 am
1. I am in search of your best broken!Dean fics

- Preferably not dealing with Hell PTSD
- No slash
- Happy/hopeful endings
- Dark is good
- crying!Dean is awesome :)

2. Fics where Dean or Sam is keeping a secret from the other

- No slash
- No canon secrets

3. Fics where either Dean or Sam have had a major disability (blind, deaf, paralyzed, etc.) their entire life but then are (supernaturally?) healed and they must readjust to life.

- No slash

Thank you all so much :)
09 August 2012 @ 01:21 am
Looking for long fics in which Sam is suffering from either mental or physical long term illnesses. Anything from dyslexia to permanent loss of hearing or limbs.  

I would like John to feature heavily, whether he's really supportive and understands and helps sam or if he's really distant or even neglecting sam.

Lots of angst is a must!

Thanks :-)
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10 July 2012 @ 02:28 pm
Hello guys!
The last times I was looking for something you guys were totally awesome so I'll give it another shot.

I am looking for fics where Sam was born disabled. He can be blind, deaf, paralyzed or have some serious illness... I don't care as long as Sam has to suffer from something like that for a very long time. It could have also happened at a very young age I just want to see how he deals with it for a long time.
The disability doesn't have to be the center of the story but it should be mentioned and some limp!Sam stuff would be awesome. :)
I prefer Sam but every Dean story is fine as well, just like J2.

Do you guys know any fics like that?
Thank you so much!
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Grrrr! Another story I was sure I'd saved but can't find now. For reasons I can't recall, Sam was allowed a reset of time to save Dean's (and Mary's?) life, give them a normal family life, with the sacrifice of his family, his identity, and his sight. With a different last name, Sam is in a hospital then a rehab, learning how to live blind in the world. Once he gets an apartment he's assigned a worker to help him; none other than Dean Winchester. He remembers who Dean is but the Winchesters don't know him. And he's surprised when Dean seriously flirts with him and takes him home for dinner to meet his family, John and Mary.

Now that I think of it, there another Blind!Sam story, either post-apoc or the demon/human battle has is out in the open, where Sam his lost his eyes completely. They cross paths with John, and Dean is thisclose to beating the crap out of him, at a hunters/refugee camp where Bobby and Ellen (I think) have trailers. I'd like the title of that also, please.
Hi all!

I'm looking for Sam/Dean stories, where one is deaf/mute/blind, etc and really relies on the other brother to get around or to communicate or perform daily activities.

Also, while I'm here, any Jared/Jensen stories where one is deaf/mute/blind, etc and they meet and get together.

I'd prefer first time stories with NC-17 rating.

Please no mpreg!

Thank you! :-)
06 March 2012 @ 11:25 pm
So, this sucks since I can't quite remember... but hopefully my fuzzy details will help SOMEONE remember this story!

It was pre-series and Sam was either deaf or blind... I'm leaning more towards blind though... This caused John and Dean to leave him behind during hunts. On one hunt, they leave Sam at the motel to go after a witch (I think) and before they gank her she curses them.  John and Dean go deaf on the car ride back and discover Sam distraught when they get back. They're trying to cure the curse, and eventually (possibly after they're "cured" or whatever) Dean realizes that Sam was ALSO deaf like them.

Hopefully someone can figure this story out... I literally have spent hours going over the tags for blind!sam, deaf!sam, deaf!dean, pre-series... HOURS. And no luck. So please, any help is MUCH appreciated! I'm going crazy!

And I'm also willing to take any of your favorite blind/deaf!Sam fics too. :P
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27 February 2012 @ 05:28 pm
I am looking for a fic where Sam got his eyes ripped out when he was young and then meets the Trickster and can sort of see him. Like, little flashes of lights.

And then there's one where Sam's a lawyer and Dean's a bartender and they meet Gabriel and Castiel when they come into the place. I'm Pretty sure Sam's blind and Dean is mute.

Thanks. :D
25 February 2012 @ 01:56 pm
Hey guys!

I'm looking for a few fanfics and I really hope you can help me!

Specific search:

1.) I read it a few weeks ago but I forgot to bookmark it. It has a brain damaged Sam, I think he had been disabledby a drwoning accident a few years ago. He later lives with Pastor Jimmy and Dean's daughter calls him "Babu".

2.) All other stories with any disabled!Sam. I don't care about wincest etc. I just want to read something good. He can be blind, deaf, paralyzed, brain damaged... I open for everything!

Thank you! :)
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24 February 2012 @ 07:49 pm
I'm looking for stories like The Way Back by [livejournal.com profile] rainylemons  (read this shit!) where the boys (Sam and Dean and/or Cas) are in a pretty dark place/ depressed/ etc.. but slowly work their way up to their happy ending. I'd prefer if this was not the 'I'm so hurt, take care of me' kind of fic, but the boys finding out of their mess because of their own strength. Something that leaves you optimistic at the (happy) end. Can be the AU drug addiction kind of fic, mute or blind!boys or dealing with the apocalypse or something completelly different.

All pairings and gen welcome.  :) 
10 January 2012 @ 06:22 am
  1. Werewolf Fics. I want some action stories involving werewolves! Preferably alpha John, Dean, JDM, or Jensen, but not required. I would like them to be werewolves but not all of them have to be. All pairings accepted. I have already read Hunter of the Shadows (by skagtrendy) stories so please don't rec those.
  2. Mental Illness!Sam. Sam with PTSD or any other mental illness. It can be something he's had his whole life or he got it from a hunt or a simple accident.
  3. Deaf or Blind!Sam. Sam goes deaf or blind or has been his whole life.
  4. Family fics! Basically I want any fics with caring John, awesome/protective Dean, and Sam being Sam.
Obviously I like hurt!Sam so throw some of those my way, too. Thanks in advance!
05 January 2012 @ 04:42 pm
I'm searching for a specific fic I read a while ago. I think that Sam had his eyes burnt out during a battle, maybe by Cas. Dean tries to get Cas to fix him but he can't for some reason (I think it has something to do with Zachariah). Anyway Dean is captured by vamps and taken to an angel proof house. To rescue him (and thus Michael's vessel) Cas needs Sam's help. Does anyone know this fic?

Thanks for your time and hopefully help.
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20 December 2011 @ 04:27 pm
I am sitting here with a bad back (since Thanksgiving) and am spending my time going through posts.   I think I have checked all the tags that pertain to my request but I need more!  What I am looking for are WeeChesters or TeenChesters where:

1. John just does not understand/and or abuses Sam and he runs away.
2. Sam is kidnapped and is not reunited with his family for months or even years.
3. Sam is missing and no one knows what happened to him
4. Sam is taken by CPS and grows up away from his family only to reunite later.
5. Mute, deaf or blind Sam

I would prefer GEN only for these requests please.  It would also be super if Bobby, Pastor Jim, Caleb or Joshua were in the story.

Thank you in advance for saving me from total boredom.
24 November 2011 @ 01:00 pm

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I would like to take a moment to give thanks to this wonderful comm. You are all amazing and I don't know what I would do in this fandom without you.

Now then, I am looking for some cute, adorable wee!chester fics where Sam has a blanket and sucks his thumb and Dean teases him about it. Maybe John yells at him for it because he views it as a sign of weakness? It can be any age, but it would be a bonus if Sam still does it as he gets older and he becomes very secretive and extremely self conscious about it. It can be gen or wincest, but I would love you forever if its a sweet wincest fic. Can be any length and rating. Self recs are welcome. No WIPs and happy endings only please. Thank you!

Oh! while I'm posting I want to ask for some deaf/blind/mute fics. I have already read a lot of deaf, blind and/or mute Dean and I love them, but I'm looking to expand my horizons. I would love something where Sam, Jared, or Jensen are the afflicted one (though I'd still take hurt!Dean any day so rec them if you got them). I'd like it if either they were born that way and it's permanent, or if it's something that happens later in life that it's only temporary like a curse or something. I'd like either J2 or wincest, no gen please. I'd rather that you don't just link me to your delicious because then I'd be to tempted to read them all. I know there are a lot of these out there so please just rec me your all time favorites. Can be any length and rating. Self recs are welcome. No WIPs and happy endings only please. Thanks again!

There's this fic I remember reading, but I don't remember most of the plot. One of the boys, Sam or Dean, had been hurt somehow, and they wind up sticking permanently in some town. I think the hurt boy was blind, but I'm not positive. All I remember specifically is at the end of the story, he winds up wandering around the town (with people looking for him) and ending up in a church.

Also, a general request for any recs you have with either of the boys becoming blind and getting a seeing eye dog or even just a companion dog. I prefer SPN gen, but I'll give any pairing or J2 a shot.

Thank you!
08 September 2011 @ 09:21 am
1. Fics where Jensen is blind and then he meets Jared after (or he was always blind)

Bonus points if he has a thing for feeling Jared, mainly his hair! And trying to work out from his fingers of how Jared looks. If that makes sense.

2. Fics where Sam and Dean switch bodies and one of them is blind or deaf, asthmatic or has some sort of disability or illness and its a really eye opening experience when the other goes through that while in their brothers body.


3. *giggles* Okay do fics exist where either the J's have sex or Sam and Dean, and they end up tearing something down there or accidentally hurting something somehow...?
21 August 2011 @ 02:01 pm
Before I'm forced back into the monotomy known as University life, I would love for some recs!  Long, completed stories would be the best, but anything works.  Please no wincest or slash.

1. Boys life where they've retired from hunting, for whatever reason, could be a major injury that benches one for good, I draw the line  paraplegic/coma stories, blinded, deaf, missing a limb however, that works.  Just domesticated life after hunting, them trying to acclimate to normal life, with jobs and such.  Bonus points if one or both of the boy's has kids!!!!!!!

2. John/Mary love stories....  preferably ones wher Mary doesn't kick it.  Cute fics with baby/in untero!Dean or Sam is more than acceptable.  Stories where Mary isn't from a hunting family.

Self recs will be given extra hugs!

Thanks ya'll!
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1. I remember reading a de-aged Sam fic where in the end John and Dean go their separate ways. Dean ends up raising Sam and if I'm right he may have a wife but I'm not sure on that part. The ending is set at the grand canyon or something along those lines.
2. I'm looking for any mentally ill/mentally challenged!Sam fics. Whether it's an accident in his life or he was born that way I don't care.
3. De-aged Sam fics.
4. AU season 5/6 where Dean takes care of Sam after he jumps into the pit (like PTSD stuff). I've already read the Fusion 'verse.
5. Teen!chester fics.
6. Hurt!Sam, Limp!Sam
7. Abuse stories where the boys eventually get away from their abusers (this includes kidnapped stories)
8. Sam and Dean grow up with Adam

Please do not include any stories where Sam or Dean die.
Thanks in advance!
20 June 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Hello all!
I'm looking for a specific fic that I read a while back, but I can't remember the title. I think it might be a bit old?
Brief - if not vague - description:
It's set in Season One, but AU, as it's post-apocalypse. Sam had been taken by demons, and Dean searches for him for a long time (this part is NOT in the fic, however, it's only explained in the summary, I think)
When Dean finds Sam, the Demons have taken his eyes. So Sam is blind.
I know that at some point, they find John, who's still alive, but Dean's furious with him because he blames John for what happened to Sam. Also, there is a physical relationship between Sam and Dean, but Dean doesn't particularly like it - he sees it as 'comforting' Sam.
At the end, there's a creature of some kind - almost like the Lady of the Lake - who gives Sam a choice. It ends up with Sam in an alternate universe - still blind - where he's not related to Dean, but Dean is like a councilor, or someone, who helps blind people, and he's assigned to Sam's case. They end up in love and together.
Er...hope that helps?! Like I said, vague description?!
Thanks in advance!
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19 June 2011 @ 10:35 am
No wincest---actually, I don't much care for any pairings at all.
 Castiel, Bobby, and any other characters

 1. Mentalillness Sam. From OCD to just plain crazy to learning  disabilities---I don't care! He can have it from birth or develop it or  maybe he's been in an accident.
 2. De-aged Sam. Doesn't matter if his mind regresses or not. Must have  big brother Dean, caring John is optional but I'd love it  anyway! I've already read A Hiccup In Time by sammygirl1963 but  stuff like that is very appreciated.
 3. Any good, long, well-developed story/series. Must involve both brothers.
31 May 2011 @ 09:25 pm
Hi Everyone!  I'm looking for a very specific story - hope ya'll can help me out.  I remember Sam had a vision about one of the "chosen" and he and Dean were going to try and help her so as not to have to kill her.  I think unknown to them, Jo heard about her or found out in a totally unrelated manner and was there, also.  Because of her doing something really stupid, or at least Dean blamed it on her, Sam ended up blind.  I remember something about them being at a hotel maybe and Sam got separated from everyone and some baddie was trying to get him.  That's it.  Hope someone knows more than I do about it.



FOUND:  Ties That Blind by Raven524.

Thanks anu24!
28 May 2011 @ 12:25 am
1. I've got a nagging for deaf Sam or Dean from being hit on the head too many times on a hunt. Or fics where they get some kind of perminant disibility from too many concussions etc. Like slow, or unable to recognise words and people and so on.

2. Fics where Sam or Dean get bruised up.

3. Fics with lung illnesses, pneumonia, bronchitis, shortness of breath.

4. Fics where Sam or Dean get taken by either something supernatural or something evil and human, they are missing for a long time, they come back and are changed.

Thanks everyone! :D
27 March 2011 @ 07:09 pm



I'm new to this community so i would like to read your favorite

1. jared/jensen and/or Sam/Dean teen!fics and high school fics where they are madly in love and they know  what they have is like for forever, true love fics.

2. teen!fics where one of them is popular and one is deaf or blind or mute and they fall in love.

3. fics similar to Deadline on Love by lycaness i loved to read it.

 only happy endings please?

Thanks in advance!

20 February 2011 @ 02:46 am
Hey guys I'm looking for fics where Sam either has autism, another mental illness or a learning disability. Sam can either be deaf, mute, blind just some kind of disability. I'm up for anything really, the boys as brothers, not-related, the boys adopted but can we keep all recs gen please. Thank you xD
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31 January 2011 @ 09:25 pm
A couple general (or maybe not so general) requests for recs. No wincest or RPF please. All ratings are fine.

1) I've recently realized I have this odd love for blind fics. Whether it's Dean, Cas, Sam, or Gabriel who's blind, I don't care. But I want the pairing to be either Dean/Cas or Gabriel/Sam (bottom!Sam and Cas when relevent please!). I've read [livejournal.com profile] entangled_now's fic, My Eyes Are an Ocean and it was great, I love her writing, but the ending I couldn't work with. While I love blind!fics, please do not show me any where eyes are removed, traded, shared, or handled in any way outside of their sockets. I can't do that... *shudders*

2) I'm looking for some great Gabriel/Sam fics with a certain feel to them. Very simply, I love it when the relationship between them doesn't have quite a ...onesided feel to it. Meaning, I want it more obvious that Gabe loves Sam as well and vice-versa. It's a little hard to explain but yes, what I'm looking for would be extreme fluff, probably a bit of angst. A great example is [livejournal.com profile] alchemyalice's Recharged. The ending of part 2 is a perfect example. See? Lotsa fluff and schmoop.

3) Lastly, wing fics. Very general and I know there's tons out there but I love them. Same pairings as above (still bottom!Sam and Cas when applicable, please!). Hurt/comfort is much loved for wing fics... and anyone who can combine wings with one of the above requests (blind or schmoopy Gabe/Sam) gets virtual cookies. ^^

08 January 2011 @ 11:13 am
So I've been lurking here for a long time, but I've never actually posted, because I only just got an account.  So, my disclaimer: I don't know what I'm doing and I really don't know how to use this.  If I do this wrong, I'm really sorry.  :(

So, here is what I'm looking for, all just general searches:

1.  always-a-girl!Sam with Protective!Dean, Evil John a plus

2. Dean goes into Sam's mind for one reason or another and realizes how miserable/sad/depressed/self-hating Sam is and feels guilty/desires to fix it.  Season 4, 5, or 6 is okay, but not preferred.  :)

3. Sam and Dean get into a fight and Dean feels guilty when Sam gets hurt after he leaves to get some air and distance.  I would prefer little to no hospital trip, but I'll read it if it's really good.  :)

4. Stanford stories where Sam needs Dean (and Dean comes of course) but Sam is still awesome.  Or stories like "Living Expenses" where Dean realizes how horrible Sam has been living, how hard he's been working to keep up at Stanford.  Or stories about what he does in the summer.....  :)

5. AU stories where the boys aren't related or were raised apart and Sam has some sort of problem (whether a disability, mental illness or bullying) and Dean helps him and they eventually realize that they are related or Dean takes Sam in (or convinces John to).  I've read the popular deaf!Sam stories and i've also read Aecoris' stories.  :)

6. Boys cuddling for warmth in the snow but please no Wincest.  :)

7. Sam cursed (preferably not crack, though I'll read that too.)

8. Sam changed into an animal of some sort, needing help from Dean of course!  :)

So please no wincest in any of these and I DEFINITELY don't mind self-recs!  :)