Is their any series were sam has asthma epilepsy or something alonf those lines. So john and dean has to baby him and look after him.

Also is there any stories were sam is tramatized and has night terrors and need consoling.
Hey everyone! I've been looking for this fic for awhile and I only remember a few details. Dean and Cas live in apartments across from each other, and these happen to be right above the shops they own (or maybe just Dean owns one I can't exactly remember). Cas has recently moved to the area. They eventually get together but Cas is keeping a secret about his past and it ends up being revealed when on the national news a story about this religious cult and a standoff with police comes out when they try to raid the compound. Cas is devastated because his mother and younger siblings are actually being held there because his mom was in a relationship with the leader, while Cas ended up being able to escape awhile ago. I think a few people in the compound end up being shot during the standoff. And Cas kinda breaks down because he's scared for his family while Dean takes care of him. I think at one point Cas talks about the abuse he, his siblings and his mother endured there.

Please help!!
10 November 2016 @ 05:03 am
I am looking for a story about Jared, who is getting abused by his husband. I think his family made him marry the man because of money. They basically sold Jared to this man. I'm not sure what the husbands name is. The husband is very controlling and abusive. Jared gets sent to a ranch while his husband is away on business or something like that. He is sent there to be watched because the husband is paranoid and doesn't trust Jared. He hires people to keep an eye out for Jared. Jared is an artist, he loves to draw, but he is always told by his husband that he is horrible and should stop wasting time on something that will never amount to anything. Jensen tells Jared that he's an amazing artist. The ranch turns out to be the best place for Jared because he gets more confidence in himself. And he is surrounded by people who care about him. He meets Jensen at the ranch either the first day or the second and later on they start a friendship,but it becomes an affair overtime.The friendship takes time because Jared is very timid and doesn't trust easily anymore. Chad shows up at the ranch with help from Jensen. Chad and Jared haven't seen each other in a long time because Chad and Jared are not allowed to hang out. Jared has been forbidden to see Chad, so they keep it a secret from Jared's husband as long as they can. The husband eventually finds out. At the very end of the story Jared shows up at his house to get stuff. He gets raped and ends up in a fight for his life. Jared either kills his husband or almost kills him, by bashing his head with a lamp or something like that. Jared ends up at the hospital. Jared and Jensen end up together in the end.
Here are some tidbits I remember from the story.
The husband parades Jared in front of his friends. The husband may share Jared I forget. The friends are also are mob related. There's evidence against the husband relating to his shady deals. The man had been grooming Jared for a long time and the minute he turned 18 he asked to marry Jared. The dad said yes and forced Jared to sign papers. Jared's mom is either a drug addict or an alcoholic so she is no help at all. During his stay at the ranch he is made to make multiple calls to his husband. He must tell his husband everything about his day. I think Jensenis the one to find Jared in the house after the attack and blames himself for Jared getting hurt. That's all I remember.

I hope that helps and I hope it wasn't to confusing.
16 January 2016 @ 09:32 pm
Looking for a fic I read ages ago - can't remember title or author or even the site I was on. It was a filled request so it might have been LJ. Basically the requester wanted a fic where Sam retreated to an alternate reality of his own wish, where he and Dean were still close and enjoyed being together (NOT Wincest!!). I think it might have been set in Season 4 after the episode 4x14 Sex And Violence, when things were very rocky for the boys.

The requester wanted Dean to go in after Sam - into Sam's alternate reality - and convince him to come back to their reality, even though Sam thought Dean hated him in the real one. I remember there being a comment about points for Sam crying when he comes back to earth.

Might have been a Djinn encounter - not sure how Sam got to check into his own timeline, but I do remember when Dean went in after him, he was watching himself and Dean run a footrace back and forth in a field, I think.

Sorry I don't have much to go on, but this is all I remember. I know it was a good story, and I'd love to read it again. And this time add to favourites so I don't lose it.

Jules (Mizpah)
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18 November 2015 @ 11:31 pm
Okay, so for some reason I've been really interested in seeing fics with Cas being emotionally beaten down and defeated, and then comforted by someone else. The cause of his sadness can be his failure to find God, feeling lost after becoming human, being rejected by/having relationship troubles with Dean, you name it. The person doing the comforting is preferably Dean, but Sam, Bobby, and Gabriel work too.

I don't care for AUs, although canon diversions are perfectly fine. Bonus points for anything with Castiel crying (not throughout the whole story like a crybaby, though) and especially for Destiel, either established or at the end. I'll read Sam/Cas too, and Gen is always good.

I rarely read any fics above 10,000 words, and I don't care for fics over 20,000 words, so please do not suggest those. Fics 5,000 words or less would be ideal.

Other than that, please post anything you have with some sad angels and some comfort, and a thousand thanks in advance! :D
Hey guys,

Looking for two specific fics that I have lost, and have been craving like nobody's business.

The first is Pursuit, by hansons_angel. Have been searching for at least a week, finally found the title and author, but can find no actual version of it anywhere. If someone has a copy they might be willing to share with me, I would be forever grateful!!!

The second I can't remember the title or author. It's a college au, Dean and Sam go to school. Dean works full time (I think?) and Cas is his advisor or professor at college. At one point John burns down their house and Cas invites Sam and Dean to move in with him. Also I think they get a dog?

Anyway, help on both accounts would be very much appreciated, and would go a long way towards satisfying this reader.
08 August 2015 @ 10:03 pm
Hey guys!

I'm looking for an oldie but a goodie. Sam and Dean go on a hunt, Dean has a terrible cold, ends up breaking both his hands. Later, he's trying to blow his nose in the bathroom, but can't, because of the hands. Sam has to help, and Dean just ends up crying miserably.

Thanks in advance!
Hi! I read these ages ago and can't for the life of me find them again.

1. For some reason, teen!Dean actually takes a couple of driving lessons instead of using a fake license. They show the kids pictures of burned-out cars (and dead bodies?) and Dean kind of breaks down. John finds him crying on the sidewalk, I think.

2. Dean is high on pain killers or cough medicine or something. Sam has to babysit, which is fun at first, but then Dean wanders off and Sam has to find him and bring him back to the motel room. He says something along the lines of "I thought you'd left." and Dean just kind of shrugs and goes "yeah, people leaving sucks, huh?". I'm almost sure this one is an old hoodietime fill.

3. This one I barely remember at all. I know it was set in S1/2 and ends with Dean crying/trying not to cry after revealing something I can't quite remember to Sam and then rejecting Sam's attempts to comfort him. Sam kind of remembers how when they were kids Dean would never accept any kind of help but was always there when Sam needed comforting, so he pretends to be very upset by what Dean just told him, so he will let him hug him. I'm fairly sure it was on Might have been one of the 'what if Sam and Dean had had Max's childhood?' fics, but I could be mixing something up there.

And while I'm at it, I know this is super vague, but I'd love any and all recs for sad Dean fics. Not the drowning-in-angst kind and not really depressed!Dean, just... sad fics. Fics that make you sad for Dean and his life, instead of Dean being sad, or even realizing how not-good everything is, if that makes sense. I'd prefer pre-series to S5, but I'm happy to give anything a try.
07 June 2015 @ 04:53 pm
Hey guys!

I'm looking for this J2 fic, where Jensen met his emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend (at the grocery store, I think) and had a panic attack, calling his now-boyfriend Jared. Jared works as a video games designer and hurries home to Jensen. Jensen was really distraught, had to wait in the parking lot for a while until he calmed down a bit.

Don't really remember anything else, sorry.

I really appreciate your help! I don't think it was a long story, basically just that scene, but it was really good and I loved it.

Love, Silvy
30 March 2015 @ 01:46 pm
I read this story about three or four years ago I think. I wasn't reading wincest at the time so I didn't save it and now I wish I had. Here's what I remember:

1. It was a canon story set before season four (I think).

2. Sam was (cursed?) and became a girl. Sam and Dean were not in a relationship before that but got together over the course of the story.

3. In the beginning Sam came out of the bathroom as a girl and his/her jeans no longer fit over her hips. Dean was freaked but Sam said he/she had always been a girl and Dean's "sister" and Dean started to wonder if there was something wrong with HIM. Sam was only messing with Dean, he really had been turned into a girl.

4. Dean would hold Sam while she cried (I think at one point they were spooning with Dean on as the big spoon.)

4. In the end Sam admitted that he had always had feelings for Dean. Dean didn't tell Sam but it was revealed that Dean only started to fall in love with Sam after he became a girl.

I really hope someone can help me find this.
25 February 2015 @ 10:56 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a fic where I think Jensen is kidnapped and hold up in a place with scientist studying him and since he is a beta or omega they strap him to a f***ing machine and Jared finds him and rescues him but he is so in need of an orgasm but in pain that Jared sweetly and softly helps his aching mate
I was reading some cool teenchester fics, where Sam who is bi or gay gets asked out by guys what ever high school he is attending.

But are there any fics where Sam does not swing that way and is clueless , that when a guy asked him out it's not because he just wants to hang out as friends but because he's really interested in Sam. Dean is always aware of these guys, and always tries to warn Sam , something like " Sam dude is hitting on you" and Sam just scoffed it off as Dean being stupid or why does everything has to be about sex to Dean.
And then later Sam realizes that Dean was right especially when he's alone with the guy and he tries to make a move on him.

The guy gets angry, because of Sam rejection and tries to rape Sam. Cue in Big Brother Dean to the rescue, because he had a hunch or gut feeling about that guy.

So yeah does anyone know any stories along those lines? Could be gen or it could start out as gen but turns to wincest when Dean rescues Sam, because Sam is not gay for guys just Dean.

High school ages Sam is 14-18 and Dean is 18-22 or even later like season one ages?

Well I hope there are more than two fics like this? Praying and keeping fingers crossed.
thanks guys!
I'm looking for a story I was halfway finished reading... I stupidly managed to push a button that simultaneously deleted all my tabs on my iphone and ipad and also the history. Yikes. xP
The fic featured Jared/Jensen with both of them just starting Supernatural together. In the very beginning of the fic, Jared is being beaten (presumably by his father) -- the fic then fast forwards to Jensen at a party where Jared is a server. They get along famously before Jared's manager Alex calls (or something like that) and "his face drains of color'...blah blah. Later on, Jensen's friends Tom and Mike talk about how much they hate Jared because they heard he slept for his part in Gilmore Girls and every other movie.
Long story short, his manager makes him sleep with someone from Supernatural (I think he finds out later that the guy he slept with to get the gig wasn't affiliated with the show at all - it was just his sleazy manager getting rid of an owed favor).
Jared is a nervous wreck through all this, trying to support his family and living with the guilt of how he came to get his acting gigs (or how he thought he got them -- turns out his acting was a thousand times better than he knew them to be)
Sound familiar to anyone?

It was mismanaged by [ profile] macbyrne or [ profile] miss_managed
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04 January 2015 @ 01:30 pm
Hello guys!

I'm trying to recall the title of a specific J2 fic and failing spectacularly. In the story, Jared fall upon hard times financially and moves into a big house with roommates Jensen, Danneel, and Misha. Jensen and Danneel are a couple in the story initially but they don't last long. After a while of living in the house, Jared realizes that something is off with Jensen and he finds out that he has multiple personalities - one being very flamboyant that also makes sure everyone knows about his attraction to Jared. There's another personality who's a bit more reserved and shy that I think had feelings for Misha. Danneel breaks up with Jensen after finding out that Jensen's personality was in control and slept with Jared. And I think Jared felt really guilty about it because he felt as though he raped Jensen since he wasn't in the frame of mind to give consent.

If anyone could help me find this awesome story again, I'd appreciate it greatly! :)
Hi guys! I'm looking for any fics that feature a pining Jensen who is secretly (or not so) in love with Jared. High school / college AUs are welcome. I'd also like for fic with the two still being actors on SPN but something happens (like Jensen getting hurt) and that's how Jared finds out about Jensen's feelings. Strong preference for bottom!Jensen

21 December 2014 @ 06:46 pm
Hey there!
I am craving some fics with hurt!Sam, bigbrother!Dean and a real badass!John. Something around John, maybe because he is possessed, drunk or just in a bad mood, hurting teenage Sam in a physical and/or psychological way and Dean, as the awesome brother he is, protects his baby brother from their father.
Read Whiskey by mentholpixie yesterday and now I really want to read other stories like that.
Hope you can help me.

15 October 2014 @ 02:04 pm
I am looking for stories that involve pregnancy and/or child loss. I am usually a GenSam person, but I will take any character, rating or pairing this time. I up for anything and everything. The more angsty it is the better.
14 October 2014 @ 05:02 pm
hi! I'm making a general search for any fics with established Destiel where either Dean or Cas is sexually assulted, but the main point of the fic is them getting back to having sex or trying to have sex.

Self recs are always welcome and any other pairings are fine.
thanks xoxo
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I remember that he lived in a religious sort-of-cult and presented as omega which was seen as a devious sinful thing because it tempted alphas beyond their control. He's walking in the rain and decides to run in front of a truck - which just so happens to be Jared's. Jared brings Jensen into the city and they end up mated even though I think it was semi-illegal because of their age gap.

Ring any bells ? O:

I would read any other fics where they're disowned for one reason or another - mpreg (kicked out for being pregnant), for being gay, for being omega --- etc. While the other J takes them in or somethimg.
10 September 2014 @ 04:53 pm
Hey everyone, I'm feeling sick and miserable so let's add some seriously emotional death fics to that. Because we can.

I'm looking for stories where Dean dies alone. It can be on a hunt, an overdose, a car wreck. During Stanford Era when John had sent Dean off on his own to hunt, or any time when Dean and Sam had separated later. Sam, John, Castiel, or Bobby can find out later or find his body, but I want Dean dying alone. Any pairing or gen is fine.

Bonus points:

• Dean makes some last dying calls like in Sharlot's Jai Guru Deva Om [] and nobody picks up the phone or they hold on and hear his last words.

• John goes to Sam at Stanford for help finding a missing Dean.

• Dean's body is Incorruptible, like Catholic Saints. So when Sam/John/Bobby/Castiel finds Dean's corpse it is pristine and untouched by age, decomp, or animals.

• Aftermath of finding out, sadness, angst, and guilt.

22 August 2014 @ 10:08 pm
Looking for any fics where Sam goes back in time (either by himself, with Dean, or Dean finds out and follows) like in "The Song Remains The Same" (Could be set in that ep too) and tries to fix things for Dean.

This could mean:
 --He tries to kill past him
 --He tries to stop his mom from having him
 --He tries to change the future.

Prefer no death fics, but feel free to post them for those who do enjoy that kind of story, but please make sure to label them as death fics so I don't read them.

If younger sam and dean are incorporated into the story (pref like Dean is all pissed at older dean for being a dick to Sam) that would be a huge bonus.
Thanks so much :)
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30 July 2014 @ 01:50 am
Hey guys. I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago and forgot to bookmark. =(

It was set in season one, episode 9 Home. I remember that Dean and Sam had to vanquish the spirit of their mother who was still haunting their old house (I don't remember if she was evil or not). She was trying to keep them with her in the house or something (maybe kill them so they would be with her?). Dean was extremely broken by the whole situation.

I do remember at the end when they finally did rid the house of her spirit, John found out and pretty much lost it and yelled at Dean. Dean was a mess and there was a good bit of sobbing and hurt!Dean and Sam comforting him. I'm not really sure how the fic ended.

If anyone remembers this fic and has a link, I'd appreciate the share. Thanks in advance <3

05 July 2014 @ 02:42 pm
Hello all, I'm here looking for some stories with Sam abuses Dean:

1. They still live together, hunt together and Sam is not really evil, just always angry and abusive and can't control himself, it can be a storm of abuse or just some punch. Maybe it's because of the demon blood or Sam is jeolous or his head is too messed up that he believe Dean hates him or he blames Dean for something or simply just because he's angry, ect. I hope it's not only one time but repeatedly. Bonus point if at some point Sam feels guilty, bigger bonus for Dean's low self esteem, think he deserves it and doesn't blame Sam.

2. Pre-series mean Sam bullies Dean (with or without knowing).

3. Dean comes out and gets hurt because of a homophobia Sam

And again, bonus point for guilty!sam and Dean's low self essteem.

No possessed!sam and lucifer!sam, robo!sam is okay if Dean hasn't find out that yet. Wincest is good but bottom!dean only please. Lol this is funny since I really really don't hate Sam, just in the mood, Thank you x100000 :kiss kiss:
I am finding several fanfics these days hope anyone can help me.

1)My friend told me is Sam change the past, but only he remember, Sam and Dean have sex then Dean feel guilty and send Sam to find their Dad, but while working with John, John being crashed and raped Sam, Sam run away hunt alone few years, meanwhile Dean married the girl Cassie, Sam sometime come to visit but stop coming when Cassie pregnant, leave a baby bed for present, but the yellow eye demon get Cassie but the baby is protect by the bed, Sam occurred to save Dean and two brother reunion, Dean finally notice Sam being raped before and he is going to find out the truth.

2)After 516, Dean throw the amulet away, but Sam take it back from rubbish bin and wash it , then he swallow it then two go hunting as usual, several days after Dean notice Sam didn't talk these days, then find out Sam's throat got cut by the amulet and he lose his voice can't talk ever.
The funny thing is the amulet is used to find god, everyone think Sam already said yes to Lucifer, no one trust him, and he can't even talk to them.

3)A bigbang story, Jensen take Jared home whom is homeless, Jared has mental problem and wear a red coat in lady style.

4)RPS, Jensen meet Jared at CW sinner party, I am not quite remember who told Jensen about Jared is a slut and sleep with everybody, I think is Chris? Actually Jared's manager used Jared sleep with the director to trade or pay his debt,and make Jared think that's why he get the role. Then there is rumors about CW will cut SPN, Jared went to the senior office and offer the deal he used to do, at that time he find out his director've been lie and use him, meanwhile Chris said will tell the public about how slut of Jared. Jensen went to Jared's house, Jared ask him to take care his dogs, and his hand has a gun. Jensen finally fall in love with Jared and happy ending.

5)Jensen meet a guy who look exactly like his co star partner Jared, his name is Sean, then they have sex, but the next day the man wake up is Jared and he can't remember anything, it seems Sean is Jared's other personality. It seems a series story.

Does anyone remember?

And there are few stories my friends searching for, but I only know the name some may not even know who write it, I search & google it but most of them are deleted or some of the links is not available and hard to find:

2)4 Stories of author Feather touch, but I'd like to collect the whole stories she write, not only this four stories!
Branded Yours
Forever Bound
Collared Hearts
Children of Men

3)Damaged Verse by cherryscott | PG - NC-17 (Jared/Dean)
Morning in the Evening
Crazy Faith

4)Such A Pretty Boy
Red As Blood

5)de-age sam

I hope someones can help me please!If anybody have a copy about those deleted story please send to my email, thank you very much!
08 June 2014 @ 01:18 pm
I'm looking for any recs where someone takes care of Dean either because he's been hurt, has a concussion, nightmares- doesn't matter. They could be wiping away blood from wounds, massaging him, washing his hair, tucking him in, anything that is sweet and tender. And it can be anyone caring for Dean. If the fic is slash I don't want it to be sexual. I just need some old fashioned loving on Dean!
22 May 2014 @ 11:42 pm
I'm terrible at finding good fics so i just wanted general searches:

-Fics involving greek mythology!
-Swingers (in a relationship but date other ppl)
-Jensen's first kiss (maybe him being adorable)
-Anything where jensen or dean cry
17 May 2014 @ 12:27 pm
Hey everyone!

I am looking for pre-series fics where Dean gets badly injured (could be anything- from getting hurt on a hunt to getting hit by a car etc...) and Sam and John are genuinly scared that they are going to lose him.
I would really love for a young Sam to freak out at the possibility of Dean dying and maybe John trying to comfort him.
Bonus points if Dean and Sam had a fight before the accident happened, or Sam having said some cruel things to his brother and now feeling terribly guilty for it.

Please no death!fic or wincest!

Thank youuuu!!
15 April 2014 @ 11:51 am
What I am looking for is a specific story and I can't remember the name for the life of me. So, what I remember is that it had like over 100 chapters I think. Jared was in high school, and Jensen was a millionaire and they met at Jared's work, Jared's family was not OK with him being gay, his mother was conspiring to kill him I think. I do remember there being a trial for his brother and mother for attempted murder. Anyway before that, Jared's friends tried to frame him by spray painting on the Jensen's support group for gays building. J2 also got married and Jared's parents tried to stop it, or showed up or something. That's all I really have, I really hope some of you can help me!


21 March 2014 @ 09:24 am
Hey anyone remember this one fic where Sam is a teenager and I think dean is twenty and they move again and sam is really sad about it and cries at night. Eventually he meets this you coach who's is like late twenties early thirties who he really likes and finds out he lives next door so he always goes over and stuff and they have sex until one day dean sees them kissing an does in with a gun to threaten the guy. Ring any bells??
15 February 2014 @ 01:40 pm
1. I love established relationship fics, specifically fics where Dean and Cas find themselves doing really mundane/normal things. This time around I really want some fics about them fighting, bickering, or annoying each other. It'd be cool to see them in a hunting situation but I also love AUs. It'd be even better if Sam or any of the other side characters are just completely done with their shit. (No Sabriel or Wincest please)

2. I would love a fic about little Dean getting to act like a normal kid or teenager. I would prefer him as a little kid but I'm fine with him being older. I would really like seeing him either getting excited over something like a toy/movie/play date, him getting scared and wanting his daddy, or (most preferred) him throwing a tantrum. I'm also totally cool with deaged!Dean.
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07 December 2013 @ 09:51 am
im searching for a fic where Dean was hurt/disabeld/sick and he is on the road with Sam.
Sam get´s him a bodypillow, so that Dean can bear the pain better.

Thanks for advice!

PS Sorry, for misstakes.English ist not my language.
I'm going crazy to find this fic. I don't remember what happened in details, I think it's on AO3 but i couldn't find it anywhere!
It was posted before the actual beginning of season 9, and

Spoiler for early Season 9 )

If you can find it, i'll be forever grateful! Thank you!

(Please mods, i tried to put season 9 stuff inside a cut, but in the preview it doesn't work, maybe i'm doing something wrong, can you put it inside the cut for me? Thank you!)
Hi, this is my first post on this community. I hope to do everything ok.

I'm searching for fics in which there is a BDSM relationship focused on discipline and punishment from the Dom to the bad Sub. I'd prefer if there is strong love between Dom and Sub, so the punishments are not for pleasure, only for learning a lesson. guilty!Sub willing to accept whatever the Master decides because he knows that he's been bad. Emotional!Sub scared to be sent away for his mistakes. The trasgression is not important (disrespect, brattiness, forget the rules ecc) and not specific punishments, too. I prefer spanking, caning, CBT and similar, painful but with no lasting damages. Whatever punishment can be effective on the emotional side of the Sub is okay, too. No safewording, no blood. I wish to see aftercare, even if it arrives after a couple of days to stuck the lesson better. Nothing is too harsh, so don't worry about it. Crying!Sub it's ok, for guilty, fear (not of Master but to be sent away) or pain.
Other than BDSM realtionship, it's ok A/B/O realtionship and puppy!play with the puppy punished.
I prefer J2 or Destiel (no preference for top or bottom between J2; in Destiel, bottom!Cas is better but i'll take bottom!Dean, too), but I gladly take Dean/Sam, Sam/Castiel (top!Castiel) and Dean/Sam/Castiel, too. No Samifer or Sabriel, please.

Other fics that i'd be glad to read are the ones with a bad Dom/Alpha and a damaged Sub/Omega who thinks to be useless and craves to serve another Dom/Alpha better. I'd prefer a slow relationship between the two, with Dom/Alpha caring and loving and Sub/Omega slowly becoming more confident. Discipline is good, too, but nothing harsh that could ruin the Sub/Omega's progresses. Dom/Alpha has to know his boy's limits.
I'd prefer only J2 for this (with Sub/Omega!Jensen, if it's possible and caring Dom/Alpha!Jared) or Dean/Sam relationship.

Third type is lighter. I'd love to see Sam as the big brother for once, so deaged!Dean fics. No loss of memories, Dean conscious to be the big brother but willing (after some time or right away) to be taken care of by Sam.

Specific fic is a spanking fic. I seem to recall that the boys were in a relationship and Sam made a mess in the hotel room he and Dean were staying while his brother was gone, and he didn't put the salt lines, so when Dean came back, he spaked him and at one point he handcuffed him for something (struggle or because he told him to stay quite and he didn't) and Sam started to cry while getting the handcuffs because he hated to be handcuffed. I also remember that Dean tells Sam something like "If you wanted a spanking, you could have ask instead of made such a mess" after punishment is over. I thought to have it bookmarked, but obviously i was wrong >.<

Sorry for bad english, i'm italian and i did the best i could! Hope you guys can help me! Thanks in advance!
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03 November 2013 @ 11:13 pm
For the past week now, my sister has been in the ICU at a children's hospital - So right now, I'm craving some hurt/comfort!boys. Preferably with one of the J's being very protective over the other and mother-henning. :) It doesn't matter the extent of the injury - just that they're in the hospital for it, maybe even for an extended period of time? My only MAJOR request are:

2) ONLY J2 (Jensen/Jared)
4) WARN ME IF IT's A WIP? :(

The longer the better! My favorite is probaby hurt/sick!Jensen and super-protective/or/guilty!Jared.

Please and thank you!
13 October 2013 @ 07:34 pm
I remember most of this story - I think I've read it six times but right now, for the life of me, I can't find it or remember what the heck it was called. This is what I remember:

Jensen is a college freshman(?) and he wants to lose his virginity, so, he goes to a club and meets Jared. The two of them hit it off and go back to Jared's place and hook up. In the morning, Jensen wakes up before Jared and leaves because he's just counting it as a one-night-stand - even though they both really got along.

Before long, Jensen finds out that he's pregnant and goes to find Jared but realizes the club is closed and he wanders around Jared's neighborhood for hours - pregnant, confused and stressed out. Eventually he goes to a coffee shop for orange juice or something and runs into Jared there. Something happens and Jensen starts crying.

Some other parts I remember are:
+Jensen has an asshole dorm-mate.
+Jared is an author/writer
+Jared is $$$ rich.
+Jared has more than one car.
+They move in together.
+Jared goes with Jensen to his parents house and it isn't pretty.

Please help me find it! :(

Hi everyone,
I love this fandom, and every last one of it fans! I need help finding a fic. that I read a long time ago, and can't seem to find.

Jensen has been abused in one way or another during his time on every TV show he's been on (emotionally, physically, sexually). He has severe PTSD, and uses drugs, and other self-harming tactics to cope, and to deal with his past abuse.

When he joins the SPN cast and meets Jared feelings develop between the J's, but Jensen is severely damaged but wants to be a stronger, and better person for Jared and eventually tells Jared about all the abuse. I remember Jared feeling overwhelmed, and torn between being happy that Jensen finally starts to tell him his painful past, and physically ill from Jensen's sometimes awkward, and sudden outburst of all the ugly things he went through.

I also remember that Jensen actually believed he wasn't worthy of love, friendship, or even being in Jared's company, and that he was very vulnerable and the story made me cry.

Oh, and Jared has a fight outside of a movie rental place with an old abuser of Jensen's, because the CW star starts calling Jensen a whore, and slut. I think the old abuser actually was with another CW star that he was currently dating, and Jared felt sorry for the new boyfriend and eventually helped that actor out of his abusive relationship with the unknown abuser. If I remember correctly Jensen and the other abused CW star both end up living with Jared. Also, Jared gets physically, and emotional ill himself from neglecting his own needs and putting Jensen's first all the time.

I hope someone remembers this story because I can't find it:-D

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Hey guys, so I was wondering if you guys would help me find some destiel or even gen fics where Cas says or does something so hurtful to Dean that he actually starts crying or just gets really visibly upset. I'd prefer it if Cas felt guilty about upsetting Dean but it's not necessarily a requirement. :) I'd prefer if the fic was completed, thanks!
28 July 2013 @ 01:05 pm
Hey there!

I'm on a hunt for stories about Jared (or anyone really) being concerned about Jensen's weight loss.

It could be because he's been sick, stressed, depressed or whatever the situation.  I just want some serious concern by friends or family.  Maybe some tears?  I love a crying Jensen, not gonna lie!

It can be AU or Non and if it's J2 that's a huge bonus but as long as there is some concern for Jensen and his health in the story, I'll be happy!
The two fics I'm looking for are hurt!Sam(obviously) and I hope someone can help me ifnd them quickly.  I've been looking for them for a long time and if you help me I will love you forever.

1) I don't remember what season it was in but I think it was season 2.  Anyway Sam was kidnapped by a monster(don't remember what) and he was tied up in a basement that had a bad leek and it was storming.  When Dean and Bobby find him the water is high eough that he almost drowns and that is pretty much all I remember.  Oh and it also contained awesome!Dean and Bobby with hurt!and-possibly-sick!Sam

2) Set in either season 1 or 2.  Sam fell down a mine shaft on a hunt(I'm thinking it was for a wendigo) and ended up with a concussion.  It took Dean a long time to find him and Sam was out of it and possibly sick.  I honestly don't remember much more so I hope someone can help.

3) Sam got hit by a car and was left on the side of the road.  Dean found him and he knew Sam was dying so he stayed with him and cuddled right there on the side of the road.  After Sam dies he comes back (temporarily) as a ghost to talk to Dean before he moves on.

Sorry if any of these are really vague but I haven't read any of them for a while.

Oh and please recommend any hurt/sick!Sam from either season 1 or 2!
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18 July 2013 @ 10:30 pm
I know I know I just made another post looking for fics but this thought just came to me.

Are there any fics where Dean suffers from anxiety? Or has an anxiety attack? Or anything related to it like a mental breakdown or such?

Dean centric preferably, with no incest/wincest though

but Destiel encouraged!

17 July 2013 @ 10:51 pm
Looking for any kind of destiel fic where Dean's fear of flying comes up again.

no wincest please thanks!
I'm looking for two specific fics this time!

1) Jensen and Jared are kidnapped by a crazy fan that thinks they are Sam and Dean.  I remember that he makes Jensen carve his name into Jared's arm and rub salt into it so that they can get food and water but the cut I THINK ends up getting infected and Jared almost dies before the police find them.  This was J2 and I'm pretty sure it was a journal.

2) Sam and Dean get in a fight-don't remember what about-and Sam walks off to cool down.  It's winter or something and their stuck in a blizzard.  Sam ends up getting attacked and raped.  He tries to make it back to their motel but can't and Dean goes to look for him.  When he finds Sam he has hypothermia and since they can't get back to their motel he takes them to a shelter.  I can't remember much else but I', pretty sure it's gen and on

3) Anything where Sam or Jared has an allergic reaction to something or has hypothermia!  Wincest J2 or Gen are fine with me.

Edit: Stories 1&2 are found!  Links in the comments!

I also am looking for a new story but I'm too lazy to make another entry so I'll just add it here.

It was on and their was no pairing.  It was set in late season 1.  Sam comes back to the motel alone and hurt when he had been investigating with John.  The two had been attacked and John was almost killed but Sam used his powers and saved John.  John left him to go to a bar and I think Sam had to walk back to the hotel with broken ribs.  When John comes back he and Dean get in a fight in which John calls Sam a freak and Sam hears...I can't remember much else.  Oh and if there are any other stories where John says/does something to hurt Sam then feels guilty about it I would love to know about them!  I don't however want stories where John is a bad dad and intentionally hurts Sam!  I just want guilty!John and hurt!Sam fluff!
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29 June 2013 @ 01:21 am
Okay so I'me looking for this specific fic. It's teenchesters and Sam is in love with Dean but feeling really neglected and he starts freaking out and crying at night. One night Dean finds him and the next day he convinces their dad to like, keep them in one place for a while. So Sam gets involved with basketball and Dean works at a garage, but there's this older guy (20s-30s) who is the athletic manager who starts to hang out with Sam. They're neighbors so when they start hooking up, one day Dean sees and gets really angry and tells Sam that there's a difference between someone who loves you and one who wants you.I remember a part where John thinks Dean should give Sam the talk and stuff at one point~

Any general fics with confused/sad teenchester sam is welcome too!

24 June 2013 @ 09:14 pm
I just came across this story at an old Dean H/C meme and was wondering if there were any others like it -

I'm looking for stories where a lot was put on Dean's shoulders as a child and Sam finds out. Maybe Dean was emotionally/physically abused as a child and Sam finds out later. I always thought that comment Dean makes in DSOTM about when John found out Sam ran away was telling and would love a fic that mentions it. Please no sexual abuse. I'm open to those roles being reversed too if need be and it being Sam who went through this and Dean finds out. But anything h/c and schmoopy where they discuss this issue would be amazing. I just love stories where Sam takes care of Dean for once. So if anyone knows of fic that fits such a generalization of Sam being the temporary big bro, I'm more than open to reading it!
26 May 2013 @ 12:24 pm
I don't really know how to start this, so I'm just going to jump in. Fair warning, this list is long. Also, I'd just like non-Wincest fics.

1. crying!Dean fics. I don't care why he's crying, I just want him crying and Sam or John comforting him.
2. Dean or John is deaged and Same has to take care of them.
3. blind, deaf, hurt, or sick!Dean with Sam taking care of him. I don't care if how hard the injury is or how sick Dean is, if he's been blind or deaf since birth, if it's permanent or just part of a curse.
4. protective or smart!Sam. Just something where Dean or John realize that Sammy isn't little anymore.
5. girl!Sam. Because I'd bet she'd be awesome, I'd prefer Dean is still a boy, unless
6. doctor!Sam. At least have taken some classes, and how'd that would affect their hunts.
7. Crossovers with Criminal Minds (with a focus on Sam and Reid) or SuperWhoLock crossovers. Any kind. Though a focus on Sam, the Elventh Doctor, and Sherlock would be loved.
8. Sam as teenaged father please, or Sam with a daughter.
9. Sam realizing he's gay or bi, and John and Dean's reactions
10. Sam going back just mentally and impressing everyone with his knowledge, or physically and everyone wondering what the hell happened to make him like this.
11. abused!Dean. Any kind, but I'd like the main on it to focus on his recovery.
12. teen!Sam getting addicted to any kind of drugs or starts cutting.
13. teen!Dean getting an eating disorder or being raped and a focus on his recovery.
14. Basically any Castiel/Sam fics that don't meet any of these requirements. No porn unless it's part of a much larger story.

19 May 2013 @ 12:07 pm
Read more... Some inappropriate details )
I remember reading a long wincest fic, it was in season 5, and ruby was still alive. Dean and Sam were at odds. Sam found a D/s store and bought a beginners bag. He gave it to Dean and told Dean to think about it. Dean called Sam on the phone and told him to lie on the bed with the lights off. Sam did. and Dean put the collar on Sam, and said it starts when Dean says, and ends when Dean says. Dean tied Sam up and "whipped" him and Sam got hard. and after a little while they had really hot, rough sex. Then Dean felt really guilty and took the collar off Sam. Sam was sad, Dean said they needed some time apart, but Sam didn't leave the town. Dean and Sam were crying a lot. After a couple days or so they got back together and had more sex. ;) around there they captured, tortured and killed Ruby. There is a scene in a diner, Sam isn't aloud to talk, and Dean feeds him. Sam is tied up. then they stopped the apocalypse, and Dean and Sam were going to ask to marry each other or something... I think thats all the details i can remember. it was on lj and it was bottom!Sam thanks!
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Hi y'all !

I'm looking for some really really really saddening J2 fics!
I prefer long ones, but the length doesn't actually matter.
I'm fine with self harm or attempted suicide tics, but I'd rather not have death fics.
The ending does not have to be happy.

(Rating doesn't matter)

Thanks in advance ! xxx