08 November 2015 @ 12:45 am
Hi all, I'm all new to LiveJournal and I was wondering if you could help quench my thirst for some particular SPN fics (Canon or AU I don't mind + I'm up for Destiel but please no Wincest):

1)I absolutely adore Castiel but I also love de-aged fics and so I thought why not combine the two and ask if anyone knew any good mentally de-aged Castiel fics and so here I am. If you have any other de-aged fics to rec that'd be great too.

2) Castiel with mental disorders (such as seizures, DID or Autism - like A Postcard for Castiel by almaasi etc).

3) Cas turning creature would be pretty good too. No specifics though. Maybe some angst.

4) Any fics where Dean chose Sam over Cas to save or Cas sacrifices himself.

5) Highschool AUs where Cas is poor, has a crap family (abused?) and maybe drug taking while Dean is rich and basically has everything Cas doesn't.

6) Any angsty cursed Castiel fics. I've already read Insult to Injury by strangenessandcharm and loved it so anything like that.

7) And finally, (and thank you for staying with me) I recently read Forget-me-not blues by noangelsinthegarrison and loved it so I was wondering if anyone knew any other fics about bullied Castiel, bully Dean and reunions.

Basically pure angst and fluff.

Thanks for the help :)
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Looking for 2 Gen Fics: Wee!chesters+ fledgling Cas+John+Gabriel & autistic Castiel

Its been a while since I last read these two fics. They may have been deleted and if so I am hoping someone was smarter than I was and managed to save a copy of them.

The first one: Wee!chesters + fledgling Castiel + John + Gabriel
found: Plan B by: Kitkat0114 https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7892342/1/Plan-B

John kind of freaks out about the baby angel. I remember John tries to ditch Castiel a couple of times and Gabriel rescues Cas and drops him back off with John and the kids. Gabriel is getting pretty fed up with John. Also, the last time John tried to ditch Castiel it was in a restaurant and when John got back to the hotel Missouri called him up and gave him an earful about responsibility and I think she even threatens to come after John with her spoon if he does not stop his foolishness.

Second fic features autistic castiel. He’s non-verbal. Adult Guardian Dean takes Castiel to a shop for clothes and the lady offers to sew angel wings on Castiel’s trenchcoat.
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24 March 2015 @ 11:19 pm
When I first started out with Supernatural fan fiction (which wasn't all that long ago), I found this great fic where both Dean and Castiel were de-aged, but Sam wasn't. I believe Dean lost his memories but Castiel didn't because only his vessel was shrunk so he kept his memories (?). Dean and Cas were really cute together (but I can't remember if it was in a Destiel way or not). There was this one scene where Dean is talking about John or Mary, and then Castiel, not knowing it would scare Dean, tells him that they are both dead, and then not knowing it would frighten him more, Castiel tells Dean that they are in Hell. I can't remember much more.

Also, there was another one where Dean got de-aged, and both Cas and Sam were there, but they weren't de-aged. I think Dean grew, like, three years older every night, or something like that, and he only had memories up until the point in his life of whatever age he was currently at. I also think it was a really painful process to grow while he was asleep. It was also Destiel, and there was a whole thing about Dean falling for Cas, but Cas telling him to wait until he was older and remembered everything (or something to that effect).

I have been looking for weeks, so if anyone could find these I would SO appreciate it!
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22 January 2015 @ 12:05 pm
I could've sworn that I'd bookmarked these two fics, but evidence to the contrary proves me wrong.

1. I'm 90% sure that this one was on fanfiction.net: Castiel and Sam woke up de-aged one day, and Dean takes care of them. Cas was about six-months, and Sam was three or four (years, not months). At some point Dean takes them to the zoo and they both get stuffed animals - Sam gets a dog and Cas gets a lion. Also, Bobby was still alive during this fic.

2. A more recent fic - Sam and Castiel cured demon!Dean, and then Cas' stolen grace starts failing and he gets really sick. Eventually Sam and Dean save his life by using a needle to draw the grace out, leaving Castiel human.
21 March 2014 @ 07:15 pm

I'm looking for a specific fic which I really want to find which had either Dean or Cas being deaged and taken into like a children's home, sorry I can't remember which one was deaged but I'm fairly certain it was one of them and not Sam.
21 March 2014 @ 04:04 pm
This was a series with two short fics that I read a while ago on AO3, but I think have been taken down?
Castiel had been deaged, the how/why either i can't remember or wasnt specified. In the first fic Dean was getting Cas a new coat, and Cas picked out a trench coat. Dean got wings sown onto the back of it. In the second fic Dean was enrolling Cas into Kindergarten. The specific thing about these fic was that Cas was autistic and didnt talk at all.
I'd really love to find them, so if anyone knows what I'm talking about and/or where I can find them again, that'd be brilliant
29 December 2013 @ 10:32 pm
hi, sorry ive posted on here so much but im going on holiday to the U.S.A soon and i just want to find a load of things to read on the plane and buses.

Gen is prefered for everything but destiel is okay aswell

1. fics where it includes a Cas and Bobby bonding or protective!bobby moment
2. fics where Cas is really considered part of the family and he gets reassured by the boys or bobby that he is part of the family.
3. cursed dean fics
4. cursed cas fics
5. misha centric fics
6. hurt and whumped on misha fics (I've already read the bee allergy one)
7. fics that involve Castiel's wings (no slash)
8. A specific fic which i cant find; John's family are alive and they're all insanely huggy and are constantly carrying sam around who at the time is super short for his age, it sounds kind of strange but they're constantly sitting on each others knees. That is literally all i can remember but i'd love to find this again.
9. There's this one fic 'Questing for Home' which has been deleted by [livejournal.com profile] kitty_alex i read the summary and would love to read it if anyone had a new link to it or it saved original link: http://kitty-alex.livejournal.com/242628.html (summary of fic: Castiel ends up getting injured in battle and when he wakes up, he finds himself in a four year-old body.)
07 September 2013 @ 11:44 am
Okay the past month or so I've been in love with Curtain,domestic,and kid fics. I read The New Normal (loved and waiting for the next part) and Chicago'verse (I'm still iffey on it,but it was good). Basically what I'm looking for is:

1:Any fics where Sam/Dean stop hunting (fully or halfway) and get a house/apartment or just use the batcave,and they start to become domesticated. Can be any rating just must be Wincest.

2:Fics like The New Normal where Cas or Gabriel or both are de-aged and Sam and Dean have to raise them and its just schmoop and love all around. Any rating,must be Wincest.

3:Fics where Sam/Dean get married/have kids/get a dog or just something like that where it's a big decision or step they make as a couple. Any rating,must be Wincest.

Please and thank you! :3
Hey guys! So recently I've had a serious craving for some fics where Jensen, Jared, Dean, Sam or Castiel is mentally, not physically, deaged. I'm perfectly happy with Wincest, J2, Destiel, or gen recs, just as long as they meet that criteria. :) I would appreciate it if none of the prompts had fics involving non-con and also don't want any WIP fics unless they are being regularly updated. Length isn't important. Thanks a ton for any and all help! :)

Hi, guys! I'm looking for complete (or regularly updated WIPs) first time Wincest stories of the Dean/Sam persuasion. Any rating and length is fine as long as the story is good and well written. These are the themes I'm interested in right now:

01) Stories in which both Sam and Dean both travel back in time and (for lack of a better term) repossess their younger bodies so they can go about changing some things they want changed. If only one brother goes back, however, I want him to tell the other brother everything so they can still work as a team and also because of trust issues. I have read both 'It's The Blueprint Of Your Life' by Queenklu and 'Sam Winchester's Helpful Hints For Stopping The Apocalypse' by Hopenight and loved them both, which is why I'm making this request.

02) Stories in which John is abusive (emotionally, mentally, physically, and/or sexually) toward Sam and Dean catches him at it, then stands up for his younger brother - possibly even taking Sam and leaving, threatening, beating, or outright killing John depending on the type of abuse and how bad it is. Then Dean should do everything in his power to take care of and comfort Sam. I have read 'No Fortunate Son' by Nocturniquette as well as a few other stories featuring John as a major asshole, but there can never be too many of them as far as I'm concerned.

03) Stories in which Sam is raped by someone else (but not Dean unless he is possessed or something) and Dean takes care of and comforts him, possibly even getting revenge on Sam's behalf. Maybe they could even go to counseling together to help Sam recover and to help Dean help him and also get over any guilt he may feel. Even going to someone they know like Bobby, Ellen, Castiel, or whoever instead of a professional would be cool.

04) Stories in which the boys somehow end up with a child, either through male pregnancy or adoption (even if the adoption isn't done through legal channels) and either settle down (doing the Bobby thing and occasionally taking hunts but not like they used to) or raise the kid on the road like they were raised but doing a better job of it than John had. I've read 'Phoenix Rising' by Slytherinblack and 'Houses Out Of Cardboard Boxes' by Cherie_morte and would love to read more.

05) Stories in which both boys become non-evil creatures and mate with each other or where both boys become warlocks or psychics or whatever and obtain powers (again without becoming evil). Stories in which the boys are bonded in some way would be great too, no matter what the reason. Their new abilities should make them even better at hunting. I've read several stories with soul bonding, but I haven't read many non-evil creature fics and I don't think I've ever read a fic where both boys get magical or psychic powers.

06) Stories in which Dean somehow finds out the truth about what happened in Broward County and realizes that Sam can't live without him any more than he can live without Sam, leading to a lot of hurt/comfort, chick flick moments, and Dean starting to fight for his life instead of acting like he has a death wish all of the time.

07) Stories in which someone important to them (like Bobby or Castiel) work to get Dean and Sam together as a couple.

08) Stories in which the brothers fall in love slowly, with lots of flirting, teasing, touching, and maybe even some cuddling and accidental dating.

09) Stories with super hot and/or really tender sex.

10) Stories in which one of the boys gets majorly jealous over the other and stakes a claim.

11) Stories in which the brothers get off on their blood relation.

12) Stories with bloodplay, knifeplay, and/or biting.

13) Stories in which the boys get hitched.

14) Stories in which incest saves the world somehow.

15) Stories in which Dean either goes to Stanford with Sam or Sam doesn't go to Stanford at all.

I also have on specific search: I read a story once in which Gabriel rescued Castiel and Dean from Purgatory and both angels got deaged, leaving the brothers to raise them.

Well, that's all, please help me! I'd really appreciate it!

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20 June 2013 @ 09:45 am
I really want to find some de-aged Cas or Dean fics, I've been craving them like crazy, but I've already read quite a few and haven't been able to find many.
I don't mind whether they're oneshot ones or really long stories. I don't even mind if they're a WIP or completed. I'm just super craving de-aged fics :)
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17 June 2013 @ 10:37 am

1. im trying to find some stories in which Sam and Cas are bonding or consider each other to be friends.

2. Cas and Sam hugging for any reason really.
(An example for the first two is I Would Hug You )

3. Any de-aged Dean or Cas stories, ive read most of the ones on fanfiction.net and quite a few on A03, so i really want to find some on LJ.

4. Sam and Cas saving each other. (An example would be The Other Guardian in which Sam gets taken and Cas is the one to find him).

5. I really want to find some delicious accounts surrounding Cas!whump and people being there for him.
10 June 2013 @ 04:21 am
Gen please! it can be either Sam that gets de-aged, Dean or Cas that gets de-aged, but I've been aching for de-aged fics and I really want to read some :)

thanks in advanced!!
03 May 2013 @ 06:08 pm

I am in need of any deaged!cas baby!cas, would love ones were the boys have to take care of him.

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09 April 2013 @ 08:24 am

I feel like I'm going crazy looking for this fic! I read it a couple of months ago so hopefully it's not taken down. Can't remember where I read it, but I remember the story quite well.

Castiel is turned into a kid, I think it was by witches but I'm not really sure. But it was by some kind of curse, laid on Cas or Dean (I think the curse had something to do with Cas being turned because he was the one thing closest to Dean's heart, I might be wrong on this one though).
I think Dean, Cas and Sam where staying at a motel while they tried to figure it all out. Sam called Bobby a couple of times and they seemed to have found the solution, but Sam didn't tell Dean about it. I think he told Cas about it though, Dean was the only one not knowing. Eventually we found out that in order to break the curse, Dean had to figure out the solution by himself. If he didn't, Cas would stay a child for a while but then die. In the end, we found out that Dean had to realize and tell Cas he loved him, to break the curse. I think he did while laying on his bed with baby Cas in his arms; Cas told Dean he loved him and then Dean said it back. The next morning when they both woke up Cas had been turned back and was an adult again. Dean realized he loved his angel like this and yeah, the end :)

If you guys know it I'll be thankful forever! :D

I am looking for a specific Dean/Castiel fic, which begins with a teenager who played a prank on a retired Dean's house. He's forced to help Dean clean up the house and slowly begins to develop a friendship with him. It's a great outsider POV, especially when the teen overhears Dean and Sam arguing about a mysterious lost friend. Then it turns out spoilers! )

I've tried all my Google skills but since I know neither the author nor the title I'm drawing a blank. Help would be appreciated!

ETA: Found! Thank you!
22 February 2013 @ 02:18 am
Hey guys, so I'm looking for fics where Sam, Dean, Castiel, Jensen, Jared, or Misha is MENTALLY deaged, not physically. So please only suggest fics where they keep their adult bodies but just mentally think their children please :). I don't really care if the fic is Wincest, J2, or gen, as long as it has cute mentally deaged boys I'm fine. No WIP fics pleased, only completed stories.Thanks a ton in advance!!
07 November 2012 @ 02:50 pm
hello @all ,
a couple of days ago i read a fic,where cas is turned into a seven-year old boy by (i think) zachariah and he went to dean and sam. this fic only has one chapter so far,but stupid little me forgot to marked it and where i saw it.soooooooo help please
07 September 2012 @ 11:57 am
hey everyone,

I would love a story similar to that of My Brother's Keeper » by Otterling,

I just love baby cas fics and protective!Dean Protective!Sam and Protective!Bobby it is just so cute also a maybe helpful Crowley and Gabriel are a plus 
24 July 2012 @ 05:32 pm
(sorry mods about last post! I believe I fixed it this time ;)

I've read a lot of deaged Cas, but no recently so I'm asking for your guys favs! Self recs very welcomed :)
12 July 2012 @ 02:06 pm
I've went through all the deaged tags I can find, but I havent really found any that have the deaged person being younger physically AND mentally.

So if you guys could recs some fics with:
de-aged sam with dean taking care of him, or vice versa, that would be awesome! I just really want some fics that have the person being deaged mentally as well as physically.

Or, de-aged Cas with the boys looking after him would be great.

I would prefer no wincest, but if it;s a great story that just happens to contain wincest, go for it! :)

#2: anything that involves Sam being bullied would be great! And protective dean is a bonus, but not neccessary

AU or non-AU is fine for both of these!

Thank you guys in advance <3
26 May 2012 @ 12:59 pm
Does anybody remember a story where Cas gets turned into a baby and the boys have to take care of him? It has two different endings...

Just the name, not the link..


(EDIT) Thanks! I was mixing them in my head thinking it was only one story! Silly me, this is better :D
26 April 2012 @ 12:46 pm
This one's driving me nuts, guys:

This was a season 7 fix-it fic, where God came back (as Chuck, I think) and saved Castiel from being killed when Dean stabbed him.  They disappeared for a while, and then Gabriel comes to Bobby's house with little!Cas and leaves him with them. Cas has wings poking out of his back (I remember them shopping in a store with a bunch of women wondering where they could get some for their kids), and was very afraid of Dean. Um... let's see: I also remember a flashback scene with God!Chuck and Cas, where God asks Castiel to worship/bow-down/etc. Him, but Cas refuses because God had never helped/cared in the past. That's when God turned him into a kid. I remember Castiel freaking out (in a bad way) at the end of the scene.

I hope that's enough. Please and thank you!

Edit: Found! It's Burn so Brightly by Judin  Thank you!
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05 April 2012 @ 01:29 pm
A. I'm looking for any de-aged cas fics with wincest. Any fics where either Sam and Dean get together because they have to take care of Cas or they were already together and then end up taking care of Cas and have to deal with raising a kid. Basically anything wincest with bb!cas.

B. I've also read through most of the fics under the deaged!cas tag on here but if anyone has anymore recomendations for Sam and/or Dean taking care of a Castiel even if its not wincest I'd love to here those too. Thanks so much!

P.S. I would also accept J2 with the same premise :)
11 March 2012 @ 04:40 pm
Hey all,
I recently read Maychorian's lovely Coming Down on a Sunny Day, and The Littlest Hunter (http://users.livejournal.com/_bluebells/tag/series:%20littlest%20hunter), and I'm looking for any fics where wee!Cas is raised by John/adopted by John. I'd love an au where Cas isn't an angel, just an abused/neglected/homeless child that Dean befriends, and John and the boys take him in. Anyone?
29 February 2012 @ 05:02 pm
I'm looking for anything that has Sam and Dean and the cast of angels as children/toddlers/babies.

Something like a preschool setting or in a house in which they all live together being taken care of by adult characters (like Bobby, Ellen, or Chuck).

It can be deaged or AU but I'd really like if it had wee!chesters and wee!angels (preferable still angels but I can take a human AU so long as Castiel, Gabriel and such are still there).

I'd love you forever if you could find anything like this!
28 February 2012 @ 05:30 pm
There's one specific fic I'm looking for. Castiel gets turned into a baby and Dean and Sam take care of him. There's bathtime fun, Cas is overly fond of honey packets, and Sam busts out his mad parenting skills.

And I'd also be happy with any de-aged fic out there. I've never been able to find that much of it and I just love it.

Thanks. :D
15 February 2012 @ 01:33 am
HI, I'm looking for an AU fic that has Gabriel fleeing heaven as usual, but he takes Castiel with him. Castiel takes the form of a small boy & they tell humans that they're brothers. They may become hunters, & I think that they go to the Roadhouse at some point. It was a multi-chaptered fic, & was either complete, or nearly-so. Thanks in advance for any & all help:)

Edit: Found! Get Out Alive Thanks:)
27 January 2012 @ 12:58 pm
i am looking for a fics where cas and sam are deaged and dean takes care of them!!!!!
thx 4 helping
I think these might be from the spn blindfold community ,but I've been unable to find it under the tags the community has on Delicious.
Any help would be great!

1)This story is au and there are no monsters.Dean and Castiel are friends.
Castiel is going to go away to seminary school to become a priest and visits Dean before leaving. Dean doesn't allow him to leave and it becomes dubious consent.Castiel doesn't leave for school and moves in with Dean.

2)Castiel is deaged,Dean and Sam find him and lie to him saying that they have been cursed and its because of him.Castiel has to help Sam and Dean every time they get the urge and it's dubious consent.

20 November 2011 @ 12:13 am
Hi there
I have two requests today.
1: Fics where one (or both) of the boys is deaged (don't really mind to what age, though the younger the better). I especially like fics where Castiel (or Gabriel, if possible) makes an appearance or that are even from his pov. Additionally I'm looking for good Deaged!Castiel fics.

2: Fics that can introduce me to Wincest. I've never read any, so I don't really know where to begin. I would prefer pre-slash or at least       not established relationship fics.So if you could rec me your favorite Wincest fics or direct me to rec lists, I would be eternally               grateful ;-) 

Thank you in advance :-)
25 September 2011 @ 10:15 pm
Hey guys!  I've never posted in this community before but I'm a frequent visitor, and I was wondering if you could help me find something.  

I'm looking for a story that starts out as Dean getting hurt or gravely ill or anything like that, but Sam ends up becoming so distraught or wrung-out because of it and trying to nurse Dean back to health that Dean ends up taking care of him in the end?  I don't know of any that exist, so I'm wondering if you do.  

I prefer it not to be slash, but I don't mind if it is.


25 September 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Ok, I am reading a new fic (only 1 part posted, wah) and would like to read more along the same vein.

1. What I'm looking for are stories where Cas (for any reason) has been turned into a child and Dean & Sam have to take care of him. It doesn't matter if it leads to romance (Dean/Castiel only please) or just a great friendship/family story. I would love to read stories where we get to see Cas go from infant to adult (either the normal human way aka slowly or a sped-up way, as in he experiences a babyhood-childhood-teen years-adult in a very short time). If it's a 6.22/7.01 fix-it, even better!!! The "Cas turned into a kid" stories I've read have either had Sam angry and NOT wanting to help (esp after 6.22) or him playing a very minor part so something different (even if tht means DEAN is unwilling at first) would be AWESOME!!!

2. I LOVE LOVE "The French Mistake." I cried, I was laughing so hard. So, are there any stories where somehow, someway Misha survived the attack from the bad angel and it changed him for the better? Whether he stays there and lives his life or even finds a way to Dean & Sam's reality (imagine his shock at learning that his TV show is real! lol) doesn't matter.

Thanx in advance!!!

Oh, and I LOVE long fics so don't be afraid to rec any (and self-recs are as AWESOME as chocolate).
31 August 2011 @ 03:14 am
[01] Looking for anything with deaged!Castiel. Read My Brother's Keeper the other day and now I want more adorable baby angel.

[02] Was wondering if there were any fics out there with Cas/OFC, where the OFC was an angel herself, maybe friends with Gabriel and Castiel? Also I don't mind if you rec me any Cas/OFC fics that you like.
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