29 August 2017 @ 12:18 am
I'm looking for two specific fics.
1. about dean being de-aged. Can't remember how old he is but he's pretty young. He and Sam was in a relationship and Dean wanted to have sex. They got busted by the police when they were in the act or something. I think the police think that sam is into little boys or something. I can't remember much more.

And 2. A Gift of Release by Flutie4Lifes. Was looking through my reading list and noticed that it was deleted from fanfiction.net. Was wondering if someone had copy or know where I can find it.

Thanks in advance.
14 May 2017 @ 12:25 am
I've recently found the part of the fandom that is ageplay/infantilism and personally I find it really adorable and an interesting read. I know that there are many fics out there, but I am specifically looking for anything where Sam is the little/baby.
I don't mind if this also happens to be alongside Dean being regressed as well, but I haven't been able to get on with when he is put as younger than Sam, so any stories with them being regressed but Sam still being the younger would be great.
Also, all non-sexual please.

03 February 2017 @ 06:38 pm
I'm looking for stories with Sam or Dean being deaged to a child. For any reason they stay that way and the other brother decides to raise him as his own. They could change back, but I would prefer either of them to stay a child. I've read some a while back,but for the life of me I can't find them or anything similar. Please help.
01 November 2016 @ 07:29 pm
I'm looking for a story that I read a long time ago. I can't remember if it is a Jared and Jensen story, or a Sam and Dean story. I think it was Sam and Dean. I know Dean and Sam were doing something, and Sam got hurt. Dean wanted to help, but he remembered that Sam told him that he would only live this lifestyle if Dean remained a 'baby'. He told Dean that the moment that he was an adult again, what they had between them would be over. When Sam got hurt, Dean was upset about it because he didn't want it to end, but he had no choice but to call the ambulance. The paramedics came and was disturbed by the sight of Dean in a diaper. I'm sorry that's all I remember.
08 October 2016 @ 09:29 pm
I'm looking fo a fic I read a few months ago on fanfiction.net. Dean was deaged when Castiel saved him from hell, he was 8 I think and was found by some sort of social service, they called Bobby and was the one taking care of Dean.
Dean was kind of afraid of Sam because of his demon-blood addiction.
I think was also something about some plush toy with magical protections and soothing runes on it.
25 July 2016 @ 10:32 pm
For some reason, I'm dying for fics where Dean is sent to a universe where the canon events haven't happened, or time-travels back to when he was younger, yet he still has all his memories. Also, does anyone know of some fics where Mary finds out what the boys have been through and doesn't react well to it? Basically any fics where alternate universe or pre-series Mary/John/Sam meet canon!Dean.

(In case you want examples, some really good ones that I've read so far are:)

If I Knew Then What I Know Now:
Given an opportunity to change his family's destiny, Dean Winchester finds himself back in 1983 as his four year old self, yet with his adult memories still intact. But can he alter the events of that tragic night? And if so, will young Dean, his family, and Castiel be ready to survive all the evil that destiny has in store for them?

The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass:
Dean goes to sleep in a motel room in Texarkana, and he wakes up 17 years old, in his childhood bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, 1996. He has no idea how he got there, why his parents are still alive, why his brother is an adorable freshman with no memory of his adult life, and why the only ally he has in this place is the angel he left behind in Purgatory – somehow also 17 years old.
03 July 2016 @ 01:48 pm
Hi! So the first fic is an AU set during season 9 after Sam discovers Dean "tricked" him into saying yes to Gadreel. In the fic, Dean and Sam are mates but once Sam finds out about everything, he begins to unintentionally sever the bond between himself and Dean causing Dean to become sick. Dean eventually decides to kill himself to allow Sam to mate with someone else but Castiel intervenes before it is too late.

The second fic takes place earlier in the Supernatural timeline. I remember Dean named his teddy bear FUBAR after he mentally regresses to the mind frame of a child after a traumatic event. There's also a firefighter that Dean becomes close to during the story.


1. I am looking for a story where Dean is beat up by a bunch of guys from his school who are on the football team, he goes to Bobbie's to get help. He's pretty beat up and it turns out that most, if not all of them, were possessed. Bobby comments how it is amazing that he survived. At one point John and Sam arrive , discuss the situation ( it has something to do with Sam's power) they leave Dean alone at Bobby's where I think he gets attacked again. No pairing.

2. A deaged Dean fiction where Dean is 13 -17. Everyone , mostly Sam but Bobby a little too, wants him to stay young but Dean remembered how hard it was to be so pretty at that age. Sam forces him to go to school but he is sexually assaulted by his classmates. Sam has difficulty realizing that Dean is used to being strong and invulnerable . I think the witch that cursed him lives or hangs out on the beach. He eventually finds her.
Found!: The Do-Over

21 March 2016 @ 03:54 pm
A few months ago I read a story where Dean is de-aged to (I think) twelve, permanently. He lives with Sam in Stanford and if I remember correctly most of the fic is written from Jess' perspective. (Spoiler: Dean doesn't age)
I would also like to know if there are similar stories where Dean is Immortal/ doesn't age? I like any pairing except for Dean/OFC, and preferably no wincest (Although I would still read the story if it's good enough). I don't mind crossovers or threesomes.
Thank you in advance!
Ps. I'm sorry for my grammar, I'm not a native english speaker
07 February 2016 @ 09:34 pm
Looking for some general recs and a few specific, and verrrrrrry sketchy-on-the-details fics that I read ages ago.

1.  So I just recently watched "About A Boy" again, and have searched Season 10 tags and the deaged sections, but haven't found any stories that are Wincest about the episode or Top!Sam!  Any recs anyone has for this particular ep?

2.  Any stories where Dean either accepts or keeps his bitching to a minimum where Sam takes care of him after injury or just in general?  I'm a Bottom!Dean! girl.  Wincest only.

3.  All I recall about this one was that it was an incubus (not a succubus) who was screwing with Dean at night.  I don't recall if it was Wincest or not, but if it was, the incubus took Sam out of the equation at night.  Dean didn't say anything because he thought he could take care of it himself and it's slowly draining him night by night.

4.  This one was some kind of ritual that took place on an altar.  I think I recall it was Wincest, but I can't recall if the boys had sex on the altar or if the altar itself had it's way with Dean (I could be thinking of two completely separate stories and just merging the details).

Sorry I can't come up with more than that for the two lost stories.  I was out of touch with the fic-side of fandom for waaaaaaay too long.

Thank you!!
I'm going on a long road trip soon and wanted some awesome fics to pass the time! I haven't read a SPN fanfic since March 2014 (ish), so I'm looking mostly for fics created in 2014 or 2015, but that's by no means a rule. These are some of the genres I like, but if you have any angsty/dark/epic personal favorites, feel free to share those, too!

I prefer Wincest and Gen, but will read Destiel, RPS, and OC Romances if the story is really good. I'm cool with very dark fics, and I have no problem with major character death... I like me a good tearjerker. I'd prefer if the fics don't go too AU (unless it's a crossover or something), but again, I'll make exceptions for a good story.

Thank you all in advance! :D

1. Blind!Dean or Blind!Jensen. Or more generally, any fics where Dean/Jensen isn't born disabled, but becomes disabled over the course of the fic. Will read disabled Jared/Sam if the story is good enough.
2. Demon!Dean, especially AUs where Dean wasn't cured in 10x03.
3. Crossovers with Merlin, Stargate (SG1/Atlantis), Star Trek (TOS/TNG/VOY/Movies), Doctor Who, Dark Angel, NCIS, or Fringe.
4. Sam/Jared or Dean/Jensen are transformed into some supernatural creature. I especially love fics where Dean is transformed into an angel or some kind of winged creature... super mega bonus points if you can find one that isn't Destiel.
5. Dean-Is-Michael fics. Also, Dean-Is-[any role Jensen has played in the past] are pretty cool.
6. Amnesia!Dean or Amnesia!Sam.
7. One of the Winchesters is cursed.
8. Any fics where Dean is (willingly or unwillingly) used as a vessel. I kind of expect Destiel in a fic like this, so it's fine in this case.
9. Bodyswap fics!
10. Possessed!Dean
11. Fics where Dean decided to stay young in "About A Boy."
12. Cast-Are-Characters or Cast-Meet-Characters.
10 July 2015 @ 09:20 pm
I would really like to read a fic where dean is deaged and has sex with Sam but Sam is still the bottom. I love the line where dean is deaged and tells Sam I have no control over this thing it's up its down it up. If any one can find afic like this I would greatly appreciate it!
08 July 2015 @ 09:35 pm
I am trying to find a story that has de-aged Dean.  I've read it a few times years ago and forgot to save it :(  I remember that Dean and Sam are hunting something and Dean gets de-aged.  They call for John and he meets them at the motel.  De-aged Dean opens the door without checking and John scolds him for it.  Dean gets frustrated being de-aged and throws a cup of coffee against the wall.  John gets frustrated with Dean's behavior and punishes him for throwing the cup.  That's all I can remember.  Thanks for the help!
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21 June 2015 @ 08:01 pm
1. the boys (both) are deaged physically, permanently, and grow-up again, either by witches, wishes and time travel. It must be permanent and well everything else goes. {I, myself would perfer a happy ending but others may not so post both,}
[I've looked and I can't find many where it is permanent, so even if you point me towards the right tag to comb though that'll be awesome]
2. Happy endings, seriously I am looking for fluffy and 'everything is all better' stories that don't pass over in to too sweet and fake. 
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14 June 2015 @ 11:33 am

So, there's two that I'm searching for currently. In the first, it's wee!chesters/young!winchesters. There's a hunt that John goes on with Dean and it goes bad. He gets hurt and is afraid to go back to the house but he knows John will make him. He runs away to visit Caleb at college and winds up crashing in his dorm for a few days until Caleb finds out that Dean ran away without telling anyone other than Sam. Caleb has a roommate - Bull? maybe? - and he and Dean get along really well by the end of the fic.

The other is young!Dean because he manages to get deaged from his 26 years of age to 13. He sneaks off to find Sam at one point in the story because of everyone's bad reaction to him being young again and winds up getting possessed by a demon. There's a sequel where Caleb takes him to visit Sam and Sam doesn't initially believe that it's actually Dean.

09 June 2015 @ 02:49 pm
What's the fic where Sam is hit by a witches spell that de-ages him to, I think, an infant. So Dean has to raise him back up. So they move either in with, or close to Bobby and Sam grows up, but is still relatively young when something happens and Hell is coming for them (with some kind of warning to them from Meg, maybe) so Dean leaves to fight the battle and after things calm down (I wanna say it's a 'wait three days then come to 'x' spot sort of thing) Sam and Bobby go to where the battle was and there's a crater in the ground and Baby!Dean is in it. So Sam get's him out and promises to 'look after him now.'

This is coming from a vague/jumbled recall but I know it exists, and I'm fairly certain it was a pretty long fic.

ETA: fic found! Link in comments.
19 April 2015 @ 09:21 pm
I feel kind of dumb posting this here, because the works in question I know the titles and summaries of----because I wrote them. Started writing them, anyway, and then lost the links to finish filling them. They are for prompts over on http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/ . One is called Little Lambs, and tells about how Sam has a thing for kids----a sexual thing. So Ruby starts possessing children and bringing them to Sam to do what he pleases with. The second is called He Is Risen, and it's Wincest in which after Dean went to Hell, he was brought back as a baby with no memories of his past life as an adult. Sam is trying to raise him so he can have a fresh start this time around and have a good, happy childhood.

I'd really like to finish filling these, so if anyone has links to them please let me know!  I should mention that they're both in the underage prompt posts---but I have no idea for which month or even if they're from the same month. 
So I'm not usually a Destiel fan, but this was actually a really good fic. Too bad I can't find it. What I remember from it was that Dean was cursed and de-aged, but the good news was that he would age (I think) three years every night. He only kept his memories up until the age that he temporarily was, so for a lot of the time he couldn't remember Castiel. Throughout that time Dean and Castiel "fell in love", sort of, and Dean confessed this to Castiel, and Castiel kept telling him to wait until he was the right age to remember him. There was this one point where Dean was a certain age, and hated Castiel, but his two memories were conflicting and he couldn't decide whether he liked Cas or not. I'm also pretty sure it was excruciatingly painful to re-age him, so they did it while he was sleeping. If anyone could find it I'd be very grateful!

Edit- Found!: http://archiveofourown.org/works/640333/chapters/116080
Dean is somehow de-aged. John takes off. Sam raises him and he becomes a grade school teacher.
In the story it talks about how he felt he was never good enough for his father.
John shows up at the end of the story needing a transplant. Dean says he will help him, but warns him it may not be good enough for him.
24 March 2015 @ 11:19 pm
When I first started out with Supernatural fan fiction (which wasn't all that long ago), I found this great fic where both Dean and Castiel were de-aged, but Sam wasn't. I believe Dean lost his memories but Castiel didn't because only his vessel was shrunk so he kept his memories (?). Dean and Cas were really cute together (but I can't remember if it was in a Destiel way or not). There was this one scene where Dean is talking about John or Mary, and then Castiel, not knowing it would scare Dean, tells him that they are both dead, and then not knowing it would frighten him more, Castiel tells Dean that they are in Hell. I can't remember much more.

Also, there was another one where Dean got de-aged, and both Cas and Sam were there, but they weren't de-aged. I think Dean grew, like, three years older every night, or something like that, and he only had memories up until the point in his life of whatever age he was currently at. I also think it was a really painful process to grow while he was asleep. It was also Destiel, and there was a whole thing about Dean falling for Cas, but Cas telling him to wait until he was older and remembered everything (or something to that effect).

I have been looking for weeks, so if anyone could find these I would SO appreciate it!
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28 February 2015 @ 10:34 pm

1) I remember reading a very long time ago a fic where wee Sam and Dean were arguing about who was Bobby's favorite, and Dean being sure to be the one. Then they asked him but Bobby said Sam. I remember the story being from Bobby's point of vue, I think, and him thinking he'd just let down Dean for the rest of his life with this sentence. I think it was a Dean being de-aged fic, because at the end, little Dean went back to Bobby.........OR I'm totally mixing up several stories.

2) And when I'm at it, is there any fic, were wee!Dean, teen!Dean feels like he's just always second best to Sam, because of the whole take care of Sammy thing. And just...giving up, knowing he'll never be John's son, but just a toy and a soldier.

3) Any fic where in the same line as above, when John just says as usual "take care of Sammy" Dean simply answeres, "what about me?" "who's taking care of me?"

I'm not looking for abusive John, or purposedly cruel John. Just John being neglectful with Dean and noticing.
I'm looking for a specific fic that's I'm almost positive was called "Cherished," with de-aged!Dean/Sam, that I use to have a copy of on my kindle (which has since sadly died) from Ao3--its summary had something along the lines of Dean gets de-aged and Sam just can't keep his hand out of the cookie jar. cut for details )

The story seems to have entirely disappeared, though, since I downloaded it. anyone know where to find it, have a copy or even just know what happened to it?
09 February 2015 @ 07:33 pm

This post is on behalf of [livejournal.com profile] ereynolds74

So I was hoping are there any:
Stories already written where Dean was De-age but with his full adult mindset and awesome skills and was still taking care of Sam (Sam got hurt or sick) as the big brother, he could be child age or a teenager- but still awesome.

Spoilers for Season 10... )

Or time travel where Sam runs into Teen Dean (14-19) either Sam goes to the past or Teen Dean gets pull to the present and same thing, he is still very much the big brother in charge and maybe upset as to why is Sammy hurt or sick and not being taken care of?

please send any and all rec's, self rec's even WIPS I'll take! Just as long Dean is being awesome, protective big brother rescuing, or comforting Sam even though he is young.

06 February 2015 @ 05:51 pm
Looking for stories where Castiel has to care for or protect younger versions of Sam and/or Dean. Can be de-aged or just pre-series.

Specifically looking for stories where the boys are abused and Castiel is a doctor/pediatrician and is able to care for them, but other comfort stories work too. I think I read one where Castiel worked for CPS and had to care for the boys and I would like to find more of those as well.

If you know of any stories where Castiel has to gain wee!chester trust and comfort them that would also be awesome. Thanks!
31 January 2015 @ 08:00 pm
Recently I have been re-reading some Wincest stories with twink!Dean and craving for more. So basically, anything with older Sam (season 5 and up) with teenager Dean (15-20). Sam could be travelling back in time, Dean could be deaged or something, just anything, Bottom!Dean only though. Possessive!Sam would be a big plus.

Thank you and sorry for my bad English.
06 January 2015 @ 10:58 pm

I'm looking for a specific deaged!Dean fic that I've been trying to find recently. The details that I do remember are:
- deaged!Dean doesn't believe that adult!Sam is his brother since Sam is suppose to be younger than him
- John leaves and promises to come back to get Dean but John lies and doesn't come back for a good amount of time
- deaged!Dean lives with Sam while waiting for John
- when John does come back Dean is not happy and super mad at John

Pretty sure this was a gen fic with no pairing but I'm not too sure.

Thank you to anyone who can help me identify the fic I've been looking for!
02 January 2015 @ 02:57 pm
Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific de-aged story that I lost when my comp crashed.

I went through the tag but I read so many de-aged fics that they all kinda blured together and its hard to find a specific one when you only vaguely remember what happeded.

The only thing I remember is that Sam takes kid Dean back to where he got cursed (I think it was in the basement of a house) and ends up yelling at him to be quiet or something. Later when they leave the house kid Dean is all teary eyed and asks Sam to carry him cuz he is tired from running after Sam all day and Sam ends up feeling super quilty cuz he didn't realize that kid Dean probably had trouble keeping up on his tiny legs. They end up taking the bus back to the motel and some old lady talks to Sam.

I know thats not a lot to go on, but that part really stuck with me cuz it was so heartbreaking and I sudenly had an urge to re-read it and realized I couldnt find it.

FOUND - Fic in comments
02 August 2014 @ 03:51 pm
I love supernatural deaged fics but I was wondering if anybody knew of any that contained either of the boys mentally but not physically deaging? Thanks so much!!!
13 July 2014 @ 04:44 pm
I thought I had this bookmarked, but I was wrong, so I'm hoping that someone would be able to help me find it! I remember reading it on fanfiction.net and it was a series. This is what I remember:

Sam and Dean were done from a hunt and it was pouring, and they had to stop by this motel to wait out the rain. The lady was wary of them initially because they seemed dirty from the hunt at first. I remember the brothers washing away the mud on them in the kitchen before turning in. The lady was a recurring main character and she has three boys and a husband, and all of them are recurring main characters.

The series expanded a lot, and there was a time where Sam and Dean were both de-aged and the family took care of them. Or when only Sam or Dean was de-aged. There were instances when Dean was delirious with fever and Sam and the family had to take care of him. There was also an instance where there was a kidnapper who kidnapped young boys and had wanted to kidnap one of the three boys, but de-aged Dean (de-aged body but with the mind of his usual age) got in the way and was taken instead. Sam and the lady's husband and some others tried to figure out where Dean was taken and saved him in the end.

And once, the brothers went back to visit the family but found out that Henrikson and the FBI were there, and they had to lie low because they were wanted men. But there was a ghost out in the town killing people and the brothers helped the FBI to stop the ghost, and Dean got wounded severely in the process, with the ghost leaving behind some of its remains in Dean's wound. They had to call bobby to come over with a potion that could dissipate the evil in the wound for Dean to heal. The FBI started to trust the brothers after that and did not ten them in.

Sorry for the messy details but that's about all I could remember. I would really, really appreciate it if someone finds this, because I've been searching fanfiction.net to no avai. Hopefully, some of you have better searching skills than I do. Thanks in advance! :)

EDIT: Fic found in comments! Strangers and Angels Verse by reading.
Hi all,

I'm looking for two specific Brotherhood AU fics. One (I believe) was written by PL Wynter and the other was not.

1. In the first one, it's a young Dean and young Caleb story. They're at Pastor Jim's (I think) because John brought Sam and Dean there because Dean wasn't talking after Mary's death. Something happens - men attack, monsters attack, idk - and Caleb takes Dean and runs. When the Winchesters first arrive, Caleb is annoyed that Dean is there because he's a little kid but by the end of it, they managed to forge a really strong understanding of one another. Caleb tells Dean about how he thinks he's a monster and gives Dean the nickname Deuce and Dean in turn starts to call him Damien.

2. The second one is a de-aged Dean fic. I think there's two of them. At first, Caleb goes to visit Sam and tells him that his brother needs him now and that John's missing. Sam refuses to have any part in it until he finds out that Dean has been physically and mentally regressed to about 9 (?). He finds out that Dean ran away for a little bit after it first happened to look for Sam and they ran into each other outside of the library but Dean didn't say anything because he thought that Sam looked happy in his life with Jessica.

Any help finding these two fics would totally be appreciated. I think they were both located on ff.net but that site makes it SO hard to keep track of bookmarks/favorited stories.
I could've sworn I had this bookmarked, but it looks like not.

It's basically what it says on the tin: mid-season-four Dean has been regressed to roughly the age of 5, but he still remembers Hell and has nightmares about it; Sam tries to comfort him.  I'm pretty sure it was before the revelation about what really happened in Hell, but child!Dean doesn't express himself quite well enough for Sam to figure it out.  I recall that one of the things Dean says is that Alastair wouldn't let him "have a name" until he said yes, and also claimed that he wanted to torture people, which Dean vehemently (if incoherently) denies.

Any takers?  I am about 75% sure that the author's LJ name began with H, if that helps...
Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam is ruling hell. Dean is very important to him, possibly an implied Wincest fic, I can't remember, but there is definitely a very strong bond between the boys. The angels hide Dean, de-age him and Cas and Anna raise him as if they were his parents. Unknown to them, Sam visits Dean in his dreams since warding keeps him from visiting in person, but Dean doesn't know who he is, only that he really trusts him and knows that he would never lie to him. It's a WIP, or it was last I saw it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Found in the comments: The Second Childhood of Dean Winchester
Thank you rukilovenyappy!
18 April 2014 @ 02:16 am
I thought I knew who wrote this fic, but I was wrong and I didn't bookmark it, boo. Maybe y'all can help me. It's an older fic, with de-aged Dean, left in Sam's care. I vaguely recall a scene where John returns and is driving through an alley(?) when he sees a kid digging through a dumpster. Upon closer inspection, it's Sam. John follows Sam to a tenement and finds them living there. John skulks in the hallway for a while. Hiding behind a plant at one point, I think?

I may be misremembering all these details, but hopefully something rings a bell. Already combed through the previous suggestions for de-aged Dean and I don't think it's in there. Thanks in advance! :D

Hi there! newbie here. :)
I'm looking for recs on de-aged!Dean fics. I prefer long ones, pretty much anything goes from crack to angst and any pairings, but no high school AUs and please no a/b/o dynamics.

1. De-aged!Dean fics where the de-aging is a slow process and doesn't happen over night, i.e. from adult to teen then a kid. Stuff like "Backwards" or "A Life Between Us" . The longer the better!

2. Mentally De-aged!Dean, still in his adult body. Stuff like "He's Special" (preferably longer)

3. Mute!de-aged!Dean fics, basically Dean is de-aged to a four year old (or older) and is mute due to a psychological reason. Never found one, really wanna read one.

4. Lengthy (20k+), well written De-aged!Dean fics (physically/mentally), especially Hurt/Comfort or Angst.
Stuff like: "Regression", "From Childhood's Hour", "Do Dandelions Roar", "Caring For Each Other"

15 February 2014 @ 01:40 pm
1. I love established relationship fics, specifically fics where Dean and Cas find themselves doing really mundane/normal things. This time around I really want some fics about them fighting, bickering, or annoying each other. It'd be cool to see them in a hunting situation but I also love AUs. It'd be even better if Sam or any of the other side characters are just completely done with their shit. (No Sabriel or Wincest please)

2. I would love a fic about little Dean getting to act like a normal kid or teenager. I would prefer him as a little kid but I'm fine with him being older. I would really like seeing him either getting excited over something like a toy/movie/play date, him getting scared and wanting his daddy, or (most preferred) him throwing a tantrum. I'm also totally cool with deaged!Dean.
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Hi Everyone
Not sure if I read this here on LJ or on fanfiction.net or somewhere else entirely, but I'm hoping someone recognises it (hopefully all the details are from the one fic!)
I remember Dean wakes up in a motel room, he's deaged -but doesn't know it- and he thinks big Sam has kidnapped him. I think he "escapes" and calls Bobby from a house he's broken into. Sam shows up & takes him back to the motel. Sam's really sick with a fever caused by some supernatural creature (I think it might have injured him) and Dean ends up taking care of him until Bobby gets there.
I seem to think it was still a wip when I read it, probably last year sometime.
Ring any bells with anyone?
(Mods, I'm obviously having tech issues for some reason as I definitely tagged the original submission correctly when I posted! So if this resubmission isn't tagged I'm really sorry, but could you help out? Thanks)
14 February 2014 @ 12:55 pm
Hi! I hope you can help me with this :)

I am lokking for fics where:

1. Dean does not follow John unconditionaly, takes Sam's side in aguments and so on.

2. Dean grows up being different, where he has powers, is highly intelligent or maybe not human.

3. Sam realize how much Dean does for him.

4. Dean does not come and get Sam in the pilot, either John does or Dean only comes much later.

5. There is a much bigger age difference between the two broters.

6. Dean is the youngest brother

I am also looking for a specific fic. It is a crossover, Dean is very young (i think deaged?), and Sam is an adult. Dean gets kidnapped, beats the kidnapper and sends Sam a text, and Sam and the police comes pick them up.

I am sorry for any spelling mistakes, and thank in advance!
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21 November 2013 @ 08:52 pm
I'm looking for a story where Dean gets cursed and is deaged. When he wakes up, Dean thinks that Sam is his daddy. Sam lets him think that.
I remembers a part at the beginning when Dean is laying in the back seat of the car while Sam is driving. I think it was a witch or pixies who cursed Dean.
Hi, this is my first post on this community. I hope to do everything ok.

I'm searching for fics in which there is a BDSM relationship focused on discipline and punishment from the Dom to the bad Sub. I'd prefer if there is strong love between Dom and Sub, so the punishments are not for pleasure, only for learning a lesson. guilty!Sub willing to accept whatever the Master decides because he knows that he's been bad. Emotional!Sub scared to be sent away for his mistakes. The trasgression is not important (disrespect, brattiness, forget the rules ecc) and not specific punishments, too. I prefer spanking, caning, CBT and similar, painful but with no lasting damages. Whatever punishment can be effective on the emotional side of the Sub is okay, too. No safewording, no blood. I wish to see aftercare, even if it arrives after a couple of days to stuck the lesson better. Nothing is too harsh, so don't worry about it. Crying!Sub it's ok, for guilty, fear (not of Master but to be sent away) or pain.
Other than BDSM realtionship, it's ok A/B/O realtionship and puppy!play with the puppy punished.
I prefer J2 or Destiel (no preference for top or bottom between J2; in Destiel, bottom!Cas is better but i'll take bottom!Dean, too), but I gladly take Dean/Sam, Sam/Castiel (top!Castiel) and Dean/Sam/Castiel, too. No Samifer or Sabriel, please.

Other fics that i'd be glad to read are the ones with a bad Dom/Alpha and a damaged Sub/Omega who thinks to be useless and craves to serve another Dom/Alpha better. I'd prefer a slow relationship between the two, with Dom/Alpha caring and loving and Sub/Omega slowly becoming more confident. Discipline is good, too, but nothing harsh that could ruin the Sub/Omega's progresses. Dom/Alpha has to know his boy's limits.
I'd prefer only J2 for this (with Sub/Omega!Jensen, if it's possible and caring Dom/Alpha!Jared) or Dean/Sam relationship.

Third type is lighter. I'd love to see Sam as the big brother for once, so deaged!Dean fics. No loss of memories, Dean conscious to be the big brother but willing (after some time or right away) to be taken care of by Sam.

Specific fic is a spanking fic. I seem to recall that the boys were in a relationship and Sam made a mess in the hotel room he and Dean were staying while his brother was gone, and he didn't put the salt lines, so when Dean came back, he spaked him and at one point he handcuffed him for something (struggle or because he told him to stay quite and he didn't) and Sam started to cry while getting the handcuffs because he hated to be handcuffed. I also remember that Dean tells Sam something like "If you wanted a spanking, you could have ask instead of made such a mess" after punishment is over. I thought to have it bookmarked, but obviously i was wrong >.<

Sorry for bad english, i'm italian and i did the best i could! Hope you guys can help me! Thanks in advance!
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24 October 2013 @ 11:51 am
Hey guys this one is called A Side You Never Knew I don't know who it was by but I'm pretty sure it was on ff.net
- it had a de aged Dean
- and there was stuff he had hidden about himself as a kid and and the people around him start finding out
- pretty sure it was either angel/Michael!Dean
- I think the story might have been deleted off of ff.net, I was wondering if it was somewhere else!

Thanks in advance!
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16 October 2013 @ 09:37 pm
Hello! I'm looking for these five specific fic. I've looked through tags and checked J2 recs and I still haven't had much luck.

1. Jensen gets a slave, I think a gift from his father? Jeffery Dean Morgan is a friend of the family's and he is paired with Zoe Saldana in this fic. I remember he  helped Jensen when he realized the wrongness of the slavery thing and he wanted to free Jared. JD shows him where to escape to (I think a different planet?) and they build a life there. It was a long fic. That's all I can remember.
        Found! I mixed up the Js: Anywhere and Everywhere People

2. I can't remember if this one is wincest or gen. Sam and Dean are de-aged by the trickster and they're put into foster care. I remember Sam and Dean a separated at the house of the foster family they are sent to and Sam has to share the room with a different kid. They have to wait for Bobby to come help them. I think this was a short story?
        Found! Bring Back the Child in You

3. Now this one is really vague, I can't remember a lot of it and I feel like I might be mixing it up with another one. It's a were fic, both the Js are werewolves and end up mated to each other. Not sure if it was mpreg or not. I think it's Genevieve that is jealous of the Js having mated and doesn't think Beta!J is worthy of Alpha!J and she tries to get rid of Beta!J. I think Jensen works at a hospital and he is locked in with someone trying to hurt him? Sorry it's so vague!!
        Found! Always and Forever

4. Jared is a prostitute and is paid by Jensen's ex to film them together in order to use the video in court and get custody of their child.
        Found! Halo

5. And this one I've been looking for a long time with no luck. Sam meets some fairies in a town he is staying at. He finds out that they protect the town from something evil. John wants to get rid of them and Sam tries to stop him and warn him if he gets rid of them something worse will come along. Might have been Sam/Dean? Not sure.
        Found! The Queen of Light Took Her Bow

Hope someone can help me!!
28 September 2013 @ 07:28 pm
This is my first post so I hope I am doing this right. I am looking for a specific fic with deaged Dean and I looked through the comments in the other fic requests and didn't find it. I read it awhile ago but don't remember if it was on ff.net, LJ or AO3. For some reason Dean is a child (I don't think it was ever explained) and has been kidnapped. Sam is with the police and at first they think he had something to do with it. When they finally find Dean the kidnapper has been mauled and Dean tells Sam that he told them that the boogey man would come (or something like that). It also may or may not have been a crossover with Criminal Minds. Basically, all I know for sure is that Dean was little and that the boogey man was mentioned (sorry not much help). Anything you can find would be greatly appreciated.
28 September 2013 @ 12:15 pm
Im looking for fics that have Jensen/dean mentally de-aged with sam/jared taking care of him. <3

Self recs are awesome too if you have any. :)

Thank you guys in advance!
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12 September 2013 @ 11:10 pm
I've looked through the tags, and I don't know if I'm overlooking these fics or what. My brain is starting to hurt. *iz stoopid*

1. The first fic I'm looking for is about a de-aged Dean fic (can't for the life of me remember how/why he de-aged)who, for whatever reason, has to die in order to return to his original age in the fic. The only thing I remember clearly is that Sam has to drive de-aged Dean back to the place Dean is supposed to die/de-age. I *think* it was a long fic and that I read it on the author's livejournal.

2. I'm also looking for a fic (gen, pre-show, Wee!chesters) in which Dean gets a brain injury of some sort, and he ends up in ICU because of brain swelling/coma/etc. Sam is around 12 or so and Dean is around 16/17. There's some kind of new treatment for Dean, and John and Sam are airlifted with Dean to the new hospital. The two things I remember most about this one is that, at the new hospital, Dean is in surgery and John somehow manages to see the surgery near an observation area set up for everyone else at the hospital, and there's another scene with angels fighting over what to do with Dean (let him live or die). This may also be the fic where Sam disappears from the hospital, and John finds him at the local library trying to figure out what's going on with Dean (Sam believes Dean's problems is cause by some monster John was hunting and not from any kind of "normal" injury).

I'm hoping these sound familiar to someone. Thanks in advance for any help! :)

EDIT: Links found in comments!
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Hey guys! So recently I've had a serious craving for some fics where Jensen, Jared, Dean, Sam or Castiel is mentally, not physically, deaged. I'm perfectly happy with Wincest, J2, Destiel, or gen recs, just as long as they meet that criteria. :) I would appreciate it if none of the prompts had fics involving non-con and also don't want any WIP fics unless they are being regularly updated. Length isn't important. Thanks a ton for any and all help! :)
18 August 2013 @ 05:55 pm
I'm looking for any and all fics where Sam or Dean is de-aged and while it is preferable that they don't remember the life of hunting I'll take what I can get. I'd also really like it if the boy who isn't de-aged has to take of the other and I will give you my first born if you can give me any where the obe bot de-aged decides to give the other boy a normal life like school and a house.

Thank you!!!
27 July 2013 @ 04:52 pm
The fic I am looking has Dean cursed to the age 5 or 9. I remember that bobby changes dean back to his normal age against his will. I know that Sam was looking after him treating Dean as his son, and giving him a chance at a second childhood with no hunting.  Ellen came up with a contact to deage Dean again. I think it was on LJ but can't find it.

I've searched the tags under Deaged Dean.

FOUND: And That Was That by Mummyluvr
deaged dean insists sam call bobby uncle bobby, that's the most I remember really, mentally/physically deaged dean and adult sam, bobby thinks it is funny and is kind of touched, dean insists because he thinks it is important and gets upset at sam when he keeps forgetting, not a series but maybe not a oneshot, I think it was on ff.net