Hello again, finders!

I'm going crazy about a J2 fic. I don't really remember when is set, I'm sure it's after season 3 'cause Misha is in it at some point. It starts with J2 pranking on each other, but their pranks got out of hand and Jared accidentally hurt Jensen, not in a phisical way but he makes Jen truly embarassed in front of the rest of the crew. When Jare realizes it, he tries to apologize over and over, but Jensen just shut him out. In the end, Jared is a little pissed himself, so they kinda avoid each other on set, but Jared notices that Jensen is really quiet and pissy for the rest of the day, and he feels guilty. Jared hopes to kiss and make up at home, but Jensen keeps avoiding him, barely talks to him and sleeps on the couch (I seem to remember that the boys are together). The day after, Jared tries to make it up to Jensen by making an ass out of himself, but Jensen is not impressed and keeps ignoring him. Then Jared asks Misha to pull pranks on him, hoping that it'll be enough for Jensen to forgive him, but it still doesn't work. In a last attemp, Misha pulls a particularly mean prank, and Jared is in pretty much the same situation Jensen was, embarassed in front of the whole cast. So Jensen is angry and yells at Misha, then takes Jared in his trailer, and there Jared explains all of it to Jensen and rambles about how scared he is Jensen is going to leave him for a stupid prank, he's so sorry, he didn't relize how stupid it was and shit like that, and Jensen in the end kiss him and they are good. I think the last scene was Jensen promises to apologize to Misha and both of them agreeing on pulling pranks together on others, instead of on each other.
It's pretty specific, and that's why I'm going crazy! Please, if you reconognize it, or know something quite similar (even not in detail) post the link!

For the general search, I'm searching for long J2 slow burn fics non-AU (so, with them on Supernatural set trough the seasons) from friends to lovers. Also, I'd like to read fics with jealous and insecure!boys (either Jensen or Jared) but I'd prefer without angry sex (I don't mind sex, but not for "staking a claim", please). Deaged!boys is another thing that I've not read much about, so if you have something, feel free to post it here!

I don't mind self-recs, don't be shy! I'd prefer only J2 non-Au fics, but I can live with well written AUs, too. I'll be grateful for every suggestion, thanks in advance!
So, I'm here again to ask for some rpf fics.

First: I've this insane addiction to angst fics with happy ending in this period, so I'd like to read fics in which Jensen and Jared have a really bad fight and end up avoiding each other, both hurting but too proud to make the first move. Eventually, something changes, like Jensen deciding to move out Jared's place, or during a verbal confrontantion one tells the other something truly hurtful and then regrets it after seeing the other's reaction, or really, whatever else, but there should be an happy end in which they finally kiss and make up (literally or platonically, it's not really important). I prefer long fic but I'd take just about any lenght for this, the most important thing is the focusing on J2's relationship: they can fight even later in the story, but the fight has to have the main focus in the whole thing and I'd love to see the two's feelings and thoughts about it. I'm good with both slash and gen fics. Please, I would be extremely grateful for non-AU fics.
I've read everything tagged "fights and arguments" in j2-recs livejournal, so none of that, please.

Second: I've read a lot of deaged!sam and deaged!dean fics, and also a bunch of good deaged!jared, but I've read really few deaged!Jensen fics, and none with deaged!Misha. I'd like to read something with a physical but not mental deaging. Like, deaged!Jensen (or Misha or both) who has big Jensen's memories, but is stuck in a small body and acts a little childish without noticing. Something like "little green eyes" would be awesome, I love that fic! Always J2, or J2+Misha, or even Cockles. I'm good with other minor character helping, but not too relevant. If the deaged one is in a relationship with the other, no sex or anything related until he's back to normal. About the fic, the cuter, the better!

Third: I'd love to read something with hurt!Jared after a bad break up (with Sandy, or with Gen, or with anyone) and Jensen being all protective and supportive and just being his best friend when Jared needs him most. I'm good with them as only friends, or if they slowly become lovers after Jared's break up.

I'd be glad to read self-recs, don't be shy! And thanks in advance!
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28 September 2013 @ 12:15 pm
Im looking for fics that have Jensen/dean mentally de-aged with sam/jared taking care of him. <3

Self recs are awesome too if you have any. :)

Thank you guys in advance!
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Hey guys! So recently I've had a serious craving for some fics where Jensen, Jared, Dean, Sam or Castiel is mentally, not physically, deaged. I'm perfectly happy with Wincest, J2, Destiel, or gen recs, just as long as they meet that criteria. :) I would appreciate it if none of the prompts had fics involving non-con and also don't want any WIP fics unless they are being regularly updated. Length isn't important. Thanks a ton for any and all help! :)
22 February 2013 @ 02:18 am
Hey guys, so I'm looking for fics where Sam, Dean, Castiel, Jensen, Jared, or Misha is MENTALLY deaged, not physically. So please only suggest fics where they keep their adult bodies but just mentally think their children please :). I don't really care if the fic is Wincest, J2, or gen, as long as it has cute mentally deaged boys I'm fine. No WIP fics pleased, only completed stories.Thanks a ton in advance!!
23 December 2011 @ 10:31 am
Hey guys!

Are there any stories out there where Dean or Jensen uses diapers? Either due to an accident, or mental regression or maybe even a fetish?

Thanks for your help!

PS: I a paring then please Dean/Sam :)
Hi guys!

I search for all kinds of different kind of fics and hope you can help me. =) 

# 1 Sam, Dean & Cas-fics of multiple varieties.
Mainly I search for fics that deal with the influence Castiel or Dean/Castiel might (or might not) have on Dean's and Sam's relationship.
1a.) Sam learns about Dean / Castiel (Sam can be insecure or angsty or supportive or anything, but I'd rather not read mean!Sam)

1b.) Are there any casefics with all three involved that deal with how Castiel might change things? Especially fics that focus on how all three slowly start to find a balance and get along, stuff like that. Gen is fine, wincest is fine, Dean/Cas is fine, threesome is fine.

1c.) Any fics where Sam and Castiel start out kind of not so fond of each other, but they have to work together (maybe to save Dean or stuff like that) and slowly get to know and preferably respect each other. Gen would be prefered but anything else is fine, too.

# 2 John & Dean (gen)
Anything where John shows he actually cares about Dean, no matter how. Maybe they talk and share some feelings (duh!), maybe Dean is injured or sick. Anything, really. Preferably Stanford-era, but pre-series or first season is fine, too.

# 3 Deaged!Jensen
I know there are a lot of fics where Dean is suddenly turned into a child - but are there any fics where Jensen is suddenly turned into a child/teenager, stuff like that? And if not - WHY NOT? 

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