04 October 2013 @ 10:37 pm
Hi!!! I was looking for a fic that I do not remember very much of it.So, I know that John got de-aged, Dean was about 16 and called Pastor Jim for help. I think he couldn't come but gave him advice on the phone and every time referring to a virtue `.John was not an easy kid. Dean had to spank him. Pastor Jim said it was justice. Or something like that. Does it ring any bell? Please?
26 May 2013 @ 12:24 pm
I don't really know how to start this, so I'm just going to jump in. Fair warning, this list is long. Also, I'd just like non-Wincest fics.

1. crying!Dean fics. I don't care why he's crying, I just want him crying and Sam or John comforting him.
2. Dean or John is deaged and Same has to take care of them.
3. blind, deaf, hurt, or sick!Dean with Sam taking care of him. I don't care if how hard the injury is or how sick Dean is, if he's been blind or deaf since birth, if it's permanent or just part of a curse.
4. protective or smart!Sam. Just something where Dean or John realize that Sammy isn't little anymore.
5. girl!Sam. Because I'd bet she'd be awesome, I'd prefer Dean is still a boy, unless
6. doctor!Sam. At least have taken some classes, and how'd that would affect their hunts.
7. Crossovers with Criminal Minds (with a focus on Sam and Reid) or SuperWhoLock crossovers. Any kind. Though a focus on Sam, the Elventh Doctor, and Sherlock would be loved.
8. Sam as teenaged father please, or Sam with a daughter.
9. Sam realizing he's gay or bi, and John and Dean's reactions
10. Sam going back just mentally and impressing everyone with his knowledge, or physically and everyone wondering what the hell happened to make him like this.
11. abused!Dean. Any kind, but I'd like the main on it to focus on his recovery.
12. teen!Sam getting addicted to any kind of drugs or starts cutting.
13. teen!Dean getting an eating disorder or being raped and a focus on his recovery.
14. Basically any Castiel/Sam fics that don't meet any of these requirements. No porn unless it's part of a much larger story.

04 August 2012 @ 04:16 am
All I can remember is that Dean and Sam were teenagers and John was deaged. Dean had to take care of both of them. I think that the title was 'the kid' or something similar. Also, there was a ghost in the community swimming pool that only John could see? FOUND

Also. I can't find this fic where Sam poisons Dean to get out of the deal, and Dean has to spend months in hell with Lucifer. He calls him Woody, I think. Dean ends up having a kid with him. Also, I don't think Dean could remember who he was when he was in hell. And Sam had a kid with a demon (baby's name was Axel).

03 September 2011 @ 12:45 am
Are there any fics out there that involve Sam and Dean have to share a shower, or bathe each other? Could be due to illness, injury, drunkenness, contamination, etc...

Wincest or Gen is fine! 
17 January 2008 @ 11:23 pm
Hey guys I have a request for you again.
I remember reading a story few months ago, with a de-aged John, but I don´t remember the title or the author.
All I can remember is that Dean takes care of him and I think he calls Sammy for help.
When I remember correctly John doesn´t know that Sam and Dean are his sons. He is just a kid, so he doesn´t have any memories... I think.
I´m not sure if it was gen or wincest.
Sounds familiar to you? Hope you can help me out.

Thanks in advance

Found in comments
Let's Do the Time Warp Again by fleshflutter.
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