19 June 2017 @ 12:22 pm
Found: No One Would Riot for Less

Looking for one particular fic: I recall Dean was hidden in a pocket universe or heaven. Cas and Dean were married. Godstiel was keeping him locked away until Dean worships him. Bobby and Sam barrel into the universe-or-heaven trying to get Dean to come back to reality and help them stop the Godstiel.

Looking for Fic recs for Godstiel/Dean.

any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

tags: genera:hurt/comfort, godstiel, destiel, pairing:cas/dean, looking for a particular fic, fic recs
affliction: fallen!castiel, affliction: hurt!dean, genre: domestic fic, character: castiel, character: dean, affliction: kidnapped!dean, attribute: adorable!castiel, genre: slash, genre: tearjerker, creature: angel, point of view: dean winchester, pairing: dean/castiel,
23 March 2017 @ 02:44 am
I'm looking for a story I read where Cas came to the bunker after the angels fell, andunder cut for triggers for abuse/non-con )
I know it was on the kink meme a long time ago, not sure if it was ever posted anywhere else... anyone know the story I'm talking about? :)

06 March 2017 @ 09:37 pm
Hi all

This one isn't much to go on, but though still an angel Cas had been hurt. I think his ribs were out of alignment after being broken, and though he could heal Dean knew unless they were fixed first they wouldn't heal straight? So he had Cas lie down on the motel room bed and hold his breath as Dean carefully applied pressure to each rib in turn until they had all clicked back into place. I don't know if Cas was vulnerable or half fallen but I sort of remember it hurt him.

I'm looking for some stories where Castiel is struggling to get used to being human, and has trouble getting used to normal human things (like eating and sleeping maybe), which develops into health issues (eating disorders, insomnia, ect.)
Okay, I would like get some help again... I have the worst luck in the whole world. I looking for two specific fic.

1# I saw a fanfic months ago what immediately caught me right and then, but that was a Criminal Minds crossover, so I saved it for later, because I never saw any episode from CM. Some weeks ago I started the season06, so I wanted to start that fic too (finally!), but god, I can't find it anywhere. I already looked trough all of my place where I could save, I looked for sites, rec lists, but always nothing. This fic was a reason why I jump in a new fandom and I lost it. 😡 -.-
· it was a multichaptered novel
· human setting, mechanic Dean, ?agent? Cas
A serial killer kidnapped Dean and the BAU trying to find him in time, before the killer kill him too. There was lot of torture (hurtDean) and I think Cas was a BAU agent. Sam was a worried brother.

2# It's already a bit of foggy. I read this fic long-long time ago, some things I remember from it,
· it was a multichaptered novel
· in SPN universum
· in the bunker
· fallen(human) Cas
· Destiel or pre-destiel
In one of scene Cas was possessed by a demon (Abbadon maybe?, but I'm sure as hell the demon was female) and she tied down Dean, but not to some table, I think to someting what kept Dean sitting and vertically. They was in some room, maybe in a demontrap and maybe they wanted to trapping the demon, I don't know sure, but thing went down. The demon beat Dean up (a bit), but mostly tortured him with a knife, cutting him lot of place and deep, and she enjoyed the fact she could do in with Cas face, this hurt Dean the most. Then Cas expelled the demon from inside: he kept saying inself the Exorcism and the demon had to leave. I think she was very suprised and angered, and she threatened Cas to kill him if he expell her, but Cas wanted to protect Dean, no matter what. He was hurt because Dean got hurt by his hand, and the demon hurt him physically when she got expelled.
After this Dean can't trust in Cas anymore, he want but can't, no matter Cas apologized and he was in physically hurt shape because of the expelling. Emotionally both was hurt. Sam talked with Dean about Cas, his state and how hard is this for Cas too. I think this talking happened in Dean's room.

I hope somebody can show mercy on me and can help find it.
Also I hope I got some help with !!this post!! too, some of it is very important to me.

Okay, I can't find tags like torture, human Castiel (for any human setting AUs), possessed Castiel (so I used the demon!Castiel, what isn't fit but this is all what we have.)
I'm looking for a specific fic. It's an older one (at least one or two years old, though I'm pretty sure it's even older. It's been quite a while since I've read it.) that I'm about 90% sure I read on FanFiction.net.

It involves Cas losing his powers and becoming human. He decides to start figuring out what he likes AS a human (with Dean's help, most likely). I'm almost positive that they go through music at some point.

But here's the main thing ----> One day Cas picks up a thing of nail polish and paints his nails. Dean is, at first, all 'WTF Cas, that's for girls', but Cas explains he just really liked it, so Dean decides 'Yeah. Fine. All cool.

Aha, found it.

I'm looking for a Fallen Cass Destiel fic that is multi chaptered and not the mute Cas  verse. There's a part where cat is scared of fireworks because they remind him of the fall. In the thickness had Balad of PTSD ish problems. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello and Happy New Year :) !

I'm looking for recommendations for your favourite non-au Destiel fics and audiofics.

For some reason in the past few days I couldn't stop thinking about how Supernatural is going to end at some point and how sad that is going to be. It has been a part of my life for so long, especially while so much else has changed and in some ways it even had an impact on my life (for example it really helped me with my English). Hope, I'm not sounding too crazy, but if anyone would understand it's probably you ;). Anyways, since I've been feeling a bit down lately I would love to read some really good fan fiction, the kind that is so well written that you can just get lost in it.

Here's a list of some things I'm looking for (but I'm happy with anything :), also other pairings, for example Dean/Crowley):

- Destiel
- long fics with slow-burn romance / UST (I love fics where they for some reason have to be closer to each other, for example sleep in the same bed, and then realise that they have feelings for the other)
- preferably non-au
- Happy Endings (Don't mind angst etc. in the fic, as long as the ending is happy)
- Smut :)
- I would also love to read a fic that is set in season 11
- audiofics
- human Castiel
- One or both are jealous/possessive, possibly before realising why
- something made them do it (sex pollen, fuck-or-die etc.)

Thank you :)
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In search of more Bobby adopts Cas fics....
frankly any or all Bobby adopts Cas fics or suggestions would be welcomed.

also another fic I am searching for is Karen and Bobby find a baby castiel, that's all i remember. any help in locating this fic would be awesome.

thank you.

mizukiruhoh at hotmail.com

tags: affliction: hurt!castiel, affliction: fallen!castiel, character: bobby, character: castiel, character: karen, character: jimmy, genre: wee!chesters, genre:fledgling!castiel, pairing: Bobby/Karen.
05 January 2016 @ 12:30 pm

fledgling or injured Castiel finds his way to earth and inhabits child jimmy. Bobby comes across the kid and adopts him. thinks he may be psychic.  <---- fic found: Rain Falling Down by Maychorian:

In search of more Bobby adopts Cas fics....
frankly any or all Bobby adopts Cas fics or suggestions would be welcomed.

thank you.

mizukiruhoh at hotmail.com

tags: affliction: hurt!castiel, affliction: fallen!castiel, character: bobby, character: castiel, character: jimmy, genre: wee!chesters, genre:fledgling!castiel

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30 October 2015 @ 08:27 pm
There's a fic I read once where Dean died and ended up an angelic guardian for Cas who was a mental patient (I think he was an angel). Then Sam comes in on a case and they end up hunting together with Dean watching over Cas. Eventually Sam ends up figuring that Dean was there. What fic is that. I don't remember if it was Destiel. Thanks!
23 September 2015 @ 02:41 pm
It's been years since I've read this but randomly it popped into my mind. I believe it's set sometime in season five, about the time Uriel/Castiel keep telling Dean to keep Sam on a leash or they would kill him. Upper Angel Mangement tells Castiel to go kill Sam but after watching both boys slept he tells Dean to run. He faces punishment and stripped of his wings and sent to earth to live as human. Somehow he runs into Ruby which turns into her getting him drunk (Tequlia). They go to LA to stop someone from opening a seal connected to a lust demon. Cas, believing he can't trust Ruby leaves and gets caught. He becomes the main person used to break the seal because he's a virgin but Sam/Dean/Ruby save him at the last moment. I believe the 'worshipers' were mentioned as College kids high on something. Dean takes Cas to his hotel room having naughty thoughts. Eventually Uriel appears in a dream telling them Cas was being tested [like John was at one point] and if he sacrifced himself then no more seals would be broken.

Random things that might help- Cas smells like Apple pie to Dean. Tells Dean he has no friends and that they angels were very detailed in taking his wings, 'it hurt' was a comment he makes. Ruby buys him dinner and clothing after finding him but warns him she's not his Sugar Momma. Sam and Ruby walk in on post sex Dean/Cas which leads to breakfast at a diner/IHOP/Waffle House. Cas also looks at Dean like he 'worships' him a lot, a look that reminds Dean of a younger Sam. Alistair makes an apperance as the one who tries to use Cas to open the lust seal.

I've used all the tags I know, being as specific as possible and I can't find this fanfiction at all. I know it's a little old but so far as I know it wasn't deleted or anything. 
I'm looking for a specific fic where fallen Castiel is getting used to being human in the Bunker, and handling it pretty well.  The destiel is slow burn.  Castiel began practicing to become a hunter, and there aresome practice fights with Dean that established that human or not, Cas is still very badass.
What stood out to me was Cas working out with Sam and setting up his own yoga room.  Dean is coaxed to meditate or do yoga with Cas at some point.
I had this bookmarked at one point, but lost all the files in my CasDean folder.  Please help!  I love this fic and need to read it again!
28 July 2015 @ 11:29 pm
Basically what i am looking for is a hunter AU. Where Cas gives up his grace to save Sam/Dean i remember which brother. He takes over the body of a dying boy but doesnt remember who he is. Him and dean are nieghbors missuri is rasing dean. They fall in love cas but dean leaves. eventually cas remembers who he is. Finds his grace and sam. I would really appriciate if any one can find this fic for me!
19 July 2015 @ 02:06 pm
I'm looking for a specific Dean/Cas first time fic that is somewhat related to the season 9 episode Heaven Can't Wait. What I remember is that it takes place at the Gas N Sip that Cas is working at as Steve, specifically in the store room. It is likely R or NC-17 rated, if you get my meaning. I have a vague recollection of Cas speaking in Enochian while he and Dean have sex? And I believe the sex occurs on a chair in the store room.

I've spent the last two days searching the ends of the internet for this fic, and I am going crazy, so I hope someone recognizes it! Thanks :)
I hate being super vague, but I can't remember much about this one. I know it was on Fanfiction.net, it was pretty long, and I think Cas was fallen? I believe the boys were living at Bobby's. At some point, Cas let his hair grow out and started dating some guy and it made Dean jealous, but it was Dean/Cas endgame. Thanks for your help!

edit: found! Wait and See
Specific Story:

Ok this is really the slimmest detail but all I remember is Dean getting his neck/throat cut by an ax(?) and he almost bleeds to death. IIRC TFW was on a case and Dean and Sam (and Cas?) had just escaped from being tied up in a basement by a witch(?) [or Dean and Sam went to the basement to check it out and Cas went to the attic/upstairs?] and maybe Cas was almost human at this point because I think Dean pushes him out of the way, and the creature uses something to slice his neck. I think Cas freaked out that Dean was dying and couldn't heal him, and I think he used the last of his grace to heal the wound enough to get Dean to the hospital? I'm pretty sure this was destiel and part of a larger story (though I'm not sure if the larger story was a destiel romance or a case fic.)

I'm sorry this is so bare bones/vague so if you remember any story with Dean getting his neck sliced open (probably while on a case) I'd appreciate you sending it my way.

(Or even any story with Cas getting an axe to the neck cause now I'm starting to worry it was Cas who got hurt.)

Thank you!!!!!
Hello All,

I'm looking for a fic with a scene where Sam, Dean, and Cas are fighting a lava/fire elemental in a factory/warehouse. The place catches fire, of course. Cas gets stuck under debris and forces Dean to leave the burning building to save himself. Dean does and watches outside with Sam while it burns down, thinking Cas is dead because he didn't have any grace. After a while they notice a light and find Cas ok because he had just enough grace to save him (or maybe some outside force helped). I remember this being in the middle or in the second half of the long fic.

Any help would be appreciated.
10 February 2015 @ 11:34 pm
Hello everyone. I've been looking for this story, but all that I remember is a little of the plot.

It takes place in the Croat!verse. Dean and Cas were on a supply run, and they ran into some demons at a convenience store. Cas ends up getting shot and taken back to camp where they had to dig the bullets out without anesthesia.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
22 January 2015 @ 12:05 pm
I could've sworn that I'd bookmarked these two fics, but evidence to the contrary proves me wrong.

1. I'm 90% sure that this one was on fanfiction.net: Castiel and Sam woke up de-aged one day, and Dean takes care of them. Cas was about six-months, and Sam was three or four (years, not months). At some point Dean takes them to the zoo and they both get stuffed animals - Sam gets a dog and Cas gets a lion. Also, Bobby was still alive during this fic.

2. A more recent fic - Sam and Castiel cured demon!Dean, and then Cas' stolen grace starts failing and he gets really sick. Eventually Sam and Dean save his life by using a needle to draw the grace out, leaving Castiel human.
08 January 2015 @ 12:30 pm
Ok I'm pretty sure the author deleted all of their fic, but I can't remember who the author is. For the specific story I'm thinking of, it was a S6 canon-AU where Cas is beaten by Raphael and is pushed/becomes Fallen. He lands at Bobby's, beaten up and naked, and Dean takes care of his wounds in the bathroom, helping him shower, and during this point they also kiss. (No sex, IIRC, just some kissing.) Later (I can't remember if there is another scene between the bathroom and this) Dean helps him to his room/the bed (maybe to get changed?) and they talk quietly. The only other detail I really remember is in the bathroom Dean kind of hints around to ask if Cas was raped (because he showed up naked/tortured) and Cas is all confused about it, like why are you asking me that, and Dean says something along the lines of "oh Cas, I'm glad you have to ask that" (only, uh, much better written.) The version I read was on A03.

I'm kind of looking for two things with this ask - the specific story detailed above, and then if anyone remembers it if they also have more of the author's stuff, because IIRC they had other fics I liked.

Thank you!!!
I'm looking for two fics:

1) Sam gets captured by lucifer and tortured but castiel offers to switch places with sam (or tries to rescue him and gets caught himself while sam gets away) and gets tortured and probably also raped by lucifer. He's also fed demon blood by him until the boys rescue him

2) This is a domestic fic probably after season 8 with fallen!cas who has ptsd and panic attacks. There's a scene where he gets one in a shoe shop while shopping with dean and people are staring at him until dean gets there and calms him down + gets him out of there. There also a scene where dean is frustrated with cas' situation and punches a tree until his hand bleeds and sam tells him to get it together to help cas get better. It was a wip when i read it but it's probably finished now

Thanks in advance c;
07 September 2014 @ 03:20 pm
Today I hope someone can find a fic that I have spent over 6 months looking for via searching my browser's history.

Details: At some point after Cas met the Winchester brothers in canon, he removed his grace and was reborn as a human. When he is a teenager, he meets Dean again but has no idea who he is. Meanwhile, Dean owns a business and has been living in Cas' hometown for a while. (In fact, their first meeting occurred because Cas rode his bike near Dean's business, which was either a mechanic shop or a salvage yard.) At some point during the fic, Cas regains his memories as an angel and possibly starts a relationship with Dean.

I'm pretty sure that I read the fic on AO3 and that the fic was long & complete.

PS: I'm also looking for any recs where Cas is reborn human after he has fallen. The fics can be gen or Destiel.

Edit: The fic I was looking for has been found. It's By the Unseen Light by [livejournal.com profile] yellow_pomelo aka . Links - LJ, AO3.
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hi guys

I'm looking for a fic where Dean wake up few years in the future (in a motel room I think) and discover he is in a romantic relationship with Castiel. (he discover later they are married)
I think it's fallen!cas (but it was way before season 9 and even before season 8)
I remember Dean is having a "gay panic"
Sam is awesome in this and try to calm him down and tells him to be nice with Castiel because Cas kinda lost his Dean (future!Dean) and he (past!Dean) act like a dick to him.
I remember that it's really hard for Cas, he is hurt that Dean push him a away a lot.
Dean is acting as his future self is not really him.
I remember that Cas hide his ring a bit but not sure.
But finally Dean accept the thing and come to like this intimate relation with Castiel and yeah he admit he is in love with him.
I remember Sam and Castiel find a way to send him back in his time (and of course the future Dean is back to his time too) (or maybe it happen itself because there's a lot of fic like that and I may mix things together sorry :p)
I'm sorry it's blurred it's been a great while and I think it's well known fic but I searched for months and I can't find it, please help?
Thank you very much !
Have a great day/night :)

Oh and it's NOT :
The story of you and me : http://archiveofourown.org/works/985737/chapters/1942668
neither it is : The day the world went away: http://pyjamagurl.livejournal.com/166757.html (it's similar and it's a great fic btw I rec it to you guys!)
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1. Set after the apocalypse, Cas has fallen and is living with Sam and Dean in a house (it might have been Bobby's). Sam marries Sarah and they have gifted children due to his demon abilities, I think, if I'm remembering it right. Eventually, after many years Gabriel actually leaves them a baby that is theirs biologically, but no one birthed it. This was a series I believe. Found: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8169946/1/Wait-and-See

2. Cas is fallen and human, but also dying because of it and has very little time to live. He lives at Bobby's house with everyone. I remember the scene of Cas dying at night, in bed with Dean. His lungs filled up with blood and he drowned. (SPOLIER!!! Gabriel brings him back to life like a chapter later) Found: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6865609/1/Ready-To-Fall

Any help would be great, Thank you!
21 December 2013 @ 04:27 am
There was a fic I read a couple months back that I forgot the title and author of but I'm pretty sure I read it on ao3 and that it was complete. Castiel fell causing his grace to create a giant field of blue flowers. This caused Dean to have nightmares out of guilt. Castiel gets taken to a hospital where Missouri shows up to say Castiel has a new soul and like a baby his physical body needs to be held to show him love. Sam finds a girlfriend and Dean and Castiel live with them... and that's all I got! Any help locating this story would be much appreciated!
I'm going crazy to find this fic. I don't remember what happened in details, I think it's on AO3 but i couldn't find it anywhere!
It was posted before the actual beginning of season 9, and

Spoiler for early Season 9 )

If you can find it, i'll be forever grateful! Thank you!

(Please mods, i tried to put season 9 stuff inside a cut, but in the preview it doesn't work, maybe i'm doing something wrong, can you put it inside the cut for me? Thank you!)

Hi All

1. Destiel, where Dean is just a good guy. Human!AU preferable, finished story preferable, always love awkward Cas. I'm open to any recs but in my head I was mostly looking for fics where Dean doesn't do the whole "am I bi?" dance and just ends up in this (fluffy) domestic story without realizing it, and if he has a freak-out/there's misunderstandings it's easily taken care of. Him having self-esteem issues is fine but I'm not really looking for heavy angst ones.

Self recs and cis-swaps welcome. Examples:  Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) kototyph or A Sketchy Sort of Love Affair by Vera (only Destiel not Debriel for this ask).

2. Ok I'm like 85% sure this was a Destiel, fallen!Cas story, but all I remember is Dean and Cas (Sam is there but in the background?) coming up from the basement and the creature (witch?) takes an ax to them and one of them steps in front of the other and gets an axe in their neck and they're basically dead except then *something* happens and then I think it turns into feelings!confessions. It's the end of a much larger fic. <- sorry that is a horrible remembering

Thank you!

04 November 2013 @ 08:01 am
Hello all!

I recall reading a story (actually, I think it might have been a series) in which Cas falls and is somehow injured, leaving him blind. Dean and Sam set him up with a house but then more or less leave him, I think because Dean is so guilty he just can't stay. The chapter/story that I mostly remember is that Cas has visions of the future and is kidnapped by some hunters who want him to give them some info. They then abandon him by the side of the road, and he's totally lost and wandering down the road until he's saved by some good samaritans.

Hope someone recognizes this - I've looked through a bunch of blind!cas fics and haven't struck gold yet.

02 August 2013 @ 08:23 pm
HI! I was hoping to get some help in finding a fic- one i remember was a favorite, but of course i lost it....

I can only really remember a picnic scene where dean goes out with his work buddies to play soccer and leaves Cas with the wives on a picnic blanket. Cas wasn't "all there" and was trying to get a recipe from one of the wives, and got a extreme fever that had Dean taking him home. Dean was working at a garage- body shop. Sam was in Hell, i think.
And one more specific request - I read a fic a long time ago that was Dean/Cas. It might have been post-Season 5, because Cas might have been fallen - I can't remember. All I really remember is that Dean and Cas were asked by some man (a friend of Bobby's, maybe?) to fix up/build a house, and they were allowed to live there while they were doing it. Eventual Dean/Cas toward the end. I think it was several parts, maybe 3 or 4, and I'm pretty sure it was on Livejournal. I thought I had it bookmarked but I guess I didn't. If you know this fic, please send it my way! Thank you!

Edit - Found! Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
18 July 2013 @ 08:13 pm
Okay, I been looking for this fic for a while, but looking through my browser's history has yield no results. I only remember a tiny bit of it and I don't know if that is enough to locate the fic.

Details: At some point Castiel has become human. Dean is endangered and the only way to save him is if Castiel's grace is restored. So Cas makes some kind of deal with Heaven to get the grace he needs to rescue Dean. After the rescue is complete, one of the angels (Zachariah?) tells Sam that  Cas was only given enough grace to find & rescue Dean (and possibility heal Dean); once Cas used all that grace, Cas would be effectively human again. The angel then goes on to say that they knew that exact amount of grace to give Cas for his rescue because of what happened when Cas broke Dean out of Hell.

The whole conversation between the angel and Sam might have taken place at Bobby's house.

Found: It's Forgive you? forget you. the end... by [livejournal.com profile] caz2y5.
09 June 2013 @ 07:02 pm
I think I've been patient enough, trying to look for them myself, but...

Are there any fics out there dealing with the events at the end of the season eight finale from an outside pov? Or that have at least some focus like that

Spoilers for s8 )

I'm sure this podfic is at least a year old and more than an hour long. It's set in the future, but I'm not sure if it's a 2014!Cas or AU. This story is almost completely Cas'. I believe Sam said yes to Lucifer and Dean went off to find/kill him. When Dean leaves Cas, he's lost without him. He wanders and comforts himself with alcohol and drugs. In his journey, he's staying in an apartment. There's an religious woman who believes this is a test God has given to Cas.

I thought the title was something like Thursday's Angel or Angel of Thursday, but I haven't been able to find it under that title, reader, or author.

If anyone can find the podfic or the text version of this, I'd be so grateful and promise to bookmark and back it up for the next time my mp3 player dies on me.

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23 May 2013 @ 08:41 pm

1. I'm looking for some fics where Castiel has recently fallen (maybe quite angsty), but don't end up with him and Dean sleeping together on the first night he falls. I prefer destiel or gen. *I don't mind it if they do end up in a relationship, I just don't want that to be the main part of the story to be smut*

2. I'm also looking for something where for whatever reason Cas wears Dean's clothes *gen or destiel*

3. Fics that include Dean, Sam, Bobby, or even the angels acknowledging Castiel's worth and actually being grateful for how much he's done and given up for them.

4. (Not sure if this even exists) Fics in which Sam and/or Dean see Castiel with one of his brothers (Balthazar,Gabriel,Michael) and he acts differently to how he does when he's around the Winchesters. (Like more comfortable or something/less serious)

5. Cas being considered one of 'Bobby's boys' like Dean and Sam are.

6. Any fics were Dean and Sam say 'I love you' or something along those lines. NO WINCEST I purely want platonic brotherly love.

7. Sam and Dean being really protective of Cas for whatever reason. *gen or destiel*

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22 May 2013 @ 09:24 am
I'm searching for a specific fic I'm whic Cas has fallen and is blind. He lives alone and has psychic visions ehich he uses to help hunters including at one point Dean when Sam goes missing on a hunt. I think he was also kidnaped by a gang or some drug dealers to get some information from him.
hi folks,

I'm not sure if such exist, but if so, I'm hoping you can direct me to stories where Cas, having fallen (at some point, for some reason), is now human, but due either to depression, recovery from injury, or simply not understanding the necessity, really isn't taking care of his human body - becoming overweight, not learning new skills, etc., and Dean has to chivy him off the couch and get him moving.  I'd especially like it if it focused on things like fitness and general health, but any other aspects are game too. This can be the focus of the story or just a part of a larger development. Basically I want to see Dean helping Cas overcome inertia in terms of becoming human, especially the most basic physical parts of humanity.

I prefer no incest of any kind or RPF, but I'm good with other slash, mild het, or gen.  I've seen up to the end of S8, so spoil away. :)  I'd prefer it not be significantly AU (ie. Cas was never an angel, Dean was never a hunter, we're all in high school, etc. Spinning off after a series event to show the boys settling down or taking a different path is fine, though.)  Humour, angst, or other, it's all good!  I'd especially appreciate stories that don't get recced a lot, are new, or are underappreciated, as I've combed a lot of similar themes here and on AO3 already. Self-recs and crossovers welcome.

Thanks in advance for whatever you come up with! :)
05 April 2013 @ 02:47 pm
I'm looking for fics where Demon!Dean andBoyKing!Sam rule hell together (Wincest stories ) it would be awesome if they have Cas as there pet/slave
I've been procrastinating on studying searching for a fic I just got a craving for, and I can't for the life of me find it!

It was about recently-fallen and depressed(?) Castiel who broke his foot, and so he got prescription pain meds for it. Dean, worrying about what he saw in 2014, puts his doses on a very strict schedule.

It might have been Dean/Castiel, but if not, then it would be completely Gen.

For more specific details: Dean never tells Sam about why he's so worried about the drugs, so at some point Sam gives in while Dean is away and gives Castiel extra meds. And at some other point Dean and Castiel get into a fight so Dean storms out, and while Castiel is alone he manages to get to the pill bottle and ends up ODing (Dean comes back in time to save him, though).

Thanks for any help!
Anything where (fallen) Castiel has an eating disorder, and Dean is caring/worried

Please no slash and no AU

02 February 2013 @ 07:58 pm
I've looked for these stories everywhere and haven't managed to find them yet. The 3 specific fics are a few years old, I read them back when season 4 was airing before getting out of the fandom for a while and losing the links, so hopefully someone will remember them.

1. J2 fic. I don't remember much but I do remember that Jared had just moved to a town for some reason where Jensen was like the recluse, no one really liked him, and it was because people thought he was a witch. Jared ends up becoming friends with him, and then finds out that Jensen really is a witch, and then the town proceeds to find out and Jensen has to leave, blaming Jared, the only one who knew. - Found!

2. SPN fic. I think it was gen, and it was really short, like a snippet. Castiel had fallen for Sam (who was a bad guy at this point, obviously) and was leading an army for him against Heaven to help him get back his brother, who had been taken. It might have been implied wincest as well, but I think it was gen. It was also primarily from Castiels POV I believe, though Sam was in it as well.

3. J2 fic. I honestly don't remember much about this fic except for the fact that it took place in Dallas, where Jensen I believe was some sort of businessman who had made it into the news alot. Jared might have been a businessman as well, or maybe an athlete, and it was a big deal when they came out together as a couple, but people loved them more or less I believe. They were both more or less local celebrities.

4. General request. Does anyone know of any de-aged Dean fics where he's only de-aged to like a teenager or something instead of a little kid like most de-aged fics? Around 13 or older, and if he had to pose as Sam's little brother now that would be awesome. He can either keep his adult memories or not, and if he doesn't it would be awesome if he realized who Sam was without Sam having to convince him too hard, but it's fine if he doesn't realize it until Sam convinces him.

Thank you in advance if you can help me out :)

♥, Rin

Ok, this was Dean had cancer and so they hole up for a bit and he gets chemo and mostly what I remember is the whole thing was just kind of matter-of-fact toned. Dean doesn't lose his hair and it mentions that except for check-ups having cancer isn't ever really brought up or mentioned again in their life. I remember Sam and Dean but I can't remember if there was John, so I'm assuming it was early S1. I read it on an LJ.

-----> Found: Silver Earrings by wave_obscura

Cas falls (from heaven) and then his body falls apart because angels weren't meant to live in human bodies (or some reason like that.) He gets sick and the fic ends with him dying. At one point Dean asks why only Sam & Bobby (they are staying at Bobby's) can help him shower,etc and Cas says it's because he doesn't want Dean to see him like this. I think near the end he goes for a drive with Cas (even though Cas is too weak for it at this point) and they (finally?) kiss. Cas says at one point he doesn't regret falling. They may have shared a bed. Dean POV, I believe.

-----> Found: full of sparks by glassyskies

Thank you!!! I know, neither really have that much to go on, but anything that rings a distance bell.
10 December 2012 @ 06:26 pm
I have a craving for stories where Cas is caught and interrogated by the police and for some reason is unable to just fly away (maybe he's fallen or there's something blocking his angel powers?) Dean and Sam may or may not be with him.

Was also wondering of there are any fics out there where the cops that are chasing the Winchesters put all the evidence together and come to the conclusion that the Winchesters aren't serial killers -they're vigilantes (which is what I would think the evidence would point towards, with the killings always starting before the boys enter the town, and ending when they leave).

On that note, are there any stories where the Winchesters are vigilantes? Or where they kill human evil instead of or as well as the supernatural kind.

Thanks :)
(This is my first time posting, so I'm not really sure whether I've done it right?)
17 November 2012 @ 11:52 pm
 Well I'm losing my mind trying to find this fic- Where Sam!Lucifer some how gets a hold of Cas near the era of " The End" and they end up watching the Earth burn. There was a point where Cas kinda told Lucifer was gonna kill Dean ( I think it was in front of him because he said something along the lines of "make it quick"). It sounded like Castiel was tired of everything and was confused almost; he often used "Sam" to talk about Lucy. I also remember it was kinda short around 1000 words at most. Please help end the madness! Thanks for any help that can be given!
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14 November 2012 @ 05:49 pm
Some time ago I found on tumblr conception that Castiel is Crowley's son, angel of darkness and prince of Hell. There are any fanfiction using this idea? I really don't care about pairing
10 November 2012 @ 02:14 pm
Hello everyone out there!

I really loved Cas' behaviour in season 7 after he took Sam's mental pain and it reminded me of someone with autism.

Now I want to know, are there any Fics out there with Castiel havin autism or asperger? I don't care if it's AU or sets within the serie, I just really want an autstic Cas! I don't care if it's slash or gen or even het, as long as there's no heavy man/woman action. And, to be honest, if it's an AU I would really like to see Gabriel in this fic, too, but that's just the icing on my cupcake!

It would be great if youcould help me! Thank you.
04 November 2012 @ 07:38 pm
Hello! I'm looking for hurt/comfort Destiel slash fics.

I'm not interested in AUs where they're not hunters. I'm also not interested in wincest.

Castiel as a fallen Angel is, however, quite intriguing...

Thanks for the help!

(I didn't include it in the tags, because it's not a requirement, but if the stories are PDFs, that would be awesome!)

Can I add to this? I love LOOOONG stories.
I'm looking for any fics that have Dean showing Cas how to fight, shoot a gun, or anything like that. It could be fallen!Cas or he just wants to know how. Genfic or Dean/Cas, but no wincest.
Thanks in advance.
09 October 2012 @ 12:14 am
I read this fic recently, in the past weeks or two months (but I don't think its a "recent" fic, actually). All I am remembering about it right now is that it ended kinda sadly, but with an open-ending of hope? Cas has fallen and become human and he struggles with it, but at the end, he wants to go off and "find himself" and become his own person apart from Dean (not dependent on Dean or having who he becomes based on Dean). He wants to travel and mentions going off to India and, in comments, the author had said that she imagines he went work with elephants (I think this was alluded to previously in the fic) and did other work and came back home to Dean a few years later and they both were in a better place, having come into their own and matured/grown, and were ready to be able to be together, not broken or trying to put each other back together. And she said she imagined that Cas had had all these adventures and maybe Dean bought him a hang-glider for a present one day lol. I think I read it on Dreamwidth?

I've just been gorging on Dean/Cas fic all summer and I'm sure I bookmarked this or saved a pdf of it but I cannot for the life of me find it! I can't remember the author or anything else about it so I hope someone can help and remembers this fic too? I want to re-read it and rec it to a friend ;)

ETA: Aaaaand after much more looking, I've found the fic. In case anyone else wanted to know, it's Objects Defined by haruslex: http://haruslex.dreamwidth.org/6477.html