I read this story literally years ago and I am afraid that it may not be on the internet anymore because I haven't heard anyone talking about it in so long. At this point even if we can't find it I am hoping that someone else at least remembers it so I know I am not crazy.

Here are the sketchy details that i can remember (remember this was years ago so hopefully these are all from this story)

- Dean ends up with the main character who is an OMC
- This OMC is an incubus? succubus? something with wings....
- The OMC takes Dean flying even though Dean is scared of flying
- The OMC has really bright colored hair (I want to say red, but could it be green?_
- Sam has powers and can move stuff and see visions
- The OMC is allergic to iron or silver or something and that is how Dean and Sam find out he is not fully human, I think he gets stabbed and/or chained up with the stuff...
- Sam, Dean and the OMC end up hunting together and are really close although Dean and the OMC (Eric?) are the couple
- I want to say that Sam was with someone too but I can't remember...
- The story is really really really really long.
- I loved it and really want to read it again, please help me?
17 July 2013 @ 10:51 pm
Looking for any kind of destiel fic where Dean's fear of flying comes up again.

no wincest please thanks!
13 April 2013 @ 02:05 am
This is what I remember.

It's Dean and Sam's first time on a plane together. The plane experiences turbulence. And everyone is worried that they might die.
There are two brothers on the plane who are scared they were going to crash and one of them says stuff about how unsafe planes are. While Dean comforts Sam that the plane is very safe.

When they land, John meets them, and Dean goes to the toilet and is sick. And one of the brothers says thank you.

Oh and the boys also tease a random stranger that they are from a church, can't remember the name.

Hope I posted right :)

And any weechester fics with a protective sam would be appreciated. :D

Thanks :)
21 November 2011 @ 08:28 pm

The bits and pieces I remember are: it's an au, Dean is a prince (John is the King)? Cas is an angel. The part I remember is Cas picking Dean up in a forest(?) and flying him out of there and that Dean is afraid of heights. That's all I got, anyone know which story I'm talking about?

edit: It's Aschenflügel by [livejournal.com profile] liadan14, thank you [livejournal.com profile] ginfairy.
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14 November 2011 @ 07:01 pm
Hello!  I looked through all the tags and couldn't really find anything dealing directly with phobias, so I figured I would ask all you wonderful people!  

Are there any stories out there that have Sam dealing with a phobia in any way?  Like where he gets kidnapped or stuck in a hospital and he has a fear of being tied up or restricted to small spaces, or where he has a fear of fire or something.  Could be any phobia.  The boys could be on a case or at Bobby's or between cases.  Doesn't matter where in the series it takes place.  Wincest is fine as well!

Thanks in advance!
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Hello this is my first time posting on lj so I hope I get it right.  I am looking for four specific fics. I do not remember the names of the authors or titles for any of the fics.  The first two I only read the summaries.  I saved the URLs in a word file so I could come back and read them later when rl wasn’t so busy but I lost the word file.

1. Jensen is in a band with Justin Hartley they are also dating, Jared is a roadie and an aspiring musician. That’s all I can remember.

2. Jared is in a band with Chad and Sandy.  He makes some sort of bet or promise to get a kiss from famous actor Jensen Ackles, who is 10-15 years older than him. He gets the kiss and decides he wants more.

3. Jensen is a closeted country music star who gets caught back stage at an awards show with a guy.  His manager sends him to a town in Maine or Massachusetts (I think), to hide out until the scandal dies down.  This is where he meets Jared who is a teacher at the local college.

4. Jensen is flying back home when the plane starts experiencing some minor trouble.  Jensen is afraid of flying and starts freaking out and the guy sitting next to him (Jared) tries to calm him down.  Jensen is sure he is going to die and starts spilling all his secrets from the stupid stuff he does at work (like photocopying his butt and sticking it on the bulletin board) to his doubts about his relationship with his boyfriend Tom.  Jared finally manages to get him to calm down as the plane is about to land. Jensen leaves the airport sure he will never see Jared again, however when Jensen goes into work at the office the next day he is introduced to the owner of the company Jared.

Number four is based on a book though I don’t remember the title or author.
FOUND     (The book is: Can you keep a secret? by Sophie Kinsella)

P. S.  I hope I got the tags right but I have a question I couldn't find a career: musician!jared or musician!jensen.  Please, it would be helpful if you would add them if it's not to much to ask.

20 July 2011 @ 10:57 pm
 Hey everyone,

I read a GEN fic once where Dean gets cursed to tell the truth for 48? hours. He gets stuck in a psycho place where the people are interrogating him and Sam and Bobby come to the rescue. It has a flash back or something of when Dean was little and it explained his fear of flying. Can anyone PLEASE help me?? I don't know if I'm mixing two up or not.... But that's what I remember. 


EDIT: I didn't want to spoil the story or anything. so, under cut. )

EDIT: found! thanks!
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01 May 2011 @ 07:28 am
I am looking for hurt/comfort fics where someone is freaking out about being on a plane and the other person helps calm them down.

Gen is as welcome as slash.

Accepted pairings:

Thank you very much! <3
01 April 2011 @ 09:05 pm
Hey.  It's my first time posting in the community, so I'm sorry if I'm posting incorrectly.  And mods, if I have too many tags, tell me and I'll grab my machete.

For the specific fic, it was J2 and it starts with Jensen being terrified he's going to die on a plane, and he winds up telling all his secrets to Jared.  Then they wind up meeting again and Jensen finds out that Jared is basically the head of the company he works for.

For my general, any Gabriel/Sam (or Sam/Gabriel for that matter) fics you have, please tell me, even if they are not the main pairing.  And I'd love it if said fics have a side helping of Dean/Castiel, that would be great too ^_^

31 January 2011 @ 09:25 pm
A couple general (or maybe not so general) requests for recs. No wincest or RPF please. All ratings are fine.

1) I've recently realized I have this odd love for blind fics. Whether it's Dean, Cas, Sam, or Gabriel who's blind, I don't care. But I want the pairing to be either Dean/Cas or Gabriel/Sam (bottom!Sam and Cas when relevent please!). I've read [livejournal.com profile] entangled_now's fic, My Eyes Are an Ocean and it was great, I love her writing, but the ending I couldn't work with. While I love blind!fics, please do not show me any where eyes are removed, traded, shared, or handled in any way outside of their sockets. I can't do that... *shudders*

2) I'm looking for some great Gabriel/Sam fics with a certain feel to them. Very simply, I love it when the relationship between them doesn't have quite a ...onesided feel to it. Meaning, I want it more obvious that Gabe loves Sam as well and vice-versa. It's a little hard to explain but yes, what I'm looking for would be extreme fluff, probably a bit of angst. A great example is [livejournal.com profile] alchemyalice's Recharged. The ending of part 2 is a perfect example. See? Lotsa fluff and schmoop.

3) Lastly, wing fics. Very general and I know there's tons out there but I love them. Same pairings as above (still bottom!Sam and Cas when applicable, please!). Hurt/comfort is much loved for wing fics... and anyone who can combine wings with one of the above requests (blind or schmoopy Gabe/Sam) gets virtual cookies. ^^


Hallo everyone!! I'm here for my first ever spnstoryfinders post so bear with me please ;] I've been craving these fics for forever and been searching them for nearly just as long >-< I'm praying that someone recognizes these! :]

  1) I read this fic way back when I was a newbie in the fandom so what I remember is a bit sketchy (that follows where this was posted but I'm pretty sure it was lj) but I've been craving it like crazy >.< But anyways the fic was wincest and Sam and Dean were on a plane, I don't remember why -I think it was for a case (not Phantom Travelers)- and so of course Dean is having mini panic attacks and the boys end up sitting next to this little girl and her dad who I think is asleep for most of the ride(?). This little girl babbles on to them and keeps telling Sam and Dean (I think when they're separate because ones asleep or in the bathroom etc.) that the other one loves them very much and she's very persistent in telling them that they belong with each other and she was very very adorable :D

I think there was a scene where the dad wakes up while she's trying to convince them that they're in love and apologizes and when she falls asleep tells them about her mom who I think either left them or died and they're headed over to see her/her grave? In the end -after they get together :D- they see her again, I think it was on the plane again but I have the distinct feeling that it was in a house and they were posing as FBI Agents and what-not and they told her she was right about them and she smiled. I don't know if it's just my over imaginative brain but I think Scooby- Doo was mentioned.... I don't know why I think that but I hope it means something o.o

2) This one I'm positively sure was posted on lj and I don't know why but when I try and think of this fic, Christmas pops up in my brain?? I dont know if that's relevant of not but I hope it might help?
Anyways this one was also wincest and it was about Chuck having his Prophet-vision thing and seeing Sam and Dean doing the mattress dance. He wakes up and freaks out (I remember that the Chuck in here was so very Chuck that it was amazing) and he ends up writing them extremley drunk because he thinks they wouldn't do it otherwise and so of course there's the whole scene and afterwards he ends up calling them (I think Sam was the one who answered the phone) and he starts asking if they're alright or something and when they hang up Sam tells Dean and they realize that he saw this happen in his vision and more than likely wrote it ;P They end up going to his house and playing a prank on him, pretending to be all angry about how he didn't warn them or how he actually wrote it and such and Chuck is all resigned/freaked and I think they make him delete the document(s)? Of course he eventually realizes they're screwing with him XP

ETA FOUND: The Gospel Truth  found by the amazing februaryfinds

General search: 3) I'm looking for anything with Sam and Dean getting caught by the cops/FBI and being interrogated/profiled/blamed for the things happening in the town. Crossovers with Criminal minds is much appreciated but I'm not picky at all since I've been craving this for so long so I don't mind any sort of crossovers, really, as long as the boys are being profiled/interrogated and they linger on their 'unhealthy and dangerously co- dependent' relationship. Just a heads up I've already read Defect and the sequel Hell and Back and also the fic that started this obsession: All That I'm Living (Dying) For over on the SamDean Archive :D

EXTRA EXTRA points if the fic is either established wincest or in the early stages and such, though gen is alright too... I can also live with het as long as the fic doesn't linger on that for too long.

I hope y'all can help me with this because I think I've been going crazy with the need to read these fics for weeks and if you wouldn't mind, for the general search-- could you write, like, at least just a sentence or so for a quick summary of the fic? I'd like to know what I'm getting into, thanks! :]

P.S Self- Recs are welcomed!! :DD
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08 October 2009 @ 06:04 pm
I have been looking for a fic for ages, it goes this way:

Jensen works at a company and he is afraid of flying, he must do a work trip and he ends telling all his secrets to a stranger in the plane(Jared) who results being the owner of the company where he works. He has a relationship with tom in this fic and jared tries to tempt jensen in the elevator.

Anyone knows where i can find it? PLEASE HELP!
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23 July 2009 @ 11:55 pm
Are there any fics where we find out why Dean is afraid of flying? Gen or slash, no het please.
19 October 2008 @ 08:13 pm
 Hey guys!
Can any of you rec fics that take place on a plane, like the boys leaning against one another, or falling asleep and the other watching, or one being scared/nervous.

Basically anything that happens on a plane between J/J or Sam/Dean
*hugs to you all*

Thanks in advance
29 March 2008 @ 10:20 pm
Hey all!!

God, see you are all so helpful I just had to come back!

What I'm looking for this time is something I know has been asked before, but I can't find a tag for it and I didn't save the fic I wanted.

Basically I want anything to do with Dean's fears/phobia's (flying, water, darkness, spiders?? anything)

What I would really love is this story where Dean was scared of absolutely everything? Sound familiar? I think he was like cursed or something and had his confidence or courage taken away from him? Of course Sam helped him in the end =D

Please no Het, but anything else is great... and self-pimp away please!!

Jared/Jensen shaped cookies for all who help!

Much love!
25 November 2007 @ 07:00 pm
Tonight, I have two requests for you, lovelies:

1) Any missing scenes and codas for Dead Man's Blood, or fics taking place between Dead Man's Blood and Salvation.

2) any fics dealing with Dean's fright of planes.

Sam/Dean wincest is fine for both, daddy!cest is not.

- mayachain
24 November 2007 @ 10:53 am

First time posting here.  I am looking for a fic I read awhile ago, when I first stumbled upon SPN.  Dean visited the dentist (maybe to get his wisdom teeth out) and John took care of him. I don't remember much more, I just want to read some good Dean and John fic. Any recommendations are appreciated as long as it's gen.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for stories that go into Dean's fear of flying? 

Or, what about Dean in a rubber room like he mentioned in WIAWSNB?  I've never seen any fic about that but I think it would make a compelling storyline.

I hope I did this right.  Thank you.