I'm looking for recs on stalking or kidnapping stories with a happy ending.  Jensen Ackles Doesnt Exist is a good example, but I'm not terribly picky - any pairing, SPN, RPS, Gen, femmeslash or slash are all welcome.

I prefer nothing with extreme underage or non-con between the primary pairing.  Anything else is very welcome.

Any recs would be greatly appreciated!
03 August 2017 @ 06:26 pm
Hi all,

I've been a little short on fics lately so I'd love some recs from you lovely finders. I have a few parameters I'd like met, but anything similar should make me pleased as punch. Thank you in advance for any links y'all provide.

Things that are key:
Wincest or pre-slash gen (so it feels pretty gay)
Bottom!Sam only, please!
Not only PWP--some plot required

Things that I'd prefer:
Early seasons (1-3) or Kripke-Gamble era (6&7)
Hurt!Sam, either physically, mentally, or both (I'm a big fan of post Cage!Sam, kidnapped!Sam, depressed/suicidal/self harming!Sam, insecure!Sam)
Case fics are great, or at least something non-AU (so it has to deal with hunting or life on the road or the season plot arc)
Sexual tension is SOOO GOOOOD. I especially love fucked up!Chesters? Like their love isn't all floofy and cheesy? They'd kill for each other in a heartbeat, or they suck at communicating and fuck away their problems lol (it feels realistic to me when they know they share something but can't really touch on it at first, like in West Verse)
At least a hint of dark topics or spooky things
I like when Sam's powerbottomy or a lil slutty

So I know this is a really disjointed list haha but I've definitely read fics that fit the bill! I mentioned West Verse, there's also Play It Again, Sam, and Dictionary for a Dead Language... just to name a few I've read and loved.

Thank you again! Have a lovely week!

Hi to all you great people!

I'm looking for:

1) A fic where Sam was abducted and taken to a lab or place where they experimented with psychic kids. I remember there was another kid who they let wander more freely because he was harmless, but Sam tgey kept restrained.
It was kid or teen Sam, with Dean and John looking for him.

2) A fic (short, I believe) wehere Sam has amnesia, somehow he's taken by a female vampire but eventualy she takes him to an old lady's place. Because they don't know his name, the lady gives him a new one each day (or week, perhaps?). At some point he's in a church and prays so Cas is able to find him and ehen Sam sees Dean everything comes back (I think it all made him throwup)

Also, any similar stories are very welcome!!!
Thanks! :)
26 June 2017 @ 10:26 pm
Hey all! So I read a story years ago about a young Sam being taken by cultists or something and offered to Loki - Gabriel - who is angry, kills the cultists, and saves him. I could be mixing up stories, but I think John might have been abusive.... Did I just make that up in my head or does it really exist? :)
Hi there guys!
It's me again. Im trying to find an AU fic that I read a while ago and then lost. From what I remember of it, Sam had been kidnapped and taken to a remote island full of monsters. Dean found out where he had been taken and went to rescue him. Whilst he is there, he meets Cas who has injured wings and is full on feral (tries to kill Dean and everything). After that I'm a little fuzzy on details, but I think it had a happy ending? I'm also not sure if it was gen or a Dean/Cas pairing. All i know is it was AWESOME.
Sound familiar to anyone?
25 June 2017 @ 04:56 pm
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a specific fic that I think I read on AO3.

Sam is kidnapped by a Trickster (I think he was called Jeremy) and when Dean finds him he gets captured too. The trickster wants them to have sex for his amusement, and wants Dean to dominate Sam. I vaguely remember something about him giving them dom/sub handbooks and not allowing Sam to wear any clothes. I also think he may have drugged Sam to make him more cooperative, and whenever Dean doesn't obey he rapes Sam himself. In the end Bobby finds them and rescues them.

Any help would be much appreciated :)
Hi everyone!!
i am looking for a specific story that i read at FF.NET
what i remember from the story are:
1.Sam and Dean where kidnaped by a human and he totrured them
2.The psycho rapes Dean and Sam wakes up just in time to watch it happens
3.John comes to the rescue
4.they go to Missouri to help Dean heal

The story is GEN.
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07 February 2017 @ 05:13 am
Okay, so, this is a fic where Dean (and Sam?) were abducted very young. John has been looking for them ever since, while I'm pretty sure Mary is still alive but has given up the search and gone back into hunting. John is in contact with Bobby, doing odd jobs for him. Not hunting, I don't think.

He's running an errand in some city when he somehow runs into Sam or Dean, but loses them. I think. Something to do with him showing people a photo. When he finally finds them again, it's in some kind of abandoned warehouse where they're playing.

When Dean spots him he kicks him and calls him a perv and tries to escape on their bike. I think they split up? One of them gets hit by a car, and John takes him to the hospital.

That's all I can remember. I was pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net but the search is not helping much.
Guys, I'm looking for a specific story where Dean is kidnapped and forced to fight. Dean is kept in an underground cell and his kidnappers, pretty sure it's one very rich man, make him train for the fights and then transport him to the fight venue in chains.

I remember big bodybuilder type guys are Dean's minders and I believe that the man has also kidnapped Sam and is keeping him in a separate location to use as a hostage against Dean, he makes Sam hold up a newspaper as proof of life.

Sorry I can't remember if this is Gen or slash but I sure hope someone out there recognizes this because I'm keen to read this again.

Thanks for you help and fingers crossed.
I'm looking for a specific fic and this is driving me crazy! I read this about a month ago but haven't been able to find it since.

I think it was on Archive of our own and was multi chapter and long(ish)

Here is what I remember (I could be slightly mixed up but pretty sure this happened):

-Sam was on his way to Stanford and got a ride with Castiel.
-Castiel realises Sam is apparently an angel who he was with in a past life and kidnaps Sam.
-Castiel starts completing a ritual to help Sam remember his past life (I think the ritual may have involved branding and sex)
-Sam convinces Castiel he loves popcorn and then gets the microwave in his room and uses it to hatch an escape plan of some sort
-Sam starts to gain strength and power from the rituals cas is completing.
-Castiel does metal work or sculpture in his shed and Sam pretends to be interested to gain access to materials to escape.

Thanks for you help!
Looking for an older story where Dean goes on a hunt and finds a wolf (Sam) who was kidnapped and kept by a monster. He keeps the wolf but doesnt know he's a werewolf. I dont remember many details aside from he takes Sam to Bobbys and at the end, he finds out Sam is a werewolf by Sam jumping in front of a knife or bullet to save him. Please help. Also, anything else similar would be nice as well. Pleasd thank you. d
06 January 2017 @ 11:12 pm
I am looking for any fics where Sam has been kidnapped by someone and then when he is found, he has to go through some sort of therapy - physical therapy, counselling, things like having to learn something again - because of the trauma he went through during the time he was kidnapped or because of an injury. It is the aftermath that I am particularly interested in, and is why I am asking for something with Sam having to have treatment of a certain kind.

If anyone can recommend any fics, that'd be great. Thanks!
23 September 2016 @ 03:20 pm
Ok, so this story, as far as I'm aware, is at least a few years old because I remember it being one of the first Supernatural fics I ever read. I can remember it being about Sam having been kidnapped by a man who then used some sort of spell or witchcraft to make him do whatever he wants and he has to keep refreshing this as the spell wears off. So, basically, the man could ask him to say something and he would. I think some of the things were also sexual, though obviously non-consensual. However, Sam's not oblivious to what's happening and can see and feel it all in his head, kind of like his conscious has been trapped there.
I remember one part where Dean finds out where he is and comes to save him. He and the kidnapper start fighting and the kidnapper tells Sam to look away, to which Sam has to obey, and so he can't see what goes on.
I also know that Dean kills the kidnapper, but somehow later on in the story, Sam meets the kidnapper's ghost who has the same mind controlling power and tries to lure him into doing something.

If anyone is able to give me an idea as to what fic this is then I would be very grateful!
I'm dying to read again an old fic I lost and cannot for the life of me find on google
- it was eventually Sam/Dean
- teen!Sam is kidnapped, tortured and rape by a supernatural creature
- Dean and John never knew he was kidnapped
- Sam is let go by the creature with a curse written in his inner thigh (or something like that I'm not sure) that cause him to constantly seek pain and sex and to be unable to say no
- to break the curse he has to find someone that knows about the curse and love him nonetheless but he can't reveal to anyone what happened
- I remember Sam had sex with a teacher, kissed for the first time a class mate, and met Jen in a bdsm club
- Dean finds out about the curse thanks to the ghost of another victim of the same creature
ETA: FOUND in the comments

And for the general search, I'm starving for Sam/Dean or Jensen/Jared fics
with sexually abused Sam or Jared (NOT by Dean or Jensen)
that focus on rape recovery
with Sam-Jared being insecure, having nightmares, PTSD (etc) and Dean-Jensen helping him
novel-length fics are better, but I'll read everything
AU or not AU is the same;
I feel like I've already read every single fic about this topic (including all the ones I could find here) so please help me out!
THANK YOU and sorry for any mistakes: english is not my first language!
I know it's teenchesters and John and Dean turn down the hunt and Sam pays the price. The person that wants John to do this hunt is in the mob I think. Sam gets buried alive in the trunk of a car, I think its the imapala but I'm not sure. And also I think that they leave an oxygen tank in the trunk with Sam. That's all I can remember, unfortunately.


On another note I want all the teenchester/pre-series suggestions you can lay on me. THis is because I wanna create my own master list page of all the stories I love since I still have yet to figure out how to bookmark on this site. The Age Range is Dean - 15 - 23 and Sam is 11 to 18. PLease help me out.
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08 August 2016 @ 11:49 pm
Hi guys,

I'm looking for:

1) Fics where Sam and Dean are captured/kidnapped and forced into having sex with each other.
2) Sex pollen/magic made them do it type fics.

Anything goes as long as its based in the supernatural universe (no high school AUs please!), preferrably NO established relationship, Mpreg, or main character deaths.

Hope you can help :)
22 June 2016 @ 12:15 pm
Hey! Its my first time posting any kind of request and i hope i do it right!

Im looking for a fic that is old. I only remeber bit and pieces of it, hopefully its enough.

1)Sam and dean are young, and Dean used to talk dirty to Sam in the backseat while John was driving. Sam wanted them to have sex but Dean wanted to wait until Sam was an certin age, i think.

2)Jhon captures somekind of creatures kid and tortures him for information. And they catpture Sam and use the same torture for Sam. They send John and Dean a video of Sam being tortures where Sam in morse code tells them where he is held.

3)This other hunter also gives Sam and Dean a knife thats special and says they have a bond, or something like that.

4) And in the end they defeat Azazel by some using the same knife and John finds out about their relationship aswell, and does not really aprove, but bobby does.

Thats all i remember and i hope its enough. I will be forever gratefull if somebody is able to find this fic!!!

i'm looking for a specific fic and general recs.

first, the specific: someone tries to kidnap wee!sam from a comic book store, and wee!dean prevents it, and thoroughly kicks the kidnappers ass. i think it was from the kidnapper's pov.

next, the general: just any gen fic with badass wee!dean taking care of sam. especially any outsider pov fics.
Does anyone have a copy of "Seek and Ye Shall Find" by StrigoiVii that they are willing to share?

I haven't been able to track it down, it's not on FF.net with their other stories, and I've had no luck using The Wayback Machine either.

Here's the summary to remind you of the story:

Sam goes missing, again, and Dean has to find him. Too bad for Dean something's after him too, and it's not necessarily supernatural either.

If anyone has this stashed away I'd be most grateful for copy.
*looks hopeful*

EDIT: Found by [livejournal.com profile] kusi4
I'm lookin for a specific fic where Sam was taken by Azazel when he was young. I am almost certain I read this on FF.net.
In the story John and Dean believe Sam is dead, or gone, since he was taken as a child. They find a demon and take him to Bobby's in the Impala. Coinsidentally the demon is not a demon but is just Sam. Sam has powers but he can't be held by a devil's trap and John, Dean and Bobby are confused when he gets out.
I think Sam was a teenager in the story but he doesn't have much memory of his family and he doesn't recognise them, while John and Dean don't recognise Sam.
Sam and the other special children work for Azazel, though they are afraid of him, and he keeps them in Cold Oak. I think Sam and Dean develope a friendship over time, before they realise they are brothers, and Sam sneaks around behind Azazel's back to see him. The story is not wincest.
In the end, John and Dean find out the truth and try to stop Azazel, Sam nearly dies trying to save them. I'm fuzzy on the rest of the details. I read it about a year ago but I can't remember the title or the author and I've been looking for it for so long. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me out :)
01 November 2015 @ 10:47 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for completed Sam/Dean or J2 stories where the boys are already in an established relationship, and Sam (or Jared) is hurt, ill, attacked, kidnapped or in danger somehow. Protective Dean (or Jensen) is a must, as are happy endings.

Please? Many many thanks in advance.
Usually, I'm pretty good at finding stories, but this one is eluding me. Here's what I remember...

I know I read this on fanfiction.net and I don't believe it was longer than 10k, if that. It was set in the early seasons (no angels). It was gen. Sam was kidnapped by vampires (Kate may have been one of them) and kept caged in a basement. Dean and a group of generic hunters come to the rescue. At one point during the fight, Dean opens the cage, but Sam won't step out of it. Dean says something comforting and understanding about Sam wanting to stay safe. What does drive Sam out is when a very young vamp is about to attack Dean. Sam very violently chops the vamp up. Sam later tells Dean he watched them turn the child in front of him.

Dean helps Sam upstairs and another hunter holds out a container that has the personal effects of the victims (some of which the other hunters were currently putting down since they'd been turned) and Dean grabs Sam's wallet/phone and his bracelet. I think Kate got away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Fic found in comments!
Hi All,
Okay I know there are a lot of Kidnapped Sam stories out there, but there was one that was my absolute favorite of them all and I of course stupidly forgot to save it on my fave files :(

I Can't recall if its Season 7 or 8 but around there. Okay Sam gets kidnapped (duh)
by hunters, but this is a family out for revenge apparently the Mom/wife of the family was killed by demons back when Sam accidentally let Lucifer out.

The father/EX-husband really lost it ( mentally) and is treating Sam like Gordon would and reminding his kids (son and daughter) that Sam is not human. They keep him in a cage and the father keeps interrogating Sam and torturing him revenge for his wife, Wanting Sam to know the pain he cause for helping Lucifer escape. I think Sam tries to reason with the dad but he won't listen and I think Sam does warn them they are just gonna bring a very piss off Dean to themselves if they don't release him?

I'm not sure how it come about but the Dad tells Sam Dean is not coming because his daughter is keeping tabs on him and making sure he does not find the trail. I think this get Sam worried/sacred losing hope. The Son in the end starts feeling bad for Sam.
Tells his dad this isn't what he thought it would be after seeing Sam cry. I can't recall if he the one that finally tells Dean where to finds him- but a little too late in Dean's book.

Any way what I recall most is after Dean finds Sam gets him to a hospital. I remember Bobby's ghost was there Dean asked Bobby to keep an eye on Sammy while he goes and do something. Dean had called Crowley too and asked him for a favor? I just remember Dean went gun-ho no hold barre on all the hunters that where involve in Sams kidnapping. He saved the son who help in the end for last. To re-deliver/re- establish a message to the whole hunting community that he feels is long over due.

I remember it took place at a bar that is was actually a hunter bar and it was pack. I just remember it was a bad ass scene He purposely loudly introduce himself and he held the son by the shirt collar. The were a couple of old timers there and were smiling because they knew of the Dean Winchester's rule number one since the kid was old enough to walk into a bar.They happily called out the rule to the newer hunters.

SO if anyone can remember this story at all the title/ author I would greatly appreciate it.
12 September 2015 @ 04:44 pm
I cant find a specific story. I remember reading it a while ago. Sam gets kidnapped, it's when he is a teenager. Now he either gets kidnapped by humans or vamps. But the one thing I know for certain is that his kidnappers cut or do some serious damage to his hamstring. Please help me out.
For the first fic - #1 - I have tried to look everywhere, but so far haven't found it. It's been a year or so since I read it. Gen fic, hurt/comfort. The details are as follows:

  • Dean gets possessed, kidnaps Sam, stows him in the trunk of the impala, tied up.

  • Takes him to Palo Alto, into the house/place Sam used to live with Jessica and ties him up right under where Jessica burned on the ceiling.

  • Tortures him, for some sort of information that I cannot remember for the life of me. I'm sorry.

  • The description of the torture is a little bit detailed. More implied, but still.

  • Dean tries to overcome possession in beginning, but cannot.

  • Sam's laptop (or phone, I cannot remember) starts making noise (like beeping sounds, I think?) and he tells the demon to open it. Exorcism starts playing from it. It was a ruse by Bobby. (i.e. Bobby manages to help Sam)

  • Dean along with the exorcism chanted by the laptop and Sam, overcomes the possession.

  • Dean feels guilty for how he hurt Sam, gets him help, takes care of him.

If anyone can find this, I will be so grateful.

As for #2 - if anyone has any, I'd appreciate some good fic recs for gen
rape recovery/trauma recovery
11 July 2015 @ 02:47 am
i am looking for a fic i read a while bac on fanfiction.net its about 15-20 chapters
in the first chapter dean gets shot and sam gets kidnapped
dean survives and goes back to town where he meets a sheriff
sam gets questioned about demon blood and such
then dean gets posessed by a demon and sam is forced to drink his blood (dean gets traumatised)
its not very dean positive
it ends with dean getting thrown off a cliff i think
its gen
thank you
Hello guys!

So, I hevn't read this fanfic before, but i saw an old post here on the community where someone was looking for it, but sadly it was never found, and i'm really interested in reading it. Here's the post:

"Sam is kidnapped by the (relatives?) of a demon(s)/monster(s) they killed a while back. These monsters are in control of an underground prostitution ring (except, I think, they somehow get the victims to say "yes") for monsters and demons. They catch Sam, bind him up, and brutally abuse/rape him. Various monsters come to him, including some kind of wraith or big-and-bad. Dean eventually figures out what's going on and he calls in a bunch of hunters and they raid the place and rescue Sam."

According to the original post, it's neither "The Fetters of Fenrir" by leonidaslion nor "A Year Without Music."

Also, I just read "Worth the Price" by d8rc_messnger, and it was AMAZING, but i read a .PDF version since her account has been deleted or something, so i was hoping that maybe someone could point me to where i can find her other fics? I just really loved the way she wrote "Worth the Price" and I'd love to read her other works as well!

Thanks in advance :D

I'm back to ask you lovely people if any of you have or know where I can find the following fic(if you can guess from my jumbled memory!)

1.  Sam has a talent show/show and tell and brings Dean in.  They start fighting on stage and Dean has a knife, and Sam has to defend himself.  All the kids thought it was so cool.  I can't remember the ages of the boys in the story, but I know they weren't late that old.

2.  Sam and Dean get kidnapped by a serial killer, who bricks them into a small room underground and they try and dig themselves out with an empty food can.  Dean has been giving Sam extra food and starts getting sick.  Sam figures it out and gets angry at the thought that Dean might die without him and leave him on his own.  They get rescued eventually.  Its wincest.  I believe it was written by gilliancave?, but I can't find her journal or fics anywhere, so it might have been deleted.  If so, does anyone know where I can find it?

I've checked the tags on here, but I'm going cross-eyed trying to find them, so I would be most grateful for the help.

D xxx

EDIT: Found. Links in comments
I actually found this is recommended on here a while ago & forgot to bookmark it but I'm looking to read it again & can't seem to find the post it was on.

In the fic Dean & Sam grew up apart, Mary survived the fire and took Sam to live with her dad but Dean thought they were dead... Dean gets news (a letter I think) saying that his grandfather died and he's inherited the house/estate. He goes to see it and Bobby is the house/grounds keeper who tells him that he has a brother. Sam is traumatised from being kidnapped by the Yellow Eyed Demon years ago and shut himself away in his head not communicating with anyone. As the story goes on we discover that Sam stopped communicating with people to protect them from himself and/or the demon... Dean gradually brings Sam out of his shell as the fic progresses...

If anyone can recommend this or something similar to it that would be awesome! Thanks in advance :)

p.s. I've tagged powers!sam but I'm not sure if he actually has powers in this fic so feel free to remove it mods if it's not correct
Hi guys, first time posting, hope it's okay!

I'm after a specific fic. Some guy kidnaps Sam and Dean and seals them in a room (I think it was underground) with some canned food and just leaves them there. They have a sink for water and I remember Sam ended up tapping out an SOS in Morse on the pipes. Dean got really sick because he gave all his share of food to Sam. The guy who did it had been kidnapping teenage siblings and just waiting for them to starve.

I can't remember if it ended up as Wincest or not. I don't ship it so I tend to read Wincest fics and edit out the pairing in my mind, so it may or may not have been Wincest... I do know it was gen in the beginning.

I think it was on a smaller website, not FFN or AO3 or LJ, but I have no idea what website. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Edit: Found! Link in comments.
Hi All,
I really hope ya'll can help me :)
I was watching Season 5 Ep.16 Dark side of the moon.

Remember what Walt said to Sam. When Sam asked them who told them what Sam did. He responded "We ain't the only hunters after you"

Beside Walt and Roy were/are there anymore stories with that theme in mind hunting Sam down because they heard/found out He was the one who let Lucifer out. It could be hunters from season 5 thru season hey even now. Remember Tracey Bell in Season 9 EP.2 "Devil may care" she hated Sam with a Vengeance "I watched my family die while the Demon gloated "Some stupid Kid let Lucifer out of the cage".

So any hunters who want revenge or believe Sam needs to be put down for his crimes and I want need a BAMF DEAN to rescue Baby brother or keep him safe from hunters. Also some older hunters that remember the Winchester especially Dean and warn the newer hunters you "Don;t want to poke that bear, you'll regret it"

Or Dean having to remind once more the hunting community "You Don't touch Sam" or "touch Sam and die"
12 April 2015 @ 05:44 pm
I'm looking for a story that I read a long time ago that was centered around Sam and Dean dealing with Sam being raped.
This is all I remember from it: Dean and Sam retire from hunting from what I remember and they buy a house and Dean takes the bath out because for some reason baths are triggering for Sam. Sam had been kidnapped and raped by some creature that reminded me of and alligator-monster. And Sam has messed up feet from torture. The first part is in Sam's pov but there's and add-on that is in Dean's
I'm sorry I suck at summaries but if you can help, it's greatly appreciated!
18 March 2015 @ 12:36 pm

I'm still trying to recover some fics that I lost since changing computers a few times & they're older fics again, I'm pretty certain they're both from different series of fics, number 2 certainly is. If anyone can help I'd be really greatful:

1. The first one takes place after Sam had been kidnapped and tortured pretty badly I'm sure and Dean takes him to a hotel for a break and to recover. The specific fic I'm looking for I'm pretty sure begins with the door to their room being knocked and Sam wakes Dean up to answer it because he's still to scared to deal with people and he runs into the bathroom when Dean goes to answer the door. As the fic goes on there's a scene where Sam sits out on the balcony watching people on the beach and theres a crime scene there I'm sure at somepoint. They discover that theres a demon dgo (I think, but definitely some kind of creature) killing people and Dean goes to hunt it. I'm almost certain that when he doesn't return Sam fights his fears of leaving their room to go track him down.

2. This is definitely a series of fics. From what I can remember, and this may be pieced together from different fics in the series... Sam gets captured by a serial killer who I'm sure turns out to be demon. He's held in a basement along with another person (or people) and the killer/demon kills them first saving Sam for last. Dean is trying to find him and works with the police but the figures out where Sam is before them, when he gets there a fire breaks out in the basement and he fights to free Sam from the cage. The police interview him at Bobbys and he feels like they don't believe his story, Dean gets really protective of Sam in this one and makes them leave, at somepoint the demon shows up at Bobbys and the fight again. In another part of this Sam winds up in prison (maybe on false identity or on a case) and the demon, or someone who worships him is in the prison and finds Sam. Dean and a priest are fighting to get Sam out knowing that being there isn't doing him any good and when they try to break him out a fire starts again in the prison.

I've tried to be as detailed as I can with what I can remember from these fics, if anyone can help or knows them or something similar to my search then that would awesome, thanks!
21 February 2015 @ 09:55 pm
I am looking for a specific fic, don´t remember much.
Sam and Dean are in their teens. They are in a Walmart and Sam wanders around I think. Then a shapeshifter in Dean´s form grabs him and kidnaps him.
Doesn´t take Dean all too long to find his lil bro missing, with the help of the security he is able to find out there are lots of shapeshifters in the walmart...

Sorry for my bad english :D
Greetings, Anni
Hey, all! So I'm looking for two specific fics:

1. Dean Kidnaps Sam from Stanford. It has something to do with Sam's father. Dean eventually grows to like Sam. Sam likes astronomy. Dean's boss tells him to kill Sam, but he refuses. The boss' men show up to finish the job themselves. Sam runs into the woods and gets hypothermia. Maybe Dean gets hurt, but I know he retrieves Sam from the woods. Anyway, this fic (or heck, any fics where Dean/Jensen kidnaps Sam/Jared) would be much appreciated. Resue and Redemption.

2. I'm also looking for a mafia fic where Jensen or Dean (I think it was Dean) was quite a jerk. It's not the wonderful, amazing Red Like Blood in Veins of Blue, but another fic sorta like it. Sam is pregnant and he runs away, but Dean finds him and drags him back into the mafia life. It's a dark, disturbing fic. I've just forgotten the name of it. Dark Love and Love in the Dark.

Thanks, all!
I've been hunting down a fic I read years ago, that I cannot seem to find - I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I remember scenes, and overall plot, so I hope someone recognizes this.

Sam and Dean are kidnapped (pretty sure it is set post-Stanford). The men that take them are in human trafficking(?). (I believe they got upset with Dean,follow the boys out of town, and beat them before taking them.) They use the boy's safety against each other telling Dean that they will keep Sam safe if he complies, and vice versa. (Sam is forced to "service" men and Dean is forced to "service" women.)

Somehow, the boys manage to escape and they take off together. I don't remember how or after what happens -- they possibly meet up with their father in an abandoned motel that is a "safe-house".

The next bit I remember, is that Sam starts receiving emails with video clips and pictures of what happened to him while he was captured. They manage to track down the library computer that the emails are being sent from and use surveillance to find out who is sending them. Sam and Dean won't tell each other what happened to them, but the last email that Sam gets is of his first rape in which he was gagged and blindfolded, and he finds out it was a blindfolded (possibly hooded?) Dean. (The fic is graphic and goes into detail about the first encounter from both POVs.)

Dean never realized it was Sam and freaks out, while the pictures help Sam to cope a little better, since it was just his brother, and Dean didn't mean it.

I know that it eventually becomes Sam/Dean, but I don't remember how. I also remember that they go back to the warehouse, possibly with John, and kill everyone? Or either John finds out what happened and tracks the guys down and kills them. I'm not sure.

I'm fairly sure I initially read this on Sam/Dean Slash Archive or on Sinful Desires, but I don't remember which one. The only other thing I can tell you is that it was fairly long. I believe it took a few days to get through. (Though that could also be because of the nature of the story.)

Any help locating this would be so awesome. I haven't been able to locate it here in this comm, or on any other "archive list".

**Mods, I couldn't find a Non-Con or Rape tag.
I am searching for many fics where Sam and Dean were raised apart for many years.  Sam can be kidnapped or put in foster care or adopted when he is really young.  Dean never stops looking for Sam for years.
19 November 2014 @ 03:51 pm
Hi All,
I just finished reading "unleashed" by Indigo2831 in Fan Fiction and I was hoping to find similar fics with the same theme. "www.fanfiction.net/s/10822166/3/Unleashed"

I am looking for fics that basically portray Dean as the protective, fighter, big bad hunter that he is and When it comes to Sam his little brother, when he means "no one" touches his little brother, he means it and he goes out to leave that message loud and clear with any and all. Especially within the hunter community I would like it where he has to reminds them again by introducing himself (My name is Dean Winchester) and asking out loud to a bar full of hunters or gang of hunters and asking once again "what his number one rule is" like he does in the above story. And having an old timer/hunter responding out loud the answer.

It should have kidnapped, hurt Sammy because once again hunters find out Sam let out Lucifer or they find out he has/had Demon Blood.

Dean finding him with the hunters or after math (they hurt him but they take off cause they knew Dean was close by) but he takes Sam to the hospital, seeing his brother hurt like that make Dean's blood boil/ rage and realizes he need to send a loud message to the community once and for all. He leaves Sam at the hospital with either Bobby or Kevin or Castiel letting them know he needs to take care of something.

Or it could be John and Dean (would love to see some protective John Winchester and what he is capable of when he see his youngest hurt) reminding the hunter community "no one messes with their youngest" could be Pre-Stanford or even or after Stanford.

(I am so excited that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be at the Las Vegas convention with Jensen and Jared)!!!

So if you know of any stories with this theme please send them to me??? I can't seem to find that many?

#1) So there is one fic that I know is K Hanna Korossy's that I can't find for the life of me (because of her 22+ pages of supernatural fics with generic summaries..). Sam gets hurt during a poltergeist hunt, and accidentally slices his wrist when it throws him (through a window maybe?). The hospital thinks he's suicidal, puts him on watch and restraints, and he's kinda freaking out about it. Dean comes in and busts him out of the ward. ^^This story is mentioned in her other fic My Strength is Your Weakness

#2) The other one I'm pretty sure is her's as well. Dean gets possessed by a demon (Meg?) and it drugs Sam and takes him from the impala to motel after motel, he's always tied up or handcuffed. Sam gets beaten up multiple times and at the last motel manages to get a splinter from the headboard and unlock his cuffs. He draws a devil's trap and catches Dean/Meg and starts to exorcise but she gets free and stabs him. Bobby bursts in and finishes the exorcism, cleans the boys up. Dean finds out he was possessed for about 5 weeks.

Thanks to whoever knows what these are!
Hey, so I'm looking for fics where John has to choose between his boys. I would like fics where they are kidnapped or something, and John has to choose which boy dies or gets tortured or something like that, I'm not really looking for Death fics though! I've read a few like this but they're not really what I'm looking for! And I DON'T want fics with rape or sexual abuse.

I'm also looking for fics where the Boys travel back in time, to see their younger selves, I've also read a few of these but I haven't found any I really liked..

If anyone has any fics to rec that'd be awesome!
And please NO wincest or destiel!
I'm looking for two fics:

1) Sam gets captured by lucifer and tortured but castiel offers to switch places with sam (or tries to rescue him and gets caught himself while sam gets away) and gets tortured and probably also raped by lucifer. He's also fed demon blood by him until the boys rescue him

2) This is a domestic fic probably after season 8 with fallen!cas who has ptsd and panic attacks. There's a scene where he gets one in a shoe shop while shopping with dean and people are staring at him until dean gets there and calms him down + gets him out of there. There also a scene where dean is frustrated with cas' situation and punches a tree until his hand bleeds and sam tells him to get it together to help cas get better. It was a wip when i read it but it's probably finished now

Thanks in advance c;
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Looking for any fics where Sam goes back in time (either by himself, with Dean, or Dean finds out and follows) like in "The Song Remains The Same" (Could be set in that ep too) and tries to fix things for Dean.

This could mean:
 --He tries to kill past him
 --He tries to stop his mom from having him
 --He tries to change the future.

Prefer no death fics, but feel free to post them for those who do enjoy that kind of story, but please make sure to label them as death fics so I don't read them.

If younger sam and dean are incorporated into the story (pref like Dean is all pissed at older dean for being a dick to Sam) that would be a huge bonus.
Thanks so much :)
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Kind of a weird request, but I'm looking for fics - gen, wincest, J2, self-recs, anything - where one of the boys is captured, tries to escape, and preferably gets hurt before/during recapture. I suppose they could also be hurt before/during capture in general. I prefer the hurt to be severe or long-lasting, but it doesn't really matter. If you guys could rec some fics and say which chapter the hurt occurs in, I'd love you! Here are some example of what I've found so far:

Collared - After being sold to Dean, Sam dislocates his shoulder in chapter two. Incomplete fic.

Love Hurts - After being kidnapped, Sam has a seizure in part three due to the drugs, runs down the stairs, and falls in the process. Then he's recaptured. Pretty dark fic, just to warn you. NC-17.

That Stockholm Thing - After being kidnapped by Jared, Jensen is shackled and subsequently reveals an infection around his ankle in chapter two. It's quick, it's not during escape, but its hurt and genuine concern nevertheless.

I also remember one where Sam is kidnapped and drugged to force a vision out of him, but then he gets a fever, attempts an escape, but it doesn't go so well... I don't remember the name.

Any more out there, guys? Thanks in advance! Please name chapters/parts, if works are long...
So I read this one really good fic while I was obsessed with blind!sam, I'm pretty sure it was sett in season 8, Dean had just gotten out of Purgatory but he couldn't find Sam. Meanwhile Sam had been kidnapped along with Jody Mills maybe? Anyway. he was kidnapped and being tortured by Missy (the little girl from the crazy family in season 1) she was all grown up and angry that her family was killed, she was working with some other people vampires or demons I think. She cut out Sam's eyes I think, I know he ends up blind and eventually Dean rescues him. There might have been non-con?
I'm looking for a fic where Sam has been kidnapped (I think it's because of someone finding out about his powers) and is in some kind of hospital compound. The fic is from the POV of a nurse that is new to the compound. She looks after Sam when the doctors aren't looking and eventually gets a visit from Dean who asks her to help him get his brother back. The nurse and Dean are successful at rescuing Sam. I'm sure there's also a epilogue where she sees the boys in a diner a few months after the whole incident where Sam thanks her for helping him.


I would also love it if you could suggest some:
1. Deaf!Sam
2. Dyslexic/learning difficulties/diabetic/asthmatic!Sam or any other kinds of illnesses, conditions, etc
3. Good hurt!Sam reads
4. wee!chesters/teen!chesters
5. Brother fluff
6. Abusive!John/Asshole!John
7. Adopted!Boys/Homeless!Boys/Boys raised apart
8. Genderbend!Spn
9. Older Sam
10. Hunger/Starvation fics
11. Depressed/Low Self Esteem/Suicidal/Self-Harming/Eating Disorder Sam
12. Fics where Dean places Sam in a mental hospital to get help for his depression
No stories which contain slash, rape or sexual abuse please.
Thanks :)
19 July 2014 @ 01:26 pm
Hi everyone

I read a story many years ago and it's just popped up in my head and now I want to read it again, so here is what I can remember.

* I'm sure it was on FF.net.
* There are a bunch of guys who take Sam.
* They get Dean to do jobs for them.
* One of the jobs I think was to kill someone and then give them a finger from the dead guy but Dean doesn't kill them, just gets the finger.
* I'm sure another job was to get a diamond ring.
* They made Sam go get the items from Dean and the bad guys would shoot at them if they took too long.
* Dean noticed that Sam was looking worse each time they met.
* I'm pretty sure it was long

I hope someone can help me

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07 July 2014 @ 02:50 pm
When I got my new laptop my bf took his back and then deleted firefox along with every single bookmark I had there.  So I'm looking for some of the Wincest fics I really liked where I can't remember the title.  Two are non-con/rape the last is Sam getting Dean back from hell.  I'm not sure how much information would be needed so forgive me if I run on a bit.

1.  As a young teenager, Sam is looking for Dean and John in the town he's in because they left on a job and haven't returned.  He finds them in a house where a demon is keeping them, the demon is weird, like the father of all of the succubi and incubus, I say father but the demon supposedly looks androgynous, it makes a deal with Sam where if Sam stays with it for a certain numbers of months participating in a lot of sexual depravity, the demon will let Dean and John go and then it will let Sam go when it's done with him, neither Dean nor John will even notice his absence.  When Sam's time is up, the demon bestows some "gifts" on him, something about how this certain curse on him will end when he finds some one that knows what happened to him but loves him anyway????  The last part though is binding his mouth so he'll never be able to actually TELL anyone what happened.  After Sam is back with his family, whenever anyone wants to have any kind of sex with him he's compelled to comply.  He also seeks it out because that's part of the curse (what the demon called a gift).  I remember the whole story but I won't go on.

2.  Sam is taken and raped by . . . I think it's like some sort of offspring of Cupid, like THE Cupid/Aros.  Anyway, it takes him and rapes him and Dean finds it and kills it.  That's actually a separate story that's connected to the story that I'm looking for, the one I'm looking for is the aftermath in which Sam now basically suffers from a fuck or die curse that the "thing" gave him and Dean tries hiring prostitutes for him and everything but eventually, they have to start having sex.  The sexualization of there relationship is actually quite smooth, like no fuss involved.  Until they finally find the old lair of the thing and find a way to break the curse.  The only way to do that though is to go back to the beginning and make it so Sam was never kidnapped to begin with, which would also end the sexual relationship with his brother.  Sam finds out that this thing had hundreds of victims, all dying and I think being trapped it hell afterward or something to that effect, so that and the fact that both Sam and Dean LIKe their new relationship they decide not to break the curse.

3.  Sam trades his voice for five years to get Dean back from hell.  I'm surprised I can't remember the title.  Basically Sam has to not talk, nor communicate in written word for five years to get Dean back, if he does either, Dean will be sent back to hell permanently.  He only gets a little it back at a time, year one he gets Dean's body, year two his heart starts to beat and he starts breathing, year three he wakes up but he's just sort of vacant, he doesn't speak and Sam has to lead him everywhere, feed him and make sure he uses the bathroom, then year five, Dean is all there but Sam has a whole 'nother year in which he can't speak but when Dean isn't around he gets anxious and needs to be with him and eventually sex happens.  Anyway, there's art work in the fic.

Y'know while I'm thinking about it, I THINK there's another fic, not wincest but about non-con.  I have one I've saved that is about Sam hating his birthday and telling Dean that it's because on his sixteenth he was raped by a friend of John's.   Now, I don't know for sure but I THINK there was a follow up fic where John find the guy and kills him . . . I think, not sure.  Thought I'd throw that in there while I was at it.

Sorry about the rambling and thanks so much in advance!
I am looking for a specific fic - I really hope that someone can help me! Here is what I can remember:

Sam & Dean are left in a motel room by John while he is off hunting. John does not return. They have to leave the hotel because they have no money. Dean is too worried to call anyone for help. Sam is maybe 10 or 11 and Dean about 15. I seem to remember they had the Impala. Dean ended up prostituting himself for money so they could eat, etc. He didn't look for it on purpose but wasn't able to hustle pool or something and was desperate and someone comes up and offers him money for a blowjob.

Dean is with a guy who is paying him to have sex. They are parked near the woods. Dean tells Sam to go for a walk because he doesn't want Sam to see this happen. But Dean knows as usual that Sam won't go far, only out of sight. But when it's over and Dean calls for Sam he is nowhere to be found. Dean is distraught. Not knowing what to do he goes into town for help and ends up hearing about people going missing in those woods. Following clues he finds out that there are vampires in the woods. He goes back to the woods (of course) to rescue Sam.

Dean ends up finally calling Bobby and admitting what happened. They end up - I think - living at the Roadhouse with Ellen. Years later they find out that John is alive. That he thought the demon was getting close and so he purposely abandoned the boys thinking it was for the best. Obviously Sam and Dean are very pissed off to find this out and really angry with John but they end up hunting together again.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really hope someone is able to help me find this story!

Thank you in advance!
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