26 April 2016 @ 11:22 pm
I have read this fic some time ago. Its a long fic with Dean having schizophrenia(?) He was made to believe that the whole hunting life that he had with Sam and the others was all in his imagination. Turned out that he was placed there by some bad people. I cant remember who helped him escaped but he was reunited with Sam, Bobby and the other hunters. They convinced him that it was all real. There was a lot of angst and hurt/comfort. I have tried searching to no avail. I really hope I can read this fic again as it was very good. Your help is very much appreciated.
02 April 2014 @ 07:49 pm
Searching for a story where John, Bobby, Jim, and everyone else insists to Dean that the little brother he's cared for all his life never exists, that he's a figment of a sick mind.
I'm looking for a specific fic. From what I remember... Dean is crazy (schizophrenia, I think) and lives in some sort of mental institution, but Sam visits him and Dean is his best friend. I think it starts when Sam is much younger and is told from Sam's POV. It's a non-supernatural AU, except that Dean believes all the supernatural stuff happened. I think Sam stays in Kansas instead of going to Stanford so he can be near Dean. Sometimes Dean thinks they're in a relationship, but there isn't really any wincest from what I remember. Dean disappears and Sam searches and searches for him and eventually Jimmy Novak calls and tells Sam that Dean is there and thinks he's an angel. It was really good and I would love to reread it!

FOUND! Link in the comments!
03 January 2014 @ 11:22 am
Hi there. I read a fic recently, and now I can't find the link or remember the title or author.

In the fic, Sam is in an institution. Amelia is his psychiatrist, and I *believe* it mentions Ruby (Dr. Rubenstein) as a previous therapist. Sam's extremely unstable and has committed some violent crimes, and Dean may or may not be real. I really want to find it again, so if you can remember anything about it, please let me know!

Insane!Sam or Dean fic recs are also welcome :)

Edit: Found in comments!
22 September 2013 @ 02:24 pm
Looking for 4 kinds of fics

1. Dean with PTSD after getting back from hell. I feel like they didn't go into his post hell trauma as much as they could have.
2. Dean being suicidal/ secretly not wanting to be alive.
3. Dean feeling worthless and the fic going into his low self esteem
4. A curse or something where others can see how broken Dean truly is.
5. Dean has schizophrenia
So yeah, basically anything along the lines of the above! As for pairing, Destiel is nice, but not required. Absolutely no wincest please!
20 March 2013 @ 08:29 pm
Hey guys, I've been thinking of this story for a couple days and I thought I knew who the author was but I think I was wrong or it has one of those ambiguous summarys.

Soooo, I figured you guys would be able to help. I read this a couple of years ago and it was a story about Jared or Sam, I'm not sure but I'm leaning towards Jared, is in a mental hospital. I think Jensen is an intern or something working at the hospital and he meets Jared there. Jared is pretty normal for the most part but every now and then he gets a little off and he holds his hads to his ears and hums like he's trying to drown out something. Someone explains to Jensen that Jared's sister died and he hears her in his head and that's why he does that. I think I remember it being a WIP at the time and it had been for a while but the majority of the story was written. I don't remember the specifics but I know at the end Jared was at a bridge about to jump to either get rid of the voice or to do what the voice says when Jensen find him and tries to stop him.

Please help! I'd love to give this another go.
08 October 2012 @ 05:37 pm
I read a WIP ages ago about Dean getting in some sort of parellel universe where he is in a mental institute, but I would also appreciate any other stories that are similar. This is basically what i remember: Sam doesn't know about the supernatural and when he visits dean in the ward, Sam assumes it's just another of his brother's delusions. Dean finally manages to convince Sam to go to Bobby who has also forgotten about the Winchester's, but not about the supernatural. Once Dean manages to prove to Bobby that this is some weird voodoo going on, everyone plans an escape to get Dean out of the ward.
This is basically all I remember, and some facts may be wrong! I'm hoping it is complete now and I vaguely recall it being written by a "well-known" writer in the SPN fandom. Saying that, I have been out of this community for at least a year so may be imagining some things.
As i say, any other fics with Dean being insane, or perceived as insane, are much loved too.
Thanks in advance!
I have been wading through tons and tons of mental illness recs, but I'm looking for something more specific than just mental illness.

1) Can be Sam, Dean, Jared, or Jensen - gen or any pairing.

I'm looking for one or both of the both in a mental institution for schizophrenia, severe anxieties, paranoia, narcissistic, or other personality disorders. NOT looking for autism, ADHD, etc... I'm looking for dark/intense mental issues. Angst is a must. I'm looking for fics where the "patient" is violent or dangerous, preferably dark, or criminally insane like Moths on the Mirror by [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter.

I've also read:
Broken Images by [livejournal.com profile] mizpah (Not as much angst as I would like but good rec)
Blue Skies From Rain by [livejournal.com profile] lovesrain44

2) Episode 5x11 Sam Interrupted. The doctor makes a comment about the brother's unhealthy co-dependency. Please mental illness recs where the hospital tries to "fix" Sam and Dean's co-dependency = angsty separation.

If anyone has recs that fit this or come close enough you think I'd scratch my itch, please rec! Thanks.
30 April 2012 @ 09:19 pm


I'm looking for a Destiel fic, the longer the better (over 20k if possible), where either Dean or Castiel has some form of mental health problem? It doesn't even have to be, like, diagnosed; just maybe where one of them is sort of messed up, y'know? Anything really, PTSD, schizophrenia, depression... loads of angst, but with a happy ending of some sort! Has to have a happy ending! It can be AU or canon, I don't mind.
Podfics/Audiofics are welcome too (actually encouraged)

Thanks in advance :B

Hi I'm new, and Trying to find Gen stories of Dean for...

1) Dean has an illness,it ether makes him very weak for ever or he dies.
from WeeCheter to current age -no older-
(No Wincest or Destiel, Please)

2) Very Sad Death Fic,hopefully dieing for Sam,but any Sad Death fic will do
no Suicide!fic, only if he has to do it like in WIAWSNB
(No Wincest or Destiel, Please)

3) Dean as a ghost/spirit
from WeeCester to current Age -no older-
(No Wincest or Destiel, Please)

4) Sad Demon!Dean fic (No Wincest or Destiel, Please)

5) any Blind,Mute,Deaf (No Wincest or Destiel, Please)

6)Dean Crazy/ in a mental institution (No Wincest or Destiel, Please)

7) Dean never was born,but Sam is (No Wincest or Destiel, Please)

8) you're recommendations,you see what im looking for, what else do you think i'll like (No Wincest or Destiel, Please)

I really appreciate, for any help I get,thanks everyone
07 March 2012 @ 09:59 pm
First time posting so I hope that I do it correctly.

I'm looking for any fic about when Dean comes back from hell and is struggling not to be evil -- fighting all the stuff they programmed into his head even though he secretly misses it -- while trying to keep it from Sam (or Castiel or whoever.)


Any fic about Dean back from Hell and is mentally ill because of it. Trying to remain "normal" for everyone else, but clearly remaining effected by the whole experience. (PTSD, DID, etc.)

If I'm not explaining it very well, a great example of my second request is Empty Spaces by splashnbash

Gen or Slash. Would read any pairing. (D/C is my favorite though)
25 February 2012 @ 09:08 pm
Hi, everyone
I'm looking for a story in which Dean is in a mental hospital "undercover" to investigate a case.
He is pretty much out of it for most of it. The haunt they are going after takes the eyes of it's victims. Sam is there, undercover as a doctor. There are recurring motifs about windows/mirrors & shards of glass. Dean has hallucinations due to the meds about John & Mary. There is a little bit of non-con going on with the staff.
Please help, I love this fic but lost all my bookmarks and can't remember the title.

ETA: Story found, super fast! See comments.
24 January 2012 @ 03:28 pm
I was re-reading [livejournal.com profile] kellifer_fic 's story Snuffleupagus And now I'm wondering if there are more fics like that out there.

With Sam having an imaginary friend or with Dean imagining Sam because he's lonely, feverish or because he's crazy? Sam don't have to be imaginary, he can be a ghost, or a demon,perhaps some sort of fey/fairy, maybe inter-dimensional being or an alien?
As long as it's only Dean who can see him at first? I would love it if it was Wee!boys, like in Snuffleupaus but all recs are welcome be it slash or gen.

Thank you all in advance! <3

Edit - Thanks for all the recs guys! They were great!
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22 January 2012 @ 09:03 pm
I would love directions to any story where Sam is on psyche meds for his clearly declining mental health post-Cage. That doesn’t have to be the focus of the story, just a part of it.

Thanks so much for any help!
11 January 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Hi there! I'm looking for any story you can rec me in which Sam loses touch with reality, hallucinates and doesn't know what's real any more. I'm not looking for mental illness fics per-se, I just want some off-the-deep-end Sam due to a curse, drugs, PTSD, torture, memories of Hell, hallucinations of Lucifer after the cage, anything where Sam loses it and starts acting crazy. I'd love to read stories in which the author focuses on Sam's train of thought at this point. 

(I've recently read a fic called "Everything flows, nothing remains" at "OhSam", in which Sam gets a phone call telling him that Dean has been killed in a robbery and he has to come identify the body, at which point Sam breaks down and goes nuts, then finds out that the dead guy wasn't really Dean. I loved that story, and I'm looking for other fics in that same register. Not this fic, just others like it.)

I'd love it if the fics were Wincest (Sam/Dean), but if they're really good, they can be gen, too. Just no het or Dean/Cas, please. Self-recs are more than welcome, and I accept any kind of genre, kink or plot. Bonus points if you can rec me something in the Season 7 timeline.

Thank you, and I hope you can help me. :D
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11 January 2012 @ 07:46 am
I'm looking for Dean/Castiel fics where one (or both) of them are physically or mentally afflicted and somewhat dependent on the other. I'll take gen too.

Examples of what I've read/am looking for:

Hummingbirds - Mute!Castiel

Ghost Dance - brain damage/mentally ill Dean

(Those are both beautiful by the way. Check them out.)
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10 January 2012 @ 06:22 am
  1. Werewolf Fics. I want some action stories involving werewolves! Preferably alpha John, Dean, JDM, or Jensen, but not required. I would like them to be werewolves but not all of them have to be. All pairings accepted. I have already read Hunter of the Shadows (by skagtrendy) stories so please don't rec those.
  2. Mental Illness!Sam. Sam with PTSD or any other mental illness. It can be something he's had his whole life or he got it from a hunt or a simple accident.
  3. Deaf or Blind!Sam. Sam goes deaf or blind or has been his whole life.
  4. Family fics! Basically I want any fics with caring John, awesome/protective Dean, and Sam being Sam.
Obviously I like hurt!Sam so throw some of those my way, too. Thanks in advance!
08 January 2012 @ 06:30 pm
hey guys,

I read all the stories over at J2 recs dealing with mental disorders and problems.

Are there any other good stories out there along those lines, that you know of? They can be any kind of mental illness, also depression etc.

I'd especially like to read stories dealing with Asperger's syndrome. Doesn't matter if it's J2 or SPN...

Thanks everyone!
29 December 2011 @ 09:12 pm

I'm looking for anything post-cage that has Dean in a position where he has to tell people that Sam's schizophrenic or something of the like to keep them both out of trouble with hospitals and questions. Like, Sam freaks out around someone and Dean keeps them from calling the cops by assuring them that Sam's sick and Dean knows how to help him. Thank you!
14 November 2011 @ 07:01 pm
Hello!  I looked through all the tags and couldn't really find anything dealing directly with phobias, so I figured I would ask all you wonderful people!  

Are there any stories out there that have Sam dealing with a phobia in any way?  Like where he gets kidnapped or stuck in a hospital and he has a fear of being tied up or restricted to small spaces, or where he has a fear of fire or something.  Could be any phobia.  The boys could be on a case or at Bobby's or between cases.  Doesn't matter where in the series it takes place.  Wincest is fine as well!

Thanks in advance!
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09 November 2010 @ 07:50 pm
Looking for your favorite fics where one of the boys has a mental illness, i.e. bipolar, schizophrenia, anorexia, self-harm, depression, PTSD, any kind of abuse etc.

Only J2 or wincest please, and a relatively happy ending and no death fics?

1. I'm looking for ant fics where one of the Winchester boys or J2 has a mental or personality disorder. Mostly, I'd like to read something with Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities), but I would also like psychosis or schizophrenia or anything else like that. Basically any mental illness, I just want more DID than anything else.
2. Any good Harry Potter SPN crossovers. I prefer ones where Harry gets it on with one of the boys, but I would read the gen.

Wincest and gen are welcome for both requests. Self-pimpage is totally fine, but if they are WIPs...just warn me. As for length...the longer the better. I read oneshots, but I kind of look at them as a thimble-full of water when you're really thirsty...

TNX, guys!