05 September 2017 @ 06:48 pm
Hi everyone, looking for 2 fics I read a few weeks ago on archive of our own.

The first one, Sam and dean find cas being tortured by some guy. The guy has carved Enochian sigils on cas so his wings manifest physically against his will and can be seen.
Cas keeps freaking out when brothers have to or accidentally touch his wings. He compares his wings being forced to manifest and then touched/seen without his permission was like rape. Sam and dean look after him and Eventually becomes okay with dean touching his wings. May have been gen or Destiel.

The second fic has cas suddenly appearing in the bunker. Sam and dean have to go through cas's important memory to keep him alive. They are able to feel cas emotions and find out how much he cared/admired them for the start.
One example I remember was them realising when cas first met Sam and called him boy with demon blood he actually didn't mean to be offensive he was actually happy to meet Sam and greatly admired him.
21 August 2017 @ 07:35 pm
I've been looking for a specific fic for a couple months and can't find it.

It's on ao3, most likely mature, +20k, and takes place after season 11. Human!Cas. The author went "f it" to canon, and early season 12 spoilers ). Cas is missing, then Sam and Dean find a John Doe in a hospital matching Cas' description. They go pick him up in the hospital. Cas goes through a long check-up, and has a moment where he runs his hands through his hair in the bathroom. (this sounds strange, but trust me, it's important). They take him back to the Bunker, and everything is sunshine and rainbows for a few weeks.

Then Cas leaves the Bunker 'cause he has a job or something. Cas comes back, but keeps leaving without answering their calls that much. Dean is suspicious but Sam says there's nothing to worry about. Dean follows Cas one day, and turns out he's working at a Gas N' Sip and is trying to get money... for something.

Cas visits the Bunker every couple weeks, and each time he's wearing a new knitted hat. Due to a slip-up, Dean is jealous and thinks Cas is hooking up with a girl named Erin, but really MAJOR spoilers for fic )

It's a delicious slow burn, with a ton of angst, and I didn't get around to finishing it, so help finding it would be appreciated.
17 May 2017 @ 01:42 am
Hi! So I’m trying to remember the title of fic where at some point cas is sick (or is it the focus of the fic?). I only remenber a scene were dean thinks its just a regular cold, and he goes out with sam while cas stays in the sofa of the bunker, and when they return Dean calls out cas until he notices he’s in a really bad state or not breathing and panics.. Do you know which fic I’m talking about? Thanks for the help!!
I recently read Redemption Arc by galaxysoup. And it has me craving Castiel-centric fics.

I am especially looking for hurt/comfort and whump (abuse is fine). Castiel with mental illnesses (depression, PTSD) or phsyical disabilities (injuries, deaf, blindness). Fics similar to Redemption Arc would be great.

Any pairings except wincest are fine (wincestiel is okay). Happy endings preferable.
13 August 2016 @ 09:03 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic about Castiel. Castiel goes missing, the angels (Zachariah?)removed his memory and gave him memories of a total different live (including a new name). The life he thought he lived trough was filled with all the bad stuff. He was also HIV-positive.
I've been looking everywhere and I just can't find it. I think it was gen.
23 June 2016 @ 04:32 pm
I'm looking for any really good hurt!cas or sick!cas fics, with protective!winchesters. Pairings are fine, as long as there's no wincest.
I'm looking for some stories where Castiel is struggling to get used to being human, and has trouble getting used to normal human things (like eating and sleeping maybe), which develops into health issues (eating disorders, insomnia, ect.)
13 June 2016 @ 10:43 pm
Can anyone recommend some fics, focused on Castiel, where:

1. He's hurt/sick/in trouble, but tries to hide this from Sam and Dean?

2. He goes off on his own for a period of time and makes friends other than Sam and Dean (can be a crossover fic, or can be with OCs)

3. Fics where other characters (OCs, or characters from crossovers) find out that Cas is an angel, and are in shock/awe

Hopefully someone knows some fics like these!

I'm looking for two specific stories- hopefully someone will recognise them.

1) Cas is at Bobby's when Gabriel suddenly appears. He's delirious and convinced Cas is in danger, so tries to cover Cas with his wings but ends up hurting him. Dean tries to talk Gabriel down, but it might be Sam who manages to reach him.

2) Cas gets injured in a battle (early S4) and instinctively goes to Dean who panics and calls Uriel for help. Uriel heals Cas but he needs to recover with someone to watch over him and Uriel orders Dean to do it. I think it ended up Dean/Cas but Sam bonded with Cas as well because they're both a couple of geeks.

Also if anyone knows of any stories where Bobby is protective of Cas please could you let me know?

Thanks in advance.
22 January 2015 @ 12:05 pm
I could've sworn that I'd bookmarked these two fics, but evidence to the contrary proves me wrong.

1. I'm 90% sure that this one was on fanfiction.net: Castiel and Sam woke up de-aged one day, and Dean takes care of them. Cas was about six-months, and Sam was three or four (years, not months). At some point Dean takes them to the zoo and they both get stuffed animals - Sam gets a dog and Cas gets a lion. Also, Bobby was still alive during this fic.

2. A more recent fic - Sam and Castiel cured demon!Dean, and then Cas' stolen grace starts failing and he gets really sick. Eventually Sam and Dean save his life by using a needle to draw the grace out, leaving Castiel human.
So I'm looking for some recs and one specific fic, please.

First, the recs.

Does anybody know of any stories where the boys are werewolves, but Castiel is still heavily featured? Maybe they've been wolves from the outset, but everything else happened the same way. Or maybe they both get turned, and turn the situation to their advantage, leaving Castiel with two boisterous Winchester!wolves to contend with.

Also, any stories where Cas is finding the boys a bit of a handful and confides in his brothers or Bobby over how hard it is to keep them safe and in line.

And now the specific fic. I think the angels were fighting a major battle, and Castiel took a hit for Uriel. Badly injured, he went on instinct to Dean, and Dean has a major panic and yells on Uriel. There's a tense moment when Uriel pours some kind of healing liquid onto Castiel's wound and I think he stopped breathing before he got better. But with the battle still raging, Uriel leaves Cas with Dean and orders him to look after Cas. This goes on for a couple of weeks I think, and Cas ends up geek bonding with Sam which bugs Dean.
1. Set after the apocalypse, Cas has fallen and is living with Sam and Dean in a house (it might have been Bobby's). Sam marries Sarah and they have gifted children due to his demon abilities, I think, if I'm remembering it right. Eventually, after many years Gabriel actually leaves them a baby that is theirs biologically, but no one birthed it. This was a series I believe. Found: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8169946/1/Wait-and-See

2. Cas is fallen and human, but also dying because of it and has very little time to live. He lives at Bobby's house with everyone. I remember the scene of Cas dying at night, in bed with Dean. His lungs filled up with blood and he drowned. (SPOLIER!!! Gabriel brings him back to life like a chapter later) Found: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6865609/1/Ready-To-Fall

Any help would be great, Thank you!
Hi, I'm looking for this story where Dean and Cas are boyfriends. Dean's a musician touring with his band and Castiel has heart problems that keep him at home. Dean sleeps around when on tour and Cas is aware. Dean comes back home from touring and sleeps with someone in their town so Castiel tells him that he puts up with Dean sleeping around when on tour but not when he's home.

Cas is really, really sick, has to have an oxygen tank with him at all times. I'm not sure but I think maybe Bobby was Cas' dad? (Not sure about the last bit).

I do remember that Sam and Jo are the same age and Dean and Cas go to their HS graduation. Also, I think Jo might be Cas' sister (?)

Thanks for the help, guys!
I'm in the market for a few different themes, and hopefully someone will be able to help me out.

1. Any fics were someone assumes Castiel is mentally disabled. I have no preference for whether the person is correct in their assumption or if Castiel is simply having trouble adjusting to human life, I just want to see Castiel and/or Dean/Sam dealing with that.

2. Any sick!Cas fics, especially ones where he has a fever. It can be anything from a mild cold to full on pneumonia.

3. (This one is weirdly specific, and I apologise in advance) Any fics where Castiel has a seizure.

Thank you all in advance, and happy holidays!
02 August 2013 @ 08:23 pm
HI! I was hoping to get some help in finding a fic- one i remember was a favorite, but of course i lost it....

I can only really remember a picnic scene where dean goes out with his work buddies to play soccer and leaves Cas with the wives on a picnic blanket. Cas wasn't "all there" and was trying to get a recipe from one of the wives, and got a extreme fever that had Dean taking him home. Dean was working at a garage- body shop. Sam was in Hell, i think.
17 June 2013 @ 10:37 am

1. im trying to find some stories in which Sam and Cas are bonding or consider each other to be friends.

2. Cas and Sam hugging for any reason really.
(An example for the first two is I Would Hug You )

3. Any de-aged Dean or Cas stories, ive read most of the ones on fanfiction.net and quite a few on A03, so i really want to find some on LJ.

4. Sam and Cas saving each other. (An example would be The Other Guardian in which Sam gets taken and Cas is the one to find him).

5. I really want to find some delicious accounts surrounding Cas!whump and people being there for him.

I had this thought that if Cas didn't know what vomiting was and suddenly that happened to him that would probably be pretty scary, so now I'm looking for anything where Cas is confused or scared by being sick.

And I really mean anything, oneshots, chapter fics (even if it is only a minor part), slash, gen, whatever genre, anything.

Thank you for any help!

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09 March 2013 @ 07:33 pm
Okay, so today I'm looking for fics that involve Dean/Crazy!Cas. By crazy Cas I had in mind fics that take place when  Castiel was still in the asylum and for the few weeks before going to Purgatory when he was nucking futs, but if you have any other stories like that that you'd like to recommend I'd take them happily. Preferably I'd like some NC-17 fics just because the idea of crazy Castiel and Dean going at it both amuses and arouses me to no end, lol, but I'd take anything really.

Also, are there any fics out there that go into greater detail about Dean's "Dude, on my car, he showed up naked, covered in bees." comment just because it sounds too hysterical not to write fanfiction about. :P Thanks a ton for any and all help and I look forward to seeing your guys recs!
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09 March 2013 @ 02:57 pm

Bonus points for Dean taking care of him, destiel, and/or pukey!Cas

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Destiel and fluff are both welcome, but not required.
Bonus points for pukey!Cas.

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Anything where (fallen) Castiel has an eating disorder, and Dean is caring/worried

Please no slash and no AU


Ok, this was Dean had cancer and so they hole up for a bit and he gets chemo and mostly what I remember is the whole thing was just kind of matter-of-fact toned. Dean doesn't lose his hair and it mentions that except for check-ups having cancer isn't ever really brought up or mentioned again in their life. I remember Sam and Dean but I can't remember if there was John, so I'm assuming it was early S1. I read it on an LJ.

-----> Found: Silver Earrings by wave_obscura

Cas falls (from heaven) and then his body falls apart because angels weren't meant to live in human bodies (or some reason like that.) He gets sick and the fic ends with him dying. At one point Dean asks why only Sam & Bobby (they are staying at Bobby's) can help him shower,etc and Cas says it's because he doesn't want Dean to see him like this. I think near the end he goes for a drive with Cas (even though Cas is too weak for it at this point) and they (finally?) kiss. Cas says at one point he doesn't regret falling. They may have shared a bed. Dean POV, I believe.

-----> Found: full of sparks by glassyskies

Thank you!!! I know, neither really have that much to go on, but anything that rings a distance bell.
07 November 2012 @ 06:33 am

Dean taking care of him is a plus but not a requirement.

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29 October 2012 @ 02:54 pm

1. Dean watching over/being protective of an injured/in pain Castiel
2. Castiel misinterpreting something and getting the idea that Dean doesn't return his feelings
3. Puking Cas

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24 August 2012 @ 06:32 pm
I'm looking for anything where Cas is either hurt or sick, and Dean is at fault and feeling guilty about it. Something along the lines of Cas getting sick 'cause Dean had him drink too much would be great, but basically just anything where Cas ends up suffering because Dean did something stupid, and of course Dean realizing that he's screwed up royally.
A little angst can never hurt, but a bit more on the lighthearted side would be wonderful.
Also, I'm good with slash or no slash, and please nothing with spoilers for season 7!!
Thanks a million!
I'm on the hunt for some nice AU hurt/comfort, where Castiel has mental or physical disabilities, or is dealing with long term aftermath of an accident/illness/injury, akin to see no evil by [livejournal.com profile] zeppx (blind!pianist!Cas) or Sanctuary by Comedic Drama (agoraphobic!Cas)

Dean/Cas would be brilliant. The longer and plottier the better. My only concern is that it be a life long, or at least long term issue, and that the issues aren't the result of present abuse (I mean, panic disorders because of a bad childhood are okay, but injuries because of current boyfriend's munchausen by proxy aren't. ..does that make sense?) I'd like to see how the people in Cas' life learn/ have learned to cope with his condition.

Thanks so much!
15 August 2012 @ 12:11 am
I'm really in the mood for some good Team Free Will stories but I was wondering if anyone knew of any where Cas got hurt/sick/injured and Sam and Dean had to help him get better? I really love when all three of them are close and not just Dean and Cas with Sam as the outsider. Any other stories with Sam Dean and Cas and their relationship would be appreciated. Wincest, Destiel, Wincestial, Sassy or Gen is all fine! Please no death fics!
16 July 2012 @ 02:29 pm
I've found a new "Cas" kick again! They beginning to A Reason To Fall had me thinking about Cas being in a Hospital with no memory or with and how he would react. Would he call Bobby, Dean, Sam, or would he just get up and go? Then I went on a side trip to him being Kidnapped. Either by bad guys or good guys (as in one of his brothers trying to keep him safe etc.) But Alas! I can't find very many! So I would love your guy's help! If you have any Favs related to this as well please rec those too!

-Cas Kidnapped or in a Hospital
-Him haveing to get help
-I love comfort and hurt to go along with it
-if you have any fatherly!Bobby I would love you!

Thanks to any who can help!

(Mods- I couldn't find a Cas-kidnapped but one for each of the boys. I would love if you could add Cas to the list as well ;) Thanks!)

Edit: Help! I still want more :p I suck I know but I would love more it you guys got them! Thanks!
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05 July 2012 @ 12:30 pm
Hey there,

I've read "Don't let go for the world" a few days ago and am craving similar fics now. Basically everything with the above pairing would be nice, but I'd also greatly appreciate any recs to good druggie!Cas or crazy!Cas fics. 

Thanks in advance.
19 June 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Hi, I'm desperately trying to find this story based on "It's a terrible life".
Castiel works as Dean's secretary at the Adler Industry. He works like a robot, wearing the same clothes everyday and not speaking.
Dean is curious about his silent worker and tries to help when he discovers Cas living in a very bad and dump neighborhood. However Cas asks Dean to not worry about him because he is a hopeless case. Every months? Cas has to report to Zachariah about his behaviour.
The nasty man tells Dean the truth: Cas is drug and alcool addict who worked for Zachariah some time ago with the same job Dean does now. He had a nervous breakdown but Zacharish could not fire him to not put shame on his company.
I remember Cas eats the same soup and ice-cream everyday to a little cafe and Dean feels sorry for him.
I know the plot is not very clear but can you help me?

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17 June 2012 @ 04:42 pm
Well I favorite type currently is Cas hurting and being comforted, I'll take deaged, human, etc. I also would love it if it was an audiofic, but I understand theres not many so I'll take what I can get. Please send me your favorites! Thanks

Quick Sum up
- Cas is hurt some way
- Someone comforts him

(I hope this is easy ;) Thanks ;)
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HI! I found a few Cas and Bobby stories and well I need more!

I would like
-Fatherly moments
- brotherly moments
-Bobby careing for cas
- or anything you think should be added to the list!

Thank you for your help!
so hi fellas,

i'm not looking for any specific storys, just some good fics to read ! i guess you can help me

1. highschool and college fics, where either dean / jensen or cas / misha is teacher and one or the other student. maybe that one whoever are student gets in trouble and teacher gets worried about him, and somehow they fall in love. i also would like to read stories with same basis but where teacher panics about their big age difference and maybe ends their thing and another gets really sad or pissed etc

2. stories like http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7726055/1/Too_Much ( one of my all the time favs, you really should read it ! ). i mostly prefer cas as bipolar and dean getting care of him. college and high school au's are the best, but i take others too

3. eating disorder fics. i don't care which one of these two are sick, but i maybe like more dean as the one. maybe it could be sam or gabriel / bathazar too, like, seeking attention, getting jealous when brother has found someone who gets suddenly all the attention. i've read lately stories http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7563979/1/The_Dead_Walk ( another favourite !! ) and http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6887905/1/Thin plus few others, but most of them have been wincest or j2 so please, give me some destiel

4. just good college and gich school fics, as long as possible ! me likey if there's some drama clubs or dancing hobbies, but i'm okay without them too. just something good to read !

show me what you guys got and hit me with your best shots ; i dare you !
02 April 2012 @ 04:45 am
Heya guys!

2 General searches this time (*gasp* I know, right?? :P), so if you've got anything, please please please, toss it in the pile. :D

1) Sick boys. I don't care who's sick, or how sick (be it just sniffles or hospitalization, I don't care), or if they're hiding it or if they're playing it up for sympathy, or if it's slash or if it's gen. Allergies are kicking my butt and I'm getting torked that people keep sanitizing their friggin hands after using a pen I haven't touched at all because I'm a little congested due to the trees doing some long-distance sexing. So um, yeah. I'm looking for some sick boys to make me feel better. I think there may be comms out there for this, but I have NO CLUE how to find those. :/ I've gone back in the comm a bit, but I'm not finding anything that's really tripping my trigger. Edited to add that allergic-boys make me happy too. ^_^

2) Non-sexual puppy play. I've read all that are on j2-recs, and grimaced my way through the sexual ones... but that can't be all that's there, is there?? *whimpers* Anyone? Again, any pairing, gen is welcome, I don't care. 

Any pairing, any rating, any genre (except deathfic and horror), I just don't care tonight. If it has to do with non-sexual puppyplay (or even if the sexual part is small... I can skip past it), or sickly-boys... please rec it. Self-recs welcomed too.
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31 March 2012 @ 09:26 pm
I'm new to the fandom, and have been devouring fanfic like crazy. I'm hoping you can help me find more fics featuring my favorite tropes:

1.) Hurt!Cas, whether angel, fallen, or human. I'd love to see fics with the boys patching Castiel up, and taking care of him as he slowly heals. Gen or Slash (any configuration) is awesome. BAMF!Hurt!Cas is a nice bonus, as is protective!Sam

2.) This trope is common in my other fandoms. Hoping to find it here. Because of a misunderstanding, or misscommunication Castiel keeps an important fact secret, which ends up biting him. Ex: fallen!Castiel doesn't tell Dean he can't heal himself, and gets hurt during a hunt. human!castiel overhears bitching about increased food bills, and decides he probably doesn't actually need to eat...that sort of thing. Gen or Slash cool.

3.) Any fics featuring the boys an Castiel with Bobby, especially where Bobby is protective of Castiel. Hurt!Castiel and a Dean slow to forgive would be extra nice.
24 March 2012 @ 07:29 pm

First post here, so hopefully I am doing this right.

I am just in a craving mood for three types of stories. So here it goes:

1- Vampires and Demons targeting Cas!

I've read The Future As B-Movie and Bring Out Your Dead by twoskeletons and unoshot (I Love both fics) and I want something like that. Either vampires are going after Cas for his angel blood or Demons (well, any evil thing) going after him for his mojo. Just something with him being a target. I don't mind Human!Cas or Fallen!Cas. Of course, with the boys helping/protecting him.

2- Caring brothers.

I love reading about other angels caring for poor Cas. Anything with injured/hurt/sick Castiel being taking care of by one of his brothers. Gabriel, Balthazar or even Michael and Anna. Just some brotherly love. And Sam and Dean are always welcome.

3- Sam and Cas friendship.

I haven't read a lot of those (it's kind of a new liking for me) I guess it's obvious by now that I am an addict to Angel!Whump XD So, anything with Sam taking care of Cas? Or just stories with general friendship between them.

I take both Gen and Slash, but I kinda prefer Dean/Cas in slash. But no incest, please! Oh, and AUs are more than welcome.

Thank you! <3
08 March 2012 @ 07:54 pm
Hey guys, I’ve got a couple more old favorites that I seem to have misplaced and could really using help tracking down.

1) Dean/Cas: H/C, human!Cas, sick!Cas, Castiel has a cold and Dean is taking care of him. Dean makes Cas a soup that his mother had made for him while he was sick; I think it had kidney beans and shell pasta, maybe. What I remember most is Dean telling Cas the story that his mom told: that every bean had it’s perfect shell that it would find. I think the author might have also included the recipe in an additional post.
FOUND! Thanks so much [livejournal.com profile] gilesbabe, link in comments.

2) Dean/Cas: This story featured Sam, who just learned that Dean and Cas were in a relationship and suspected that Dean was either possessed or under a spell or otherwise not himself. Dean has a shoebox of mementos, I think, that he shows to Cas and as he tells stories about his past, Sam realizes that he was wrong and what he’d first thought were instances of Dean being homophobic actually weren’t.

I hope someone is able to recognize these two. Thanks, guys!
23 February 2012 @ 12:57 pm
so sadly i'm stuck at home today because i'm sick, ew. so i was wondering if you could rec me some awesome sick!fics? :D please and thank you. 
preferably destiel, but y'know i'll take whatever you got. 

mods: if i didn't tag this right, sorry. the only one that i wasn't sure this falls under is genre:hurt/comfort but if it does i can fix it? sorry
21 January 2012 @ 04:06 pm

I've just had the great pleasure of reading The Hawk Must Fly and discovered a major new soft spot for noble, self-sacrificing, damaged, but still BAMF Cas. Can anyone send me in the direction of fics that feature this kind of Cas? Not push-over Cas, but Cas who does what needs to be done or acts for love, belief or necessity.

Any pairing is ok, as is gen.
Future!Cas or future!Dean is also lovely.
Death fic ok with a warning please - I'm such a softy.

Many thanks to anyone who can help.

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16 January 2012 @ 02:02 am

I remember reading some fics a few years ago, I'm sure that they were by the same author, where Castiel is hurt and sick, I've been searching for them but I can't seem to find them. It's very vague but here's what I remember:

- In one fic he had some kind of illness that effects angels
- In another his wings had been injured and it made him very ill (I think Uriel may have brought him to the boys in this one)
- In another one he had been tortured by demons and again he needed a lot of care
- In the fics the boys ended up looking after Cas and helping him to recover

While I would love to re-read these fics, I would also love to read any fics that have a similar storyline to these if you guys have any that you can recommend?

Thanks in advance!
10 January 2012 @ 05:32 pm
1. Human!Cas has a bad head cold and asks Dean if he's dying (I know it's not much to go on, but I had a really bad cold and I really wanted to read this story again). I also know that some sick fics were requested recently but I didn't see the one I am thinking of... I could be confused but I am pretty sure one exists with that scene.

2. Post-souls human!Cas falls near or in Sioux Falls and goes to Bobby's because he can't think of anywhere else to go. He is really badly hurt/having trouble trying to be human. Dean and Sam find out and are having trouble coping (especially Dean), and all I can remember from this specific story is a scene where Dean and Sam are talking in (I think) the garage and Cas is listening in, only to burst into the room sobbing and begging Sam not to reveal his secret that he's in love with Dean. It broke my heart and I don't know why I didn't bookmark it, but I totally want to read it again. And if some of my details are slightly off but you recognize the scene, please let me know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
03 January 2012 @ 06:32 pm
Happy New Year, all!

Bit of a different request for you all. I'm looking for any fics where God - the 'real' God, not god!Cas - either directly or indirectly heals/comforts/is revealed to/protects/etc. Cas in some positive way. Please no fics with corporal punishment, God/Cas slash, or in another way angry!God. I'm looking for benevolence and overall warm fluffiness, okay? =) Any length. Self-recs are always welcome. Thanks!
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12 December 2011 @ 06:47 pm
I'm getting really sick, so as a result

1) I would like to see one of Team Free will sick (preferably Dean) and preferably with some sort of lung/throat illness. I'd like the focus to be on someone helping the affected character through it. Also, I'd suprisingly only want gen for this, or just preslash Destiel or Wincest.

I've already looked at hoodie-time, and love the community.

2) I'd also like to see fics were one of the Winchesters is struggling in school (high-school, univercity, middle-school, etc.)

Thanks for looking. (curls up with hot tea)
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03 December 2011 @ 12:57 pm
Can anyone point me in the direction of some really good sick/hurt/falling Castiel fics? I really liked these:

[livejournal.com profile] janie_tangerine's Nothing You Can't Fix (http://deancas-xmas.livejournal.com/48570.html)
[livejournal.com profile] prophetesss's Bright Elusive Thing (http://prophetesss.livejournal.com/1068.html)
[livejournal.com profile] strangeandcharm's The Envy of Angels (http://strangeandcharm.livejournal.com/39092.html)

So something along those veins. Or something longer? Guess I'm just looking for some good hurt/comfort.

I only ask no noncon, and prefer no dubcon. Oh yeah and I've read (and enjoyed) a lot of [livejournal.com profile] strangeandcharm 's fics so I suppose I don't need any of her fics recced to me :) And I wouldn't say no to sick/hurt Misha either, I guess!

And while I'm here, any comprehensive, well-organized Castiel rec lists/delicious accounts?

21 November 2011 @ 05:25 pm
1. Pretty easy for the first request. Thanksgiving for the boys (Dean, Sam, Castiel needed and if possible Bobby too). Can be the boys reminiscing about past Thanksgivings with Castiel while explaining the holiday to the angel. If slash, please make it Dean/Castiel only. Having Bobby in it would be a bonus!! That's basically it for this request. Though I won't say "no" to an AU with Sam, Dean and Cas celebrating the holiday or to Castiel cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Also, as much as it saddens me, if there's a Thanksgiving story that takes place AFTER "Swan Song" (5.22) with Castiel helping Dean through his first Thanksgiving without Sam (because I really didn't like Dean shacking up with Lisa. Bleah!), that would be cool too!

2. Okay!!! I'm suffering from the sniffles and coughing up a lung. So as I'm in misery, I got to thinking... We know that the boys did some of the things that kids are supposed to do, like go to school. But what about the OTHER necessary evils? Like going to the dentist, getting immunizations for school, getting prescriptions for cold medicine or the flu? Did their dad slack on that or take them to get their cavities filled? Did Bobby take care of that when they came to visit? Also, now that they're adults, do Sam and Dean still o to the dentist and/or the doctor?

I want stories, if there are any, that cover this aspect of their lives. I also won't be upset if somehow Castiel is in them (maybe something like Sam or Dean is sick enough that the other makes them go to the doctor or they have to get a tooth pulled and Cas tags along). But having it be just a Dean/Sam/John/Bobby story is great too!! Especially if there's a CARING John (since so many make him out to be hateful).

3. Stories where Castiel is sick or has something wrong like needs his wisdom teeth out(whether he's human or an angel or a falling angel) and the boys take care of him. Especially any where they drag his feathery ass to a doctor. Can tie into my 2nd request too!!!

Thank you all in advance!!!!!!!
14 November 2011 @ 12:29 pm
Okay, we've all probably read stories where Castiel becomes the stoner from the 2014 universe. We've all seen him addicted to drugs. We've all also probably read stories where Cas turns to alcohol ("I found a liquor store... And I drank it."). But there are other addictions that our little nerd angel could experience. And THAT is what I'm looking for.

Are there any stories (funny or serious, short or long, though I prefer long, Slash or gen) where Castiel becomes addicted to something else, like:

mild over the counter meds (pain meds, sleep aids, nose spray even)
some sort of food (like candy or something)
chewing gum (I knew someone who was addicted to gum, it was crazy!)
scents (like Dean's after shave or his BO or even something like the smell of a salt and burn)

My only Must Haves are that if it is slash, it MUST be of the Destiel (Dean/Cas) variety. Cas can be an angel or he could have been turned human (aka fallen Cas). But I DO NOT want the Cas from the season 5 episode "The end". Can be as angsty or as funny as possible. Can be a little of both (take it from a caffeine addict, we can be overly emotional and reeeeeally hyper at the same time).

Thanks and virtual cookies to any and all who help me!!!!
14 October 2011 @ 06:28 pm
Hi guys! This is my first time posting anything on here so I apologize in advance for any sloppy mistakes,

I'm looking for a verse that has a specific scene that describes the time future!Cas spent with his broken leg after he turned into a human,

It was part of a longer story but this is all I can remember for now :(  Rated R or NC17

Thanks a bunch!