28 May 2017 @ 08:11 pm
 Hi, guys! So, lately I’ve been craving for some hurt dean/worried John and Mary fic to help pass the time. I have a special appreciation for kid Dean and Teen Dean, being in school scenario or not. Mostly I don’t mind when Teen Human Castiel is thrown in the mix, but I really prefer when the ones comforting sick/hurt (at home or at hospital) Dean are Mary or John. Also, I have no preference about stories with or without supernatural, I just really need some hurt/comfort for Dean. I appreciate any indications.
29 April 2017 @ 10:15 pm
I'm really hoping you guys can help me find this fic. I don't remember much but he goes.

I think John is off on a hunt and Dean is working as some kind of handyman in order to provide for him and Sam. Dean was painting a barn and became sick. If Dean didn't finish the barn he was going to be fired, so Sam finishes the job for him and makes himself sick in the process. I can't remember if the story is gen or Sam/Dean, sorry. I know it's not much to go on, but you guys are fic Ninjas! FOUND IN COMMENTS!
17 February 2017 @ 05:52 pm

Im looking for a fic where Dean comes to see Sam at Stanford & insists that he comes on a roadtrip with him, not hunting, just a roadtrip, so they can spend some time together. They spend a few months on the road trip & near the end of it it comes out that Dean has cancer or something & he's dying. I think he dies in Sammy's arms on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Anyone know this fic? Ta
06 February 2017 @ 04:53 pm
1.) So I read this fic a while ago and it was on LiveJournal somewhere not sure if it's in ao3 or not. It's Stanford era and Deans feeling really alone. John left and Sam stopped calling him, on the hunt he goes on this witch made this sort of Sam clone/thing that was suppose to kill him in a month or so but the 'sam' ended up atttached to him. Months later the real Sam shows up and Dean is mind controlled by the 'sam' to try to kill him but Sam and Bobby end up killing it.

2.) I was looking for some hurt dean (probably Stanford era or Au Idc) where Dean gets sent to the hospital and wake up in a coma months later. But john and sam don't show up and Dean is tragically hurt by that. (Self esteem issues Dean feeling alone) any fic that has something to do with Dean being alone and hurt is good with me.

3.) So I never really see a lot of Dean and Sam fighting and Sam being wrong fics. I was wondering if there's some kind of fic where Sam says something super horrible/hurtful to Dean and ultimately makes him feel like shit (and thinks that sam doesn't care but he does) I just want a boys fighting one where Dean ends up emotionally hurt or right during the argument. I really want Sam to be kinda an asshole in it. ( love sam! But I just don't see many of these)

Thank you all!
24 January 2017 @ 12:49 pm
So...I've read every story in Ridley and Tidia's Brotherhood 'verse multiple times. I love them so much, mostly because of Caleb. I love the dynamic between him and Dean, the way he looks out for Dean in the same way that Dean looks out for Sam. I'm looking for more stories like that, they can be stories written by other authors in the Brotherhood 'verse or stories with another OC who takes on the role of big brother or protector for Dean. Hurt/Comfort is my biggest kink. Anything well written and the longer the better. Thanks so much!!!
I'm looking for a fic where Sam tells John Dean died during the faith ep (bc he hadn't shown yet).
John shows up and sees Dean is still alive. I dont remember what happens after that.
Hope somebody knows what I'm talking about.
19 October 2016 @ 06:21 am
Hey, everyone. I'm really just looking for any fics you know of that contain alcoholic (or drug addict) Dean going to rehab. I like angst but also happy endings. I'm not too picky, the longer the better! I like AUs but if you have any that aren't so AU that's good too. Prefer no Wincest, but I'll take it if you have it :)
(Sorry for the mistakes. English is not my first language and I am using a translator to write this post)

Hello, I'm obsessed with fanfiction Dean Centric, pre-series or Stanford Era. I would like to read recommendations in which John acts protective / parental / guilty with his older son (with or without the presence of Sam).

I always see stories focusing on Sam, but I can't deny that Dean is my favorite. Do you have any recommendations for me? I'm used to visit the site and think I read a lot indicated here.

Please: Gen stories, not Wincest without pairings if possible.
I read this fic awhile ago where Dean was sick and John is mad at him for some reason. He makes Dean around a track and I think Dean eventually passed out and almost dies. John feels super guilty and I don't think he realized how bad off Dean was. If anyone knows of this fic that would be awesome

Thank you!
03 July 2016 @ 01:48 pm
Hi! So the first fic is an AU set during season 9 after Sam discovers Dean "tricked" him into saying yes to Gadreel. In the fic, Dean and Sam are mates but once Sam finds out about everything, he begins to unintentionally sever the bond between himself and Dean causing Dean to become sick. Dean eventually decides to kill himself to allow Sam to mate with someone else but Castiel intervenes before it is too late.

The second fic takes place earlier in the Supernatural timeline. I remember Dean named his teddy bear FUBAR after he mentally regresses to the mind frame of a child after a traumatic event. There's also a firefighter that Dean becomes close to during the story.

18 June 2016 @ 02:17 am
So I'm a creeper who's been in the mood for some dean or Jensen stuff. I'm not really looking for any story in specific, just one that focuses around a hospitalized dean or Jensen. Please no gunshot wounds or petty things (wow how does that fit in the same category in my brain?), something really serious. And it doesn't have to necessarily take place in the hospital, so maybe a disease? I hope this makes sense. An example of something really well written like this is Wescott Prep Academy. I'm not sure who it's by but it's on fanfiction.net I'll probably be cool with anything. Uhm, au high school boys is preferred but it's whatever you know. No wincest please. I'm not strong enough for that. I really hope you guys can help me out. There's so much out there that I haven't read yet!
11 June 2016 @ 03:58 pm

1st One:dean and sam werent brothers,mary worked at a haospital as a nurse where a young lady gave birth early and then escaped leaving the baby which was born very weak and expected to die but mary beleived in him and john amd her adopted him and later came sammy.(bobby was dean's real father and he and john never got along)

2nd one:mary gave birth to dean but he was very weak and had a lot of problems and her father wanted to give his grandson his familey name but when he saw dean he refused as he saw that dean wont make it but when sam was born he wanted to give him his name as he was healthy but mary screamed at him and refused but in the sequel to this story he regretted that and wanted to be a part of his grandsons' lives

they are both on fanfiction.com if that helps
i hope someone finds them they are amazing stories

i think both are considered au ..i dont remember if they were still hunters or not

28 April 2016 @ 06:12 pm
I don't know if it's a LJ problem, or if my computer is just being obstinate, but I can't get the search feature to work on here at all, so I apologize if I'm asking for something that I typically would have been able to find through search. It's just not cooperating!

I'm looking for a story where Dean goes to visit Sam at Stanford. Dean is ill, I want to say it's tumors in his chest, but not necessarily cancer. Dean he doesn't tell Sam that he's sick or reveal that as being a factor in why he wants to visit Sam, just passes it off as a social call. Right after he leaves Sam, Dean has surgery. Something goes wrong, so they call Sam since he is listed as Dean's emergency contact. Of course, it's the first Sam is hearing of the issue. I'm thinking that there was actually a history of Dean having a had the same condition once before, and never telling anyone...but I'm not positive about that part.

Any help would be appreciated!!
26 April 2016 @ 11:22 pm
I have read this fic some time ago. Its a long fic with Dean having schizophrenia(?) He was made to believe that the whole hunting life that he had with Sam and the others was all in his imagination. Turned out that he was placed there by some bad people. I cant remember who helped him escaped but he was reunited with Sam, Bobby and the other hunters. They convinced him that it was all real. There was a lot of angst and hurt/comfort. I have tried searching to no avail. I really hope I can read this fic again as it was very good. Your help is very much appreciated.
So, six years ago I signed up to be on the National Database for bone marrow donation, did my little cheek swab, signed the forms and that was that. I kind of forgot all about it, that was until a couple of days ago. I received a call informing me that I am a match and would I still be willing to go through with it?

So now I'm craving stories where either of the J's (or Sam and Dean) provides a life saving donation for the other (whether it be kidney, liver, platelet, or bone marrow etc.). Can include stories where they never knew each other before the transplant and then because of it they meet and then start a relationship or they can already know one another and this event just brings them closer. I'm a Jensen/Dean girl so perhaps he is the one that's ill and receives the donation but will take stories if it's the other way around too (Dean always has been my hero!):)

Self recs are always welcomed but no WIPs please.

Thank you in advance.

I am looking for a specific fic, but I don't remember the title or the author. I remember that Dean has a rare illness and I think he has it all his life. He constantly has trouble breathing, and coughs out sputum(or phlegm?).

I think Sam is with Jess and is in Stanford. One day Dean comes to Sam, and Dean has to do his coughing out thing in front of Jess and she kind of freaks.

Sam helps Dean spitting with tapping his back. He's helped Dean since they were kids(until Sam left for Stanford).

I don't know if this is from this fic but, Dean is playing poker with some men, and one of them died suddenly.

I read this fic a long time ago. And I want to read it again. Please help me!

Okay our awesome SPN family, we are dying to reread an old fic that we can't find and it's KILLING me and the others for days. So can anybody help us?

• It's a great Destiel ABO fic, AlphaCas/OmegaDean where Castiel is a Cop or Detective. Read a hard details ->>> )

• I remember in one point Cas broke his head in the bathroom and fainted and Dean couldn't take him out and in bed, because Cas was a big alpha and too heavy for Dean, so he stayed with him there and called Cas's ?friends/colleagues for help, because he was worried.

It's kind of sad but has an uplifting ending. It's a very old story and we think it's on ao3.
Lot of reader looked it but this is nowhere... :( It would be nice if somebody can find it for us...

Ps.: It's not the "Into your Hideaway" or "Eucalyptus". This story have other details!
Ps.2 & 3. ->> )
29 February 2016 @ 03:16 am
I am hoping someone can help me find a specific bonded boys fic. Sam and Dean are young. John leaves them alone while on a hunt. Dean becomes sick and Sam gets scared because he doesn't know how to take care of his brother. Grown up Sam appears in place of young Sam to take care of his brother when young Sam makes a wish that he would know how to help his brother. Once Dean is getting better then young Sam is back. This continues that Grown Sam shows up during times that Dean needs him. I remember one was when John, Sam and Dean were staying in a apartment complex/hotel? where I think a haunting was happening and at some point the spirit has Dean cornered and Grown Sam appears to save him. John witnesses the transformation. The story continues on with part of it involving Bobby.

Thank you in advance!
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29 January 2016 @ 03:57 pm
So I have pretty much spent my entire day looking through the Hurt!Dean tag and a couple others for a general fic. I am not looking for a certain one but I would love if the fic had: Sam being super protective of Dean, Cas in there somewhere, Bobby or Gabriel being in the fic would also be really cool.
I don't mind what kind of hurt it is (broken bones, amnesia, fever etc.) just so long as at least one of the above is in there and that it isn't a death!fic.
I would prefer it to have no ships but I don't mind either way.
Extra bonus: If you can find a Protective!John hurt!Dean fic too.
03 November 2015 @ 09:00 pm

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful little fanfic that I completely forgot to bookmark! I'd like to read it again, but I have nothing to go off of except for what I remember. So here goes: It was early-season boys (season 2, I think, because it was shortly after John died).  They were on their way to their next hunt when Dean got a bad migraine. Sam had to step up and take care of him. I think I remember Sam being reminded of Jess because she used to get migraines too and so he knew how to take care of Dean. Is this ringing any bells for anyone else? I've searched high and low!

Found! It's Quarter Rest by [livejournal.com profile] pineapplefan92

28 September 2015 @ 09:49 pm
Hi friends!,
I am suddenly craving fics where one of the brothers have fever and the other takes care of him.
It's just that my lil sis has been suffering from viral fever for a week and I've been taking care of her. Now that she's okay...I really wanna read stories where either Sam or Dean has high fever and one takes care of the other.
I'm not just looking for weechesters or teenchesters stories....but even those where boys are grown ups and have fever....
General or slash...all stories are welcome as long as they are well written and have a happy ending.

Help me please?

Thanx a million
Does anyone have a copy of "Sugar and Cyanide" by hansons_angel?

It isn't on the journal or anywhere else. Help?

Also why doesn't the /anemia/ tag work over at hoodietime?
17 June 2015 @ 11:59 pm
Hey everyone!

So I've just finished Sharlot's Jai Guru Deva Om and I love the story sooooo much!! So I'm in the mood to read something like that more, any epic-length fic that I can soak myself in. So would you please rec me some srsly long fic featuring Dean as the centre of the story?

Preferably Gen, but slash is OK as long as Dean is the bottom.

Bonus if there's a hurt/sick Dean :) (but plz no major hurt/sick other characters)

Oh and I've already read all of  leonidaslion's stuffs.

Thx in advance!
13 June 2015 @ 12:22 am
Hi! All I really remember is that Dean and Sam were on a case and in a small town bed and breakfast sort of place. The creature they were hunting was possessing Dean or getting into his dreams and he kept passing out. It became harder and harder for him to regain consciousness each time the spirit (?) Went into him. And I think there were amnesia aspects where he would think he was the ghost/spirit/whatever whenever he woke up. There was a scene where Dean said that he was afraid to go to sleep because he didn't know if he was going to remember who he was when he wakes up.

Please help!
07 June 2015 @ 06:16 pm
Hi, I'm new, so I'm sorry if I got anything wrong.

Anyway, I've been trying to find this fic and am wondering if ya'll could help. I've read twice (both times found by accident) but keep forgetting to save/bookmark it, and now that I'm actually looking for it, I can't find it anywhere. This is what I remember:

I believe (but not 100% positive) I read it on Archive of Our Own.

It took place around S8 (or early S9) because Sam is sick and him and Dean believe it has something to do with the trials, but Dean finds out Kevin had the flu and Sam just caught it. He decides to play a quick prank on Sam by making him believe he has something serious before telling him it's just the flu.

Dean eventually catches what Sam had, so Sam then takes care of him.

I believe it was around Christmas, because I remember Dean being too sick to go with Sam and either Kevin or Cas (or both) Christmas tree shopping. Also Charlie, Jodie and Garth come over. I remember Cas giving the boys a Playstation. When everyone goes to bed, Sam gives Dean the amulet back.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Hopefully I'm not mixing two different fics into one lol
02 June 2015 @ 12:00 am

Hello everyone! :D

I'm looking for any H/C fics (Wincest or Gen, NO Destiel or any other ship) where:

-Sam (preferibly) or Dean gets an embarrassing problem and he's too ashamed to let the other know about it until it gets serious or the other one notice it. (I've already read The Nutcracker by Jasmineisland :) )

-Sam develops a condition (brain injury, illness, temporary or permanent wound, spell, whatever!) that leaves him unable to do even basic daily activities without the assistance of Dean (eating, dressing, bathing, ect) - I have already read Trialculosis Sam, thanks :)

-Sam is soaked and messy (feel free to choose what kind of mess) and Dean helps him to clean himself up.

I'm a die hard H/C fan and situations like these make me squee!

Thanks!! <3

I just got the sudden need for some hurt!Dean needing help in the bathroom.

I don't really care what the reason is --- if he's seriously injured, very sick, brain-damaged, or what. I don't care if he's just being guided to the toilet, if someone is supporting him as he sits, or if someone is helping to change his catheter or diaper. I wouldn't even mind if someone was just helping him shave or brush his teeth! I just need some heavy hurt, heavy comfort, and a touch of embarrassment curbed by a whole lot of caring affection. I don't care if the one who's helping is Sam, Cas, John, or Bobby... or anyone else, even a nurse.

No kinky shit please, and no Wincest! I'm looking for platonic hurt/comfort (although Destiel can be a relationship). I also don't care if Dean needing help in the bathroom is the focus of the story or just a scene. I just need my hurt/comfort fill!

I'm back to ask you lovely people if any of you have or know where I can find the following fic(if you can guess from my jumbled memory!)

1.  Sam has a talent show/show and tell and brings Dean in.  They start fighting on stage and Dean has a knife, and Sam has to defend himself.  All the kids thought it was so cool.  I can't remember the ages of the boys in the story, but I know they weren't late that old.

2.  Sam and Dean get kidnapped by a serial killer, who bricks them into a small room underground and they try and dig themselves out with an empty food can.  Dean has been giving Sam extra food and starts getting sick.  Sam figures it out and gets angry at the thought that Dean might die without him and leave him on his own.  They get rescued eventually.  Its wincest.  I believe it was written by gilliancave?, but I can't find her journal or fics anywhere, so it might have been deleted.  If so, does anyone know where I can find it?

I've checked the tags on here, but I'm going cross-eyed trying to find them, so I would be most grateful for the help.

D xxx

EDIT: Found. Links in comments
Hi guys, first time posting, hope it's okay!

I'm after a specific fic. Some guy kidnaps Sam and Dean and seals them in a room (I think it was underground) with some canned food and just leaves them there. They have a sink for water and I remember Sam ended up tapping out an SOS in Morse on the pipes. Dean got really sick because he gave all his share of food to Sam. The guy who did it had been kidnapping teenage siblings and just waiting for them to starve.

I can't remember if it ended up as Wincest or not. I don't ship it so I tend to read Wincest fics and edit out the pairing in my mind, so it may or may not have been Wincest... I do know it was gen in the beginning.

I think it was on a smaller website, not FFN or AO3 or LJ, but I have no idea what website. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Edit: Found! Link in comments.
11 May 2015 @ 06:04 pm
Looking for fic where Dean or Sam administers powerful painkillers to the other against their will because they need it and brother knows best.


Can you please suggest me some fanfics where Dean has to give Sam an injection or viceversa?

I prefer H/C stories, but any genre/rate is very welcome. No Demon!Dean or 10x03 coda fics, please.

Wincest or Gen would be awesome!

Thank you!! :)

Hi! I just wanna check in if anyone has these fics I seem to have lost:

1. I loved the All the Memories of My Former Heart verse by glassyskies but I don't know if it has been updated or what. I really need to know if it was discontinued or continued anywhere else! Please help me find the latest installment :'( The last one I read was The Futures of You an Me.
2. I think there's this fic in which Dean is a ghost or something but he's still with Sam. There's an art accompanying that fic wherein Dean's figure disappears. I think the picture used for that was a still of them with their backs on the impala and dean holding a beer. I wanna read that fic but I don't know what that is!
3. Also, if you know some hurt and sick dean fics especially ones that make you cry please let me know! Death fics are alright as long as it's Dean who dies.

I'm a Dean girl yes, but I'm also a masochist. I hope someone here's with me!

Thank you! :)
Hi guys,

Here's what I remember.
John is off on a hunt and leaves Sam & Dean at a house they're renting. Dean gets a job, some kind of handy man? I think sam is still at school. Anyway, Dean becomes sick, so Sam does his job for him while he's sick. I'm sure there was something about a barn being painted? Also, I'm not sure if Sam becomes sick himself. I can't for the life of me remember if it's gen or slash,

I know it's not a lot to go on, but if it sounds familiar please let me know. I'm going nuts here!

*Mods, I wasn't sure what to tag, so I pretty much tagged everything I think might be relevant. Hope that's ok.
17 March 2015 @ 03:04 pm
Hello my lovelies! I am looking for a specific story where Dean gets horrible headaches called thunderclap headaches. He is hunting with his Dad at first and he hates being weak because of the headaches. Later Sam joins up with Dean & finds a Dr that gives him medicine in a lollipop. I think its Gen, but I'm not sure.
23 February 2015 @ 11:14 pm
I'm looking for AU Destiel fics with hurt Dean - it can be the focus of the fic or just a part of it. I'd just really like to see Cas taking care of Dean.
While I'm really craving AUs, if you have any amazing canon-based fics with Castiel taking care of hurt Dean, I'd love to read those as well! Especially if it's future fic or something with an established relationship.

Hello everyone,
I remembered parts of a story I've read some time ago but I can't seem to find it in my bookmarks. Here is what I remember:

Dean was in hospital but the doctors didn't know what was wrong with him. They put him in quarantine and wore masks and special clothing when being in contact with him. Dean was pretty much out of it. He might have had flashbacks of hell (I'm not sure about that aspect), because they kept manhandling him. At one point they took a sample of his spinal fluid I think and Dean was panicking.

Sam didn't know where Dean was at first. Finally he made it to the hospital and rescued Dean by disguising himself as a doctor or nurse. He dropped some kind of smoke bomb in Dean's treatment room, so everybody fled. Sam took Dean from the hospital but Dean was very weak and had problems with his legs, because Sam moved him to early after the spinal fluid extraction.

I can't remember what was wrong with Dean in the end. Maybe some kind of supernatural illness.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help in advance

Edit: Found! Link in comments.

15 January 2015 @ 08:26 pm
Hello guys!
So I'm a huuuuuuuge Dean girl. Basically everything I read is heavily Dean!centric. But... I left the fandom for a while and then when I came back I was like, wtf, everywhere is sick/hurt!Sam/Cas. Geez... it's just a matter of personal taste really but I just can't read anything like that! When I catched up on the TV episodes, just watching those sick/hurt!Sam scenes is a total torture to me.
So... any good bottom!Dean fics? If it also features a hurt!Dean would be great!
Prefer Destiel, but wincest will do, too. I'm not that picky as long as it has Dean's sweet ass effectively used :)
I'd love to read some long fics, but any length is OK.
Please rec me with Dean!centric fics! Also please no any kind of vulnerale/sick/hurt/insecure!Sam. That makes me kinda lose interest in everything... no offense. It's just not my thing. Same goes to Cas, too. I'd really love them being the BAMF and over-protective ones.

Thanks in advance!
15 January 2015 @ 04:52 pm
Hey guys, I need help finding this story I read a few months ago and can't remember which bookmark I saved it as :( way to go me huh?
Sam and Dean stopped at a motel and I think Dean became sick from working non-stop (or vise versa). They ended up stayin a bit fixin up rooms and bonding with the family. It was a series of stories that were really good, but life just took a bad turn this afternoon and my mind is too fried to think of more details. There was one story where Sam fell off a cliff on one case and Dean showed back up at the motel tryin to learn how to deal. And one that was a crossover with Criminal Minds. I'll add some in a bit if my brain comes back. Any ideas of what series I'm thinking about would be great
02 January 2015 @ 08:37 pm
Happy (late) New Year everyone!

So I guess they've removed all the links off the delicious for Blindfold spn, because I can't find their fics anymore, but I remember there was a wincest fill where Dean was very sick and Sam found that...well, pretty irresistible. I remember that Sam kind of coaxes him into having sex, because he was just so helplessly turned on by Dean's 'feverish helplessness' (it wasn't rape..they were in an established relationship and Dean, even though he was really sick still gets into the idea in the end, because well..its Sam).
Anyway...I know it's a long shot, but I was wondering if there were any fics like that? It doesn't even have to have the boys in a relationship, it could perhaps even be Sam coaxing the other brother into having sex with him when Dean is helplessly sick and can't resist him (yes, I know I'm twisted...). It could even be the other way around with Sam being sick instead instead of Dean.

If there aren't any fics like that, I was wondering if you could rec me any Wincest fics (not gen) with sick!boys. Just schmoopy, fluffy fics, with one boy being all concerned and taking care of their sick brother.
Pretty, much like a gen fic in that trope, but with the added bonus of a relationship between them, so little kisses and touches while taking care of them... (or porn depending on the story) ^^

Umm...thanks in advance guys ^^
30 November 2014 @ 06:19 pm
I have recently read "Higher Than Hell and Still Out Out of My Depth" by Maz Kazama and absolutely loved how Castiel took care of a sick Dean. To give you more ideas of what I already know and loved; I have also really enjoyed "I Cleanse the Mirror" by takadainmate, The Big Freeze" by strangeandcharm and "Who If I Cried Out Who Would Hear Me" by misachan.

So now I'm desperately looking for other fics in the same vein where Dean is either hurt or sick and Cas is there to help him. It can either be gen or Destiel, I really don't care. While I prefer it to be Dean, it can also be Sam, or any other Supernatural character really. I'm just really craving some (protective) caretaker!Cas.

Thank you so much for your help!
15 November 2014 @ 11:35 pm
Are there any other stories like this one - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4987670/1/Not-Hungry - where Sam finds out that Dean sacrificed his own nutrition so that Sam could eat when there wasn't enough food for both of them? I'd especially like it if Sam finds this out when they are adults.

Any other stories about their different tastes in food would be good too. Maybe how Dean loves to cook or maybe some hurt!Dean where he has to adjust his diet and Sam convinces him to at least try and eat healthier.
28 October 2014 @ 09:00 pm
Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific fic called 'Sixteen and Dying' by ghostwriter056 wherein Dean had cancer and John helps him shave his head. The arthor has deleted their journal but I hope someone has it saved somewhere. Thanks in advance. 
24 October 2014 @ 09:59 pm

I'm looking for fics

1)Dean is not the biological child of John and John adopts him or takes care of him.
2)Dean disappeared when he was a child, and John is found years later.
3)with Dean is injured or ill and John takes care of him.

Please no sexual abuse, no slash and preferably without Castiel.

Thank you in advance et Sorry for my english, I'm french
26 September 2014 @ 10:17 pm
I just watched Osric's ALS Ice Bucket challenge again (damn, he's ripped), and one of the comments said something about drowning. I had the sudden desire to read fics whereby Jensen/Dean is drowning, and someone else saves him. Bonus if Jensen is not already a swimmer.

Thanks! :)
01 September 2014 @ 10:19 am
I have been searching so long for that I even can not read any thing becouse of that so i wish you guys could really help me hhhhh English is not my first language so it is my bad >>

1- there is a fic i read a few months ago and i really wanted it so bad coz i can not find it any more sam and dean was going to alline and go and dean was sick have a headach but he did not tell sam then the impala broke down and it was raining badly but they walk to the road house there dean get more sick and he puked his breakfast but he did not tell any one then he falls extreamly sick he had Gallbladder it was about to explode and there was no doctor and i rememper that sam had to make him a surgey by his own with the help of an so old doctor and go was not there the whole fic just elline

2- i want a sick dean fic not pre series or young or wee pls and i read only gen
and not just dean being sick but hides that or denay it and all that with gelty sam it will be so good if all that was in the same fic pls
excuse me the tags is a mess iam new here so have some mercy pls hhhhhhhh
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24 August 2014 @ 10:34 pm
Hi i'm looking for a fic where Dean is sick and doesn't tell John. John gets angry and tells Dean to sit in a chair and don't move until he gets back.. I think Dean had the flu or something since he puked in a plant but he didn't move from the chair..he also went alot to the bathroom to puke but John suspected something else.
Anyone recognise this? :)
16 August 2014 @ 02:05 pm
I was just re-watching Wire in the Blood and the main character learns he has a tumor. When his doctor tells him of the symptoms if they don't remove it, well, it made me think of the boys.

Does anyone know of a story with either of them having to deal with something like this? I've come across a number of physical traumas/illness/injury stories but nothing regarding the brain.

I prefer no wincest or slash and no death-fic unless it's well done (No Line on the Horizon comes to mind)

Thanks in advance!
29 July 2014 @ 10:48 am

I'm looking for fics :
1)where Dean is sick or injured, and John takes care of him
2)John is angry against Dean (preferably unjustly) and feels guilty later

Thank you and sorry for my English (I'm French)
I have a craving for hurt and sick Winchesters.
Permanent or long lasting effects prefered.
A helping of blind and/or deaf is always appreciated.

Long to epic stories and verses.
Prefer gen or het, but will read slash if it is well written.
I don't like J&J.
I'm not fond of soulless Sam or deamon Dean.
I'm a Dean girl, but not fanatic.
And please, no death fics...

I follow Hoodie-Time already, but feel free to recomend. I may have missed your favourite.

And if anyone have any good crossovers they want to share, I'd appreciate it.
I have read several good NCIS, Dresden files and Buffy.
Series and books I'd be interested in:
Buffy the vampire slayer (including Angel)
NCIS, both original and LA
CSI (and spinnoffs)
StarGate (and spinnoffs)
Star Wars (as long as JarJar Binks is off screen)
Harry Potter
Dresden Files
Disc world??? Maybe it can be done? How would DEATH react to the Winchester's life timers?
Parasol Protectorate
West Wing
- Do you know any Steam Punk crossovers?
Feel free to add more.