10 November 2016 @ 11:00 am

Hi Again!😊....so Here Is What I Remember From This Fic .....jensen And Chris were Together Once But Now They're With Jared And Steve Respectivley And They Remained Best Friends However their Boyfriends Dont Know About Their Past Relationship But Then Jensen Told Jared And He Was Kinda Okay With It But Then Steve Found Out And He Didnt Take It Well....if Anyone Recognize it Please Comment

21 June 2016 @ 09:16 am

hi!! Im Looking For Fics That Have Seriously Sick Or Hurt Jensen .....It Can Be J2 Pairing and Au is fine as well as self recs and i prefere it its long ...they have to be so good if they're short😂...thanks!

18 June 2016 @ 02:17 am
So I'm a creeper who's been in the mood for some dean or Jensen stuff. I'm not really looking for any story in specific, just one that focuses around a hospitalized dean or Jensen. Please no gunshot wounds or petty things (wow how does that fit in the same category in my brain?), something really serious. And it doesn't have to necessarily take place in the hospital, so maybe a disease? I hope this makes sense. An example of something really well written like this is Wescott Prep Academy. I'm not sure who it's by but it's on fanfiction.net I'll probably be cool with anything. Uhm, au high school boys is preferred but it's whatever you know. No wincest please. I'm not strong enough for that. I really hope you guys can help me out. There's so much out there that I haven't read yet!
Hello! I will be out of the country for a few weeks and I am looking for J2 PDFs which I can download. However, regular links for stories are also welcome! I love reading J2 fics but unfortunately it seems that I have read all the good ones and there haven't been any new stories in the genres I want. But I am hoping I have missed out on some, please help!
Here are a few topics, all J2 pairing, preferably newer fics:
1) Where one or both Js are cops, spies, FBI agents, basically being BAMF!!
2) Space stories where the whole story takes place primarily on the ship, or on some new planet for a little while.
3) Where one or both Js are superheroes, or have special powers.
4) Hurt!Jensen, AU, Non AU anything-- this is my favorite topic! I like it when he is not too delicate but more like a strong scruffmuffin (<3)
5) Alpha!Jensen, Beta!Jared paring like Alpha Pack, no mpreg preferably. I like when Jared is strong too, not a weak omega.
6) Any stories where Js, especially Jensen is being a hot badass! I like stories with less smut (LOL), but if there are sex scenes I prefer Top!Jensen. However if you think the plot is awesome, rec away!
No death!fics, no WIPs
Self-recs are welcome!
Thank you!!!
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So, six years ago I signed up to be on the National Database for bone marrow donation, did my little cheek swab, signed the forms and that was that. I kind of forgot all about it, that was until a couple of days ago. I received a call informing me that I am a match and would I still be willing to go through with it?

So now I'm craving stories where either of the J's (or Sam and Dean) provides a life saving donation for the other (whether it be kidney, liver, platelet, or bone marrow etc.). Can include stories where they never knew each other before the transplant and then because of it they meet and then start a relationship or they can already know one another and this event just brings them closer. I'm a Jensen/Dean girl so perhaps he is the one that's ill and receives the donation but will take stories if it's the other way around too (Dean always has been my hero!):)

Self recs are always welcomed but no WIPs please.

Thank you in advance.
Hi guys!

Okay, so it's 2:30am, and I'm driving myself INSANE because I can't remember the name of, or find a story!

This is what I remember about it; it was ABO, with Alpha Jared. The Padalecki and Ackles packs weren't really peaceful, and I think Jared wanted to attack the Ackles pack to gain control, but instead, they come up with a compromise; Jared takes Jensen to live with him, and in exchange, the Ackles pack is left alone. There's a lot of protective Ackles family, especially from Josh, since Jensen is an omega, and I think that's part of the reason he agreed to go with Jared. Anyway, Jared starts off mean, and there's a scene when he's drunk and Genevieve hits Jensen and he does nothing to stop it...Sandy is his awesome "housekeeper" of sorts, and she has a soft spot for Jensen. One night Jensen gets sick, and Jared bonds with him...it reads almost like a Beauty and the Beast based fic. There's a cute Christmas scene and Jensen learns that the Padaleckis aren't as bad as he was raised to believe, and there's Jensen being an awesome cook...just before everything can be perfect, he gets kidnapped by some wolves that Jared banished, I think? But eventually, he ends up with Jared after Jared saves him from a cave or something...

Wow, that was long winded! I remember all that, just not the title! Hope its ringing some bells...I don't think I'll sleep until I find it, lol!

Other than that, any top Jared or top Sam with bottom Dean or bottom Jensen, please!! Preferably ones with possessive, jealous Jared/Sam!

Thank y'all!

EDIT: FOUND in comments by the awesome, fantastic moonlight_grrl!! *Happy dance*
..Enter Jensen who just got out of jail & is helped by Danneel to get a job with her at Jared's cafe as a baker. During Jensen'sjensen's employment there both Danneel & Jared worry and watch over Jensen. Jared's family are jerks and his mother sets Jared up with Tahmoh Penikett who nearly rapes him.

Does this sound familiar to anyone out there?

Thank you!
05 July 2015 @ 09:47 pm

Ok, so what I remember from this story is that Jensen and Jared are together and have been for a while and spent a considerable amount of time trying for a baby. After Jensen not going into heat with the same intensity as he used to, they go to a doctor a find out that he has a condition that means that he won't be able to conceive and they take it really hard. Jensen withdraws into himself more and more and his relationship with Jared is severely strained until Jared leaves. Jensen goes into an unexpected heat and Chris is with him and he calls Jared because Jensen is struggling and they have sex and Jensen miraculously gets pregnant.

There's a scene later into the story with Jensen being so far along in his pregnancy that he's bloated, uncomfortable and he snaps at Jared. Jared walks away and Jensen thinks that he's leaving him again and breaks down until Jared comes back and they reconcile. Eventually, they have a happy little baby and Jared faints during the delivery.

Any help with finding this fic would be appreciated!

(And if you want to rec your fav J2/Destiel Mpreg fic with bottom!Jensen or bottom!Dean, I won't be upset about it at all! :) :) )
26 April 2015 @ 11:34 pm
I'm looking for a specific series I read just a little bit ago, but can't find. I believe it was called something like the "Summer Days" verse. The first fic was about Jared staying in a hotel. He goes out to the motel pool and Jensen is there too. Jensen can't swim, so Jared teaches him. They like each other, and eventually make out. Jensen confides that he does porn with older men, and has been doing it since he was about twelve. He has some missing teeth and pockmarks all up his arm from heroin.

All of the next installments are of many years later. Jared has been looking for Jensen for a long time, and became a lawyer or something to help people like Jensen. His PIs have finally found Jensen, who is working as a prostitute in a terrible area and is known as "White Boy" because he never takes off the white velvet jacket that Jared gave him when they first met. Jensen is really bad off, but Jared takes him away to the hospital, then back home to live with him. Jensen is very sick and has AIDS, and the doctors only give him six months to live. Jensen spends the rest of it with Jared. It's a sad ending.

Please help!

EDIT: FOUND http://redrum669.livejournal.com/17029.html
Hi! I just wanna check in if anyone has these fics I seem to have lost:

1. I loved the All the Memories of My Former Heart verse by glassyskies but I don't know if it has been updated or what. I really need to know if it was discontinued or continued anywhere else! Please help me find the latest installment :'( The last one I read was The Futures of You an Me.
2. I think there's this fic in which Dean is a ghost or something but he's still with Sam. There's an art accompanying that fic wherein Dean's figure disappears. I think the picture used for that was a still of them with their backs on the impala and dean holding a beer. I wanna read that fic but I don't know what that is!
3. Also, if you know some hurt and sick dean fics especially ones that make you cry please let me know! Death fics are alright as long as it's Dean who dies.

I'm a Dean girl yes, but I'm also a masochist. I hope someone here's with me!

Thank you! :)
I am looking for a specific J2 story that I read awhile ago. It is non-AU and Jensen wakes up with double vision and tries to hide it from Jared. Angst ensues and the boys confess their feelings for each other. It's a great story but I can't remember the name. Help?! Thanks in advance.
I'm hoping someone on here has a copy of Footnotes by Hanson's Angel they could e-mail me. I've been looking for it and keep hitting deadends. In case anyone is wondering, its about Jensen coming down with a sickness right at the holiday break. He flies home to Texas, but his family ends up leaving him alone. Jared cancels his planes early to join Jensen. Their relationship being more than friends is only hinted at. If you can help me with this, my e-mail is below. Thanks in advance!
19 October 2014 @ 09:44 pm
I've looked everywhere (went through the tags here and did a search and no luck), and I can't find this fic. The main thing I remember is that it's set around Christmas, and Jensen gets diagnosed with mono. I think Jared hangs around until Jensen gets better. It may have been a first time fic, but I'm not 100% sure.

I hope this rings a bell with someone. :)

ETA: Found! Link in comments.
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26 September 2014 @ 10:17 pm
I just watched Osric's ALS Ice Bucket challenge again (damn, he's ripped), and one of the comments said something about drowning. I had the sudden desire to read fics whereby Jensen/Dean is drowning, and someone else saves him. Bonus if Jensen is not already a swimmer.

Thanks! :)
03 September 2014 @ 07:57 pm
In this story, Jared was an actor (I think?) and a relative died leaving him property that no one else in the family particularly cared for. He gets there and finds Jensen out in the cold and sick and he, along with a woman who also cared for the house (Sam Ferris, maybe?), they take care of Jensen. He's perceived as being challenged, I believe, but he and Jared bonded and eventually got together. I'm sparse on the details, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.

(Any other fics like this featuring a down-on-his-luck Jensen that eventually leads to J2 or Cockles??)
18 July 2014 @ 12:43 pm
Hey, looking for a story I read ages ago and have been looking for it ever since because I forgot to save it.
All I can remember is that Jensen and Jared are together but Jared is a complete jerk and (i think) verbally abusive towards Jensen. I don't think he's physically abusive, but he is a jerk until Jensen gets sick- maybe with pneumonia or something, and it makes Jared realize how much he loves him and asks him if they can start again.
Not much to go on, but hopefully someone somehow recognizes it.
1. Jensen/ Dean with Heart Disease
2. Jensen/ Dean with asthma or other respiratory disease.
3. Jensen/ Dean with any disease that makes him really weak (It'd be awesome if people are fussing over him).
4. Jensen/ Dean with life threatening disease or something caused by accident, etc (death!fics are totally fine).

I already have read My Father's Favorite-- also All the Memories of my Former Heart and Bricks and Water but both as unfinished and that makes me sad so now I'm longing for some really goo stuff.

I hope there are more out there! I've exhausted sick and hurt dean tags as well as hoodie-time but I'm still wishing that there are  new ones and old ones I've missed!

I don't mind if it's younger Dean/Jensen or even with M/M relationship.

Hi friends:)
I am really craving for some amazing sick Jared or sick Jensen fics...more specifically for stories where Jensen or Jared is sick or injured and he hides it from the other. Can you please rec me some such stories where either of the boys discover that the other had been hiding some serious ailments or injuries...leading to lots of hurt/comfort and plenty of schmoop?

Any story is welcome as long as it's not a deathfic..for I can't handle those :(

Thanx a million in advance

I've got a couple of requests I'm hoping someone can help me out with:

1. I'm looking for fics that center around super nice!Jensen or shy!Jensen will work. I've been through the shy tags at J2_recs/here and am hoping for some stuff either not found there or maybe some newer stuff. I'm looking for relationship stories with little to no focus on sex which is what I mostly found in the recent tag (too much sex focus). I want unbelievably nice Jensen, sweet and even self-sacrificing where he goes above and beyond for those he loves. If he doesn't realize how amazing he is, than all the better. I'll also take geek!Jensen or smart, but low self-esteem fictions. Only J2 pairings.

2. I' also looking for specific fic where alpha Jensen mated w/unwilling Jared (the wolf took over & he had no control) & he feels so guilty he lets Jared go off to college even though being separated from his mate could kill him. Jensen ends up in the hospital.

Thanks in advance for any help, everyone!

Specific fic found here: http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/69733.html?thread=23137637&%20#t23137637

Hey all! I'm looking for fics where a doctor visits Sam or Dean, or Jared or Jensen at home. Preferably set in modern day, because it's so rare. Blizzards, other bad weather, or simply refusal to go to the hospital might bring the doctor to them. I've found a couple:

The Raven - a doctor who's actually a ghost or dead guy visits sick Sam when he and Dean are investigating the history of a hotel. It's pouring outside, roads are flooding, that sort of thing. The doctor is supposedly on-call for the hotel. One of the first things Dean says when he opens the door is, “You’re a doctor? What, from the eighteen hundreds?"

Growing Pains - a doctor is fetched for injured Sam in Chapter 11 of this pre-series story. John stays with Sam while Jim goes to find a doctor and bring him to the motel. (Dean in otherwise injured and thus, temporarily out of the picture). One of the first things the doctor mutters in way of a self-introduction is, "Hal Birdstrom, freshly kidnapped from County General. Is this my patient?"

There was also one I can't seem to find in my bookmarks wherein Sam and Dean were both injured and broke into some kind of animal hospital or something. Pre-series, I think. It was from the "doctor's" POV. Sam was stitched up on the table first, while Dean held the doctor at gunpoint. True, it's not exactly a home visit, but it was a unique situation and I liked it. I get tired of reading about normal clinic/hospital/office visits.

Other situations might have: mob doctors, doctors that "won't ask any questions", field doctors, mad scientist doctors, EMT park rangers, Jared or Jensen as the doctor (outside a hospital setting), and more.

Any other fics like these out there? Any rating, wincest or not, self-recs, Jared and Jensen fics welcome. I'm open to pretty much anything. Thanks!
08 April 2014 @ 02:10 am
I really hope someone can help me! It's J2, the boys are filming Supernatural and Jensen's been sick. Jared thinks he's not really sick and that he's just not into Jared anymore. Jensen ends up getting injured in a fight scene and it turns out he had mono the whole time. Anyone know this one?!
I'm looking for a specific Sick!Jensen fic. He's got a cold/flu thing. Jared is nursing him back to health. The main bit of plot is Kane and Carlson come to hang out and offer to get supplies (soup, beer, meds...) But while they're out Kane (I think) gets hit in the stomach by some lumber. He's hurt worse than he's acting, and ends up needing to go to the hospital.
19 January 2014 @ 03:56 am

Hi, I was wondering if anyone might have copy of All That Remains by Hansons_Angel they'd be willing to share or knows where I might find it? I believe the story has Jensen with mono? Its been deleted and I can't find any links to downloads, so this was my last resort.

Thanks in advance!

FOUND & received.


I read this one a while ago and wanted to reread it, but it's gotten lost in my abysmally-organised and massively huge bookmarks folder:

It starts with teen Jensen coming into hospital with not much hope and a brain tumour (he's got poor co-ordination/reflexes etc. because of it). In the ward he meets happy-go-lucky teen Jared who appears to have nothing wrong with him and is the only other patient.

As the fic progresses, Jensen learns that Jared got HIV/AIDS from his first/only boyfriend and is shocked by how much hope he still holds.

They start to fall in love and Jared persuades Jensen to go in for the surgery, even though it is quite risky. Jensen draws hope from Jared, goes through with it and pulls out the other side completely fine.

Ending Spoilers )

My Google-fu has failed me and I can't find it in any of the obvious locations. Is the above description enough for someone to help me?

Thank you!

EDIT: Turns out it was unrelated Wincest, so I changed the tags.

Hi everyone,
I love this fandom, and every last one of it fans! I need help finding a fic. that I read a long time ago, and can't seem to find.

Jensen has been abused in one way or another during his time on every TV show he's been on (emotionally, physically, sexually). He has severe PTSD, and uses drugs, and other self-harming tactics to cope, and to deal with his past abuse.

When he joins the SPN cast and meets Jared feelings develop between the J's, but Jensen is severely damaged but wants to be a stronger, and better person for Jared and eventually tells Jared about all the abuse. I remember Jared feeling overwhelmed, and torn between being happy that Jensen finally starts to tell him his painful past, and physically ill from Jensen's sometimes awkward, and sudden outburst of all the ugly things he went through.

I also remember that Jensen actually believed he wasn't worthy of love, friendship, or even being in Jared's company, and that he was very vulnerable and the story made me cry.

Oh, and Jared has a fight outside of a movie rental place with an old abuser of Jensen's, because the CW star starts calling Jensen a whore, and slut. I think the old abuser actually was with another CW star that he was currently dating, and Jared felt sorry for the new boyfriend and eventually helped that actor out of his abusive relationship with the unknown abuser. If I remember correctly Jensen and the other abused CW star both end up living with Jared. Also, Jared gets physically, and emotional ill himself from neglecting his own needs and putting Jensen's first all the time.

I hope someone remembers this story because I can't find it:-D

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28 July 2013 @ 01:05 pm
Hey there!

I'm on a hunt for stories about Jared (or anyone really) being concerned about Jensen's weight loss.

It could be because he's been sick, stressed, depressed or whatever the situation.  I just want some serious concern by friends or family.  Maybe some tears?  I love a crying Jensen, not gonna lie!

It can be AU or Non and if it's J2 that's a huge bonus but as long as there is some concern for Jensen and his health in the story, I'll be happy!
12 June 2013 @ 04:28 pm
Hey there!

I know that this probably should be something I have saved to my computer but I'm a continuos failure at doing that so....

This story, if my memory is correct, has a pregnant Dean being found on the side of the road by Jensen?  Maybe Jared?

I remember that he was pregnant and Jensen and Jared couldn't get pregnant but were trying.

Jensen was a doctor and I'm pretty sure Jared was a nurse?  I know that Dean had run away from Sam and his dad without telling them he was pregnant.

Ring any bells?


Also, looking for the best recs for overly tired Jensen or exhausted Jensen with Jared not realizing how much sleep Jensen wasn't getting.  This could be due to overwork, insomnia or just not having time to sleep / eat / take care of himself and Jared having to jump in and force him to do it.
I hope I get this right as it has been a long time since I read the story. This story begins with Jared visiting Sandy and begins to worry when he cannot get ahold of Jensen. He and Sandy go back to Vancouver and find Jensen collapsed in the house. Jensen ends up in the hospital with meningitis and Jared has to make life and death medical decisions. During this experience, he realizes he is in love with Jensen.

Thanks so much!
09 May 2013 @ 06:56 pm

1. Hey, I'm looking for some high school or college stories where Jensen is either shy or is bullied and Jared is either really protective of him or is one of the bullies who feels guilty later and tries to make it up to Jensen.

2. Some stories where Jensen has cancer (but doesn't die) and Jared is supportive & takes care of him.
I've already read- As We Fall
'C'hange or "How the Guitar Hero Gets His Bitch"
and They Say Breathing Helps

Hi y'all !

I'm looking for some really really really saddening J2 fics!
I prefer long ones, but the length doesn't actually matter.
I'm fine with self harm or attempted suicide tics, but I'd rather not have death fics.
The ending does not have to be happy.

(Rating doesn't matter)

Thanks in advance ! xxx
I am flying to Prauge in 2 weeks and would love some fics to read on the plane and since i dont have internet on the flight i would like fics that are in pdf form so i can download them.

So give me your favorite hurt!dean, sick!dean, hurt!jensen, abused!jensen or sick!jensen fics, preferably longer ones. If they have protective!jared or sam in them, that is a huge plus:)
thanks guys!
02 April 2013 @ 12:58 pm
I'm looking for any fics that have any of the boys going through cancer. I would love to see the effects that chemo has on them and how the deal with it.
Slash would be fantastic, any pairing.

thanks in advanced
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16 March 2013 @ 03:10 pm
Hello Everybody!
First, English is not my birth language, so I'm sorry for the mistakes :)
Ok, I read those fics and didnt bookmarket.
1) I believe its a Non AU... I remember that Jensen is Bi and Jared discovers and falls in love with him... Steve and Chris are in the fic too, and they are lovers. I remember that Jensen and Chris had an affair in the past but Steve doesnt know, and off course that he discovers and break up with Chris. They were going to get married... And Jensen got really sick, and Jared is really confuse. There's a specific scene when they are all in the hospital with Jensen and Steve forgives him and Chris...

2) It's a death fic, but I dont remember who dies... Is one shot and starts with one J dreaming with the other when they were young and happy. And he wakes up and is the funeral from the other J... Their friends are there two, Steve, Chris, Chad etc... they're old. That's all I remember!

Anyone has any ideia what I'm talking about? rsrs

Thanks in advance!
04 March 2013 @ 09:59 am
Are there any j2 fics with one of them is really sick or dieing but is keeping it a secret from the other and eventually the other finds out.
24 January 2013 @ 11:16 pm
Hey, y'all,

I'm looking for au stories where one of the J's is in a caretaker role like a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, home health assistant, etc. And the other is the patient needing tender lovin'…er-- care.

Please no mpreg, no were-creatures, no vampires.

Thanks in advance!
12 January 2013 @ 10:24 pm
I'm looking for stories where Jensen is Jared's nurse they become friends and probably more. Or Jared is Jensen's nurse. 

Thanks peoples!
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07 January 2013 @ 08:03 pm
Hi friends!!
I 'm looking Jared/Jensen fics of the following categories.I hope you can help me and rec me your favorites:)
1) FAINTING BOYS- Any fic where Jared or Jensen faints or has seizures and the other is super protective.
2)FICS WITH GRUMPY JENSEN IN THE MORNING- Any fic in which there is a super cute grumpy adorable Jensen who hates mornings and an awesome Jared.
3)RUNAWAY BOYS- Any fic in which boys have a fight and one runs away from the other and the other finds him.HAPPY ENDING
4)GENDER SWITCH- Are there any fic in which either of the boys are born as a girl? I'm not looking for PWPs but plotty J2 stories in which either of them are born as a girl.
5)FICS WITH EGO PROBLEMS- Stories in which Jay and Jen are in a relationship and one is jealous of the other because he is more successful, popular etc and starts having ego problems in the relatonship.
6) FICS WHERE ONE FORGIVES THE OTHER- Any fic where one commits a mistake of any kind and the other forgives him?
Thanks a million in advance
30 December 2012 @ 05:21 pm
Hi Everyone

I'm Looking for a specific story where Jared is sick and he is surprised to wake up and find Jensen in his kitchen making him soup. He is surprised but pleased that Jensen wants to take care of him. I think it is non-au and the boys are still living apart. I  might be confusing the boys it might be Jensen who is sick. It has been a long time since i read this story.

thanks in advance
25 December 2012 @ 01:37 am
Merry Christmas, So for Christmas I would like…

The PDF, on the kink-meme I remember a prompt had a LOT of responses and some awesome person said they would make and send a PDF when all the prompts were finished. What I remember of the prompt was Jensen and Jeff were married and Jeff wanted to bring Jared into the marriage, Jeff & Jensen had a contract saying that getting pregnant was grounds for divorce & Jensen finds out he is pregnant, and Jeff’s parents were rude to Jensen but loved Jared. My e-mail is gomustangs2002@hotmail.com.

The story: What I remember is that it is a westernish story with LOTS of sick!Jensen (my two favs!) Jensen goes to a ranch buts gets sick and the foreman has to take care of him, Jared is related to the foreman(?) and is also Injured with a kid (?) anyway I remember the police think Jensen killed someone, but of course he didn’t and it ends in J2, sorry it is so vague.

Edit: tentatively found.
25 November 2012 @ 05:32 pm
Hi all, I saw a fic request yesterday that reminded me of a fic I REALLY want to re-read. It was a J2 fic and where one of the boys (I'm 95% sure it was Jensen) was suffering from cluster headaches.

I think it was and AU story where he already had the headaches when they met and had to explain to Jared just how debilitating they were, and that there was something in there about how he'd have them at the same time everyday for about a year.

I can't remember much else about the story, I think I was just traumatized by the knowledge that this absolutely horrific affliction actually exists.

Cluster headaches http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_headache

Thank you for your help.

Found - How Many More Times http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5551559/1/How-Many-More-Times
24 November 2012 @ 08:00 am
Like the subject says. Can anyone rec me some fics where either boy (preferably Jensen) suffers from migraines and Jared takes care of him? J2 only

I would like if the migrain and the hurt/comfort schmoopy goodness is the focus of the fic and not just one scene in a longer fic. The fic doesn't have to contain sex but if it does bottom!Jensen only.

I have already read "Life is like a Song" where Jensen suffers from migraines.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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12 November 2012 @ 11:29 pm
Hi all, I've been fighting a cold and lingering cough for weeks and it's got me craving dean with pneumonia fics. I've read quite a few but I'm always hopeful something new will show up. I need dean being run down, ill, possibly being taken care of by someone? because he's not taking care of himself. Bonus points for hospital stays and intubations. In other words, the sicker the better. I'm not adverse to any pairings, wincest, J2's or au's. I've found myself reading more hurt sick Jensen lately, so they would be appreciated as well. Thanks so much!
28 September 2012 @ 05:38 pm

Im looking for a specific J2 fic I read a long time ago. I don't remember much of it, but I hope this rings a bell to someone anyways.

It takes place somewhere between the 1920's and 1940's I think. Jensen is sick. I can't remember with what, but I think he walks with a cane. I might be wrong about that. But he lives with relatives, an aunt and uncle or something, and they really despise him. And they keep him secluded and inside the house cos he has a weak health.

JDM gets a job working on the family's fence or something I think.

I can't remember how Jensen meets Jared, but Jared is living somewhere outside the little town and Jensen sees him sometimes in stores and stuff. Jared is described as some kind of 'free spirit' type of person.

JDM has a son who comes home I think. He's gay and very sick, and he has a broken heart, and both Jared and Jensen takes care of him. For some reason I seem to remember the son being Tom Welling, and his lover who broke his heart is Michael Rosenbaum who later shows up to win Tom back?

Anyways - does this sound familiar to anyone? Please help!!!

22 August 2012 @ 02:13 am
Hi guys, so [livejournal.com profile] moviegeek03 watched 50/50 the other week and reccomended it to me like whoa, and finally I found it in HMV today and right now, this would be the...third time I'm watching it. As usual with an amazing story, my first thought is always, "Dude...I wonder what a J2 version of this would be like..." So, yeah, that's what happened here. So, I need a Jared/Jensen retelling of the 50/50, STAT! (And I still find it funny how many times they say that on hospital dramas yet I've never heard an actual real doctor say STAT in my life.)

Cheers my dears!
19 August 2012 @ 09:34 am
Looking for the fic. Something Koalas Just Don't Do!  
I'm on an eternal quest to find good self harm/eating disorder fics for dean and jensen, so I'd be happy to get any good ones! it can be any pairing, au or canon, at any age, but it has to be self inflicted (in the case of eating disorder fics). I've already read In a Mirror Distorted and Indistinct and most other often-recced fics though, so lesser-known fics would be much appreciated!

I'd also like some fem!Winchesters, but no curse-related genderswap, simply them being born female. I'd rather them still be hunters, but I like AUs, too. I'd prefer gen fics for this, but dean/cas and or sam/gabriel is fine also. NO wincest on this one, please.

thank you!
08 July 2012 @ 03:57 am
Hi everyone,im looking for j2 fics dealing with STDs,(Aids,HIV..ETC..) Either one of them having it,or having a scare ETC.
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