12 September 2012 @ 03:02 pm
Okay, hello! 

So, I was recently watching Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You and it got me really interested in tourettes, I have a major interest in anything like that, so yeah. Anyway, I'm looking for any fics that have a character with tourettes. Anything at all.

I tagged all people/ships I'll accept but all no-ships is accepted too. 

Thank you! Self-recs welcome :)
02 November 2011 @ 08:35 am
I have a couple requests guys. Anyone think they can help?

Okay so my first request is a story I read pretty recently. In it, Jared gets kidnapped, I'm not sure who does it, but he's taken to a house and tied to a chair half naked in one scene and is left alone in the room overnight with the window open. He winds up getting hypothermia I think, and the next day he's found by his kidnapper and the are very worried. It might be Jensen that kidnaps him but I can't say for sure.

My next request is for anything that has Sam?Jared with tourettes. It'd also be okay for anything with OCD or things along those lines but I'm really looking for tourettes. (I know it sounds weird)

Anyone know of any stories where Sam is deaged to a teenager but doesn't have his adult memories? Can be anything. I'd like to see Dean trying to convince a teenaged, very capable of fighting Sam what's going on. I'd really love this.

And last, I'm looking for a story where the boys switch places and they are both hurt and didn't tell each other about it. While in each others bodies they find out about it. Sam had a knee injury, I remember him massaging it for Dean while he's in his body. Anyone know what story I'm talking about?

Anyone who can help, that would be great! Thanks guys.