I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam is in a wheelchair. The main part I remember is that when Sam is on one of the beds in the motel, Dean pushes the wheelchair away from him across the room so that Sam has no way of reaching it to follow him.

This one has been bugging me for a while.
10 January 2016 @ 06:19 pm
Hi guys, I'm looking for two none specific stories.

1. Sam as a father and/or raising a child. No mpreg please.

2. Sam with a permanent injury and/or disability.

Apologies if the tags are slightly sparse, I'm on mobile.
04 October 2015 @ 09:37 am
I can't remember if this was one story or a series. The story I'm thinking of takes place preseries, while Sam is at Stanford. Dean had been paralyzed and using a wheelchair either since birth or since the fire. At some point, some supernatural creature healed him, and he's struggling to adjust. I remember a scene where he has to climb stairs and finds it incredibly difficult, and any sensation below the waist is overwhelming, since he's never had feeling there before. He goes to see Sam at school and Sam assumes at first that he's a demon/shapeshifter.

Hope this sounds familiar to someone; I'd really like to re-read it.

28 July 2015 @ 11:33 am
Looking for 1 specific J2 fic and 3 specific wincest fics.
Cut for long-ish text )

I went through the tags here and searched via google for these fics but nothing came up. I'm terrible with google search though, Hopefully someone can help me thanks :)
Hey! I've been looking for a specific story all day and hope you guys can help me out. Here goes.

Dean is angry at Sam, so they split up and they don't see each other for months until Dean shows up at Bobby's and finds Sam there. He re-injures Sam accidentally when they first reunite because he's angry/didn't know Sam was hurt, and Sam goes to the hospital. Throughout the fic, Dean finds out Sam got shot in the back during a robbery and injured his spine (Dean made this injury worse). Lots of h/c and guilt, and Dean reconnecting and helping Sam.

I remember they find out Sam was actually shot by a shifter (Dean watches the security tape from the robbery), and that shifter shows up again near the end of the fic in a big showdown.

I'll be forever grateful to whoever knows what fic this is! Really wanted to read it today.
Thank you.
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05 June 2014 @ 03:59 pm
Hi, I'm looking for two John/Dean stories by ghostwriter056 (livejournal). They have apparently deleted their account, and although I've done a google search and not being able to locate them, I thought I'd ask here as someone might know if they are on another story site. Below is the descriptions of have in my bookmarks.

1. Fragile Threads: Dean loses both of his legs on what should have been a routine hunt when he was a teenager. It changes everything forever and Dean just wants to know he won’t get ditched now that he isn’t as useful as he used to be.

2.What's Done in the Dark: At fifteen, Dean was irreversibly injured on John's watch. After an incident with a shapeshifter threatens to damage Dean even more, both confess their feelings for the other, but accept that Dean can't live the hunter way of life anymore. Eleven years later, Sam, unaware of their relationship and the things that led to it, is pulled back into hunting by John who needs his help in protecting Dean while he searches for the Colt.
04 February 2014 @ 08:53 pm

I search for a Human!AU with Dean/Castiel. Dean had a car accident in which John died and Dean got hurt. Now he sits in wheelchair, has problems with his hands (?) and lives in a care home after he tried to kill himself. Another resident of this home is Jo. Sam is together with Jess and they live in Stanford.

Castiel starts to work as a volunteer and he can Dean persuade to participate in various activities. Also he talks with him about his depression and self harm.

I read the story on Ao3, it was complete and really, really long.

Does someone know the story? Thanks in advance!

- Lilly
06 January 2014 @ 04:21 pm
Hey all! I hope you can help me. I am looking for a specific story that I once read (but can no longer find). Here's what I remember: Jensen has an accident falling while doing some work (I think cutting trees at his parents' house?) and becomes paralyzed. I believe this happens after Supernatural ends, and Jared does not know that Jensen is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Jensen has been living/staying with his sister and has become very reclusive. Jensen and Jared see each other for the first time after the accident (several years - I think 3 or 4) at a restaurant (on one of their birthdays) while Jensen is with his sister, brother-in-law and niece and Jared is with friends. Jared is still a famous actor/movie star. They struggle to restore their relationship and ultimately love prevails (sigh!) with them moving together into a fully accessible house in LA that Jared built for Jensen. Thanks much.
So, as often happens, I got in a mood to read a certain genre. I'm currently looking for long J2 or Wincest physical disability fics, preferably that deals with navigating a relationship while dealing with a disability. My Kindle has a whole collection dedicated to disability fics, but they're not hitting my buttons at the moment. I re-read the Battlements verse and the Twists and Turns verse, which is what sent me on this search.
  • Jensen/Jared or Dean/Sam pairing

  • No preference who is disabled (it just happened that the last two I read were Disabled!Jensen)

  • No preference on disability (blind, deaf, paralyzed, etc.)

  • Longer the better...something I can really sink my teeth into

  • Focus on the disability and how it affects the relationship would be nice

So! Rec me your favorite disability fics! Fill my Kindle with goodness :D
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30 October 2013 @ 08:05 pm
Hey guys, I have a few requests I am hoping you can help me find

1. I am looking for fics where one of the boys is in a wheel chair. I am preferably looking for something where one of the boys is permanently disabled, like from cerebral palsy or something, and needs constant supervision and assistance so they hire a caretaker. The other boy is hired as the caretaker and loving ensues. But I am also looking for just any really good fics that involves one boy in a wheelchair.

2. I am looking for fics where the boys are getting married and they go through all the hoopla for a big white wedding with all the planning and money issues and stress and everything.

3. I am looking for fics about the boys going through the process of buying their first house, with the house hunting and trying to get a loan and moving in and starting to nest and what not.

I am prefer wincest and J2 pairings. I prefer long fics, but anything is fine except for WIPs. I would also love anything that fits these requests in the form of a podfic. Thanks for your help!
First One
I vaguely remember this story, it was long but uncompleted and way before I had the common sense to bookmark stuff :)

I'm sure Jensen is a shop owner, pretty sure it's books but not positive. I don't think Jared even sees him for a while as Jensen is very private, almost a hermit. I think Steve/Christian own a coffee shop, and are very protective of Jensen. I think Jensen has a breakdown or something? I know, I'm incredibly vague, sorry.

Second One
It's unrequited love between J2 and it's Jared lusting after Jensen, I think Jensen turns him down and Jared is gutted and then Jensen has unrequited love for Jared, but won't tell him and it's Chris in the end that says Jensen loves Jared and for some reason I'm sure that Jared slides down a kitchen cupboard to sit on the floor after hearing this news lol Again very vague and could be a million stories but I've never come across it again after reading it once and I've looked on J2.

In this story, Sam has a long-term infection and it puts him in a rehab facility for many months. The first scene is the day Sam is released. Sam is still VERY weak and needs a wheelchair. Dean takes him to an apartment that he got them that is handicapped accessible. There is a pool and spa nearby that will help with Sam's rehab. Also there is a lake (and turtles) that Dean takes Sam to to help him walk again. Also there is a scene where Sam try's to drown himself in the spa when Dean isn't looking. Thank goodness Dean arrives just in time.

Any ideas? I know this a a ff.net story. Thanks!!!
I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for a story where Dean/Jensen is drugged and he taken advantage of sexually about another guy. Here's the hard part... Read more... May be explicit... )
I also want to find a story where Dean is in a relationship with a girl and ends up cheating on her with another guy. Also Top Dean/Jensen as well.
And also I want a fic where Dean gets in an accident of some sorts that causes him to not be able to use his legs. There can be smut or just plain fluffiness doesn't matter to me. But if there is sex I'd like for Dean/Jensen to be the top.

Can you tell that I'm a topDean/Jensen kind of person? lol

Thanks in advance!
17 May 2013 @ 01:17 am
I'm looking for a 'verse that I read on fanfiction.net a while ago. In the first story, Sam gets paralyzed and Gabriel offers to take him back in time so she wouldn't get paralyzed, but Sam decides not to because the woman that Dean fall in love with would die. Dean's girlfriend gets pregnant so that they can use some of the baby's stem cells to cure Sam. Sam falls in love with his physical therapist. Dean's child is born and he also adopts the son of a shapeshifter who stole his sperm. Dean eventually gets married and Sam regains feeling in his legs on Dean's wedding day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              In the subsequent stories, Sam walks again, he has kids too, Dean's wife dies and her children help bring her back to life in a different body.
Hello all! Ok, I've searched for them absolutely everywhere I could think of, I swear I have, but I just cannot find these two fics. I'm really hoping some of you FABULOUS people can help me out. I'm looking for two specific fics:

1) J2, after Supernatural ends. Jensen is in a wheelchair, thanks to a very painful back injury/surgery(?). He can walk a bit, but it's very difficult. He runs his own special effects company, which was recently hired to work on Jared's latest movie/tv show. The two boys had a major falling out years ago, and there's a lot of tension between them. Also, Jensen has a lot of very caring friends/employees working for him. Employees' kids are always running around his giant house. That's about all I can remember, besides from the fact that the fic was very, very good.

2) Description under cut because I think it was a kink meme fill )

I hope that this is enough information to go on. I can't find these fics anywhere, and I would be so grateful for some help!

Mods, this is my first time posting. I did my best to follow guidelines, but apologies if I didn't get it quite right. Thanks in advance!
28 January 2013 @ 09:21 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a 2 specific fics and some gen.
        1.I read this one on FF (I think) a while ago, Sam is diagnosed with leukemia and uses Stanford as an excuse to leave and get treatment, later when hunting with dean it comes back. 
       2. Jensen and Jared are married, Jared is blind, their adopted son is looking to buy Jared a christmas present.

Also anything with sick Jared/Sam is great! Any illness, wincest or gen :)
10 January 2013 @ 06:20 pm
I read a story sometime last year - Dean & Castiel were the main characters and I'm pretty sure it was slash. It was an AU, kind of post-apocalyptic. I think Castiel was (and had always been) a human. He had some mental issues, and he and Dean lived together. For at least part of the story Dean was in a wheelchair, but had surgery and was fixed by the end. I think he had been a soldier? I remember he had to play a kind of lottery to qualify for the surgery. Also there was some question of Castiel being taken away because of his mental illness, but Dean was protecting him.

Sorry, that's kind of vague. I might be confusing two stories, actually. Hope someone can help!

20 December 2012 @ 03:50 pm
I'm looking for a story that I read a while back. It's non-AU in the sense that the boys are on SPN. Jared is hurt and in a wheelchair (details under the cut) and Jensen takes him on vacation to a tropical island. Some of their friends go with them: Chris, Steve, Misha (I think). Jared is really depressed over what happened to him and Jensen is trying to get him to snap out of it.

Click here for spoilers )

Hope someone remembers this one!

15 November 2012 @ 01:15 am
Specific search :- I’ve been looking for this story for ages and would love it someone could help me find it. Jared was some kind of cop who gets hurt and ends up in a wheelchair. He’s sent to a rehab centre where Jensen is his physical therapist. I remember a part where Jared is having some sort of traumatic flashback and Jensen calms him down. I think Jensen also has some past traumatic issues but I may be confusing that with a different fic.

General searches :-

1. Any fics where Dean suffers some kind of abuse in order to protect Sam. Doesn’t matter what type of fic, AU or non AU, Teen/Wee!Chester, it’s all welcome but please no Wincest.

2. Stories where Jared or Jensen get injured/hurt on set.

3. Wee!Dean fics where Dean misses his mommy.

Thank you.
29 August 2012 @ 10:08 am
Specific search: For the life of me can't remember the name of the author or the title of the story, but in it, Sam was in a coma for a long time due to a brain injury. I don't remember much else, except that Dean started to realize that Sam was emerging from his almost vegetative state when his eyes started tracking some kind of flashing lights. I'm sorry I don't remember any other specific details except that I believe John was in this story too and had pretty much given up on Sam ever waking again and left Dean to do all the work in caring for Sam.

General search: I'd love to read some stories where Sam is paralyzed, whether it be a permanent condition or not. Any and all recs would be most welcome.

Thanks guys!!!!
08 June 2012 @ 10:18 pm
Hey People!!!! So i was wondering if you guys knew of any good stories that have paralyzed Jensen or amputee Jensen. I have read some where is is paralyzed and an amputee and i was wondering if there were more out there :)

Thanks in advance!!!!
Hi There!

It been a while since I've looked for fics but here goes.  All I'm looking for is permanent injury stories that involve Sam or Jared having to use a cane, or crutches, or a wheelechair.  Can be caused by any type of accident or abuse. Descriptive please. :) Can be Gen or Slash. If it's slash, bottom!Sam/Jared please.  I love detailed fics, so if the accident or attack or hunt gone wrong is very detailed that would make my day, Especially, if the recovery (ie, comfort from Dean or Jensen, hospital stay, physical therapy, etc.) is included.  You guys are AWESOME!

Thanks in advance! :o)


P.S. If I missed any tags, oops.
06 April 2012 @ 09:09 am
Hey guys, here I go again. Have 4 days off for easter and want to reread an epic story that I didn't put in my favourites folder *smacks hand*

It was J2 but they were going thru a bad patch when Jensen gets hurt on the set of a movie and they break up. Years later Jared meets Jensen again but he is in a wheelchair due to the injury and Jensen is blamed for the break up. Jensen helps run a comp company ? and has a hugh extended family living at his new wheelchair fiendly place.

Again its an oldie but a goodie

Thanx for any help you guys can give

28 March 2012 @ 08:35 pm
I was reading If I wanted silence and it reminded me of another fic were Jensen is paralysed. Jim looks after him but he has to  go away so they need to hire someone else to look after him. Jared is hired
Read more... )

Thanks in advance not a lot to go on but someone might recognise it 
25 February 2012 @ 01:56 pm
Hey guys!

I'm looking for a few fanfics and I really hope you can help me!

Specific search:

1.) I read it a few weeks ago but I forgot to bookmark it. It has a brain damaged Sam, I think he had been disabledby a drwoning accident a few years ago. He later lives with Pastor Jimmy and Dean's daughter calls him "Babu".

2.) All other stories with any disabled!Sam. I don't care about wincest etc. I just want to read something good. He can be blind, deaf, paralyzed, brain damaged... I open for everything!

Thank you! :)
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11 January 2012 @ 07:46 am
I'm looking for Dean/Castiel fics where one (or both) of them are physically or mentally afflicted and somewhat dependent on the other. I'll take gen too.

Examples of what I've read/am looking for:

Hummingbirds - Mute!Castiel

Ghost Dance - brain damage/mentally ill Dean

(Those are both beautiful by the way. Check them out.)
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05 January 2012 @ 02:39 pm
So I am looking for a fic and I cant remember if I read it at Sinful Desire or on LJ but from what I can remember Jared and Jensen have been together since they were kids and Jensens mom is extremely homophobic and j2 goes to stay at the with the Ackles because they wanted to make amends for sending Jensen to some school, and for not being there. Jared ends up getting hit by a car and gets pralyzed I think and Jensen has to take care of him. I know Jared starts to walk again and towards the end they adopt a kid. If anyone could help me, I would appreciate it so much. Not knowing where this story is, is killing me. THANK YOU!
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25 October 2011 @ 12:27 am
Hi all,

Last time when I needed your help, I got great responses. I'm hoping y'all can help me this time round as well.

I am looking for fics where Jensen is hurt after being in an abusive relationship. It can be physical or plain ol' emotional hurt. I'll take anything, as long as it shows that Jensen was deeply hurt by his partner.

I'd also love to read fics where him and Jared meet after he is disabled in some way.

Or something where Jensen and Jared know each other but lose contact over the years and when they meet again, Jensen has changed a lot due to an accident or a bad relationship and therefore, Jared feels guilty for not being there.

Gen or J2, doesn't matter. Any other pairing is a-okay!
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Hi Again,

I was wondering if there are any fic that are AU's of All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 and events there-after where that somehow sam survived being stabbed by jake and he ends up paralyzed from the waist down. Can be wincest but I am looking for gen on this story.

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21 October 2011 @ 04:13 pm
Looking for a specific story I read it like about maybe two years ago and i was never able to find it again. I believe it was on fanfiction.net and was a wip at the time. I know that it starts off with a possesed john beating a young sam outside of a motel and he ends up in the hospital with terminal injuries. It could be someone else that caused this though. I also remember that he was in a wheelchair because of messed up muscle function and breathing problems. I belive that dean was also hurt very badly for a little while in this fic and he was also in a wheelchair for a couple of chapters. I also belive that bobby, pastor jim, and some of the other hunter friends were involved also. I also remember one chapter where sam is worried that he will be useless to everyone becuase all he does is pretty much sleep throughout the whole day.

Thank You!
I've just finished a fic where Sam gets Dean to try out for American Idol. It got me thinking about Dean have a special talent. I've read a lot of fics in the past where Jensen or Jared are dancers or at least can dance. Are there any out there where Dean is the one dancing? I'll take any kind of special/hiddentalent!Dean fics you've got. If it's Sam who has the talent and maybe Dean encouraging or discovering it, I'll take that too.

Concerning 7.01 but not really a spoiler... )
There also been a lot of talk after 7.01 about how shaggy Dean's hair was in the episode (YAY! XD). Any fics that deal with something like that? Dean growing/changing his hair? Or maybe the boys having to change how they look for a job or to stay hidden from the FBI?

hope the LJ cut works this time >.< Didn't realize they changed the format since the last time I used it
22 September 2011 @ 02:28 pm
Hey everyone,

I would absolutely love for some recs where wee sam insists on marrying dean, or vice versa, because I personally feel it is the most adorable thing ever.