Looking for Three Hail Lucifer and One Misplaced Halo and other fics where Jensen and/or Jared are angels/demons.

I've also read a few where they are gods (Greek, pagan) and a few creature fics as well.

I'm curious as to what there is out there beyond what I've read so far.

I've read one called Imbolic (sp?) so something like that would be great as well. Jared's a pagan god that is participating in a festival/orgy and it was really well done.

Other characters involved are welcome but I'd like it to be J2 at the end.

Also I'm not that big on werewolf fic but if it's well written I'll read it.
24 June 2012 @ 09:41 am
I have been looking for a couple fic's and have had no luck and not much time to look but now I have pneumonia and have had some time to do some reading, so I'm hoping someone knows what they are ;-)

1. Jared is a demon I think and Jensen is an angel, but Jensen is frigid, he refuses to hook up with anyone I think. I remember that Misha, Mike, Jared and maybe Chris are at a party and talking about how frigid Jensen is. Jensen and Jared end up together, I think Jared might have had beautiful black wings...but I might be mixing up a couple fic's.

2. I think this one is called Whistler, it's first time J2 and it's cold, that's what I remember. There is something about the view out of the window and it's beautiful. Not much to go on I know, sorry.

3. J2 are neighbors, but they are fighting, I think because Jared's ex made a fuss about a tree on his side of the fence?

4. Jensen is a fairy?? Danneel is a dragon. Jared is a normal human, him and Jensen fall in love. Jensen's mom? kidnapps him and forces Jared to rescue him.

5. a pdf for Dance of Passion. On this one I have no idea what it is about or who wrote it, I just have the name and that I need a pdf written in my notes.

Anyways thanks in advance for any help.

All found, and super fast! Thank you very much ;-)
30 May 2012 @ 01:51 am
Hey guys,

I'm on the prowl for demon-boys, and the one 'owning' the other, and training them to be a bit more human. Things along the lines of "Fortress", "Fade To Black" and "Rising From Ruin", you know? I'd prefer more lengthy and involved fics, but I'll take short too. Pairings can be either gen or J2/Wincest, and any genre but horror and non-con. It doesn't matter if it's AU or non-AU, and self-recs welcomed.

Thanks guys.
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25 March 2012 @ 11:09 pm
Hey everyone,

1. I read a story a while back, not even sure how long and I remember almost nothing of it so I'll say sorry now. I think it was a Sam/Dean story, not sure if they were related or not but Dean was a demon who was more or less Ruby from the show. That's all I remember.

2. The second was a Sam, Dean and I think Gabriel story set after Dean went to hell. The angel fought to try and get him out but he was buried so deep that they couldn't and lost several angels trying. After a while Dean comes back half demon and half human. I remember Gabriel thinking to himself that it was funny that Dean was still a boy who liked pizza and missed his family.

3. Sam was the prince of hell and Ruby was his second in command. A lot of humans had been brought to hell and Sam used different humans as sex slaves. He comes across Dean but doesn't remember him. The demons had removed part of his brain or something so he literally thought he was Lucifer's son and grew up in hell.

4. Any story where one of the boys Jensen or Jared is a demon and dating the other as a human. Sam and Dean stories would be good to but I've read several of those so some J2 would be great.

I would really like stories that are more based on the emotions, fear and anxiety of hell, pain of memories of torture rather then scenes of actual rape and torture. So any really any good emotional stories dealing with Sam and Dean post hell would be welcomed :) Thank you!

Thanks so much!
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12 November 2011 @ 08:50 pm
Hey Guys. So, as an incentive to writing my J2 Nanowrimo, I decided to post some stories I'm wanting to read, and I'll want to read them so badly that I'll finish my nano goal super fast and get to read them. Aha. So, yes. 

Please note of the communities I know about and have checked: sd_recs, j2_recs, spn_littlebro
Also note: No Destiel, No WIP's, No Abandoned or Hiatused Stories. Self-recs are a-okay.

Sam/Dean Requests )

Jared/Jensen Requests  )

I want mostly happy fics guys, ok? Not a lot of angst, because I'm getting that enough with my own story, so only happy. No cheating, non-con, or dub-con. Nothing too wide with age-gaps. (I like 4 or 5 years differences, alright?) Short fics are awesome. Anything over seven parts is a no-no for me right now. No PWP, please.

Thanks guys!

12 November 2011 @ 02:56 pm
Does anyone remember the J2 story where Jared is a demon, one of Lucifer's sons I think, with red skin. Jensen is some kind of angel, or angel descendend somthing like that (he doesn't know that though). They meet in a bar and fall into bed and then in love because they have an immediate connection. Chris is a ghost who follows Jensen around and gives cryptic advice. Chad's also in there as a demon with teleporting powers?

Help? It's all pretty jumbled in my head, so I hope someone recognizes this story.
02 June 2011 @ 04:58 pm
Can anyone lead me to fics where either Sam or Dean is already not human? Or a fic that starts off with them already changed and focuses on how they still hunt after? Makes their life different?  I'll even read J2 in a pinch.

I don't care about the pairing, but I don't want the focus of the fic to be mostly the relationship.

And here are the awesome fics  that totally fueled my request!

See Spot Run




Fade to Black (Not While Your Hand's In Mine)

Thanks in advance!
I was wondering if there were any fics out there where either Jared or Jensen is a werewolf, vampire, or demon and the fic takes place while they are shooting Supernatural. It doesn't matter if it's slash or not.
02 February 2011 @ 09:35 am
I've started reading a fic a while ago, sadly I've forgotten to bookmark it and now I can't find it anymore.
what I know:
it was on fanfiction.net
Dean left for the military, Sam stayed behind with John,
Sam got abused, he had scars covering his body (John told everyone that Sam was self-harming when it was him scaring Sam) and I think he also had AIDS,
Dean found Sam and decided to bring him with him, they lived together in a house with Dean's army-buddies who all developed a sibling bond with Sam
Sam was also blind in one eye I think, something happened when Dean first tried to rescue him (Sam didn't recognize him)

also I'm searching for all Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen as angels/demons fics.

any help is appreciated!
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