14 June 2015 @ 10:02 pm
What's the one where Castiel is really young, like 6-8 ish; he escapes a severely abusive home (I know there was a scene right near the beginning where he's hiding in a closet to avoid being assaulted) and makes his way to Bobby's. So Bobby takes him in and eventually adopts him. I think eventually John, Young!Dean, and Wee!Sammy move to a place close to Bobby after Castiel convinces John that he was sent to protect the boys.
Looking for 2 Gen Fics: Wee!chesters+ fledgling Cas+John+Gabriel & autistic Castiel

Its been a while since I last read these two fics. They may have been deleted and if so I am hoping someone was smarter than I was and managed to save a copy of them.

The first one: Wee!chesters + fledgling Castiel + John + Gabriel
found: Plan B by: Kitkat0114 https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7892342/1/Plan-B

John kind of freaks out about the baby angel. I remember John tries to ditch Castiel a couple of times and Gabriel rescues Cas and drops him back off with John and the kids. Gabriel is getting pretty fed up with John. Also, the last time John tried to ditch Castiel it was in a restaurant and when John got back to the hotel Missouri called him up and gave him an earful about responsibility and I think she even threatens to come after John with her spoon if he does not stop his foolishness.

Second fic features autistic castiel. He’s non-verbal. Adult Guardian Dean takes Castiel to a shop for clothes and the lady offers to sew angel wings on Castiel’s trenchcoat.
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Hello :)

I just discovered one of my favorite fic is deleted and I’m so sad I really wanted to re read it ! I’m wondering if you people got that fic in pdf or epub or whatever please?

The title is ‘Calendar guy” and it was from Cerdic519 on ao3 (it was Dean/Castiel fic).
I asked the author and she changed it for another (very) different version and didn't keep a copy of the original one.
But it was the cutest destiel story.

Please help?
Thank you very much ! *hug*

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Cas makes a radio request for the Rick anstly song never going to give you up - and dean realizes he doesn't mean it as a joke but as that Cas isn't going to let him down. Help
07 October 2014 @ 11:13 pm
This is driving me crazy because I remember a lot of what happens but I can't find it.
Cas goes to Sam (when he is alone) for advice on courtship but he doesn't mention it is for Dean. Meanwhile Dean is trying to fix the impala and keeps finding Cas's feathers around Sam when he's not there and he is jealous. Then Cas gives Dean a part for the impala as a gift and then I don't remember it clearly, I think there was a misunderstanding and Cas though than Dean did not want him and it was Sam's fault but dean fixed it and it all ended well. Oh and I think it was Sam's POV but I¡m not sure.
If please someone could tell me the name of this fic, it's driving me nuts.
Thanks in advantage.
22 September 2013 @ 05:20 am
Hey guys, driving me crazy trying to find a specific fic, so please help! The sad thing is I remember it really well, just not the title or author and googling isn't helping. It's been around for a while, so I'm sure someone will recognise it :)

Basically, it starts off that Cas has been infected by an incubus. Sam is freaking out and is all "what are we going to do, Dean? We can't get him a hooker!" and Dean's like "of course we're not going to get him a hooker! I'll take care of it!" and Sam's all "what?" and Cas says "I thought you were going to tell him!" and Dean's all "he already knows!".

We then flash back to five times that Dean and Cas were together right under Sam's nose, but he was too clueless to work out what was going on. So there was one time he caught them in the shower together and Dean told him that he was teaching Cas how to wash. And the first time after they had sex, Cas comes by for breakfast and Sam thinks Dean ditched him at the bar to go sleep with a random chick and he's all outraged, but Cas misunderstands and says "yes, Dean "ditched" me last night, so now we are having breakfast together".

Anyway, it's an awesome fic, really cute and funny and I could basically recite it line by line, but Google hates me and won't find it and I can't remember the author, title or site I found it on. My bookmarks need someone serious work.

But in the meantime, please tell me someone recognises it??
Found'm: 3 stories with some of the same themes, which I mixed into One story in my memory.
Thank you to everyone who helped.

1. Cheeseburgers and Pie: http://kenzigoss.livejournal.com/7024.html
2. Waves: http://archiveofourown.org/works/292406
3. Sweater Verse: http://archiveofourown.org/works/634618

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13 December 2012 @ 11:52 pm
so I know that there are searches for jealous!Sam and evil!Sam, but I am hoping for clueless-jackass-Sam. I would like fics where Sam hurts Dean with words, carelessly talking about his crap childhood and Dean feeling like a failure, or Sam talking about going back to school/quitting hunting or Deans failures of hunts or shallowness when it comes to women, ect. Basically verbal pained Dean and Castiel notices and comforts or defends(though this is not neccessary) Dean.

below is a fic that has elements of what I want but it itsn't the main focuswhere Sam is talking to Babriel about things from Dean and Sam's past hurting Dean and Cas wraps his wings around Dean for comfort when he see's just how much Sam's tactlessness hurts Dean

The fic One a Wing and a Prayer by <ljuser="otp_destial"> is fantastic and there were a couple of scenes which made me want to read more things like it.

Deastiel preferred, no wincest unless its one sided Sam. Anything, setting or otherwise, would be awesome!     

Thanks in advance!
02 October 2012 @ 09:52 pm

Hi all! So I'm looking for some destiel, preferably a bit more on the lighthearted, fluffy side, with pregnant Cas and/or Dean and Cas with a new baby.

Bonus points for protective!Dean, and SUPER bonus points Cas being adorable or confused about babies/being pregnant, all that jazz.

Thanks a ton! C:

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08 September 2012 @ 01:53 pm
I'm looking for fics that have Cas as a girl angel. Something may have happened to Jimmy's body or he thought it would be more attractive to Dean. I don't mind any genre as long as its Destiel. I love pregnant Cas with a protective Dean, no Wincest. 
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I'm looking for anything Dean/Cas with lots of nice, light, fluffy cuddling and/or bed sharing (hopefully and). I'd prefer nothing that's goopy to the point of being cheesy, but if big cheese balls are all you've got, then hit me; I'll give it a shot and long as it's written at least somewhat decently. I really just want copious amounts of sweet little destiel snuggles.
Bonus points for description of how one/both of them sleeps, comforting from nightmares or insomnia, one of them being a clingy or wiggly sleeper (or both of them just flopping all over each other; that'd be nice too), and extra mega supernova bonus points for anything with Cas laying on top of Dean.
Thank you so, so, so, so much!
You're all lovely, lovely, fabulous little peaches!

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11 March 2012 @ 09:49 pm
I am looking for two fics - one I read and I was told about.  The first one is about Cas adjusting to human life.  He adopts a dog that was abused I think.  The dog eventually saves their lives (from demons?) and Dean ends up loving the dog. 

The second one is about dean's fear of dogs after getting ripped apart by hellhounds.  Sam eventually tries to help him by acclimating him to dogs and they end up getting a puppy.

I hope I did the tags right.

Thanks for the help!

#1 Found (link in comments)

Hello all, 

I'm looking for a slightly cracky 'Cas adapts to the human life with hilarious consequences' type fic I read a while back wherein Cas decided to buy himself some sunglasses and picks the tackiest, most glittery pair he could lay his hands on and then wears them all the time with absolutely no idea how ridiculous they make him look. I seem to remember him being bewildered and a little hurt that Sam and Dean don't like his new glasses. 

I would also really appreciate any funny/ adorable Cas fics along those same lines. They can be Destiel or Team Free Will threesome fic, or gen but please no Sassy or Wincest.

If you have any fic where Sam either sees the Destiel happening before Cas and Dean or has a comical/ snarky reaction to it of any kind that would be great too. I do love me some witty/ bitchy/ totally exasperated at the idiocy of those around him!Sam. 

Any and all silly/ fluffy scenarios welcomed!   

29 February 2012 @ 05:02 pm
I'm looking for anything that has Sam and Dean and the cast of angels as children/toddlers/babies.

Something like a preschool setting or in a house in which they all live together being taken care of by adult characters (like Bobby, Ellen, or Chuck).

It can be deaged or AU but I'd really like if it had wee!chesters and wee!angels (preferable still angels but I can take a human AU so long as Castiel, Gabriel and such are still there).

I'd love you forever if you could find anything like this!
27 January 2012 @ 11:28 pm
Hey, I was wondering if there are any fics out there with Sam and Dean showing Public Displays of Affection. Delicious doesn't really bring up anything expect one fic and links to personal digital asaistans. And I'm really in the mood for some fluffy relationship fics. Sabriel and Sassy work too. :)
Thanks for your help.
Love, Juli.
21 January 2012 @ 11:47 pm

It's me again with my outlandish ideas. I've been going through my pic folders and found <lj user="daggomus_prime">'s magnificent pic of Dean carrying Clairestiel piggyback style. It got me wondering, are there any stories out there that deal with what'd happen if Castiel refused/was unable to possess Jimmy again?

Basically, I'm looking season 5 AU's that explore, for example, the reactions of strangers to two grown men moving around with a little girl. Or Sam and Dean's reactions to Cas' new form. Or how the new body influences her mission. I'm not strictly looking for Dean/Cas porn, but if it's well written and deals with some other issues than the moral ambiguity, I'll read it. Anything and everything will do, really.

Thanks in advance!


PS. I've read one Clairstiel story once. For some reason, Cas got kicked out of Jimmy's body and everyone thought he was dead. Then he turned up waring Claire. Turns out she was obsessed with angels and Dean ever since her possession and now that she's eighteen, she wants some of that arse, yes please. Tune in Dean angsting about his relationship with Cas and morality...

It was a very good read, but I've lost the link along with my old laptop's death. If someone recognizes it, I'd be grateful for a nudge in the right direction.

PPS. As per request, the link to the pic: http://cuttlefish-adore.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d37dy08
03 January 2012 @ 11:31 am
Hi, I'm looking for a specific first time, Dean/Cas PWP. I believe it's a part of a mini-series by the author; Sam and Gabriel are mentioned(Sam/Gabriel hinted at). It was a mini-series that alternated Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel.

Dean's driving down the highway in the Impala-something about picking Sam up at the library- and Castiel teleports in and gives Dean road head while he's driving. Dean thought he was going to crash the car until he manages to safely pull over. When they're all done, Castiel told Dean Gabriel told him to(or something along those lines).

It was really hot and I cannot for the life of me find it. Help!
20 December 2011 @ 01:09 am
It's a pretty long story that's from sam or dean's point of view(maybe?) that shows Castiel trying new things and learning how to live like a human because he is slowly losing his grace, but it takes the boys a while to realize that's why he is doing it.

One scene that I remember really well is Gabriel taking Cas to a chocolate fair or something and Cas being on a major sugar rush. Dean tells him that he should be bouncing off the walls not vibrating himself into oblivion and Gabriel said that Cas would take the house down if he started bouncing.

Thank You so much in advance.
16 December 2011 @ 12:12 am
OMG IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK! So since I have a month off of school to do nothing but read, I have a HUGE request for you all. Any and all help is appreciated! All lengths, ratings, and kinks are welcome for the general searches. No WIPs please, but self recs are happily accepted.

1. My first search is for a specific fic I read the back in, like, May. It is a Sam/Dean/Cas fic where Sam and Dean are in a pre-established relationship. Cas is human and Sam and Dean are trying to help Cas out. Cas is kinda, like, coming on to Dean and Sam (Dean especially) but I don't think he really knew it. Dean and Sam both decided they aren't threatened by Cas because he is innocent and harmless and they both end up sleeping with him as well as some threesomes. I remember a few scenes - There is a sex store and Cas wants to buy porn but Sam and Dean don't think that's a good idea; They are at Walmart buying Cas new clothes and the woman working by the dressing rooms is hitting on Cas. When she realizes they are gay she goes all crazy Christian on them; They are at a bar and there's a brawl Dean is fighting in and Sam and Cas are at a both watching. They tell the waitress they're both seeing someone and when she asks who they both point to Dean and she says that's "kinky". I hope this is enough to go on because I'd really like to reread this.
- FOUND by the amazing [livejournal.com profile] jadekirk, it is "Angel In Exile" by [info]huntress69 found here: http://huntress69.livejournal.com/253601.html

2. I have requested this before, but I didn't really get much for it, so I'm going to ask again. I am looking for some cute, adorable wee!chester fics where Sam has a blanket and sucks his thumb and Dean teases him about it. Maybe John yells at him for it because he views it as a sign of weakness? It can be any age, but it would be a bonus if Sam still does it as he gets older and he becomes very secretive and extremely self conscious about it. It can be gen or wincest, but I would love you forever if its a sweet wincest fic.

3. I am looking for crack fics. Rec me the best, funniest fics you have. I don't care what other genres they are in, I just want to shoot milk out my nose. My fav pairings are J2 and wincest, but I will take anything as long as it is slash.

4. I'm looking for any fics based around music. By that, I don't mean where they are musicians in a rock band. I mean I want something where the boys play musical instruments, like in an orchestra, wind ensemble, choral groups, ect. I'm talking about classical music. Bonus points if the story is set where they are studying this in school (yes, I am well aware of my obsession with school fics and that I throw it into every request I make). You are a God if you know of a story where they are at a private music school (something similar to the manga 'Alice the 101st', if anyone's read that). J2 and wincest are preferable for this.

I apologize for the length of this request :/
03 October 2011 @ 04:12 pm
1. I'm looking for fics where one person is doing "boyfriend" type stuff for someone else without knowing it. Maybe he's holding the door open for them or maybe he's giving them cute little gifts, etc.

The problem is these two people aren't dating/together. They're just doing it subconsciously. Both people are oblivious until someone or something brings it to light. This should end in first time/get together fics.

So basically fics where two people are "dating" without actually dating.

Pairings: Wincest of the Sam/Dean variety, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, maybe Balthazar/Sam(if it exists), Jared/Jensen. If it leads to sex involving Dean(which everyone loves), I'd prefer to see bottom!Dean or bottom!Jensen, but I will take top!Dean/Jensen as a last resort.

2. Could I get some Michael/Adam fic please? I've asked this before, but I'm hoping some new fic has come out.

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