I'm looking for fics that showcase Dean's manipulative and sadistic tendencies. They don't necessarily have to be the focus of the story as long as they're included somehow.

It can be part of a regular Dean-centric fic, or something labeled as dark!Dean or Evil!Dean. That includes but isn't limited to works dealing with hell, demonhood and the mark of Cain. Basically, I want something complex that is focused on Dean and makes sense in the context of his story without transforming him into a one-dimensional villain who rapes the other characters. Rapist!Dean is the trope I'm trying to avoid by making this request.

I really hope some of you can help me with this. I'm good with gen or any Dean pairings.

Editing the post to say that I tend to dislike top!Dean especially in wincest so I'd prefer recs that don't have a lot of sexual content of that nature. Thanks!
I'm looking fir a story where Sam is ruler of hell. Dean is with him, but I can't remember what their relationship as far as ruling is. Hell defeated Heaven in a war and while Sam is in Heaven with his army, Gabriel. who had returned when the war turned against Heaven, offers to go with Sam as a hostage sort of situation.
I was cleaning up my own journal and found a list of Big Bang recs from 2009, including "The Lady-Killers" by [livejournal.com profile] thrdstrike. I think this is a fic that I posted here searching for a few months ago, but it wasn't found, and I didn't know the title or author at that time. I'm wondering if anyone has a link to it, if it's still on the internet somewhere? Or a copy of it? Googling brought me here, but the entry that allegedy had a request for a PDF is returning a "Journal Deleted" error, which is bizarre considering I'm typing a post to this journal right now, lol. Actually, I'd even take a summary of the fic, if anyone remembers, because I'm trying to figure out if it is, indeed, the lost fic I was looking for.

Thanks in advance!

There is a PDF download in the comments. :D Thank you for your help!

Since a bunch of people were having trouble, I uploaded the file myself, to Box, HERE
08 May 2017 @ 10:41 pm
Hey guys,

1. I was wondering if there any stories that involve the yellow-eyed(I know his name but I can't spell it) kids that lets them beat the prophetic match or at least they pull one over the yellow eyed one.

2. Or stories that involve the boys becoming more of part of the hunter community, and they don't become hunted

3. BAMF Sam is also apperciated without dean being a dick would be awesome

4. Does anyone have any stories where the boys are dark but still hunters and not insane or demotic.

5. The boys use hoodoo and magic but are not evil

Basically I just want the grey!boys who don't see the world as black and white.
Any length, any paring, and I would prefer complete
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Hey everyone,

So I'm looking for fics that (preferably) feature non-AU season 10 demon!Dean, but any other variation of demon!Dean would be fine. I'm mainly interested in non-AU fics but if you have some really good AU recommendations that you think would fit my request perfectly other than the non-AU part then please feel free to mention them! The more the merrier :). Length, pairings (wincest, destiel, het, etc) are all fine.

In the story I'd like it if demon!Dean still shows some signs of humanity, protectiveness and/ or love towards Sam and/or Cas. For a clearer idea of what I mean, I recently read the short fic called Smoked Out and really loved it. It's actually what got me interested in the topic to begin with because I've always a sucker for the love-conquers-all cliche. :)

Thanks in advance!!
The latest episode has reminded me of how much I love fics where the Winchesters are just huge BAMFs.
I'm looking for fics that show how actually dangerous Sam and Dean can be, especially against "normal" enemies (i.e. nothing world-ending (although they do kick ass there too)). Can be monster or human related (e.g. law enforcement etc). Outsider POV is always cool for these kind of things, but that's not a requirement.

Can be Sam and/or Dean centric (although I'm more of a Dean!girl *cough*).

Double bonus if you could point me towards "Dean being a dangerous bamf in Hell/ Purgatory" fics

I'd prefer no Wincest, but I'll read it if you think the story is just that good.

Thanks! :)

[Is there no "Hell" tag or did I overlook it?]
27 December 2016 @ 01:45 pm
I'm looking for some fanfics that Dean would do anything for Sam. I mean ANYTHING. Dean is completely devoted to his brother. I would like Dean some how believeing it is the right thing to do. Evil possessive Sam taking advantage of that would be cool too. Maybe Sam turning Dean evil that way? As long as it as Dean devoted to Sam.
Wincest or Gen
Thank you!
OK, so this time, I'm kind of vaguely remembering a fic that was a Big Bang one year, I think, where all I really recall is how it ends (oops). I guess I should probably put it behind a spoiler tag, maybe.

serial killer au )

If anyone knows what it is I'd be so grateful!
There was a fic a million years ago that had Sam and Dean travelling the country, but they were actually the serial killers Henriksen thought they were. I think they eventually got caught and put in a maximum security prison, which they broke out of. Now, I'm not actually looking for THAT fic, because I'm pretty sure the author deleted it and left LJ long ago, along with telling people she didn't want it shared (shame, 'cause I want to reread it. Sigh.). Edit: I didn't think it was possible for anyone to find it, but I'm pretty sure the one I was thinking of here is Darker Shade of Black. by sardonicsmiley.

But I'm looking for similar fics now.

I just read Blood in Your Mouth by saltandbyrne on AO3 and that's what made me crave more. There's just something so sexy about the boys actually being evil, but not supernatural evil, just human evil. (Yes, there is something wrong with me, I will be over there -->) There are bonus points for the more fucked up the boys are (like the fic I referenced, with implied necrophilia).

(Uh... I thought there was a serial killers tag, but I can't find it. Crap. I hope I tagged this right!)

p.s. this is actually [livejournal.com profile] annabeth posting from a new, going-to-be-mostly-public journal, and I'm mentioning it because I know sometimes I get searched and my regular journal is locked.
14 October 2016 @ 01:41 pm
Hi is there any fics where Dean abuses Cas or the other way around whilst in a relationship?

I don't mind if it is emotional, mental, sexual, financial or physical but would prefer physical.

Thank you.
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03 October 2016 @ 11:50 pm
I've been searching for quite a while for all three of these fics.

1. This fic is kind of a redo of the striga episode where in this Sam is pregnant but he doesn't know until the striga attacks him and attacks the baby and he ends up having a miscarriage.FOUND!

2. This fic reminded me of The Crow because Sam and Dean were in a restaurant that ended up getting robbed and they both were both shot and 'killed'. Dean comes back and goes after the people that were involved and tries to find Sam. I remember in this one Sam was shot in the head up against a display case.

3. This story involved Dean and his flashbacks from hell. He creates a rack out of Sam's bed frame and tortures him. Sam is able to escape and stays with Bobby. It's a long time before he feels comfortable being around Dean.

I hope someone can help me find these fics, I've been really wanting to reread them. Thank you!
Hello, looking for a story/series of one-shots I believe it was:

It was about: Dean has come back from Hell demonic/evil and he wants to protect Sam from Heaven/Hell no matter what. Sam was running from him and is suffering from his psychic abilities which are driving him mad. Dean acts very protective and possessive of Sam and Sam has a Stockholm Syndrome

One scene I particularly remember is a bloody scene of Dean having murdered everyone in a road side bar, very graphic descriptions of the mutilation and with Sam playing with blood poodles in the corner. Dean started the massacre cause someone commented on how Sam was a "retard." Castiel appears and wants tries to reason with Dean, saying they are all humans. When Dean then decides to go kill Castiel Sam speaks up saying he's an friend?

In the series are one-shots showing Sam's madness from the visions, Dean trying to keep Sam from accidentally hurting himself (i.e. biting through his lip? cutting himself?). Another one is when Dean catches up to him?

I thought it was written by leonidaslion, but I couldn't find it! I feel it's very similar writing style.

It's really bugging me so please help me!!
I want all stories about Dean or Jensen forcing Sam or Jared to get pregnant with his child or children.  Send me the links.  Thanks! 
27 March 2016 @ 02:43 pm

1.) So I was wondering if there is any fics where Dean is evil temporarily in the story and he's not truly evil. Like Demon Dean, mind controlled, powers anything really.
2.) Where Sams evil and corrupts Dean and turns him to his side.

Thank you :D
06 March 2016 @ 11:12 pm
I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if there were any wincest au's with crimeboss!sam or Dean. Just curious because I know there's a lot of j2 fics like this, but I've never actually come cross any wincest ones.

Someone posted for 'Sam as Boy King w/Dean as Consort' type deal. Several of the recs involved Dark!Sam manipulating and forcing Dean into his role as consort [specific e.g., "Where You Belong (Always by my Side) by majestic_duck].

"Where You Belong" was a great read and in it Sam is manipulative from the get-go and Dean is enveloped by Sam's darkness.

Are there fics where: Sam is Boy King or just plain dark, thinks he's manipulating Dean, thinks he has the upper hand, but it's actually Dean who's got the control?
Like, Sam wants to make Dean his consort but Dean wants to save Sam, so Dean allows Sam to think Sam's tainting Dean/dragging Dean down/making Dean submit, but Dean is actually binding their souls and bringing Sam up with him?
Or, Dean is happy to be corrupted (is already corrupt?) and becomes something much worse/scarier than Sam but Sam doesn't understand that Dean is the more powerful one (who might be goading Sam into darker/scarier things)?

Anything like that?

I'd also prefer bottom!Dean, I feel it adds to the false-perception power dynamic and I just like it.

Several of the tags imply dark or evil Dean, but that's because there aren't tags for good or light Dean. Just mentioning it because I'm more looking for fic in which Dean is bringing Sam into his "light" to bring Sam back type of thing. But demon!Dean who's worse than BoyKing!Sam is all good too.

link to "Where You Belong" should anyone be interested: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3469457
Also kind of along the lines of "Let Your Sins Be Strong" by xzombiexkittenx http://archiveofourown.org/works/392953
25 February 2016 @ 02:34 pm
1. I read this awhile ago but can't remember where.

2. Sam and Dean are super possessive of each other. There the only one for one another. Dean will do anything for Sam.

3. They run away young. I know dean kills and they live in an abandoned building for awhile.

4. I know dean tries to provide for Sam by killing people.

5. I remember Bobby or Crowley I forget. He comes in the building with an offer for them to work for him.

6. They follow him to his base and his assistant (?) thinks Sam is easy prey.

7. Sam turns him into his pet.

8. Sam and dean are trained and become dangerous Assasins/Hitmen.(World Class)

9. Sam makes friends (?) with the bomb specialist.

Pretty much all I remember. Looking for it.
21 February 2016 @ 06:35 am
Hello! I have two requests, one for a specific fic and one general request.

1) Specific: Can't remember how long ago I read it or where I read it or even if it was wincest or gen. But I think it was really early seasons, and Sam either was or Dean was afraid he was going to leave for Stanford again. They find this weird wooden doll thing. When Dean falls asleep, he wakes up in a parallel timeline/universe where the YED was possessing John indefinitely and Sam had gone darkside, but the three were together and Dean struggles with how much he wants that. Every time Dean shifts worlds one of the limbs of the doll like folds up? I think in the end he figured out a way to stay in the parallel world by burning it because at least there his family wanted him or something. I know the evil Winchesters had caught Jo and Bobby and were going to kill them. FOUND - link in comments

2) General: There are a lot of dark/evil boys fics, and I love them. But it's also fun to read ones where John is dark too, especially when that makes the whole family a weird and twisted group that even other hunters are afraid of. Can be gen, or wincest if John knows about them and doesn't care at all. Examples: here and here.

Thanks for any help! :)
10 February 2016 @ 05:09 pm
Just starting season 10... Maybe it's not going this direction but thought it would make good fic anyways. Any fic where Demon Dean is chasing after Sam? Sam is on the run trying to not be found by Dean and at the same time trying to find a way to save him.

Also just any other EvilDean/Sam fic doesn't have to be above theme. Thanks!
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06 January 2016 @ 09:21 pm
This fic pops into my mind every now and again and I'd really love to read it - however, it appears that the authors account had been friend locked. It's been a few months and if they are still active have not friended in return. I've lurked through and found other posts looking for this fic and have messaged users individually without much luck.

So, I was just wondering, if anyone has this fic on hand would they be willing to send it to me? To XxLilKonekoxX@gmail.com

What Doesn't Kill Us by Kroki_Refur

21 November 2015 @ 04:51 pm
Well, there's this abandoned fic(last updated 2009 so yeah) (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4559734/14/The-Falling)
Basically, any stories out there where Dean deals with the darksides of his soul? Maybe with Michael or Lucifer as a catalyst of sorts, or were actually parts of his souls. Demon Dean is also awesome too.

Not really interested in sex, but hey, if it fullfills the conditions above, then whatever. 
Gen for all of these.

1. Specific fic: Sam and Dean become trapped in an endless series of rooms. Each is more horrific than the last, but there is no way to go but forward. I don't recall there being a happy ending.

2. Usually when I see Dean demonstrate his torture expertise, sadism, etc., it's after the whole roadside confession. Show me something where the big secret comes out in a decidedly less pleasant manner.

3. So..... Any good Halloween commentfic memes I missed? I'd love links to those in general but in particular I'm looking for any new creature!fics. Dean or both boys. Vampires are my favorite.
01 November 2015 @ 11:10 pm
Stories where the BOYS (or only Dean) loose their humanity and just go rouge by becoming monsters (by whatever means). Make me scared with the hoplessness by finding out that they liking it or finding out that there is no way out so they just goes with it.

Lets go further with Dean facing his dark side. (Imagine along the lines of Persona 4)

Just Gen it or some stories without sex.
1.) I'm looking for fics where Sam gets to observe Dean and Alastair's relationship (Gen or otherwise). Great examples of this are Amaresu's creepy stockholm syndrome fic These Bones of Mine and reapertownusa's whump-filled Through the Shadows of Hell.

2.) Fics that use a different interpretation of angels than they are in canon. For example, ones that don't take vessels, or act more in line with traditional Biblical depictions. (Meaning, I'm not looking for those AUs where angels are minor creatures on par with vampires, or Slave AUs, nothing like that.)

3.) Protective!Bobby on behalf of Dean. Somehow I haven't come across a lot of that??

4.) Preseries fics where Dean's more... Unpleasant fates/qualities (Alastair's apprentice, the Mark of Cain, etc) are hinted at or revealed, to the confusion of his family. Perhaps he's told his fortune, or comes under the effects of one of those many spells that are supposed to reveal or depend on innate qualities, or something that bares the soul. That kind of thing.

5.) Speaking of that, there's a specific fic I can't seem to find again where the boys find an artifact in the bunker (maybe it was a crystal ball?) and it shows them representations of their souls. I believe Sam was a tree and Dean was a dragon?

Gen for all of these, please, except for possible Dean/Alastair. I don't mind if they're just smaller events in larger fics.
27 August 2015 @ 01:16 am
Does anyone know of any fics in which Dean is evil pre-series. Like growing up/weechesters era more so than Stanford era. And like, actually evil in that he was somehow corrupted by YED or other demons. I'm sorry if I'm explaining this really poorly, but I read one fic where Dean was possessed by a demon the night of the fire, but the demon Was the Dean that we know and love from the show and he manipulated Sam his entire childhood for YED. Something like that. It doesn't necessarily have to be demon!dean, but just anything where he is being influenced by something evil or is manipulating John and Sam without them knowing. Or even something evil kidnapping Dean (or preferably both boys) and raising them to be evil.

And similarly, any fic where Dean is something that John would want to hunt. Like creature!Dean without John knowing or creature!Dean where John knows but is doing all he can to ensure that Dean doesn't hurt people. I read one where Dean became a skinwalker as a toddler on a hunt and John had to accept that. So anything like that.

I don't care if they are gen or have pairings (just no destiel). And for time period, the earlier in the brothers' childhood, the better. (if it takes place with them older, but has a lot of flashbacks/references to weechesters, that's fine too) Thank you! And sorry for any mistakes, I'm on mobile.
Hi All,
SO I've been trying to locate this specific Wincest Story I read maybe last year.

I can't remember the title. But this is what I kind of remember:
Dean is back from purgatory with Benny and Sam of course is Jealous and throws a fit or accuse Dean of sleeping with Benny. I think Dean loses it or gets really pissed off and ties Sam up (can't remember if he does or not)

But I do remember Dean asking Benny to hold Sam so he doesn't run away and Benny whispering in Sam ear "looks like you push big brother to far this time, maybe he'll let me share in the fun". I do remember Sam getting scared at this point and Dean actually gets mad at Benny and tells Benny to lay off "I told you to hold him not scare him"

I can't recall if this was a D/S relationship between Dean and Sam or it becomes one because how purgatory has change Dean.

Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? if it does can you please rec it to me??

Also while on the subject does any one have any good Purgatory Dean Recs. I mean where the writer actually explore Dean total 180 change his new skills he aquired. I mean remember how he could hunt down the monsters easily while he was in Purgatory and smell a lie easily (interrogating that guy in Jail). and Sam's reaction/feeling to this whole new Dean. I mean Dean was a good hunter before but now, he is Scary Bad-Ass better. It could be Wincest or Gen. if it is Wincest I preferred Bottom Sam. I mean after 1 year in Purgatory Dean is more likely all Alpha and Dominant.
I love to watch a movie named "Fear", the one that Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg acted, most of the time.  Are there Jensen/Jared or Dean/Sam stories in "Fear"?

1.) Wild Horses by homo pink - http://homo-pink.livejournal.com/20860.html#cutid1

Hello again!

So I've read a lot of J2 stalking fics, but I was wondering if there were any for wincest? I'm particularly looking for fics where one of the boys kidnaps the object of his fascination, but if that's not available, just regular staking fics are fine.

I'm also looking for fics where one of the boys is darkly possessive over the other. I don't mind if it's gen or wincest, just fics where Sam or Dean have a twisted sense of love for the other and would do anything to 'protect the other' (yes, I've read the suite verse and I've also read unhobittiyhobbit's fics. Anything else besides that?)

Thank you! :)
08 March 2015 @ 10:14 pm
Hello everyone!

I was wondering if somebody can give me some recs that have bottom!Castiel/Misha and the Winchesters being mafia gangsters, yakuzas or any type of powerfull and dark position? I don't care about the pairing, be it Destiel/Sastiel or anything else.
The character who is with Cas should be dark, possesive but loving at the same time.

Thank you in advance,
It doesn't have to be Wincest but, I'm pretty sure that'll be impossible to find. Don't really care just want Dean giving Sam demon blood. Dean petting Sam's hair would be nice.
Hi everyone - I'm looking for a specific fic that I read a few years ago. Sam & Dean grew up in the slums that was predominately African American. I remember a scene where some gang member called Dean a pretty white boy or something like that. Sam and Dean grew up away from John because John etiher abandoned them or died, and the boys weren't hunters although it's implied that John was. Dean slept with someone in charge of a gang - it was very dubcon-y - and Sam later rescues Dean (I think). They later grow to be powerful leaders of a powerful gang/mafia.



1) I am searching for fics in which Sam is protective of children, is a teacher or a mentor. Something like The Sam Winchester School Of Hunting? I really love this verse and would love to read more fics like that.

2) I'm falling in love with Sastiel rn and I just search long, good fics with the pairing. I don't really care in which Season but please no Non-Hunting-AUs.

3) Aand I'd love to read some fics with asshole!Dean and hurt!Sam but not because Dean is a Demon but maybe because he doesn't really realize what an asshole he is or unintentional (emotional) abuse. Guilty!Dean is welcome too. Gen and every pairing but Destiel is fine.

I don't mind WIPs (as long as they're not abandoned) or self-recs.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi All,
This story was request last year and it was found, unfortunately, I forgot to save it. I can't remember the title or author. I just remember a certain scene playing out so I hope it is enough information. Here goes:

I can't remember if Sam is suffering from Stockholm symdrome or is just really mentally unstable ( gone crazy) because of Dean.

I can't remember if Dean was a Ware or Serial Killer? I do remember he was wanted by the FBI and he was #1 most wanted in the nation. He was dangerously really good at killing and evading the authorities.

I do remember that the Feds either arrived at where they knew Dean was staying at but the found Sam there instead (I don't remember if he was bound or lock in the basement?). Well they took him in to the closest precinct to question him/interrogate him? I remember that Sam was either really terrified and wanted to get back or he was totally crazy and ranting? I do remember him looking at the Fed/Cop and saying " The wolf is coming, you should't have taken his cub?" I do remember all hell brakes lose in the Precinct after Sam said that or maybe a bit later?

Does this ring a bell to any one? Would really love to read again.
Thank you Guys for all your help.
27 December 2014 @ 03:13 am
The main thing I remember about the fic I am looking for is that the prison Dean & Sam get sent to is an super-max located underground. All the usual suspects are in it - Ash, Bobby etc.


Found, info in comments.
Hi All,
once again looking for certain fics with kind of the same theme. I am looking for any DARK DEAN stories where Dean's usual "take care of Sam/Protect Sam" mind-set is way over the top or over done. Like even though Sam's a teen or adult he never lets him out of his sight and does not allow him to do anything for himself, it a twisted psychological trick to keep Sam 100% co-dependent on him and unsure of himself or insecure, basically keeps him as a child mindset on purpose. So he can rely on Dean and only Dean.

John could be in it or Dean could have murder John to keep Sam to himself.

Best example is by writer "T.V program rule" Title: "Escape Rewritten" in FanFiction "www.fanfiction.net/s/10552352/1/Escape-Rewritten" (I don't know how to make the link work form here)

So if any ya'll know of any Dark Dean fic (Seriously not enough out there)where he does not want to hurt Sammy , just be 100% possessive/obsessive of all his thoughts, actions and feelings-

Sammy could be fighting it at first but always caves in, in the end, because he still has that soul mate bond with his brother "Needing Dean" "Can't live without him" feelings.

So if you have any favorite Dark Dean with this similar theme please rec to me? PRETTY PLEASE, coming up on a long holiday weekend and would love to read something at home
OH yeah it could be GEN or WINCEST
Hi, I read this fanfic a couple of years ago and I'd very much love to read it again.

It starts off with Sam and Dean giving each other the silent treatment and Sam angsting over how he's going to repair the damage between them, when Dean no longer trusts him. Sam tells Dean he'll do anything to repent for his betrayal (I think with Ruby). Dean makes Sam his slave and it turns from punishment into something very sexual. I think that Dean gave Sam a collar and tells him if he takes it off, this punishment is all over. Their first time is Dean bending Sam over a desk. Please tell me if you recognize this? It had a happy ending I think. If you have a link, please share? Or you can email it to me: mailto:princessdestiny@destinysgateway.com
(Eesh, so many tags! Mods: I think I've got everything but I can't seem to find the tags for wing!kink or for dark!castiel. Please help me out!)

To my fellow spn brethren. Yes, yes, I know, it's me again, but I can't help it ^^
Anyway, I'm looking for two types of stories today.Under the cut for possible triggers... )
2. As the title says, I'm also looking for wincestiel wing!kink stories, because there seems to be a massive shortage of this in the fandom. I have read plenty of Destiel, Sastiel and even Wincest wing!kink, but strangely, not any wincestiel. So please help me out! Again, I will literally take anyything. I would prefer it be bottom!cas,but I will take bottom!sam or dean instead too! So please gimme all you got! :)

Thanks in advance!
12 October 2014 @ 07:49 pm
Alright I dont remember what it's called but in this Dean is Sam's master , and cas has a family but in his opinion he is learning "stuff" from Dean who lets him cane Sam tied to a wooden table I think..then Sam takes revenge on Cas but it turns out dean was just testing him ...then Dean and Sam take Cas as a slave and Sam is already Dean's slave ...I think there is also a scene involved where Cas is drugged by mixing something in his tea??
Thank you in advance!
10 October 2014 @ 02:13 pm
Hey guys!
Season 10 )
K Thanks!

PS Mods, we need a season 10 tag please. Also, couldn't find sam's demon blood addiction in the tags... Thanks!!
22 September 2014 @ 09:37 pm
I'm very interested in reading Sanity in Fractured Colours and the other fics in this verse, but the author had taken them down. They stated that it was ok if they were shared between people if they weren't posted anywhere. Does anyone have a copy?
18 July 2014 @ 07:42 pm
Hi all,

I been really in the alpha/beta/omega stories but I keep finding ones where omegas are treated lower than dirt. So I was wondering if there is any stories where omegas are treasured. Like they are god gift to the world or something like that.

Also is there any dean/sam/castiel  relationship fics  where dean and castiel are courting sam because they love him and want him to be a part of the relationship.

And while I'm here is there any Dark!Dean/Jensen fics where he's a crime boss and he meets Sam/Jared and woo him and they fall in love than some angst happens than there's a happy ending.

Bottom!Sam/Jared only Please
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1) Hey guys. So like the title says, first and foremost I'm specifically looking for a fic that I read a LONG time ago. In it Sam and Dean fight a nix -or some sort of evil water spirit-. I believe -I don't remember for sure- that they defeat her, but Dean gets infected somehow and slowly starts to become a nix himself. I think it just starts off as him wanting to eat goldfish and be in water, but he starts getting more and more corrupted as the story goes on and starts to sing so that he can seduce people to come and have sex with him -I think Jo and possibly Ellen end up under his thrall at some point-. The story had and alternative ending to it, and I'm pretty sure Bobby was a main character in the story as well. One of the endings was really dark, and the other one ended with Dean getting turned back to normal. Ringing any bells yet? :)

2) I'd really like to read some general boys/j2 turned into mermaids kind of stories. Wincest, Destiel, J2, Cockles, or just gen are all perfectly fine, I'd just like it if one or more of the boys were mermen/turned into mermen please :). NC-17/M would be fantastic (isn't it always though? lol) but again, I'd love to read any and all stories of every rating if you have them to offer. AU's or Non-AU's are both fine.

Thanks for any and all help you can offer in advance! :)
20 May 2014 @ 01:08 am
So from what I remember Dean was a single Alpha living in a big home, he doesn't socialize much, if at all, and from some reason he goes looking to buy a beta or omega [I don't remember which] for a pet, as is common in this 'verse. Anyway he goes to a dealer, picks out Sam, the dealer is reluctant to sell [Sam comes from a renowned breeder but he got reached the age where the breeders get rid of them because they're 'too old' and he doesn't think he'd be a good fit or something along those lines] but Dean makes him. Dean has a butler or something similar who warns him that he's treating Sam too roughly, that Sam was breed mainly to be beautiful, and to be showed off and cannot handle being treated like a sex slave. Dean collars Sam, has a shed out back where he send him when he messes up and such. Also, I think in the beginning Sam has trouble talking, either because he can't or because he has been trained not to. I also think Sam walks on all fours, because of his pet nature, and Dean I think makes Sam get his junk pierced. *fic found*
Hey guys! Got a couple requests this time. I'll try and keep 'em brief: RPF, Self-recs, and wincest are all welcome.

1. Specific Search: Werewolf fic. Fairly short. Dean was a werewolf and chased Sam into the woods (and I could stop right there and be happy with every rec, but I guess I'll keep going)... Sam twisted his ankle and hit his head. Dean caught up to him, but didn't attack. Sam passed out. Dean came back, half-dragged him into a cave, transformed back into a human in the morning, and heavy wincest ensued. FOUND in comments.

2. General search: Really in the mood for guilty!Dean and/or fics where Dean cheats on Sam. Who knows, he may not be guilty. He may be kind of a jerk. But I'm looking for fics where Dean punches Sam, or cheats on him, or drugs him, or does something that makes Sam react in a hurt way. Mean, potentially-apologetic Dean. I've even got a rec for this one: Ticket to Ride.

3. How about some long, relatively light-hearted case fics? Doesn't need to be humor. Tiny bit of angst okay. Lots of brotherly love wanted. I miss those moments in the show, guys. I still feel like Sam and Dean haven't completely reconciled.

There's a fic I've been struggling to find that basically went like this:

One day out of the blue, ordinary small town student Adam Milligan gets a visit from (or is summoned by? can't remember exactly) Sam and Dean, who went darkside and took over Hell. They rule openly and the masses are well aware, and know very well to fear the brothers, so Adam is extremely apprehensive at the prospect of meeting them. He's outright terrified when Sam and Dean reveal that Adam's father John was a hunter.

Almost 100% certain this was both a oneshot and posted to LiveJournal. Not entirely sure Adam still lived in Windom, but I can't remember that he didn't. May or may not have been Wincest. Pretty sure Adam was already in college, but he might have still been in high school.
Does anyone know any stories (preferably pre-series, but not necessary) that have Dean being abused, but instead of reacting to it with (overt) depression or fear, he reacts with anger and aggression, even turning into a bully/abuser himself?

Abuser can be anyone but John and Sam.

I'd love if Sam and John suddenly don't recognize 'their' Dean anymore. With John maybe initially blaming it on a phase, e.g. puberty, until they find out the real reason. No mean!John, please.

The abuse can be of any kind. Gen or pairings, either is fine.

Thank you :)
20 April 2014 @ 12:32 am
Hello everyone!

I read these stories awhile back and I have been trying to relocate them to no avail. I don't remember the titles or authors. I was hoping someone in this community would recognize the stories and point me in the right direction. The people here seem to be extremely well read in spn fic and can find basically anything. Well, here goes:

1) This one is a general fic that is inspired by the story in the song "This is The End" by The Doors. I believe that Dean has this song stuck in his head before he performs some ritual or deal and becomes a demon on Earth. It was in the aftermath of his deal to save Sam. Sam remembers the song and uses it to track Dean and find out where he would be etc...Dean had kidnapped a boy that reminded him of Sam. Dean also wanted to kill Sam. Eventually he finds Dean and he is tortured by him and somehow he reverses the deal/ritual (i forget which it is). And Dean is all "Omg what have I done kill me now." The main thing is that threaded throughout the story this song is present.

2) This story is a crack fic that features a sick!Sam and a Dean that calls Bobby to help him with Sam's really high fever that won't break. Bobby tells him it's ghost related and he needs to bless Robitussin and give it to Sam. Dean says that's stupid or something but they try it and it works. It was really funny and I would love to find it again.

If anyone knows where these fics are I would be eternally grateful!
12 April 2014 @ 09:12 pm
I just read a Master/Slave Dean/Gostiel fic and re-read 'Love the Way You Lie' on ff.net with Dean/Godstiel non-con until Dean figures out a way to get the souls out of Castiel and bring him back. Are there any other fics like this - where Cas absorbed the souls from Purgatory, became God!stiel and there was serious dub-con and non-con? There's another one that I read where God!stiel stalks Dean's dreams and tricks him into thinking there's a Castiel left to save. I'd prefer a "happy" ending (as happy as one can be given the situation) with Destiel getting back together.

AND, any fics that go AU after Dean was bitten by Eve? Maybe he becomes a monster or the new mother of monsters? Destiel preferred!