Im looking for a Pre-Series Wincest story that was deleted from, called How Do We Deal? by PoeticallyPathetic19.

In it Sam and Dean are in high school two gunmen come into Sam's class that broke out prison. One of them leaves looking for their kid/daughter. The other guy stays in the class and takes Sam and Dean hostage and makes them make-out and do some other stuff (they both secretly like it but are ashamed/guilty). I'm sure Dean was a senior, and he purposely failed so he could stay in school and keep an eye on Sam.

Offical Summary: An incident at school changes everything for the boys. AU. Wincest.

If anbody knows where this story might be posted elsewhere, or has a copy, I would be extremely grateful!  I've been looking for this fic for weeks, and finally found the name/author only to discover it has been deleted.
02 February 2017 @ 02:09 pm
I'm looking for a fic around season 5.
What i can remember is that Sam and Dean are locked in a room or a cell and there's a person (the one that locked them in) and is watching them. There's two guns in the room and this person told them that only one of them can get out alive and one have to die, Which means that one of them have to kill the other. I think Sam already knows he's Lucifer vessel.

Sam then asked Dean something like:"Do you want me to kneel?", thinking that he would kill him. But Dean won't do it.
The time past and Sam made a plan, he asked the person about the rules, Dean is looking at him like his crazy. Sam place the gun to his head.
Then Sam said something like: "I'm getting you out, come back for my body,I'm leaving you with the mess." When Sam is about to shoot himself, Dean pushed him to the floor and a gun is heard but is not Sam's, his guns doesn't have bullets, the sound of the gun is coming from outside and then Bobby and i think Ellen saves them.

Then the boys come back to their motel and talk about it.

Thanks :)

Found: The Choice by authoressnebula
Thanks to ithuriel788 for finding it.
Hello! Been looking for these fics for a while and finally got up the courage to post.

1. This one is a Destiel AU in which Dean is really close friends with Cas and they both are mutually pining for each other and Dean is under a lot of stress mostly due to John. Dean is working in Bobby's shop and since he's so stressed out he gets careless and ends up being pinned under a car or large toolbox. He is found by Bobby and taken to the hospital. When he wakes up in the hospital he has amnesia and doesn't remember anyone, but he definitely knows he's attracted to Cas and wonders if he's his boyfriend. Dean eventually gets his memory back, tries to deny his feelings, but eventually gives into them and it's a happy ending.


2. I don't remember much about this one but it is a Destiel high school AU that involved Dean bullying Cas and then them eventually getting together. Dean may have had some stuff going on in his home life or denial of his homosexual feelings that made him act that way? There was also a sequel (I think) where all of Cas's siblings hate Dean for bullying Cas before they got together and didn't understand their relationship which made Dean's self-loathing kick in. I also think Dean had some sort of confrontation with Gabriel at some point. Everything gets worked out in the end.

3. I have been searching for download links for all 4 books of Bloody_Adorable and evil_twin's Smoke & Lightning 'verse, which is a J2 AU fic, and all the links I've come across have been broken. Does anyone happen to know where to find working links to all 4 books or have copies they'd be willing to share?


Thanks! :)
29 September 2016 @ 11:20 am
Hey everyone!

This is oddly specific but I'm a sucker for hurt / comfort and guilt so I guess that's what I'm looking for! Anything with hurt/comfort and guilt would make my week!

One example of something I'd like to read more of is a situation where J1 smokes and J2 has asthma.

I read a fic that has this and I'd love more if they exist!
(The Ones that Swallow you Whole - Summary: A near-drowning has left Jared deeply afraid of water--a big problem considering he lives in a beach town. Jensen's a sailboat-builder who's survived a few things himself. )

Anything where one of them is accidentally hurting the other and they feel badly about it. I know, that's kinda messed up! But I don't care. ;)

I only read gen, J2 and wincest, but self recs are great!
Hi all!

Hope y'all can help me with this. I read this fic not too long ago, but forgot to bookmark it and now can't find it to save my life. It has Jared as a workaholic lawyer trying to make partner and Jensen as the happy homemaker. Jared asked for a trial separation so that Jensen can find something he can be happy with. Jared doesn't realize that Jensen is happy with what he is doing.

All of Jared's co-workers are demanding that Jared fix things with Jensen because Jensen always makes goodies for the co-workers (I love that part) and wants the goodies to keep coming. Jared tries to fix things, but Jensen is trying to get Jared to understand that his ambitions aren't the same as Jared's. The only other thing I can remember is that there is an intern that Jensen takes under his wing and changes how she dresses and get her hooked on Martha Stewart as well.

I know this fic was put online recently, but I can't remember a single word in the title or the author.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the quick reply!!!

Found in comments!
Found! PDF in comments!

Thnx again!

HI all! Looking for a lost fic written a couple years ago. It's J2 but it takes a long time for this to happen. It starts with Jared/Sandy moving into this house. They are neighbors with Danneel/Jensen who have a son, only Jensen lives in the basement. Jensen is gay but he Danneel are married because of his mom. Of course J2 are attracted and "cheat" with each other forcing Jensen to out himself, I believe. Anyhow, Jensen moves out of the house/basement with the promise of Jared following him but then Sandy lies by saying she's pregnant. This cause Jared to stay with Sandy instead. Jensen ends up with someone else but is also in a secret/open relationship with Jared. It's super sad but beautiful. I hope someone remembers this story and can lead me to a copy.

Pls, pardon my tags.
25 January 2016 @ 12:23 am
Hello :)

So obviously I'm a massive fan of wincest, but I've noticed a general pattern when it comes to first time!fics, usually involving Dean freaking out about the whole incest thing; about 'corrupting' his little brother, but Sam being the one who's less freaked out by the whole thing and trying to convince Dean to take the plunge. So. Today, I was wondering if I could find any fics in the opposite of that, with the roles of the boys reversed. I'm not necessarily looking for guiltless!Dean (although those recs would be more than welcome too), but just generally where Dean is the one who's resigned and accepting of their feelings for each other as he sees it as inevitable of the way they've been raised (or whatever reasoning), and Sam being the one to freak out.

I don't actually know of any of those fics actually exist, but I would greatly appreciate if anyone could point me towards at least one of them like this.

Thank you! :)
24 December 2015 @ 09:36 pm
So, the last time i read this fic was on It was about how after they killed azazel and john died sam goes back to stanford and leaves dean completely. Dean feels upset. He goes to a bar saves this guys from a bar fight and the guy offers him a job as some kind of body guard, i think? After dean asks if they want to spend christmas with eachother sam says no cause hes with his friends. Then sam gets a lawyer job just because dean and then the his boss comes in deans friend and pretty much tells him he should appreciate dean more.

Ring any bells?
04 December 2015 @ 06:55 pm
Can anyone rec me some fics where one J cheats on the other and the fallout after and how the cheater!J earns back the other J's trust?

Happy/J's back together ending only and Bottom!Jensen please.
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Hi all!

I have a few general requests I hope someone can help me with:

Does anyone know of any stories where Dean and / or Sam do something stupid or thoughtless and Castiel pays the price? Maybe they mess up a devil's trap or leave a cursed object out that only affects angels but forget to tell Castiel not to touch it? They're meant to meet him somewhere and get tired/distracted, and forget? Not looking for any serious hurt, just Castiel all 'really?' and then Dean and Sam doing their best to make it up to him.

Also, I'm looking for any stories where Castiel gets trapped somewhere, or tied up, and despite his abilities, can't get free on his own so has to wait for Dean, Sam and / or Bobby to come and get him.

And lastly, I'm looking for any fics where someone takes on a fatherly / protective role for Cas - maybe it's Chuck without quite knowing why, or maybe it's actually Bobby, or some older guy Cas and the Winchesters bump into on a case.

Thanks in advance!
19 July 2015 @ 07:38 am
hellooo... this is my first post in this wonderful community... please help me find the following fics...

1) "A girl makes a deal to bring back Sam from hell, I remember a scene where Dean cas and sam come across this girl at a bar singing and are impressed by her voice... i dont relly remember but i think dean is staying with lisa but i am not sure, they also find out later that this girl is half human/demon and half angel, sam gets extremely angry when he finds out about it" I know its vague but please help me...

2) "In season 5 Sam plans to commit suicide and Chuck informs about it to Dean through a mail, cas brings sam to Dean, Sam assumes Dean to be Lucifer..."

3) Stories from season 2 where Dean ignores Sam and says hurtful things to him but later feels guilty about it

4) stories where Dean decides to stay at sonny or where dean and sam are seperated and when they reunite sam is a changed person, he is emotionally withdrawn, Dean tries to connect with sam and tries to make him the old sam

5) john blaming sam for mary's death and is emotionally abusing him... dean finds out about it maybe in season 2 and later and hates john for it...

5) stories with guilty dean and hurt sam

i prefer only general fics, no slash fictions
06 July 2015 @ 07:47 am
This is a non-specific request, so really anything works.

Are there any fics where it talks about the effects of the Mark of Cain on Dean during or after one of his "Hulk fights" and Sam forces him to talk about it? Maybe Dean is embarrassed about how the Mark is affecting him, tries to hide the effects from Sam and fails. Or Cas as well. I'd also really like if he broke down in front of either of them, after trying to hold off the guilt and embarrassment, but cannot.

Preferably Gen, but light Destiel is fine if needed. Absolutely no Wincest, please!
09 June 2015 @ 06:16 pm
I'm looking for fics that feature Hurt!Sam and Guilty!/Protective!Dean, preferably in the first two seasons or teenchesters, but other seasons are ok too. Wincest is ok, though I prefer gen, non slash stuff. No pwp please. No Death!fics please. Destiel is also ok as long as the fic isn't Destiel centric, I'd prefer it to be mostly about the brothers/Sam. There are a few things I'd like to see specifically, so I'll list them here.

- Sam and Dean are in the middle of a brawl and are for the most part holding their own until Sam gets caught off guard, maybe seriously hurt, Dean sees and tries to get to him but is outnumbered. Limp!Sam, H/C ensues.

- Sam is a teenager and gets in an argument with either Dean or John or both, so decides to clear his head with a walk/run/storms out of the house. Everything is fine at first until Sam gets hurt. Could be attacked, kidnapped, hit by a car, doesn't especially matter as long as Dean finds him unconscious and hurt and has to take care of him, while trying not to lose it over guilt and worry.

under cut for possible triggers

-Sam does something that pisses John off and so John sends Dean off for solo hunts or hunts with Caleb or Bobby, in order to focus on Sam and give him concentrated, isolated training. At first there's a lot of sparring and wearing Sam down with running etc. But one day John gets drunk, and beats/rapes Sam. The next day Sam is in extreme pain and John doesn't remember the night before, so forces Sam to keep running laps, and train, regardless of his pain. This happens a few times over the years, but Sam pushes through it and keeps it to himself. Dean finds out later.

Amendment: Nothing Graphic, I don't want to hear about the abuse itself, more the recovery process/Dean finding out. I want to see how the brothers handle that situation. (Ie. Sam sharing something that absolutely scares him to share, and no doubt still has him really messes up, and sharing it in spite of the fact he knows that their opinion of john is a HUGE bone of contention between the brothers. Dean realizing his hero worship has blinded him to how much john really has hurt Sam, and also having to face what that means.) I REPEAT this isn't about the act of abuse, please lave that out- it's about the effect, and the recovery, and the impact on Sam and Dean.

Any fics with a focus on Sam recovering, and Dean coming to terms with his role/blindness of abuse are welcome.

- Sam is angry with Dean for some reason, and gets distracted on a hunt for a witch. While casting a spell to kill the witch, Sam loses focus and puts the wrong ingredients into the ritual or says the wrong words, throwing him into a different dimension, where he can see/hear Dean, but can't talk to him or be seen. Dean freaks out and tries to get him back.

So let me know if y'all know any fics like this. Thanks in advance. :)
11 May 2015 @ 09:41 am

Please any stories that have Sam being blamed for something that has gone wrong and being hurt, ignored or neglected by others. Set anytime. Loads of angst and others feeling guilty by the end of the story please. Thanks=)

Hello! I'm in need for fics where the themes of seasons 4/5 are in focus. I mean all the angst and hurt that Dean goes trough due to sam and the demon blood. Also, the aftermath is important: Sam realizing what he did (not only releasing Lucifer but also how he hurt Dean and such) and feeling immense guilt. I want him to really have to work for his forgiveness and for Dean to not act like nothing ever happened. It could be wincest or a gen brother relationship. But if it is wincest I'd prefer bottom!Dean. Thank you!
I'm having a really hard time finding fics that deal with s8.

Mostly in that most I've seen give way too much sympathy for Sam abandoning Dean in Purgatory.

I'd just like to read something where Sam shows actual remorse, and that don't try to come up with excuses or make us feel sorry for Sam. I really don't want to see anything that gives Sam an excuse for behaving like an asshole, or that ignore the way he tried to blackmail Dean into shutting up. I just want to read something that has Sam facing up to what he put Dean through, without trying to make Dean the bad guy for reacting badly to the way Sam treated him.

Any pairing's fine, crossovers are a plus, and I would love a focus on Dean having PTSD from Purgatory

For the record, I prefer nothing that bashes Sam, I just don't want to see yet another story that completely ignores Dean's pain in order to come up with excuses for Sam's horrendous attitude.
09 March 2015 @ 10:26 pm
I'm looking for something where Sam and Dean are in a relationship, and maybe they're working a case and come across another consensual incestuous couple. Something that shows their reaction to other couples like them. Maybe they haven't realized that it's more common then they think, that they're not such a special case. Would prefer for it to be kinda schmoopy, but angst is good too.

It can also be either Sam or Dean's reaction to incest in general whenever it's mentioned in passing, on the news, talking to an incest victim, etc.

I don't mind if it's just Sam/Dean talking to other couples and relating to them like the parallels seen on the show.
21 February 2015 @ 12:38 am
I read this story a while back in I can't remember how the whole thing goes in beginning. So I will just list what I can that happen around middle to end of the story.

!)Jensen had some type of profession not sure again what it was, but Jared was trying to protect his money finances. Someone was trying to hack into the business.

2) Jensen did think Jared had something to do with it in he took it out on him in a very brutal way in later threw him out on the lawn.

3) Jared had a friend that took care of him in took him to hospital where he can heal.

4) Jensen later found out the truth in tried to make things right. In I think someone was after Jensen. Because that guy came to the hospital to shot him but Jared took the bullet for him.

So yeah that's all I got.

Story Found -
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14 February 2015 @ 03:53 pm
I saw a fic called "Of Forgetting And Remembering" by AussieChick21 on FanFiction recommended on a Delicious account, but unfortunately the fic has been deleted. It sounded like it would be right up my alley, so I was hoping someone has a copy somewhere.

This was the synopsis:
"Sam fears he has damaged their relationship beyond repair when Dean forgets his birthday."

If anyone has it, I would love to read it!
16 January 2015 @ 06:04 pm
Hi everyone, I hope there's someone who can help me;

I want to read J2 or wincest fic with Sam/Jared cheat or hurt Dean/Jensen's feeling so bad. Sam/Jared feels so bad for it and try to win Dean/Jensen back.

botoom!Dean/Jensen only please

thank you so much


1) I am searching for fics in which Sam is protective of children, is a teacher or a mentor. Something like The Sam Winchester School Of Hunting? I really love this verse and would love to read more fics like that.

2) I'm falling in love with Sastiel rn and I just search long, good fics with the pairing. I don't really care in which Season but please no Non-Hunting-AUs.

3) Aand I'd love to read some fics with asshole!Dean and hurt!Sam but not because Dean is a Demon but maybe because he doesn't really realize what an asshole he is or unintentional (emotional) abuse. Guilty!Dean is welcome too. Gen and every pairing but Destiel is fine.

I don't mind WIPs (as long as they're not abandoned) or self-recs.

Thank you so much for your help!

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I've been hunting down a fic I read years ago, that I cannot seem to find - I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I remember scenes, and overall plot, so I hope someone recognizes this.

Sam and Dean are kidnapped (pretty sure it is set post-Stanford). The men that take them are in human trafficking(?). (I believe they got upset with Dean,follow the boys out of town, and beat them before taking them.) They use the boy's safety against each other telling Dean that they will keep Sam safe if he complies, and vice versa. (Sam is forced to "service" men and Dean is forced to "service" women.)

Somehow, the boys manage to escape and they take off together. I don't remember how or after what happens -- they possibly meet up with their father in an abandoned motel that is a "safe-house".

The next bit I remember, is that Sam starts receiving emails with video clips and pictures of what happened to him while he was captured. They manage to track down the library computer that the emails are being sent from and use surveillance to find out who is sending them. Sam and Dean won't tell each other what happened to them, but the last email that Sam gets is of his first rape in which he was gagged and blindfolded, and he finds out it was a blindfolded (possibly hooded?) Dean. (The fic is graphic and goes into detail about the first encounter from both POVs.)

Dean never realized it was Sam and freaks out, while the pictures help Sam to cope a little better, since it was just his brother, and Dean didn't mean it.

I know that it eventually becomes Sam/Dean, but I don't remember how. I also remember that they go back to the warehouse, possibly with John, and kill everyone? Or either John finds out what happened and tracks the guys down and kills them. I'm not sure.

I'm fairly sure I initially read this on Sam/Dean Slash Archive or on Sinful Desires, but I don't remember which one. The only other thing I can tell you is that it was fairly long. I believe it took a few days to get through. (Though that could also be because of the nature of the story.)

Any help locating this would be so awesome. I haven't been able to locate it here in this comm, or on any other "archive list".

**Mods, I couldn't find a Non-Con or Rape tag.
02 November 2014 @ 02:35 pm
1) Anyone remember the axe incident in Mystery Spot? I'm wondering if there are stories out there that deal with this or just some general "Sam accidently hurted Dean when Dean was trying to stop him doing something", if there are, please rec me some, please!

Oh and Dean doesn't have to die xD I have no problem with Jared and Jensen instead of Sam and Dean, and if there is some sex, Bottom!Dean only please.

2) Any fic with Adorable!Dean after Standford Era? I have already read all of the Adorable!Dean stories at [ profile] hoodie_time so no need to rec me things there. No Deaged!Dean please!

"Dean's shutting himself off from Sam. An argument makes Sam think Dean would love him more if he was more like his big brother. After a supernatural encounter changes Sam, Dean realises how much he really appreciates his brother the way he is"

Does anyone have a link or a copy? It was on fanfiction, but is gone. I don't know the author, so don't know if there is a request not to share.
04 October 2014 @ 01:26 pm
Hello! I have a general request, I was wondering if there were any fics set in season 9 where Dean gets (seriously) hurt and guilty!Sam ensues? Preferably fics set during the time where Sam was super angry at Dean and they weren't really... civil with each other. Bonus points if Dean hides his injuries and they get worse and Sam (despite everything he's said) feels super bad and guilty and takes care of him.

Gen only please!

Are there any fics where John and Sam have an argument, and Dean ends up taking his father's side, only to regret it later on? For example, fics where Dean had incomplete information about a situation, or his faith in his father prevented him from looking too closely at Sam's POV. Preferably with Sam being hurt at Dean's apparent lack of trust in him, or Sam getting hurt emotionally/physically as a result of whatever the argument was about. Whether John regrets his actions or not doesn't matter to me. Both are fine. Please and thank you!

22 August 2014 @ 10:08 pm
Looking for any fics where Sam goes back in time (either by himself, with Dean, or Dean finds out and follows) like in "The Song Remains The Same" (Could be set in that ep too) and tries to fix things for Dean.

This could mean:
 --He tries to kill past him
 --He tries to stop his mom from having him
 --He tries to change the future.

Prefer no death fics, but feel free to post them for those who do enjoy that kind of story, but please make sure to label them as death fics so I don't read them.

If younger sam and dean are incorporated into the story (pref like Dean is all pissed at older dean for being a dick to Sam) that would be a huge bonus.
Thanks so much :)
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Hello fandom :)
I'm looking for something with Sam having his soul back and feeling guilty for tons of bad things that Souless!Sam did to Dean.
Bonus if Dean just shruggs it off and comforts Sam.
Thank you you all.
I don't think guilt is a kink but I (For some reason...idk) love reading it in fics.
So I guess what I'm looking for here is anything with J2 or Sam/Dean feeling guilty over something (preferably something to do with the other man). I especially love it in hurt/comfort fics. I know it's an odd request ... but I'm sure there are tons like this I haven't read! If anyone has anything for me, thank you in advance!

Examples I've read are:
+ Sam feeling guilty for bad things that happened to Dean while he was at Stanford.
    Or fics with misunderstandings leading to guilt.
+ J1 hurts J2 (onset/offset) and feels super guilty about it.
+ Sam going back in time and realizing everything Dean did for him as a kid - thus feeling guilty for unknowingly taking advantage.
+ John pushing Dean too hard in a punishment after he's been sick, making Dean even sicker.
+ Dean covering for Sam and getting punished for it (guilty sam)

     ( my delicious tag for #guilt)
30 July 2014 @ 04:57 am
Hi guys!

So, A few months back i was wondering through this community when i found someone recommending a story about Sam getting raped by a possessed Dean.

I didn't really get the chance to finish the story and i lost track of it, so i don't know how it ended. But it started with Dean and Sam being in a motel room when Dean got possessed by some demon and raped Sam. I don't recall how exactly, but somehow they got red of the demon, and Sam was left traumatized and afraid of his brother for a while or something like that and Dean was extremely guilty. Later on at some point Sam started visiting a therapist.
Btw, i forgot to mention that i read this fic as an e-book because i guess that was the only way to read it 'cause it was not posted anywhere else (Though i'm not quite sure about that :/)

Thank you guys in advance :D
18 July 2014 @ 12:43 pm
Hey, looking for a story I read ages ago and have been looking for it ever since because I forgot to save it.
All I can remember is that Jensen and Jared are together but Jared is a complete jerk and (i think) verbally abusive towards Jensen. I don't think he's physically abusive, but he is a jerk until Jensen gets sick- maybe with pneumonia or something, and it makes Jared realize how much he loves him and asks him if they can start again.
Not much to go on, but hopefully someone somehow recognizes it.
Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I was almost sure I saved it but apparently not. :(

-- I think I remember that Jared was an omega and his parents (might have?) disowned him because of it. So he finds himself in this bar, maybe eating a burger or something before he decides what to do next.

Jensen is also there and it's (his birthday maybe??) I remember that someone -- potentially Chad -- puts something in Jensen's drink to make him loosen up and have fun, but instead it triggers jensen into full on Alpha-Mode. He turns almost feral in his mindlessness to mate and grabs a girl, intending to do the dirty.

Meanwhile, Jared thinks his life is pointless/worthless anyway and decides to 'sacrifice' himself to be knotted instead.

Jensen is pretty rough but when he comes back to himself, he's horrified at what he's done and surprisingly turns out to be a nice guy.

Ring any bells? D: My google-foo is WEAK. :/

This is it! (:
05 July 2014 @ 02:42 pm
Hello all, I'm here looking for some stories with Sam abuses Dean:

1. They still live together, hunt together and Sam is not really evil, just always angry and abusive and can't control himself, it can be a storm of abuse or just some punch. Maybe it's because of the demon blood or Sam is jeolous or his head is too messed up that he believe Dean hates him or he blames Dean for something or simply just because he's angry, ect. I hope it's not only one time but repeatedly. Bonus point if at some point Sam feels guilty, bigger bonus for Dean's low self esteem, think he deserves it and doesn't blame Sam.

2. Pre-series mean Sam bullies Dean (with or without knowing).

3. Dean comes out and gets hurt because of a homophobia Sam

And again, bonus point for guilty!sam and Dean's low self essteem.

No possessed!sam and lucifer!sam, robo!sam is okay if Dean hasn't find out that yet. Wincest is good but bottom!dean only please. Lol this is funny since I really really don't hate Sam, just in the mood, Thank you x100000 :kiss kiss:
03 July 2014 @ 01:22 pm
1. Dean/OMC. I don't know why but I suddenly have a craving. The parameters I have for this are; Sam knows (or finds out), canon setting, not pre-series/Stanford and no non-con. Just Dean/OMC, no wincest, but if it ends in destiel instead that's okay. I'm dying to read Dean/OMC set in a later season.

2. Sam finds out Dean was a hooker during his youth in order to put food on the table/pay for things for Sam. Major Sam guilt please, as much as possible. Bonus points if Dean views it as just one more thing he had to do, and Sam is horrified at Dean's lack of self esteem.

3. Any other guilty Sam fics, any pairing, any subject, but please warn for non-con and other triggers. Bonus points if there's any fics out there about Sam teasing Dean about his eating habits, until Dean admits he eats so much because he starved as a child making sure Sam could eat. The more of a jerk Sam is, the better - as long as Dean stands up for himself and makes Sam work for his forgiveness. I hate stories where Dean just rolls over and takes the abuse in an OOC manner, and then forgives him like it was no big deal.

Please no: Death fics or permanent changes (deafness, boys not brothers etc)

Thanks in advance!
29 June 2014 @ 02:26 pm

Hey, I'm looking for some stories where...
#1. Misha is protective of Jensen
#2. Misha accidentally hurts Jensen.
It could be either Jared/Jensen, Gen, or Jensen/Misha. Hurt!Jensen is a bonus.

I've already read waiting for you and A prank gone out of control- so any kind of stories like that would be great. :)

1. I am looking for wincest fics, set in pre-Stanford era (funny how we call that an 'era', huh?) in which Dean tries to come to terms with his attraction for his teenage brother. I prefer something from Dean's POV in which he finds Sam insanely attractive and is falling in love with him. But, he also feels that he is sick and tries to stop feeling that way about his little brother. It doesn't matter if Sam returns Dean's feelings or not (though I would love it if he did. We all like happy endings, after all) I just want to see Dean struggling with his feelings.

2. Any gen or wincest fics in which Sam gets sick or hurt, Dean is partially or fully responsible for that and Dean feels guilty.
I read so many fics that fit the description but back then, I didn't bookmark these fics. Some of the scenarios that I remember are: Dean feeds Sam spoiled chicken and Sam gets sick (though Dean didn't intend for that to happen, he was just angry). Then, one fic in which Sam complains of being sick just before they have to go on a hunt and John thinks Sam is faking it. But, he does leave Dean with Sam and Dean isn't too happy about being left out of a hunt. Later, Sam gets so sick that he is hospitalized and Dean feels guilty. Another fic, which is set in S7, has an alcoholic Dean accidentally shooting Sam when on a hunt and once again, Dean feels guilty (surprise, surprise).
So, rec me any fics that are similar to the scenarios I mentioned. You don't have to find these specific fics for me but, I'm sure they will turn up somewhere in your recs. I'm just looking for fics of the hurt/comfort nature with sick/hurt!Sammy and guilty/protective!Dean.

I do prefer bottom!Sam if there are NC-17 scenes involved. But, right now I am looking for the story and character emotions rather than the smut so, I'll take bottom!Dean too. Just drop me a little warning.

Thanks in advance.

Mods: I've have a problem in which all the tags I choose for my post disappear after you've approved the post. I brought this to your notice and kruel_angel told me that it's because I'm using a plus account. I was asked to leave a note at the bottom of my post. So here goes...
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I've got a couple of requests I'm hoping someone can help me out with:

1. I'm looking for fics that center around super nice!Jensen or shy!Jensen will work. I've been through the shy tags at J2_recs/here and am hoping for some stuff either not found there or maybe some newer stuff. I'm looking for relationship stories with little to no focus on sex which is what I mostly found in the recent tag (too much sex focus). I want unbelievably nice Jensen, sweet and even self-sacrificing where he goes above and beyond for those he loves. If he doesn't realize how amazing he is, than all the better. I'll also take geek!Jensen or smart, but low self-esteem fictions. Only J2 pairings.

2. I' also looking for specific fic where alpha Jensen mated w/unwilling Jared (the wolf took over & he had no control) & he feels so guilty he lets Jared go off to college even though being separated from his mate could kill him. Jensen ends up in the hospital.

Thanks in advance for any help, everyone!

Specific fic found here:

Hey guys! Got a couple requests this time. I'll try and keep 'em brief: RPF, Self-recs, and wincest are all welcome.

1. Specific Search: Werewolf fic. Fairly short. Dean was a werewolf and chased Sam into the woods (and I could stop right there and be happy with every rec, but I guess I'll keep going)... Sam twisted his ankle and hit his head. Dean caught up to him, but didn't attack. Sam passed out. Dean came back, half-dragged him into a cave, transformed back into a human in the morning, and heavy wincest ensued. FOUND in comments.

2. General search: Really in the mood for guilty!Dean and/or fics where Dean cheats on Sam. Who knows, he may not be guilty. He may be kind of a jerk. But I'm looking for fics where Dean punches Sam, or cheats on him, or drugs him, or does something that makes Sam react in a hurt way. Mean, potentially-apologetic Dean. I've even got a rec for this one: Ticket to Ride.

3. How about some long, relatively light-hearted case fics? Doesn't need to be humor. Tiny bit of angst okay. Lots of brotherly love wanted. I miss those moments in the show, guys. I still feel like Sam and Dean haven't completely reconciled.

Well, yeah, it's me again with hurt!dean :)) And this time I'm looking for things like:

1. Sam and/or John use Dean as bait. Bonus point if it's because of Dean's appearance. Dean might get hurt or not.
2. Dean dating both Sam and John. Not threesome because Dean hid it from them.
3. Sam learns about John/Dean. I have already read Surrogate verse.
4. Dean stands up against John for Sam. This can lead to John abuse Dean or not. But please no hurt!sam and abused!sam of any kind.
5. Sam realizes how self-sacrifice Dean is. Bonus point if Sam found out Dean had been sacrificing for him when he was a kid (like giving food - examples, taking punishment - example ect) and feel guilty.
6. teen!chester with annoying, selfish Sam and hurt!dean, bonus point if no one cares.

Thank you :x Gen, Wincest and Daddycest are accepted.
Please no abused!sam of any kind.
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a very specific Supernatural fanfic. It is a story I read in a long while back. I don't remember who the author is or what the name of the story is. It would mean a lot if you could help me find it.


The Description is below (I'll be as detailed as possible)

This Story is one where Dead and Sam have a fight and they decide to go on separate hunts. Dean kinda gets called away by Rufus(Its mostly Rufus, I guessing) on a demon hunt but Sam refuses to help out because he thinks that they shouldn't abandon the hunt that they are currently on. I think it's a hunt for a Black Dog- Or any other creature that resembles a werewolf/dog. So Dean leave him behind and goes to Rufus meanwhile Sam goes after the monster by himself and gets seriously injured. He pulls out his cell and calls Dean and says he's sorry and then begins to fade. Dean immediately senses that something is wrong and leaves Rufus to take the demons on his own to go rescue his brother. He gets Bobby's help and they both go to the woods in search for Sam. They find him in a pretty rough shape.

That's about all I can remember. Plz mention the name of the fanfic or post the link... Plz!

ThanQ in advance ^_^
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Lately, I've been searching for something like:

1. John, Dean and Sam are kidnapped by someone who want to revenge John by making John decide which son to be torture, ect. I've already read "Vengeance", "Privilege of Choice" (and "Breaking Point" too, even that it's not exactly what I wanted, but good anyway). I want it to focus on hurt dean.

2. Sam with power or not with power, accidently hurt dean, I mean physical damage, not permanent but was really bad (and I don't want little brothers accidently punched each others though it's cute). Bonus point if Sam is guilty because he hurt Dean and Dean is always forgiving, and comfort will be nice.
Some good example: "Crash", "Not By Your Hand"

3. Wincest established relationship. Every people (bonus point if it's John) think that Sam is taking advantage on Dean (but he's not) and Sam started to wonder if it was true that Dean didn't love him as a man but couldn't refuse him. Dean comfort Sam would be nice.

I can take rape-fic, Wincest or Daddycest as long as it's bottom!dean. But no Destiel, and no Castiel in number 1 and 2.
Thank you :x

oh and pretend that you don't see the abused!castiel (sexual) tag because I acidently tag it and can not put it down.
26 February 2014 @ 02:44 pm
I've read so many fics wherein Dean is a jackass/over-controlling and as a result, Sam is gravely injured. Cue mega guilty!Dean and mega limp!Sam.

Anyway, seeing as that's all we've gotten from the show as well lately, I was wondering if there were any fics with the opposite: hurt!Dean and guilty!Sam? I'm also open to guilty!John and hurt!Dean and protective!Sam.

Please no porn
Nothing from
No Gary Stu's
No angels

Other than that, I am open to pretty much anything you throw at me.
25 February 2014 @ 09:49 pm
Looking for a specific fic, and then a general search for some hurt!sam and guilty!dean. Both pre-series.

1. First the specific fic. I don't know if it's been deleted, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. So basically it starts with Dean, who I think is angry with Sam about something, he makes Sam eat some chicken that he found in the back of their fridge. Sam then becomes Dean and Dean feels extremely guilty.

2. Second is a general search for teen Sam and Dean having a fight which ends up with Sam getting hurt. Bonus points for Sam upsetting Dean in some way and him trying to make it up to Dean, again ending with some hurt or angsty Sammy.

Please help.
30 January 2014 @ 05:41 am
1) WHen hunting for a witch, Sam and Dean get turned into kittens.  Cas has to take care of them until the curse wears off.

2) After a hunt the boys end up stranded in the desert and after an argument, Sam ends up dehydrated without Dean noticing and ends up wandering farther into the desert.  Dean calls Bobby then goes to find Sam, using m&ms as a trail back to the impala.
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Looking for some pre series fics where Dean lets Sam down in some way as a big brother. More specifically, not incidents that lead to life-threatening issues (e.g. serious neglect) but minor things, like Dean getting too caught up with his friends to remember to pick Sam up, unfairly lashing out at Sam after a bad day, failing to make it to Sam's play, ignoring Sam in an effort to look cool/make friends at school; things like that. While I believe Dean was a generally awesome big brother, he's not perfect and bound to have messed up a few times, growing up.

Any fics where Dean acts immaturely or irresponsibly (he was once a teenager after all), and Sam's the one picking up the slack, would also be great. A great example of something like this is brightly_lit's Ricochet.

Really, I'd love anything you throw my way.

I've been looking for two specific fics for some time. I've read them a while ago but forgot to save and now i can't remember their titles.

1. Dean runs away for some reason i can't really remember now. Finds himself some place and starts working there, makes some friends, ignores Sam's calls cause he doesn't wanna be found. Meanwhile Sam and John (or bobby? maybe) search for him everywhere, going crazy. Then Dean gets in trouble with some locals who's harassing someone at the place he works, then those people comes back for him and sets his room on fire. Dean escapes but Sam and John arrive just after the fire, find his jacket and belongings and think he's dead. A lot of things going on in that fic that's the specific parts i can remember.

2. Dean and Sam get captured by some people. They led them to a forest or find them in a forest i don't know. But they shoot Dean and then leave them there, saying they will be back but if Sam leaves dean and hurries he can get out before they come back. Sam doesn't leave of course and tries to get them both out of there and keep Dean from bleeding to death at the same time.

They were really good fics and if anyone know their authors or names please response i would really REALLY appreciate it.

Found! Honestly, i didn't expect it to be that fast but you guys are pretty damn awesome here so again thanks for all those who took time to reply i appreciate every single one of you!

1. A Soldier's Last Stand
2. To The End
21 December 2013 @ 11:49 pm
I was rewatching S5 but more specifically, 5.18 and what caught my attention was the difference in trust levels between Sam and Dean.Read more )
03 November 2013 @ 11:13 pm
For the past week now, my sister has been in the ICU at a children's hospital - So right now, I'm craving some hurt/comfort!boys. Preferably with one of the J's being very protective over the other and mother-henning. :) It doesn't matter the extent of the injury - just that they're in the hospital for it, maybe even for an extended period of time? My only MAJOR request are:

2) ONLY J2 (Jensen/Jared)
4) WARN ME IF IT's A WIP? :(

The longer the better! My favorite is probaby hurt/sick!Jensen and super-protective/or/guilty!Jared.

Please and thank you!
Hi everyone! I’ve been so very lucky with my previous requests here, I’m gonna chance it again and ask all you nice people for your kind help)))

My angst bunny is demanding to be fed, and I’ve been rewatching some of the previous eps waiting for S9, so now I’m looking for (sorry for it being so looooong):

1. Fics where Sam believes Dean is going to make good on the voicemail and kill him (I’ve always been fascinated by the sort of flinch-halfstep back Sam took at the end of The End, when Dean got Ruby’s knife out). Sam being suicidal and all “go on, do it, I’m not gonna fight” is a bonus, so is the voicemail issue finally being resolved. Fic can be set either at the end of Lucifer Rising, or at any point before their reconciliation in Fallen Idols, or at any time at all in S5, really, but setting within these first eps will be squeed over))). An excellent example of this is Reap by Tyranusfan.

2. Fics where Dean gains some perspective / insight into Sam’s side of the story during S4, which leads to an apology for the whole “you’re a monster” attitude.

3. Fics where Sam’s given credit for saving the world. I mean, not in any Dean-negative “all by himself” way, I mean where it’s really recognized that he did, in fact, save the world by jumping into Lucifer’s Cage… and just generally where it’s appreciated that it took a lot of strength to go through what he did (I mean, starting from his father basically blaming him for putting Dean in a coma in IMTOD and viewing him as a “save or kill” mission, it’s all not exactly a happy place).

4. Fics where not all of the blame for starting the Apocalypse is laid at Sam’s feet – not looking for any rewrites of canon here, just some acknowledgement that Sam wasn’t the only one who made mistakes and could’ve done some things differently, y’know?

All of these can of course be present in a single fic))) I’m okay for any pairings, length, warnings and self-recs, so long as there is a happy(ish) ending, no permanent character death, and no character bashing. Please and thank you.