28 December 2016 @ 06:50 pm
Im looking for a fic where Sam and Dean are in established relationship (or not yet), and then Cas appears in the story and Sam is jealous of him and worried that Dean likes him more than Sam. Of course that is not the case and then there is some schmoop ;) Do you know any stories like that? :) (not too long)
1. Any recommendations for stories where Sam is jealous of Benny's relationship with Dean. It doesn't have to be a sexual relationship between any of the characters. I would prefer no Destiel but if it's really good I'll give it a try.

2. Any backstories about Bobby would be great.

3. Any stories with Bobby interacting with the boys, not just providing information or cover up by phone, as a father-figure or as a family friend.
22 August 2016 @ 12:55 am
Hey guys,

Pretty much what the title says. I'm looking for any fics where the boys are in a relationship and for whatever reason think that the other is cheating on them. I'm preferably looking for fics where it's all just a big misunderstanding and they kiss and make up in the end, but if there are fics where there's actual cheating (and you want to break my heart), I'm down for that too!

Thanks in advance!
10 August 2016 @ 08:03 pm
Hei!  I'm looking for some fics

1.Jensen/Dean or Jared/Sam is relationship with someone else than Jared/Sam or Jensen/Dean. Married, engaged etc. But at the end falls for Jared.
2.Secret-relationship, Jared/Jensen in the closet or are famous etc.
3.Nurse!Jensen fics
4.Jealous/possessive Jared/Sam

Ps preferably bottom!Jensen/Dean.

Thank you!
Hi everyone!

I want to find a specific pre-series story. In this story, Sam is abused (possibly by John) and Dean takes him away. They live together with Bobby, but Sam grows increasingly clingy and possessive of Dean, and Dean feels obligated to make up for Sam.

I remember a section where Sam cuts his hands because he doesn't like that Dean goes out. Dean later relents under Sam's pressure (so that Sam doesn't hurt himself) but later likes it too. It's wincest.

The story is about 10 chapters long and I remember reading it on livejournal. I am sorry it's vague, but it has been a while since I read it. Thank you!

EDIT: Found it. Should have searched harder before asking but yeaaah.

For those who are also interested: Daddy, Please, No by Hunter King


I am looking for a story where Dean is raising Sam, but Sam is still his little brother. I think Sam might still be in primary school. Sam gets jealous of Castiel, who Dean is dating and tries to sabotage the relationship.

It may be an Alpha&Omega story, but I am not certain. It is not a Wincest story.
08 April 2016 @ 11:39 pm
This is a wincest classic, I believe, here in LJ: a series about Sam and Dean, and the one I really remember very vividly is when Dean runs away from Sam and Sam manages to track him down using his psychic abilities with help from Missouri. They then got tattoos where they could locate each other. The series also had a part about John's death and Dean's grief, and Sammy fixing the Impala. Another part of the series was when Dean visited Cassie and Sam was jealous and angsted on the beach. There was also one where, many, many years into the future, Dean died suddenly and had to watch Sam's grief for the day until Sam, inevitably, joined him later.

Somehow, I remember all of that, but not the goddamn titles or the author. Thank you in advance!
I'm looking for 2 kinds of fics:

1. Dean stands up to John. For any reason would be great, but I especially prefer if he does it for Sam

2. Sam possessive of Dean in a brotherly, gen way. I read a fic where Sam got mad at another kid for taking Dean's attention and it was super cute so I'd like to find more fics like that

Thank you :)
25 January 2016 @ 06:33 am
Relatively recently someone had searched for a story in which Sam was kind of obsessed with Dean. It was a Djinn fic where Sam was hit by the Djinn [sorry, I can't find that particular entry].

The story was Better Elsewhere by Veronamay http://archiveofourown.org/works/1190469/chapters/2429007

It's a fun read. But I kind of crave something different now because of it.
In the fic "real world" Sam was in love with "real world" Dean but Dean was in denial. Then Sam got hit by the Djinn.
In the Djinn world, Djinn-world!Sam had a bit of a psychotic break due to his obsession with Dean and was placed in an institution. The story followed Djinn-world!Dean who eventually returns Sam's affections.

I'd love to know if there are fic in which Sam is obsessed with Dean, but Dean DOES NOT return Sam's infatuation. He loves Sam, but only in terms of brothers. Like, Sam might be even kind of creepy and Dean has to try to instill hard-line boundaries to stop Sam from just kind of consuming him. Or Dean makes sure to not be totally alone with Sam because Sam is mostly fine/normal...but that can't always be trusted.
Or Sam is constantly pushing boundaries, Dean continues to love him platonicly and tries to cope.

I'm fine with rape, assault, dub-con, just pushing Dean till he has to push back, or being creepy and suggestive without anything more happening.
02 December 2015 @ 05:26 pm
Hello, everyone!
I'm looking for a few different fics (specific and general), I hope you could help me.

1. Is there any fic where Dean found the Men of Letter bunker in pre-series? I mean like he accidentally got the key and the map for the bunker (maybe he got them because he helped that grandpa-who-have-the-key from a demon or he won them in poker).

2. Fic where Wee-Sam possessive over or didn't want to share Dean's affection with anyone else.

3. Dean met Castiel in pre-series. Triple plus if he met him in the time after Sam and John left him.

4. Specific Fic : Dean got a very overprotective dog, but unknown by him the dog is actually a skinwalker. I remember the skinwalker is a male and in love with Dean.

5. Any fics where Dean is an omega who become the leader of his pack.

I don't care if the fics Gen or Slash, but if they're NC-17 slash I only accept Bottom!Dean.
Thank you in advance!
01 December 2015 @ 06:07 pm
Hello everyone.
I have not been online for a while and now that I am I really want to read some good sam/dean fic's.
I have a few different types of fic's that I'm really feeling like reading about.
I am kind of picky with who tops.  I love top!dean.  Really, that's all I read.  If the fic is just so awesome I can't help myself, I will read top!sam.  Also, them taking turns topping is okay as long as Dean tops more.

I don't really read destiel, though I don't hate the idea and I will read sad fics only if it has a happy ending for the boys.

So, enough rambling.  I'm looking for :

1. sam/dean first-time:where sam gets super jealous and thinks dean and cas are together and it causes him to reveal to dean that he wants him.  Anything even close to that is fine.  Doesn't have to be cas either, any other signifigant character is fine.

2. forced sam/dean.  Like someone or something forces the boys to do some not so brotherly things with each other.  I want it to be first-time.  Also, if they start to like it, that would be a great bonus!

3. Any long non-au first-time fics with the boys.  No creature fics though.

4. Any demon dean/sam first-time.  dub-con is fine as long as sam eventually wants it.

So, thanks.
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Hey guys!

So I've been searching frantically for this really amazing pre-series fic.

What I still remember is that the Winchesters work a hunt together with other people (Pastor Jim or Caleb might have been it but it could have been OMC's as well...) Sam is pissed off and jealous because Dean spends almost all of his time with this other teenage guy. He ends up suggesting to play bait for whatever they are hunting- much to everybody's surprise- and Dean starts fighting him on his plan- saying it would be too dangerous.
Dean takes a drive to let off some steam and when he gets back, he and Sam reconcile.

Can't remember if Sam ends up getting hurt, but what I do know is that the hunt takes place in the woods and that more hunters are involved. I also think the fic was on a livejournal account when I read it.

If anybody recognizes any part of that very vague description it would be absolutely amazing if they could send me the link to the story!!! :D

--> Oh and if anybody can rec any other gen-fics (no wincest, please!!) where Sam is jealous of Dean or gets grumpy because Dean makes a friend and doesn't pay him enough attention anymore I would also love that :D

Thank you all in advance!!
18 December 2014 @ 12:33 am
Hi guys,

I have very very few details on this story, but I am hoping someone out there knows.

I know it was a Dean/Castiel fic. Dean and Sam are royalty of some kind. Sam is basically in love/lust with Dean to the point that people in the kingdom recognize it. Dean is not interest in Sam, and Sam is very jealous of Dean and Catiel's relationship.

Sam in the end is turned good and no longer lusts for Dean, but is unable to return to the kingdom becasue of his reputation. No one would accept Sam, so Dean basically hides Sam away and visits him occasionally.

Thank you!
22 November 2014 @ 03:23 pm
1. First off I am looking for , Dean and cas, Jealous sam sadness. hoping in the end they end up as cas and sam can be Cas dean in the beginning

2.Misha and sam <, not Sam cas . So Mainly meta from the French mistake verse I have read Meta death and Tweet it if there are any others I would love that

3. last but not least , sam loves cas and wont tell him and Cas, But Dean knows and tries to help them out .

Any fics of like this any rating any length please and thank you so much , This is my first post so I hope I did alright thanks again .
04 July 2014 @ 09:06 pm
Helloo Wayward Sons (And daughters) ;3

I seek the lovely and beautiful fanfic art they call Wincest. Yup, yup. So here we go my brothers and sisters.

1) What I'm trying to find here is a fic where Sam is jealous of Dean's relationship with Cassie, Jo or Castiel, just characters that we know (And love). Dean isn't doing any funny buisness with any one of them but Sam thinks so, or maybe he's just has low self esteem. I don't really care if he gets mad or sad just get him upset and emo ;3 (Bonus point if he cries.)

2) Dean get's freaked out over him and Sam's relationship and runs away. Yearh.. That's it. Simple right? ;3 (Make little Sammy cry, I'm a sucker for Sam's tears)

Please, please help a sister in need.. Thanks.. ;p
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Looking for specific fic with mpreg!Sam and Dean at the roadhouse, Dean planning surprise birthday party for Sam

Surprise )

I can remember the details, but still my google skills fail me. I thought I had it bookmarked, but either I didn't or it was lost. There may have been a sequel or was the first of a verse, unless I'm confusing this with another fic, but I'm sure about all the other facts. Help!!!

Found in comments.
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Well, yeah, it's me again with hurt!dean :)) And this time I'm looking for things like:

1. Sam and/or John use Dean as bait. Bonus point if it's because of Dean's appearance. Dean might get hurt or not.
2. Dean dating both Sam and John. Not threesome because Dean hid it from them.
3. Sam learns about John/Dean. I have already read Surrogate verse.
4. Dean stands up against John for Sam. This can lead to John abuse Dean or not. But please no hurt!sam and abused!sam of any kind.
5. Sam realizes how self-sacrifice Dean is. Bonus point if Sam found out Dean had been sacrificing for him when he was a kid (like giving food - examples, taking punishment - example ect) and feel guilty.
6. teen!chester with annoying, selfish Sam and hurt!dean, bonus point if no one cares.

Thank you :x Gen, Wincest and Daddycest are accepted.
Please no abused!sam of any kind.
Hey Everyone,

I am looking for fics where Sam is jealous or insecure due to Dean's friendship(/brotherhood) with Benny.

Could be anything, from the boys fighting, to Sam and Benny having a discussion/fight or just some good old fashioned hurt/comfort between the brothers :)

All gen, please! No wincest or pairings! :)
Thanks in advance!!!
03 February 2014 @ 04:53 am
Hello everyone.

I am looking for some good fics.

1.  Sam or Dean have feelings for the other but mistakenly think that the other is involved with Castiel and gets jealous.  Happy endings are a plus.

2.  Sam or Dean temporarily looses their memory and falls for the other.

3  Any first-time Sam/Dean  fics set in seasons eight or nine.  I prefer top!dean, but I'll take top!sam too.

4.  Any fics where one or both of them get off on the fact that they are brothers.  First-times good, but I will read established too.

Thanks guys!!!
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24 January 2014 @ 06:17 pm
I am looking for a specific weecest fic that was never finished. It was made some time ago, I think around 2007 or 2008, and it was a high school AU involving an already established relationship. Sam was in high school while dean worked at a garage in town, and all of the cheerleaders in Sam's class talked about Dean all the time, and wanted to ask him to Prom. Sam was a little sad about the whole thing, and I remember Sam having a nerdy kid following him around all the time trying to convince Sam to join some geeky club and had a bit of a crush on Sam. They were teased by the football and cheer leading teams, as I recall. When Sam finished school and walked to the garage, one of the girls was there trying to ask Dean out to prom and caught Dean and Sam kissing. She was still determined to get Dean though, and Sam was worried that she'd tell the whole school. She called him a piece of trash, or something like that. And then one day Dean showed up after school and some of the cheerleaders were talking to him through the fence asking him why he was there and Sam walked up to him and they kissed before heading home, which is where the fic ended. I'd really like the link to this fic, or at least a PDF version of it. Thanks!
29 December 2013 @ 02:19 pm
1. Sam and Dean going to prom together? Like, Sam asking Dean to prom when Dean isn't in school. Or Dean going to prom with this little kid no one knows. (Jensen and Jared going to prom is A+ too)

2. Jensen and Jared (or Sam and Dean) getting married (to each other). And their first dance.

3. J2 or Wincest version of Cinderella.

4. Jensen wooing Jared and Jared is obvious. (Or Jared wooing Jensen and Jensen being obvious.) Like, Jensen bringing Jared to dinner and opening the door and everything.

5. Dean (or Sam) wooing Sam. Buying him his favorite food and everything, you know, that kind of thing.

6. Jensen (or Jared) getting jealous when one of them has to kiss or have a sex scene with another actress. Also, Sam or Dean getting jealous of a waiter/waitress.
13 November 2013 @ 04:29 pm
Hey guys! I need some fic recs, please?

I'm looking for any story where Sam and Cas compete for Dean's affection. I don't mind if it's wincest or destiel, fluff or porn, as long as Sam or Cas gets jaleous of Dean paying attention or carring for the other. But if it is porn, please keep in mind that I prefer bottom!dean.

I'm also looking for some Sam/Dean/Cas threesome with main focus on Dean. I just realy want to see Sam and Cas teaming up to take care and pleasure Dean.

Any suggestions? Thank you.
28 August 2013 @ 05:17 am
Hey all! I am here looking for two things:

1. Fics with Dean, Sam, & Cas where there is some sort of love triangle-- Sam loves Dean, but Dean only has eyes for Cas, for example (or any sort of combo like this)-- and the resulting jealousy/drama/angst that comes from that. If it ends up being Wincestiel that is A-OK.

2. Any fics where Sam is a doctor. I've looked at the tags, but most stories are J2 or feature Dean as the doctor.

I like all slash pairings (as long as they are SPN and NOT J2, Cockles, etc.) and any rating is fine. Prefer top!Dean always.

Most kinks are fine with me EXCEPT dubcon and noncon. And lastly, I like happy endings. :3

Thanks, everyone!
19 August 2013 @ 01:54 am
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago but can't seem to find anymore. I remember it was post-purgatory, Dean was really angry at Sam and decided to let him go for good. I remember there was scene with Dean having sex with Benny in a motel and Sam walking in on them and then running away. Then something happened (to Sam? Can't remember) and Benny was helping Dean figure out how to fix things and advocating Dean get back together with Sam again. I think Benny died in the end, somehow sacrificing himself for the brothers. I think there was also a scene where Benny was injured, having taken a shot for Dean or Sam, and needed to drink from the brothers to heal.

Please, if any of this rings a bell, could you nudge me in the right direction? Going nuts here trying to find it!
05 July 2013 @ 01:55 am
Hi. I read this specific story a while ago and I don't remember much about it unfortunately.

I remember Sam being jealous/possessive of Dean and Sam somehow causes Dean and Castiel to have sex. Castiel gets pregnant and basically John has Dean move out. Sam is very angry with Dean for moving out since this means his plan basically backfired. The clearest thing I remember from the story is Dean coming home from work and seeing Castiel and their baby in bed under the covers since it is cold in the apartment. Dean basically promises to himself to take care of them.

Sound familiar to anyone? Thank you!

FOUND in comments

Hi, guys! I'm looking for complete (or regularly updated WIPs) first time Wincest stories of the Dean/Sam persuasion. Any rating and length is fine as long as the story is good and well written. These are the themes I'm interested in right now:

01) Stories in which both Sam and Dean both travel back in time and (for lack of a better term) repossess their younger bodies so they can go about changing some things they want changed. If only one brother goes back, however, I want him to tell the other brother everything so they can still work as a team and also because of trust issues. I have read both 'It's The Blueprint Of Your Life' by Queenklu and 'Sam Winchester's Helpful Hints For Stopping The Apocalypse' by Hopenight and loved them both, which is why I'm making this request.

02) Stories in which John is abusive (emotionally, mentally, physically, and/or sexually) toward Sam and Dean catches him at it, then stands up for his younger brother - possibly even taking Sam and leaving, threatening, beating, or outright killing John depending on the type of abuse and how bad it is. Then Dean should do everything in his power to take care of and comfort Sam. I have read 'No Fortunate Son' by Nocturniquette as well as a few other stories featuring John as a major asshole, but there can never be too many of them as far as I'm concerned.

03) Stories in which Sam is raped by someone else (but not Dean unless he is possessed or something) and Dean takes care of and comforts him, possibly even getting revenge on Sam's behalf. Maybe they could even go to counseling together to help Sam recover and to help Dean help him and also get over any guilt he may feel. Even going to someone they know like Bobby, Ellen, Castiel, or whoever instead of a professional would be cool.

04) Stories in which the boys somehow end up with a child, either through male pregnancy or adoption (even if the adoption isn't done through legal channels) and either settle down (doing the Bobby thing and occasionally taking hunts but not like they used to) or raise the kid on the road like they were raised but doing a better job of it than John had. I've read 'Phoenix Rising' by Slytherinblack and 'Houses Out Of Cardboard Boxes' by Cherie_morte and would love to read more.

05) Stories in which both boys become non-evil creatures and mate with each other or where both boys become warlocks or psychics or whatever and obtain powers (again without becoming evil). Stories in which the boys are bonded in some way would be great too, no matter what the reason. Their new abilities should make them even better at hunting. I've read several stories with soul bonding, but I haven't read many non-evil creature fics and I don't think I've ever read a fic where both boys get magical or psychic powers.

06) Stories in which Dean somehow finds out the truth about what happened in Broward County and realizes that Sam can't live without him any more than he can live without Sam, leading to a lot of hurt/comfort, chick flick moments, and Dean starting to fight for his life instead of acting like he has a death wish all of the time.

07) Stories in which someone important to them (like Bobby or Castiel) work to get Dean and Sam together as a couple.

08) Stories in which the brothers fall in love slowly, with lots of flirting, teasing, touching, and maybe even some cuddling and accidental dating.

09) Stories with super hot and/or really tender sex.

10) Stories in which one of the boys gets majorly jealous over the other and stakes a claim.

11) Stories in which the brothers get off on their blood relation.

12) Stories with bloodplay, knifeplay, and/or biting.

13) Stories in which the boys get hitched.

14) Stories in which incest saves the world somehow.

15) Stories in which Dean either goes to Stanford with Sam or Sam doesn't go to Stanford at all.

I also have on specific search: I read a story once in which Gabriel rescued Castiel and Dean from Purgatory and both angels got deaged, leaving the brothers to raise them.

Well, that's all, please help me! I'd really appreciate it!

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13 June 2013 @ 04:19 pm
Hey, guys.

I'm looking for a specific fic... probably taking place not long after Stanford. I think Sam and Dean went out to a bar and Sam was inwardly jealous because Dean was hitting on some girl. Then they went home, and Sam was so drunk he confessed he was in love with Dean. The next day is really awkward for him and Sam can't take it and he tries to leave the hotel, but Dean catches him. And Sam starts crying and says he wants to be normal but he can't, and Dean just holds him and says it's okay. That's all I remember. I don't usually read Sam/Dean but this one hit me right in the feels.

If anyone can find this fic for me and recc some more unrequited goodness I'd like that too! I actually would like the love to remain unrequited though because I'm a sadist. :P
22 April 2013 @ 10:57 pm
I was wondering if there are any stories that take place pre-series when Dean and Sam are young and Sam gets jealous when Dean starts making friends with other kids or even gets a girlfriend. Maybe Sam has trouble handling not having his brother's full attention like he's used to?

It can be the main focus of the story, but it also doesn't have to be.

Gen is great, but it can be any pairing. Also, completed or reguraly updated stories only.
10 April 2013 @ 06:48 pm
Okay, so I remember this fic from a while ago and it's really been bugging me that I can't find it so I'm hoping you can help!
Its Sam/Dean from the start of season 4, and at some point in it Dean is turned into a girl. They think initially it wad done to distract them from trying to stop the Apocalypse (I think?). Anyway, while in girl form Dean tries to have sex with this guy and Sam gets jealous, then sexy times ensue :'). Eventually Dean get's turned back into a boy, but they end up continuing the relationship and it does in fact distract Sam from Ruby cos he's with Dean. And maybe it turns out the angels turned Dean into a girl, not demons, in order to distract Sam from the path he was choosing, but I'm not sure if I'm making that bit up :') It definitely ends up quite schmoopy, but obviously there's angst to start with.

Anyway, hope someone recognizes this, I really wanna read it again! And thanks in advance if you do :)

Found in the Comments
25 February 2013 @ 02:35 am
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a story that I believed to have scored but I can not find: (
Sam said yes to Lucifer and Lucifer in the sky after the victory had given him as a reward North America and Dean was his toy.
Dean was kept locked up in their room and there were always two guards with him, there was a guard who became "friends" with Dean. There were attacks against Dean by demons, enemies and guard Sam saves in one of them, at one point Dean was broken, and the guard was reading stories to him. Then the guard is retiring because he had spent many years he was tired and wanted to spend time with his family .....
There was also a human lover of Sam, and another man who wanted to take Dean .......
I ask you to help me find this wonderful story, thank you in advance and I hope to tag well and sorry for my English.
Thank you!
Found thanks to the wonderful Meus venator, (which by the way is one of my favorite writers ....)
Thank you dear hugs and kisses
Title: The Breaking
Author: lylithj2
20 January 2013 @ 11:23 am
I have read one like this and can't for the life of me remember the title..

Description, as much as I recall--The story goes pretty close to the episode, with the exception of Wincest.  I remember Sam getting jealous of the woman kissing Dean, he assures Sam it meant nothing.  Sam was frantic to get him back (as I would be).

Again, I know this is very vague,

Thanks in advance for all your help :),
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14 December 2012 @ 07:44 pm
I'm really trying to find some Dean-Cas friendship fics but its hard to plow through all the Destiel Slash fics.
I'm looking for fics that emphasis the 'profound bond' the two of them share preferably hurt/comfort with Dean as the Whumpee. Sam being jealous is a very valuable bonus. As long as the story is Gen, well written and Cas and Dean's  unique relationship is the focus of the fic, I'm happy.

Examples of what I mean for reference if you've read them:

Dean is sick and a worried Castiel is out of his element trying to care for him. Feverish!sick!Dean, Worried!Protective!Castiel. Dean and Castiel friendship gen

Castiel is standing six inches too far inside Dean's personal space, and the two of them are playing intenser-than-thou while Sam fidgets impatiently with the strap of his bag and thinks about how it's a hell of a lot drier inside the car. Post 5.07ish.

"We will all be hunted, we'll all be killed!" Sam & Dean, with Castiel in tow, try to reach Bobby's house in the aftermath of Lucifer's rising, but both demons and angels aren't making it easy. A sequel to Comfort to the Enemy.
(this had a little more Cas whump than I would have liked but still a very well written story in the genre I'm interested in)

Post Head of a Pin, pre The Rapture. "You never found out who was killing angels, or how. But now you know." In an incident which never took place, Dean discovers that he and Castiel have more common enemies than he knew. No pairings, mildly AU from HoaP.

p.s I'd rather if it was set season 4 and 5.

I feel like such a perv for asking this, but do you guys know of any fic where Sam or Jared is obsessed with Dean or Jensen's "cocksucking" lips or his "sweet, tight" ass?

Also, if you could rec me your favorite  jealous!possessive!Sam or jealous!possessive!Jared fics, that's be great. You know, fics in which someone flirts with Dean or Jensen, and Sam or Jared has to stake his claim on Dean or Jensen.

Sam/Dean or J2 are fine for both, but I want only bottom!Dean or bottom!Jensen, please!

Thanks in advance!
01 December 2012 @ 04:55 pm
Hello everyone.
I am looking for a few different types of fics. 
1.  Any time-travel fics where Dean goes back in time for some purpose and comes into contact with a younger Sam (not too young though) and younger Sam thinks future Dean is absolutely awesome and starts to have feelings for him or something.  I would like it if Dean already had feelings for Sam as well, but had never acted on them in his time. 
2.  Any fic where in a moment of complete insanity, Sam acts on his feelings towards Dean and Dean stops him.  I would like if Sam got really agnsty about it and started distancing himself from Dean or runs away to keep from doing so again, and maybe Dean realises that he has feelings for Sam after this happens.  I would like a happy ending, but it does not have to be.  Just no pre-series stuff.  No AU either.
3.  Any fic where Sam or Dean has hidden feelings for the other and somehow comes to the wrong conclusion and thinks the other likes or is involved with Castiel but they really are not.  I think that it would be a fun thing to read.

So if anyone can help me out, please do so!!!  Self recs are welcome!!! 
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11 November 2012 @ 09:05 pm
I would love to read any stories with a very possessive, dominating, cave-man type Sam and a sweet, demure and compliant Dean. Sam must be dominant even outside the bedroom, as in their day-to-day lives. I don't want any non-con, though dub-con is fine. Also, I don't want Sam to be actively cruel or malicious, but jealous and possessive!Sam is just great. I would also like it if Sam called Dean pretty, lovely or by any other adjectives traditionally used for women, but that is entirely optional.

Thanks in advance! :)
28 October 2012 @ 11:10 pm
Hi! This is my first time ever making a post, but I have been using this community forever to find great fics!
Unfortunately, I can't find one of these fics, but I remember part of it. Sam and Dean have been flirting slightly, and one night Sam thinks they are going to do something about it. They stop at the Roadhouse, where they encounter Jo and a trained and professional hunter Cassie, both who are flirting with Dean, and Dean seems to be interested in both of them. Sam, feeling that he has misunderstood Dean's intentions, goes back to the motel dejected. I am not quite sure what happens from there, but I'm pretty sure it was a happy ending.
Thanks for helping!
26 October 2012 @ 06:24 pm
Hi All!

This is my last weekend to myself before Trop Storm/Hurr Sandy possibly forces me to start working 7 days a week with extended hours each day and I'm hoping to find a few stories to entertain me.

I haven't been a part of fandom long (actually just discovered fandom and all its wonderful offerings a few months ago although I've been watching the show for years now). Since becoming an active participant in fandom, I've written a little, rec'd to posters here a few times and have read a lot (and I do mean a lot), but this is my first post ever seeking recs for myself.

So, please, can you helpful guys and gals rec me any and all stories with possessive, protective and/or jealous boys? I have no preference on who tops and who bottoms. I love canon as well as au. I adore longer, plotty fics and I have very, very few squicks (so please feel free to let me know about those mpreg, d/s, underage and other stories you'd be cautious of rec'ing to others). I only ask that the story be complete and have a happy ending no matter the amount of angst it takes to get there.

J2 or Wincest only please, however it doesn't bother me if the boys are paired with other people throughout the course of the story so long as they end up with each other in the end.

25 September 2012 @ 07:31 am
I just read this story last month some time. Adam was hunting with them and slyly telling Sam that he should jump Dean's bones. Etc. Sam was jealous of the timeDean spent with adam.

Any other stories where a thirdparty, preferably someone close to them, encouraged the lurve will be great.Thank you.
21 September 2012 @ 01:56 am
Um, hi again :-I. This is just how I picture Dean every time I think about him: Dean is just the hottest guy anyone has ever seen and everyone (and I mean everyone, men and women alike) just falls over themselves asking him out and it'd awesome if he rejected them like Anne Higgins' Hottest Thing on Campus. It can be AU or canon and if there will sexy times on there I want Dean to bottom, oh and I don't care who he ends up with I just wanna see how people are making a fool of themselves going after him. Also, if Sam isn't one of the people falling over themselves, then can he be like "Seriously?! Again?!". Oh, and I will give my left arm if its outside POV.

On a somewhat different matter are there any fics out there that have Sam and Cas fighting over Dean or competing with each other for Dean's (ahem, ass) attention. I sorta kinda care who he ends up with, I prefer Destial but Wincest is awesome too and no matter who he ends up with Dean is the bottom.

Thanx :D
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16 September 2012 @ 07:11 pm
Hi guys, I'm still pretty new to this fandom but already I'm having a hard time finding good, complete nc 17 wincest stories, mostly because I'm picky. I have looked through tags and done google searches and checked out the Sam/Dean Slash Archive as well as Archive Of Our Own. I'm still looking, even, it's just slow going. So I was hoping you guys might have a few recs for me or can direct me to rec lists. Here's what I'm looking for:

Under Cut )
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03 September 2012 @ 01:27 am
Hi! I was wondering if anybody could help? My friend recommended me some fics. For some she sent links and for others i just got kyaa!!!-cute!-waah! kind of summary... So as far as i understood it goes something like this:
1. Sam/Dean 
Sam and Dean are on a case. They have to go to some kind of gothic (?) club. Boys wear leather clothes and Sam put make-up on Dean and himself. At club Dean gets hit on by lots of people. Something about the way eyeliner makes Deans eyes look gorgeous)) Sam gets jealous and posessive. There is also something about ancient pagan god.

2. Cas/Dean
Cas is a vampire and one day he finds kid!Dean in his house and decides to keep him. 

3. Sam/10 doctor (crossover Doctor who)
Apparently Sam investigates a case thinking it`s something supernatural. Doctor also investigates thinking it`s something alien. They keep meeting in different places all over the town.

Also right now i`m into !jealous !posessive Sam so i`ll be eternally gratefull for any recommendations. It doesn`t have to be Sam/Dean but i prefer so. Thanks so much!

22 August 2012 @ 01:28 pm
Hey everyone.
I am looking for a few different types of Sam/Dean fics.
1. I would like to read something where either Sam or Dean tells the other that they want them or tries to make a move on the other, and the other one is like, no way, not gonna happen, but I want them to then start thinking about it for hours/days/weeks, idk, and the change their mind.
2. I would like something where Sam and Dean are not together yet, and maybe Sam already likes Dean, but Sam starts to think that Dean and Cas are getting it on for whatever reason.  I want Sam to be so jealous that he ends up confronting Dean and accidentally tells him how he feels.
3. I would also like to read anything where Jo maybe thinks that something is going on between Sam and Dean, and confronts Sam.  I would like it if they were not actually together yet, but when Sam talks to Jo, he starts realizing he does want Dean, and maybe Sam and Jo compete for Dean's attention.  Something like that.
If anyone knows any stories like these, please let me know!  Thanks!!!
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19 August 2012 @ 02:10 pm
Hey guys! I'm looking for any stories where Dean is with Cas as a substitute for Sam, and Sam is jealous, and then Sam and Dean end up together in the end. Thanks! :-)
06 August 2012 @ 12:50 am
I can't believe I lost this one. /o\ I've torn through my bookmarks and tags, and just can't find it, and my google-fu is not strong tonight.

Sam and Dean are in an established relationship, and Sam's jealous of the affection Dean shows the Impala. He's all 'grrrrr' when Dean picks up their snacks/drinks at a gas station, and Dean's all "Gotta keep my baby fueled up!" to the gas station attendant, etc etc.

spoilers )

Anyone got this one squirreled away?! Help!?

FOUND super-quick by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] nearlynina. Link is HERE and it's a sequel to THIS

And then [livejournal.com profile] adameyezd let me know there's a sequel (3rd in the stories) HERE
28 July 2012 @ 04:20 pm

I remember really little from the story but the people here are so helpful.

1- All I remember is a court scene where the judge grants Dean custody of Sam. Sam was sick or there was something wrong. I also remember Bobby being present in Court.

2- Any fics where Dean gets custody of Sam from John.

3- Any fics where John is abusive towards Sam, be it physically, mentally or emotionally and Dean finds out.

4- Any fics where someone tries to get in between Sam and Dean which hurts Sam or makes Sam jealous. It can be another brother or a stranger.

5- Any of your favourite de-aged!Sam fics.

All gen please!

Thank You!
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31 May 2012 @ 06:06 pm

Just some general slash searches :) Weecest, threesomes ( as long as Dean is in the middle XP), actually pretty much anything is okay in these searches.

1) passive- agressive jealousy over Dean. Can be anyone, Castiel, Gabriel, Sam- ANYONE (I just have an image of gabriel dropping a piano nearly over dean and person x and being all 'oops, was that me?')

2) Any where sort oedipus fics out there where Sam doesn't want anyone to come near Dean  and has a bit (or more than a bit) of a 'daddy' issue but with Dean?

3) any fics where we see Dean raise Sam?

4) Fics where Dean is a hunter but his family grew up normal and doesn't know about it?

5) Anything where Dean wants Sam and because Sam is souless they go for it, but when Sam gets his soul back he doesn't remember, and so Dean stops (but of course they get back together!).

I know they are very all over the place but please help!

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