I'm looking for a J2 high school fic, where Jared is a shy, mute boy and Jensen is the new kid. He's attracted to Jared immediately, and they begin a relationship. At some point, Jensen gets fed up with all the students and teachers who bully Jared, and he brings a gun to school one day and shoots them. He's arrested, and Jared goes to visit him, but his mom tells him that he can never see Jensen again. The story ends with Jared shooting the rest of the people on Jensen's list so that he can join Jensen in juvie.
13 May 2016 @ 11:17 pm
Hi friends!
Can you please rec me Jared/Jensen fics where Jensen is kinda jealous and insecure about Jared's growing friendship/closeness with someone or due to Jared's past relationship? Any story where Jensen is a little insecure ? I am okay with both AU and RPF fics
Most J2 jealousy themed fics focus on jealous Jared and I am dying to read some good jealous Jensen stories.

Please rec me some awesome AU/RPF jealous Jensen works?
(Just no underage or PWP fics please.) Happy Ending is a must:)

Thanx a million
This community has been extremely helpful in the past and I hope it will be again.

I have been searching for a specific fic that has Jensen being turned into a Were and he turns out to be really strong/powerful and not at all like they expected him to be. He is strong right at the start and can shift (or partially shift) before he should be able to. I know the story is J2 and I think Christian and Chad are in it along with JDM and Jim Beaver. The only scene I can really remember is that Jensen goes into a house (I think it was a pack house) and he starts to go a little feral because of the Alpha thats in there. I believe Jim Beaver was the Alpha. It took a couple of the guys to subdue him but ultimately I think Jared talked him down.

That's all I can remember. I thought it was the story. "The Thaw" (which I really love) but its not and honestly, I don't know if I'm mixing part of that story up with the one I'm looking for that has the scene I described.

I would truly appreciate any help in finding that story.

I would also love any recommendations on any similar stories where Jensen turns out to be something other than what was expected (leaning, of course, to the better).

Thank you so much for your help in my search.

FOUND! (Link in comments) Yay, I knew this community was awesome but that was super awesome considering how fast the fic was found and identified! Thank you.

Still open to recommendations for similar stories! Thank you again!
24 December 2015 @ 09:26 pm
Hello. I'm looking for a RPS fic where Jared's dad has been arrested for attacking Genevieve (in this fic, she just works in the same company as him and not involved with Jared). Jared's dad was framed. Jensen can get him released from jail, but the condition is that Jared sleeps with him for six months(?) a year(?). Anyway, Jared is dating Misha and hurts him by breaking up with him so he can fulfill his obligation. Jared hates Jensen for what he's forcing him to do. Jensen is in love with Jared. Happy ending for J2 believe it or not.

Thanks for any help. I hope I got the tags correct.

ETA: After thinking about it, I think it was Alona Tal to got "attacked" and not Gen.
01 November 2015 @ 10:47 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for completed Sam/Dean or J2 stories where the boys are already in an established relationship, and Sam (or Jared) is hurt, ill, attacked, kidnapped or in danger somehow. Protective Dean (or Jensen) is a must, as are happy endings.

Please? Many many thanks in advance.
05 August 2015 @ 12:50 pm
I need some help! I am looking for any stories where jensen gets extremely jealous of jared's relationship with a male friend. It could be J2 in an established relationship or they just started dating. The ideal would be that jensen is just paranoid/overreacting. But if something does happen with jared and these OMC thats fine as long as j2 are together in the end. Please only bottomjensen and topjared. Self recs are more than welcome,and if this in anyway inspires anyone to write this story that would be awesome.

Now for the jealous jared i have read a couple and loved them all so i need more. So any fics where jared gets jealous about anyone close to jensen, friends/coworkers or exes. J2 in an Established relationship is ideal but not required. maybe jared gets so jealous he goes overboard and blames jensen or even leaves him because of miscommunication, happy endings please! J2 together in the end. Topjared and bottomjensen.Again self recs welcomed.
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14 May 2015 @ 11:57 pm
Hi Friends,
I am posting after quite some time and am soo happy to be back in my favorite com :)

I am craving for some Jared/Jensen stories with jealous possessive boys. I remember reading some in the past...but sadly didn't't save the bookmarks. Any story with really toppy possessive jealous Jensen or Jared is welcome as long as there's no non-con or underage sex.

Long, short, au, rpf, multichapter..everything is okay in my book. Can you please rec me your favorites..oldies as well as recently read ones?

Thanx a million in advance

Good Afternoon All,

Once again I hope you all can help me in locating any and all fics with a
Dominant possessive Jensen or Dean in a relationship with Jared or Sam.

Please only Bottom Jared or Sam in the relationship.

Apparently there are not a lot of these I am hoping you all come thru and maybe some newer fics? I think I almost read everything there is.

Thank you and wishing you love, light and luck <3
17 February 2015 @ 03:49 pm
HI All I want to thank everyone who always help me finding the specific story I need. I am eternally always grateful for your guys help.

I hope once again you can come to my aid. :)

SO here goes, I don't remember the name or writer of this specific J2 fic.
I do remember the story it goes something like this.

Chad had bet Jared he would never get Jensen to have sex with him. For all who knew Jared, he never back down from a bet or challenge and he always won. So he accepted Chad's bet. Thinking it will the easiest 50 bucks he'll win.

Next day on the set he was trying to come up with a plan on how to get Jensen without him knowing. So he comes up with a truth and dare game on the spot thinking this will work and Jensen will fall prey.

Unfortunately it back fires a lot on Jared. Jensen just keeps getting the upper hand on him. To the point where in the end Jared does not know which way is up or down and he finds himself in the back seat of the IMPALA with Jensen seducing him, being very in charge "top" and Jared completely caving in to him and bottoming.

I remember Chad picking up his cell phone the very next day and hearing Jared Saying "fine I'll drop you off the 50 bucks" and Chad gleefully saying " I knew it he rejected your ass" But Jared answering "no actually he likes my ass", then laughs and then finishes "he likes it a lot" and hangs up on Chad before he says anything else.

So does anyone know this fic? I really want to read it again :)
27 January 2015 @ 09:32 am
Hey just saw "emily_ani" request for a certain a/b/o fic about Alpha Jared being turn into an Omega by Alpha Jensen and it was found it was called

"A Soul that's Tasted Death" by kinkyheels in AO3.

This was such a delicious read I was wondering were there any other like this one? Jared/Sam being originally an Alpha and then being turn into an Omega or beta? It could be by Jensen/Dean or higher elders or anything else.

Just as long its Jared/Sam being turned.

19 January 2015 @ 05:26 pm
Hi again from thej2library. I've never read any of the specific requests we got, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

1. Jared was writing in like a diary and he was completely in love with jensen but he never like went through with it. He married gen because jensen got engaged with Danneel and he got like really sad and he divorced gen.

2. Jensen moves into the street Jared lives on, and he's a fair bit older and helps out with jobs around Jensen's place and Jared's friends make fun of him every now and then, and I love it but I can't remember the name of it.

3. i cant remember the name of this fic but its top!jared and they have kids and the kids knock on the bedroom door while they're having sex and jared carries on going, and the kids think they're fighting and jared's winning.

4. It was an ABO verse, and Omega!Jared was Alpha!Jensen's father. Jared was initially married to Jen's father (JDM, I think) but JDM cheated on him. So they got divorced, JDM has a new wife/spouse with kids, and Jared and JDM share joint custody with Jensen. But Jensen hates JDM, but he's in love with Jared. So, while Jensen is at JDM's house, JDM tries to make small talk with him, but ends up telling him that Jared is at his house with another alpha. So Jensen gets all possessive alpha, leaves JDM's house, drives back home and barges in between Jared and the other guy before they can even get to the good part. Then Jared and Jensen have sex, basically.

5. Any cute J2 marriage proposal fics? Or fics that have cute marriage proposals in them?


I am looking for any good long fics in which both Jared and Jensen are weres (don't really care what kind), and Jared is the omaga or whaterver equivalent in the relationship.

Maybe he has just been turned and doesn't know what's happening to him, maybe he came from a different pack and was mistreated, or captured by humans who experimented on him or anything else that would cause Jensen to be protective of him.

It'd be great if he were to be considered special or a rarity for some reason.

I'll take anything!

Thanks so much for the help :)

Was there a Supernatural RPF where Jared is completely oblivious that he has Omega DNA/Trait because he never went into heat at the age they are suppose to. So he thinks as well as his family believes for him to be 100% human (since there has been no"ware" DANA in their family for 4/5 generations?) and Male Omegas are extremely rare, in fact there has not been one in a long time I believe it was more than a century? Female omegas were plenty.

Now he 24 yrs old and finally hired at a prestige law firm (junior executive?) after interning for 1 full year at the firm, but never met all three Owners? (Morgan/Singer/Ackles- name of the law firm) life is pretty awesome for him and he is in love ready to propose to his college sweetheart of 4 years (Sandy?)

Then the shoe drops when he finally meets Jensen (I can't remember if in passing to copier or they are at a board meeting and Jared is presenting) Jared start to feel a bit flush and thinks it's the flu excuses himself leaves for the day to rest because that night is the big night to propose to Sandy I think they are in a classy Restaurant/bar place, he woke only feeling a bit warm but everything else has relax inside of him?? Chad and him are BFF since kindergarten. Chad went with him for support and to hit on girls at the bar, Chad does has "Ware" DNA I think he was a Beta or Alpha too?
And I remember Chris, Steve and Jensen were going there for drinks and catching up on Firm business and Pack territories/borders business- you find out Jensen is High Alpha of a very large pack bordering three states (south west or east?), plus 50% co-owner of the law firm. Jensen Ackles of course is a billionaire (old Money). while Jensen and Company enjoy drinks, Jared has the waiter come over with the valet cupcake with ring on top for Sandy, then Sandy notice a slight sheen of sweat on Jared forehead,leans over to touch and asked him if he is okay simultaneously Chad head snap ups from the present conversation with a girl looks sniff the air and looks back toward Jared huge eyes and turns his head toward Jensen and company subtlety -they are laughing still, he gets up excuse himself from said girl ans walk casually to Jared as he looks back one more time he sees Jensen eyes narrow and sits up and dashes towards Jared interrupting as soon as the cupcake is place down
Does any of this ring a bell to any one?
19 June 2014 @ 10:49 pm
Hi guys! General search here today. I'm wanting to read any long plotty RPF fics. I prefer non-au, J2 (but will read others) and LOVE anything with major angst and past abuse types (abusive ex/family/etc - basically anything that'll make me cry!). I love possessive/protective/jealous-ness in fics as well (goes nicely with the angst!).

My main criteria though is that the fic is well written- so even if it is Au feel free rec away! Any Self recs are always welcome, any kinks - Although not too keen on Mpreg or a/b/o.
Many thanks!
14 May 2014 @ 05:06 pm
Hi I'm looking for a fic where Jensen was the librarian at the college Jared attends. While working there he disguised himself as the quintessential nerd. He has glasses suspenders the whole nine yards. No one knew what he looked like except Jared and all Jared's friends are wondering why he's with Jensen.

Found in comments. It's Perception by atsugari8 http://atsugari8.livejournal.com/63343.html
02 March 2014 @ 02:29 pm
So I was reading "To Make His Children Happy" by Hellesofbelles but I could not figure out how to read the second part. Has it been deleted or linked incorrectly? I'd love to read the rest of the story if anyone could help me.

I've also been on an Alpha/Beta/Omega kick lately so I'd love some Wincest/J2 recs with botttom!Sam/Jared only and maybe some possessive Dean/Jensen (mpreg/underage doesn't matter).

22 December 2013 @ 10:36 pm
1 Okay, guys! Are there any Smith/Wesson with Bottom!Sam?

2 Are there any Possessive!Jensen fics where he still tops?
3 Jealous!Bottom!Sam/Jared Fics?
3. Jared Mpreg or Sam Mpreg

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22 December 2013 @ 03:07 pm

I'm looking for two types of stories, both J2, AU and NC-17 preferably.

1. Fics where the boys where together in the past or had a one night stand, it ended badly, years after they meet again (as roommates, coworkers etc), they are changed men but there are still sparks between them. Something along the lines of George Michael "Last Christmas"but with a happy ending.

2. Possessiveness, but in a good way. In an Alpha kind of way. Only I think I read all the werewolf / alpha-beta-omega stories I could find, so now I need to read something along these lines but with them as humans :).

Thank you.
09 September 2013 @ 10:31 am
Hello again :)
I was wondering if anyone knew of any fic where Jensen or Jared are ruthless (mobster/murderer/hit man) and aggressive but for some reason makes an exception for one or the other. Not that they have to treat each other sweetly, one can have taken the other against their will, or with threats -  I've just finished Love in the Dark by fatebegins and I really liked the whole vibe of that, where Jensen is absolutely insane and doesn't try to hide it from anybody,including Jared. Blood and violence is ok, even if it is graphic.  Possessiveness is a must.

Hey guys,

It's my first time posting and I hope I am following the rules here...I have a soft spot for shy, skittish Jensen who angsts over falling for Jared. Having read almost everything out there in that genre, I stumbled across one story (sorry I can't remember the name of it, it was a ficlet post on tumblr) that had Jensen being the Jensen we know and love but when he finds out Jared is secretly pining away for him he decides to act on it. There was no angst or questioning of sexuality or anything like that. It was a slightly cocky, sexy, seductive, bamf Jensen deciding, "yeah, he could work with that, afterall, it's Jared" So he decides to seduce Jared who is his adorable, goofy, lovable self but skittish when it comes to admitting he is in love with Jensen. And he is totally taken back by how aggressive Jensen is..it was h-o-t-t HOT!

So if anyone can rec any fics like this where Jensen is all aggressive and bamf in his seduction and Jared is all skittish that would be great! I can't seem to find anything quite like it by searching google or the tags here. I am a big fan of UST, non-au, and first-time. Not big on the schmoop, but if it is well written and in character I am game. Bonus points if Misha helps play matchmaker! I prefer bottom!Jared but will take anything at this point, especially Jensen topping from the bottom :) Any rating is fine, though  he steamier the better. PWP's are okay but I really love mid-length to long fics with a slow build-up.Thanks in advance and I hope I wasn't too vague and I really hope I didn't break any rules....
22 June 2013 @ 10:45 pm
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows of some fic with Jared and Jensen in a relationship and Jared and Chad are best friend but Chad is in love with Jared. Bonus if it has super jealous/possessive Jensen. That really thee only requirements, it can be any length and any rating. 
05 June 2013 @ 03:20 pm
01. Any fics where Sam comes out as gay/bisexual to his brother and father? Any reaction is fine, and I'm all for wincest or Sam/omc etc.

02. Alpha/beta/omega fics with Sam or Jared as an omega - I'm always on the look out for these! Knotting and mpreg are a bonus!

03. Any fics where Jared/Jensen/Sam/Dean are bikers? There's not enough on these, and since I'm working on a biker!verse of my own I thought I'd see what you guys can turn up! Bottom!sam/jared only please.

04. Any slutty!Sam fics? Can be girl!sam, but I'd love to see a version of him where he loves getting fucked. Would be awesome if Dean found out about it and there was eventual wincest, but I'd take anything where bottom!sam is a little bit of a slut. Underage is fine. Bonus for him getting off on rough sex and being manhandled. Dubcon elements are fine. Will also be happy to receive slutty!Jared recs :)

05. Possessive Dean/Jensen. I seriously can't get enough of these, so please rec your favourites!

06. Hurt/sick Sam or Jared. Would particularly love something where Sam/Jared finds out that they have a serious illness and tries to hide it from Dean/Jensen. I think I've read most of these, but I'm desperate to turn up some new ones!

07. Sam with a medical assistance dog of some kind? Would also love ones where Jared has a dog for this reason, but Sam ones are hard to find and I'd really appreciate people tossing a few my way. Doesn't matter if it's for an emotional/psychological reason (such as ptsd) or physical.

08. Fics where Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean meet in college?

09. Fics where Sam/Jared thinks he's worthless, or has low self esteem? Or has an eating disorder?

I think that's all for now, but I'll likely be back with a few more requests soon enough! Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!
hey guys,

1. I am in the mood for some boy loving. can any body suggest any good schoomy romantic fics, it can be either J2 or Wincest. but please no other pairings. the length of the fic is not important, but should be high lovey-dovey content.
preferably bottom jared/sam please, but bottom jensen/dean are also exceptable

2. hey i was also wondering if there are any fics with J2 making a fuss over the other's birthday or forgetting the other's birthday? if yes then please rec

3. any possessive/protective jensen fics please..

4. any good season 8 fics, again if there are pairings then only Wincest, no destiel or benny/dean or other slash pairings. but general fics will do. preferably full of love between sam and dean (whether brotherly or slash) and hurting and angst.

self recs are welcome and once again, i am not picky on the length of the fics, just the pairings. thanks in advance
Hi guys. Hope you resourceful people will be able to help me find  some wonderful stories that i've read a while ago and haven't been smart enough to bookmark them. J2 recs and spn cinema communities couldn't help me, either.

1. This first one might be a WIP, i don't remember well. I simply remember that at the time i devoured that hookerJensen story and i've been so very disappointed when i saw that it wasn't finished. The only details i remember about it are these: Jared was in college or highschool, was very rich and one random night when he was driving he saw hooker!Jensen on some shady street and became fascinated&obsessed by his beauty. He approached him, made an financial offer Jensen couldn't refuse and they both arrived at Jensen's shack of an apartment and Jared got a BJ. Jared was very attracted by Jensen and the time spent after their encounter couldn't stop thinking about him, and he was in such a state of permanent arousal that couldn't help bringing himself to orgasm, thinking obsessively about Jensen's beauty, his experience and the next time he will see him again. Because of his huge crush, Jared's result in school were suffering, and Jensen didn't believe him when he said he will be back thinking that Jared was just a loaded, shallow kid who will forget all about him. I don't know for sure if this detail is right, but it could be that Jensen had some problems in paying the rent and struggling to go hooking by himself and not become some property to another pimp...Finally, I can't remember if they had penetrative sex, (the description of the attraction, desire and sex was kinda scorching) but i remember Jared making the offer to help Jensen financially while they enjoyed some coffee in one of Jensen favorite coffee shops. This detail might happened before the blowjob or in between their other encounters.

I hope someone can remember this awesome story, or even the author. Despite the fact that it's been a long time since i read it, i couldn't forget it and looked for it everywhere *sigh*

2. The second story i want to find is somewhat a remix/adaptation of the movie Sabrina. I looked even in spn/j2 bigbang for it and nothing. Jared's dad was the driver for the very wealthy Ackles family  and had a huge crush on Jensen's sister who might be Sandy, who was supposed to get married to the son of a very wealthy family to mantain their bussiness affairs or something. Their parents considered Sandy incapable to be running their business so that's why they felt compelled to get her married to that dude. Jared goes to Paris for some photography classes or something like it and he returns from there a totally different person, at least physically. More attractive  and confident and still very in love (or so he thought) with Jensen's sis. He sent letters at home recounting his experiences there and now and then asking about Sandy.  I remember Jensen was kinda of a manwhore, a ruthless bussiness man and might possibly plotted with his own mom in tricking Jared, since apparently Sandy became interested in Jared lately. Jared finally realized what shallow and cold of a person Sandy and begun hanging out with Jensen without realizing Jensen's evil plan. I still remember some hot sex scene between Jared&Jensen at some holiday house where Jensen took him, or at least the amazing attraction between them. In the end Jared found out all about the awful plan and escaped to Paris where Jensen already expected him...Hope someone will remember it. Found in the comments

Thanks so much in advance you guys. Appreciate your input. Please forgive any grammar mistakes since english it's not my native tongue
And mods, i hope i picked the tags correctly. If i didn't, please let me know and i'll modify.
07 April 2013 @ 07:53 pm
I saw a really interesting picture on tumblr, which I can't find. But its basically a story of Mafiaboss Dean owning the city and I guess fell for a HookerSam. Sam still goes out and does his job to earn his money but Dean's all jealous/possessive and stated since he owns the city, he owns Sam too. So i was wondering if there are any fics that fits the genre.

1.Mafiaboss Dean/Jensen-jealous/possessive
2. Hooker Sam/Dean

J2 and wincest is great. No destiel please. I did read a fic called Blood Brothers where MafiaDean was hunting Sam down for running away to Stanford and away from the "family business".Police agents was trying to get Sam to betray that family. Just to let you know that I read that fic already.
Blood brothers:
21 March 2013 @ 11:16 pm
Hi I'm looking for some fics where
1. Dean intentionally being mean to Sam or hurt him (emotionally/physically ect)but didn't realize or expect it to do that much damage (maybe Sam already feels the cracks and pressure/guilt, and what Dean said literally broke him)

2. Similar to number one request but more of a sexual nature. Read more )

Wincest or J2 with Sam/Jared as bottom or really good Genfic(for number 1)
05 February 2013 @ 07:39 pm
So I've recently read On the Cover of a Magazine and it was really funny! I'm hoping that there are some awesome undercover fics that I haven't read it. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I like wincest, gen is ok, J2 is ok as well. I'm all for protective/jealous Dean/Jensen, funny, smexy, angsty fics. Thanks!
07 January 2013 @ 08:03 pm
Hi friends!!
I 'm looking Jared/Jensen fics of the following categories.I hope you can help me and rec me your favorites:)
1) FAINTING BOYS- Any fic where Jared or Jensen faints or has seizures and the other is super protective.
2)FICS WITH GRUMPY JENSEN IN THE MORNING- Any fic in which there is a super cute grumpy adorable Jensen who hates mornings and an awesome Jared.
3)RUNAWAY BOYS- Any fic in which boys have a fight and one runs away from the other and the other finds him.HAPPY ENDING
4)GENDER SWITCH- Are there any fic in which either of the boys are born as a girl? I'm not looking for PWPs but plotty J2 stories in which either of them are born as a girl.
5)FICS WITH EGO PROBLEMS- Stories in which Jay and Jen are in a relationship and one is jealous of the other because he is more successful, popular etc and starts having ego problems in the relatonship.
6) FICS WHERE ONE FORGIVES THE OTHER- Any fic where one commits a mistake of any kind and the other forgives him?
Thanks a million in advance
01 December 2012 @ 11:32 am
Hello people!

Okay, so I'm looking for any fics that have controlling-Jensen! Sort of like protective-Jensen going completely overboard and trying to control everything Jared does because he wants to keep him safe. It can be any type of fic (High school: where Jared's the new Kid and Jensen protects/controls him. Or where Jensen is Jared's teacher or they could just be Jensen and Jared as actors...whatever)

NO sexual relationship please!

Thank you! xx
29 October 2012 @ 10:18 pm
I'm looking for a story where Jared and Jen are in a relationship but Jared keeps going to Chad to be treated roughly. Jensen finds out and decided he can do it for Jared better. Give him the domination he needs without beating him and humiliating him. He tells Jared they will do it his way and Jensen will take care of him. He forces him to orgasm a few times before fucking him and then they have a bath together with Jensen taking care of Jared. At the end, Jared thinks that Jensen wants him to leave but Jensen talks him into staying. Sound familiar?
26 October 2012 @ 06:24 pm
Hi All!

This is my last weekend to myself before Trop Storm/Hurr Sandy possibly forces me to start working 7 days a week with extended hours each day and I'm hoping to find a few stories to entertain me.

I haven't been a part of fandom long (actually just discovered fandom and all its wonderful offerings a few months ago although I've been watching the show for years now). Since becoming an active participant in fandom, I've written a little, rec'd to posters here a few times and have read a lot (and I do mean a lot), but this is my first post ever seeking recs for myself.

So, please, can you helpful guys and gals rec me any and all stories with possessive, protective and/or jealous boys? I have no preference on who tops and who bottoms. I love canon as well as au. I adore longer, plotty fics and I have very, very few squicks (so please feel free to let me know about those mpreg, d/s, underage and other stories you'd be cautious of rec'ing to others). I only ask that the story be complete and have a happy ending no matter the amount of angst it takes to get there.

J2 or Wincest only please, however it doesn't bother me if the boys are paired with other people throughout the course of the story so long as they end up with each other in the end.

Okay, this is my last request for a while, I promise. I'm just hoping for some recs and/or rec lists for long, plotty, nc-17 rated, first time J2 fics with slow buildup. Jealousy and possessiveness is always a win. Please no AUs unless they are serial killer AUs or alpha/beta/omega AUs.Oh, and creature AUs as long as the boys are still actors on Supernatural are okay too. 'Cause I usually like reading about how they are in real life. Complete fics only, please, unless of course the WIP is being updated regularly. No fics set after they've finished doing the show either please. Thanks!
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10 September 2012 @ 09:52 pm

I am looking for a Jensen/Jared Vampire fic. I believe the fic takes place in a world where vampires are common and they own different areas and that families are protected if they have a vampire patron. I believe Jared is about to make a deal with vampire (possible a brother and sister, one of them might of been named Alex) to protect is family, but Jensen comes in takes over the deal so the other vampires wouldn't hurt Jared. plus he is very possessive of him. I think Jensen was Jared's family's patron but Jared never really wanted to accept that because he didn't want to feel owned, plus there was some backstory of how two met (I think). Long story short, the two hookup, Jared finally realizes that Jensen has cared for him all this time. The fic title might have had the word "house" in it, but I am not sure.

Sorry for the jumble mess, but thanks in advance for all help!

~ Found in comments
Hey guys and girls, I just had a small request. I've been looking around and mostly what I find is shy, sweet little Dean or Jensen with possessive Sam or Jared. I was wondering if anyone knew of the opposite. Sweet, shy little Sam or Jared, prudish, blushing, adorable, etc. with badass Dean or Jensen, all possessive, protective, and confident....know what I mean? Anything at ALL can happen in the story, I'm not picky at all, as long as it has this. ;) AUs, self recs, and Weechest (Cest) is completely fine as well. ;D Thanks in advance!
Does anyone know of any stories (rated R-NC17) where one of the boys is a limo driver for the other? I prefer lengthy stories over 1 page ficlets, but any length is fine. I'm a Dean girl (so Jensen/Dean in the alpha/dominant/protective/etc role is always a plus.
30 July 2012 @ 07:08 pm
Hi guys, I really have a thing for other people's observations on Sam/Dean or J2. 

For example, Broken English by mass_hipgnosis is what has kind of started me off on this obsession so anything like that with outsiders or bystanders observing and noting the relationship between Sam and Dean or J2.  Possessive Dean or Sam or both would also rock my world. 

Anything would be great but if possible, long length and no death fic. 

Thanks in advance!
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12 July 2012 @ 07:21 pm
Hi everyone

I've just been reading the lovely Big bang story "Baiatul Pierdut (The Lost Boy)" (http://minchout.livejournal.com/229713.html) and I'm craving more forced!marriage fics with Jared to marry (or relationship) to Jensen. I really want Jensen to be the driving force behind it - others can pressure etc but it's Jensen who's the force behind it (and please no fics where Jared is forcing Jensen to marry!) I know there are some really great ones - Billionaire's Reluctant Husband (http://house-of-lantis.livejournal.com/tag/billionaire), The Duke and I by redsball61 (can't remember the link right now), Redemption by Ancasta (again can't find link - sorry) but I want *more* - as *many* as possible, there must be more out there!

It can be any time period - ancient, modern etc. I'd especially love Jared being captured/kidnapped by ruler!Jensen. I'd love Jensen to be a BAMF and poor Jared wanting - or trying to leave/escape. Of course they end up falling in love. Also I prefer bottom!Jared please. And if anyone knows of any similar stories with Wincest - NO Destiel please!! (bottom!Sam only with Dean doing the kidnapping/forced marriage) that'd be great too. Happy endings too please. Also I'd love some general J2 recs where Jensen and Jared don't get on at first - Jensen is a jerk/arrogant etc (no jerk!Jared please!!!) but they end up falling for each other

Any recs would be loved and adored. I don't squick easily so feel free to rec anything - hurt!Jared, hurt!Sam, slavery, non-con(but no Jen out-right raping Jared or being outright cruel please), self-pimps are welcome too. But happy endings please!

Cookies and naked J2 for all recs!
I'm looking for a fic where both J's were working as high priced escorts.  I think Samantha Ferris was the boss of the company that they worked for. They also lived together. In this story, Jared had this one client that hurt him physically and emotionally.  Jensen was very protective of Jared in this fic.  Does anyone know who the author is or where I can read the story?  

21 May 2012 @ 12:50 am

Hi again ya'll! Just so you know, I AM looking around for stuff that fits this request myself, but I have hope that you guys won't mind helping me out a little anyway. What I am looking for is complete, first time J2 fics with hot sex and preferably long. The longer the better, in fact. I don't mind AUs but I'd also like to read stories of them as the actors they are, too. Here are some 'themes' I like to help you figure out what to rec me:

1) Knotting, the whole Alpha\Omega thing, Mpreg
2) Obsession, Possessiveness, Jealousy, and Protectiveness
3) Humor, Hurt\Comfort, Romance, Drama, and Hot Sex
4) Underage Sex but not with more than a seven year age difference between the couple
5) Powers, Magic, Creatures, etc.
6) Knifeplay and Bloodplay
7) Pretend Couple turn into real couple

That kind of stuff. Please help me out and give me some recs, guys! Thanks so much!

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I searched and searched but... No luck! So...

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Hum... There was some of the cast, others too(like Chris, Chad, the families and..Oh yeah!! The Baldwin Brothers! I don't think they were featured much in this fandom...), it was a really good story that I will reread with pleasure With a big sorry for my awful grammar and great hope for you to help me...Thanks!

 I am looking for a story I read a while back that had Misha and Jared pretending to have sex in a hotel room right next door to Jensen. It ends with Jensen getting extremely jealous and taking Jared the next day by surprise and sexing ensues. Jared ends up telling Jensen that he was a virgin and that Misha had helped him convince Jensen to get with him. I think they were at a con.

Found by [info]rockstarpeach @ http://atsugari8.livejournal.com/91772.html#cutid1

Thank you, mam!
23 April 2012 @ 08:21 am
Hello everybody!

I was wondering if you could help me to find fics in which:

01. Jensen gets jealous over Jared because of his friendship with Misha. I was watching an old video from a con in which Misha bends Jared over to sign his shirt and that made me crave such fics :D!

02. Jared and Jensen break up and for some reason Jared doesn't tell Jensen he is pregnant. Jensen finds out years later and after a lot of angst, they get back together.

Thanks in advance!
05 April 2012 @ 09:23 pm
1. Specific fic- Okay, this will sound a bit sketchy as it has been ages since I read this. The story gist is Jensen and Jared are friends, Jensen being older than Jared. Jared comes and hangs out often with Jensen and sometimes (I think) with his friends too. They watch movies, play games, etc. One night he comes over and the guys are going to watch a porno. Jensen (I believe) starts to send Jared home, but he ends up staying. The boys hook up that night. I know the details are slim, but that is all I remember.

2. Generalized Search- Also, any fics that include an older Jensen and younger Jared where they are friends before getting together. Specifically anything that has Jealous!Jensen in it would be awesome! Virgin Jared is awesome as well.

3. Generalized Search- Jensen getting possessive and jealous about Jared at work before they get together. I don't care what timeline or season it's set in, basically just want Jensen's possessive streak to come out before he or Jared finally make a move.

Found http://mrs-weaslebee.livejournal.com/628.html#cutid1 by [info]erudite_cupid

Howdy, folks!

1. I've been rewatching and dug through the Folsom Prison Blues tag, and was wondering if someone could please recommend some more prison smut? Doesn't matter who tops or bottoms, J2 or wincest, just NC-17 or approaching please.

2. Could someone please rec some porny Possessive Dean/Jensen? Gen is alright, though slash preferred. Sam/Jared making the other intentionally jealous is awesome, too.

Delicious accounts, rec lists, community recs, and self-pimping (be proud of you've done, ladies and gentlemen!) is all appreciated and more than welcome.

Thank you kindly!
18 March 2012 @ 10:24 pm
Hello; I'm looking for two type of fics;

First I'll point out that I'm not really sure what I'd rather avoid (*scratches head*) - so I'll just read the warnings before and if something icks me, I won't read. Also, story lenght doesn't matter - but couple wise I only read Gen, Wincest and J2.

So I didn't have any specific genres in mind, or settings, just as long as it fits the criterias below :

1) Fics where Dean comforts Sam, and/or is protective of him.
Basically I saw these by Andlatitude : one two three
And well... I really wanted to read about something like this.
It doesn't have to be ALL that it's about, and any circumstances works.

2) Fics where Sam seems like the helpless and protected one, but he's actually more dangerous than Dean.
Or where Sam generally is the mastermind behind things, even if nobody suspects it would be him, because he's the little brother.

Precision : It can go into Dark AUs, including serial killer, whichever. So long as Dean isn't abused by Sam; they care for each other, hence Dean protecting Sam even if he's deadlier.

I also remember reading a story where Sam is androgynous and looks frail, but he's deadlier than Dean. I lost the link though. [FOUND] > Lexicale's Law of the Talon - It's wincest and in an AU setting where they don't seem to be hunters.

If there's J2 (gen or slash) variants of those, which is what I meant by ''and a half search'', I'd read that too. :)
I don't care which ''J'' is the equivalent.
10 March 2012 @ 10:56 pm

I'm already gonna apologize in case something in this request is not very clear, English is not my mother language XD

I already spent too much time on the hurt!Jared tags, on here, delicious, pinboard, bottom!Jared communities and etc,  but I don't think I ever found a fic with the plot I'm interested in, so a little help here, please, my fic addicted friends?

I'm basically looking for some fic - BOTTOM!JARED only, please - where the boys get together in a relationship, but Jared doesn't really want it to be monogamous. Basically he goes out with other people, cheats on Jensen and all.

I don't care if Jensen agreed with the situation in the first place, or if Jared hides his dates from him, I just want some hurt!Jensen. and  happy end, if possible, I want nothing but J2 together and happy, always!

Thank you!
26 February 2012 @ 05:15 pm
I am looking for a specific Warlord/Barbarian Jensen/Jared fic. I believe Jensen captured Jared villages and I remember that Jared was claimed by Jensen and his friend Chad was claimed by Sophia. I remember a scene where all those who have been claimed or something were marked or branded by their owners when they arrived to their new village and Jared was very nervous of being marked and there was a whole dub-con feel to it...possibly! Also, I remember that Jensen was very possessive of Jared I believe there was also a sequel with Jared fighting Christian to see if Jared's swordplay has been improved.

Also, any recs with warlord/barbarian Jensen with a captured/kidnapped Jared or even a warlord/barbarian Dean with a captured/kidnapped Sam would be great appreciated. I just ask for top!Jensen or top!Dean and no non-con for that matter. Thank you very much in advance!
25 February 2012 @ 03:42 am
I just finished this really amazing fic here:


Jared was kidnapped by Jensen Ackles and his company whose business it is to supply newly trained subs for an ever growing market of Doms and in that one moment Jared’s whole life is turned on its head with no way of escape. Not only does he have to deal with his own health issues as a diabetic but he has to put his trust in a total stranger who’s green eyes haunts him in his dreams.

This is also the story of Jensen Ackles who has the duty to train this newly obtained sub, to break him into the perfect sub; but fate steps in – as well as betrayal and even though Jensen knows that the Dom partnership of Jim and Jeffrey would take good care of Jared, was he willing to part with the spirited Jared or will Jared become Jensen’s own perfect sub?

and I'm really craving for more fics with the dom/sub dynamic, but I'm having some trouble finding them.

So basically I'm here begging for you guys to rec me everything with submissive Jared you have already read.

Thank you!

14 February 2012 @ 06:22 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a link to a fic. I don't remember the name of the person who wrote it but the fic had something to do with Jensen and Jared being a relationship (married maybe). They had two sons, I think (not mpreg) and Jared fell ill (Cancer? something really serious and life threatening). Most of it is a blur but I do remember Drew Fuller, being like, um, Jared's caretaker (or doctor) and he was kind of hitting on Jared. And Jared give in and they, well I don't think they have sex, but they probably kissed or something and one day while Drew was being all flirty, Jensen stumbled upon them and loads of possessive jealous and angst. Oh and Jensen is a cop, Sheriff maybe??

Oh and it's bottom!Jared.

thank you!!!
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