The latest episode has reminded me of how much I love fics where the Winchesters are just huge BAMFs.
I'm looking for fics that show how actually dangerous Sam and Dean can be, especially against "normal" enemies (i.e. nothing world-ending (although they do kick ass there too)). Can be monster or human related (e.g. law enforcement etc). Outsider POV is always cool for these kind of things, but that's not a requirement.

Can be Sam and/or Dean centric (although I'm more of a Dean!girl *cough*).

Double bonus if you could point me towards "Dean being a dangerous bamf in Hell/ Purgatory" fics

I'd prefer no Wincest, but I'll read it if you think the story is just that good.

Thanks! :)

[Is there no "Hell" tag or did I overlook it?]
Happy New Year!

I know in the past I have looked for stories where Sam realizes all that Dean has sacrificed throughout their lives but now I am looking for stories where Sam knows how much Dean sacrifices for him and all that Dean does for everyone else that he does something significant for Dean to show him that he appreciates him. Can be something as simple as Sam giving Dean a thoughtful gift or as big as planning a birthday party with their Hunter"family".

I'm also looking for stories where Sam defends Dean or even brags about him. Stories where Sam points out how smart Dean is to either their dad or other hunters. Where he points out the EMF meter that Dean made or how Dean figures out patterns on cases quicker and better than other hunters. Even stories where he brags about Dean to his Stanford friends and tells them that it was Dean who raised him.

Gen and wincest are fine. Please no WIPs. Self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can offer.
31 December 2016 @ 01:47 am
This story has Sam trying to figure out a riddle or something and he can't, it's quite long and complicated, I think Dean looks over Sam's shoulder and after reading it a few times works out the answer and Sam can't believe it. Does anyone know the story I'm talking about, and if there are any more stories out there about Sam thinking Dean's not as smart as him then finding out he is, please include them in the comments. Thx
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I need something along the lines of

1) Sam and Dean are fighting and during a hunt, Dean takes out all of his frustrations out on a creature and Sam or Bobby or whoever are sort of freaked out/surprised

2) Dean is pissed at Cas because they're arguing or because Cas is hurt and he goes nuts in a fight

3) Everyone knows Dean is scarily talented at fighting and killing creatures, but one day he really shows what he's capable of- love stories that include Jim and Bobby and John and Sam and everyone else- Cas too of course.

4) Dean outwits a creature/Demon and everyone just stares at him except maybe Bobby who knew Dean was smart

5) and one of my favorites- John comes back to life and is surprised at how different his children are, but more specifically I want one where Dean is with Sam and Cas and (maybe Kevin...if one even exists like that) and Dean doesn't trust John, or is pissed that John isn't okay with Cas (or Kevin). He's scarily protective and John is super surprised.

Or, you know...anything like those. Thank you!! (gen, slash- either one works)
22 September 2016 @ 07:37 am
Hello! Have I mentioned lately how much I love this Com? :)

I am on a hunt for stories that have Dean doing something that surprises Sam. Something that Sam was unaware that he could do. Something like using sign language, able to "read" Braille or amazing cooking (because he learned more after Sam went to college). Something like play an instrument (guitar, piano) or he's really good at repairing electronics (he did make a homemade EMF after all). Even something as simple as speaking another language. Anything that surprises Sam.

Please no WIPs. Self recs are always welcomed. Gen or Wincest is fine too.

Thank you in advance
29 December 2015 @ 11:44 am
So Christmas has kind of sucked this year and I've dived head first back into the fandom but all the stories I seem to be reading involve Dean having a hard time and people bitching to him about it when he's trying his best. So looking for a few types of stories:

1. Someone tells Sam to stop being self righteous because Dean is trying (canon or au)

2. Sam is the one messing up and Dean has to tell him

3. John fails Dean (and Sam) and someone calls him out on it
21 December 2015 @ 02:42 am
Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I read a looong time ago that I've really been struggling to recover. I think it was quite short and it dealt with Sam and Dean's souls mixing slighlty so they each acquired some of the other's personality traits. I think this mixing might've occured as a consequence of trying to save Dean from hell or something like that.

It might've been deleted, but if anyone knows where I can find it I would be eternally grateful!

13 October 2015 @ 09:04 am
Hello!! I'm looking for these fics, I hope you find them.

1. In pre-series after Sam went for Stanford and John left him to hunt alone, Dean decided to attend college in MIT.

2. Fic where Dean and Ash are actually old friends. Dean attended college in MIT behind John's and Sam's back when they lived in Boston, and he met Ash in MIT and became friends.
04 October 2015 @ 11:02 pm
Ok so I read this amazing, amazing story called The Galilei Program(
It's really freaking awesome, and I want to read something like that, because one of my main headcanons for Dean is that he's an effing genius. Seriously. And I really love it when it's acknowledged by other people, especially when it's a high school AU *hint hint*

So please, if anyone finds any stories where Dean is acknowledged to be a genius, please tell me. I'm begging you.
After reading that story, I've been looking all over the place to find stories as good(I REALLY WISH THE AUTHOR CONTINUED WRITING ITTTTT)

I also would love it if you would find maybe something like that as a crossover, or an RPF?

Now then, for my second request I would adore ones with Dean or Jensen when they're down on their luck, or struck by poverty, or homeless, or poor or SOMETHING. Please? I just really love those kinds of stories?
Dunno why. I might be a bit of a sadist?
Same thing as before, crossovers and RPFs are welcome too!

(Gen or any pairing is fine, as long as it's Dean-centric)
Hi! I'm looking for a a couple of specific fics. One is a pwp that I read a while back, in which Dean gets a little bit frustrated by Castiel's reticence during sex and decides to lead by example. Dean and Cas are already in an established relationship, if I recall correctly. Dean tries to explain why he would like it if Cas let himself be more noisy in bed, and Cas doesn't really get it. So Dean decides to dispense with explanations and simply be as noisy as possible, getting Cas to do the same in reaction to him. It's pretty sexy and sweet!

Number two is set in high school, but not an AU. Dean ends up in a Home Economics class somehow, I'm pretty sure he didn't sign up for it purposefully. He starts out bored and spends all class ignoring the teacher and checking out the cute girls, but gets frustrated with them when they bitch about what Dean considers a simple sewing project (he's used to altering Sam's clothes already). They're pretty much classic mean girls. So instead of hooking up with one of them, Dean makes friends with the one not-so-pretty girl in the class who actually knows what she's doing when it comes to cooking and sewing, just like Dean, and they do a project together and totally show up everyone else in the class. Dean even learns some new things and applies them to Sammy's benefit at home.

Any help would be appreciated!
31 August 2015 @ 12:22 pm
After having read Tony Stark Requests Your Presence and Supernatural Husbands I am now totally looking for more Iron Man/SPN fics.

Most specifically Tony/Dean, but I'll take most crossovers. Ones like the first fic where Tony recognizes Dean's genius with electronics and mechanics would be best, or he (knowingly or unknowingly) sponsors Dean's college education would be awesome, but since this doesn't seem to be too big of a type, I'll take anything.

EDIT: I've learned that there were originally 2 more fics in the Baby Mine series other than the fic mentioned above but I can't seem to find them anywhere. If someone could point me towards them or email me I'd be ever so grateful as I love the first fic and really want more! My email is my LJ handle
30 August 2015 @ 06:11 pm
I've recently read several stories where Dean is offered the chance to go to college and turns it down. Are there any fics where he actually accepts and goes to college/university (with or without Sam)?

Also any College AUs are also good.

Will read any pairing except Dean/OFC.
25 August 2015 @ 06:28 pm


Specific Destiel Fic

This was a smart Dean fic where Dean accidentally solves an unsolvable math problem. I know it is destiel. I think it was at AO3.


    General Smart Dean fics with some restriction.

    Also if there are any more like this one. I really would like some smart Dean. No wincest not hint or even implications of it. Gen, destiel, and OC are okay woth me but no wincest please. Please tell me if it's a one shot or a long story. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

      From the top of my head I've already read the Cazadore series by Enola Jones

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      19 August 2015 @ 06:57 pm
      Hey Guys,

      I'm looking for any fics you have about Dean doing wood work, metal work and/or mechanics(cars) in high school and him being really good at it. It can be AU or Canon I'm not bothered.

      For pairings I will take gen, Destiel or Dean/OFC though NO WINCEST PLEASE!!

      After rereading the Journey's End fics and Learning How to Fly I now want more fics where Dean either runs off or somehow becomes military and ends up on the Stargate program which Sam learns about somehow. Either when it goes public or he someone learns of it. What I really want is him needing to confront all of the 'good little soldier' stuff he said when he left for Stanford and the fact that Dean is a lot smarter and more able than he gave his brother credit for.

      It's okay if the Sam bit is just a small part of a much larger fic.

      Other crossovers that result in a similar soldier!Dean or successful!professional!government!Dean are also welcome. I'm always willing to expand my horizons show-wise. Or if it's not a crossover with the same results then that's fine too.

      Gen, het or slash welcome. Just no Sam/Dean or Sam/angels other than Lucifer.
      09 August 2015 @ 02:10 am

      I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam and Dean are recruited into the coastguard as rescue swimmers in order to solve a case. Dean showed how smart and kind he was. They eventually fall in love, and end up in Oregon as rescue swimmers. I think it was a WIP, and Dean had a cat called Jethro that he saved from drowning as a kitten. It's quite long, and very character driven, with some good OCs.

      Many thanks

      22 July 2015 @ 02:44 pm
      I've read the first story Tony Starks Request your Presences by BJ Wolf but I've heard that there are more stories in the baby series. Where can I find them.
      13 July 2015 @ 09:16 pm
      Suddenly remebered a fic I really want to read but forgot the name and author so I hope that somenone could help me!
      All that I remeber that Dean is very smart, he got custody over Sam wich Sam didn't know and Dean hade written all the lawyer papers all by himself.

      Please help!!


      FOUND!! =)
      11 July 2015 @ 06:44 pm

      I'm looking for a fic where John, Sam and Dean have a ghost in a high shool injuring teachers. Dean goes in as a subtitute and using Roller Coasters for teaching physics.

      22 June 2015 @ 08:45 am
      Hello all!

      I'm looking for a particular fic where Dean is paralyzed from waist below (because of a hunt went wrong or because of the fire that killed his mom or whatever), which made people (especially hunters and supernatural creatures) thought he's not capable to hunt (a useless kid in dangerous, crazy world) and always told him to stop hunting and get an apple pie life. But, to their unknowledge, Dean is actually a genius in thinking out-of-the-box and he created many bizzare ways that allowed him to hunt (I remember that one where he composed a song by using demon exorcism spell as its lyrics so he could silently kick the demons away when he's in a bar without making the demons suspicious and didn't make the normal people think he's crazy, that's so bizzarely genius and Gabriel worthy).

      Please help me to looking for this fic!

      Oh, and I also would like another fics with the same plot like above (a disable but genius dean fic).

      I don't mind if the fic is Gen or slash but if there's sex scene I want bottom!Dean only.

      Thank you for your help in advance!
      05 June 2015 @ 10:07 pm
      I'm looking for any fics that involve the boys being raised as Men of Letters. I am particularly interested in fics that have the boys raised apart (either related or not), with Sam raised as the MoL and Dean raised as a Hunter, but I'll read anything where one or both is raised to be a MoL. Like, maybe Sam is a Winchester and Dean is a Campbell. I'm not picky about pairings so any (or none) will do. It would be great if someone knew of a collection of such stories that I could poke through, too.
      Hey guys :)

      1)So I've seen a lot of nerd!dean/punk!cas or nerd!castiel/punk!dean stories, but I was wondering if there are any wincest stories like that. I don't mind which role either of them plays (either of them can be nerdy or punk), just as long as it's along that trope. Because so far, I haven't really found anything and I'm interested to see if any fics like that exist.

      2) So we all know that Sam's considered the smart one (well at least bookish smart, because Dean Winchester isn't stupid), but I'm looking for fics where Dean is the one who's considered to be smart, because there aren't enough fics like this. I'm particularly looking for nerdy!dean fics because it gives me life. Here's the catch though. I am looking for wincest fics in that category, not gen.

      Thanks :)
      I'm looking for any fics regarding Dean dropping out of high school
      - and Sam being upset...maybe Dean being a little upset too?

      Also smart!dean fics where another character (bonus for sam or john) realize how smart Dean actually is. Maybe he just 'played dumb' because that's all everyone's ever assumed and at this point, he believes it.

      Anything like that!
      (self recs and sam/dean are great)
      It's a pretty general search, but I'd love to read any fics that have Dean dealing with prejudice due to class. I've seen this intersect with smart!Dean a fair bit which I also love, but really, give me anything where class issues are a major factor - anything from poverty to people treating him differently because he's working class.

      Any pairings, but please let me know if it's Wincest because I'm a bit pickier there. Any time period as well, and AUs are perfectly fine. Thank you in advance!
      23 March 2015 @ 07:35 pm
      Does anyone have a pdf file of Wolverines, Wendigos and Winchesters by SciFiNutTX? I have been unable to contact the author about it, so I'mhoping someone else can help me.

      Also looking for one of When Worlds Collide by elfinblue, if anyone's got that, too.

      Can anyone help me, pretty please?

      AN: I think I got all the right tags, but sorry in advance if I hit a wrong one. I'm on a tablet and it's surprisingly hard to hit the right words on a touchscreen, lol!
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      11 February 2015 @ 02:25 pm
      Trying to find a fic in Sam's POV where Dean starts saying stuff that's really smart/educated and Sam's observing it and ends up getting really turned on by Dean's intelligence.

      Thanks for your help guys!

      FOUND!  See comments!
      Hi All,
      This story was request last year and it was found, unfortunately, I forgot to save it. I can't remember the title or author. I just remember a certain scene playing out so I hope it is enough information. Here goes:

      I can't remember if Sam is suffering from Stockholm symdrome or is just really mentally unstable ( gone crazy) because of Dean.

      I can't remember if Dean was a Ware or Serial Killer? I do remember he was wanted by the FBI and he was #1 most wanted in the nation. He was dangerously really good at killing and evading the authorities.

      I do remember that the Feds either arrived at where they knew Dean was staying at but the found Sam there instead (I don't remember if he was bound or lock in the basement?). Well they took him in to the closest precinct to question him/interrogate him? I remember that Sam was either really terrified and wanted to get back or he was totally crazy and ranting? I do remember him looking at the Fed/Cop and saying " The wolf is coming, you should't have taken his cub?" I do remember all hell brakes lose in the Precinct after Sam said that or maybe a bit later?

      Does this ring a bell to any one? Would really love to read again.
      Thank you Guys for all your help.
      19 November 2014 @ 03:51 pm
      Hi All,
      I just finished reading "unleashed" by Indigo2831 in Fan Fiction and I was hoping to find similar fics with the same theme. ""

      I am looking for fics that basically portray Dean as the protective, fighter, big bad hunter that he is and When it comes to Sam his little brother, when he means "no one" touches his little brother, he means it and he goes out to leave that message loud and clear with any and all. Especially within the hunter community I would like it where he has to reminds them again by introducing himself (My name is Dean Winchester) and asking out loud to a bar full of hunters or gang of hunters and asking once again "what his number one rule is" like he does in the above story. And having an old timer/hunter responding out loud the answer.

      It should have kidnapped, hurt Sammy because once again hunters find out Sam let out Lucifer or they find out he has/had Demon Blood.

      Dean finding him with the hunters or after math (they hurt him but they take off cause they knew Dean was close by) but he takes Sam to the hospital, seeing his brother hurt like that make Dean's blood boil/ rage and realizes he need to send a loud message to the community once and for all. He leaves Sam at the hospital with either Bobby or Kevin or Castiel letting them know he needs to take care of something.

      Or it could be John and Dean (would love to see some protective John Winchester and what he is capable of when he see his youngest hurt) reminding the hunter community "no one messes with their youngest" could be Pre-Stanford or even or after Stanford.

      (I am so excited that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be at the Las Vegas convention with Jensen and Jared)!!!

      So if you know of any stories with this theme please send them to me??? I can't seem to find that many?
      04 November 2014 @ 05:32 am

      I enjoy stories about Dean being smart (you know, the guy who made his own EMF or the electromagnet that ruined the Ghostfacers' video, etc). However, most of the smart!Dean fics I find all include Sam shocked that Dean is so smart and then Dean being hurt that his brother thought he was stupid. Are there any stories where Sam is proud or even smug about Dean's intelligence instead of surprised? I would even love it if Dean were either shy about it or, the opposite, loves throwing it in people's faces when they take one look at him and expect the opposite (as I'm guessing happened a lot in school for him).

      I'm looking for a specific fic that was probably a fill of this prompt from hoodie-time: Sometime when Sam is at Stanford Dean shows up and "Sam invites Dean to sit with his friends and tries to keep changing the subject to topics he thinks Dean can handle (cars, movies, etc). One of Sam's friends is a big jerk and turns the topic onto something academic. To everyone's surprise, Dean is able to not only keep up but he wins the debate."

      The fic I'm looking for is NOT The Subjectivity of Truth, but it's very similar. The one I'm looking for is less about Sam underestimating Dean and hurting Dean's feelings and more about Dean just being awesome and Sam being proud of his brother (I think). The subject that the jerk friend brings up is from one of their classes I think and the debate is about something law related. Dean maybe cites a supreme court case?
      I'm pretty sure this was an abandoned WIP but its an AU, I think pre-series or Stanford!era (or at least Sam is at Stanford), and Dean is called out to help some hunters with a case. It takes place in the desert and Dean is called because he knows Enochian really well. There's like rings around something, and each ring has Enochian guarding it. At one point Dean manages to get through a ring but it brings up (bad) memories; other hunters take bets on who can go farthest (whose the toughest); one of the hunters was Gordon. Anyway as they get closer to the center Dean starts to remember this guy Castiel, whose the love of his life. At some point they get through the rings and Zachariah was the one keeping him trapped (in a cave or below ground?) I remember the place floods but Dean and Cas get out and they end up in the hospital. When Dean wakes up - I think he has the burn on his shoulder and is extremely tired but is otherwise ok - he pushes to get to Cas's room and an OMC hunter tells the doctors to let him.

      Other random parts I remember: there was another hunter about Dean's age who Dean used to have a crush on but he's married, and one scene (chapter?) is from his POV thinking about this and that he cares a lot about Dean. (Who I think was called - or he called Dean - Slick or Ace or Lucky.) During the story we find out Dean is in charge of making fake IDs for hunters (this OMC could have been better at it if he had more patience.) (I think he also had an extra insurance card that Cas uses?) I also remember - there may have been two hospital stays - but the OMC is calling all these hunters out (Bobby, Rufus, Jo, Ellen, OCs, etc) to help him rescue Cas and Dean - with his low self-esteem - expresses surprise and the OMC is like "duh, of course, if you love Cas we want to help." (Dean may have tried to call Sam for help and didn't get an answer right before this.) OMC was also worried about this Cas guy being good enough for Dean.

      Not 100% sure but I think it was on A03.

      Thank you so much for any help!


      Found -- You are all that I adore by jenny_wren
      03 September 2014 @ 03:13 pm
      Hey, I suddenly had the hankering for smart!Dean, and I particularly liked bjwolfs_playpen's Baby Mine series where Tony Stark hunts up Dean to hire him after letting him slip through his fingers years ago. When I went to the journal, imagine my shock and horror when I found that the journal had deleted! Please help!

      There were three stories in the Baby Mine series, I've managed to find the first story only. Is there any kind, thoughtful soul out there that saved the second two? Please?

      I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for your help!
      29 August 2014 @ 11:33 am
      I'm moving house and it is super stressful, so I'm looking for upbeat fics with happy endings to read in my fleeting moments of spare time.
      I'm after casefics where BAMF!Dean saves the day using his smarts. Doesn't have to be extremely long fic or purely casefic. Bonus points if its scenarios that are very close to canon, like noticing patterns other hunters don't, and sneaky stuff like tricking Eve into biting him etc... I think I've read too much hurt!Dean fic lately and I really need aggressive protective Dean. I'm cool with angst and show-levels of pain etc, but the happy endings are an absolute must. Nothing ambiguous, no 'happy if you squint' etc. Stories which really highlight how intelligent, cunning and skilled Dean is. Other character's POV (Sam, Bobby, Cas etc) on Dean is great, as is outside POV, cos we all know Dean doesn't see that in himself. Self recs are a-okay with me!
      Please no: permanent injury, death!fic, blind/deaf/illiterate!Dean, non-canon AUs (canon-divergence is fine)
      I strongly prefer slash of the Destiel variety, but will happily take Wincest or Gen fics too. Please no het fics, but mention of ex-girlfriends and whatnot is fine. For any fics which include sex: top!Dean only please.
      06 June 2014 @ 01:25 pm
      I would love to read any fics that involve Sam and Dean being raised to be Men of Letters. I'm not picky about plot specifics, just anything where the Men of Letters continued to exist and Sam and Dean were raised knowing about them or raised to be on themselves. (Or even if one was raised a MOL and the other a hunter.) Any pairing or gen fic will do, though Wincest is always a plus.

      02 June 2014 @ 08:43 pm
      Hi friends,

      I am craving for AU fics where Dean is engaged in a nice non-hunting (and non-supernatural related) profession.

      Most AU stories I have read so far tend to assign a very physical job to Dean..a mechanic, a bouncer, firefighter and so on.I love them....but I really wanna read alternate universe stories where Dean is a doctor, lawyer, engineer, software professional, social worker, artist, author, police/fbi agent, teacher/professor etc. Any story where Dean is smart enough to have these challenging professions would make my day.

      Any AU fic where Dean is a high flying professional or studying to be one (for eg. med student/ law student etc.) is welcome. Any pairing other than wincest is fine with me :)

      Thanx a million in advance
      22 May 2014 @ 01:05 pm
      Hi, I'm into abused!dean and abusive!sam, and for detail, I'm looking for things like:

      1. Sam abuses Dean. No demon!sam, power!sam, robo!sam, boyking!sam, possessed!sam, lucifer!sam, vessel!sam, shifter!sam, not-sam, ect. Just Sam, pre-series would be fantastic but any timeline is cool. There can be someone find out and help him (maybe John or Bobby) or not.

      2. Sam or John calling Dean's work (his drawing, his handmade machine...) trash and throw them away.
      For example: "How I Know Your Brother", "Secrets Kept, Secrets Found", "Trash"

      3. Both Sam and John abuse Dean. I would prefer non-sexual abuse but sexual abuse is okay too.
      for example: "Sweet Sixteen", "Toy Verse"

      Hope that lucky will come to me xD Thank you!
      Sam/Dean, John/Dean, Dean/OMC are welcome but I can only take bottom!dean.
      Hello! I haven't posted a request myself here before, but since I feel like I've been pretty good at answering other people's recs on here I thought I'd give it a go myself :) There are four (really more, but right now this is it :P) types of fic that I look for:

      1. Is there any Captain America fusion fic out there with Dean in the role as Steve Rogers? This is really the only type I'm interested in, I've seen many versions with Cas as the captain, but that 's really not what I'm looking for. Alternatively any type of fic where Dean goes from zero to hero is gold in my book - especially if this involves some kind of physical transformation!

      2. I've always been a huge fan of the Billy Elliot movie and musical and thinking about it a couple of days ago the story is perfect for a destiel-fusion with Castiel as Michael and Dean as Billy (they even have the same colouring!). So if anything like this exists out there I will be eternally grateful to the author who wrote it and the kind person who found it for me! (I know Billy Elliot isn't very big in the fanfiction world..)

      3. Any fic where Dean discovers that he's really a prince, a chosen one in a fantasy!AU or rich or anything like that. Something that would entail a big change in his lifestyle, maybe he would need to undergo training, deal with the press or be expected to act differently. Anything that involves major lifestyle-changes really!

      4. Any good Narnia/SPN-fusions/crossovers. I think I've exhausted anything that exists on ao3 and, but I might have missed some really good ones, and I'm also hoping there are some on LJ or tumblr floating around, that I haven't found.

      As for pairings I don't really have any OTP and am fine with both het and slash, though I do prefer to not read wincest, if possible (I'll read it because if not I'll miss SO many good fics, but then I always have to imagine them not being brothers and it generally makes fic slightly less enjoyable for me). The most important part for me is really that it's Dean-centirc. Thanks in advance to anyone that answer my requests! :)
      28 January 2014 @ 08:01 pm
      Hey all,
      I've been trying for a while now to find a specific fiction that I had started reading a while ago (I think it wasn't complete and I decided to wait to finish it until it was), but seem to have misplaced it somewhere or maybe it no longer exists.

      The story is centered around dean after he has somehow been turned into a vampire - it's sams fault somehow, not entirely sure how though - and he tries to not feed for a while before he eventually becomes desperate for blood. Castiel finds dean in this condition and feeds him his own blood and explains that it fills him better and for longer periods of time than a humans would. That's about all I can remember of the story from the top of my head. I do believe that it is a lengthy series, not a one-shot or short story or something and that it was hosted here on livejournal. I also think that it eventually became a castiel/dean pairing fiction, but again I'm not certain of this. If you know what fiction I'm on about please let me know as I've been looking for it for a while now. [ Found: ]

      Thanks in advance,

      P.S. I'm also interested in any fictions were dean is the central character and he is showing how intelligent he is. I've been looking here on spnstoryfinders for such fictions for a while, but nobody ever really seems to request fictions in which dean is the main character and the pov that is written from while still showing how intelligent he is. I'm interested in such stories as long as they are either gen or slash and stay within the supernatural realm of some sort. I'm not really particular as to what slash pairing as long as it's dean with another guy and doesn't involve gender-bending/gender-changing circumstances. Also such stories shouldn't be less than at least 10k words in length. I'm a length snob and can't stand short fictions. Again, thanks in advance.
      26 December 2013 @ 06:31 pm
      I was browsing the smart!Dean tag & noticed the story "Lawrence" by [ profile] bishopsbird being recced very often. After reading the summary, I wanted to read it, but all the links lead to an "access denied" page, and when I go to the author's journal it seems to be locked down.

      I am wondering if this fic is located anywhere else, or if not and the author is not against sharing, if anyone who has a copy of this fic would be willing to share their copy with me? Thank you!


      ETA - [ profile] maryjo24 has provided a download link for this fic over at another entry here, you can also find the same link provided by a kind anonymous poster down in the comments as well.
      24 September 2013 @ 09:24 am
      I have searched all the previous smart!dean requests but can't seem to find the one story I am looking for.  I read a story years ago about how Sam didn't know how smart Dean actually was and found out after Stanford that Dean was a mechanical genius.  Dean had hidden bank accounts with money that he made from selling his inventions (like the EMF detector).  Ring any bells?  Found in comments
      13 September 2013 @ 12:48 pm
      Dean plays Veronica Mars and his girlfriend Anna Milton was murdered. Anna's twin castiel helps dean investigate the town/high school for suspects. This was a collection of story's and at some part dean breaks are cut and he crashes as a warning and in another scence cas and dean break into the miltons bussiness to bug the head of security.

      I read this of archiveofourown but can't find it now

      Any help would be brilliant
      01 June 2013 @ 05:22 pm
      I'm new to LiveJournal (I made this account just for this post) and I really enjoy me some Dean angst. I'm only looking for gen fics though so please no slash or het pairings and no Wincest please. Any length, though I have been reading a lot of One shots and drabbles lately.

      1. I love fics where Sam realizes what Dean has had to give up to give him a relatively normal childhood (by their standards). I read one recently where Sam has dreams of when they were children and sees that Dean gave him all the food and hid him from the CPC, there was also another one where Sam realizes that Dean eats so much because he had to go hungry a lot when they were kids.

      2. I also have a soft spot for fics were Dean has abandonment issues and Bobby comforts him. Also where Sam sees what him leaving for Stanford did to Dean.

      3. Any Smart!Dean fics I haven't read would also be great. I like the ones where he gets accepted to university but doesn't go cause he has to keep the peace between John and Sam.

      4. Sick!Dean or Drugged!Dean would be awesome, especially if he becomes really honest or fevered and has hallucinations.

      5. Any Bunker!Fics with Dean nesting or cooking.

      Any gen Dean angst is fine really. I am also looking for some Delicious accounts to go through so if there are any with a lot of Gen fics I would be really grateful for a link. Thanks!
      28 May 2013 @ 05:39 pm
      Ok guys, I just read a bunch of fics that I felt did not give Dean his due. So I'm looking at all you Dean-lovers out there and asking you to rec me some serious Dean-appreciation fics. More specifically, I'd love to read fics like:

      1. Smart!Dean Destiel fics. Most smart!dean stories I read are gen, but I'd really like to read Destiels that have this aspect of Dean mentioned. I hate reading fics where Dean is written as the dumb jock to Castiel's (and Sam's) nerd. I don't care where it's set, and I'm not even looking for fics where his intelligence is the main point - just fics where Cas (and Sam... and everyone else, really) acknowledges how smart he is.

      2. Dean having a job that requires high qualifications. Like, he's a doctor, or a professor, or an engine designer or a Secret Agent Man. I'd especially love it if he doesn't seem like it, and people are really surprised when they find out.

      3. Also, I'd love fics where Dean is a pre-k or elementary teacher. Or a baker or chef... because a man who knows how to cook is hot. Especially pie.

      And really, any and all fics that you think properly appreciates the awesomeness and beauty of Dean Winchester - I'd love to read them!

      No Wincest please. Destiels only. Thanks!
      Hi there!

      I need a little pick-me up from the emotional roller coaster of a week I'm having, and I'm hoping you guys will oblige :)

      Anyway, I'm looking for fics that are:

      1. Fics where Dean is actually a good student in school (HS or College, I like both, though I don't read too much Wee!Chester). I always figured John would never put up with Dean doing anything less than stellar, Marine-standards bearing man that he is. Also, if Dean got into too much trouble or got really bad grades, it would just call too much attention to their home lives. I would love it if these are Destiels.

      2. Girl!Dean fics where Dean has always been a girl and is the only one is the cast who's been genderbent. I'm really interested with the idea of Dean as a girl growing up in the all-male world of canon!Dean and how she adapted. Also, I'd love AUs just as much as canon in this case, especially if set in HS or College since I haven't read much of those. Destiel pairing please.

      3. Any fics out there that have elements of Dean being really good friends with Gabriel or Chuck or Charlie? If it's with Gabriel, please don't have it turn out as Sabriel, since I'm not a fan of that. Chuck needs more love I think, and I really like the thought of Dean being friends with someone like him. Charlie and Dean are my BrOTP, so I will always ask for this. Once again, Destiels are loved.

      4. This one is pretty general - any fic where Dean's soul is written as pretty amazing, and I'm talking like shining-beacon in the supernatural world kind of amazing. Destiel is my preferred pairing if there is one, of course.

      No Wincest please! Thanks you guys!
      27 March 2013 @ 09:40 pm

      There's a story I've been searching for which includes:

      Castiel as a teacher and Dean as a student. Dean's new at the school and Castiel is the English teacher who assigns the class classical literature. However, Dean interprets it correctly, mocks it (Dante's Inferno) a bit, and Castiel is impressed. I think John left Dean and Sammy alone while he went hunting.

      Castiel is hiding a secret about the supernatural too. (Highlight)His brother Gabriel is a werewolf.

      I'm not entirely sure if Sam was mentioned in this fic, but I'm pretty certain he was. I don't know if he played a very important role though.

      Thank you! :)
      16 March 2013 @ 07:47 pm
      I'm a total dean girl and in the mood for fics that reflect positively on him. Here are my requests!

      1. fics where someone (Bobby,John, Dean, Cas, Outsider) realizes how much Dean really does for others and just acknowledges it if they don't show their appreciation to him directly

      2. Dean is shown how much his actions really affect people on a day-to-day basis. Like someone he once saved meets him again and thank him once again. Or maybe he helped out someone who was in a bad place and they meet him again when their really successful and tell him how he changed their life.

      3. fics that showcase how amazing dean really is and other people appreciating him for more than his pretty looks or them being almost in awe of him.

      4. Fics where Dean was really cool and popular in high school and everyone wanted him or wanted to be his friend and he's totally charming. Destiel fics are accepted.

      5. fics that show Dean being a total BAMF and legendary in the hunting community for feats he did while he was on his own. Other hunters appreciating dean's help and liking him and maybe getting angry at how Sam and John underestimate and take advantage of dean

      6. fics where other people are protective of dean for some reason. Maybe someone said something cutting about him and hurts his feelings, or someone hits him or something, whatever. As long as someone else blows up on his behalf.
      11 March 2013 @ 09:17 pm
      Hello there!

      I would really like fics that discuss the class issues we see on Supernatural. I know I have seen one or two about Sam's Stanford friends judging Dean, but I'd really like for any outsider POV discussing in some way the fact that Dean and Sam are from a lower class/underclass background, or maybe even their ability (Sam's in particular) to pass as from a middle class background. It doesn't have to be the center of the story or anything, but I would really be interested if it were. Dean being smarter than people assume he is would be appreciated. Or if the outsider POV is too much to ask, how about any POV, Sam's, Dean's, whoever's, as long as class is treated sensitively and accurately?

      I love long!fic, but any length is fine, and AUs are okay as long as they still deal with this issue. Whatever pairings are fine, too: Castiel/Dean is a bonus but not required; similarly, I'm not really a Sam/Dean 'shipper but I'll take it as long as it has the class aspect evident.

      Thank you!
      Okay, I'm looking for a few different things here.

      1. Any fics where Dean's birthday is forgotten. Maybe he grows up not celebrating his birthday, when they always celebrate Sam's birthday. Or when Sam is at Stanford, he has to spend his birthday alone because Sam and John don't remember. OR, after Dean picks Sam up from Stanford up to anywhere in season 8, Sam and/or everyone else forgets Dean's birthday, and Dean is disappointed but doesn't mention anything, and everyone remembers later. I'd rather it be Non-Au.

      2. Fics where Dean stops eating because he is stressed, keeps forgetting, someone says something mean about his eating habits (kind of like John in The Illusionist on, Sam realizes Dean didn't eat enough as a child because he gave it all to Sam, etc. Please, Non-AU.

      3. Any fics where maybe Sam realizes Dean puts on a front, but in reality he's really shy or his true personality is like the opposite from what he makes it out to be and he only acts like that because John wanted him to or it was to protect himself. Maybe even Dean brags about being with tons of woman,  but he hasn't and only said that to pacify John or annoy Sam. Or he pretends to be dumb so Sam feels important. Possibly he is cursed to show his true self. Again, Non-Au please.

      4. Fics based on the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, where Dean and Sam go looking for the city, and Castiel and the other angels are actually the ancient civilization that live there. Destiel please, and obviously AU is the way to go.

      5. Any fics where Sam and Dean climb Mt. Everest for some reason. Possibly they have to go on a journey to find some random artifact or something. Really specific with details on how hard the climb was and what they went through. Non-AU please.

      If you could help me with any of these requests, I'd really appreciate it. Have a nice day! :)
      07 March 2013 @ 04:16 pm
      Hi this is my first time posting in this community. I was wondering if there any AU stories out there where Dean's daughter lives and is not bent on killing Daddy. Or if not if there are any stories out there that shows that Dean's really upset by her loss. Because when Sam kills her you can see he was trying not to cry.

      And if someone could direct me to any good powers!dean, smart!dean and any stories where Sam realizes how badly he has treated Dean and tries to make up for it.
      22 January 2013 @ 05:50 pm
      I'm gonna turn 20 tomorrow, and I thought I might celebrate leaving my teen years behind with a bunch of Dean fics. Hopefully, I'll be lucky and get lots of recs :) Some of these are actually regurgitated versions of my old searches, but I wanna see if I can get new fics outta them.

      1. Smart!Dean is canon to me, and I love reading fics that have this. School fics would be awesome - high school or college, I don't mind either way - but this sort of fic can be set whenever and wherever.

      2. Considering up top, I have a hankering for Destiel fics where Dean is practically cliche. You know the type - smart, popular, awesome, kind... an amazing older brother. I only ask that he's not an asshole, since popular!Dean is sometimes written as that.

      3. Fics that basically have the world finding out just how important to the grand scheme of things Dean is - and I'm talking Messianic connotations here. Fics that grounds in the fact that a whole lotta extraordinary things (even by hunter standards) seem to revolve around this BAMF. Outsider POVs are loved.

      4. Related to #3 - any fics out there that deals with how the supernatural world views Dean. Like how his soul was shining brightly even when the Pit, or how some angels consider Dean damn near holy.

      5. Stories where Castiel, through his own ignorance to social norms or maybe a lack of faith in Dean's own commitment, cheats on him. AU or canon, I just wanna read fics where Dean is the one who wants to commit, and Cas is the one who screws up. Happy endings, though I want to read guilty!Cas and hurt!Dean.

      6. Rockstar or celebrity AUs where Dean defies stereotype. Destiel please.

      7. Girl!Dean fics are loved. Especially irresistible, totally aware of her own hotness girl!Dean. I would really prefer Destiel, but this is also the only way I'll read Wincest, so I'll accept those too.

      8. Chef!Dean, or maybe baker!Dean. IDK, just want to read fics with him like this.

      9. Michael!Dean? Not fics where Dean says yes to Michael, but fics where he was Michael all this time. Oh, since I'm on this anyway, any fics out there where Dean is actually God or something, or his vessel.

      10. This one is the orange in a bushel of apples - I'd love to read fics where Dean has both younger brothers with him. Like, it can be from Adam's POV, or even just fics where he has a brotherly relationship with Dean.

      ** If there's a pairing, Destiel is my OTP ^^ No Wincest recs please, except for #7.

      Whew! That was a lot, and I don't know if I'll get any bites, but I can hope! So please, make this birthday girl's wishes come true, and rec me some Dean fics! :)