28 November 2015 @ 11:05 pm
Does anyone have a copy of "Life's a Beach by jya_bd_cp_ttgb"? The author took down the story but is fine with others sharing it, if they have it, so long as they credit the author and artist. jya_bd_cp_ttgb posted, before the story was taken down, that the story could be copied and shared. Beach!verse
14 March 2015 @ 09:31 pm
1.  Looking for the boys in poly relationships and any fics where they are raising children in a poly relationship
          Preferably Dean/Cas/Benny or Wincestiel, but I'm willing to take anything you've got.
2.  On a completely different note, any stories where the boys are raised by Bobby
3.  Good fics where Dean goes to Stanford with Sam.  Bonus points for non wincest
Hi, all! I'm looking for two types of fics. Overall, I'm not a Destiel fan, but I'm sure some people are, so feel free to mention those too. I also preffer bottom!Sam or Jared.

1. Stanford or college fics, prefferably long. Fics that briefly take place at a college are okay (lots of stories start like that), but I'm more looking for fics where Sam is continuously attending college throughout the fic. Ideally, I'd love a student!Sam/professor!Dean fic or perhaps one where they're both attending college. I've read the Homework 'verse by nyxocity and it was fantastic, but it's more erotic than what I'm looking for right now and takes place in high school, not college. Anyway, a college/university campus setting would be adored! These fics don't need to be light, but it'd be nice.

2. I love to read long fics and verses that keep me busy for days and days, but they're all SO angsty, rated NC-17 for dub-con, non-con, and/or torture, or A/B/O which I don't like. I don't want a BDSM fic every minute of every day. Sometimes I just want a light-hearted fic (or somewhat humorous at least) that doesn't involve a chronic illness or rape trauma. I don't need puppies and rainbows, but I'd like something light-hearted. Pet peeve: a zillion characters who chat about nothing. But whatever you have, I'll give it a shot.

Wincest, J2, self-recs all welcome.

13 May 2014 @ 09:29 pm
I'm looking for
1.Stories where Bobby and Ellen raised Dean and Sam
    a.  Or where they spend time with Bobby Ellen and Jo as a family
2.Long plotty non-wincest dean goes to Stanford fics
3.Anything that features Jo as a little sister.

Non-wincest is preferred but, as always, if you think it's worth reading rec it anyway and I'll give it a go.
Please and Thank You,
24 November 2013 @ 04:54 pm
Hey everyone, I've been peeking through this comm and I'm hoping you can help me out..

1. So I read this fic ages ago, and now I can't seem to find it anywhere (It's been driving me CRAZYY). It's a J2 Rockstar AU, and from what I remember it was pretty long. It was partially in Misha's POV, and he was some sort of journalist/gossip columnist who later writes a nasty article about the J's that points out the issues in their relationship.

Jared was openly bisexual and a part of this hugely popular band that he'd started with his childhood friend (his name was Denny, I believe). Jensen was this crazy good photographer who ended up touring a bit with the band and taking their photos on the road, and he was close friends with/in love with Christian Kane (un-reciprocated). Also, I think Jensen might have been ill before meeting Jared (cancer, I believe) and he met Kane through the make a wish foundation or something similar. He and Jared grow closer and fall in love, but there are problems; Jared had a ton of daddy issues, a pretty bad attitude, is unfaithful and has a growing alcohol problem. Denny was a terrible influence on him, because he hated Jensen, and wanted to break them up. The fans started to dislike Jensen too, and seemed to view him as the band's "yoko ono". There was a happy ending though, and lots of broken relationships and hearts get repaired.

Hope that's not terribly confusing! :X

Edit: Found, see the comments ^_^

2. Any more J3 recs? I feel like I've read every one mentioned on this comm, but I was hoping I could find a few more.

3. I know this has probably been asked before, but would anyone happen to know of any Season 1 AU's where Dean ends up going to Stanford with Sam (or something along those lines)? Or at the very least wincest that continues throughout Sam going off to college (i.e. no fighting and not talking for ages)?

I reaaally prefer bottom dean/jensen, and self recs are lovely :D

Thanks so much you guys!
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06 November 2013 @ 08:17 pm
I am looking for a fic I read a while ago, where Dean went with Sam to Stanford. It was Wincest, but Dean wanted Sam to have a chance at  another relationship if he wanted, so they pretended not to be a couple. Dean had transferred from Kansas State. All of Sam's friends were talking about how hot Dean was, but non of them could get him to pay attention to them. Sam went over to him in the cafeteria and came onto him strong. Dean gave in. It was bottom!Dean. I hope someone recognizes it.

Edit! Found in comments
03 November 2013 @ 07:44 am
I'm looking for fics where Sam and Dean run into some of his Stanford friends. It doesn't matter what the situation is or why. Or even something with Dean going with Sam to Stanford and meeting his friends. Sam/Dean only please. I've seen past posts that are close to this but I've gone through them all and would love more! Thanks!!
26 July 2013 @ 09:30 pm
hey so i am looking for a fic, i think it was a long, multi-chaptered one. i think dean visits sam and stanford and then eventually stays, im not entirely sure, i never read the whole thing. i do remember dean calling sam angel a lot and the have sex on the beach i think and then again in the impala and i think there is just a lot of sex throughout. and sam is the bottom. i dont remember much because i stopped reading it since i hate bottom sam/jared but i was just wondering if anyone knows of this story? thanks!

Hi, guys! I'm looking for complete (or regularly updated WIPs) first time Wincest stories of the Dean/Sam persuasion. Any rating and length is fine as long as the story is good and well written. These are the themes I'm interested in right now:

01) Stories in which both Sam and Dean both travel back in time and (for lack of a better term) repossess their younger bodies so they can go about changing some things they want changed. If only one brother goes back, however, I want him to tell the other brother everything so they can still work as a team and also because of trust issues. I have read both 'It's The Blueprint Of Your Life' by Queenklu and 'Sam Winchester's Helpful Hints For Stopping The Apocalypse' by Hopenight and loved them both, which is why I'm making this request.

02) Stories in which John is abusive (emotionally, mentally, physically, and/or sexually) toward Sam and Dean catches him at it, then stands up for his younger brother - possibly even taking Sam and leaving, threatening, beating, or outright killing John depending on the type of abuse and how bad it is. Then Dean should do everything in his power to take care of and comfort Sam. I have read 'No Fortunate Son' by Nocturniquette as well as a few other stories featuring John as a major asshole, but there can never be too many of them as far as I'm concerned.

03) Stories in which Sam is raped by someone else (but not Dean unless he is possessed or something) and Dean takes care of and comforts him, possibly even getting revenge on Sam's behalf. Maybe they could even go to counseling together to help Sam recover and to help Dean help him and also get over any guilt he may feel. Even going to someone they know like Bobby, Ellen, Castiel, or whoever instead of a professional would be cool.

04) Stories in which the boys somehow end up with a child, either through male pregnancy or adoption (even if the adoption isn't done through legal channels) and either settle down (doing the Bobby thing and occasionally taking hunts but not like they used to) or raise the kid on the road like they were raised but doing a better job of it than John had. I've read 'Phoenix Rising' by Slytherinblack and 'Houses Out Of Cardboard Boxes' by Cherie_morte and would love to read more.

05) Stories in which both boys become non-evil creatures and mate with each other or where both boys become warlocks or psychics or whatever and obtain powers (again without becoming evil). Stories in which the boys are bonded in some way would be great too, no matter what the reason. Their new abilities should make them even better at hunting. I've read several stories with soul bonding, but I haven't read many non-evil creature fics and I don't think I've ever read a fic where both boys get magical or psychic powers.

06) Stories in which Dean somehow finds out the truth about what happened in Broward County and realizes that Sam can't live without him any more than he can live without Sam, leading to a lot of hurt/comfort, chick flick moments, and Dean starting to fight for his life instead of acting like he has a death wish all of the time.

07) Stories in which someone important to them (like Bobby or Castiel) work to get Dean and Sam together as a couple.

08) Stories in which the brothers fall in love slowly, with lots of flirting, teasing, touching, and maybe even some cuddling and accidental dating.

09) Stories with super hot and/or really tender sex.

10) Stories in which one of the boys gets majorly jealous over the other and stakes a claim.

11) Stories in which the brothers get off on their blood relation.

12) Stories with bloodplay, knifeplay, and/or biting.

13) Stories in which the boys get hitched.

14) Stories in which incest saves the world somehow.

15) Stories in which Dean either goes to Stanford with Sam or Sam doesn't go to Stanford at all.

I also have on specific search: I read a story once in which Gabriel rescued Castiel and Dean from Purgatory and both angels got deaged, leaving the brothers to raise them.

Well, that's all, please help me! I'd really appreciate it!

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08 February 2013 @ 05:43 pm
I've been reading so many fics where Sam and John treat Dean badly, neglect his feelings and that sort of thing, and while I do love them, but I need me some fluff please.

1)fics where Sam, John or both spoil Dean for whatever reason, his birthday.
2)Sam or John goes back in time, determined to make life better for Dean.

So, I also heard that aparently Mary was a hunter (My falling out with the show has put me off actually watching it past season 2/3, but  I still look it up sometimes) So...

3) So, any fics that explore the fact that Dean is a born hunter. John and Sam are so terribly... just *not*, they're in it for revenge, and once that's done, if the whole Angel/Demon crazy thing from the later seasons never happened, and John hadn't died, once the YED was killed Sam and John would give it up, they would go back to a normal life, and though Dean would probably enjoy having a proper home base to work from, he would still be a Hunter.
4) Any fics where the YED doesn't come and Mary takes Dean out on his first hunt, while John and Sam do father/son stuff. Because I reckon in a normal world Sam would be a total Daddy's boy, they'd talk school and stuff, and Dean would be a Mommy's boy.

And lastly some other little fics I'd love to see.

5)Where Dean has always been a girl, but dresses as a boy for convience sakes (John's old shirts, and to be able to have hand me downs for Sammy). Some fics where Sam likes seeing her get dressed up all girly, because it means they have money to spare and that Dean is treating herself, and relaxing.
6) Dean has his home base at Stanford while Sam is at college, and Dean shows up occassionally to hang out with Sam. Maybe Sam's friends think this is weird because all of them would kill to just be away from their annoying siblings, and Sam just grins and enjoys it!

Gen only if possible. though I might take a Wincest if it's pretty damn awesome. But Gen if you can. Thank you all so much for the help!
26 January 2013 @ 01:46 pm
I'm looking for three types of Wincest stories:

1. Are there any fics where the issue is the gay sex and not the incest that causes hesitation and problems?

2. I've read many, many stories where Sam is jealous of any girl Dean is with. Are there any stories where the opposite is true, and Dean is jealous regarding Sam?

3. Are there any fics where Dean goes with Sam to Stanford? I've already read the Heart's Desire series, which is EXCELLENT!

Thanks so much!
Okay, so I have several requests here, and they're all kinda long:
1.  I would really like any fics that depict Dean and Sam coming to the Roadhouse or a hunter gathering and all of the hunters whispering about them and being scared and/or awed by them. I have already read the fic where blind!Dean kills some hunters for shooting him with the Colt by using his angelic-like eyes.
2.  I would love to read some fics where Dean doesn't like Jo at all when he first meets her, where there is no flirting between them, or where he thinks she is playing hunter and ends up being right.
3. Any fics where Dean shows how amazing he is. Maybe he is hunting without Sam, and everyone thinks he's going to fail, but he is awesome at it. Or he might do something that proves he is an amazing big brother to Sam, i.e. taking abuse for Sam when they were kids, being tortured (not in Hell) for Sam, taking care of Sam while they were growing up, ect. Also, fics where Dean is surprisingly good at something that no one thought he's be good at. Oooooh! I would REALLY love a fic where Dean never shows his true self to anybody, but he puts up a front of being a shallow, womanizing jerk... but when his walls come down, he's this really sweet and charming guy that is a soft teddy bear.
4. I'll also take any fics where people definitely notice how good-looking Dean is and comment on it. In one episode, Gwen Campbell commented that Dean "[had] such delicate features for a hunter." I'd love to read a fic where the Campbell's think Dean is just a pretty face and a nice body and he totally proves them wrong. Any story where the Campbell's don't like Dean, and he ends up being a Badass and Sam sticks with him instead of them will make  me happy.
5. I would also like any Stanford-Era fics where Dean either goes with Sam to Stanford and they try to make a life there, or Dean leaves John completely to do his own thing after Sam leaves.
I would really appreciate you guys helping me with these requests. Have a nice day! :)
14 July 2012 @ 09:46 pm
I was looking through some Sam/Dean fics tonight and one of them reminded me of a story I read probably a few months back (maybe longer?) were Sam was an alpha and Dean was either a beta or an omega. Sam was a few months away from leaving for Stanford and wanted to take Dean with him, but he knew the only way their father wouldn't be able to do anything about it was if Dean was mated to Sam and pregnant. In the fic werewolves were common and there were laws/rules in place for how things worked. Sam decides that since he only has so long before he needs to leave that he is going to spend the rest of the time winning Dean over and getting him pregnant. John goes away for a long hunt which coincides with Dean's heat. Sam gets Dean pregnant and at the end they go away to Stanford where I believe the school gives them family housing and they live happily ever after...

I think the fic wasn't overly long, maybe between 10,000-20,000 words and NC-17. Any help in finding the fic would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

ETA: ***FOUND***  Link in comments.
03 July 2012 @ 03:41 pm
I'm looking for any kind of fics that go like this:
Sam begs Dean to come to college with him, after a while Dean agrees, BUT there HAS to be an awkward conversation between Sam and Jess (Jess could be into him and not know he's with Dean, whatever).  Also it could be a while like a few months or years before Dean agrees to join Sam. Thx!  :]
21 April 2012 @ 08:54 pm
I need something to read so I was wondering if you fantastic people could help a girl out?

A few ideas:

1. Dean or Sam with daddy issues, abandonment issues, or low self-esteem.
2. Bullied Dean or Bullied Sam.
3. Dean visits or comes to stay with Sam while Sam is at Stanford.
4. Your favorite story of all time
5. Crying Dean or Sam

a. Gen is preferred but het is fine too...please no slash
b. Please no crossovers

Again, I just want something to read so I will accept virtually anything. The above is just some ideas :D (and I'm hoping that my profile picture is pretty enough that you will want to help me!! :P)

Thanks so much!
21 April 2012 @ 04:31 pm
Okay, so I saw a posting for a lost Stanford era fic where Dean went to Stanford with Sammy and it got me thinking about how I would like to read fics like that. So, give me Sam/Dean slash fics centered around Sam going to Stanford and Dean coming with him whether Dean made the decision before Sam left or sometime after Sam was at Stanford doesn't matter. I just want Sam and Dean choosing each other and a life away from hunting.

I prefer R or NC-17 ratings, Sam/Dean slash of course, either one bottoming is fine, longer fics or a series/verse about their time together at Stanford/normal life/away from hunting, etc.I am looking for happy/domestic-y fics, so no major angst in the stories please, though a little is fine. I like first time fics the best, but I will take established relationships as well. 

Thanks in advance!
I'm trying to find a particular, fairly long fic in which Dean goes with Sam to Standford. Dean got a job as a mechanic and at some point Sam's new college friends stage an intervention because they think Dean is abusing Sam. At some point, Sam and Dean acquire stalkers who are being manipulated by the YED. Other high points include: Dean masters the art of cooking, John is supportive of his son's relationship, and Sam's stalker is named after Lindsay McDonald from Angel, though I can't remember if it was actually the character or just based on him.

Thanks in advance!

FOUND: http://vambrace.livejournal.com/12815.html
08 April 2012 @ 09:59 pm
1). I'm not sure if this was Wincest or not. I vaguely remember there being a Wincest and a Non-Wincest version, but they could just be similar stories. Dean is at Stanford with Sam. He's going to Sam's classes with him and they talk a lot about it. John visits eventually claiming that there is a case at Stanford. He notices how close the boys are, but I don't think he minded. It turns out that the professor of the class the boys go to is a ghost. Also, I kinda remember Sam giving Dean an engineering textbook that he takes with him when he hunts. Sam finds it later with notes inside and missing pages. 

2). Jensen's family goes to their summer home every year, where Jensen is good friends with Jared. It shows their friendship for a couple years, until Jensen realizes he's in love with Jared. He gets a wedding invitation that he believes is Jared's, but is actually his sister's. Jensen avoids the cabin for a few years, until his brother kidnaps him and takes him out in the back of his truck. I remember something about Jared living in a tee-pee out in the woods. ***FOUND!! Link in comments!***

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!
The other day I started reading a story and I guess I didn't bookmark it so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction so I can finish it.

Also, I'm really in the mood for some good J2 college-age stories (slash and gen ok) so send me any recs you have for those. Also any good ones where Dean goes to Stanford with Sam would be great.

The details about the first story are: Jared was crushing on Sandy McCoy from afar during high school and actually changed where he was going to go to college (from Virginia to Texas) just because of where she was going even though she didn't even know who he was. When he gets to college he kinda creeps Sandy out because she finds out he came there because of her. He meets Jensen who is his RA and they become friends and I think further in the story they end up together. Didn't get that far yet.

Hopefully this sounds familiar to someone! Thanks for your help and recs!!!

FOUND: Specific story that I was looking for was found (YEAH!) and is in the first comment.
looked everywhere but can't find old sam/dean story. It's longer and goes AU pre-series. They move and settle so Sam can start Stanford, but Dean still hunts and John's alive. Dean has rampant self-esteem issues, with a past that includes abuse at the hands of a woman when he was 14(?), having to do with John going missing on a hunt and she is the only one who knows where he is being tortured. Sam finds out and tries to help him deal, but he also tells John, who is amazing and comes to talk to Dean. Also, adult Dean starts taking online classes to get his high school diploma, but he feels guilty that it costs money that he doesn't think he's worth. He and John are in a motel room when Dean tells him that he doesn't really want the classes even though he does, so John calls Sam and they rehash Dean's issues and how to help him.
Weirdly specific details are that Sam gets him a laptop of his own and he wants to take it back because, again, he's not worth it, and they buy each other new shoes because there's some unwritten rule that a kid should start a new school with new shoes.

FOUND below - thanks!
01 February 2012 @ 12:27 pm
1.) Let's see if I remember this correctly, it was Dean or Jensen who was a janitor, and at night he solved very difficult math problems on the board (basicly a SPN fic based on Good Will Hunting). Anyone remember it or have a link? It's been eating at me for a while now. Oh, and if you have any other Smart!Dean fics I'd love to read those too.

2.) And anybody have any fics where God is a character? I'd love to see some portrayals of God/Gods in Supernatural, so if you have any links I'd be grateful.

22 November 2011 @ 09:41 pm
I lost this story a while back after my computer crashed and I had to re-boot it. Hopefully you guys can help me. :)

Read more... )
Thanks so much.
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17 November 2011 @ 02:03 pm
Hey Everybody,

So, I'm looking for two specific, very different fics and hoped that one of you would be able to help me!

1. The first fic is an alpha/beta (omega) type fic. Jared and Jensen are young and are together, Jared is the Alpha. They are in love but haven't bonded yet because of their age. Unfortunately, what Jared doesn't know is that Jensen's father has been abusing him because of this relationship and because he isn't an alpha. Jared finds out and there is a big confrontation... It was pretty short, but good.

2. The second fic is an AU where Dean was hit by a car at 18 and now has permanent brain damage. Sam has stepped into a role of his main caregiver and when he leaves for Stanford, takes Dean with him... Dean gets a job at an auto shop... Don't really remember an other details, but I hope that is enough.

Thanks so much!
Okay. I've been looking for this for weeks, and, god, it was SO easy the first time, but, I cannot not find a damn thing on the new frigging delicious anymore, and, from what I hear, I'm not the only one with that problem, so, here I am, again.....

The first fic I am looking for is a YED!John fic. Didn't there use to be a tag for that on here once, I miss that. Anyway, pre-series, or, should I say, AU. Dean goes with Sam when he goes to Stanford, and, as I remember it, possessed John had found their little house in woods, and, Sam came home, he was a lawyer, (so, this is post stanford) the wincest was faint, not even any kissing, could have easily been called gen in some circles. (all in the eye of the beholder I guess, like some say that Erik and Charles, from the x-myn, wouldn't have been jumping at it like bunnies...... well, thats their opinion. Cough, nuts, your nuts, people!) but, it was implied in the whole 'living together' thing, then, John dies, realizing he hadn't even felt all the numerous protection charms everywhere, and, this had been a trap.

The second is set in a large verse where, John dies when the boys are both young, but, Dean is old enough to take care of Sam. I really remember that there was short fic set in the verse, where, Sam and Dean were on the beach, rubbing lotion on each other, (sigh) and, a girl from Sam's college, crushing on Dean, had said some mean things about Sam, and, Dean gave her the look of death. Her friend reflects that her friend won't getting anywhere with him now. The boys are already sleeping with each other by this point in the game, by the way.

I have been looking for so long, (used to be so much easier on delicious, cries) but, I'm so hoping someone here can help. So, please, please? LonePanther.

EDIT: Found! On the first day! First one By imaginecoolname, so fast, and, noticable mention to one ofthe wonderful slash loving sis(bro)er of My soul, who jumoed in so close it was a photo finish, sandycub! And, second found by, the persen, if I was ever having kids, I now owe it to, reilaroo! Thank You!
04 August 2011 @ 03:49 pm
Are there any AUs where Dean goes to get Sam at Stanford at the beginning of s1, but Sam won't come with him?
OR where Dean doesn't go to get Sam at all.

I'm also looking for a specific fic. It dealt with alcoholism. It was an AU where I think Dean left John and Sam (maybe to go to college?) and then Sam catches up with him later, by that time Dean's an alcoholic. I think it was wincest.
John might have been an alcoholic too... not sure.
Hey peeps. Me again.

You are all amazing for finding me great fics.

I'm off traveling to see relatives for a couple of days and i don't know if i'll get internet connection while i'm there. So i'm looking for some fics.

I don't know if i'm going to make any sense,but here goes.

I'm looking for fics where the guys J2 or Wincest get together ( i guess it might be more AU) and they have their relationship but one of them has a high level job/controlling family/commitments etc. What i want is the one with all the hassles realizes at the end of the fic that he cannot carry on with whatever is happening and ditches an important meeting/audition/family gathering, to run back to the other one and declare all their love for them.

Or if one of them is in a relationship and spends time with the other one,ending up falling in love.

Does any of that make sense? :/

I'm hoping for long fics (old relatives tend to sleep a lot)

I'll be gratefull for anything you can recommend. I am up for anything.

Also,if your mind has figured out my first request,I'm also looking for a fic i read a long time ago. I know there was a lot of chapters.
Sam leaves for Stanford,Dean goes with. They fall in love. I remember Dean buying Sam a red bike? and in one chapter they went bowling. Jess and John was in it to. OOOOOOOOH and there was a large oak tree on campus where Dean meets Sam for lunch.

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13 January 2011 @ 11:39 pm
This is pretty vague, and by vague I mean vaaaaague. Anyway! I was sitting in my bed thinking about Sam and Dean, and of course what is in store for them when they come back on the 28th. But then it got me on another thought, I haven't read a Sam/Dean story in a very long time! 

So! I would like some recommended favorites of the wincest kind, but before that here there are SOME guidelines.

If it is a Big Bang, I have probably read it.
If it is by [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion I have probably read it.
Only Wincest
No non-con (between the boys)
Can be AU
Wee!chesters are welcome
Side characters (Castiel, Bobby, John, Jo, Andy) are love.
New stories or Old are great.
WIP are okay only as long is it is pretty much a sure thing that it'll be finished.
Prefer boys as well boys

Anything else, and I mean anything else I say go for it! 
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12 December 2010 @ 01:27 am
 Damn it...I realized I never put anything in the subject line. So, I have to re-type everything. Grrr

1. I'm looking for anything with lawyer!Sam. I've been through the tag here, but there wasn't a lot. I don't have any specifics, really. Just lawyer!Sam. I'd like it if he didn't lose his hunter training, but that is minor

2. I don't know if this even exists, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Are there any CSI: New York crossovers? I'll take CSI, too, but not CSI:Miami.

3. I'd like to read something where Sam goes to Stanford, but he continues to have a good relationship with Dean. Dean doesn't have to go with him. I just want something where they are still talking and on good terms.

        3b. I love stories where Dean goes to Stanford with Sam, as well. I have already read the Take Me With You series and the Heart's Desire series, but I haven't found much else.

4. Anything where Sam Spoilers )

I like Gen and Wincest of the Sam/Dean variety. Het is fine if it is Sam/Jess, Sam/Sarah, Sam/Madison, or Sam/Ruby. Please no evil!Sam or asshole!Sam, but morally-gray!Sam is fine.

Thanks in advance!
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25 October 2010 @ 03:24 pm
So these are very very old fics, from when I first got into fandom in 2006 and before I left in 2008. I'm back to reading some fanfic, but I'm mostly looking for fics from back then (and newer ones if they are good, but I always loved the feel of season 1-3 fics rather than some of the newer stuff).

They might all be part of the same story, but I have no idea.

1) Sam and Dean are separated at birth, and put up for adoption. They meet again in Palo Alto when Sam goes to Stanford (and Dean might be there as well). They meet at a bar (again, not sure on this part) and begin dating. Eventually they move in together, and their parents meet, and they find out that they are brothers. I believe after a freak out, they continue dating. Found Thank you!

2) Sam and Dean go to Stanford together, and Dean gets a job working in a garage. Sam meets and befriends Jess, and he introduces her to Dean. I believe Sam and Dean are dating, and Sam lets Jess in on their secret. 3) Sam and Dean move into a crummy single bedroom apartment, and Dean lets Sam have the bedroom, because he needs to study for school. I remember the description of the bedroom is that it has a bed and a desk, and that's about it. Found Same story! Thanks!

If you can decipher any of that, and find the fics for me, I'd appreciate it!
24 October 2010 @ 05:02 pm
Fic Requests:
1. I recently read The Space Between You and Me and I was wondering if there were any other fics out there where Dean leaves (and possibly quits hunting) rather than (or in addition to) Sam leaving like he did in canon.

2. Also, are there any fics out there where Dean has to pretend to be a teacher or professor?

I don't really want to see anything other than gen, Dean/OFC, Dean/Jess, Sam/Jess, or Sam/Dean. Sam/Dean is preferred, but not necessary.

ETA: Only one rec? Seriously, guys? You can do better than that! :(


Lost Fic:
Oh, and one last thing: a while ago, I read a fic where Sam was at college and he (and a whole bunch of other students) were watching the Los Angeles Demon Riots on television, and Dean and John were seen there fighting and on television. I don't remember how much of a crossover with Angel it was, though, other than the demon riots thing. If anyone could find that up for me, that would be awesome.

FOUND in comments!
Better safe than sorry, spoilers for s6 )

2. And secondly, does anyone know any fics where Dean joins Sam at Stanford, that aren't wincest. I don't care if they're slash, het or gen, just no wincest please.
20 October 2010 @ 10:05 am
I'm looking for stories where Dean leaves with Sam when Sam goes to Stanford (or some other school). I don't care if it's Wincest, Gen, or Het. But I'm only interested in fic that:

-Is NOT hooker!fic.
-Does NOT have any sexual abuse.
-Does NOT have whole chapters devoted to Dean's low self esteem.

I don't know if any stories like this even exist, but as vast as SPN fandom is I figure it's worth a shot.
11 August 2010 @ 12:37 pm
Hey all!

Back again. Apparently I am stuck in the good ol' days where all we had to worry about was the YED.

So, this time I'm looking for your favorite fics from season one and two, and hopefully chaptered! I'd like longer fics or Verses. Wincest preferred, but I'll take really good Gen. I'm looking for older fics. Things you loved way back when and may be collecting dust in your favorites folder.

I thought I had all those older fics bookmarked, but apparently not so I'm looking to build up my file.

No death fics. Happy Endings Please! I prefer bottom Dean, but I'm good either day. Don't really care what else it is... angst, John Finds Out, Dean goes to Stanford, Hurt Boys, Case Fic, Episode Fics. I'm just looking for really good older fics.
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27 July 2010 @ 10:36 pm
Hey, all! I'm looking for GEN ONLY fics where Sam goes to Stanford -- and so does Dean. Not necessarily being in college, but keeping close, keeping tabs... that sort of thing.

NO Wincest, please!


(Now that this is in the RIGHT community and not the Stargate Atlantis one....*BLUSHES DOWN TO COLLARBONE*)
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02 March 2010 @ 01:21 pm
I'm looking for stories where Sam and Dean stay close during the Stanford years and don't break off contact. It can be Dean going to Stanford with Sam, or just staying in frequent contact with Sam over the years, and not being estranged. I've already read the Beer verse. No Wincest please, but everything else is fine.

Thanks in advance!
01 February 2010 @ 07:32 am
I've been trying to look for an au fic. It's one of those weird ideas that you don't expect to be good, but that plain out is.

It was a fusion with American Idol, where there's no demons, but Dean and Sam still sort of have the same childhood they did on the show. And Sam managed to convince Dean to sign up for American Idol along with him.

Anyone know where I can find it?
Edit: Found
Symbol of a song
03 January 2010 @ 01:41 am
I'm looking for specific fics from the early days of fandom and I've no idea where to start looking. I read so many good fics in 2006/2007 and I'm worried I may have mixed up elements of more than one story - heck, these ideas could be from the 'same' tale ... I'm just not sure. I know there were long stories, though.

#1 - There's a scene where John discovers the nature of his boys' relationship when he goes to visit them. Sam went to Stanford and Dean went with him. At one point John's confronting Dean and Dean says something like 'Did it look like I was the one in charge?'. I'm pretty sure this happens in a bar and the bartender is quite sympathetic to Dean's plight.
ETA: FOUND by [livejournal.com profile] astri13. Link in comments.

#2 - The same fic possibly, though I'm sure it's a different one. Sam and Dean are in an established relationship and they go to Missouri so she can help Sam with his developing powers. She knows the nature of the boys' relationship and completely blames Dean for it, giving him a hard time. Sam is not impressed when he finds out about the way she's hurt his brother. This is definitely in one installment of a much longer verse.
ETA: FOUND by [livejournal.com profile] lelaro. It's by the ever fantastic [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster - Link in comments.

I'll probably kick myself once I find out what these are. Will probably discover that I have these fics bookmarked somewhere ... but I just don't know where to begin looking for them now.
25 December 2008 @ 05:02 pm
1. I was just reading the Take me with you verse http://bitchandjerk.livejournal.com/tag/take+me+with+you and was wondering what other stories were out there like that. Wincest, gen, or het- what other fics are there that Dean goes with Sam to college (either to go to school or work)? Short, long, completed, WIP, self recs- all are welcome! :)

2. AU's where Dean has a college education (or some post HS education of some sort) and Sam doesn't know. (but finds out)

3. Also I forgot to bookmark a story where Sam is turned into a Dog and eventually finds Dean and they travel together without Dean knowing it's Sam. I believe at some point he finds out he can shape shift anytime- and he is bound to Dean in that both boys feel a pull towards one another. I think some hunters capture them or something thinking they can both turn into Dogs and want to bind them into Dog form and make them pets for hunting.
Hey storyfinders!

Please help me out :)

I'm looking for several specific fics this time (yes, I'm geeky enough to have compiled a list ^^)

a) An AU where Sam and Dean are living alone in some big city (might have been NY). I don't know if they left John before or after he died, but at some point John's spirit comes to Sam or follows him around and I think he gives Sam his journal and tries to get him and Dean to hunt again. I'm not sure... Dean *might* have been a fire fighter in this, but maybe I'm mixing that up with some other story... I've no idea wether it was gen or wincest.

b) John throws the boys out of the car and makes them travel across country on foot - to build character I think.

c) A one shot told from the pov of a barista. She overhears them talking and I think tries to find out who they are.

d) A crack!fic where Sam gets turned into mini!Sam :D I can't remember anthing of the plot (or if it had one) only that Sam ended up about 10 inches tall.

e) A wincest verse that wasn't posted on LJ: It starts pre series and then becomes an AU when Dean goes to Stanford with Sam. They get a studio apartment there I think. In one story (before Stanford) they were staying at a house on a lake. Oh and it was told alternatively form Sam's and Dean's povs.

f) Ok, last one for now, I swear. Another one shot set close to christmas (featuring teen!Dean + John): Dean was decorating their apartment (actually, I think it was a trailer) when John came home. John was rather unimpressed with all the cheesy stuff (I recall there being toilet seat decoration ^^) but also amused when Dean claimed that it was all just for Sam's sake.

Thanks already - I know you can help me find these :)

EDIT: ALL FOUND! See the comments for the links pls. This comm FTW!

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22 November 2008 @ 01:31 pm
Hey wonderful peoples,

I am looking for not a specific fic but my request is pretty specific. Are there any fics that take place while Sam is at Stanford where Dean is hunting by himself and gets hurt to the point where he can't hunt anymore? Then he either calls Sam or John drops him off with Sam and they live at Stanford together. Preferably wincest but I'll take gen too.

Also, are there any fics that discuss the background or give backstory to the body Castiel is possessing?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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07 November 2008 @ 04:49 pm
I've been rereading Wolfling's Heart's Desire Series. However, I could have sworn that there was another part (than the ones linked to there) where John played a bigger part and Sam was at Stamford. Am I confusing this with another fic?

Fic Details Under Cut )

Please help. I really want to read this fic, but I don't know where it was if it wasn't part of this 'verse.
05 November 2008 @ 10:23 pm

I'm looking for fics where:

At legal age Dean left alone with young Sam. The reason not really important (John was a bad guy and they run away, John was killed on a hunt or whatever.)

When Sam left for college Dean went with him. Not necessarily to study just to be with him.

Both wincest and non-wincest are welcome.

07 September 2008 @ 11:35 pm

Hey guys, I'm looking for a few different stories.

1. The guys need to use costumes or have to change their looks somehow for a case or to hide from the Feds - like the episodes where they dressed up as priests, alarm company workers (where Dean felt like a 'high school drama dork'), or bought suits to be Feds in PT

2. Any fics where the boys get involved in after school activities - i.e. Sam in 'Our Town' or being a mathlete or Dean doing something similar

3. One of the boys needing glasses, either as a kid or when they are older. I just think Sam dragging a reluctant Dean to the eye doctor would be hilarious

4. Fics that involve or mention Dean watching Oprah

5. Dean going to college or Dean going to Stanford with Sam (preferably gen). Maybe Sam's not the only 'brains of the outfit'

6. Fics dealing with Dean's low self-esteem. Demons seem to love pulling that card over and over on him and I would love to see Sam setting him straight on how great he really is.

Ok I'll stop now :D. Thanks guys!

02 September 2008 @ 02:31 am
I posted this search on here a while back but when I went through the archive I couldn't find the post. So here I am posting it again.

Sam's older self wakes up in his younger body and convinces Dean that they should get together. I remember there's a cabin and the boys moving to into an apartment while Sam goes to Stanford.

I really want to read this story and somehow I keep overlooking/forgetting to save the link.

Edit: Story found. Link to story in first comment.

Any good new recs for Sam/Bobby stories. Although not something I'd normally read but re-watching Bobby episodes just made me rethink that abit.

And finally want any long Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen romance fics. I pretty much read everything over at [livejournal.com profile] abouttwoboys and [livejournal.com profile] spn_harlequin. Or stories where the boys do something really romantic for the other. I'd really like to see Dean doing something romantic for Sam while still being somewhat in character.

Self-pimps most certainly welcome. Thanks in advance.
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06 May 2008 @ 02:42 pm

I am looking for fics where Dean goes to Stanford with Sam... one in particular that is wincest and Dean buys Sam a bicycle...Thanks...

Can anyone please rec me fics in which Dean followed Sam to Stanford, Wincest prefered but I'll read gens if they're fantabulous.

Thanks in advance!