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Hey I am looking for a destiel AU fic I red last year I think it was sort of long on the verge of turning into an epic length fic.
Sort of a summery: Dean and Sam are reincarnated I think deans name was Greg or Craig or maybe Curtis.

Umm the story starts with castiel trapped in a sealed crept and sam is I think a university student on a dig site and they are digging up old ruins and temples.

a reincarnated,Sam and dean find castiel and he's chained to the wall he's incoherent but he feels a connection to the guy carrying him out witch is reincarnated dean he keeps clinging to him and calling him dean and the guys like weirded out by the touching.

they take cas home to a reincarnated bobby and they find out that cas has wings and later Jess joins them and cas explains in a story why he feels or thinks that Greg/creig/Curtis is the reincartion of dean his long lost lover.

So it's a story in a story .

He tells the tail of dean the hunter and casteil the angel how they meet is I think dean and his group of hunters are out on a raid of some kind. on horse they are attacked by wild angels I think they are called the fallen.

Anyways cas saves dean nurses him back to health dean finds out what cas is. An angel and try's to run cas chase after him saves him again. and they are stuck in a cave all night huddled together to keep dean warm.

in time they learn to trust each other and fall in love and dean goes back to his kingdom and leaves cas behind but visits him when he can.

umm I know that lithe was the princess of deans lil kingdom and she wanted dean. but dean was not into her.
umm sam was married to I think ruby and she hated dean.
but dean try's to be nice to her at every turn.
especially when she gets pregnant by Sam.
she names the baby John.

oh also Garth was getting married to Jo and later in the story lithe wants dean to be her prince and Jo is consoling dean and he tells her about being in love with cas.
and she asks does he feel the same and dean tells her something cas sed to him.

i believe the way he says it to Jo is: He says I am made of stars Jo. and sobs into her lap.

And the wild angels are killed for their wings.

and the hunters thought that if you chopped off the head that would kill them.
but cas tells dean one night there is no way to kill they regenerate In time.

Oh and I think alister and lithe had a secret relationship going on yuck.

umm the fic would jump in and out of the hunter story back to the reincarnated story.
cas would try to get Greg / Craig/ Curtis to trust him so cas could do something to him to erese him and bring back his dean. but I think he was changing his mined cus Greg /crieg/Curtis was warming up to him and helped him with his wounds.
They had a DVD date like every time it was greg/crieg /Curtiss turn to watch cas while the others want to school or work.

oh and dean and Sam were not brother sam didn't really know reincarnated,dean that well.
it's implied that dean was a very lonely guy
And had a bad life
And that's why he didn't trust very easy.
And Jess bullied him into coming back when he would run away from cas and his story.

The last part I red cas gave Greg/crieg / Curtis deans amulet and was still trying to decide if he should erase Greg to get his dean back.

It was a wip and I think it was on Archive of Our Own.
Thanks for any help
My mined is melting trying to find
This story I have looked everywhere

Dear mods I am sorry if this post is braking any rules I tried my best to fallow the guide
So. Ages ago I've read this fic, where Jared inherited some house with land around it (from some older lady relative, who was secretly a famous writer or whatnot, before she died). And then came a group of archaeologists led by Jensen, and they started digging holes all over Jared's garden. (For some reason Jared had no right to send them away. I can't really remember what exactly they were looking for though). Jared was all annoyed and grumpy. Then the place where the archaeologist guys were sleeping got all flooded in some heavy rain, and they couldn't use it anymore, and Jared grudgingly let them inside his house. He was all pissed off and fighting with Jensen all the time, but eventually they kinda fell for each other. (I think they kept acting all enemy-ish a while longer so the others won't find out they are actually having an affair?). And then Jensen found the stuff he was looking for, and there was some more fight, but in the end they made up and opened some kind of museum in Jared's place to exhibit the IDKwhat that they found, and they lived happily ever after.

And I thought I had it bookmarked, but apparently I don't, then tried to look for it elsewhere, but all i find when looking for J2+archaeologists are Indiana Jones-ish relic hunter fics, and it annoys the shit out of me that I can't find this one. I have a feeling that it maybe was a bigbang, but after looking through a few year's worth of those, still no luck. Pretty please someone help me?
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I'm looking for a fic where Jared is an archaeologist, he's on a dig in egypt I believe it was. Jensen is there visiting one of the pyramids with a bf of his. Jared makes a joke about trading the guy his camel for Jensen. My memory is fuzzy but I think it was a one shot or at least a short fic. Hope someone can help! :)

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This is a story from a few years ago. Jared is an archeology student doing an internship at a dig under Jensen's supervision. Jensen is somewhat antisocial because of a scandal a few years earlier. Danneel (I think) is Jensen's colleague and friend. Of course, Jared breaks through Jensen's walls.
If anyone can direct me to the story, I would love to read it again

Thanks in advance
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I am hoping someone can help me. I am going crazy trying to find a story with Jared as an archaeologist and Jensen as a warrior or a green-eyed person who just appears and helps archaeologists with their digs. He also ends up helping Jared and staying with him. For some reason my brain is trying to impose the title The Adventures of Jared Padalecki but I am not sure if that is the title. I know it has a sequel to it where Jared's friend gets caught in something and someone tries to carve out Jensen's heart but then Jared stabs the mummies heart.

I will stop rambling about the story and hope someone recognizes the story through my hopefully understandable babbling.

Thank You in advance!


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