I am looking for the story "Yes, chef!" by SloeDjinn. Unfortunately it was removed from live journal and archiveofourown. If anyone has a copy please post it here!

Edited: This has been found! A million thanks!
06 October 2015 @ 10:16 am
Hi! This is an YEARS old fic, so I'm not sure if it still exists or not. I had the link saved on my old computer (which I stopped using 2 years ago after it crashed) and finally managed to buy a new one, so I'm collecting everything I'd lost... Anyways, that aside...

I'm looking for a story where Dean is a restaurant owner/chef and Cas is waiter (I think) or one of the jr. kitchen staff at his restaurant. One night Dean finds Cas still in the kitchen WAY after the hotel closed and realises that Cas is basically squatting there. He tells Cas to go home. I think a couple of days later, Cas burns or cuts his hand on something, and Dean tells him to take the night off. Later, Dean is going somewhere, late at night, and it is raining heavily, when he sees Cas trying to sleep behind some dumpster/ shop. He brings Cas home. The next morning he makes Cas breakfast, omelette with tomatoes... because Cas can't hold the knife properly.

It was on Lj... either on some Destiel comm or someone's private journal. If someone recognises the story, I'd be really really grateful. Maybe even bake a batch of my trademark cashewnut-choco-chips cookies ;)
17 February 2015 @ 07:48 pm
I read this fic a while back where I think it was Jensen who was a chef. He owned/worked at a organic restaurant near Seattle or San Francisco.
I think Jared was working with a farm that Jensen was trying to negotiate supplies with.

if not, any reccomendations of fics where food plays a big part in would be lovely.

Garlic and Butter
17 January 2015 @ 08:41 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a specific J2 fic. It's an AU where Jensen moves into Jared's apartment and Jared owns a cafe with Misha. It takes place over the course of a year or so. I remember reading it on LJ. If someone could provide me with a title at least, I'd be grateful.
09 November 2014 @ 01:43 pm
Hi all,

First, I'm in the mood for Non-Au teacher!Dean (maybe he pretends to be a teacher in a case or something like that). I want the stories to focus on Dean and how smart and kind he is. (I love Dean in Genius by adder574)

Second, I would love to read stories with Dean cooking, like Really cooking. (Maybe something like Good For What Ails You by [livejournal.com profile] tifaching)

Any pairing is fine but bottom!Dean only if there is sex :) Thank you!
07 July 2014 @ 10:40 pm
Hi friends,
I am really craving for AU fics with baker (or chef) Dean/Jensen in them.I am not after stories where Dean or Jensen cooks or bakes for someone particular , but for those where they are professionals with bakery or restaurants of their own. I have read the bakers tag of [livejournal.com profile] j2_recs and have also read some previous searches in this community.

Can you please rec me your favorite fics with baker/chef Dean or Jensen in them? Any pairing is welcome as long as it has a happy ending.

Thanx a million
Hi everyone! I've tried so hard to find this one on my own, to no avail. I don't have a lot of details, but I'll try my best.

I'm looking for a specific story, rather long - maybe three or four chapters? Sam and Dean end up at some small town, and I think Dean needs some cash and something to do while they research the case, so he gets a job at the local diner as a cook. He's not very good, but Sam goes in everyday to do research and Dean gets to be a better cook, and the UST grows slowly. Everyone at the diner thinks they're boyfriends, and doesn't know they're brothers.

The actual case is something about a nymph, I think? Some non-evil creature who does a spell or has magic or something that makes people realize what they really want. Hence, Sam and Dean realize they really want each other. It's a really sweet, kind of peaceful story from what I remember.

If someone can help me, I would be much obliged. Thank you!
28 May 2013 @ 05:39 pm
Ok guys, I just read a bunch of fics that I felt did not give Dean his due. So I'm looking at all you Dean-lovers out there and asking you to rec me some serious Dean-appreciation fics. More specifically, I'd love to read fics like:

1. Smart!Dean Destiel fics. Most smart!dean stories I read are gen, but I'd really like to read Destiels that have this aspect of Dean mentioned. I hate reading fics where Dean is written as the dumb jock to Castiel's (and Sam's) nerd. I don't care where it's set, and I'm not even looking for fics where his intelligence is the main point - just fics where Cas (and Sam... and everyone else, really) acknowledges how smart he is.

2. Dean having a job that requires high qualifications. Like, he's a doctor, or a professor, or an engine designer or a Secret Agent Man. I'd especially love it if he doesn't seem like it, and people are really surprised when they find out.

3. Also, I'd love fics where Dean is a pre-k or elementary teacher. Or a baker or chef... because a man who knows how to cook is hot. Especially pie.

And really, any and all fics that you think properly appreciates the awesomeness and beauty of Dean Winchester - I'd love to read them!

No Wincest please. Destiels only. Thanks!
26 May 2013 @ 03:14 am

I'm looking for a specific Jared/Jensen story where Jared was a chef/owned his own seafood restaurant in Maine(?) and I believe Jensen was his supplier. I think Jared and Jensen hook-up every now and then but then Jared asks him out and they try to date. Things are pretty hectic and Jensen says that things were better when they were friends because they never have time to see each other. I'm pretty sure they figure it out in the end.

I hope this sounds familiar to someone!

Thanks :)

FOUND! link in comments
08 May 2013 @ 06:23 pm
Hello everyone I've been looking of this really great J2 au but have been unable to find it. Hopefully you can help me. From what I remember Jared and Jensen were married with two kids. Jensen was a doctor and Jared was the owner of a coffee shop(?). They lived in a small town and were going through a divorce because Jared had cheated on Jensen. The story started midway through the divorce and focused on why Jared cheated as well as how the divorce helped the two to better understand and eventually remarry. There was lot of super awesome and realistic buildup to the their second try at a relationship. Jared's dad was also a doctor as the same hospital as Jensen. I think when it discussed their past Jared got pregnant right out of high school and never had a chance to go to college so that was one thing he did after the divorce, I think he went to a school for chefs? This is all I can remember and I'm sorry I've written it in such a confusing manner hopefully you'll be able to help me out. Thanks in advance
Found: title: Pour Some Sugar On Me
AO3 Url: http://archiveofourown.org/works/393121/chapters/645689

Human AU – eventual Dean/Cas, Pie Shop story

Read more... )
Thank you kindly,

Tags: genre:AU, genre: non-hunting AU, genre: Human AU, career:Café Owner, career: Baker, career: Chef, genre: College Sam theme:PieShop, attribute:Human!Castiel, attribute:Human!Balthazar, pairing: Cas/Balthazar, evenutal pairing: Cas/Dean
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22 January 2013 @ 05:50 pm
I'm gonna turn 20 tomorrow, and I thought I might celebrate leaving my teen years behind with a bunch of Dean fics. Hopefully, I'll be lucky and get lots of recs :) Some of these are actually regurgitated versions of my old searches, but I wanna see if I can get new fics outta them.

1. Smart!Dean is canon to me, and I love reading fics that have this. School fics would be awesome - high school or college, I don't mind either way - but this sort of fic can be set whenever and wherever.

2. Considering up top, I have a hankering for Destiel fics where Dean is practically cliche. You know the type - smart, popular, awesome, kind... an amazing older brother. I only ask that he's not an asshole, since popular!Dean is sometimes written as that.

3. Fics that basically have the world finding out just how important to the grand scheme of things Dean is - and I'm talking Messianic connotations here. Fics that grounds in the fact that a whole lotta extraordinary things (even by hunter standards) seem to revolve around this BAMF. Outsider POVs are loved.

4. Related to #3 - any fics out there that deals with how the supernatural world views Dean. Like how his soul was shining brightly even when the Pit, or how some angels consider Dean damn near holy.

5. Stories where Castiel, through his own ignorance to social norms or maybe a lack of faith in Dean's own commitment, cheats on him. AU or canon, I just wanna read fics where Dean is the one who wants to commit, and Cas is the one who screws up. Happy endings, though I want to read guilty!Cas and hurt!Dean.

6. Rockstar or celebrity AUs where Dean defies stereotype. Destiel please.

7. Girl!Dean fics are loved. Especially irresistible, totally aware of her own hotness girl!Dean. I would really prefer Destiel, but this is also the only way I'll read Wincest, so I'll accept those too.

8. Chef!Dean, or maybe baker!Dean. IDK, just want to read fics with him like this.

9. Michael!Dean? Not fics where Dean says yes to Michael, but fics where he was Michael all this time. Oh, since I'm on this anyway, any fics out there where Dean is actually God or something, or his vessel.

10. This one is the orange in a bushel of apples - I'd love to read fics where Dean has both younger brothers with him. Like, it can be from Adam's POV, or even just fics where he has a brotherly relationship with Dean.

** If there's a pairing, Destiel is my OTP ^^ No Wincest recs please, except for #7.

Whew! That was a lot, and I don't know if I'll get any bites, but I can hope! So please, make this birthday girl's wishes come true, and rec me some Dean fics! :)

Ever since catching the very beginning of the movie No Reservations a few weeks ago on cable, I have been looking for a specific J2, chef!Jensen fic which may be (partly) based on this movie. Searching the career: chef tag as well as the movie remake masterlist turned up nothing so I'm hoping someone will recognize it and point me in the right direction.

From what I can recall, the fic didn't really follow the film so much as had some similarities. I may be mixing it up with another chef!Jensen fic (or several) but what I remember is this:

-Jensen has a therapist (who I believe is Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and he regularly brings him meals from his restaurant when they have a session
-Jensen hires Jared to either take care of a child (niece or nephew?) or his dogs while he works
- Jensen is living in his brother's house while his brother and his wife are working abroad
- Jensen opens up his own restaurant at the end and names it after Jared (calling it Tristan or something)*

*Pretty sure this last one is a different fic, but if anyone recognizes that one as well, I will be forever grateful!:)


FOUND! thanks to [livejournal.com profile] winsangel & [livejournal.com profile] ikabod11
14 November 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Okay, so I thought I became more organized, but I lost something else. Here it goes: Jared makes very good ice cream, Jared and Jensen meet at a food festival, then they have sex in the back of an ice cream van. Somehow they lose communication with each other. So Jensen, who really, really loves Jared's ice cream, holds a contest to find Jared again. Jared this chocolate ice cream. And it all ends happily ever after. Oh god, that was a terrible description.  
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14 October 2012 @ 04:10 pm
This was a AU J2 Fic. I think Jared was an actor/model and Sandy was his girlfriend who was trying to get into the acting business too. Jensen was a baker or a chef and he was with a really abusive guy, maybe Jeffrey Morgan or Chris. Sandy told Jared she had accepted the offer to be on this reality show where they switch significant others for a certain period of time and they are filmed, 24/7. Jared and Jensen meet, and Jared finds that Jensen has zero self-esteem and he dresses baggy to hide himself because his boyfriend is emotionally and verbally abusive. They get closer and really like each other and end up having sex; I think Jensen was the bottom. The show cancels their episode and they think its because of them, but in reality, Sandy cheated on Jared with Jensen's boyfriend and the show found them first. I think Jared planned on leaving Sandy for Jensen and vice versa with Jensen leaving his boyfriend, but Sandy told Jared she was pregnant and made him give her the apartment and recommendations so he and Jensen could keep the baby when it was born. I don't remember anything after that. 

If any of you know this fic, please let me know. Thanks! ;)

FOUND: In Comments!
1. Specific Fic: I think the Apocalypse was over but there was still things that Castiel had to do in Heaven. He asked Dean to wait for him I think and so Dean does. While doing so, him and Sam settle down in a house they fix up somewhere. Originally Dean has his own room and starts decorating "Castiel's" room how he thinks Cas might like it. He ends up sleeping in there and finally moves in. I think Sam tells Dean he is nesting or something. Also, Sam meets a girl and tells her all about hunting. They are both sad for Dean because Castiel is away for something like 5 years and Dean is lonely and misses him.

2. Any fics where Dean and Sam and/or Cas settle down after the Apocalypse or they just decide they're done and settle down permanently somewhere. Bonus points if Dean is really good at the "apple pie life." Destiel or Wincest.

3. Any fics where Dean and Sam and/or Cas stop hunting and settle down and Dean ends up being a great cook and cooks for them or buys a restaurant or bakery or something. Destiel or Wincest.


If you know any fics like this that you know of, I'd really appreciate it! Please and thank you! :)
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Hello! Can any of you rec fics where:
1: Castiel is a chef at a  restaurant  and Dean is training under him?
2. one brother or one J has a kink where getting cut turns them on and the other cuts too deep on accident and has to stitch up the cut.
thanks everyone! 
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24 April 2012 @ 06:44 pm
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for four certain types of stories.

1. Stories will someone in the Supernatural show realizes they favor Dean more than Sam, and try to talk to Sam about it. I'd prefer Gen or Wincest for this, and for Sam to have it in the back of his mind that he's the least favorite of the brothers.

2. Stories with Jared/Jensen as chefs and/or cooks. I've already read the ones on j2_recs and here, so give me some uncommon ones. :) J2 only.

3. J2 Stories with Alpha/Omega. As for above, I've read stuff from j2_recs and here, so uncommon ones would be nice. Jared has to be omega or beta and a bottom, Jensen an alpha.

4. Sam/Jared with bipolar disorder. Gen or Wincest/J2 only here.

Thanks guys!

Also: No threesomes/moresomes, Jared/OC, Jensen/OC (if it's largely part of plot), non-con or dub-con. :)
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31 March 2012 @ 11:18 pm
Well, Jensen was a cook or a chef and Jared was a guy with a blog who deep fried stuff.

Can someone please help me find this fic.

BTW, can't find cook / chef under career tags.

Found HERE