08 December 2016 @ 11:23 pm
My first time posting here so I hope i am doing it right. I am lokking for fic called
"The dirt on his boots" by Chez_amanda. I Think ske deleted her journal and I hope someone has a copy or PDF file and would like to share with us all. I would also love som recommendations on rancher Jensen or rancher Jared fic.
Thank you all.
FOUND in comments
21 January 2016 @ 10:07 pm
I'm looking for a story (and possibly a sequel) where Jared and Jensen are bull riders.  I think Jensen gets seriously injured in the story, and that maybe Jared was an up-and-comer in the bull riding circuit.  I believe Jensen was kinda the-best-of-the-best and had several buckles and winnings.  In the sequel, I think Jensen has mostly retired due to his injuries but still manages to keep on riding.

Sorry, I'm kinda vague on the details.  I don't remember too much about the stories.  If anyone recognizes the story, I'd greatly appreciate it!
25 September 2015 @ 01:43 pm
I'm really vague on the details here so apologies...Jensen is sent to a ranch for therapy, and Jared owns the ranch. I think Chad and Chris are there and are an on/off couple? Matt later turns up and Jensen get jealous.

I've checked Cowboys/ranchers/counsellors on J2 but had no luck. Any help in finding the story would be greatly appreciated.
30 August 2015 @ 07:33 pm
Hey, I am looking for a fic I read a looong time ago that I want to re-read. In it Jensen is a rancher and Jared is a ranch hand? Anyway, one thing leads to another and they get together. Eventually Jared is attacked and raped? then the story goes on to deal with the aftermath. It ends with Jareds attackers being caught because they get into a fist fight with them at a diner... sound familiar? I know its been quite a while since I've read it. maybe a couple years? Would love to read it again tho. Hopefully it has not disappeared... Thanks!
14 August 2015 @ 10:22 am
I read a fic awhile back and can't remember what it was called. In it Jensen moves from Dallas to a small town after his father dies (IIRC). Jensen intends on selling the ranch and going back to Dallas. I don't remember how but Jared is there and works on the ranch in some capacity. There is an attraction between them but Jensen resists because he fucked up his previous relationship by constantly cheating on his partner and doesn't trust himself, or he's in denial of his homosexuality (he'll fuck guys but doesn't love them, kinda thing) Eventually Jensen gives into his attraction for Jared, and run the ranch together.

I love cowboys stories so it is possible I'm confusing two fics. Can anyone help me out?

ETA: its probably a Top!Jared fic and it is not "The Dirt on His Boots" Fic found in comments. Thanks, y'all.
06 May 2015 @ 03:25 pm
Hello again, good people!

I'm looking for a J2 au story from a long time ago. I remember that Jared was a rancher/cowboy and met Jensen in a bar and took him home. He kept thinking about being a gentleman and worrying that Jensen was going to run and they'd never see each other again. Jared was super sweet and Jensen had been in an abusive (emotionally?) relationship, I think with James Vanderbeek? But Jared is really sensitive and patient and sweet and makes Jensen see his own worth so they can be together. I also remember Chris (I'm pretty sure) and maybe Steve, being in it and Jared getting jealous of Chris at one point and then the boys have sex in a lake/pond.

I hope someone can remember this one. I did check the cowboy tag but didn't see it.

Thanks, as always! =}
14 January 2015 @ 01:12 pm
I've looked on J2 recs under 'Marriage of Convenience'but can't find the story I'm looking for.

Jared marries Jensen (who is from a rival family), Jensen's sister has a heart defect I believe and is pregnant. Jared offers to pay healthcare for her as part of the marriage contract.

You later find out that Jensen's sister is pregnant by Jared's horrible brother but Chad adores her and looks after her. JDM is the lawyer for Jared's family and I think we find out later on, that he's actually Jared's father...

Jensen is your cowboy in this, and Jared loves maps (random I know) I think.

I love this story so any help finding it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
30 November 2014 @ 09:36 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a story that I read awhile ago, I only remember a few items.

I remember it's some kind of western where Dean and Sam Winchesters are kind of outlaws. At one point Dean kidnaps a young Castiel and takes him with them. Castiel grows up and Sam expects Dean to get bored with Castiel.

I am unclear about the rest of it.

Anyone know it? Thank you in advance!
04 July 2014 @ 09:05 am
Hey guys,

I have two general J2 searches:

1.) I've just read this years big bang "Between the Earth and Sky" by alezig (awesome story btw! but then again all of alezig's stories are :-) ) Anyways, I was wondering if you could rec me AU-stories where the Js are elves, or aleas, or fairies or something similar. I'll take anything , but it would be awesome if they group up in different social circles.... Thanks!

2.) Are there any stories where Sam & Dean meet other siblings and have the suspicion that their relationship is similar to their own? They could walk in on them, or they could just notice similar behavior (that they are too close for a regular sibling-relationship)? It doesn't have to be a huge part of the story and could simply be an observation while they are on a case, or something like that...

3.) I'm also in the mood for stories, where the boys live on a ranch or farm. I have read some of them and also browsed through J2 recs, but just thought I'd give it a shot here, so rec me your favorites! And I would love it if Christian or Steve would play a role, but that's not a must!

Thanks as always, you guys rock!!!
It's been a while since I read this, but I remember really liking it. I can't remember if it was posted here on LJ or AO3.

From the plot I remember  Jared being disowned by his parents and his boyfriend broke up with him when he found out that Jared was pregnant. Jared and Jensen meet when Jared's car breaks down near Jensens farm/ranch and he helps Jared by taking him to his ranch/farm and taking care of Jared and the eventual baby even though it is not biologically his. There must be something else as well but this is all I remember of the fic. It was quite long.

I would really ally apreciate any and all help.
06 May 2014 @ 07:50 pm
hey I was wondering if any one knows and spn Chicago fire crossovers,any fic is welcome can be anything I will read it.
or fics were either one or both boys are firefighters
and also if any one knows and fics based of the movie swordfish 2001 thats corssed over with spn or rps
please and thank you
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05 March 2014 @ 12:54 pm
Hi all, so I'm looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure was on A03, in it Jared had been raised in foster care (I think he was homeless for a while) anyways, when he grows up he goes searching for his half brothers who live on the family ranch, Jensen is a hired hand on said ranch and he and Jared fall in love. I remember Jared didn't tell his brothers who he was, he just wanted to know them.
17 February 2014 @ 05:59 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a story that I read awhile ago, I only remember a few items.

I remember it's some kind of western where the Winchesters are kind of outlaws. Mary is alive and still married to John. I think Sam is married and his wife (maybe Jess) is pregnant.

Castiel is a preacher in the town, and Victor and (maybe?) Ash go to town to get some girls to spend the winter with them. Castiel leaves the church to go with Victor. It's a Destiel, and I remember something about Dean telling Castiel that Jimmy was only a replacement.

I don't remember what happens in the middle, but I remember a gun fight in which Mary is shot and Castiel is kidnapped and is held on a train. He is later rescued.

Anyone know it? Thank you in advance!

FOUND in comments!
Hi guys,
I absolutely love slave!fics and hooker!fics, but I've read so many I'm having trouble finding more. Can you please rec me any longer fics of these themes? Hopefully there'll be something I haven't read yet! Any pairing is good, be they characters or RPSs.

There's also a specific Jensen/Christian fic I'm looking for that I'm hoping one of you know. Jensen works on the family farm, and Christian is a musician. Christian ends up on the farm for some reason (car crash nearby maybe?) Bits I remember: Christian must be hurt or something, as I remember Jensen watching over him as he sleeps. Christian and Jensen go to a swimming hole together and that's where schmexy stuff happens. Mama Ackles warns Christian to be good to Jensen coz he's kind of a naive farm boy. Christian playing guitar on the porch.

Thanks gang!
i'm looking for a specific j2 story that i can only remember bits about. i remember loving it but i don't  have it saved in my delicious account.

things i remember:

  • jensen had autism/asperger's syndrome and is a fairly solitary guy

  • he's a bull rider (i'm almost positive that's what he was. if not, it's something very similar and he travels around to do it)

  • christian kane and steve carlson were together in it and were jensen's bff.

  • either chris or steve also had asperger's and the other one was really understanding and good at knowing how to help his bf and jensen feel more comfortable/be okay

  • jared (obviously!) falls in love with jensen, despite his quirks but doesn't always do the right thing

  • i specifically remember a scene where one of the guys goes into sensory overload and uses a weighted blanket to calm down and jared starts to understand how he can help jensen

that's basically all i remember... i hope it's enough! if i come up with more, i'll edit. and if anyone can make sense of my ramblings, i'll be shocked and super thankful!

(hope i did this right, this is my first post here)
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I'm looking for two specific J2(Jared/Jensen) alternative universe stories.

1. Jared is a prince. In this world every royal has to have a werewolf/shape-shifter guardian. The wolves can't shift into human form before reaching 20~something; and come in Alpha, Beta and Omega (flavour ;D ). Jeff(Jared's brother) has one - an Alpha.
When Jared was young and about to meet his omega wolf he was complaining to his mother that he didn't want a omega wolf but an alpha like Jeff. Another person broth Jensen in - white omega wolf - and they become best friends. I think Jared was a little older than Jensen.
Later in the story when Jensen can transform, I remember that the two of them were practising with swords. Jensen got hurt at one point. At the end of the story Jensen mentions to Jared that as an omega he can cary children.

2. long story. read it a few years ago.
backstory: Gerald, Allen and Donna were friends or something. Both Gerald and Allen wanted Donna; she chose Allen. They moved to a ranch.
Gerald owned an oil company or something like that; and because of envy wanted to destroy Donna and Allen's lives.
story: fast forward - Mac (Jensen's sister) is in love with Chad but is pregnant with Jeff's baby (I think).
Jared uses that knowledge to blackmail Jensen to marry him in exchange for money since the Ackles ranch is close to ruin. Jared is antagonistic towards Jensen at first since he believes that the Ackles were the ones that brought his father to death but slowly comes around to the truth and to loving Jensen for real. Jeff is the main antagonist, trying to kill them.
There was a fight in a bar or restaurant with some guys picking a fight with Jared while he and the Ackles family were eating there; Jensen calls one of their attackers "Buba" or something. And I think there was a fire at the ranch, with both Jared and Jensen running in there to get the horses.

Thank you!
14 December 2012 @ 02:25 pm
Hi All

I'm looking for PDF or ebook versions of the PBR Verse Trilogy by drvsilla if they are still available. I looked on the authors LJ and i tried Google but i couldn't find them. I had pdf copies but my computer died and I lost them.

thanks in advance
13 September 2012 @ 06:06 pm
Looking for a Wincest and/or J2 AU that features one of the boys as a cowboy and the other as a hooker. Big bangs, if you have 'em. I don't think it particularly matters who's the cowboy and who's the hooker. I know it's kind of specific, but can anyone help me out?
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30 April 2012 @ 04:16 pm
Hi: I am looking for a J2 fic that had Jared going to a ranch where his stepbrothers lived.  He doesn't tell them who he is and he meets Jensen who works there.
16 February 2012 @ 03:02 pm
Hello! Two general searches for today...

1. I've been trying to find this one fic for an eternity where Sam has a bit of a cowboy kink and Dean plays the sheriff. I think it may've been a coda for Frontierland. Does this ring any bells or can anyone rec some fics with cowboy kink, J2 or Wincest?

2. Could someone please rec some porny, well-written Jared/Jensen/Jeff? Any length, plot, or kink goes, but NC-17 or close to please.

Thank you!

Recs list an self-recs are more than welcome.
26 December 2011 @ 08:54 pm
Damn you Christmas Day John Wayne marathon!!! I'm now on a cowboy kick....

Please rec me some good historical cowboy j2 fics. I don't want present day stuff, but true to form John Wayne-esque cowboys. I'll also take anything from roughly that same time period. I prefer bottom!jared, warn me if it's not or if both bottom... I'm pretty open to anything AU like mpreg, weres, and such... Just no non-con please.

Thanks guys, and Merry late Christmas!

EDIT- it doesn't have to be one of the AU's I mentioned, I was just keeping my options open.
24 October 2011 @ 10:39 pm
I'm wondering if there are any fics/fanvids/fanart/manips based off of/based around the Brokeback Mountain storyline? Any and all pairings & ratings are fine - RPS is excellent too! Thank you in advance :3
21 October 2011 @ 06:04 pm
Specific Fic: I thought I saved this fic, but apparently not- Sam's deaged by a Unicorn, Dean takes him to Bobby's... I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I won't say how it ends, but hopefully that's enough to go on.

Rec: This may sound stupid, but has anyone ever written a fic during Civil War era where the boys fight on different sides of the war? Like Dean's a rebel soldier and Sam's a yankee? Anything gen or het for this only....please, and thank you. If this exists bonus points if a human Cas is in it with them, or Bobby...whatever. This story wouldn't be with 'supernatural' things in it like ghost or chupacabra's etc. just humans... Sorry for being picky, I'll really take anything that has some of the things, but this is the whole.
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29 September 2011 @ 09:36 am
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a story I read when I first began reading Fan Fiction. The story was set in the old west. Dean/Jensen not sure which character but he was a saloon hooker. Sam/Jared was this rich rancher's son who came to the saloon with friends to finally become a man. Needless to say boy meets boy, but Dean/Jensen has some terrible things happening to him so things aren't so easy for the lovers to achieve their happily ever after. I really want to read this story again, and if you know of any other westerns like this one send them my way too I will be soooo grateful!
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14 August 2011 @ 07:57 pm
I've been looking for a particular rancher!Jensen J2 au for sometime now... I checked all the related cowboy/rancher tags, and even trawled through themed rec comms etc...

It's a fic where rancher(?) Jensen drunkenly has cyber/vid sex with stranger city boy Jared and says some things that he forgets the next day (I believe Jensen had a bad prev relationship?)-- only to see Jared at his doorstep the following afternoon.

teh love story commences. xD

I seem to remember an award ceremony and Jensen thinking that Jared had moved on when seeing him with Chad.

If this rings any bells would dearly appreciate being pointed in the right direction! It was well-written, and I'm cursing myself for not having bookmarked it for a reread. Cheers x

(I first inquired re this fic via a comment here: http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/6068043.html#comments )

p.s. ensemble includes -as it oft does- protective friends in the form of Chris, Steve, Chad etc etc.

ETA: FOUND. via [livejournal.com profile] equally_dour... Thanks Kate!
Elysian Fields by casspeach. http://casspeach.livejournal.com/23418.html
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24 July 2011 @ 02:33 pm

 Finally I am on hiatus from Med School. I have nothing but free time and freedom and what better to do than to catch some slash fics of my favorite boys? I have been out of the fic scene for a while now. School has been more crazy than I had expected. So I'm not too sure what all is out there now-a-days.

Since I am in Med School, I got this weakness for hot doctors. I was hoping that someone out there could help me find good fics of the J's where one or both is in the medical field (ie: doctor, nurse, EMS, therapist etc...). I would be eternally grateful for some good reads to pass away the rest of my short summer until the fall semester starts up in late August.

P.S. I also have a kink for cowboys and we all know that the J's are southern boys at heart. However I am having a difficult time finding any slash fics of the boys as cowboys or simular. Again, I'm not too picky, could be one or both of them. As long as there some hot boy lovin' going on : )

Thanks, y'all will make make summer that more awesome!!!

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17 June 2011 @ 08:27 pm
 So I just finished the f***ing AMAZING fic The Outlaw Dean Winchester by runedgirl, and holy omg. Beautiful story, dude. If you like westerns, you'll absolutely love this. Everything's accurate, it's so descriptive, and holy god the smexing. *g*

So after reading that, I'm looking for more fic with the western boys. Can be sam/dean or J2, doesn't make a difference. I'm NOT looking for fic about Frontierland, though. Rather, western AUs where the boys really are cowboys (or outlaws, in Dean's case ;P).
13 May 2011 @ 01:37 pm
I'm looking for a shortish fic that was set in the old west. It used the POV of an OC, a priest maybe? Anyway, Sam and Dean are Hunters and come in and save him from a ghost, at one point using the cast iron cookware against it. I'm pretty sure it was gen.

Bobby was mentioned, but didn't show up.

I read this at least a year ago, so it wasn't related to "Frontierland" at all. I've been through the cowboy tags here, but can't find it. Any suggestions? I know I read it on LJ, but I don't think I recognized the author so they're probably not big in SPN.
04 May 2011 @ 07:45 pm
looking for fic inspired by either 5x13 or 6x18.

spoilers for season six )

thanks in advance.
Hi - i'm back looking for some more fics because i have nothing to read! I'm looking for 2 types of fics! - Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen

The 1st -  more Cowboy!Fics - recently searched for some - but i have now read them all and am looking for some more - Where one owns a Ranch and the other is a Ranch hand or Whatever - but something like that!

The 2nd - A fic about how Sam & Dean's relationship started and evolved - Like from when the were younger and how it changed growing up. Weecest is fine ( & encouraged ;P ).  Like how they went from brothers to lovers - maybe looking at how Dean wouldn't touch Sam in a  majorly sexual way till he was older - annoying Sam no end!  - Whatever i don't mind! :)


I love angst - but all must end up well in the end!
Preferably Longer Fics
MUST BE 100% Consensual

But yeah - please rec me any fics that even sound similar!
04 March 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Hi, i'm bored and i had a major craving for some J2 or Sam/Dean Slash! :)

I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics that take place on a Ranch or farm or something.

Where either Dean or Sam or Jared or Jensen own a farm/ranch whatever, and one comes to work for the other (as a ranch hand or something) and lives on the ranch/farm with him = or if it's a family ranch and one comes to work for the family.

Employer/Employee type fic - basically a build up of their relationship - whether it starts with one pining for the the other - i really don't mind.

I love angst - but it must have a happy ending! ;)

*MUST BE 100% CONSENSUAL (Please NO Dub-Con/Non-Con)
*Preferably Longer fics..

But yeh please rec me anything that sounds similar! :) Thanks!
13 January 2011 @ 11:39 pm
This is pretty vague, and by vague I mean vaaaaague. Anyway! I was sitting in my bed thinking about Sam and Dean, and of course what is in store for them when they come back on the 28th. But then it got me on another thought, I haven't read a Sam/Dean story in a very long time! 

So! I would like some recommended favorites of the wincest kind, but before that here there are SOME guidelines.

If it is a Big Bang, I have probably read it.
If it is by [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion I have probably read it.
Only Wincest
No non-con (between the boys)
Can be AU
Wee!chesters are welcome
Side characters (Castiel, Bobby, John, Jo, Andy) are love.
New stories or Old are great.
WIP are okay only as long is it is pretty much a sure thing that it'll be finished.
Prefer boys as well boys

Anything else, and I mean anything else I say go for it! 
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07 January 2011 @ 08:36 am
Heya everyone!! 

Yeah, I'm back. I'm looking for your favorite and most beloved J2 western/rodeo/bull-riding type of fics. I've gotten Drvsilla's Under His Hand and the sequels under my belt, along with CalamityCrow's fics, and Break Loose Ranch. But stuff along that theme... western, horses and ranches, rodeos and bulls. Just in the mood to brighten up this cold and snowy day, ya know? Self-recs are welcomed. ^_^

The other one I was looking for is a J2, in which  )<< FOUND! Link in comments, since I don't know how to move them up here all nice and proper like. >>

Thanks everyone! 
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04 January 2011 @ 11:45 pm
Hi, I've got a few requests I'm hoping someone can help me with.
1) There's a story were sam is in the old west and hes trying to stop outlaw dean. They end up together but then angels show up?
2) I was reading a really long story that i think was still a WIP at the time. It was J2 AU with both the J's as porn star's. Jensen had been forced in to porn to bein with when he was underaged. he meets Jared when they work together and they become a couple, Jensen's evil ex manager still course problems, breack ins threats ect
3) Any other J2 AU's with the boy's in porn I've read some but would love more so please rec your fav's
4)I have a huge Tattoo kink made worse by the brilliant smoke and lightning verse by evil twin. so any other good story's involving tattoo's or piercings please, can be J2 or Sam/Dean

Thanks in advanced for any help. um NC-17/M ratting preferred and I have no major things that bother me in fics so rec anything lol
13 December 2010 @ 03:46 pm
I'm looking for a particular story that brought Sam and Dean back in time. I think if was a WIP. One minute they were hunting/fighting with two other men. The next, they fell out of the sky. Dean got patched up in a barn and Sam ended up with a bar owner who was also a doctor. They had been at the mission before popping back in time, and were on their way to find it in the old west.

Any old west story with Sam and Dean, Sam/Dean, Jensen and Jared or Jensen/Jared (I don't care who tops or bottoms) would also be great.

Thanks for your help!
21 October 2010 @ 03:52 pm
I know I saw - at some point, somewhere on LiveJournal - someone writing a long(ish) fic that was a crossover between the Magnificent Seven and Supernatural. I never got around to reading it and now I can't find it. I do remember it had a pretty Mag7 banner, though.

I know that gives you almost nothing to go on, but I trust you guys (and would honestly be happy with any Mag7 crossovers).

Lastly, any Old West-style cowboy fics, if there are no such crossovers and my mind is playing tricks on me, would be awesome.
24 August 2010 @ 07:13 pm

I've been reading like crazy these days, but my one real kink seldom gets satisfied... Manly men.

Long explanation what that includes )

The only three things I don't really like are dom/sub-stories (not including some light, friendly rope-play. That's fine) and please, not death-fics. And ONLY AU-stories.

Self-recs are very welcome!

I'm sure you can have epic love even when you are in possession of a fully (non-)functioning y-chromosome ;-) .

10 June 2010 @ 09:23 pm
Hello all,
This is driving me absolutely batty.  I'm sure I remember reading a story where Jared has been fostered to the Jensen Family that lives on a ranch.  He's been sexually abused and the story explores the relationship between Jared and Jensen . I think there's even a sequel.  But I'm just coming up empty and my googlefu has failed me.  This is probably one of those stories I'll say "oh, of course, that's where it is".

ETA:  Found! by [livejournal.com profile] twivamp92 

Brand New Start by  [livejournal.com profile] gestaltrose 
and the sequel Find His Way Back
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1) I was watching UFC on TV the other day and it made me wonder if there were fics with them like that.It doesn't even have to be specifically UFC.They could be boxers or even wrestlers.Both of them can be fighters or one can be a fighter and the other their coach.
2) Just Sam and Dean or J2 being cowboys,either modern day cowboys or olden day cowboys.They can either be the ones to own the ranch/farm or are workers in someone else' s ranch/farm.OR Jared/Sam family can own it and Jensen/Dean can be a worker on his family's ranch/farm.

To make the search more broad Sam and Dean and J2 can be brothers or not; it doesn't matter:)
Bottom!Jared/Sam or both taking turns bottoming in the stories please:)

All help is GREATLY appreciated:)

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16 May 2010 @ 02:43 am
I'm looking for an AU where Sam and Dean are ranch hands, or otherwise work on a ranch, or even own one. I don't care about the time period - historical or modern, I'm good either way. :D

Or, barring that, anything where one (or both) of them is really good with horses, and it's important to his character and/or the plot.

But in either case I still want them to be brothers who were raised together. Wincest and gen both gladly accepted, though gen is preferred.

Thanks everyone!
09 April 2010 @ 09:49 pm
Good evening my lovelies!

I'm searching for two fics I've read recently.

1. Set after Supernatural finishes, Jensen is an actor and Jared is working as a teacher (I think). Jensen has a stalker who starts threatening him, so he moves in with Jared and doesn't tell anyone. They end up together.

2. The second was a wincest fic and I'm a bit vague on the details. It was a normal!AU where Sam came home to the family ranch after John dies. Dean had stayed on the family ranch and Sam had moved away to become a lawyer. I think Dean was still angry with Sam for leaving and part of it was them trying to work out their issues. There was a scene a rather heated scene in the stables?

Man I hope someone can help, these two are driving me crazy!
28 March 2010 @ 10:01 pm
*waves* First time posting here, but I hope you can all help me find a particular J2 story.

I read it sometime in January, but I'm kind of new to this fandom so I don't know that it wasn't posted earlier. Anyway, it was a story that took up just after Jared and Sandy broke up Blah blah blah )

So, er, yeah. Crummiest synopsis ever, so I hope someone has some idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks for your time everyone!

EDIT: Found! Storm Coming On by [livejournal.com profile] winterlive. Thank you anon!
1) I know it's not realistic to hope for spn/bonanza crossovers but if someone knows one I'll be very, very happy.

2) Are there any western stories out there? I've read my way through ffnet but I'm craving for more.

Gen, slash, self-pimps - everything's encouraged.

Thank you in advance.
30 January 2010 @ 11:53 am
Hey everybody!

I am looking for two specific fics that I can't find anywhere and it's driving me crazy!

1) Jared and Jensen live and work on a ranch and are very open about their relationship to their family and community. A new pastor moves into town and starts preaching against homosexuality which makes the community turn against them. This fic is a WIP.

2) Based off the novel,Fahrenheit 451. Jared is a fireman whose job is to burn any books/movies/music that is found. Jensen is an actor and shows Jared how wonderful and awe inspiring these things are. This is a completed fic.

Any help would be wonderful!!!!

FOUND! Links to both stories in the comments! Thanks guys!

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22 December 2009 @ 02:27 am
i was reading this fic  sinful desire website and i cant find it again i was wanting to read it again.

jensen was a cowboy and he worked for jareds parents and him and jared were friends when they were little and then jared went off to college and didnt come back for like 8 yrs . he finally does and brings his girlfriend with him and he thinks jensen is hot b4 he knows its jensen.  jeffrey finds jensen somewhere crying after he left during lunch or something and he tells him about him and jared. thats all i can remember if you have it much appreciated thanks .

thats it thank you so much .
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18 October 2009 @ 09:16 am
Requesty time :D *Friday the 13th horror music*

1: Dog Whisperer!Jensen. Sorry, I've been watching the National Geographic channel. So also any fics where the boys are animal experts.

2: Flamboyant!boys :D if wincest, yey! if not, doesn't need to be just J2, can be anyone else too, like Chris, Misha, Chad, whatever *snorts*

3: Country!boys. And I mean countrrryyy. Like, works on ranch, wears cowboy hat, wears no shirt, rides horses. It'd be awesome if they were still in highschool, too, so like one of them lives on a ranch, blah blah blah :D

4: Fic based on the movie Love Notes.

5: Fic based on Nick and Norah's Infinit Playlist.

6: Fic based on the book The Black Creek Crossing by John Saul!!!! If no one has written this, PLEASE PLEASE WRITE IT. Me love you long time.

7: Crack!fic. Awesome, hilarious crack!fic. Ooooh and Smutty!Crack!fic.

Pretty much any of my requests can be either J2 or SPN, and if it's SPN preferably Wincest :D

Thanks in advance.
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03 July 2009 @ 12:08 pm

heeya guys, I'm looking for two types of J2 AU's that are practically each other opposites...

1. Any old west fics. And then I don't mean modern cowboys and bullriding, I found a few of those, but the real good ol' days with outlaws, indians, revolvers and horses.

2. Any sci-fi/fantasy fics! I've not found many of those, but normally when I read a 'real' book, that's my thing...

so, can anyone help me out?
14 June 2009 @ 12:28 am
Hi! I'm looking for a RPS which took place in the West (I think). Jensen was arrested and placed in a cell next to JDM. Chris I think comes to break JDM out and they take Jensen with them. But it turns out that Jensen is from a wealthy family and JDM and Chris take him to Jared. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks
13 February 2009 @ 09:49 pm
Hope you can help...my pc crashed and had to buy a new one,lost everything.

1)Jared/Jensen in London in the old days.Jared was a servant for Tommy and his wife and Jen was a friend over there from the states looking for a wife so he wouldn't lose his inheritance,he falls for Jared and woes him with flowers.

2)The show ends and Jared is confused...he goes on a trip around the world and doesn't send or write Jen because he doesn't know what to say to him,along the way he leaves things behind...when he gets back Jen picks him up at the airport and he ends up staying with him...he bakes cookies at one point and tells Jen they have green M&amp;Ms in them.

3)Jared is in a band and Jen is along because his boyfriend is to,Jared plays the guitar and writes the songs, Jen takes photos and falls for Jared.Jesen's sister is in the band to.

4)Any cowboy fics out there would be great also,was thinking about that last night and have no idea why i didn't think of it before.

I hope this is enough to find them they are some of my most loved stories.Im sure i will be back ;)

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