16 June 2016 @ 10:37 pm
Hi Guys,

It's been a while but I need your help! What I remember is this:

1.John somehow injures Dean's back, either purposely or through neglect.

2. Dean runs away, puts weight on (by eating cheese!) and works at a hardware store under an alias. He has built himself a life and reinvented himself. I believe a guy he works for has feelings for Dean, but Dean only likes him as a friend.

3. Sam tracks Dean down ( can't remember how or why) Dean tells Sam he likes living with his new identity. I'm pretty sure it's Sam/Dean.

Hope that's enough to go on. You guys haven't failed me yet!

As ever mods, I hope my tags are ok!

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Hey all,
I need your wonderful help ....see I'm looking for two specific J2 AU FICS.

In the first one Jared and Chad and some others were costumer service operators. It was a boring job until one day Jensen called in to lodge a complaint about a pepsi truck who almost ran him over. Oh yeah did I mention that he (Jared) worked for a pepsi truck company?.Anywho they quickly form a bond......ummm I remember Jared loved skittles and that he sends Jensen a costume designed Tee shirt along with a pepsi coupon book.Does anyone know what story I speak of?.

In the second one Jared works at this adult store owned by Danneel.He's also madly in love with her.Jensen is Danneel's good friend who happens to be a pornstar or other who goes to visit Danneel.Jared didn't like Jensen at first because of the history Jensen and Danneel shared.I'm sorry but that's all I read.

Can someone please help me?.

Thank You