24 July 2012 @ 02:11 am

1. Sam and Dean were being fake cops but Dean said Sam's hair was too long and he needed to cut it, so he did, reluctantly. *Iz that surprising?*


2. Stories where Sam has an aneurysm. I've already read Aneurysm

3. Stories where Sam gets hurt and the boys give up hunting, not because of it as such, but it is the reason they settle down at first so Sam can get better, but they end up staying. Or not, staying for a long time and going back to hunting eventually works too. Basically I want more things like This is the Place because that story is just perfection!

4. Sam having brain surgery, just basically an excuse to shave part of his head. But not absolutely necessary. 

5. Sam OR Dean having some sort of planned surgery/procedure. They're not a inpatient when they're wheeled down to surgery, they walk in to hospital with their own two legs for a procedure they know they're having done because they booked it in advance. If that makes sense. 
06 January 2012 @ 12:31 am
1) A highschool fic where Jensen is in the closet and Jared is loud and proud about his sexuality. I remember Jensen's being called 'Bean' at one point in the story.

2) A fic where Jensen and Jared are in a play together. I remember Jared having tattoos and piercings and he was secretly in an abusive relationship.

3) Fics where either of J2 are hairdressers.

Thank you.
Hey guys,
I'm back and need your help again. I've read this really great story some time ago and cannot remember author or title. Jensen was some kind of movie or TV star and Jared was doing his hair and make-up. I remember that Jared had to apply a large tatoo covering Jensens neck and torso (maybe also his arms, not sure), I believe that Jensen was weird about taking off his shirt because he was scarred or sth. If I remember correctly they start of on the wrong foot because Jared is talking about gay sex or sth. and Jensen overhears and reacts weird. That's pretty much all I can remember, hope it rings a bell with somebody.

Thanks guys!!!
30 October 2011 @ 05:53 pm
Hi people,
I was wondering if there are any good stories with one or both of the J's as hairdressers out there?
Hit me with you best, and self rec are always welcome ;)

I've been watching a salon makeover marathon on tv and got in the mood... :)

Thanks you guys


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