06 October 2015 @ 10:16 am
Hi! This is an YEARS old fic, so I'm not sure if it still exists or not. I had the link saved on my old computer (which I stopped using 2 years ago after it crashed) and finally managed to buy a new one, so I'm collecting everything I'd lost... Anyways, that aside...

I'm looking for a story where Dean is a restaurant owner/chef and Cas is waiter (I think) or one of the jr. kitchen staff at his restaurant. One night Dean finds Cas still in the kitchen WAY after the hotel closed and realises that Cas is basically squatting there. He tells Cas to go home. I think a couple of days later, Cas burns or cuts his hand on something, and Dean tells him to take the night off. Later, Dean is going somewhere, late at night, and it is raining heavily, when he sees Cas trying to sleep behind some dumpster/ shop. He brings Cas home. The next morning he makes Cas breakfast, omelette with tomatoes... because Cas can't hold the knife properly.

It was on Lj... either on some Destiel comm or someone's private journal. If someone recognises the story, I'd be really really grateful. Maybe even bake a batch of my trademark cashewnut-choco-chips cookies ;)
19 January 2015 @ 09:36 pm
Can't remember the name of the fiction, if anyone can help me please. It's a J2 RPS; Jared is a very successful restaurantuer, but his family doesn't know, and he is often berated by his parents and siblings for not beig as successful as they are. One of his restuaraunt's name is "Elta" after Danneel, as she was integral in its opening and operation.
Found: title: Pour Some Sugar On Me
AO3 Url: http://archiveofourown.org/works/393121/chapters/645689

Human AU – eventual Dean/Cas, Pie Shop story

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Thank you kindly,

Tags: genre:AU, genre: non-hunting AU, genre: Human AU, career:Café Owner, career: Baker, career: Chef, genre: College Sam theme:PieShop, attribute:Human!Castiel, attribute:Human!Balthazar, pairing: Cas/Balthazar, evenutal pairing: Cas/Dean
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28 April 2012 @ 11:54 pm
Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to this fandom and I was hoping you could point me in the direction of some J2 (AU or non-AU) fics that meet the following criteria:

1) Supportive friends and families: J2 fic (AU or non-AU) where the boys are encouraged to get/stay together by their families and friends (e.g. The Five-Year Engagement, etc). I love when the Ackles and the Padaleckis are supportive of their relationship.

2) Friends Together/Dating: J2 fic (AU or non-AU) where they meet because their friends are dating/married/ex's/etc. I've read a few great stories like this (e.g. In Becoming Who We Are by elizah_jane), but I imagine there have to be quite a few more floating around. Bonus points if their friends' relationship negatively affects them getting/staying together.

3) Waiter/Barista Fic: J2 fic (AU or non-AU) where one or both of the boys are waiters. I love barista!boy stories, but I've had a hard time finding any waiter fics.

I love longer fics and I prefer bottom!Jensen but I'd love suggestions for any good fics that meet these tropes. Thank you!
07 February 2012 @ 01:02 am
Heya folks.

I'm looking for a few things... I'm putting a few under cuts to protect the young and elderly among us. ^_^

1) Any insanely sweet and sappy and mushy fics. Wincest/J2 please. I'm talking things like "As This Sunset Turns To Morning" and "Reinventing Love" and "Disclaimer". Stories that just kinda make you want to believe in love again, you know? Longer is better, but a sugary-sweet one-shot makes my day too. ^_^

Ohh... kinky! )

3) Creature-boys. I've read a whole slew of werewolf fics, and I've dug into the creature-tag on J2 recs, but thanks to an egg-preg fic I saw on here earlier, now I've got a craving for creature-boys. :/ Anyone got some to rec??

4) Snow-fics. We're having a 'delightfully' warm winter here (Seriously. 70 degree weather. In JANUARY!! /o\), so I'm craving some cold, snowy boys. Again, any pairing except Destiel works here. ^_^

5) Cooking and/or Gardening fics. I have precious little of this. The boys as chefs/bakers/caterers.... just cooking in their own kitchen in their own time. Same with gardening. They can be gardeners, landscapers, just taking care of their own gardens, working in a nursery, I don't care. I want some dirty boys playing with plants. ^_^

I'll stop now. Thank you all in advance.
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09 November 2011 @ 02:18 am
I have had a hankering for some Joe-brewing stories. I'd like either Dean or Castiel to be a barista. I know I've read one or two, but for some reason, this work relationship thing is stuck in my head and I'd like more. I read two off of the swingset-13 AU list, does anyone know of any more? thank you!
12 July 2011 @ 01:33 am

Hi I need help to find this story, 2 months ago was not finished, it was: to continue, so I suppose still is

I don't remember the title of the story or author's name, but this is what the story is about, hope someone can help me and the modetator doesn't reject my entry:

Jared works in a restaurant and Jensen is a frequently customer there, one day Jensen doesn't go to pick his order to the Restaurant and Jared calls him to his cel and Jensen tells Jared he had an accident and crashed the car, so Jared calls his brother cause is a doctor and he goes to help Jensen with an ambulance, Jensen's brother is doctor too.

Jensen stays in the hospital , and Jared goes to visit Jensen next day and suddenly remembers when his boyfriend died years ago in the hospital so he faint and he has to stay one day in the hospital too.
 Because of the accident, Jensen moves to live with Jared and because of a photo album Jensen realizes that his ex-boyfriend Tom welling (Tom is an actor) is one of Jared's best friends, Tom was kind of mean with Jensen and Jensen and Tom had a hidden relationship because Tom was not "out of the closet" yet. Jared doesn't knew Tom was gay either, chapters later Jared discovers his dead boyfriend had a twin..

Anyone knows the author's name?

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a story I read quite a while ago, but I don't remember where. It started of with Jensen meeting Jared for an interview. Jensen was a food-critic and Jared a chef, who had won a TV contest like 'Top Chef'. Jensen was not too happy about the interview but ended up liking Jared and his cooking. Also, Jensen ran an underground-restaurant with Chris and some others, basically renting a space for a night and cooking a multiple course meal. Jensen was a real foody and would cook from I think cook-books based on the cooking at 'Alinea' and 'French Laundry'.

I would really like to re-read it, so if y'all could help me out, I'd appreciate it a lot!

A big THANK YOU to kruel_angel! The fic is Kisses Sweeter Than Wine by topaz119, part of last years bidbang challenge