11 September 2016 @ 04:23 am

Does anyone have a PDF (or working link) of Hot For Teacher, by jjia912? It features, dom/teacher Jared, sub/student Jensen, plus a side of Jeff/Misha. I just went to read it and it appears the journal has been deleted. Thanks!

16 April 2016 @ 10:28 am
I'm looking for a fic that I believe is a timestamp to a college AU. What I remember is that the boys are living on the east coast, possibly Boston. I think Jared is a middle school teacher and Jensen an EMT. I know Jensen is working extra shifts and/or getting additional training.

Ring any bells?
07 January 2016 @ 01:55 pm
So my friend and I have epically failed to recall the title and author of a certain fic. Here's what we remember:

Jensen was a were!panther and hid this from jared, who was human. One or both of them were teachers and Jensen knew Jared was his mate. They do fall for one another, but when Jared discovers Jensen's "secret", he's not ready to commit to Jensen.

Jensen flies back to his pack land (somewhat remote) and Jared eventually goes after him. Jared has to participate in some type of a mating chase and he's told he can't make it easy for Jensen to catch him.

The story ends with them together.

We both recall reading it on AO3.

Found it (link in first comment).
09 December 2015 @ 02:06 pm
Hi :)
I am looking for a specific J2 fic. I had it bookmarked but I lost it, I think.

In the first part (or first story, it's a series I think).Jensen is a college student and Jared is about to graduate from high school when he goes to the college Jensen attends because it's one of his options and he's doing a tour. (more under the cute due to spoilers)

Read more... )

Thank you so much!
09 September 2015 @ 08:26 am
Read this years ago - long, plotty. Jared and Gen new to small town. Meet Jensen and Danneel at block party? Jensen is a photographer, gay, living kind of in the closet with Danneel (excellent relationship) to help raise their child (son?). Jared is a schoolteacher. He eventually realized his attraction to Jensen - acts on it when he and Jensen's friends go with him for his occasional foray to another town to a gay bar. They fall in love and I think Jared may be deciding to leave Gen but then Gen says she's pregnant. Also Danneel and Tom want to be married. Jensen decides he has to move away - goes to Los Angeles. He meets a man who is understanding about Jensen's love for Jared, they eventually marry. Takes a few years but there is a happy ending. I would love to read this again!

More detail: Jared discovers that Jensen is gay when he finds romantic/adult? photos of men in his rooms - he lives downstairs/separately in his house with Danneel. Turns out Jared's sister has disappeared on the streets, become a hooker taken advantage of by a photographer initially. Jared is horrified to think Jensen is that way too, Jensen eventually explains he's helping out these men by not being that way - and Jared finds out Jensen is gay. Much later, after Jensen has moved and gotten married, Jared asks Jensen to come take family pictures for the Padaleckis - something they haven't done since his sister disappeared. When Jared's brother (mother?) sees one of the photos Jensen took of Jared - just laughing, not knowing he's being photographed - they say "he really loves you."
18 April 2015 @ 08:53 pm
I can't remember whether it was spn or spnrpf. But Jared/Sam was the coach of a high school sports team and Jensen/Dean was a student and on the team. And Jared/Sam told Jensen that if he didn't have sex with him he would make sure that he wouldn't get a sports scholarship. And Jared/Sam fucked him in his office and took pictures to humiliate him.
Hi guys! I'm looking for any fics that feature a pining Jensen who is secretly (or not so) in love with Jared. High school / college AUs are welcome. I'd also like for fic with the two still being actors on SPN but something happens (like Jensen getting hurt) and that's how Jared finds out about Jensen's feelings. Strong preference for bottom!Jensen

11 November 2014 @ 10:14 am
So I recently read this fic where jensen was a high school techer and he has a stalker sending him weird things then jensen starts dating jared whose a pe teacher?

Someone please help!
08 October 2014 @ 01:29 pm
Guys, a friend is looking for this story,,
and now I want to read it too  :)

Do you know the name or author of this story?

"Jensen's a high school teacher, and he's been stalked, the stalker sent him lot of love letters, candies, gifts (dead body of bird, because Jensen's feed the bird in the park), cum. Jensen's so scared, until he met Jared, who's PE teacher in his school. Jensen felt very safe and fell in love with Jared. And the stalker disappeared for a while.
Then something happened, and Jared has to go back to Texas for the weekend. When Jensen back to home from shopping, a guy broke into his house, the guy looked like an accountant, and said he's here to help, but Jensen didn't believe him and fought with the guy. Then Jared showed up and saved Jensen. Jared took Jensen to his home, and Jared cried while they had sex.
The next day, Jensen found Jared, the true Jared was tied up in the bathroom, and lot of love letters, photos of Jensen hisself. Well not himself, but they shared the same face. And then the fake Jared said, you're my Dean now."

19 June 2014 @ 01:21 pm
I'm looking for the fic where Jared is a school teacher but also owns a BDSM club. Jensen is a pupil at the school where Jared works. They end up together. The J2 relationship starts when they are away on a school trip to a camp.

It also has Misha in it who ends up in a relationship with JDM.

Not a great deal to go on but I'm hoping someone knows it. 

Found in comments.
09 February 2014 @ 04:07 pm
1. Obsession. Fics where one or both the boys are obsessed with the other. I do not care how the fics turns out. If they get together and are happy or if one gets a restraining order. I just want obsession.

2. Teacher/Student. Im almost positive I've read every one in the fandom, but, surprise me. Give me more. I will gladly reread them too.

3. Eating disorder(s).
02 January 2014 @ 03:06 pm
I just saw the following gifset on Tumblr again: http://stickingupforsammy.tumblr.com/post/42565167255/au-meme-college-senior-jensen-helps-professor, and it got me in the mood for college professor Jared and student Jensen stories. I've looked around on this community and on Google, but I couldn't really find what I'm looking for. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!
15 December 2013 @ 11:58 pm
Okay so I've been looking for this fic for over a week. I'm 99.9999999% sure it's on spnkink-meme or spn-blindfold but I can't seem to find it and it's driving me crazy.

Okay, so here's what I remember:

To start off with, I'm 95% sure that this was J2. If not, then it's definitely AU because this take place in a classroom setting. So (pretending that this is J2) J1 and J2 are in a established relationship. J1 is teaching a class about pornography (though I think they say they called the class something else so they could teach it at the college). J1 needs to show his class in-depth how everything works so J1 asks if J2 will come to his class to give him a hand. J2 agrees. At one point they do end up fucking in front of the entire class.

There's one scene that I remember vividly and that's just of J1 or 2 dragging a mattress into the middle of the room. Also, that there are two OC's (both boys) who are dating. One of them is taking the class because he wants to get into porn. The other one is taking the class because his boyfriend is.

I could be wrong, but there may have been another person who did J2's job before J2 showed up, but then he quit or something (I think maybe he went to model nude for an art class?) and that's when J1 asked J2 to help out with the class. Though, I may be mixing up 2 stories with that one.

Thank you so much for your help guys!

Edit: Found! The Rim Job
Hi, here I am again.

This time I'm looking for three specific fic.

  1. Sam and Dean find young Castiel (he fall and reborn). He doesn't remember much but remember Dean and Sam and he goes with them. There a lot of sex with underage Castiel because Sam and Dean make him believe that his grace made them want him.

  2. Second has pairing Jared/Jensen and Misha/Jeff. Misha and I believe Jensen are underage and Jared and Jeff are teachers. Jared is coach. Jared is owner some "specific" night club. It's d/s story. Jared and Jeff are Doms and Jensen and Misha are subs.

  3. Last one is Jared/Jensen/Jeff. Story is Jensen move to the small city with his uncle who is very homophobic and keeps Jensen locked in his room and beat him because he is homosexual. One time Jared finds out and Jeff almost kill Jensen uncle. Then they are in threesome relationship. Jensen uncle kidnap him and almost castrate him but there is happy ending. I maybe messing with Jared/Jensen role in this fic. Jeff is some kind of artist in this fic.

Any Jared/Jensen stories where are a lot of misunderstanding between the two of them and one is cruel to another but with happy anding.

All links in comments
08 May 2013 @ 02:09 pm
This has been bugging me all day!

From what I remember, Jensen was a photographer and Jared was a teacher?  I'm pretty sure...

From what I remember, Jensen had a bad past relationship that he didn't tell Jared about and it caused Jared to loose his job?  Or almost loose his job?  I remember that Jared had to almost force details about Jensen's past out of him because Jensen didn't want to talk about it.

I know, super vague but hopefully someone knows the answer!

Also, does anyone have the link for the Days of our Lives (or Days in our Lives) verse?

***Both found; in comments!***
24 September 2012 @ 10:24 pm
I am looking for a J2 story that is possibly about a year old. Jared is a really, really nice guy who is training to be a teacher like his mom and works in a coffee shop in his spare time. He is going out with Sandy who wants him to do extreme sexual things and he is too much of a gentleman to do them. On his birthday night he goes out with Chad, Tom and Mark and gets really drunk for the first time. He ends up with Jensen whose lunch he paid for the previous day in the coffee shop. Jensen is a singer but makes money selling himself (Chris is his partner but not gay). Jared gives Jensen a job in the coffee shop to help him out. Turns out Jared's dad was violent to his mom and Jared didn't want to be the same. Jared falls in love (and lust) with Jensen and it is a happy ending!!

Long synopsis here - have searched most relevant tabs but no luck!

Found in comments & quickly thanks!
20 July 2012 @ 11:35 am
Stories where one or both the J's are teachers- doesn't matter what they teach. I don't have more guidelines beyond that, bottom!Jared would be great too, but if not I'll live.

I've already been through the fics on J2-recs.
OK, This is driving me crazy, but I know one of you fine people will know this story. It's a J2 that was actually two stories (the second longer than the first) - Jared is an Anthropology or Archeology professor and teaches a community sculpting class in his spare time. Jensen takes his class despite being unable to use one of his arms due to an injury he suffered. Jensen lives with a chronic pain condition due to this injury.


EDIT: found in comments!
07 January 2012 @ 02:23 pm
I know this story has been searched for on the comm before, but I wasn't able to find it in the "retail" or "store owners" tag. I know there's a podfic of it.

Jensen owns a comic book store, and Aldis works for him. Two of his customers (I think they were the Ghostfacers actors) asked him to settle a Batman vs. Superman question (I'm sure it was Batman, not so sure about the Superman part), and after getting them to narrow down "which" Batman they meant, he answers "Deadpool." Apparently, Jensen always answers "Deadpool" to "vs" questions. Aldis tells the guys they aren't going to like the answer before Jensen gives it.

IIRC, Jared has been coming in once a month for a book for his niece, but he finally works up the nerve to talk to Jensen and his ice breaker is "Han shot first!" He may have been a teacher.

ETA: FOUND!!! by [livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel in about 15 seconds!! It's Dork Reign: A Tale of Geek Love by [livejournal.com profile] saone77. And it wasn't Superman, it was Wolverine. Knew I was off on that. For anyone interested, here's a link to the podfics by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] reena_jenkins

It has been a while since I read 1 and 2 so some details might be off.

1. This first fic is a wip or it was the last time I read it. Jared is a trophy husband, Jensen married him to keep the gold diggers away but Jared falls in love with Jensen. Jared has stayed in the marriage for 3-4 years but is losing hope that Jensen will ever stop cheating on him or  love him back. I remember the summary said that Jared gets into a car accident and is heavily scarred but at the time the wip only had 2-3 chapters and he hadn't been injured yet.

2. This fic is complete. Jensen is a census taker recovering from cancer and meets teacher Jared who is unhappy with his job. I think this fic was mainly top Jensen but Jared topped once or twice. I also remember they had a funny conversation (via text message) about who was going to top. They made some sort of bet on who is going to top which Jensen wins.

3. This is my first general request. I have been reading "dress me up in stitches" by the_sammykinz and Jensen in this story is heavily scarred. I am looking for other fics where one or both is outwardly physically imperfect. By this I mean they are scarred, have lost a limb(s), have some sort of deformity, are overweight or underweight, or have some part of there body that people have mocked in the past and they dislike it because of that. I would like it to be something that can't be fixed or not easily fixed. J2 only, I would prefer AU but I will read non/AU.

18 October 2011 @ 11:49 pm
Specific Fic:

So, I'm currently looking for a PDF of Bait by beera1, who deleted her journal a long time ago. I've already looked on the three links given in the deleted journals/stories section and didn't find any working PDF links for the stories, so if you have one could you please send me the DL link? In fact, any of her stories would do, because they're all so awesome!

General Requests:

1. Anything where Jared isn't an actor but can see/speak to ghosts. I don't want the one where Chad dies and Jared can see him and has to help solve a murder through Chad telling him the details. But anything like it would be nice.

2. Teacher!Jared/Teacher!Jensen. I've already been on j2_recs and have gone through their links, so I'm looking for anything not that well known, please.

3. Anything with awesome!Chad, his POV, or anything. Something like Neon Showman would be wonderful. :)

4. Still looking for stories where Jared get's his heart broken by Jensen, or is angry at something Jensen did, or jealous, or just... ANGSTY JARED AND HAPPY ENDINGS AND HEART IS HURTING stories would be wonderful.

5. Stories where Jensen has to assassinate Jared but falls in love instead?

J2 only, no threesomes, no D/S, short-medium length, etc.

Thanks guys!

Hello this is my first time posting on lj so I hope I get it right.  I am looking for four specific fics. I do not remember the names of the authors or titles for any of the fics.  The first two I only read the summaries.  I saved the URLs in a word file so I could come back and read them later when rl wasn’t so busy but I lost the word file.

1. Jensen is in a band with Justin Hartley they are also dating, Jared is a roadie and an aspiring musician. That’s all I can remember.

2. Jared is in a band with Chad and Sandy.  He makes some sort of bet or promise to get a kiss from famous actor Jensen Ackles, who is 10-15 years older than him. He gets the kiss and decides he wants more.

3. Jensen is a closeted country music star who gets caught back stage at an awards show with a guy.  His manager sends him to a town in Maine or Massachusetts (I think), to hide out until the scandal dies down.  This is where he meets Jared who is a teacher at the local college.

4. Jensen is flying back home when the plane starts experiencing some minor trouble.  Jensen is afraid of flying and starts freaking out and the guy sitting next to him (Jared) tries to calm him down.  Jensen is sure he is going to die and starts spilling all his secrets from the stupid stuff he does at work (like photocopying his butt and sticking it on the bulletin board) to his doubts about his relationship with his boyfriend Tom.  Jared finally manages to get him to calm down as the plane is about to land. Jensen leaves the airport sure he will never see Jared again, however when Jensen goes into work at the office the next day he is introduced to the owner of the company Jared.

Number four is based on a book though I don’t remember the title or author.
FOUND     (The book is: Can you keep a secret? by Sophie Kinsella)

P. S.  I hope I got the tags right but I have a question I couldn't find a career: musician!jared or musician!jensen.  Please, it would be helpful if you would add them if it's not to much to ask.

18 April 2011 @ 11:34 am
Hey guys, I just finished reading the Twists and Turns vers' by [info]tcs1121  and I also loved A Lesson A Day (could kill you) by [info]lycaness. So I'm looking for night classes I guess, when the guys are older and one of them has some sort of injury/illness/trauma or bad thing going on in their life and the teacher helps them with that too.

Thanks guys.
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07 April 2011 @ 08:09 pm
Hello guys!
Searched the internet but could only find the opposite kind of fic i wanted, so i hope you'll be able to help me:
I wondered if there are any Collge!AU or HighSchool!AU fics featuring Teacher!Jared and Student!Jensen?? I've been searching for ages but only found the reverse and i kinda wanted a softie sweetheart Jensen who's afraid of his own shadow and the awesomest, cool and confident teacher Jared, who's totally hot and amazing and Jensen has a super-huge crush on him...
Anyway, please, guys, pretty please, let me know if you know something like that, ok? :)
Thanks in advance!
13 February 2011 @ 03:00 am
Hi all,

I may be confusing two different stories, but here goes.  The J2 story I am looking for was post Supernatural.  I believe it ended early/was cancelled, because Jared and Jensen had gotten together but Jensen was unwilling to either come out or thought it was a mistake.  Jared quit acting and became a teacher, and Jensen became a star.  Jensen gets a stalker and is advised by the police to hide out somewhere no one would suspect he'd go, so Jensen chooses to stay with Jared.  Eventually, Jared forgives Jensen and they get back together, and Jared even returns to acting. 

Thanks so much!

P.S. I think there's a similar one where Jared is also a teacher but in this case Danneel was involved? She hooked up with Jared after she and Jensen broke up...  Does anyone know which one that is? 
13 February 2011 @ 12:26 am
The previous post made me think of a story I can't find. I remember a fic where Jared became a teacher and Jensen had a daughter and she was in Jared's class. I think Danneel used to drop her off (in an SUV?) and one day Jensen comes to pick her up, I think they're divorced. The daughter knows who Jared is cause of the Supernatural DVD's that Jensen has, obviously this is set sometime after Supernatural ends. The only other part I remember is Jared going over to Jensen's house.

Edit: Found and it wasn't Danneel, it was an OFC.

If It Ends Now, Let the Words Remain Unsaid by [livejournal.com profile] verbalavalanche. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] juice817!!!
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30 January 2011 @ 11:32 pm
I read this fic a few months ago, but I cannot for the life of me remember how I found it or who it was by. It is a specific fic, and it really stood out for me.

It was J2, obviously, and an AU story, wherein both Jensen and Jared were teachers at a high school. Jensen had worked there for a while (I think he was the math teacher? Not sure on that), whereas Jared had just transferred, after what I believe was an unfortunate incident at his previous school.

I'm a little sketchy on the details, but I do remember that at one point, later in the story, Jared went home to visit his family, who thought his homosexuality was just a phase. Or something. I can't remember much of it, sorry.

I'd be happy for any help I can get to find this amazing story.

If it helps, I remember that there were cute images of...something separating the sections of the story?

ETA: Found! Thank you, kruel_angel! <3
13 January 2011 @ 07:56 am
Hey there, I'm wondering if anyone can rec me some fics where Jared/Sam is a teacher, therapist, counselor, or anything of the like. I'm not picky about who his love interest is. And I'm not picky about the rating. I just really love him in the authoritative role.

Oh and I wasn't sure which tags to select, so yeah.

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23 January 2010 @ 08:01 pm

Hi everybody! I’m looking for a specific fic where Jensen is a geeky senior in high school and Jared is his teacher. From what I can remember, Jensen crushes on Jared. And I believe he saw Jared in a porn video online. Also, he has a stutter and his dad is an alcoholic, but not abusive. Oh, and I think it even had a short timestamp where J2 are living together and Jensen is in college.

So, doesn’t anyone know what I’m talking about? Thanks in advance!

ETA: Fics found - I'll See You After Class & Four Years Later by [livejournal.com profile] silentpoetry1 

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I'm a huge sucker for teacher/student romance stories, something about the forbidden aspect of them just really catches my eye. I also love J2. Sooo... Does anyone know of any J2 AU fics where Jared is a student and Jensen is the teacher (or vice versa, I really don't care. It can go either way) and there is forbidden romance and sneaking around and all that awesome jazz? Obviously it'll be slash. Any rating is fine. I read one by [livejournal.com profile] thenyxie that was really amazing, it's called the Homework Verse or something like that.

Thanks in advance! :)
26 June 2009 @ 12:40 pm
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a fic I was reading yesterday, which now I can't find anymore (I had to shut my pc really fast due to work problems, such as my boss xD), but I would like to finish it.
So... Six years after the end of supernatural Jensen is still an actor but Jared has retired and is a physic teacher with a boyfriend, Greg, a teacher too.
They arn't speeking with each oter since the end of the seriesbecause of Danneel (but not really because of her, and they would like to, they are too stubborn!), but then Jensen begins receaving strange calls an letters from a stalker and the only help he can think of is Jared, who lives in a place called Ithaca near NY.
Rings a bell? Anyone can help?
Sorry for my english ans thank you in advance.  


Edit: FOUND! Thanks! :P
04 April 2009 @ 01:45 pm
I'm looking for any and all J2 Teacher/Student fics.  Both One shots and long verses are welcome.  I've already read [livejournal.com profile] thenyxie 's Homework!Verse and I just read [personal profile] underdog_14 's ACKLES fic.  So if there are any other ones you know about, send them on this way.
Thanks in advance!

03 April 2009 @ 02:03 pm
 I'm looking for a J2 fic (I think it's an R or NC-17) in which Teacher!Jared writes a sexy/sensual romance about Businessman!Jensen and himself. Jensen accidentally gets the romance novel instead of the theatre-funding proposal Jared was supposed to give him. Thinking that Jared's trying to blackmail him, Jensen makes Jared do all the things he's written in the novel. They end up falling in love.



HELLO EVERYONE! (..again, lol)

So, after getting the instant gratification of having the fics I requested earlier today found right away, I realized that there was yet another fic I haven't read in so long.. and have somehow neglected to put on my del.icio.us account LOL

My search is for this fic: Jared is a teacher who lives in this cute little house, and he met Sandra McCoy on a cruise (?). She said she would come for him later, after they had realized they had fallen in love... so, Jared pines over her, etc. Then he notices his new sexy neighbor, Jensen Ackles... who, in reality, is an FBI agent looking for Ms. Sandra McCoy (who's a drug dealer or something, I dunno) and has Jared as his lead... of COURSE they end up falling in love with eachother, because that's just how awesome this fic IS!!!!!!!!!

So, anyone know what I'm talking about??? LOL

FOUND: Mr. Right Next Door- http://causeways.livejournal.com/69941.html

Thanks, guys!!!!!!
19 February 2009 @ 12:26 pm

Hey Everyone! I'm back with another request!!!! :D Well, a fic find! LOL

Okay, first- So, does anyone remember a story about Jared being a teacher and one of his students turns out to be Jensen's daughter? And Jared and Jensen have some history?

Second- Does anyone remember a fic where both Jared and Jensen have daughters who are in the same class, and the girls hate eachother? And then the two dads come to a school meeting and meet eachother? And somehow, the two girls become best friends?



18 December 2008 @ 10:56 am

Me again <3

There's a lot of fics out there with Student!Jared/Teacher!Jensen, any with it the other way round? So, looking for all Student!Jensen/Teacher!Jared fics.

Thank you!