15 June 2016 @ 11:47 pm

Hi all!

I am looking for a Jeff/Jensen fic that I read forever ago. From what I recall, Jensen and Jared had been together for a long time, but were slowly drifting apart. Then Jensen starts TAing for Jeff's class (I believe he was a professor), and they fall in love. I did a quick search, but I think this fic may have been deleted or published. I would love to get my hands on a copy of the original if possible. Any help would be appreciated!!


Looking for a fic I read repeatedly and lost when I switched over to a new computer.

Basically Jensen and JDM are a couple and Jensen awkwardly mentions that Jared's been hitting on him. They end up sleeping with Jared after JDM kind of goes after him at the campus pub. They have a history of picking up "twinky college students" and it eventually develops into something a lot more. Jared at one point helps JDM make dinner (steak and veggies) and they all end up living together in the end. JDM is a Professor and was originally Jensen's professor but they waited til he passed Jeff's class so they didn't have issues.

It's actually a really long fic and I was reccing it myself when I realized I don't have the link.

I thought it was on J2 recs or J2 AU rec list but apparently it isn't.
Hi, here I am again.

This time I'm looking for three specific fic.

  1. Sam and Dean find young Castiel (he fall and reborn). He doesn't remember much but remember Dean and Sam and he goes with them. There a lot of sex with underage Castiel because Sam and Dean make him believe that his grace made them want him.

  2. Second has pairing Jared/Jensen and Misha/Jeff. Misha and I believe Jensen are underage and Jared and Jeff are teachers. Jared is coach. Jared is owner some "specific" night club. It's d/s story. Jared and Jeff are Doms and Jensen and Misha are subs.

  3. Last one is Jared/Jensen/Jeff. Story is Jensen move to the small city with his uncle who is very homophobic and keeps Jensen locked in his room and beat him because he is homosexual. One time Jared finds out and Jeff almost kill Jensen uncle. Then they are in threesome relationship. Jensen uncle kidnap him and almost castrate him but there is happy ending. I maybe messing with Jared/Jensen role in this fic. Jeff is some kind of artist in this fic.

Any Jared/Jensen stories where are a lot of misunderstanding between the two of them and one is cruel to another but with happy anding.

All links in comments
18 February 2013 @ 11:04 am
What's the one that deals with 'Craft' and it's always capitalised. JDM was a professor. And it varies from low level mind reading to way advanced stuff. And (unless I'm mixing two fics up) Jensen (I think) is 'Null' or 'Blank' and doesn't have any magic.

I think the title might have something to do with lorem ipsum (the 'nonsense' Latin that's used to 'fill space' when you're trying out different fonts). Or the 'lorem ipsum' actually means something and is used in 'Crafting' for spells or something.

If I am mixing 2 up can y'all link me to both?

ETA: Found! Links in comments. Thanks you guys!
02 December 2011 @ 02:27 pm

Hi all, I'm looking for a fic I read a few years ago. It was a Jeff/ Jensen college au with Jensen working as Jeff's TA. I think it may have started out as Jensen/ Jared but they break up about half way through the fic because Jared doesn't like Jen's partying or drug taking or something like that. I think Jeff and Jensen go on a hike at some point as well? There was also a a fair amount of Jeff worrying about the age gap between him and Jensen. 

I'm absolutely dying to find it but can't remember anything about the author or title!