31 January 2017 @ 09:50 pm
Hey y'all,
It's a bit alarming, but I went to visit sinful-desire.org for their archive of fics, specifically "Riot Gear" and the entire site has been suspended.
Anyone have a copy of Riot Gear? Or any others off the site? Riot Gear is possibly one of my favourite stories to read.

13 September 2016 @ 12:54 pm
This is a fic where Sam, Dean, and Amelia go on a hunt. Amelia and Sam get separated from Dean in a tunnel and Sam gets hit on the head, probably has a concussion. I think Dean was freaking out but Amelia knew how to take care of Sam because she's a vet. Lots of

Pretty sure I read it on fanfiction.net

It wasn't that long, maybe a one shot?
Hi everyone! Looking for a few things, hoping for your help just like all previous times you wonderful folk you :)

1) Specific: I feel like I've looked everywhere and it's driving me crazy. What I remember: early season 8 (before any Trials, Dean still treats Sam like crap). At some point somehow Sam leaves, Dean thinks he's decided to bail for good and doesn't even think to look for him. Amelia seeks Dean out. Turns out Sam made a deal with the Alpha Vampire for Dean's return from Purgatory, and as per that deal every few months Sam had to go to the Alpha, who proceeded to drink from him (I think) and just generally use Sam as a punching bag because there's something about his pain being "addictive" or some such??? Of course a rescue happens, I think Benny was also involved in it? Any ideas? Anybody?

ETA: FOUND thanks to [livejournal.com profile] crucis01 - Persephone Deal by CeCe Away

2) General: don't really care how, don't really care why, but Sam is the proud/bewildered owner of a hellhound puppy or several. I just want all the shmoopy, feel-good, rot-your-teeth-out-of-your-head-sweet fic of Sam cuddling hellhound puppies and giving them tummy rubs and just generally being a completely awesome dog-loving dork and the pups snuggling all over him and being all drool-in-your-face ridiculously adorable for Sam, but don't let that fool you, because they're still hellhounds, and they're not shy about letting anyone who so much as breathes funny around Sam know this. Bonus points for Dean being leery of them at first - "they're Hellhounds, Sam!" - but slowly warming up to them (they're dang useful on a hunt! ...and, okay, kinda cute in a feral kind of way) and sneaking them treats UWU

3) As a sort of side-order on the above, Sam as any kind of pet owner, really, whether mundane or supernatural.

Please and thank you: no animal deaths. No evil Sam.
30 June 2014 @ 10:02 pm
Dean was in a motorcycle gang, Cas was his (librarian, I think) boyfriend. Dean is the leader, Sam is his second in command who is dating Amelia, Bobby is the ex-boss.

It starts with Cas being smitten watching Dean shoot a man outside a bar, they fall hard for each other, despite their differences.

Eventually Cas gets dragged into the life by Dean's rival, in order to keep Dean safe. There's a scene at a town fair or something where Dean runs into Lisa and I remember feeling really bad for her, because from the conversation they had it's very clear that Dean shares more with Cas than he did with her, and that lack of communication is why Lisa broke up with Dean.

There are a couple of explicitly violent scenes where Cas kills people...

I know this is little to go on, but I will owe you your choice of favours if you can help me!

eta - I swear I tagged this. I don't know what happened.
03 January 2014 @ 11:22 am
Hi there. I read a fic recently, and now I can't find the link or remember the title or author.

In the fic, Sam is in an institution. Amelia is his psychiatrist, and I *believe* it mentions Ruby (Dr. Rubenstein) as a previous therapist. Sam's extremely unstable and has committed some violent crimes, and Dean may or may not be real. I really want to find it again, so if you can remember anything about it, please let me know!

Insane!Sam or Dean fic recs are also welcome :)

Edit: Found in comments!