12 August 2015 @ 06:59 am
Basically a while ago (unfortunately before I got into the habit of saving my fics) I read this one story where Sam lost his memory. I cant remember how or why. But he wakes up to Dean and assumes they're married which Dean doesnt deny. They fall in love with tons of angst from Dean who feels guilty, and then Sam finds Out they are brothers but he doesnt care, he's just afraid to lose Dean.
Castiel and Ana were involved.
and I also seem to remember that Dean had a hole done in the middle of the living room which was where he put all their hunting stuff.

Long I know, but if you could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful.
Hello! I'm looking for this one fic I read a while ago, but I can't quite remember the name.

Dean and Cas were in their late teens, and their families met up every year near the beach (I think it was Florida). In years before, Cas had been more quiet in his dress and he had a girlfriend the year previously, but when Dean sees him this year, he's basically gone goth.Sam hangs out with Cas's younger sibling, and Cas takes Dean out to the park on his motorcycle (I think that Cas called Dean princess or something) until they come home when Dean falls asleep. Cas's mom talks to John about Mary who Dean and Sam never talk about. Dean was in the car accident with Mary. Mary died but Dean has an artificial foot, which he is very self conscience about. John takes him to the beach, and Dean and Cas go swimming.

I think it was about three chapters. Does anyone know this?
(mods, I hope this is ok. I know a bunch of folks have asked/searched for this story)

[livejournal.com profile] saraid has reposted her amazing story "Into my Head," which a lot of folks have searched for.

Summary: "Child Services caseworker Sam St. John moved from San Antonio, Tx, to Galveston, searching for a more gay-friendly environment. He never expected to meet Dean Winchester and his family, who run a horse ranch and riding stable on the island. They welcome him with open arms and Sam can't help falling for the silent green-eyed man.
Notes: Dean and Sam's biological relationship is undetermined and will remain so."

27 April 2015 @ 08:58 pm
I remember reading a story a couple months ago where Gabriel was in a band with his brothers (including Castiel, Michael, Lucifer, & Balthazar). Sam was friends with Gabriel's cousin (Anna?) and she took him to one of their shows because she knew he was a fan. Sam and Gabriel start dating. I know Gabriel's mother could not attend the shows because she was deaf and could not hear their music.

I'm pretty sure Sam was living with Dean and ended up as a published writer at the end (although I could be mixing this up with another story)

Thank you Casey679!!
Are there any fics about the overnight drive that Dean, Sam, Ruby, and Anna took from Bobby's house to Kentucky to find Anna's grace in episode 410 (Heaven and Hell)? Maybe where Dean and Ruby are the only ones awake and Sam and Anna are both asleep and Dean and Ruby talk? If this gapfiller doesn't exist yet, someone should write it :)
Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam is ruling hell. Dean is very important to him, possibly an implied Wincest fic, I can't remember, but there is definitely a very strong bond between the boys. The angels hide Dean, de-age him and Cas and Anna raise him as if they were his parents. Unknown to them, Sam visits Dean in his dreams since warding keeps him from visiting in person, but Dean doesn't know who he is, only that he really trusts him and knows that he would never lie to him. It's a WIP, or it was last I saw it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Found in the comments: The Second Childhood of Dean Winchester
Thank you rukilovenyappy!
04 May 2014 @ 03:30 am
I'm looking for a fic where Cas (and also Anna) were captured (they lived underground with other angels afraid of humans) (they never saw the sun or something) and they are bought to a special center where people study them (I think they are angels but I am not really certain of this)
Dean is selected (but he doesn't exactly know what for) so they make him sign some papers and chose a (angel?) citizen, the people say they want to rehabilitate them in this world (but more like study them) Dean chose Cas
Cas don't talk very much but I remember something about him writing his name on a paper
they ask Dean to report info about him on a paper and they will take Cas back later
when they are home I remember Dean offer Cas to have a shower (he is very dirty) and give him some clothes
Sun hurt Cas eyes so he can't really go out but after a while he is very fascinated by the sky he look often by Dean's window. (I think I remember he was told stories about angels flying or descending by the sky by his family)
I don't remember much after that just that Dean don't let the people take Cas back and Sam panic but help them with law
there's a story with Micheal I think, they return to where Cas and Anna lived to find something
woah I'm sorry it's blurred it's been a great while and I think it's well known fic but I searched for 2 days and I can't find it, please help?
thank you very much !
have a great day/night :)
FOUND HERE : http://archiveofourown.org/works/820091/chapters/1553395
BY Joya Oscura [aol.com] thank you so much again you are truly a saint ;)

for the ones interested here's the summary:

Ascension by Suzstiel
When Dean Winchester signs up for a psychological experiment without reading the fine print, he's suddenly taking home former angel, Castiel. At first he is unsure how to handle having a new roommate, especially one with a rough past and going through an identity crisis, but slowly they spawn a friendship that grows into something more.
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/820091?view_full_work=true
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I lost all my bookmarks a while back and couldn't remember the names of two specific fics (one of them has a sequel, but both fics are on ao3, so I don't need to find that sequel's title/author)

The first fic is a re-write of season 3 where Dean meets Castiel as the "dumb angel who got stuck in a ring of holy fire about a thousand years ago" in a cave while trying to run from a Wendigo. He agrees to let Castiel (who wears a toga) out if he heals Dean's broken legs. Reluctant friendship ensues, au season 3 with Cas occasionally helping out and the fic ends with Castiel dragging Dean out of hell 4 months post!death.

The 2nd fic is basically an au where Dean and Sam killed Lillith before all 66 seals were broken, so Michael is all like "fuck it" and sends angels down to bring about the apocalypse by killing all humans. Dean and Sam + practically all the human characters that were killed off in the show form a resistance and give Zachariah a headache, so he sends Castiel down to destroy said resistance and to find Gabriel, who they suspect is the reason why they can't find the humans. Castiel poorly pretends to be a human (it works) and eventually is won over with the power of hope by Dean's existance. The fic ends with the Castiel and Gabriel tearing out their Graces so that the continuously activated angel banishing sigil web they spread around the Earth doesn't send them back to Heaven.

Also neither fic actually has ~*Destiel*~ in it (the <3 kind anyway). Like the other characters imply it (it's really heavy in the second fic), but Dean and Cas don't really get past being INTENSE BFFs.

Thanks for the help! (I could not get lj-cut to work).
26 February 2014 @ 07:21 pm
Okay I'm having trouble finding a specific fic where God sends Dean and Sam and a whole lot of others to the HP world for a vacation. Before the levianthans. It had Bobby and Ellen as well as Jimmy Novak as adults with Dean, Sam, Adam and all the angels with some of the demons as kids. I remember that Dean is mad that Sam was in Slytherin with Lucifer and Crowley as well as Adam being a Hufflepuff (I think) with Michael. Also there was teasing about Dean/Cas. Any help would be appreciated I read it before and have been looking all over for it to read again. Thanks!!
17 November 2013 @ 04:13 pm
Hello! Somehow I didn't bookmark I fic I read a while ago, and I'm hoping someone here can help find it. In this fic, angels lived among humans. Dean was a mechanic with Bobby (who'd adopted, or at least taken him in as a teen), and Cas got a job here, after injuring his wing, I think? I remember that they developed a relationship and it lead to a bond, and this was very odd for this universe. At some point, Lucifer also gets a job at the shop. Anna then approaches Dean about adopting an angel/human hybrid child (I think it was Jesse? He was tenish) and his foster brother (already a teen, acted out a lot) whom he bonded to. Lucifer is estranged from his family, and Michael shows up at the garage to try and reconcile. Michael has a teenage daughter who hits it off with the human adoptive son (I want to say it is Adam, but it has been much too long), and his wife is uptight but is convinced to play a prank on everyone at dinner. Closer to the end of the fic, Sam and Lucifer get a house behind Dean & Cas' and they adopt their own child (a little girl, if I remember correctly). This is awfully vague, sorry, it's been a long time. I haven't had any luck searching on AO3, and honestly I cannot remember if I read it there or on LJ somewhere; I've been looking over kid fic rec lists but have had no luck. Thanks for taking the time to look at this!

EDIT: Found, link in comments to The Wings Were in The Way by Gedry
22 October 2013 @ 01:55 am
While reading the fic Desolation Moonlight by , I was reminded of another fic where Dean was taking an art class.

Details: The fic starts with Castiel setting up for his new art class. The students walk in and one of them is Dean. Dean goes up to Cas to get his art supplies because he wasn't allowed to get them on his own time. (Dean is on parole, therefore he had restriction placed on him that made it difficult to get the supplies he needed for the class.) Soon the class starts and Cas asks to students to draw a still-life portrait of something in the room so that he can learn their skill level. Cas walks around the room, giving critique as needed when he gets to Dean. The first thing Cas notices is that Dean drew an object that most of the students had ignored. (It was a ornate handle of a jug/mug, I think.) The second thing Cas noticed was that Dean was very talented, with only minor errors in his drawing.

Later on, Cas gives the students a home assignment and at some point suggested to Dean that maybe he should draw a car part for the assignment. (I forget why Cas made that suggestion.)

The only other detail I remember is that Anna taught an advanced art class and Dean might have been recommended into taking that class next semester.

Found: It's To Dabble in Art by [livejournal.com profile] ru_salki99.
Lots of random stuff:

1. Stories about Mary and John from around the time Dean was born to around the time Sam was born.

2. Pre-series stories from John's POV (or Mary's if it's an AU) about the kids, specifically Dean. I'm looking for fics about more when they were kids than right before the Pilot.

3. I lost the majority of my bookmarks for Sam/Jess/Dean. I've found a lot of them at this point, but I figure this way I'll either find the ones I'm missing or I'll get new ones, so any Sam/Jess/Dean you have. I've gone through the tags here so if you've recced it before I've probably seen it, but feel free to do so again.

4. Any good a/b/o verses? Specifically Cas/Dean but I'm open to any/all pairings. (I've probably come across all the Cas/Dean ones on A03 at this point, but feel free to rec them just in case I missed it.)

5. And I'm looking for any of the following rare!pairs:

Bobby/Rufus/Ellen, Bobby/Rufus, Rufus/Ellen
Sam/Sarah, Sam/Sarah/Jess
Claire/Krissy/Josephine, Krissy/Josephine
Kevin/any of the 2nd generation kids (Lucas, Michael, Ben, Claire, Jesse, Krissy, Josephine, etc), Kevin/Channing
Jo/Anna, Jo/Anna/Ruby
Cas/Ruby - though I'd much rather fics that focus on friendships between them (with, say, Destiel and Sam/Ruby background), I'd be open to ones that are more than friendship

oh and 6. Inception crossovers/fusions?

I'll take any cis-swaps, self-recs, etc.

Thank you so much!!! (And sorry for the long and not really connected list!)
11 March 2013 @ 11:33 pm
Oddly, lately I've been in the mood for femslash stories. But as I've never read any before, I have no idea where to start. So if anyone's read any good f/f themed fics, or a good fic with a f/f relationship in the background. I'm not picky on pairings, but it would be cool if Bela, Jo or Anna were in it. The only thing I ask is nothing with explicit sex scenes in it.
Both canon and au stories are welcome.
Thank you!
I'm planning my reward fic for when I finish finals, so -

Are there any fics that have Ruby and Anna as part of Team Free Will? Mostly I'm just looking for S4 AUs/S5 re-tellings but instead of just the boys, Bobby, and Cas, it also has at least one of the following characters: Ruby, Anna, and Victor.

I'm open to any pairings, but I'd prefer Sam/Ruby and Cas (or if no Cas, Anna or Victor/)Dean. Threesomes+ or gen (or if you can get Anna/Ruby I will bow to you) works too, and I read Wincest. I can live with Gabe also being a part of it, but I'm not interested if he's the ony addition to Team Free Will. Thanks!
25 November 2012 @ 01:56 pm
Hi, there was this fic where Dean and Castiel got together in the middle of the fourth season. The author pulled it down from AO3 a couple of months ago. I think it had 'Grace' in the title, in either the first one or the sequel. If anyone has the pdf for it. I'd be very grateful. Here are some things I remember from the story:

Story Spoilers )

Thanks a lot!
23 November 2012 @ 04:19 pm
I'm in the middle of I Know What You Did Last Summer and wondered if anyone has written any fics where Anna and Dean are having sex in the backseat of the Impala while Sam and Ruby are going at it in the front (or vice versa)?

First time poster, so I hope I tagged correctly. I didn't see a dean/anna pairing tag.
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05 September 2012 @ 10:11 am
Hey I have been looking for a specific Destiel fic, inspired by movie/book named "Something Borrowed".

Briefly Cas and Dean studied together in highschool and Cas introduced Dean and his sister Anna and now they are engaged.But Cas still love Dean and after Cas' birthdayparty they some kind of started relationship.

Ring any bells? I googled, but don't find and now I think Google hates me! Thanks everyone.
I'm looking for a fic in particular where Cas and Anna have switched roles: Anna was the one that saved Dean from hell and Cas was the one hearing the angels. It's a relatively short fic, and I'm pretty sure -but not 100% positive- it follows the same basic storylines of Anna's involvement in both episodes "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Heaven and Hell".
12 July 2012 @ 03:43 pm
Hey y'all, so this is the first time that I've posted here, but I've spent ages looking for this fic and have turned up nothing.

001. So, what I remember from it is that it focused largely on Dean creating an oral fixation in Sam. He'd go out and buy him candy, but always feed it to him himself, maybe there was something with the amulet in there but I'm not sure, but continued to do this until Sam would automatically open his mouth if Dean's hands got close enough. 
Edit:: Found here!

002. Any other oral fixation fics would be lovely- I don't mind who has it, with any of these pairings; Sam/Dean, Dean/Cas or Sam/Gabriel

003. This is rather specific, but is there any fic out there with a mostly mute!Cas, and he either only ever speaks around Dean or Dean convinces him to talk? A high school AU or so would be lovely (especially if Dean protects him from the other kids), as would Dean/Cas, but I'd be thrilled if there was anything like this at all.

004. Annnnd this is a super uncommon pairing, but any Anna/Gabriel fics? I remember there being one where one of them wears ridiculously bright shoelaces, and I've had a soft spot for them ever since. 

Many thanks!!
25 May 2012 @ 07:44 pm
Mods: I'm not entirely sure of how to do this, specially because you don't have the tag I would be supposed to use? Please help me with that part :)

Hi :) 

I saw a post on tumblr recently with this description:

Supernatural | Everything we believed is a lie. None of it is real. There are no hunters, no angels, no reapers, no supernatural beings.We’re all mad here.

And I was wondering if maybe someone wrote a fanfiction along that? I'd really like to read something like that. I tried using Google but maybe the fact that I'm not sure what exactly to put on the search bar may have something to do with it. 

Pairings: All I ask is no Dean/Sam or Bobby/one of the brothers or castiel
Characters: Anna, Ash, Balthazar, Bobby, Castiel, Chuck, Crowley, Dean, Ellen, Gabriel/Trickster, Impala, Jo, Sam
21 May 2012 @ 01:25 am
I'm looking for a story that I lost that goes kinda like this 
Dean is in high school and is a drug addict. Cas is the school counselor or something like that. He talks to Dean frequently. 
One day when Dean buys drugs from Alastair, he offers Dean some new drug that is some sort of date rape pill. This takes place by the school bleachers which Cas checks to make sure that no teenagers are having sex by, and he sees Dean and Alastair.
Alastair makes a run for it and leaves Dean lying on the grass. Cas calls Anna and Uriel, and they get Dean home to Cas. 
Later on Dean decides that he wants to kill Alastair because of what he did. He shows up at Alastairs apartment with a gun. He fails, and Cas and Lucifer who is Cas' brother saves him. They shoot Alastair, and tell the police that it was in self-defense. I think Dean shot Lucifer in the leg too.
After that I think Dean goes to rehab, but shows up at Castiel's front door when he's clean.

16 April 2012 @ 05:39 pm
Could somebody rec me good vids about angels, they crazy family and probably they relationships with they vessels?
I'm talking here something like Angel and they vessels by Pelagia911 on Jar of hearts or Runs In The Family done by kaiyote. Anything similar, folks?
if there are similar x-over over there - rec them too :)
01 April 2012 @ 09:04 pm
I am looking for two stories right now.

The first one was long- at least 30 parts, and not finished when I lost track of it. I believe it was set during season five- after 5.10, I believe. Dean is hurt- brain in a blender hurt- and Castiel realizes he can fix it if Sam drinks angel blood. It develops into a threesome fic, and Anna eventually showed up. I think the team eventually started looking for help from other gods. Any help?

The second one- honestly, all I remember is that Sam and Dean are on trial, and the prosecutor asked a kid witness if Dean shared anything "secret" with the kid. The kid says yes, and then answers that the secret was "ZEPPELIN RULES!" (or rocks, can't remember which).

Hope you all can help!
09 March 2012 @ 04:17 pm
I'm looking for any stories that focus on Castiel and his family(Lucifer, Michel, Gabriel, Anna,etc)  being human it can be slash/angst/humor  anything.
Also looking for one  particular story where the demons Ruby and Crowley were also his siblings and they were having a family dinner and talking about Castiel's  relationship with Dean
Thank you!! you guys always rec the most AMAZING stories 
I read this fic a while ago, and the only things I cannot remember is the title and author. 

Dean is going to college, and he's on his last semester, or something like it, and he only needs one class, a Literature class which Castiel is the professor of. Castiel's parents studied angel's and such and that's how he explains his and his family's strange names.

Very slice of life.

Dean almost quit's school because he and Sam need a place to live because John is a drunk (after Mary dies?). They end up living with Castiel.

One of Castiel's brothers has the broken down Impala, which Dean fixes up during his free time at Castiel's house, he ends up being allowed to keep it.

Dean ends up really liking Shakespeare and Sam gets a dog I think.

Castiel helps Sam with his college applications.

OH, At one point Castiel is having a lunch or something with Anna, and Dean thinks Anna is his girlfriend, when later he find out that she is Castiel's sister.

Everyone is a big happy family at the end, and I really want to re read this baby.

I have a feeling I read this on AO3, but I could be wrong.

(i tagged with everything i could remember about the story, i apologize if i didn't get all the characters in)
05 January 2012 @ 09:06 pm

mentions episode 7.01 )

2. Any fics (AU or otherwise) where the couple is Cas/Dean but the focus is on the relationship between Cas and Sam, or the POV is of Sam watching the couple. (Basically, how Sam fits into the couple of Cas/Dean.) Just to clarify, I'm not looking for Cas/Dean/Sam, I don't want Sam slashed in. I also don't care if this is a positive or negative relationship between Cas-Sam.

3. I'm hoping for some Anna/angel!anna-centric fic and some Tessa-centric fic. (Not in the same story though if you found that awesome.) Gen preferred but slash (with anyone) is fine. AU, canon-related, whatever. I just want them being awesome.

4. Dean (or heck, Sam or Cas) do go after Walt and Roy for what happened in Dark Side of the Moon.

5. Are there any band/musician AUs, but with the Winchesters NOT RPF/J2? Any slash or gen, AU or they have to for a case or whatever.

Self-recs welcomed and if you just have something close-ish please list. As always thank you!
27 October 2011 @ 02:02 am
Hey all! Been out of the fandom for a while but getting back into things (God Kripke knows I could never stay away for long!) Anyway, if you beautiful people could help me out with a few searches... ;)

1.  I remember reading a fic (pretty sure it was a case fic) that involved a building that allowed people to relive their memories but in doing so it took them away/ took away years from their life? The person who owned the place may have been getting it all for themselves? I want to say it was Sam, Dean, and someone else (maybe Cas, but I'm not sure) and they had to go through all the rooms, which I believe had numbers that corresponded with the age of the person at the time of the memory.

I remember a specific scene (though this could very well be from another fic entirely) of Dean as a teenager with his hair grown out longish and dancing around to Kiss' "I Wanna Rock And Roll All RIght", possibly carrying Sam on his back.

FOUND! It's Incubus by Crimson1 on ff.net.

2.  The second fic I'm looking for is a retelling of Cas pulling Dean out of hell. It was a really cool take on Cas rebuilding Dean's body from the earth, like he used straw for his hair and seashells for his nails and I think an apple for Dean's brain/heart? If I remember right, they were sitting in a field and Cas was telling Dean the story on how he rebuilt him and it was sort of fluffy. Possibly Destiel, but I'm not sure.

3.  The third was a coda to Dark Side of the Moon, with Dean seeing Sam's best memories and one of them was of Sam and Ruby together. Naturally, Dean freaked out and demanded to know what the hell this was doing in Sam's heaven, but then Sam said, "It's the day you came back from hell." I'm pretty sure it was a short, like under 1000 words, but it made me tear up and I'd love to find it.

4.  The fourth fic was written from Dean's POV and I just remember that Sam was judging Dean for sleeping with Anna, and Dean was mad because he didn't think it was wrong for Anna to forgive him for what he did in hell with her touch. I know that isn't much to go on, but it actually made me like Anna's character  (or at least understand her relationship with Dean) a hell of a lot more and I wanted to rec it to someone.

+1:  And I also have a general request: Are there any wincest fics based on the episode "Swap Meat"? Like Dean acting all seductive towards Gary!Sam and being frustrated when his advances are ignored? Or really just anything about that episode with a wincest twist. Preferably bottom!Dean but judging by my search, I'll go for anything.
Hi, I'm looking for two stories I read not that long ago and now can't find again.

The first one is a Dean/Cas AU/AR. Dean is cast into a alternate reality where Cas is a prince and there is a curse on the royal family. They will die a slow death unless they find true love. The Impala is a horse in this world, but 'her' rump is still a trunk that can spit out whatever Dean needs. Sam finds his way to the same world and stumples upon Anna who forgets everthing unless she keeps looking at it.

The second one is mostly Sam/Gabriel with Dean/Castiel in the background. Sam and Gabriel somehow ends up in Florida and needs to find Dean and Cas who, they find out, has ended up in the complete opposite corner of the country. Gabriel and Castiel can communicate with each other through Sam and Dean. Sam gets cursed and lives in his own head in the time where Gabriel kept killing Dean over and over again when they thought he was the trickster.

I hope someone can help me find these two stories, thanks in advance.

Both stories found, links in comments :)
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12 September 2011 @ 11:08 am
I really wanted to celebrate Anna for We Love the Women Fandom Hates week, but I'm not good at creating media so I'd like to reccommend good Anna fic and vids by other fans. Any pairing or genre would be great, but no Anna bashing (obviously)!

Thank you!