22 September 2017 @ 02:14 am
Hi again!! So im looking for a fic that I’Ve read on ff.com i i dont remember much but what i do remember is that marry’s parents were alive and they didnt bother with dean because he was born weak so marry cut them out of her life and the boys and john meet her father(after her death) at her gravestone and her father wanted to mend things with the boys but john refused as he rejected his son before and then john told sam why he refused but didn’t tell dean ,marry’s mother was a ‘lady’ and didnt want dean to embarrass her and i remeber a scene where yellow eyed demon found the boys and john and marry’s father was with them at bobby’s (p.s marry and her father weren’t hunters)
20 August 2017 @ 04:34 am
Hey everybody! I really need help finding a story that I have been looking for for weeks. All I can remember from this story was that it was a Pre series story with both sam and dean still going to school and john had dropped them of at bobby's house. I don't know if the story was over the course of a couple years but I know that it's very likely that it was from Bobby's POV and that it was mostly his thoughts on dean and how he acted as a kid. Although there is a very big difference from many other stories like this in the fact that there is a scene where sam ( and sam in this story is only in it for a very short time and he is described as being bratty and kindoff mean to dean) was lying to bobby about something. Bobby knew that sam was lying but for some reason I remember that bobby kindoff chose to belive sam because he thought that dean maybe needed to mature or something. I think we can see form his point of view his decision to chose sam over dean and how dean kindoff reacted to that where he felt very betrayed and there was this lose of trust. I know I'm not explaining it very well. But I'm not really sure it its a line in the story but I remember either reading or thinking (that bobby like many others chose sam over dean)because bobby was one of the few people that treated dean well and I think bobby thought he was coddling him to much and made a choice that resulted in him betraying dean. Which hurts very badly because in the story everybody knew sam was lying and dean was very trusting that bobby would listen to him but instead bobby killed the trust and hope in dean. I am so sorry for the terrible description but If anybody could help me find it I would greatly appreciate it.

Also if their are any stories that kindoff give of that vibe about how dean was forced to grow up to fast or pre series on the neglect dean suffered. Anything dealing with the fact that dean was just a little kid and everybody especially john basically forced him to ignore his safety and do everything he could to protect sam please do rec them to me. I would love to read any recommendations.
I can't remember many details. I think Dean hates him because he killed John. Sam goes along with his brother on a hunt or something and Dean gets annoyed, blacks out with rage and when he comes back to his surroundings Sam is beaten up and lying on the floor in a ball. I think Bobby also threatens him saying that he can't do that again. In the fic I think that Sam is sort of accepting of it all, thinking that he deserves it because he killed John. Anyone know what this is, it's been bugging me for a while?
The story I'm looking for had Chuck as God returning to heaven and deciding he needed more Archangels. He asks the Winchester, as well as Ellen and Bobby, I think, to become the new Archangels. I remember one of their wings being described as a vivid red.
03 June 2017 @ 08:04 pm
I'm looking for the following fics:
1. This one is pre-series and starts with John and Bobby in a bar. They hear a commotion in another part of the bar where Sam and Dean are (Dean is playing pool and Sam is watching) and see that some guy has punched Dean. Sam is pissed cuz Dean did nothing to provoke the guy. Someone else in the bar says the guy punched Dean cuz he reminded him of the guy his wife left him for. Dean and the guy who punched him take the fight outside and Dean easily beats him. At first, he seems to graciously accept his defeat and reaches a hand up for Dean to pull him up off the ground. But as he does so, the guy stabs Dean in the stomach. An ambulance comes while the guy is held back by other people from the bar.

2. The second fic is wincest. Dean and Sam had sex, but Sam reveals that he doesn't actually feel that way about Dean and he only had sex with him cuz he wanted to do something for Dean. Sam sees no problem with it and wants to continue doing it, but Dean is appalled and refuses. Later, Dean flirts with a witness and Sam gets jealous and realizes he does feel that way about Dean.
24 May 2017 @ 07:04 pm
Hey all, I am losing my mind trying to find this fic for a friend. It's an older AU, Stanford era. Dean has a brain injury from several years ago and when Sam went to college, Dean went with him, he has the mind of about a 12 year old. They have an apartment and Sam helps Dean find a part time job with Bobby cleaning and helping at the garage. Dean also helps Bobby restore an older car, which he is very proud of. Jess takes her car to the garage to get fixed and talks to Dean and Dean goes home to tell Sam that he should date the pretty blonde girl that came in that day. Of course, there are LOTS of pretty blonde girls at Stanford. Eventually, Sam meets Jess on his own and they start dating, which makes Dean very happy since he has decided that it was because of him.

I'm sure there's more, but I forget. It might've been on ff.net or maybe someone's LJ?

Please and thank you!
I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago. It's a pre-series, and John, Sam and Dean go on a hunt. they're hunting some sort of monster who eats souls and likes them pure, capturing it's victims. On the hunt, John is captured, and the monster eats most of John's soul or something, and John won't recover. Dean decides to sacrifice himself to the monster, in exchange of letting John go. The monster agrees, and this story takes place at bobby's, so Dean summons it there, where the monster begins eating Dean's soul, claiming it to be incredibly pure. Dean fights, and just in time for John to wake up and stop the monster. Dean is hurt bad, and John has to do CPR, and later bobby calls a hunter doctor to help Dean.

Hopefully that's enough for someone to recognize it. :P

Thanks to whoever names this amazing fanfiction!
Hello everyone, I read those fics a few months back on AO3, but I can't remember the names or authors, so I can't find them again...

1) So the first story was something like that : Dean finds that him and Sam actually touch a lot and creates some kind of plan to touch Sam more and more without Sam noticing anything, and I think that they end up together at the end.

2) For the second one, it was a long story with Sam and Dean being in an established relationship, 'fighting' in an old shaman's shop, and both boys end up being cursed, Sam turning into a wolf by night, and Dean into an eagle by day. They only have one day a week to be together. It involved a (broken) totem repesenting an eagle on top of a wolf, and Bobby being his awesome self and helping the boys, and both of them being kidnapped by demons.

I hope someone can help me, I really loved those fics!

FOUND in the comments!! Thanks a lot *already running to go re-read those stories*
28 March 2017 @ 03:25 pm
I cant find i fic that i read a little while ago. Dean left Sam after he set Lucifer free. ever since sam has been going through withdrawal for years. I remember sam was is a dinner and teenagers were calling him a junkie and the waitress was ignoring him. I think he called Dean at one point and Dean found him a in a car. They went back to Bobby's and found out Ruby put a spell on him to make it seem like he was going through withdrawal.
thanks in advance
05 March 2017 @ 10:17 pm
Just a couple general search

I really want to read some pre series stories were Bobby has to raise either Sam or Sam and Dean.
This could be because of John giving them up for or anything really.

Also can you recommend any stories were Sam is hurt, sick or anything and Bobby and the rest of the hunters team together to find him or look after him.

Thank you :)
Hello, comm. I'm looking for recommendations for stories that pair up Dean Smith (from "It's A Terrible Life") with Jimmy Novak. I ran across a mention of this pairing on a tumblr post that didn't have any links (or tags, or follow-up... very frustrating!) and am intrigued. Can anyone hook me up?

I'm also interested in fics that expand on the Smith family background (possibly as an AU) in that episode, with Bobby & Ellen as Dean's parents and Jo as his sister. Stories that detail that welcome, regardless of pairing. (There don't seem to be tags of Jo or Bobby/Ellen, or I would have used them.)
24 February 2017 @ 08:40 pm
Hi, guys!
I am looking for a specific wincest fic, where Sam forces (kind of) Dean to have sex with him, then they have a fight and and Sam goes to Stanford without telling him. After that Dean stays at Bobby's and stop eating and talking at some point. Then he has some relationship with a hunter that visits Bobby and then I don't actually remember how, but he gets a little better. John comes to take Dean on the hunt. And they continue hinting.

Thanks in advance!
Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for any Bobby centric fics or any fics with Bobby helping out the boys or acting as a father, Hurt!Sam would be an added bonus but i want all the Bobby fic's you can get your hands on.

I'm also looking for any resurrected John, preferably after season 5, and maybe even mention Lucifers hallucinations. But i'd love some resurrected John

Just for the sake of it if there is any out there Resurrected Bobby?

Thank you in advance.
17 February 2017 @ 08:34 pm
Awhile back I read a story that involved an abusive Dean. I don't remember everything, but what I do remember is Dean is sent to an alternate universe where he is abusive to Sam. When he first gets there he doesn't know that. He notices Sam flinches a lot when he touches him. They're staying with Bobby. He learns that their Dean hurts Sam and he's angry about it. He wants to go back to his universe but he also wants to stay to work things out with Sam. That's all I remember.
30 January 2017 @ 08:11 am
Hey Everyone.
So i've really been in the mood for some angst lately, does anyone know any good stories set after Johns death, maybe around ELAC, but when Dean is still pretty angry (like when he took a crowbar to the impala) and starts a fight with Sam, or starts punching him and stuff, Sam can still be hurt from the crash or just grieving any of them, i want them. Thank you in advance.
23 January 2017 @ 03:26 pm
Does anyone know a fic in which is in Bobby's POV and little Sam asks him if he likes him better than Dean and Bobby says yes which hurts little Dean's feelings?

I know i read it but for the life of me i can't find it

Please help?
Looking for an older story where Dean goes on a hunt and finds a wolf (Sam) who was kidnapped and kept by a monster. He keeps the wolf but doesnt know he's a werewolf. I dont remember many details aside from he takes Sam to Bobbys and at the end, he finds out Sam is a werewolf by Sam jumping in front of a knife or bullet to save him. Please help. Also, anything else similar would be nice as well. Pleasd thank you. d
Hey guys! So, about a year or two ago I read this fanfic on FF.net and I’ve been looking for it for a few months now to read again but I can’t find it. Here’s what I remember:

Teen Sam and Dean.

Dean was hurt on a previous hunt, something is wrong with his leg (I don’t remember if is a broken ankle or something like that), he has a few broken ribs among other things and John needs to hunt again, so instead of waiting for Dean to get better, he decides to leave Dean alone in this house that it’s falling apart (it’s what he could afford for) to heal and takes Sam to hunt with him. Sam gets angry at his dad for leaving Dean alone in such a state, but goes with his father anyway.
After they leave, even being injured Dean does what he can to leave the house in a better state, cleaning it up and fixing a few things – even though in a lot of pain. After that, he feels even worse and tries to rest. No long after, a couple of thug teenagers enter the house and beat Dean up, leaving him in a really bad state and with even more broken bones. I’m not sure how he managed to ask for help, but bottom line Bobby and Caleb are made aware he’s hurt and Caleb run to help his friend.
Caleb is horrified to find Dean in the trepid house bleeding out and with the teenagers still beating him. He makes sure the teenagers won’t hit his friend anymore and then I don’t remember if he calls an ambulance or if he takes Dean himself to the hospital, but when he gets there Pastor Jim calls to say that he found John and Sam hurt and that a helicopter it’s taking them to the same hospital Caleb just got in with Dean.
Things go down hill for Dean from there, because although John and Sam aren’t that bad and are expected to make a full recovery, Dean is really bad off, and when he finds out, John feels guilty for what he put his two sons through.
There is a point when the adults have to send Sam home to rest properly after being discharged, and even with him refusing to leave his brother, they still manage to take him.
Sam has a nightmare, and so does Dean. While John consoles Dean in his arms on the hospital bed, Bobby decides to take Sam to the hospital to give both kids some peace of mind. But when he gets there, the night guard on Dean’s hospital door refuses to let Sam in while Sam cries out for Dean, and hearing his brother’s distress, Dean takes off his ventilator before John can stop him, and throws up blood – leaving the men in the hospital room livid.
Dean’s doctor helps him, and says that he hurt his throat, so they can’t put the ventilator back, but the teen seems to be doing well enough to go on without the equipment.
After that, they don’t try to separate the boys anymore, and even in ICU Sam in allowed to visit his brother. From there, they get progressively better with the help of Bobby, Caleb and Pastor Jim.
I think I found this story in a community of fanfiction.net, but I’m not sure. I looked on a few and did research on google but couldn’t find it again.
04 January 2017 @ 08:24 pm
Sam had a relationship with Loki/Gabriel in college, thinking him a human. Eventually Gabriel leaves because he's getting too involved with Sam. A few months later Sam realizes he's pregnant. He hides it and Jess (as a friend) helps by posing as the mother. Sam gets back just in time to save the baby, named Loki for his father I think, from the fire. He goes with Dean, but doesn't hunt, hiding the fact that his son isn't entirely human since Dean and John wouldn't accept him. Eventually Dean sees Loki do magic but accepts it. John doesn't when he finds out and wants to kill the baby and almost fights with Sam about it.

Bobby's involved somehow too, but just wants Sam and the baby safe and happy. Somehow Gabriel finds out about his son and takes him and Sam away from John. I think Dean summoned him? Because he wanted to kill him?
19 December 2016 @ 03:13 pm
Happy Holidays everyone! I am looking for Christmas stories that involve Bobby some how. The stories can be Weechesters/Teenchesters or current. Just hoping that Bobby plays a big role in them. I'm a Dean girl so hoping the focus is also on Dean as well.

I have gone through most Christmas fics that I could find through this comm and some others so I am hoping you wonderful folks can help me find some more. I'm looking for stories where perhaps the boys are left with Uncle Bobby during Christmas when John goes off after the demon or fics where a young Dean gets hurt on a hunt and he asks help from Uncle Bobby to help him still give Sammy a good Christmas.(On a side note, I have read a Tree for Sammy where Bobby helps wee!Dean keep his promise of a tree for wee!Sam) Or perhaps Dean is sick and he hallucinates that Bobby is Santa. Maybe the boys are just exhausted and decide to hole up at Bobby's for a few days not even realizing it's Christmas and Bobby goes all out and makes a huge meal and everything. Maybe after all the chaos of their lives, Bobby decides to give the boys a real Christmas because they haven't really experienced one (especially Dean who has always looked out and tried to provide some semblance of Christmas to Sam). Schmoop, angst, love is all welcomed. Please no death fics and no WIPs. If any pairings, please let it be Dean/Sam.

Self recs are always welcomed!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year! Happy holidays for those who may not celebrate Christmas!
18 December 2016 @ 09:10 pm
I'm looking for a story revolving around Sam and Dean. I'd appreciate it is someone could help me. I don't remember everything, but do I remember a curse being put on Sam putting him into a deep sleep. I can't remember if he gets hurt or if a witch does it. I think Dean takes him to Bobby's. I think Jody was in it too. Everyone is trying to think of a way to wake him up, but then Dean is told that only Sam's true love can wake him up. This bothers Dean, and he's told that true love doesn't have to be romantic or something. So Dean confesses his feelings to Sam. He jokes with Sam saying that the whole thing makes him Sleeping Beauty (Snow White?) and he's woken up. It's not a wincest or anything.
05 December 2016 @ 09:23 pm
Been eager to read a story I read (I believe on LJ) from years and years ago...

All I remember is that Sam has a serious head wound, pretty sure it was from a gunshot. And Dean is taking care of him at Bobby's while Bobby tries to help.

I don't remember too many other details, but I obviously remember it was good. And I'd kill to read it one more time!!

25 November 2016 @ 07:02 pm
I am looking a long, multi-part, wincest AU in which Sam, Dean, and John all have spirit animals with which they merge. Dean merges with a young wolf, Sam with a cougar, and John with a bear. At one point in the fic, Dean is kidnapped and forced to fight supernatural creatures using his spirit animal's characteristics. Sam uses his psychic powers in the story. Both Bobby and Bela appear in the fic. I would appreciate any help finding this fic!

Im looking for a fiction that starts with John, Sam, Dean and Bobby in a bar. Someone makes a bet that Dean can't get some girl's attentions if he dances. One of the group, Bobby I think says something like "Have you seen Dean dance? " Turns out that Dean is a really sexy dancer and gets the girl and John calls him a slut. A demon (Azazael?) who knew Mary becomes fascinated with Dean and everyone has to stay with him at all times so the demon doesn't steal him. It was a WIP , AU I think because Sam and John seem unaware that Dean can dance but Bobby knows so maybe John lives after IMTOD. It was good but left off at a cliffhanger. I'm hoping they finished it.

Found! https://m.fanfiction.net/s/3521821/1/Back-In-Black

11 November 2016 @ 02:47 pm
Are there any stories where Bobby (or someone else) succeeds in wresting custody of Dean & Sam from John because they don't agree with how he's (not) raising them while hunting full time?

06 November 2016 @ 11:08 pm
Hello everyone!

Does anybody have a PDF of micamonroe's Discovery fic???

Summary: After Sam went into the pit with Lucifer and Michael, Dean was lost and broken. He returned to a place from his childhood where he had experienced true happiness. Dean wasn't prepared to discover a mute young man with no memory and a protective cat at his destination. Dean decided to concentrate his efforts on saving the lost boy who desperately needed him. In the process, Dean secretly hoped to save himself. Would their emotional journey together lead to love or heartbreak?

Hi everyone!

2 requests:

1) Anybody know any destiel AUs where Cas has either always been human or is currently human when the Winchesters meet him, but the boys are still hunters? It seems like, most of the time, if Cas is human when they meet, there's no supernatural elements in that universe - which is fun, but I'm looking for something different :)

2) Any fics that have a focus on the (non-romantic) relationship between Bobby and Cas? It always seemed like an interesting relationship to me. I'm especially interested in fics where Bobby cares about Cas / treats him as more than a potential tool or threat, but honestly anything works!

Please no WIPs or A/B/O-type stories. Other than that, I'm good with just about anything.
Specific searches, all of these are Gen:

1. A multichapter vampire!Dean fic I'm almost positive is on FFN where, after Sam has convinced Dean not to kill himself, Dean's understandably upset about the whole situation and starts acting out. Sam meets Bobby in a restaurant and Dean comes in, possibly in sunglasses, and starts trying to get a rise of out them by talking about how he wants a steak, nice and bloody, etc.

2. Another vampire!Dean fic (possibly the same one???) where Sam, Dean and Bobby go on a hunt with Jo and Ellen without the latter two knowing he's a vampire now. They mistake Dean holding an unconscious Sam with his fangs out for unrelated reasons as Dean trying to attack Sam.

3. An S4 fic where Dean misses Hell, and takes to locking himself in the bathroom with a heat lamp and a little tin of sulphur. [FOUND: Images of Broken Light]

General searches, still Gen please:

4. Any Gen vampire!Dean or unusual creature!Dean you know of from LJ. I'm pretty sure I've picked Ao3 clean at this point ;)

5. As an extra tragic twist, does Gen creature!John fic even exist...?

6. Would love to see a fic where, after the big S9 argument, Dean leaves. Would be supercool to see one in S8 where Dean runs off to be best buds with Benny- haven't seen one that isn't just slash yet!
12 October 2016 @ 05:06 pm
I'm looking for a story that I read a while back. I remember that it was Sam being mentally deaged to five years old. Dean took him to the hospital and was told that there is nothing wrong with him, and Sam is 'choosing' to be five years old. The doctors and a social worker were so interested in his case that they were trying to get 'custody' of him saying that Dean was unfit to take care of Sam. At the end the social worker tried to take him from Dean and Bobby, but couldn't because Sam was back to normal and had no recollection of what happened.
08 October 2016 @ 09:29 pm
I'm looking fo a fic I read a few months ago on fanfiction.net. Dean was deaged when Castiel saved him from hell, he was 8 I think and was found by some sort of social service, they called Bobby and was the one taking care of Dean.
Dean was kind of afraid of Sam because of his demon-blood addiction.
I think was also something about some plush toy with magical protections and soothing runes on it.
03 October 2016 @ 11:50 pm
I've been searching for quite a while for all three of these fics.

1. This fic is kind of a redo of the striga episode where in this Sam is pregnant but he doesn't know until the striga attacks him and attacks the baby and he ends up having a miscarriage.FOUND!

2. This fic reminded me of The Crow because Sam and Dean were in a restaurant that ended up getting robbed and they both were both shot and 'killed'. Dean comes back and goes after the people that were involved and tries to find Sam. I remember in this one Sam was shot in the head up against a display case.

3. This story involved Dean and his flashbacks from hell. He creates a rack out of Sam's bed frame and tortures him. Sam is able to escape and stays with Bobby. It's a long time before he feels comfortable being around Dean.

I hope someone can help me find these fics, I've been really wanting to reread them. Thank you!
23 September 2016 @ 05:09 pm
Are there any stories regarding how Bobby favors Dean. Like we all know Dean probably had no one to look after himself and maybe Bobby realizes this and so forth. Like he always ask Dean for his opinion and what not etc....
17 September 2016 @ 08:15 pm
does anyone have the podfic of [livejournal.com profile] oselle's Lazarus Came Forth read by [livejournal.com profile] twasadark? The link at audiofic.jinjurly.com is no longer working and the podficcer only has chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 available on her LJ, chapters 3, 7 and 8 are missing.
I'll be grateful for any help!
Looking for a fic where Sam and Dean are hunting a ghost. They call Bobby for info, and when he hears what town they're in, he rushes to join them. The boys don't remember being there before, but they were when John and Bobby were on a hunt. Flashback has a pedofile ghost going after Dean in their hotel room, because he's trying to protect Sam. He makes a deal that if he doesn't fight, he won't hurt Sammy. Dean doesn't remember it in the present, but Bobby suspected more happened than Dean admitted to at the time. Somehow, the ghost is back, maybe? I think they had to kill it again in the present. Any help? I wanna say the title is the name of the town, but I'm not certain. Gen fic, case fic.
02 September 2016 @ 10:21 pm
Greetings fellow addicts! I am looking for any and all stories where John has just decided that Sam is never going to be the hunter/son he has with Dean and is intent on dropping him off at one of their friends and leaving him there permanently - and Dean is NOT having it. Or, stories where Bobby realizes that Sam is the odd man out in that trio and tries to keep Sam. Could be slash or gen. Thanks!
1. Any recommendations for stories where Sam is jealous of Benny's relationship with Dean. It doesn't have to be a sexual relationship between any of the characters. I would prefer no Destiel but if it's really good I'll give it a try.

2. Any backstories about Bobby would be great.

3. Any stories with Bobby interacting with the boys, not just providing information or cover up by phone, as a father-figure or as a family friend.
25 July 2016 @ 10:32 pm
For some reason, I'm dying for fics where Dean is sent to a universe where the canon events haven't happened, or time-travels back to when he was younger, yet he still has all his memories. Also, does anyone know of some fics where Mary finds out what the boys have been through and doesn't react well to it? Basically any fics where alternate universe or pre-series Mary/John/Sam meet canon!Dean.

(In case you want examples, some really good ones that I've read so far are:)

If I Knew Then What I Know Now:
Given an opportunity to change his family's destiny, Dean Winchester finds himself back in 1983 as his four year old self, yet with his adult memories still intact. But can he alter the events of that tragic night? And if so, will young Dean, his family, and Castiel be ready to survive all the evil that destiny has in store for them?

The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass:
Dean goes to sleep in a motel room in Texarkana, and he wakes up 17 years old, in his childhood bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, 1996. He has no idea how he got there, why his parents are still alive, why his brother is an adorable freshman with no memory of his adult life, and why the only ally he has in this place is the angel he left behind in Purgatory – somehow also 17 years old.
Hi everyone!

I want to find a specific pre-series story. In this story, Sam is abused (possibly by John) and Dean takes him away. They live together with Bobby, but Sam grows increasingly clingy and possessive of Dean, and Dean feels obligated to make up for Sam.

I remember a section where Sam cuts his hands because he doesn't like that Dean goes out. Dean later relents under Sam's pressure (so that Sam doesn't hurt himself) but later likes it too. It's wincest.

The story is about 10 chapters long and I remember reading it on livejournal. I am sorry it's vague, but it has been a while since I read it. Thank you!

EDIT: Found it. Should have searched harder before asking but yeaaah.

For those who are also interested: Daddy, Please, No by Hunter King

25 June 2016 @ 10:02 pm
Hi guys!

Going crazy trying to find a specific fic (possibly 'verse) where the boys are cursed with wings by a trickster (not Gabriel). It's a little gross at parts to I'm going to put some details under a cut...under a cut... )

There is a second fic where they go to Bobby's and Bobby has a bird specialist come because Sam becomes quite sick.

Any help appriciated!
11 June 2016 @ 03:58 pm

1st One:dean and sam werent brothers,mary worked at a haospital as a nurse where a young lady gave birth early and then escaped leaving the baby which was born very weak and expected to die but mary beleived in him and john amd her adopted him and later came sammy.(bobby was dean's real father and he and john never got along)

2nd one:mary gave birth to dean but he was very weak and had a lot of problems and her father wanted to give his grandson his familey name but when he saw dean he refused as he saw that dean wont make it but when sam was born he wanted to give him his name as he was healthy but mary screamed at him and refused but in the sequel to this story he regretted that and wanted to be a part of his grandsons' lives

they are both on fanfiction.com if that helps
i hope someone finds them they are amazing stories

i think both are considered au ..i dont remember if they were still hunters or not


1. I am looking for a story where Dean is beat up by a bunch of guys from his school who are on the football team, he goes to Bobbie's to get help. He's pretty beat up and it turns out that most, if not all of them, were possessed. Bobby comments how it is amazing that he survived. At one point John and Sam arrive , discuss the situation ( it has something to do with Sam's power) they leave Dean alone at Bobby's where I think he gets attacked again. No pairing.

2. A deaged Dean fiction where Dean is 13 -17. Everyone , mostly Sam but Bobby a little too, wants him to stay young but Dean remembered how hard it was to be so pretty at that age. Sam forces him to go to school but he is sexually assaulted by his classmates. Sam has difficulty realizing that Dean is used to being strong and invulnerable . I think the witch that cursed him lives or hangs out on the beach. He eventually finds her.
Found!: The Do-Over

Hi, I'm looking for a specific story that had been on ff.net. It's possibly been deleted... I think it was called Sam, Sammy, Samantha. It was maybe 7 or 8 chapters.. ??

Dean was travelling by himself and stopped for coffee at a diner. The waitress there drugged his coffee and followed him in a van. Out on the road, Dean ended up passing out and the waitress kidnapped him, leaving the impala along the side of the road. I remember a specific scene where Dean came to and found he was blindfolded and hanging naked from the ceiling. The waitress said something that made Dean lash out and kick her, so she drugged him again. While he was unconscious, she washed him with a soapy sponge, prepping him to be sold. Dean was oiled, injected *down there* and put on display.

This was not a true Brotherhood AU story, but Caleb was in it, who sensed Dean was in trouble. Dean ended up being sold, handcuffed and put in a black body bag. Caleb, John, Bobby and Mac came to the rescue just as the man was dragging the body bag away, containing an unconscious Dean.

I'd been thinking of this story and wanted to read it again, but now I can't find it. Thank you in advance!
I'm looking for fics where Castiel's wings are visible and Dean, Sam and/or Bobby see him fly with them. I'd also love to read fics where Castiel takes any or all of them flying. I've already read The Redemption Road series and Flight by NorthernSparrow. I'd prefer not to read any Wincest, but all other pairings and gen fics are fine.
14 May 2016 @ 03:01 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a deaged Sam fic with 12 chapters: where a witch gets revenge on John by turning Sam from 12 years old to 2 years old. Sammy doesn’t acknowledge John as his father (and sees him as his grandfather in later chapters) and John thinks he’s a trashy father. But the 2 years old firmly believes that teen Dean is his true father and the story goes on with Dean having to play Sammy’s father once again. That’s all I remember.

Edit: Thanks for trying. But I think I'm giving up.
A young Dean (early teens?) suddenly drops Sam off at Bobby's door before insisting on going back to the hunter they'd been staying with.  John had them staying with the other man to learn from some one else for a while.  Dean had called his dad for help, but John though he was just being stubborn.  Bobby figured out that the hunter had been raping Dean and was about to start in on Sammy when Dean fled.  And enraged Bobby threatened John for not listening to Dean and allowing his boys to be hurt.

Ring any bells with anyone?  I thought I had this one saved but can't seem to find it again.
Hi, I'm searching for 2 specific fics, I hope you can find me with them!!

In one of them, Dean as a child, is not Ben and they are in a supermarket or something and they meet Castiel and the child totally likes him!! And wants to chat with him, and I think Castiel ends up living with Dean and his baby. All of the Winchester family ends up meeting Cas and checking him out 'cause Dean has a story of ending up with people that leave him. Mary is totally alive and that's what I remember!!

In another one, when Death resurrects people and all, Death offers Dean one person to keep alive and Dean decides on Karen 'cause he sees how happy Bobby is. This is the only thing I remember clearly from this one.

Thank you!! I hope you can help me!! Be well, Monica

Edit: I managed to find them!!

The first one is Convergence by FallenAquarian

The second one, is Exceptional Circumstances by manic_intent

Thank you
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1. I’m looking for some wee!chester/teen!chester fics. I know there are tons of fics with Sam & Dean as children or teenagers, but I specifically looking for some with John and Bobby involved. Nothing where John is the bad one, abusive or something like that, I like John as the good one, caring about his sons, but maybe disagreeing with Bobby? I only found storys with only John and the boys or Bobby taking care of them, but never one where both are involved.

2. I re-watched season 10 and now I just have to ask if there are fics to 10x14 ('The Executioner's Song') where Sam is taking care of Dean? Mostly I’m reading hurt!Sam fics, but I would like if you can give me some good hurt/Dean fics, specially referring to this episode.

3. Ok. like I said, I’m a hurt!Sam-Girl, so I’m always searching for extremely hurt!Sam fics. I haven’t seen any episodes of season 11 now, so I would prefer fics for S09 or S10.
And I was just wondering if there are any fics dealing with Dean drinking habits? Maybe he was hurting Sam accidentally and after realizing endlessly sorry about his handlings?
But I’m good with any well written hurt!Sam fics for S09 or S10 (more S10).
I prefer gen, but I’m ok with Wincest as long it fits into the story.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

And sorry for crappy  english, I’m sick and my brain is no longer functional.
29 February 2016 @ 03:16 am
I am hoping someone can help me find a specific bonded boys fic. Sam and Dean are young. John leaves them alone while on a hunt. Dean becomes sick and Sam gets scared because he doesn't know how to take care of his brother. Grown up Sam appears in place of young Sam to take care of his brother when young Sam makes a wish that he would know how to help his brother. Once Dean is getting better then young Sam is back. This continues that Grown Sam shows up during times that Dean needs him. I remember one was when John, Sam and Dean were staying in a apartment complex/hotel? where I think a haunting was happening and at some point the spirit has Dean cornered and Grown Sam appears to save him. John witnesses the transformation. The story continues on with part of it involving Bobby.

Thank you in advance!
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17 February 2016 @ 09:55 am
Hi! I am looking for two specific fic
1. Dean is been transformed in a skinwalker when he was child. John thought that they killed him and wanted all the skinwalkers dead. Bobby found Dean, I think, in some place where was "dogs fight". He took Dean with him as if he were his son. One day Bobby got kidnapped or was on a hunt and disappeared. Dean asked the other hunters to help him to save Bobby but everybody knew that he was a skinwalker and they didn't want. He asked John to help him, too. John didn't know that Dean was his son. He helped him but treated him like a dog. Something like that.
2. Sam and Dean had a case where they had to pretend to be a gay couple to go on a gay bus tour. Maybe it was in Canada. In the end they really had s** together.

Please help, thanks :)
06 February 2016 @ 10:00 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic taking place pre-season during the Stanford era. Here is what I remember: Dean is by himself (suicidal?). Bobby seeks him out and asks for his help in a hunt. Something strange is happening in a mall and Dean and Bobby go undercover as security and maintenance. A bomb goes off in the mall and Dean is hurt and buried alive under the rubble. A ghost keeps him company. Bobby contacts John and Sam and both come and help search for survivors.
Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

Thank you. Link in comments.