Is their any series were sam has asthma epilepsy or something alonf those lines. So john and dean has to baby him and look after him.

Also is there any stories were sam is tramatized and has night terrors and need consoling.
18 April 2016 @ 07:10 pm
So I read this story a couple of weeks ago, closed my browser window and now I can't find it again. I can't remember the title, and I believe it was on The story took place when Dead was still a demon. He beat Sam up, and then he killed Cain instead of Sam, or maybe he killed Death. I think towards the end Castiel is there. And by killing which ever one he did, it took away the mark of cain.
Just wondering does anyone know a fic where after 5.16 Dean throws the amulet away, Sam picks it up and washes it clearly then swallows it. Dean then noticed that Sam has’t spoken for a few days, until he found that the amulet has cut Sam’s throat and he could never speak ever again.

I really want to know where I could get this fic… seems that it’s been deleted.
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Okay, I seriously need this to happen in my life. I watched the new episode from this past week, "Baby," and now we're watching "Hocus Pocus." I can't keep myself from thinking how Sam and Dean would handle the Sanderson sisters! Does anyone know of anything like this? It's an older movie so I don't know if it even exists but I'd love something like it if it does.

Also, does anyone know any really good Halloween based fics? I liked what they did for S4 with the tradition of Samhain in the series but I'd like to see more. I'd prefer older boys rather than wee!cheesters/flashbacks.

Any pairing, any rating is good! Thanks in advance!
Hi everybody!

I am looking for a specific fic. It is really old. One of the brothers, I think it was Sam is looking for a way to bring Dean back from death. Sam succeeds (I think he made a deal), but for a long time Dean is just a dead body. I remember Sam moving the body into a house, it was winter time. After a long time Dean's heart starts beating, later he starts breathing. Then he even starts moving.Sam goes jogging with him to keep Dean active even if his mind is still missing. This process of coming back to life was really long, months or even years. I remember Sam was really scared to leave Dean's body alone. I might have listened to it as a podfic. It was truly amazing and now I can't seem to find it. Please help!
17 June 2015 @ 05:22 pm
Hello all!
I need fic recs about Dean is actually reincarnation of something big (big like he's a reincarnation of an angel or a pagan god or maybe even a horsemen).

And I'm looking for this fic. In this fic, Dean is reincarnation of Azrael (the angel of death), that's why Death (horsemen) interested on him. I remember that Azrael is one of the first angels the God created, and he'd fallen not long after Lucifer's rebellion (I recall it's because of God's will). But his fall didn't happen like most fallen angel. He tore his grace and morphed it to become horsemen (that's Death) while his body frozen inside a glacier and his soul kept reincarnating as a human again and again until he become Dean Winchester and met his "grace" again (though he didn't know about that and Death also didn't tell him). I quite remember that the angels didn't know that Dean is reincarnation of an angel. And then someone (I didn't remember who, but that someone knew Dean) found Azrael's body and confused why Dean (Azrael's face similar with Dean) frozen in the glacier when they just spoke to him in the phone.

That's all. Thanks for your help in advance.
Hi all, back again with four new requests.

1. Where the boys parents aren't John and Mary Either or actually.. Whether one of them are the kid(s) parent or neither of them are. I've already read the story "Ordinary Boys" though.

2. Where Sam is the kid of Dean and Cas, or anyone else as long as Dean is one of the parents. And I don't mean younger brother he is raising, I mean he is the son of Dean.

3. Sam doesn't stop the third trial and dies.

4. I would also like some Death fics. As in the character Death, especially if it concerns the Winchesters.

Thank you!
08 December 2014 @ 10:22 pm
Hello there!
I'm looking for any fic with Death as the main character or any story with Death's POV. Could you help me please?
Thank you! ^^
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29 May 2014 @ 08:16 pm
I'm looking for a Dean/Cas WIP on livejournal, more than 90 chapters long. It had Michael and Raphael as good guys,  and, samuel campbell accidentally poisons/infects dean & Dean almost dies, Death revives him ; there is a soul bond/marriage between dean & cas. It was most recently updated a few months ago. Sam was good/mostly misguided but coming around and lucifer had possessed one of the campbell cousins.
Hi guys! Any help with this would be phenomenal! I saw a post on her a while ago about a specific story the op had read and I have been searching for it ever since! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate it, and I can't find the original post either to see if it's been found :( Luckily, I still have the description saved on my computer, it went like this:

" Sam is only 16 years old and meets a 23 year old guy that he falls in love with and he is very insecure since he has zero experience with men. The guy Sam is dating is really trying to push him into having sex with him and I remember him threatening to leave Sam if he doesn't "put out" soon. Dean overhears that conversation and goes all protective-big-brother over Sam and ends up almost dragging/carrying Sam to the Impala and then refuses to let Sam see the guy without him being around. He also makes Sam promise to not sleep with the guy until he is 18. I think the story ends with the guy leaving when Sam won’t have sex with him and Sam seeks comfort from Dean. Somewhere in this story Dean has a sex-talk with Sam since he realized no one had ever had that conversation with Sam."

Please help! Love you all! xoxo
I know I bookmarked it not too long ago but I seem to be unable to find it. It's a longer fic with a Dean/Death pairing. Maybe a recent bigbang. I don't remember any details since I didn't read it yet but the summary sounded awesome. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you.
21 September 2013 @ 11:40 pm
I'm looking for "Mythos" by [ profile] zoemathemata that was posted for [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang. I clicked on the link but the page is gone and I couldn't find anything on the author's journal. Original post for the Big Bang can be found here.
27 March 2013 @ 07:03 am
Hi all

I asked for this soon after 'Meet The New Boss' first came out and got no response, so I'm hoping that it was just too soon. I'd really love to read anything that gives an insight into the reactions of either one or both of the civilian couple who were witness to the Winchesters and Bobby's meeting with Death. I'll take anything, whether it's during the meeting, or a visit to a shrink after, anything!!

Thank you for your help.

P.S. Mods, you don't seem to have a tag for ep: 07x01
08 February 2013 @ 08:48 pm
I remember very little about this fic .... But what I do remember is that Sam was Dean's slave. They had gone out to a bondage club which was owned and run by a Mistress. Sam gave Dean a blow jump at the club, in public and also carried around a paddle which he was order to give to Dean when asked for it. Sam did misbehave at one point and the Mistress of the club watched Dean spank Sam and told Dean if Sam acted that way again she would spank both of them?

There was another fic where Dean was sent to hell and though the angels tried to save him he was held to deep in hell to get to. Sam told the angels to stop trying because to many of them were dying. When he comes back he's a hydrate, half demon and half human. And I think Gabriel had a big part in it, he and Dean ended up together.

Not much to go on but any help would be great!
31 January 2013 @ 05:55 pm
Hi guys!

I'm looking for a particular fic where, at the end of season 6, Dean manages to get the jump on Cas when he fakes kneeling in worship or something. Turns out Death had enlisted him and gave him the mission to get Cas. I think the whole fic was inspired from Death calling Dean detective in Appointment in Samarra.

* Added - Oh, I forgot to mention this before, but I think at the end it was mentioned that Dean was meeting up with Death at a specific diner he liked? And he was teased coz he was 'going out' with Death, or something like that.

Anyone know it?

I remember liking the kind of fics this author wrote, and would love to read more of their work.

11 November 2012 @ 02:54 pm
I'm back again, looking for Sam/Dean fics where Sam has some kind of disorder? It doesn't matter if it's preseries, or something that's been developed since/because of Dean's death or his own venture into hell, or whatever. OCD, self harm, suicidal!Sammy, ptsd, eating disorder, whatever you've got, I'll take it. 

The longer the fic, the better!
Preferably not mpreg, and not on
Thank you!

Sorry if I've missed anything
24 August 2012 @ 03:43 am
Either Dean following Sam to the grave, or both dying and Cas following, or all three dying in some epic battle. The angstier the better.
Please no illness, no AUs, no 2014 and no resurrections. 
Death may be involved because he's a BAMF and if he says there is no way bringing Sam back, Dean would believe him.
06 May 2012 @ 11:53 am
I'm looking for fics where Dean either travels back in time to his own past to try and change something or travels forward in time, see's how bad it gets, and then tries to prevent the outcome in his current time. I have seen a few fics where it's Sam time traveling so I'm looking mainly for ones where Dean is the one time-traveling. Gen or Slash and I prefer longer fics.
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are there any fics like this? Where they talk about their experiences? Bond over it? Catharsis, confession? Anything about their shared experience with torture? 
01 February 2012 @ 08:14 pm

Hey all,
Sorry to post again so soon. I'm looking for two things, one specific and one general

Specific: Male Lactation Kink Meme Fill
I'm looking for a spnkink_meme fill that was entitled "Once Lost But Never Forgotten" by LJ user missblackbird. The prompt was: 

"For some reason Sam and Dean have found or rescued an infant and don't have access to formula or any suitable milk substitute. Maybe they're out in the woods without cellphone coverage and have to hike back to their car, it doesn't matter.
One of the guys feels a very strong nurturing instinct, and it causes him to spontaneously lactate (see for real life examples) and he is able to keep the baby fed and happy until they can get it reunited with its parents. I'd really like to see an exploration of the feelings of protectiveness, pleasure and comfort it gives the breastfeeding man, or the way the other man responds to it." 

However, the link no longer works, and I can't find it through other means. Does anyone have this fic? I checked the deleted authors/journals/stories list but didn't see her journal or this story on there. Thanks!

General: Death/Dean
I'm looking for any fics that primarily feature Death and Dean. Romantic and/or lusty would be a total plus, but even just stories that involve a lot of interaction between these two characters, them having a bond somehow, anything, really. Thanks!

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29 January 2012 @ 01:02 am
So after becoming obsessed with 'Those Campbell Boys' (A SPN/CM crossover) I am really in the mood for any gen or slash Supernatural fics that have Dean as the center of, well, everything.

I'm after fics where Dean is really, really important in the grand scheme of things, not just as Micheal's vessel. Any fics where he is the main focus and of grand heavenly importance.

OR any fics that revolve around Dean's relationship with Death (The Horseman)

Just no Wincest, please.

16 January 2012 @ 07:30 pm
Hello, everyone.

I've been looking for a nice, GEN, Dean-centric story. Being new to LJ and the surrounding sites, I can't bloody figure out where to start looking.

Another thing you Americans got right was Leverage. Are there any good crossovers with the show that you blokes are willing to recommend?

My last request: SPN fics with Death. I don't care who exactly Death is in the fic, or where he is or what he's doing, but a nice fic with Death would be awesome.
13 January 2012 @ 10:41 pm

I'm looking for fics where Dean's daddy issues are showing. Mostly some d/S undertones and Dean calling his partner 'daddy'. (As long as Dean is showing a slightly wanton side and calling someone 'daddy' without being 100% sarcastic, I'm happy!) 

I want Dean to be bottom, but other than that -- all (slash) pairings are welcome. Wincest, Destiel, Alaistair/Dean; you name it! Setting -- au or non-au doesn't matter either.

Thank you!
26 October 2011 @ 10:08 pm
I'm looking for gen fic with Sam hurt or sick at Stanford and Dean and John coming to take care of him.
Or Sam going to Dean and or John when he's hurt or sick during the Staanford era.
30 September 2011 @ 10:25 am
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for any fic in which Dean is Death. Could be short term, long term, temporary, permanent, episode coda... I'm not picky.

Slash and/or het is fine

Thanks in advance
26 July 2011 @ 02:35 am

Hey, this is kind of a depressingly morbid (and a bit odd) request on my behalf, but its been bugging me all day. What I would like is some dying/dead Sam death!fics. Heartwrenching, soul-crushing death!fics that make you wanna die right along side poor Sammy. =(


I don't wanna know that it's coming! I want the ending to (ironically) be a suprise. So here's the deal, I want you guys too please post two stories. One that's the soul-crushing Sam death!fic, and one thats just ridiclous mush. A little sugar with my bucketload of salt, lol.

Oh, and please try not to be too obvious with which is which by posting stories with blatently easy to figure out titles like:

Fic 1: The Day My Soul Died.

Fic 2: It's Gonna Be A Bright, Bright, Bright Sunshiney Day!

Slash [doesn't matter who's in pairing as long as Sam, Dean or Sam and Dean are involved in it =)] is prefered, but honestly, all death!fics will do the job, so feel more then free to throw any gen!fics you have at me! C'mon, don't show any mercy you guys, I can take it! 

Twist endings like "Look Dean, I might live! Hurray!" or "Look Dean, I was just serverly injured! I still might live, huzzah!" are also acceptable, lol. Just don't tell me! =P

No RPS please. =) Thanks for your time!

[P.S: If you really have difficulty finding something that meets my request (doubtful as it may be, lol) then please feel more then free to just post links to plain old Sam death!fics without the little mystery twist. Atleast then I'll go in knowing what to prepare, for... =S Lol.]
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10 July 2011 @ 05:02 pm
I thought I remembered the author for this fic, but I couldn't find it when I searched her masterlist.

It's Dean/Castiel, but the thing is, it's written in reverse chronological order - that is, it starts with the end and ends with the beginning. The premise of the fic is tragic - Castiel, after hundreds/thousands/millions of years, is alone in the world, living life as an immortal fallen angel.

Certain details stick in my mind: Dean died and went to heaven, where there is a version of Castiel and both are living out paradise. The real Cas, trapped on Earth, knows this but doesn't want to try to contact Dean because he knows Dean would spend the rest of eternity trying to get to Cas. Cas would rather have Dean believe the Cas with him in heaven is the real deal, than ruin Dean's paradise. Other details: the Impala in a museum, Chuck's books.

I would really appreciate it if this was found. This is one of those epic fics that leave a deep imprint in my mind, and now that I've suddenly thought of it, I need to get it out of my system.

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10 April 2011 @ 05:41 pm
I've looked at past searches and read the three fics that were found (Golden, Better To Give Then To Receive, and Freezing Hands and Bloodless Veins) and I was wondering if there was more Death/Dean fics. I loved Death and would love to read fics with him in it :)
14 March 2011 @ 07:49 pm
Hi i have become obsessed with two shows Eli stone and fallen. i was wondering if their were any supernatural crossover fics with either of these two

Eli Stone - lawyer who is a prophet and has visions of the future

Fallen - mini series where there is Aaron who is a nephilim, and sets out to redeem the fallen
14 March 2011 @ 05:08 am
I'm looking for a particular fic with character death, it's pretty old and I first read it on but I can't find it now, in the fic Sam gets possessed by either the devil or a demon and kills a lot of people so Dean and John have to kill him, and when Dean kills Sam he quotes The Velveteen Rabbit, specifically this quote "once you are real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

lol sry I know it's a very random request, but if anyone can help it'd be appreciated!
08 March 2011 @ 03:16 pm
 Hello, everyone!  I'm definitely feeling angsty right now, so I'm looking for some fic that fits my sour mood and I'm relying on you amazing, talented people to help me out if possible.  Here we go:

1) John/Dean; dub-con or angsty consensual.  No non-con, no "replacement" fics (Dean as Mary), no "aw, father and son are in love and banging each other and it's all butterflies and rainbows" stuff.  More like, "wow, the Winchesters have problems" shit.  Angst.  I love it.  

2) Anything where Sam finds out about John/Dean.  Dub-con, non-con (only if it's really good), and if it's 100% consensual there must be a ton of "oh crap" in there.  Please, no butterflies and rainbows here either.

3) Dean and Death.  Slash, gen, whatever.  Just looking for some interaction in which Dean loses his macho bullshit tendencies because Death is just that awesome/strong/intimidating/sexy.  I've already read Golden.

4) Anything where Sam finds out that Dean doesn't just like girls.  Please no Dean-coming-out-as-completely-gay, just that he likes messing around with guys every once in awhile.  Please, no sappiness here either, though it doesn't have to be strictly angsty.  The more disbelieving/shocked Sam is the better. 

5) Fics where Dean is terrified.  Like, full out panic attacks, unbearably horrified kind of thing.  Akin to Yellow Fever; that type of terrified.  Comforting!Sam is a bonus!  This is a pretty broad deal here; I'd love to know your favorites.

Thanks a bunch guys!  You're seriously amazing.
04 March 2011 @ 12:27 pm
Hi. I'm looking for a story that puts Dean in a relationship with Death. Not with a reaper or Tessa, but the old man Death form the pizza place. Any story with those two would be great.

Mods: I'm not sure what other tags i could use. I don't want death!fics. But there is no Character: Death tags.