Im looking for a fiction that starts with John, Sam, Dean and Bobby in a bar. Someone makes a bet that Dean can't get some girl's attentions if he dances. One of the group, Bobby I think says something like "Have you seen Dean dance? " Turns out that Dean is a really sexy dancer and gets the girl and John calls him a slut. A demon (Azazael?) who knew Mary becomes fascinated with Dean and everyone has to stay with him at all times so the demon doesn't steal him. It was a WIP , AU I think because Sam and John seem unaware that Dean can dance but Bobby knows so maybe John lives after IMTOD. It was good but left off at a cliffhanger. I'm hoping they finished it.


18 January 2016 @ 07:24 pm
Does anyone have a copy of this story that be linked. It was credited to nephthys101. Thanks
This is quite an old one, but hopefully someone will remember it.

Sam becomes King of Hell, not sure how. He isn't evil but he is very dark. Naturally, Dean is with him, and Castiel too - I think because he wouldn't leave Dean with Sam (or possibly to avoid being taken by Heaven, or both). But now he's reliant on Dean for protection from Sam. (Possible Dean gets powers in this due to being Sam's brother and consort).

I do remember Castiel being scared of Sam and having to play it very carefully.

There are three scenes that have stuck in my mind:

1) Sam follows Castiel into a room and Cas wants to leave but thinks Sam won't let him pass - he does though.

2) Sam is in a relationship with Dean, but wants Cas too - a combination of actually wanting Cas for his own sake, and because he's an angel, and because he's a little jealous of how Dean still cares for Cas. I remember Cas drawing a promise from Sam not to hurt him, and having to remind him of it a few times because while Sam isn't rough he isn't gentle either. Dean's there to support Cas through it and make sure Sam reigns it in.

3)The Host show up to negotiate / deal with Sam, and it ends up with Sam, Dean and Cas on one side of the table and I think Michael and Zachariah on the other. They want to take Castiel back, and claim that Sam is holding him against his will. Sam disputes this, and says Cas is free to go anytime, but I think he gets a few barbs in about how he's treated Castiel better than they ever did. Michael and Zachariah tell Cas his place is in Heaven with them, not in Hell with the Winchesters, but Cas says he'd prefer to stay. (I think he says something like he'd rather serve in Hell than in Heaven). Which pisses them off and I think they threaten to take Cas, but Sam tells them Cas has made his choice and if they try to grab him Sam will just turn them and their armies back at the gates. I remember Cas being quite stunned at Sam being so protective of him.

Thanks in advance!
09 September 2015 @ 11:41 pm
Hey guys. Recently I've got a penchant for reading those au stories where one character is a demon and the other character is an angel and they are on opposite ends of the spectrum but still fall in love....
So I was wondering if you could link me to fics like that :p I'm not fussed about the pairing, anything goes. And it also doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic cliché, because I know there are fics where the demon kidnaps or seduces the angel and...yeah. Wing!kink would be highly appreciated (although not necessary). Thanks in advance! :)

Hey! I'm desperate to read this fic that I read a very long time ago. I hope I'm not too vague or making things up!

  • the demons are desperate for sam to claim his righteous place in hell

  • one demon in particular is persistent and kind of manages to befriend sam

  • the demon then helps sam break dean's deal and convinces sam to take the throne (i'm not too sure about this part)

  • i think the demon also told sam that ruby was actually meg, trying to get revenge

  • again, not sure if it was gen, wincest or sam/omc but none of these things are an issue either way

thank you in advance!

found: I Am The Very Model..." (
I actually found this is recommended on here a while ago & forgot to bookmark it but I'm looking to read it again & can't seem to find the post it was on.

In the fic Dean & Sam grew up apart, Mary survived the fire and took Sam to live with her dad but Dean thought they were dead... Dean gets news (a letter I think) saying that his grandfather died and he's inherited the house/estate. He goes to see it and Bobby is the house/grounds keeper who tells him that he has a brother. Sam is traumatised from being kidnapped by the Yellow Eyed Demon years ago and shut himself away in his head not communicating with anyone. As the story goes on we discover that Sam stopped communicating with people to protect them from himself and/or the demon... Dean gradually brings Sam out of his shell as the fic progresses...

If anyone can recommend this or something similar to it that would be awesome! Thanks in advance :)

p.s. I've tagged powers!sam but I'm not sure if he actually has powers in this fic so feel free to remove it mods if it's not correct
05 May 2015 @ 04:04 pm
I have minimal recollection of this story, other than a vague memory of the plot and details of one scene.

The boys are in a desert town, something like the area of Death Valley. They may be on the trail of a Native American spirit or demon. The scene I recall is (probably) Dean in a roadside bar in the wee hours of the morning and having a conversation with this... creature in the form of a man. It's a powerful creature but it decides to sit and speak to the puny human. I think it tells its life story and why it does what it does. I think Dean is in fear of his life, but is in thrall of this thing.

That's all I got. Hope it rings a bell with someone. Thanks!
05 May 2015 @ 12:40 pm
I am looking for a specific fic where Sam is the King of Hell. I remember that he chooses to become King of Hell, and Dean condemns him for it. Bobby does not abandon him though. The only other thing I remember is that Sam goes back to Stanford and graduates, and that Dean comes to Sam's graduation along with Bobby.

Anybody recognize the story? (Also, why is there no 'king of hell' tag?)
18 July 2014 @ 04:40 pm
So i just finished watching The Last Exorcism Part II and (SPOILERS) the demon loves the main character/wants to possess her again in the movie.

I was wondering if there are any fics where a demon is in love with dean.
-Demon can be posessing dean i don't really care.
-Non-con, etc are welcome. I'll take anything
I've realized that only a few people knew about Castiel or like Charlie that know what he was but had never see him, so...would someone help me with this?

1) Fics with angels interacting with humans (hunters or civils). I want to read the reaction people would get by knowing that the person in front of them is an angel. (Better if it's after the fall)
2) Or others watching how the Winchesters interact with Castiel knowing what he is.
3) Also accepted, POV's from people who just discover about the supernatural. (Kudos if it's because of a demon or an angel)
4) Gabriel (Or Balthazar) pranking humans or befriending someone who knows that he's an angel or a pagan god.
Oh, anf if there are with Jesse Turner (The Antichrist) in those kind of situations, it would be awesome.

5) The boys/Castiel/etc going back in time and meeting his younger selves? (E.g. seson 8 meeting season 1-2-3-etc)
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09 April 2014 @ 11:11 pm
Hi, I'm looking for any fics where Sam is a cambion or a nephilim. I've already read New World Man and Nephilim . Oh, and if you have any recs for antichrist!Sam besides the Teen Antichrist 'verse , that would be great! Thanks in advance!
S8 season arc spoilers )

3. Any character study pieces on Abaddon or Naomi or Linda Tran? (Or if the fics have a lot to do with one or all of them.) *

4. Also, I'm always looking for good Dean/Cassie and Bobby/Rufus or Bobby/Rufus/Ellen or Rufus/Ellen if you have any of those.

Thanks! Self-recs and cis-swaps always welcomed.

(*Mods: There's no character tags for either of them.)
01 April 2013 @ 03:01 am
Hey, first LJ post ever, sorry if i mess it up. :)

Anyways, I read a story a while ago where Sam is at Stanford and is stabbed and the doctors don't think he'll survive or if he does he'll never walk again. Dean makes a demon deal to save his life and in return Dean has to forsake his family, he can't contact anyone from his past and he can't tell anyone his name is Dean Winchester. If he breaks these rules Sam drops dead. He also needs to bring the demon two human fingers? I don't remember specifics but later in the story you learn that he gave the demon his fingers and then when he finds the who stabbed Sam and kills them and takes two of their fingers. I think he gets labeled a serial killer or a psycho. He later runs into Sam and Jess (or maybe just Sam or just Jess) and they see his amulet and ask Dean where he got it, his response is something like "I got it off the first person I killed." He leaves and then later he goes to this house (he'd been seeing this girl and she wanted him to meet the family? I think) and it turns out Jess is there and that the girl is her sister. I think it ended there, I'm looking to see if it was ever finished. Fingers crossed that I didn't just mix up a bunch of stories or give too many wrong details.

I hope someone can help me, I've looked all week and can't find the story. Thanks in advance for any help.
04 January 2013 @ 12:38 am
hey guys...
there's a story that I'd read a long time ago and for the life of me I can't remember where, so here I am asking for anyone's help...
that's a supernatural/smallville crossover with dean/clark and sam/lex pairing...

here's what I can remember from that story...
Sam and Dean were hunting in smallville. dean went to the cafe and he met clark there. the ghost that they're huting actually was influence by a demon and Lana was possessed by the demon and clark/dean had to kill her. I think Lana and clark had already broken off during that time. If I remember correctly this story was during supernatural season 3 because there's part about dean's deal. and sam and lex found a crystal that can trap dean's soul when the hellhound ripped him apart so the crossroad demon can't take dean's soul to hell. and clark was possess by the crossroad demon.

oh and can anyone suggest any supernatural/smallville crossover preferably dean/clark or dean/lex, or dean/omc from smallville because I'm such a dean girl...

thats a lot...
06 November 2012 @ 12:45 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a story from season 5. Sam is getting tortured, I think by demons. They want to torture Dean, but they were told by Lucifer not to hurt him, because it would not be what Sam wants.
So, they are trying to find a loophole by torturing Sam while Dean watches, and saying that if he tells them to stop, they will, and they will torture Dean instead. Dean at first thinks they are trying to get Sam to say Yes to Lucifer, and he encourages Sam not to give in, but he begs Sam to say yes once he learns the truth.
Also, any fics where Dean or John are assholes, Sam feels guilty and gets hurt, and then Dean/John feel guilty? I've read all of skagtrendy's stuff, and that's the type of thing I'm looking for. Thanks!
24 October 2012 @ 02:02 am
I'm looking for a specific story.
-Sam thinks that by killing Dean he can save him from the deal, so he poisons his beer
-Dean ends up having to spend a specific amount of time in hell (6 months?) every year
-Dean and Lucifer are together and Dean calls him Woody
-Sam has a child named Axel with a demon
-Dean and Lucifer have a son
20 September 2012 @ 04:48 pm
hey im looking for any story in which sams gets injections in the hip
added bonus if hes crying or scared
would prefer gen
Searching for a specific fic. It goes back and forth between the boys' POVs. Dean thinks he's woken up in a random hotel room days after leaving Sam. He's waiting for Sam (or someone, anyone) to care that he's missing enough to give him a call to find out where he is. His cell phone is dying, and if no one has called by the time the battery dies, he's going to kill himself.

Sam watches this from the spot where he's pinned to the wall in a warehouse. In actuality, they've been hunting a demon in a warehouse, and the demon is the one who's making Dean hallucinate and making Sam watch. Sam figures out that the demon is Mephistopheles, and when he names the demon, the demon is forced to let them go.

For the life of me, I can't remember the title or the author, though I'm fairly certain that I'll *headdesk* and/or *facepalm* when someone reminds me.

Thanks for the assist.
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12 April 2012 @ 07:05 pm
I read a fic a few months ago about Dean's time in Hell while he was working with Alastair. 
I don't remember most of it, but I do remember there was a little demon girl OC who had a collection of Dean's eyes that she kept in a box and she spent the majority of the time with him climbing on his back asking for his eyes. If I remember correctly they were friends. The fic was mostly interaction between those two with Alastair coming in only at the end.
19 March 2012 @ 03:54 pm
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there were any Dean/Male Demon fics out there. I don't care how dark, graphic, whatever. I just love fics with demons (OC's) and Dean and I haven't seen a lot of these fics out for awhile. If they are general, that is good too. Please no wincest, there is enough of that out that. Anyway, please point me in the right direction!

Thank you :)
13 March 2012 @ 06:32 am
Hey guys, hoping someone can help me. So, all I remember is that the story is told from a demon's perspective, I think he was like Hell's archivist? And he is telling the story of how Sam rescued Dean to this guy he is tourturing. And that's all I got, it's pathetic I know.
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12 February 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Looking for any kind of fics where the two mains are in an established relationship and then are put in the fuck or die situation. I'll take any pairings/kinks/whatever, but I'm looking for the effects(or lack thereof) that the trope has on the existing relationship.

Not sure how common this particular subset of the trope is, but if there are any where the baddies specifically force the two characters to have sex while the bad guys watch or something, I'll offer up many cookies and virtual thank yous. Or, alternately, possession!fic, where one of the participants is possessed at some point after the start of the relationship, and sex ensues. Don't care if the other partner ever finds out, but I'd love to read something in that vein.

I tagged the boys(Dean, Sam, and Cas), but I'll take pretty much any het or slash pairing.
Yes, even Uriel and Luci.

I would like some Winchester family fic, some feel good fic that is warm&fuzzy. I'm getting into Sam/Ellen and Dean/Jo, but any other in-the-family pairing is OK, including Uriel and Lucifer. In fact, I want Luci included. :D

Also, Adam, Kate, Mary and John too. And Rufus, since he's Bobby's family. :D
Thanks, spnstoryfinders!!
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27 January 2012 @ 06:26 pm
Hey guys, sorry for the post so soon after my last one but I of course forgot a couple of things.

Specific fics:

1. One being a specific fic which was a tag to Sympathy for the Devil. Sam had problems with his knees after what Zachariah did to him (Which was practically shoot his knee caps) and I remember Sam like collapsing at the back of the Impala telling Dean something was wrong. I seemed to have lost the fic and any help getting it back would be greatly appreciated.

Found! Link in comments

2. I am once again still looking for this fic. I am determined to find it one way or another. It dealt with Sam using his powers after the great Pumpkin Sam Winchester. Uriel carries out that threat to kill Sam and starts trying to kill him in his sleep/dreams. I clearly remember Uriel trying to choke Sam when he was sleeping and even coming through a mirror. If ANYONE can help me find this fic I will be SO grateful. I've been looking for it, for months now.

FOUND! Link in comments

And here are a few general requests

1. Any fics where Chad is fiercely protective over Jared.

2. Fics that have John Sam and Dean, except not any weechesters or teenchesters more a long the lines of John during Salvation or even Dead Man's Blood.

3. Any and all fic where Dean stands up for/protects Sam from the angels during Season 4 or 5. I don't know why I'm suddenly craving something along those lines. He can even protect Sam from Castiel or Zachariah. I just want to see Dean protecting Sam from angels in general.

And that's all!
31 December 2011 @ 03:22 am

I'm looking for an old (around S1 or S2) story where Sam and Dean have to deal with a mysterious demon-related disease that's killed people in a town/city. Sam gets infected, and Dean decides to summon a/the demon. Said demon spoke with an accent, I think... it's been a while.


Symptoms of the disease includes coughing up/vomiting a black substance/ooze. It was mostly gen, with really funny bits from the demon and the brothers.

Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year!
15 November 2011 @ 07:01 pm
It was a WIP when I read it a while ago, now I don't remember the author's name, nor the name of the fic.
1. Sam and Dean don't know each other, neither are they related.
2. Sam might have been a kept pet of the demons because he is a good vessel. At the beginning of the fic, Sam is captured by the angels and kept in prison. The angels use him to attract the demons in order to get information from them. Michael is in charge of him. When Michael is summoned by God, he leaves Castiel to tend to Sam with the strict instruction to not go near the cell where Sam is left broken. Cas has compassion and tends to a wounded Sam. He accidentally lets a demon possess Sam and Sam gets out.
3. Dean hunts illegally to support his family (parents and sister, I think). He finds Sam unconscious somewhere during a hunt and brought him home.

12 September 2011 @ 09:06 pm
Anyone know a fic featuring Azazel or YED!demon? I want the fic to have pairing of YED!demon/sam, YED!demon/dean and YED!demon/john. I also wonder if there is one featuring YED!demon/bobby or YED!demon/Mary?

I like genderbender fic too so if you could help me find fic featuring YED!demon and the female version of (sam, dean and john), that would be great. Thanks in advance for the help. :)
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31 August 2011 @ 10:14 pm
Are there any fics where

1. The Winchesters (any Winchester) summons the Trickster and then finds out it's Gabriel?

2. Someone accidentally summons an angel/the Trickster/ a demon?

3. Sam and/or Dean deliberately summons Lucifer and/or Michael to trap them somehow?

4. Heck, I've seen the Castiel meets the Ghostfacers clip. Are there any stories where the Ghostfacers try to summon something and they're shocked when it actually works?

Gen is preferred.
15 August 2011 @ 11:50 pm
 I'm trying to find a drabble, I think it may have been from blindfold not quite sure, that I read ages ago
It was Sam mpreg, he'd been kidnapped by demons or whatever and it worked out that like for every one demon he gave birth to, two more would take its place?
Im sorry I cant remember much else
Help would be appreciated! 

10 August 2011 @ 08:07 am
 I'm looking for some non-angsty, preferably happy/cracky/fluffy Sam/Ruby with Katie Cassidy's Ruby. You know, blonde one from season 3. No evil manipulative bitch!Ruby. The author should either be blissfully unaware of Ruby's evil manipulative bitchiness or just ignoring it. Thanks!
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30 July 2011 @ 04:46 am

I read this, either here or on, but I can't find it now. And it makes me upset, because I -know- I saved it. Blarg.

Anyway, it's a Season 5 story, kinda a tag to "Abandon all Hope". There's only 5 things the Colt can't kill, and Lucifer is one. What's the others? 

It involved the demons that were standing there, and they were going on about it can't kill dirt, since dirt's already dead, and it can't kill plants, and what about this, and how about that? And Lucifer was getting angry because they kept interrupting him. It was great and awesome and I want to read it again, especially since my sis came in and said " Okay, if there's 5 things the Colt won't kill, what on earth are the other 4??" 

*snickers* It got me started.... ^_^ Thanks in advance.

EDIT: FOUND!! while looking for other cracky-stories over at [ profile] caffienekitty 's place.
"....I'll Come In Again" summary: Sacrificing minions - is there any problem it can't solve? which explains why I couldn't find it. :D
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19 July 2011 @ 11:29 pm


I'm looking for a really specific power!sam fic in which he got stronger on demon blood, but not ruby's, or a demon!dean either.

Actually, it was a yellow-eyed demon named Bishop who struck a deal/partnership with him; and he wasn't addicted to the blood, it just reinforced his basic powers and I think it also varied them (instead of just demon exorcism).

Sam was smarter and aware of Ruby's plan for him and that she was in fact an agent of Lilith's; even if he pretends to go along for a while and not knowing he can read her thoughts or something like that... I think he wastes her at some point. He can easily waste red-eyed crossroad demons with his mind, and etcetera, but she panics and holds him back, while Bishop supplies him with stronger and more ''quality'' blood since he doesn't want Hell on Earth, I believe.

I also think he managed to bargain for Dean's soul... but I'm a little dubious.
23 June 2011 @ 07:04 pm

Hello all!

I've been searching for a specific fic based on ep 1:21, Salvation. In it Dean doesn't stop Sam from running back into the building after the YED. I'm a little hazy about what happens next, but I think he gets burned pretty bad? Either that or he gets out somehow but Dean doesn't know and thinks he's dead... I could be mixing fics with the ending. I know it was Gen, and I probably read it on

Thank you in advance for any and all help!

31 May 2011 @ 10:38 pm
Does anyone know of any demon POV stories? I'm fascinated by them and I'd love to see things from their perspective. It can be set during any time period, have any pairing, and I'm not at all picky about whose POV it is.

Hey it’s me again. Thanks to the really prompt replies for finding the fics I needed, I’m back to request for help once again! I really, absolutely suck at lj-cuts so I apologise for the long post.

1)      Wincest(?) fic: Sam and Dean find a woman (witch?) who knows a spell to drain Sam of demon blood. Dean volunteers his blood to replenish what Sam loses. However, demons come when they are weak and attack them; the attack is unsuccessful though. Then Sam has a dream where he is shown choices he can make, but he realizes that by not choosing heaven or hell he’s making the right choice after all(?; I’m really not sure about the contents of the dream, I’m just pretty sure there was a dream). Then the YED shows up and realizes that Sam no longer has demon blood in him; or very little… I can’t remember anymore; except that it was a happy ending. Oh, and Bobby was in it. And the woman had a protective husband whom even Dean was afraid to offend…

2)      Gen fic: Sam and Dean get lost in the mountain, with a monster after them. I think it was an Native American(?) legend. It’s a fic that I read on; about a shapeshifter/wendigo-type who goes after Sam. The creature is able to change forms by wearing the skins of animals. The monster used to be a well-respected member of society, a university professor or something… At one point, Sam and Dean are in the mountains with a woman (Kate?) who’s been sent to help them. There’s a huge forest fire as well and Sam is hurt as well. I remember there being mention of the heart, soul etc; basically the 4 points of something…

3)      Gen Case-fic: Sam gets called by a friend who asks him for help in finding her sister from a motel that has already had murders happen before. Everyone in the hotel gets locked in and Dean is injured. I think there were many ghosts involved but they were not necessarily bad. Something about spirits being trapped by one strong ghost.

4)      I was wondering if anyone knows if la_folle_allure ever finished writing ‘The Infinite Sadness’ series. I have found the first 4 parts; but I just can’t find the 5th part of the installment. So a little help here please?

5)     Sam is sent back in time. He sees a young Dean taking care of a baby Sam in Missouri's house whom John has asked to babysit. There was a really cute scene where Dean is playing with Sam and carries him around like 'a sack of potatoes' and another where John comes home and Dean is very excited to see him. I think I read this on
6)     Dean is deaged and Sam has to take care of him. Sam brings him to a supermarket and buys Dean something to eat. But Dean saves half of it because he wants to give it to his brother Sammy. He doesn't know that older Sam is actually Sammy. I think they were originally in a case... And Dean wanted to help Sam with hunting and he was used as bait. But something went wrong... I can't remember anything else.. Once again, I read this on

Ok, erm…wow… I know I’m asking for a lot here… But I would really, really appreciate your help here! Many, MANY thanks in advance=)

ETA: #1 is Bleed Out And Take Him In by [info]taelynhawker.Thanks to [info]romennim. The mp3 for the podfic can be found here. Thanks to [info]reena_jenkins
       #2 is Never Summer, by [info]ignipes. Thanks to[info]de_nugis. Link is
       #3 is Hozho by LadyVic. Thanks to [info]korowjew26. Link is
       #6 is To Be Young Again by Melodious329. Thanks to [info]wannareadit. Link is

19 February 2011 @ 12:31 pm
About a year ago, I read a relatively short story about Sam being kidnapped the night Mary died by the YED, and being raised in a sort of 'family' by him. I remember that Meg was his 'sister', and they raised him to kill humans and all that jazz. Sam's not... evil, really. He's killed people, but he's not evil, at all.
When Sam hits his teens, he runs away, and eventually finds John and Dean, who think that he's been dead all those years.
This story was NOT wincest. Please help me find it! I've been looking for months :(

FOUND!   Family Values, by formerlydf 
Link in comments.

31 January 2011 @ 09:03 pm

I'm looking for In Shadow, a story where Dean and Sam are separated and John ends up in Prison; Dean ends up prostituting himself and Sam ends up with a good family. I've read most of it already, I was just wondering if the author had updated it at all? Can't seem to find it! Thanks in advance ya'all!

 So there's this story I read on a while ago in which Bobby walked in on Sam, seemingly possessed, beating up Dean, and Bobby ended up shooting Sam. However, later it is revealed that Dean was in fact possessed and Sam was defending himself. I'm extremely new to Livejournal so apologies if I've made some kind of egregious formatting error. Thank you all for your help.

P. S. I don't believe it was Wincest but I could be wrong.
19 January 2011 @ 01:05 am
I'm not sure if a fic like this exists, but I figured that if I could find it anywhere, it'd be here! I'm looking for a fic that centers on Meg - real Meg, either pre-posession or during it, maybe focusing on what it's like to be possessed, or on her life before it happened? I'll take pretty much anything.

Thanks in advance!
13 January 2011 @ 08:45 am
Okay, I realise that there is a Dean/Alastair community, and I checked there first, but I didn't find what I'm looking for, so I came here. I sincerely hope that you guys can help.

I want Dean/Alastair stories (don't have to be slash, gen is perfectly fine as well. I'll even take Wincest) where there is Sam interaction. Eg. He sees their messed up relationship or Alastair says something to Sam that implies what Alastair did to Dean in Hell or Dean's time in Hell(Dean torturing people etc...).  Sam kinda made light of Dean being in Hell and him torturing people (in Sex and Violence) and I'd really like to see Sam get it. Get how horrible it was for Dean, or even that Dean enjoyed it. 

I'd also like any stories where Dean tortures someone (post-Hell *meaning I don't want stories of him torturring people in Hell*, or even before Hell) putting the skills he learned from Alastair to use, or even the ones he didn't learn from Alastair. 

 No graphic rape, please. Other than that, rec away! Self pimping is very much encouraged! :)
09 January 2011 @ 12:44 am

This is the first time I'm doing this so excuse if I'm doing it wrong ;) I just re-watched the pilot episode and I was wondering if there are any stories where John dies in the fire as well and Dean and Sam end up being adopted. They live a normal life and then Azazel tracks them down, basically everything happening but them not knowing how to deal with all the demon stuff but managing to wing their way through it. Maybe they meet Bobby or another hunter? Please no wincest though. Thanks in advance!

04 December 2010 @ 12:08 pm

I read this, either here or on, but I can't find it now. And it makes me upset, because I -know- I saved it. Blarg. Anyway, it's a....... )

EDIT: I do apologize for the "Lucivar" instead of "Lucifer"... we have a cat named Lucivar. It was habit. Sorry. >^.^<
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01 December 2010 @ 10:35 pm

This community is making me want to read stories that of course I can't seem to find.

Dean is stubborn and doesn't believe he turned a male incubus in the form of his fantasy human. He is also saying he isn't gay, until he finally gives up and keeps having sex, embarassing Sam and John with scenes.

The incubus turned human eventually goes back to his female 'owner' who used him for sex and gives back everything he owns and goes back to Dean.

Fic found: link in comments

Does it ring a bell to anyone?

I would love to read it again.

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28 November 2010 @ 11:27 pm
Hey there, 

        Because of the reture of the Supernatural, now I am really craved for Sammy--centric-fic (Yeah, I am definetly a sam-girl...)

        1) Is there any Sam being lured to the dark side? Like from being good and then is forced/lured/druged by demon/devil to the dark side? Really like to see demons and the devil want Sam so bad that they try to make Sammy theirs...*blush* and of course at the end of the day, Dean go and save Sam.

        2) Is there any fic that Dean went to the dark side (I don't care if he tured to vamps/werewolf or demon) instead of Sam, and the dark/demon Dean want his Sammy back and be with him (force/torture/turn Sam) I have already read the "stranger verse", it's really nice and long and most importantly it's a bottom Sammy one. 

        3) Is there any fic that Cass has a thing to Sam and is protective to Sam and also wants Sam?  Also, bottom Sammy please...
        And last request, I would really love to read long story, so I'd prefer epic story or story which has 5000 words above, but, anyway, I'm pretty much will accept anything that fits those three requirements as long as it's a bottom Sammy.

18 November 2010 @ 10:41 pm

I'm hoping somebody can help me. I've been looking everywhere and had no luck. :( 

1. Any John/YED?
2. Dean/Hendrickson with a sub/dom vibe. I swear I read something like this a few weeks back but can't find it again.
3. Any Bobby/crowley but no non-con