Pretty much what it says in the title c;
Thanks in advance to anyone who can find this fic for me! :)

other info:

> cas was tortured by leviathans that made themselves look like dean

> cas thought dean was a leviathan when he first saw him

> he threatened him with a knife until dean convinced him that he was himself

> dean got into the building easy because every leviathan thought he was just disguised as dean to torture cas

> i think dean hasn't told bobby or sam that he went to kill roman

And that's all i know sorry ^_^
27 February 2013 @ 04:58 pm
So, I really loved the Leviathan -- I thought they were some of the best fictional antagonists I've ever seen (Dick Roman in particular). I'm looking for anything and everything about them -- Purgatory!fic would be awesome, as would be some nice angsty/dubcon Levi!stiel/Dean, but seriously, anything is good.

(Mods, there doesn't seem to be a creature: leviathan or character: dick roman tag, so I'm leaving it at creature: not human, and seasons 7 & 8.)