05 August 2017 @ 01:36 pm
I'm looking for a story, I think it was eventually Destiel, where a young Omega Dean is kicked out/abandoned/or dumped by his pack/John, and found/taken in by Castiel and his pack. I'm 99% sure it was a Werewolf AU, and that Dean was an Omega, or possibly a sub? I remember Cas found him outside in the snow or something, badly injured? I think John had beaten him before abandoning him. I remember a scene where Cas brought Dean to someone to be healed, possibly Ellen? I'm pretty sure Dean was a teenager at the start of the story, and that Cas was the alpha of a large pack. It was quite a long story, possibly still a WIP, and I think it was on AO3. Thanks!
The story I'm looking for had Chuck as God returning to heaven and deciding he needed more Archangels. He asks the Winchester, as well as Ellen and Bobby, I think, to become the new Archangels. I remember one of their wings being described as a vivid red.
Hello, comm. I'm looking for recommendations for stories that pair up Dean Smith (from "It's A Terrible Life") with Jimmy Novak. I ran across a mention of this pairing on a tumblr post that didn't have any links (or tags, or follow-up... very frustrating!) and am intrigued. Can anyone hook me up?

I'm also interested in fics that expand on the Smith family background (possibly as an AU) in that episode, with Bobby & Ellen as Dean's parents and Jo as his sister. Stories that detail that welcome, regardless of pairing. (There don't seem to be tags of Jo or Bobby/Ellen, or I would have used them.)
16 January 2017 @ 02:30 pm
I remember reading this fic awhile back, and now I'm looking for it again so I can read it and actually bookmark so I can finish it. I think it was a one-shot, but I remeber that Sam and Dean were in Ellen's bar, and arguing. When they were arguing Dean outs Sam in front of everyone, and the people at the bar didn't care, but rather were mad at Dean for outing Sam in front of everyone.

I would lve to find this fic again. Thanx in advance.
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Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I remember reading a while back - it was destiel endgame, I believe, with Dean as a child in the foster care system and Castiel working to adopt him. I'm pretty sure Castiel was a professor, and at some point Dean went to watch him give a lecture. It was a dark fic, with Dean as a child/teenager and Castiel was an adult and Castiel essentially manipulating him into doing what he wants. I'm pretty sure prior to Castiel Dean lived with Ellen and Jo, and I think Gabriel was involved with the foster agency or something and was trying to help find Dean a family. I thought the fic was called Compass Antiphone, or something like that, and I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3, but I can't find anything by that name or description on there anymore. Any help would be appreciated!
12 August 2015 @ 10:05 pm
Don't remember all the details, but there's a specific scene where Sam wakes up to tension in the front seat after a hunt and realizes that his brother is willing to let him pretend to continue sleeping to not be involved in it. But he stretches and wakes up so one of the three in the front could move and Jo gets out to sit in the back while Ellen sits angrily in the front.

Other things I remember: Jo joins them for a hunt against her mother's wishes. Sam is sick and Dean keeps forcing him to take medicine that makes him sleepy and is generally protective.
10 May 2015 @ 08:18 pm
Are there any fics where Henry Winchester goes to a different point in the supernatural timeline or an alternate version of Supernatural

Any fics where Sam and Dean get to a chance to know their grandparents whether that's Henry surviving in their timeline or they get to know a different grandparent(s)

Anything where the boys' kids get to know John, Mary, Bobby, or Ellen as their grandparents.

Help would be much appreciated.
(mods, I hope this is ok. I know a bunch of folks have asked/searched for this story)

[livejournal.com profile] saraid has reposted her amazing story "Into my Head," which a lot of folks have searched for.

Summary: "Child Services caseworker Sam St. John moved from San Antonio, Tx, to Galveston, searching for a more gay-friendly environment. He never expected to meet Dean Winchester and his family, who run a horse ranch and riding stable on the island. They welcome him with open arms and Sam can't help falling for the silent green-eyed man.
Notes: Dean and Sam's biological relationship is undetermined and will remain so."

05 November 2014 @ 08:23 pm
Hello Everyone,

So I'm a fast reader, and a very picky reader at that so I tend to go through story as fast as it takes someone to breath (clearly an exaggeration), anyhow I really want to read some lengthy and well written Destiel (A short fic for me has around 10K to 15k words). Please warn me if it's a bottom/sub Dean I'm not fond of it but this will not stop me from reading a great story. I don't read gender swaps unless it's temporarily, no prostitute/stripper Dean, and absolutely no pregnant Dean (pregnant Cas fics are very much encouraged).

I don't like to permanently hurt Dean, Sam or Cas so no blind, or deaf fics. Fics where any one of them are mute is surprisingly fine with me. I honestly don't care who Sam ends up with, although I have some favorite (Sabriel, Sam/Ruby Sam/Jess, Sam/Sarah). Two characters I can never get enough of are Gabriel and Lucifer. I love them both, especially when Lucifer is not completely evil. Please tell me if angst because those I read when I'm in a certain mood and I LOVE humor fics, emphasis on the love.

I just notice how demanding I am. Thank you some much for helping me out.

Edited: Self recs are okay and just wanted to say I absolutely love Charlie, so anything that has her in it I'm going to love.
26 October 2014 @ 07:41 pm
I recently read 300 and They'll Be Peace and am looking for any other AU fics where Dean raises Sam. Whether John died, abandoned them, or was abusive, it's all good. Dean taking in Adam as well would be a plus, as would be fics that include Bobby or Ellen.

No wincest, please. As far as pairings go, I'm partial to Dean/Cas or would be cool with gen.
23 October 2014 @ 02:22 pm
I've recently re-read reading's Strangers and Angels which is an Au where this lovely lady named Jo helps the boys out and eventually she and her family become like a second family to the boys. SO... I'm looking for fics where someone takes care of the boys.  Can be Bobby, Jody, Ellen, OC doesn't matter as long as someone is taking care of them.

  • Bonus points if you include feedding them up with wonderful homestyle meals

01 September 2014 @ 10:19 am
I have been searching so long for that I even can not read any thing becouse of that so i wish you guys could really help me hhhhh English is not my first language so it is my bad >>

1- there is a fic i read a few months ago and i really wanted it so bad coz i can not find it any more sam and dean was going to alline and go and dean was sick have a headach but he did not tell sam then the impala broke down and it was raining badly but they walk to the road house there dean get more sick and he puked his breakfast but he did not tell any one then he falls extreamly sick he had Gallbladder it was about to explode and there was no doctor and i rememper that sam had to make him a surgey by his own with the help of an so old doctor and go was not there the whole fic just elline

2- i want a sick dean fic not pre series or young or wee pls and i read only gen
and not just dean being sick but hides that or denay it and all that with gelty sam it will be so good if all that was in the same fic pls
excuse me the tags is a mess iam new here so have some mercy pls hhhhhhhh
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14 August 2014 @ 01:02 pm
Good afternoon all!! Spoilers for Season 2 (not sure if this is needed)


I've decided to re-watch Supernatural from the very beginning (wow are they young!) and I'm now looking for a story I read years ago, or anything like it. It's at the end of What Is and What Should Never Be, everything is cannon, except Dean doesn't wake up when he stabs himself, he stays in the dream world. He reconnects with the roadhouse and continues hunting.

Please no wincest.

Thank you.
10 July 2014 @ 08:21 am
I'm looking for a story I read a while ago, an au wip where Mary lives, Dean is kind of a screw up, Sam is in high school and dating Jess. There is a car accident and Dean is forced to accept responsibility for Sam. I remember that ellen and Bobby are in the story. I can't find it any where! Any help would appreciated! Thanks!
Looking for specific fic with mpreg!Sam and Dean at the roadhouse, Dean planning surprise birthday party for Sam

Surprise )

I can remember the details, but still my google skills fail me. I thought I had it bookmarked, but either I didn't or it was lost. There may have been a sequel or was the first of a verse, unless I'm confusing this with another fic, but I'm sure about all the other facts. Help!!!

Found in comments.
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10 June 2014 @ 06:31 pm
I never finished it and can't find the bookmark! John left the boys on their own as children for several months. They survived OK, Dean hooked for money, and then Sam was attacked by vampires and that's when they finally called for help and went to live with Jo and Ellen. Appreciate any help, thanks!
I am looking for a specific fic - I really hope that someone can help me! Here is what I can remember:

Sam & Dean are left in a motel room by John while he is off hunting. John does not return. They have to leave the hotel because they have no money. Dean is too worried to call anyone for help. Sam is maybe 10 or 11 and Dean about 15. I seem to remember they had the Impala. Dean ended up prostituting himself for money so they could eat, etc. He didn't look for it on purpose but wasn't able to hustle pool or something and was desperate and someone comes up and offers him money for a blowjob.

Dean is with a guy who is paying him to have sex. They are parked near the woods. Dean tells Sam to go for a walk because he doesn't want Sam to see this happen. But Dean knows as usual that Sam won't go far, only out of sight. But when it's over and Dean calls for Sam he is nowhere to be found. Dean is distraught. Not knowing what to do he goes into town for help and ends up hearing about people going missing in those woods. Following clues he finds out that there are vampires in the woods. He goes back to the woods (of course) to rescue Sam.

Dean ends up finally calling Bobby and admitting what happened. They end up - I think - living at the Roadhouse with Ellen. Years later they find out that John is alive. That he thought the demon was getting close and so he purposely abandoned the boys thinking it was for the best. Obviously Sam and Dean are very pissed off to find this out and really angry with John but they end up hunting together again.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really hope someone is able to help me find this story!

Thank you in advance!
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20 May 2014 @ 10:36 pm
I actually found this fic on this site while I was looking for something else. I swore I bookmarked it but now I cant find it.

Sam went to a witch I guess to find a way to save Dan. She says she'll help but he ha to give something up. He walks through a mirror and into a world where he finds that he and Dean aren't brothers. Dean and Jo are siblings and Sam is at Stanford where he has burn scars from trying to save Jess. He finds out that a demon (Meg) is after him and teams up with Dean(they end up in a relationship)_ . She catches up with them and several people end up dying including Jo, Ash, and Sam. Dean ends up going to the same witch and he has to give something up too. He and Sam end up brothers again.  I could go on but I'm hoping someone knows what I'm talking about. Thanks for your help!
13 May 2014 @ 09:29 pm
I'm looking for
1.Stories where Bobby and Ellen raised Dean and Sam
    a.  Or where they spend time with Bobby Ellen and Jo as a family
2.Long plotty non-wincest dean goes to Stanford fics
3.Anything that features Jo as a little sister.

Non-wincest is preferred but, as always, if you think it's worth reading rec it anyway and I'll give it a go.
Please and Thank You,
11 May 2014 @ 04:48 pm
I would really like to read stories where one character calls another "Little One". It can be between lovers (Cas to Dean, Gabe to Sam, Dean to Sam), between family (John to Dean, or Dean to Sam) or in a playtonic situation (example: Bobby or Ellen to one of the boys, an angel to one of the boys) like Michael to Dean in OTP_Destiel's Unexpected Destinies. I am really open to any situation, any or no pairing. I just want a character being called "Little One". Thanks for any you can find.
26 February 2014 @ 07:21 pm
Okay I'm having trouble finding a specific fic where God sends Dean and Sam and a whole lot of others to the HP world for a vacation. Before the levianthans. It had Bobby and Ellen as well as Jimmy Novak as adults with Dean, Sam, Adam and all the angels with some of the demons as kids. I remember that Dean is mad that Sam was in Slytherin with Lucifer and Crowley as well as Adam being a Hufflepuff (I think) with Michael. Also there was teasing about Dean/Cas. Any help would be appreciated I read it before and have been looking all over for it to read again. Thanks!!
22 January 2014 @ 09:34 pm
This is preseries, Mary is alive(ish). Mary, John, Sam and maybe Jess? Get into a car accident. Sam is the only one that lives and he is a minor. Dean becomes his guardian, but they aren't close. I think they're were a lot of characters in it Ellen for sure,maybe Bobby. Last I saw it was incomplete. Any help would appreciated!
20 December 2013 @ 10:24 pm
Looking for a story in which Ellen and Jo survive Carthage. I have a vague feeling the story I'm thinking of had an additional person present, and Sam going to get the car...? But it's very vague, so just -- anything where Ellen and Jo survive.
Hi, I'm looking for this story where Dean and Cas are boyfriends. Dean's a musician touring with his band and Castiel has heart problems that keep him at home. Dean sleeps around when on tour and Cas is aware. Dean comes back home from touring and sleeps with someone in their town so Castiel tells him that he puts up with Dean sleeping around when on tour but not when he's home.

Cas is really, really sick, has to have an oxygen tank with him at all times. I'm not sure but I think maybe Bobby was Cas' dad? (Not sure about the last bit).

I do remember that Sam and Jo are the same age and Dean and Cas go to their HS graduation. Also, I think Jo might be Cas' sister (?)

Thanks for the help, guys!
What I can remember is dean and Sam are rescued from demons by Bobby, Jo, and Ellen. Sam is catatonic and dean is mute and doesn't recognize bobby, Ellen, or Jo. I remember Ellen and bobby trying to give dean a bath while Jo watches over Sam.

I can't find this fic again and it's driving me nuts! Any help is appreciated!
01 October 2013 @ 09:50 pm
I really should know what this fic is called. I had it on my ipod before as a pdf and forgot to save it...
Read more... )
Anyways! I remeber a lot of it. It's an au where dean and sam are brothers but bobby and ellen are their (adoptive) parents. Some months ago dean had been kidnapped and the fic starts with the police finding him.

It wad Alistair who had kidnapped him and abused him. Whenever he didn't use Dean, Dean was kept in a completely dark room. When the police came he just screamed these animalistic screams and at the hospital he doesn't remember Sam. He is very afraid of everthing and everyone and he doesn't talk just makes these sounds.

Cas is lika a psychiatrist and he is the only one who manages to calm dean down. They take dean to Cas' workplace, where dean is admitted as a patient.

Cas has a twin,Misha who also works there. In the end cas and dean are together.
Lots of random stuff:

1. Stories about Mary and John from around the time Dean was born to around the time Sam was born.

2. Pre-series stories from John's POV (or Mary's if it's an AU) about the kids, specifically Dean. I'm looking for fics about more when they were kids than right before the Pilot.

3. I lost the majority of my bookmarks for Sam/Jess/Dean. I've found a lot of them at this point, but I figure this way I'll either find the ones I'm missing or I'll get new ones, so any Sam/Jess/Dean you have. I've gone through the tags here so if you've recced it before I've probably seen it, but feel free to do so again.

4. Any good a/b/o verses? Specifically Cas/Dean but I'm open to any/all pairings. (I've probably come across all the Cas/Dean ones on A03 at this point, but feel free to rec them just in case I missed it.)

5. And I'm looking for any of the following rare!pairs:

Bobby/Rufus/Ellen, Bobby/Rufus, Rufus/Ellen
Sam/Sarah, Sam/Sarah/Jess
Claire/Krissy/Josephine, Krissy/Josephine
Kevin/any of the 2nd generation kids (Lucas, Michael, Ben, Claire, Jesse, Krissy, Josephine, etc), Kevin/Channing
Jo/Anna, Jo/Anna/Ruby
Cas/Ruby - though I'd much rather fics that focus on friendships between them (with, say, Destiel and Sam/Ruby background), I'd be open to ones that are more than friendship

oh and 6. Inception crossovers/fusions?

I'll take any cis-swaps, self-recs, etc.

Thank you so much!!! (And sorry for the long and not really connected list!)
06 September 2013 @ 08:40 pm

Hey guy does anyone know the name of the story that was set sometime in season 2. Sam and Dean show up at the roadhouse after a bad hurt. Jo doesn't really trust sam, however he is really really sick and Dean is realy hurt but is still trying to take care of his brother. I can't for the life of me remember the name of this story. I remember Ellen is the one that is mainly taking care of sam while Dean is out of it. However something happens and Jo has to sit with him

03 September 2013 @ 02:10 pm
A while back ago I found a fic where Dean was in highschool, and I'm going to assume that in the later chapters, it reveals that Castiel is, too. At first, Dean explains that Sam (who is currently out of the picture) is "coming home" from somewhere, and hints that he may have been sick or have had mental problems in the past. He then later talks about how Sam always insists that he go to school and get a decent education (possibly because he isn't getting one himself due to his poor health and constant need of medical attention?). Dean is just about to go to his school, remembering that Sam is in fact coming home today, and he'll be upset if he sees that Dean has yet to leave. But just as he's walking out of the doorway, Sam shows up. Dean gives him a small tour of the house, explaining that it's Bobby's, and that John has yet to show up. After school, Dean heads to a bar where Ellen works, gets drunk, and starts to make his way back home. He's confronted by Crowley and Gabriel (highschoolers, I suspect), and is attacked. Castiel comes to the rescue, and brings Dean home. End first chapter.
All of the characters that show up in this one chapter are:
Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley, Gabriel, Ellen, and Jo, with mention of John, Bobby, and possibly Mary.
S8 season arc spoilers )

3. Any character study pieces on Abaddon or Naomi or Linda Tran? (Or if the fics have a lot to do with one or all of them.) *

4. Also, I'm always looking for good Dean/Cassie and Bobby/Rufus or Bobby/Rufus/Ellen or Rufus/Ellen if you have any of those.

Thanks! Self-recs and cis-swaps always welcomed.

(*Mods: There's no character tags for either of them.)
I once read a John/Dean story, and I can't remember the name of the author, but I believe the story was called Feral. John is bitten and turned into a feral, and leaves Dean before feral instincts overwhelm him and he takes Dean as his mate. Sam is at Stanford, and Dean doesn't want to be alone, so he goes to the pack and asks to be turned as well, and voluntarily becomes John's mate. The story's main focus is John's pack stopping another pack of "bad guy" ferals who are turning humans against their will. Near the end, both Sam and Jessica join the story as well.

All I can remember about the John/Ellen story is John is brought back from the dead to help the boys break Dean's crossroads deal, and he does it by helping Sam remember some crucial detail from their childhood. While trying to find his sons, John and Ellen don't exactly fall in love, but they do acknowledge and act on their mutual affection/attraction. There was also an OMC, an African-American named David who turns out to be immortal. Bobby was also in the story -- he's the one who reveals David's supernatural, because he saw the man fall off a cliff to his death once.

Any help finding these stories would be much appreciated.
15 July 2013 @ 08:03 pm
Hi I'm looking for a story I read awhile ago, in it Sam was kidnapped and sold as a plaything or slave, and he escapes/is rescued and is taken in by Ellen and Jo and raised as part of their family.

I remember that Sam was really traumatized and it took Ellen a really long time to get him to adjust and feel safe with them. I also remember that when Dean finds Sam, Sam believes that Dean and John were responsible for selling him (-I think John might've planned something behind Dean's back), and that was why Sam didn't want to go home.

I'm also looking for any other good stories where Sam is Kidnapped/Tortured/Sold into slavery for years and finally gets free and has to re-adjust to living with his family again, and his family learning to cope with having him back in their lives.

Thanks in advance
Hello, I've been re-watching "My heart will go on" and I was wondering if there were any AU fic, preferably long fics or verse, where Ellen and Jo are still alive and Bobby married to Ellen? Of course our boys definitly need to be in the story and I prefer gen, but will check anything that you guys can rec me. Thanks a lot
08 March 2013 @ 06:48 pm
Specific fic:
A) Dean was in Hell and he was tortured by Alastair who then took a Hellhound that was once John Winchester and forces Dean to be bred by the Hellhounds.Details... )
I found the link for this one! It's here.

B) Dean was hit by a spell intended for Sam when Sam came across a witch that he was intimate with during his time as Robo!Sam. The spell was designed to expel the soul for a day or so. Dean collapses when he takes the spell and Sam brings him back to the motel. Castiel is called and he notices a young boy in the room but does not comment and asks Sam what happened. As Sam explains Castiel concludes that the young boy is Dean. Castiel tells Sam that Dean is there with them and that he will most likely go back into his body once the spell has run it's course. There are wings in this fic.
Found! Here it is! [x]

C) Sam and Dean are turned into Gargoyles because John went after a nest of Gargoyles who turned out not to be not something evil. John leaves the boys at Pastor Jim's because he cannot bring himself to separate supernatural and evil.
Found in the comments below! [x]

General fics:
1) Where Missouri interacts with the boys, Dean especially. I would like to read fics where she has a role in the fic.

2)  The same as (1) but with Ellen Harvelle.

3) Where Dean gets turned into a Canine (not wolf). The curse that can be permanent or temporary. He could also be a skinwalker.

4) Crossovers with My Bloody Valentine (2009)

Gen or slash is fine.
Destiel is preferred. Let me know if it Wincest.

Thanks in advance!
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07 February 2013 @ 02:18 pm
Okay, the fics I’m looking for were the first two SPN Slash fic I ever read so … They’re old and I don’t remember a whole lot …

What I remember: ~ FOUND
John was not Sam or Dean’s father.

Sam and Dean were brothers or half-brothers.

Dean was on the run and looking for Sam who I think was hiding from demons.

John was on a hunt at a school where he met Dean. He ended up spanking Dean over a desk with a rule because he got in the way of a hunt.

There was a daddy kink going on between Dean and John.

John kept trying to put Dean on a bus but then kept finding him again, he just couldn’t seem to get away from Dean, every time he turned around Dean was there.

He found Dean blowing a guy in a bathroom stall and then gave Dean a cell phone with a GPS so he could keep track of him.

At some point, Dean was captured by two men who tied him up and planned on burning him to death because they thought he was evil because he was connected with Sam.

This second story was around the same time … What I remember: ~ FOUND

Dean and John were into BDSM; they were father and son but were not having sex with one another.

They meet Sam at the roadhouse where he’s working. Jo tells Dean that Sam’s into fantasy rape and that he wants John and Dean both.

When they corner Sam in their room they find out Jo was fucking with all of them and trying to hurt Sam. Ellen gives her money and kicks her out but Sam ends up as a slave for both John and Dean.

I think Sam had been raped by another man at some point and John and Dean end up fighting because Dean doesn’t feel he gets enough time with Sam.

At one point John says he and Sam are on their honeymoon and Dean and he tie Sam up when they travel from one place to another and maybe put him in a box or in the truck because he’s all stiff and in pain afterwards. So John and Dean baby him and massage his muscles.

Ellen is extremely protective of Sam.

Thank you for any help ^_^
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22 January 2013 @ 02:07 pm
So I'm reading (and loving) Dreamlittleyo's "Fall on Yesterday's Heart" series (John/Jo, Sam/Dean, time-travel) and would love to read similar fics (that is, John/Jo or John/Ellen with young!Sam+Dean). 

Seriously, though, I'll take any well-written:

1) John/Ellen or John/Jo 
2) John+Ellen and John+Jo (gen)
3) John(/+)Ellen raising their kids together 

And if it's out there: 

4) John/Bill Harvelle 
5) Sam/Dean/Jo (no pwp's) 

Bonus x100 if Sam and Dean are prominent features in the stories. 

Thanks in advance!
I'm looking for two specific fics:

1. Tricksters from different mythologies and Kali gather to perform a spell to bring Gabriel back to life. Each has to give up something, and Castiel becomes a part of it and is tricked into giving up (his wings?) because he thinks it's the only way to save Dean (who was poisoned?) I think this may have been Gabriel/Sam and Cas/Dean but it may have been gen. I'm pretty sure the big push came from the original trickster (I forgot which name was used) and Kali. (I did check the Gabriel/Kali tag at a03 but no dice.)

----> Found: Blood Is Freedom's Stain by littlehollyleaf.

2. This was actually a series. I don't remember which season it got to (it may have been when Dean asking Cas to step down from opening up purgatory//Cas opens purgatory) but suddenly the story is back to when Dean is talking to a dead Sam after being stabbed in S2, before he made the deal. Cas, who I believe is in a different vessel, says none of that has happened yet and Dean could stop it from happening if he let Sam go now, and he does. I think the fic ends with him stopping/helping to stop Jake from opening the door to Hell. In another story in the series, he runs into Cas, who was bumped down and is now a cupid (yes, naked) and I believe can't remember why he's been bumped down. He was tasked with shooting Dean and Bela (so that when Bela goes down to hell in a few months he'll offer up his soul to save her) but refuses. Definitely read it on A03, though it could have been posted elsewhere too. 

-----> Found: Moebius Series by unadrift
    -- I ended up coming across it so for anyone who was curious.

Two gen requests:

1. Does anybody have Zachariah/anyone? Seriously, anyone. I've only found one Zach/Dean drabble, so you can definitely assume I have not read it if you have a rec. Even if it's marked pre-slash that will work.

ETA: Just to clarify I mean Zachariah shipped with anyone, not a story that has Zach and shipping in it. Thanks :)

2. Any fics that have Rufus/Ellen/Bobby (or Rufus/Ellen, or Rufus/Bobby). This can be slash or gen, but I need Rufus in it (so no Bobby/Ellen unless Rufus is a a major factor in the story/their relationship.)

Thank you! Self-recs for the two general requests are always open. You all are wonderful!

(Mods: there's no character tag for Zachariah. Or any of the pairings I asked about in the gen requests but not sure how much any of these comes up as tags so...anyway thanks!)

Specific fic! I can't remember the title but the Winchesters were working together, Papa John was there too, and they had managed to gank the witch I think but she managed to cast a curse on Dean. He woke up the next day the splitting image of his mother and Sam was the one there with him, John was out when the curse struck. 
So Sam freaks out about the lady in the room while Dean doesn't get it until Sam points it out that he's a chick. Dean goes into the bathroom and stays there for loner than usual, silent.
Later John comes in, sees Dean and after an attempt can't ignore how much it just hurts to even look at Dean before he leaves. Dean is crushed, becomes mute and sinks onto the floor because he was the reason why John left. Sam holds him in comfort and Dean still doesn't make a sound when he is shifted back.
The curse was that silence was payment I think....

Found it was! Found it was!! In the first comment below! (screwed up some of the details though...)

A few general requests:
1) Are there stories where Dean is cursed to become female or look like his mother that does not end in Wincest? 
- Dean can remain as a woman or he changes back to manly Dean!
2) Dean was born a woman and gets pregnant (Not through the Winchester men please)
- Dean can choose to keep the baby, give it to someone else or suffer a miscarriage leading to angst
3) Are there any fics that have parental!Ellen towards Dean?
4) Mermaid/merman Dean?
5) Feral Dean

No Wincest please... Or if it is really good (as in disturbing or just plain good), give me a heads up please.
Destiel, Debriel & Dean/omc is a-okay with me!

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Hey y'all! I'm trying to find a story I read a few months back that I cannot find for the life of me. It was a non-supernatural AU wherein Dean was a social worker and Cas was a doctor and his best friend; the two of them went out to Bobby's (ranch?) for Sam's wedding to Ruby. Sam'd had a lot of problems with drugs in the past and Dean disliked Ruby because he felt she perpetuated the problem. Ellen and Jo were around too, as I recall. It was absolutely excellent and I cannot remember who wrote it or what it was called, and my searching has proved thus far fruitless. Any of you know what I'm talking about?

Thank you so much!
02 December 2012 @ 09:35 am
I remember reading a story where John Winchester was somehow brought back from the dead, because only he could help Sam figure out how to save Dean from his crossroads deal.

I remember the story had a heaping of John/Ellen slash, and an African-American immortal named David as an OMC.

Anyone heard of this?
23 November 2012 @ 09:36 pm
I have 3 specific stories I am looking for right now.

1. Bobby wins a tropical vacation (maybe to Hawaii) and takes Sam and Dean with him. They end up finding some sort of hunt. Or any story where the Boys go outside the continental US, if this one can't be found.

2. Dean is brought back from Hell and eventually turns into a demon, soon after he becomes a demon, he and Sam kill Lilith together and break the final seal. Shortly thereafter, Sam is turned into a vampire... and I don't know what happens next. Failing that, I'd live to see any stories where demon!Dean helps Sam hunt Lilith.

3. At the end of 6.17, things are only partially put back. Ellen and Jo are still alive, but the Titanic sank. Castiel is no longer working with Crowley, and he has to give the boys the Impala back.
05 November 2012 @ 10:22 am
I'm looking for a story where Sam disappeared or ran away years ago and Dean has been searching for him. Dean ends up at the Roadhouse and finds that Sam has been adopted by Ellen and has been living there for a while. He also finds out the reason Sam disappeared was because John sold him to some demons. I'm pretty sure the story was on LJ and that it was multiple chapters. May have been a big bang fic.

Worth Saving by [livejournal.com profile] wolfish_willow
22 October 2012 @ 01:33 pm
I've looked on Google and delicious and can't find this. From what I remember Sam and Dean had split up in a small town. Dean finds out that the town knows about whatever the monster is and have been sacrificing kids to it. They want Dean to leave and not kill the monster. They wind up beating Dean really badly in a parking lot.
Other things I remember - Sam has to climb a tree at some point to get cell reception. Bobby and Ellen both come to the hospital. The title is some other language (I think it might be a quote or line from Lord of the Rings).
Thanks so much for any help.
02 October 2012 @ 10:09 pm
Hey guys, 
              I'm looking for a few things.  
1.  ANY fics at all featuring Jo Harvelle and Mark Campbell together and all that you can that looks at either of these characters (Don't ask why it's weird and complicated).  

2.   Good!Ruby fics.  (Self explanatory)

3.  Fics with the Bobby/Ellen pairing.  

4.  Gabriel/Kali.  They don't have to be the focus but I'd love to read anything with them in it.  :D

Prefer Domestic or case fics but will take anything you got!
Thanks Guys!  I have faith in you,
`                                                Azzy
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I am looking for a specific series of stories that are told from Jo's POV. It starts with the Winchester boys and Jo growing up together, and everyone knows about hunting, but Jo never becomes a hunter in the fic. I believe Mary survived, as did Jo's dad, and John was the one who died. Dean is characterized as very dark and abusive in this story. Eventually, Jo and Ellen break away from the Winchesters and there is a lot of bad blood between them.

Some scenes I remember: one of them playing by the river as children; Jo working at a gas station; Jo in a horse stall nearly getting crushed by the horse. There is also an encounter toward the end between the three of them where Jo is working as a caretaker for some horses and Sam brings Dean to her for help because Dean is hurt.

09 July 2012 @ 04:46 pm
Where Dean is taking care of deaged(?) Sam, or so he thinks.  In reality, Dean is in a mental institution with Bobby and Ellen are watching him converse with imaginary Sam.  Bobby says that Sam gave Dean this altered reality in order to keep Dean out of his way.

Anyone know the name and author of this story?

07 July 2012 @ 04:27 pm

I'm trying to find a fic I read a few months ago. Sam and Dean kill the Winter Gods and get turned into Pagan gods of Summer. They become symbols of fertility and I believe they both sleep with Ellen and give her a son. If anyone could help me find this that would be really greatly appreciated! Thanks ya'all!

25 May 2012 @ 07:44 pm
Mods: I'm not entirely sure of how to do this, specially because you don't have the tag I would be supposed to use? Please help me with that part :)

Hi :) 

I saw a post on tumblr recently with this description:

Supernatural | Everything we believed is a lie. None of it is real. There are no hunters, no angels, no reapers, no supernatural beings.We’re all mad here.

And I was wondering if maybe someone wrote a fanfiction along that? I'd really like to read something like that. I tried using Google but maybe the fact that I'm not sure what exactly to put on the search bar may have something to do with it. 

Pairings: All I ask is no Dean/Sam or Bobby/one of the brothers or castiel
Characters: Anna, Ash, Balthazar, Bobby, Castiel, Chuck, Crowley, Dean, Ellen, Gabriel/Trickster, Impala, Jo, Sam
27 April 2012 @ 10:25 am
My friend has just started watching Supernatural and I wanted to help recreate the fannish experience for her of watching the show as it aired and then reading fic and watching vids written around the same time. I am looking for fic and vid recs based on season - I have put together a place for people to list them by year (and I am adding my own recs - I am still working on Season 1). The main post on LJ is here: and the year by year posts are here.  Since I am hoping this will be a resource for any fan - not just my friend - any recs in any category and type is welcomed: gen, het, wincest, RPS, dark, happy, goofy, kinky etc.

I also have a similar master post on DW. Please feel free to link to either to help spread the word.

PS. Since pairing and/or character tags are required for posts to this community, I've added them. The list is not all inclusive so if you have a rec for a character or a paring that is *not* listed,  please do include it. Any rec is welcomed.