1. Any fics with Emma (from 7.13 Slice Girls)? I'm looking more for AUs (like a Destiel fic where Dean is raising Emma or Dean's with Lisa and Emma and Ben are half-siblings) but I'll take anything, such as Dean running into her in Purgatory or even codas to that episode or fics that go AU from that episode.

2. AUs that have Adam as Sam and Dean's half-brother. He doesn't have to be a major part of the story, but where one or both of the boys has a relationship with him. An excellent example would be A More Covalent Bond by 8sword

3. fics that focus on Charlie Bradbury-Dean friendships. An amazing example would be And Then We Wait by anglophileprussian

Self-recs always welcomed. My fave pairing is Destiel but I'll read any ship.

Thank you.

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