22 June 2017 @ 09:18 pm
I haven't read "The Shack" yet (it's in the mail!) but the trailer for the movie just about kills me. It seems so similar to how Dean reacted when Chuck revealed he was God in season 11, that anger, hurt, confusion, betrayal, and longing for support.

Are there any fics out there where this scene was played out more, by either Sam or Dean? I feel Dean especially feels betrayed and hurt because the disappointment from John has stuck with him more, thus the comment of "just another deadbeat dad." I would love to see God/Chuck sympathizing with the boys, explaining things, supporting them. The scene in the trailer for "The Shack" with the main character begging to know "where were you when I needed you? When she (his daughter) needed you?" And God (I assume it's a she in this film) replies "I never left you and I never left her" almost in tears? Would love to see something like that between Chuck/God and the boys, but especially Dean.

Any pairing is fine, any rating is fine. The longer the better but I'll take anything you can find! Amara focusing on Dean's pain more would be awesome too!
09 February 2017 @ 03:32 pm
1. Looking for any fic where Dean knows he always comes back or doesn't really care and constantly just gives himself up (which he does anyway, obviously), but leaning more towards Sam and Cas just getting plain angry or trying to plead with him to stop.

2. Or any fic where the angels/anyone find out how favored Dean is by God, with God actually getting angry when someone kills or hurts Dean.

(There's a Teen Wolf crossover that was massively long on Ao3 where the whole town, I'm pretty sure, finds out about the supernatural, and Dean dies during a fight, not caring because he knows he can't die at all and he comes back minutes later and if anyone knows that one that'd be awesome)
24 October 2016 @ 11:39 am
Just read sandymg's lovely The Winchester Gnostic Gospels: Faux Resurrection 12.2, which fills in some of the important "missing scenes" in this week's episode of Show.

So, The Winchester Gospels - is there a fanfic writer out there writing these? (other than Chuck) More than one writer? Any recs to fics using the idea of the Gospels (with or without Chuck) would be much appreciated. (Yes, I realize that all the fic is related to the Gospels in a general way.)
11 September 2016 @ 05:55 pm
So, I've been reading books about the history of Christianity - not because of Supernatural, they're for something else - but one of the topics that keeps popping up is the history of the god that is now most widely recognized as the God the major monotheistic religions.

Long story short, Capital G-God originally existed as Yahweh and he was part of a polytheistic pantheon like basically all deities of his time were. His role in that pantheon was as the god of war, something similar to the role of Aries in the Greek pantheon (which part of the reason why the Old Testament of the Bible is full of such violence - it was pretty much considered acceptable for gods of war to behave in such a violent, jealous, petty, capricious manner because there were other gods in the pantheon to balance them out). Over time, as monotheism evolved, people went 'Hey, we can't pray to a god of war about love, or for good crops, or other stuff that NOT WAR', so Yahweh evolved from being a specialty sort of god (war only) to a more generalist type of god (one who was involved in everything and, thus, could answer all prayers).

Are there any fics that deal with this at all? The idea is stuck in my brain now and I want to read about, but I've searched the 'god' character tag on multiple sites and haven't found anything. I'm willing to be open minded, but here's possible stuff I would be really, really, interested in reading:

1) God not as a benevolent being, but as Yahweh, god of war still.
(Maybe he faked good behavior long enough for monotheism to get off the ground and then went back to his warmongering ways? It would fit with what we've seen of the rest of the gods on the show. It would also explain why he can't be found - everybody's looking for the wrong kind of being.)

2) The transition from Yahweh, god of war to Capital G, benevolent and merciful Almighty.

I'm mostly interested in #1, though because I think it fits better with the show. However, I'm open to anything. If there's a Yahweh fic out there (or one that calls him Allah or Jehovah, it doesn't matter to me) I would like to read it.

Thank you for your recs. :)
1. Time travel that includes going to a previous season. (Would really like to see someone like Demon!Dean or Leviathan to go back)(Would like to include Lucifer if possible)(No Wincest)

2. Mpreg that doesn't include a/b/o (Would like paring to be Destiel or Sambriel but any paring apart from Wincest is acceptable)

3. A good long Chuck as God (Complete if possible)

4. The dead family, friends and enemies find out what's been going on in the land of the living and react to it.

5. If can be found, all the archangels help with the darkness.
25 May 2016 @ 12:22 pm
Are there any fics around where Becky finds out the truth about season 11 Chuck? Her reaction would be priceless.
06 November 2015 @ 04:11 pm
Does anyone know of any fics where Dean was either always God, or he was made into a God? I've only seen two or three fics in this genre but they were all either extremely out-of-character or Destiel, or both. I'd prefer gen or Wincest but will read pre-slash Destiel if it's good enough.
28 August 2015 @ 02:29 am
1. I really want some fic where Dean is God or made into God. I've already read The Holy Dean series by bunnymaccool and The Named series by RC_McLachlan.
Please no wincest Gen and Destiel are acceptable though Destiel is preferred. Thanks

2. I also want to read some HP/SPN crossover where there is John/Hermione romance. Thank you.

P.S If there is slash please tell me if there is bottom dean I'm not to fond of it but that will not stop me from readying the fanfiction. Thanks again.
11 March 2015 @ 07:29 pm

There were three fics that I read at various points in time and despite combing through my bookmarks, I can't seem to find them (probably because I have too many bookmarks...).

Anyway, the first was a Destiel fic alternate season 4/5 sorta deal. At some point, it's revealed that Dean is God or something of the sort and he has to seal the gates of heaven to stop the Apocalypse. There's a scene in the end where he's about to sacrifice himself and he's telling Cas to let all the angels know that he's closing the gates for good and whoever wants out of Heaven needs to go now. Cas figures out that he plans on dying to finish his mission and begs him to "let it go" (but i don't remember what 'it' was in this fic).

The second story is also Destiel, I think. Dean and Sam were hunting something in the beginning of the story and Dean's supposed to be protecting Grace (or something - I'm fuzzy on the details) and ends up swallowing it, thus gaining all sorts of powers and whatnot? That's all I really remember for that one.

The final one is Wincest non-con. Apparently the author wasn't a big Wincest fan but was tasked with writing a Wincest fic anyway and wrote one where Sam was possessed and rapes Dean. The story opens, I believe, with Sam handcuffed to the bed by Dean but he doesn't remember why or what happened. Dean's skittish and uncomfortable around Sam (as one would imagine) but still hunts with him. I think Sam figures out what he's done once he sees bruises on some part of Dean's body. I believe there also may have been a sequel? Pretty sure I read this one on ff.net. (And it's not the story where Sam and John were possessed and raped Dean as Hands and Fist under Dick Roman's control.)

16 November 2014 @ 09:42 pm
I'm doing a rec list for a friend of mine who's new to the wonders of Supernatural fandom. And I remembered this series of oneshots I read awhile ago. Basically, Gabriel came to help the Winchesters avert the apocalypse without Sam having to say yes. They backstabbed Lucifer (literally, I think) and Team Free will went to Chuck to celebrate. I think in part 12 or 13, Gabriel figured out that Chuck was God. And he was bugging Chuck so Chuck teleported him to the Antarctic. It was either gen or Destiel.

Sound familiar? Would love some help.
29 September 2014 @ 03:28 pm
so the fanfic im locking 4 starts with cas at a lagoon and dean coming over to him
i remember that cas thinks that dean is going to fight with him cause even though they r both angels they fight 4 different partys

like there are no humans but angels with just 1Wing (or wingpair)
and lucifer coruptet them and made them his army and gabriel (or maybe balthazar though that possibility is like 3%) took the other "lower angels" and banfrt them together and sam and dean are his generals and cas fights in michaels troops and they r fighting over who gets heaven

anyway dean is like in love with cas and is trying 2 court him but cas hasnt noticed that and is prepared 2 fight but dean just jokes with him

i also remember that cas wings r black or charcoal and gabriels r red
and that sam is together with gabriel and i think there is even a flashback gabriel has 2 a talk with god when he gave him a lolypop and started gabriels sweettooth

also its either a realy song fic or a series though i lean more towards series

anyway loocking 4 this has been driving me crazy cause it is a couple of years old at least 2 and ive been loocking 4 at least 6 months and google has let me down on this count (but i found some other cool stuff)

and i know Eve was not yet in the show but i cant remember if it lucifer was already trying 2 get sam 2 b his vessel and it was ignored or if he wasnt yet released so i dont know where in the cronicles it should b

im sorry if i didnt tag it right but i'm only confident in the things that i tageed and not in other stuff
Hi everyone!
I've been looking for this story everywhere, but I can't find it...
It starts at Stull Cemetery, Dean couldn't bear to lose either of his brothers, so he tried to convince Lucifer and Michael to stop fighting, and when they didn't, he jumped between them and got stabbed. Michael and Lucifer were horrified because they'd never wanted to hurt him. Then, there was a flash of white light, and everyone appeared (dead people like John, Mary, Jess and Gabriel included) and it turned out Dean was actually God's vessel. God talked to everyone about how Dean had been hurt and all that... That's all I remember, except that it was Destiel and Lucifer/Gabriel, I think.
Please help me, I'd love to read it again!
Thank you!
Basically I'm looking for fics where, say, God resets the world (though I'll take djinn/Godstiel/other monster reasons too) and it basically reads as a domestic fic where the Winchesters grew up as not hunters and one of them (starts to or always did) realizes the world isn't quite right, that it's not the original world.

ETA: I was reminded of stories that has them still as hunters and it being an AU from a place in canon (as opposed to a total re-set) and I meant those too! Thanks!

I'm mostly looking for Destiel but I'm open to gen and any pairing. Also open to cis-swaps and self-recs. Can be dark fics too.

Thank you!!
I'm looking for any fics of any length (though longer is better) where John Winchester is actually God. Any season, any pairings, any rating. While any viewpoint is fine, I would like to read some where The Boys find out (long after JW is dead). I'm not big on "they lived happily ever after and nothing ever went wrong for them again" fics, and I like at least some angst.

Some ideas:
1. John doesn't know he's God (supernatural amnesia kind of thing)
2. John finds out later (while still alive)
3. John doesn't know until after he dies
4. John doesn't know, but Mary does

I welcome any sort, as long as it is well written, though I'm not too keen on J^2/RP fics (unless it deals with the French Mistake).

I would also like to read some more fics where Sam's friends at Stanford or people the boys have saved in the past see/read/meet up with Sam and/or Dean after the FBI is on their trail, and how they react to the news that the boys are wanted.

This is my first time posting, though I have used spnsf quite a bit in the past.
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29 May 2013 @ 03:11 pm
1.I don't remember much of this fanfic, so bear with me xD

I remember it was Destiel, and really, really long.
For some reason Cas went missing, or someone took him.
Dean goes off to find him, and he ends up in a different universe, or somewhere in between.

To get him back Dean sacrifices himself, and makes a deal to never leave the in-between place.

In the end, though, I think it was unclear whether or not Cas was actually released.

2. The other fanfic is also Destiel. Dean and Cas settle down after everything is over.
One of the angels comes to collect Cas, because he has to receive punishment for the crimes he committed during the war.
I think God tells him that he won't see Dean for somewhere between 15-50 years, but it ends up being closer to 15.

They somehow have a son together, too.
20 May 2013 @ 10:24 pm
I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago and (stupidly) forgot to bookmark. It was set in Season 5 and involved Cas, Sam, and Dean finding a summoning spell for God. It required teamwork between an angel, human, and demon (Sam counted as the demon). Plot-wise, Cas and Dean had to have sex in order to make the spell work. God showed up and I honestly can't remember what happened after that.

Anyone know what this fic is?
29 April 2013 @ 06:57 pm
Looking for a story:) I've been searching and searching so hopefully you guys can help. So this is what I remember of it. It's a Dean/Sam. Something happens and all the monsters are gone from earth. Sam wants to try having a normal life with Dean. They buy a house, somewhat close to Bobby I think, and they buy stuff at an estate sale. They got doilies and china. Dean finds the basement filled with hunter stuff, a box with letters and a picture I think. Then Cas shows up and there's bbq at the neighbors and playing guitar hero. Everybody thinks the boys are together, only Dean is in the dark. Then he realizes that Sam wants more and prays to God for things to be normal and a monster shows up and kills him. But God reverses it and everything ends happy. Hope it sounds familiar. I can see the picture that came with it and everything but I can't remember the title or author. It's driving me crazy lol!

Found in comments!
22 April 2013 @ 09:52 pm
So I found this awesomely hilarious little fic where God turned the Archangels into dogs to teach them the meaning of brotherhood and teamwork, and now I crave more Archangel fic.

So, can anyone help me?

Something, anything about the four of them. I would prefer something set after the apocolypse saga, well, after season 6 idealy I suppose. Where God steps in and takes steps to deal with his four eldest angels. I don't mind transformation fics, deaged fics, anything at all that has the four of them dealing with their issues and becoming brothers again.

On that note, are there any deaged Gabriel fics floating around?

And lastly (promise), fics where God comes back and is actually devestated by what's happened, and how his abandoment of his children lead to their ill thought out plan for the apocolypse, how because of his apparent (or at least percieved) disinterest, he has now lost each of his Archangels, and most of the others. And he then sets about making it right, because I always thought it was a bit unfair that only Castiel got brought back to life. Where he sees the whole thing for what it was, a group of neglected children struggling to regain their fathers attention.
05 April 2013 @ 03:00 pm
I'm trying to find a Dean/Castiel fic I read on livejournal (I think). In it Cas has to take a female vessel who is dying, I believe of cancer, and has to fight Raphael. In the end Castiel dies and Metatron and God (in the shape of a little girl) show up and grant all of them wishes and all Dean wants is to be reunited with Cas.
06 January 2013 @ 01:59 am
I recently read a story and cannot remember either the author or the name. I believe God stops the apocalypse and tells dean that he is leaving earth. Either God decides or Dean makes him take all the supernatural creatures with him. And also bargains for Castiel to remain on earth as a human. At first Sam and Dean can't believe ll the creatures are gone. They wind up moving to a normal suburban neighborhood and into a former hunters house, maybe in Wyoming? Not totally sure about the state. Castiel finally finds them and he is human and becomes obsessed with microwave popcorn. Dean struggles to adjust to "normal" life, and his confusing/growing feelings about Sam. After much angsting Sam and Dean become a couple, and are in love. I can't remember how it ends.

I thanks everyone for their help with this. It's kind of driving me crazy.

Yeah it's found - Like a Fish Out of Water by nyxocity
15 December 2012 @ 11:52 am
Okay, since I'm sick and it sucks, I really need something worth reading. Like, really need something. So, here's what I'm looking for:

1. Sam is Lucifer. I've devoured all the "Dean is Michael" that I think currently exists, so I'm looking for the flip end of that, where when the cage opens, Sam/Lucifer gets his grace back or something.

2. Godstiel. As in, Cas-is-now-God-and-he-is-totally-awesome. I've read a couple where Dean is an angel, but I can't seem to recall which ones. I will take recs like that, but I'd like something else, as long as we have a God-Cas in it.

2.5 Speaking of God-Cas, what about one where he really is God? Heck, I'd like any fic where Cas isn't who he says he is. God, Lucifer, Michael, whoever! I'm not sure if God-Cas exists, but help would be liked.

3. I really really want something like where Gabriel has been in contact with Sam before the whole angel-thing. Not as in a trickster kinda thing, but one where Gabriel was helping Sam beforehand, and his angel-ness is revealed in some spectacular way.

Thank you guys for the help! Any pairing, rating, and server is fine, but I prefer not reading PWP. Thanks!
04 December 2012 @ 11:00 am
I am looking for a fic that I read awhile back. Dean died when he got between Lucifer and Michael. They all ascended to heaven, including Sam and Adam. In heaven they are reunited with their loved ones. Dean is God's vessel. I think it was Destial. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

28 November 2012 @ 08:45 am
I remember reading a story where the real God takes over Castiel and goes up to Heaven to fix things, and angels and the boys not liking God taking over Castiel. So they ban together to get Castiel back. I think Gabriel helped as well as Lucifer? But I could be mistaken on that.

Somebody help! Tell me I did not imagine this! I could of sworn I read something along these lines.
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26 November 2012 @ 04:25 pm
I'm looking for Kitty-Alex's story "Where God Sleeps". I have the summary below:
"After Lucifer rose, a war began between the grunts and the archangels along with one between the angels and the demons. Castiel is leading both and struggling to keep his forces up. Until Zachariah tells him that God walks on Earth and if Castiel hands him over, the war can be over. But what happens when God is in the form of someone Castiel cares deeply about?"

I already checked the deleted authors list here on SPN Story Finders, and it's a no-go so far.
I read this fic a while back, and loved it. So if anyone has a copy stashed away somewhere, that would make my week.
23 October 2012 @ 05:57 pm
I need some help, when do I not? LOL! 

Anyway I am looking for fics where Chuck is God. Where the boys don't know it then find out. 

I have already read Are You There Dean Winchester? It's Me...God. Some hilarious awesomeness right there. 

I love slash and really love Destiel and Sabriel but don't mind Wincest or other pairings. 

I prefer multiple chapters but I'll what I can get;)

Any help you guys can give me would be awesome:D THANKS!!
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18 July 2012 @ 12:08 pm
I read a story a while back it had to have been one of the first ones I ever read right after Thursday's Child but it took place S4 or S5 & it was Dean finding out that he was God.  He was ALWAYS GOD, the problem is he doesn't remember anything.  So Cas hides him away in a cabin in the woods & helps Dean unlock his inner GOD (like his outer God isn't perfect enough.)  Dean figures it out but keeps being Dean at the same time then gives Cas an upgrade so he's more powerful then all the other angels. I think there was Destiel because that was all I read at the time. I don't remember how it ends except their all at a cookout @ Bobby's & everyone but Dean & Cas forget that Dean is God.  I loved this story but never saved it because I'm an idiot.

This has been found & is in the comments. :)
03 May 2012 @ 09:14 pm
Hi! I need your help to find this story...
After the Apocalypse, God-Chuck asks the Winchesters to choose a reward for all the pain they suffered in those long years.
Dean asks for all their friends to come back to life: so Jessica, the Campbells, John&Mary, Jimmy Novack... everyone is back! Sam, instead, only wants for his brother to be finally happy.
There's a family dinner (a Christmas dinner?) and Sam confuses Jimmy with Cas. Dean asks him how he can swap Cas with Jimmy.
As Christmas' present Cas too is back and, with a remark made by Jess, Dean finally understands how much he loves the angel. Sam is shocked because he never saw it coming but, in the end, he sees the truth: he asked for Dean to be happy but, to be happy, Dean needed only Castiel.
So... does anyone know this fic?
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This one has been driving me bonkers and three days of searching has turned up squat.

It happens, I believe, sometime after Sam gets his soul back from hell and before Cas goes Godstiel. In lieu of that, the boys (Dean, Sam and Castiel) apparently find a piece of God's grace that Castiel had been planning to use as fuel in the war.
It begins with the boys fighting with another angel (Raphael I think) trying to steal the grace and Dean swallows it.

I don't remember if Bobby was there but it had either Balthasar or Gabriel, not sure which.

They all worry a lot since Dean is not supposed to be able to do that and he will eventually explode. Cas tryies to use his own grace (that he used originally to piece Dean together when bringin him back from hell) to keep the God grace in check.

Dean goes all righteous and goes to Heaven to act as bomb but has a heartfelt scene before where he says goodbye to (paralized and protesting) Sam and Castiel, where he gives Sam his jacket and Cas his ring. It's somewhat Dean/Cas, but nothing has happened between them and nothing did in the fic, unless he gave Cas a goodbye kiss, not sure there.

Dean goes exploedy and meets God/Chuck that tells him he´s going to ground Castiel for putting Dean higher than God, but that he's also proud of him and then he returns Dean unharmed to earth.

Anyone know this one?

It's : Are You There, Dean Winchester? It's Me... God
09 March 2012 @ 10:22 pm
I'm looking for a specific Dean/Cas fic. Its an AU were Angels live among humans. Gabe and Cas are living together when Cas gets fired from his job and they're afraid they wont make rent so Gabe convinces Cas to do Wing!Porn(literally its porn focused on angel wings for us humans with a wing!kink lol). Cas has a crush on Dean who he's never talked to in his life and Dean has a wing fetish and visits the wing porn site often. Dean falls in lust with Cas who he calls Silver cause his wings are 6 ft long and silver. Chuck works as a wing fluffer(fluffs up the wings, like a hair stylist) in Crowleys porn company. Anyways I read this fic like 3 weeks ago and have lost the link. Can someone PLEASE help me. 

09 March 2012 @ 04:17 pm
I'm looking for any stories that focus on Castiel and his family(Lucifer, Michel, Gabriel, Anna,etc)  being human it can be slash/angst/humor  anything.
Also looking for one  particular story where the demons Ruby and Crowley were also his siblings and they were having a family dinner and talking about Castiel's  relationship with Dean
Thank you!! you guys always rec the most AMAZING stories 
01 February 2012 @ 12:27 pm
1.) Let's see if I remember this correctly, it was Dean or Jensen who was a janitor, and at night he solved very difficult math problems on the board (basicly a SPN fic based on Good Will Hunting). Anyone remember it or have a link? It's been eating at me for a while now. Oh, and if you have any other Smart!Dean fics I'd love to read those too.

2.) And anybody have any fics where God is a character? I'd love to see some portrayals of God/Gods in Supernatural, so if you have any links I'd be grateful.

29 January 2012 @ 11:22 pm
So, someone at Tumblr posted a snippet of a wincest fic without a link, and I really wanna read it. (I would have asked for one, but the last time I did, I was called nasty names and told to do dirty things to myself.)

So, here's the snippet:
"“I worked for hours toning you two down, and even then—Do you know the shit I had to go through with my publishers on my first drafts?” Chuck continues. “I mean, come on! The—the massages, and the kissing, and sleeping in the same bed. You two are like the poster boys for Incest Anonymous!”
There’s a moment of shocked, still silence, and then Dean’s eyes meet Sam’s across the kitchen. Dean gives a slight tilt of his head with an eye roll—which is Dean-speak for ‘wow, he’s completely nuts’—and Sam can’t help returning it.
As though there’s anything wrong with two brothers being affectionate with each other.
[…] Sam moves without thinking. He steps close and slides his arms around his brother’s waist. Rests his chin on his brother’s shoulder.
Dean tenses minutely and then relaxes again, dropping his head back and letting out a sigh.
“It’s okay,” Sam breathes, keeping his voice low and for his brother’s ears only as he rubs small circles into Dean’s stomach. “No one’s going to read it.”
“I just—he has no goddamned right.”
“I know,” Sam agrees. He wishes he could tell Dean it won’t happen again, or that they’ll find some way to wipe Chuck’s memory clean, and can’t. All he can do is nuzzle the side of his brother’s neck and press a single, tentative kiss to the curve of his throat.
“That!” Chuck shouts from the other room. “That’s just what I’m talking about!”"

If someone could tell me where I could find this fic, I would be sooo happy!
Thank you!
19 January 2012 @ 11:21 pm
I really don't remember a lot but this story has been completely nagging at me.
It's Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel?
God appears in the form of a little girl, and essentially comforts all of the boys, restore's Castial's grace and repairs the rift between Michael and Lucifer (who used to be lovers), and at the end Castial becomes an archangel,

I know it's not a lot to go on but I hoping somebody recognizes it,
07 January 2012 @ 11:36 am
I'm looking for this fic i read ages ago and then lost. Dean and Castiel are in heaven at a dinner. Chuck is God and i remember Gabriel and Chuck having a convo like this:
Chuck: Gabriel, what are we not at the dinner table?
Gabriel: a pagen god.

Dean also thinks that the dinner was castiels version of bringing the boyfriend home to meet the parents

Anna was there and the archangels but i dont think Balthazar was. If anyone could help that'll be a great help! Thanks!
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03 January 2012 @ 06:32 pm
Happy New Year, all!

Bit of a different request for you all. I'm looking for any fics where God - the 'real' God, not god!Cas - either directly or indirectly heals/comforts/is revealed to/protects/etc. Cas in some positive way. Please no fics with corporal punishment, God/Cas slash, or in another way angry!God. I'm looking for benevolence and overall warm fluffiness, okay? =) Any length. Self-recs are always welcome. Thanks!
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16 December 2011 @ 07:01 pm
Hi all,
I read this story ages ago and I cannot find it anywhere.  God comes to visit Dean and Cas and decides that by touch to knock Dean up.  Dean and Cas set Sam up on a blind date with Jesus.  I think that Dean and Cas name the kids after the car. (pretty sure, but not really).
Hope some one can help with this!!
Thanks in advance!!
It has been found!! Thanks to flawed_x_design and morgandawn for finding it for me!!
13 December 2011 @ 02:37 pm
Hi y'all,

I'm putting together a meta post on the Show's treatment of Judeo-Christian figures like God, Lucifer and the angelic choirs. One *ahem* key figure seems to be missing from canon, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a story in which Jesus makes an appearance. Any length, genre or pairing is fine - I'm interested in 'em all. Stories about the Antichrist child from "I Believe the Children Are Our Future" might offer an interesting counterpoint, if you have a link handy, but aren't quite what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help in researching this topic!

*Um, the chosen tag was my best guess. Also, it is amusing to me.
27 November 2010 @ 04:01 pm
Hi there.
I'm suddenly in the mood for some 'finding God' (literally) fics.
Either Dean (and Sam) finding God or perhaps Castiel finding God during his search...or something. :)
I prefer Dean/Castiel as the main paring (but pre-slash is fine as well)

Thank you in advance!

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18 October 2010 @ 12:42 am
The subject line pretty much says it all, but I'm looking for a fic that I read a little while back that I have been unable to find since in which Cas, after having been exploded by Samifer, finds himself in NYC, living in a homeless shelter. I remember there was a homeless guy who he sort of looked after who teaches him to play craps, at one point he visits the Met, and eventually he finds God, who is a goth/punk lady, at a soup kitchen. It was sort of an explanation fic for Cas's response when Dean asks him if he is God.

Thanks all!
10 September 2010 @ 10:30 pm
Hey ladies (and maybe a few guys?)

I recently read a fic where god(Chuck) walks in on Gabe/sam doing slashy stuff.
Now I REALLY feel like reading similar fics.

My only preferences are :

pairing: anyone/Sam with BOTTOM!SAM

Extra cookies for a major freak out by the ones caught or the one that walks in.

10 September 2010 @ 12:20 am
I'm looking for stories that have:

Slash (Dean/Castiel and/or Sam/Gabriel) and Chuck as God

Thank for your time

So, first timer here - let me know if I break any rules.

I'm looking for a specific fic in which Becky is repeatedly harassed by mysterious forces through her laptop, forcing her to read Dean/Cas. It turns out that the mysterious forces are actually God, and (because by this time of course all the boys are involved) there is smishing all 'round. I remember it perfectly - there are even LJ accounts for samlicker81 and whatever-God's-LJ-name-is - I just can't find the link!

Can anyone help out a dimsel in distress?
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08 June 2010 @ 07:46 am
Does anyone have any links to/know of fics where Bobby is God? (Not that he isn't normally, but you know what I mean)
Hi! I'm looking for a couple stories -

1. Read this over on one of the Gabriel comms; can't remember which one. Medieval AU, where Sam was offered up as a virgin sacrifice to Gabriel-Trickster in exchange for the angel killing Azeal, who, in this version, was just a human trying to gather up 'gifted' children.

2. Anything that has Castiel interacting with the Boys pre-season 4; is there anything with him interacting with them seasons one or two, when they're still young and (relatively) innocent?

3. Castiel is secretely God.
26 September 2009 @ 11:51 pm
There's a brief crack featuring Sam/God. Does anyone know it?

ETA: Found!
17 December 2008 @ 02:25 pm
I was recently introducing my roommate to the wonderful world of Supernatural, and we were watching Faith, and something struck me. Roy LaGrange said that he chose Dean because God had a purpose for him. And what did Castiel say to Dean?.....that God had a purpose for him. I guess my question is, are there any stories that sort of tie these two episodes, or periods of time, together? I didn't catch it before, but I'm sort of liking that bit of continuity and mystery between season 1 and season 4. It's nice to see that Dean's had a purpose for a good long while, not just recently as Sam's conscience.

Any recs are okay. Wincest, gen, self-pimpage, h/c (actually a preference if it's Dean that's hurt). I'm just really looking for quality, so avoid the crack!fic if possible.

You guys rock.