02 August 2017 @ 10:18 pm
Hi everyone. I recently lost a hard drive, and all my videos were on it. I had my music backed up on another drive, but not the videos, because I hadn't gotten around to buying a second external drive. Now I am paying for it. Despite our best efforts with test disc, the majority of my 500+ music videos are gone, or have been mysteriously replaced by clips of Phil Collins. I kid you not - dozens of videos open and then it's Phil Collins. So very weird.

Anyhow, I had a good selection of SPN vids, many of them old - 8 or 10 years. I've hunted and replaced what I could, but I'm limited because I don't have any information other than what the video was saved as. So I don't know the vidder or in many cases the song.

I'm going to list them here, and if anyone recognizes one, if you could point me in the right direction to get it, or, if you have it, if you could give me a copy, I would be eternally grateful. It's hard to write SPN without my playlist.

These are all Supernatural videos. I haven't even begun trying to replace the couple hundred vids I have in other fandoms...

Here's the list (listed by file name) with whatever other information I have:

- aboveandbelowfinal

- crashed with watermark_agk

- discord_littlehollyleaf

- Drink You Pretty

- driversized_Thandie

- False Keeper

- finalscene

- gimmeshelter.v.2.divx

- godeatgodmed

- happytogether (this one is about Dean and the Impala)

- Hope Into Hell (I know this one is Patty Griffith, because it introduced me to her and I love her)

- inthewateriambeautifulmed

- sam1-divx

- shuffle-divx

- SPN Killit

- wakeupmed

- windowsill_xvid

- there's also one that uses coldplay's Vida la Vida, but it has a voiceover with Sam talking about angels. Love that one. Can't find it.

I realize this may not be very helpful, but I've got my fingers crossed. I'll be happy to get any of them, but in particular I want Hope into Hell, Happy Together, and the Vida la Vida one.

Many thaks to anyone that read through the list. I'm hopeful.
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13 July 2016 @ 08:49 pm
I know I've run  across a couple of stories where the Impala is awake, aware of her boys, or sentient.  She's either the POV of the story or Sam and Dean get feelings from her, like contentment when on the road or unease when someone else if driving (this was just a mention, not a large part of the story.  But I've been away from the fandom for some time and can't seem to locate them.  Any takers?
25 March 2016 @ 12:53 pm
Hey guys,
I'm looking for a fic in which Dean has powers. I can't remember quite what it is, but he basically he can sink his pain into imanimate objects - for Dean, he mostly uses his impala. He looses a bit of himself everytime he does it, and the story kinda follows the last time he does so, when he sinks too far, and his body dies. It ends with Sam driving in the car, and then impala!dean does something to let Sam know he's still there. I fairly sure that Jo is in this story, and thus, Ellen and Bobby. I feel like it's an X-Men cross over? Maybe
Thanks :)
15 October 2015 @ 08:10 pm
This is a little odd and embarassing... but are there stories about Dean has some kinky make out or having car sex, I mean LITERARY car sex, I mean he's making out or having sex with car (could with his baby or with a random car)?

And I'm also wondering if anyone knew fics where he's doing that with Sampala (Sam who turned into impala by Gabriel)?
07 September 2015 @ 11:01 pm
What's the one where Sam literally drives the Impala into Hell to save (or rescue) Dean? I think he adds runes/sigils/magic to the car to boost her latent magic(?). She's the only chance Sam has because she loves Dean as much as he does; Or something like that, as you can tell it's all a little vague. I can't even say if it's after "Dean's Deal" or an AU from an earlier season.

Thnx in advance
10 April 2015 @ 10:36 pm
Hello again, I was wondering if you guys could help me out with this request. Do any of you know of any gen fics where the Impala is alive but doesn't turn human more like in What to expect when your Impalas expecting by Epeeblade
Link: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/3922199/1/What-to-expect-when-your-Impala-s-Expecting

Thanks Guys,

06 April 2015 @ 09:28 pm
Hello all!
I wonder, is there a crack fanfic about what if Impala possessed by something like autobot of Transformer and how's Dean's reaction after he saw what happened to his baby?
Ok, I think this is all the tags I need.
Sam was feeling Dean would be better off with John so makes a deal with a demon to bring him back. It takes seven days and during that time Sam is invisible as are his possessions. The demon feeds of his emotional pain.
Dean feels something is wrong but doesn't remember his brother. ]
John stumbles over Sam's tote bag and finds a letter that makes him remember.
It turns out Sam had been spending his remaining time near Dean while he was working on the car by staying in the back seat.
When they realize he appears and keeps saying "It's a good deal."
The story takes place at Bobby's.
Edit: FOUND! This fic is by [livejournal.com profile] trolllogicfics and can be found here. Thank you so much!

The fic is called "One Shot" and was posted on LJ quite a few years ago. I cannot recall the author's name and Googling such a common phrase has left me stranded. It's very short, probably around 1k, definitely not more than 2-3k.

The fic is an AU of the end of S1 where the boys died in the car wreck, and were somehow sent back in time. It's from Mary's point of view, from before the fire. She gets a car from Bobby Singer, whom she notes looks oddly old, and eventually discovers this car is haunted by two older boys who died in a car wreck. (At one point the trunk opens to reveal an arsenal of hunting supplies Mary didn't put there. The older ghost mouths, "My car.") The ghosts won't appear around John or talk to him, but they aren't malicious, so Mary is happy enough to have them along. Then young Sam and Dean start saying and doing strange things, like asking for salt in the grocery store, and one night Mary wakes (I think, this part's fuzzy) to find Dean at her bedside, telling her someone is in Sam's nursery. She realizes that the ghosts are her sons in the future, takes the Colt, and shoots the yellow-eyed demon.

It's been awhile for me so some of these details might be fuzzy, but it was one of my favorite fics of all time and I am heartbroken I can't find it. I know I commented on it, but I don't know if there's a way to look up your comment history on LJ, and, of course, my delicious account was deleted quite some time ago. Any help would be very much appreciated!

(I hope it's okay to post here even though I'm no longer active on LJ. This is the only place I could think of to go!)
I can't remember where I found it, or how, but I think it could be on the newer side (2 months?)

The subject speaks for itself. It's a one shot, and I remember Dean was bi, and he finds the Impala gone from the motel parking lot to be replaced with a black man leaning against the building.

The impala fucks Dean in the motel room, and I'm not sure, but I think they meet up with Sam at a diner the following morning.

I remember so much about it! Just not where to find it, so I hope someone can help me out with it.
23 January 2014 @ 04:07 pm
Specific fic I read a while ago. I can't remember what it was called or where I read it. It started pre-Sranford years, where Sam and Dean were staying in this small town while John was on a hunt. Dean got a job helping out the local mechanic. I think he was around 16 at the time? I remember the towns people told him to stay away from the man, but Dean thought he was pretty nice - there was a lot of small-town type homophobia. Dean comes back a few times during Stanford years and him and the man become really good friends (with sex. Kind of like an open relationship?). There was also Dean/Cassie in there. I think the man used to be in the army. The town kind of becomes Dean's home and the people there know him by name. The omc finds out about the supernatural because there's a case in his town that effects friends of his.
It stretches all the way through to season 4. There were a few scenes at the end with Castiel in them that kind of had a pre Dean/Cas vibe.
I've been looking through all my bookmarks and can't find this story anywhere; I'm not sure whether its still online. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'd greatly appreciate help finding it.
24 November 2013 @ 09:51 pm
Hi! I saw an interview with Jensen where they asked if the Impala and Sam were both thrown into quicksand, who would Dean save first? And now I'm craving quicksand fics....I know, it's not like the boys are in the jungle a lot, but still...anyone know of any? Will take any rating, any pairing!
26 June 2013 @ 11:42 am
I love Dean, so I'm looking for a few things.

1. Any Were-Animal Dean fics. Preferably where he's still a hunter. Can be born that way, or turned with lots of Dean angst to go with it. I read one where he was a Lycanthrope and it was really cool. Were-Tiger Dean would be extra awesome (do they exist?)
2. Fics where Dean gets really dehydrated, gets heat exhaustion, heat sickness, or severely sunburn from being out in the heat too long. Lots of hurt/comfort goodness to go along with it.
3. Any fics where Dean hides a major illness/injury from Sam that he got while they were apart for a while. Either stanford years, post season 5, or something that may have happened in purgatory. I read a part of one that was in season 6 and Dean had an illness he was recovering from, but I didn't get as far to know what he had, then my browser crashed. Does anybody have an idea?
4. Any fics where Soulless!sam abuses, rapes, or is just very shitty to Dean, and for Dean to be wary of Sam even when Sam is normal again because its now an instant reaction to flinch away or something.
5. Any MPREG Dean fics. I don't care what pairing or how it happens (if he's raped that would be interesting) Extra love for anyone that has a fic where its Cas that gets Dean pregnant. I can't find any destiel dean mpreg fics and it makes me sad. Lots of H/C goodness to go along with this as well. I have read the Wincest one Hunter's Lullaby.
6. Any fics where Dean curls up and sleeps in the backseat of the implala when he's sick or hurt because it provides him a little bit of familiarity and comfort. Or any fics where the impala somehow has healing powers for Dean.
7. AU's where Dean/Jensen are professional golfers. I'm kinda surprised I haven't come across one yet. J2 or Destiel for this.
For all requests: No Death Fics. Gen or any pairing with Dean is fine. Thanks in advance
17 February 2013 @ 12:29 pm
I've seen people reference the plethora of fics where the Impala his turned into a human female, but I've yet to actually find one.

Obviously, I'm looking in the wrong places. Please rec me your favorite Baby turns human fics.

I'm open to gen, wincest, Dean/Impala. Sam/Impala, Sam/Impala/Dean, hell even John/Impala.
31 January 2013 @ 06:31 pm
1) I have completely fallen in love with the concept of Mommy!Dean, especially after rewatching the episode "Something Wicked". So could anyone rec me some fics where Sam appreciates the fact that Dean practically raised him and all fluffy, cutsey akward scenes between them.

2) Any fics that deal with Dean's role as the Peacekeeper of the family, maybe a fic where Sam and John have to put aside their differences to find him.

3) Some fics dealing with how unfair Sam is being when he keeps asking Dean to kill him. I would love a fic where Dean has some kind of  a meltdown over it and Sam finally realises what an ass he's being over it.

4) Sibling sarcasm in the Impala! Lots of snarky Sam and Dean on the long drives between jobs.

5) some girl dean fics. just because.

thank you for your help!

Basically, the title of the entry says it all. 

I am insanely curious for any story that has to do with John realizing it was Dean who suggested he buy the Impala and not the VW Van. 

I know Dean wouldn't know at the time, but I just would love to read something along those lines. Also stories where John is still alive and comes to the fact at a later date too, don't care:D

Thanks for any and all help:D

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I'm looking for a a crack fic that featured Dean insulting an ecologically concerned witch. She cursed the Impala, changing her into a fuel efficient small car. I can't remember if it was a Prius or some other make. I do remember that Sam had a hard time squeezing his Sasquatch body into the passenger seat. Does anyone remember this story?     
16 September 2012 @ 04:25 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic. Please provide the link or name of the author or title of the story. It's something like this:

Sam graduates and Dean is there. He doesn't see Dean because hugs Jess and then is surrounded by friends. Dean takes one look at Sam while he hugs her and starts to walk away. Sam is oblivious to Dean's presence. Then one of Sam's friends tells him that he and Jess just 'scared off a guy'. Sam realizes that it is Dean and follows him.
They talk and I think they were together before Stanford from the way they talk.
Later, Sam finds out that Dean has a daughter. She's adorable and has Dean's eyes and her name is Mary. Her mother dumped her on Dean and John and now she lives with a OC. She has special powers. She can read minds.
They call her Mer.
PLEASE if you can find this fi it would be such a great thing! thanks!
Characters inclueded are: Dean, Sam, John, Jess, Missouri, and some I can't remember.
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06 August 2012 @ 12:50 am
I can't believe I lost this one. /o\ I've torn through my bookmarks and tags, and just can't find it, and my google-fu is not strong tonight.

Sam and Dean are in an established relationship, and Sam's jealous of the affection Dean shows the Impala. He's all 'grrrrr' when Dean picks up their snacks/drinks at a gas station, and Dean's all "Gotta keep my baby fueled up!" to the gas station attendant, etc etc.

spoilers )

Anyone got this one squirreled away?! Help!?

FOUND super-quick by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] nearlynina. Link is HERE and it's a sequel to THIS

And then [livejournal.com profile] adameyezd let me know there's a sequel (3rd in the stories) HERE
25 May 2012 @ 07:44 pm
Mods: I'm not entirely sure of how to do this, specially because you don't have the tag I would be supposed to use? Please help me with that part :)

Hi :) 

I saw a post on tumblr recently with this description:

Supernatural | Everything we believed is a lie. None of it is real. There are no hunters, no angels, no reapers, no supernatural beings.We’re all mad here.

And I was wondering if maybe someone wrote a fanfiction along that? I'd really like to read something like that. I tried using Google but maybe the fact that I'm not sure what exactly to put on the search bar may have something to do with it. 

Pairings: All I ask is no Dean/Sam or Bobby/one of the brothers or castiel
Characters: Anna, Ash, Balthazar, Bobby, Castiel, Chuck, Crowley, Dean, Ellen, Gabriel/Trickster, Impala, Jo, Sam
27 April 2012 @ 10:25 am
My friend has just started watching Supernatural and I wanted to help recreate the fannish experience for her of watching the show as it aired and then reading fic and watching vids written around the same time. I am looking for fic and vid recs based on season - I have put together a place for people to list them by year (and I am adding my own recs - I am still working on Season 1). The main post on LJ is here: and the year by year posts are here.  Since I am hoping this will be a resource for any fan - not just my friend - any recs in any category and type is welcomed: gen, het, wincest, RPS, dark, happy, goofy, kinky etc.

I also have a similar master post on DW. Please feel free to link to either to help spread the word.

PS. Since pairing and/or character tags are required for posts to this community, I've added them. The list is not all inclusive so if you have a rec for a character or a paring that is *not* listed,  please do include it. Any rec is welcomed.
19 April 2012 @ 04:51 pm
I'm looking for this fic and I can't remember the title of it so any help would be appreciated.

Things I remember:

- Sam and Dean are in the Impala, they're both still in High School, I think, and they see a hand come out of the trunk of the car in front. The girl inside had poked out the rear light and had stuck her hand through.

- Dean had Sam call the police while they followed the car and the Impala crashed, before Dean could tell the police the number of the license plate number and Dean lost his memory of the crash.

- John got the call from the police and he found out that his sons were hailed as heroes by the whole town as the recording of the phone call to the police was broadcast on the news and radio. I remember John was very proud of his boys.

- Dean, Sam and John went with the police to reconstruct the accident in the hopes that it would jog Dean's memory.

- The girl inside the trunk was rescued, insisting that there was someone in the trunk with her and she invited Sam and Dean to a party to thank them. She found out about them hunting and she helped them do research into who her kidnapper was.

- The car belonged to a murderer who had kidnapped and murdered various girls before selling it on to the would be kidnapper.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Found! It's called It's Less Traveled By by Mirrordance Thanks to the awesome [livejournal.com profile] heavenli24 who found it.
12 March 2012 @ 02:26 pm
Ok, so I was trawling the interwebs looking for some Dean/Impala fics I haven't read yet, and discovered that there's this movement of people who like to imagine the impala coming to life as Ian Somerhalder, basically. I read a couple of fics over at AO3, and they were incredibly HOTT!

My question is, WHERE ARE ALL THESE IAN!PALA FICS???!?!?!!!?!?!?!?? Cos I can only find those two, and a bunch of fans tumblr'ing about how hot it'd be, but I wanna read FICS people! So please, for the love of Metallicar, find me these wonderful ficcies, you wonderful people you!

Also, any other Dean/Impala fics I may not have read yet, would be awesome. Het or Slash are both fine, btw. I've basically read everything at AO3, and am making my way through ff.net, but if you know of any located elsewhere, including here on LJ, I'd be incredibly grateful, my Lovelies!

(I previously posted asking about impala-pov style fics where she's still a car, which I got a couple recs from, and someone wrote me one just for me, yay, but any more of those would be especially welcomed too. Cos I'm obsessed with Dean's baby, of course!)

Okay, thanks!!!

Also, there isn't a 'pairing: dean/impala' tag. Or an 'altered: human!impala' tag. (Or that could be a genre, or a kink, instead. But I think it fits as an 'altered'.) Also, a 'point of view: impala' tag would be nice (pretty pretty please??). I realise the mods have worked very hard on their tagging (which is incredibly organised and awesome now, thanks for all the hard work there lovely moddies!), these are just suggestions. Which would fit this request, if you're looking for a post to add them to...
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13 February 2012 @ 01:28 pm
I've been searching through the tags and failing. Anyone have any Impala turned human fics? Any category, any characters, baby can be male or female, but just as long as she's turned into a person.

Thank youu!
09 February 2012 @ 06:17 pm
So I've been getting pretty excited over these gifsets of Ian Somerhalder as the Impala on tumblr. So I'm looking for any fics where the Impala becomes human and is... a guy! I'm freaking out about the idea of a Dean/Cas/Impala threesome/love triangle, so if Cas is part of the story that would be AMAZING. But just Dean/Impala is great too. Bonus points if they call the Impala "Baby"!!!
29 January 2012 @ 08:58 am
I am looking for any story you can rec me where Sam and Dean have sex in the Impala (or on it).  I have read a few but I am sure there are more out there that I have not found yet.  Thanks!
26 January 2012 @ 05:51 pm
Anyways, I was thinking about the Impala resently, and I was wondering-are there any fics oout there about one of the guys learning to drive? Maybe Sam nearly crashed it (explaining why Dean never lets him drive) or maybe Dean was forced to learn after a hunt-gone-bad. Or maybe even Cas learning to drive because he's lost powers.

Help would be much appriciated!

MODS: sorry I couldn't find an impala tag.
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03 January 2012 @ 11:31 am
Hi, I'm looking for a specific first time, Dean/Cas PWP. I believe it's a part of a mini-series by the author; Sam and Gabriel are mentioned(Sam/Gabriel hinted at). It was a mini-series that alternated Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel.

Dean's driving down the highway in the Impala-something about picking Sam up at the library- and Castiel teleports in and gives Dean road head while he's driving. Dean thought he was going to crash the car until he manages to safely pull over. When they're all done, Castiel told Dean Gabriel told him to(or something along those lines).

It was really hot and I cannot for the life of me find it. Help!
01 January 2012 @ 11:40 pm
OK, got a couple of impala requests. These are general requests, insofar as I don't have any specific fics in mind, so please, rec away!

1. Ok, I realise this is a well-used and asked for trope, but, the impala gets turned into a woman. However, what I specifically want to read, is something where, somewhere in the story, the fact that Dean beat on her while he was fixing her after John died gets brought up, dealt with in some way. Maybe in her human form she even has a scar or something... I want it to end happy though, so definitely angsty and Dean!guilt, but reconciling and such too. Maybe, it could be set just after it had happened, so it's all still a fresh issue, so there's dealing with some of Dean's deep grieving issues or something...

2. The impala is still a car, but is aware. There are two kinds of this I'm looking for: 
    a) Dean doesn't know about it, but it's always been there. I just want to hear her side of those special conversations between Dean and his baby. Her thoughts and such about his taking such good care of her, maybe when he's under her hood it turns her on, who knows, I just wanna hear how she responds to stuff, like Dean calling her baby and sweetheart and telling her sweet nothings and such. 
    b) Something happens to make Dean be able to hear her thoughts/talking to him. Maybe it's that she can suddenly speak, so Sam can hear her too, or maybe it's that somehow Dean suddenly has the ability to hear her, so it's only him, but I want to see how the sweetness he shows her develops when he realises she's aware.

(The second request is inspired by a fic I read a long time ago, where Dean was cursed somehow to be able to hear inanimate objects talk. Most of them were rude to him, but there was a bit at the end, where they were about to reverse the curse, and he just wanted to say one last goodbye to the Impala. Sam said something about how he always talks to her, and he replies that yes he does, but she doesn't usually speak back to him. It was really sweet and got me thinking about those special one-sided conversations Dean has with his baby, and all that love he showers on her, and how loved she must feel...)

Ok, thanks guys! :D

ETA: I've also been asked in the comments about the fic I read ages ago I mentioned in the brackets. I cannot find a link and I even googled but couldn't find it. I'm sure I came across it on here, but it was a long time ago. If anyone recognises it and has a link handy, please comment! Actually, I'd like to read it again myself too, so, please?? :D I remember, most of the objects were mean to him. I especially remember a scene in a hotel room where a pen and a lamp both insulted him. But his baby was nice to him, of course. Although, the fic wasn't really about the Impala much. Which is why I'm so interested in the #2 requests so much, I guess! K, thanks!

ETA2: I eventually, a while back, posted here again, asking about the fic I mentioned above in the brackets, about Dean hearing inanimate objects talk. It is The Pen Is Mouthier Than The Sword by [livejournal.com profile] kellifer_fic. Highly recommend her stuff.

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31 December 2011 @ 01:05 am
Sorry I have so much. I've been saving up for one post, instead of a bunch of them.

1) Any stories with human!Impala, but where its a guy instead of a girl?

2) Fics where Sam and Dean are protective of Adam

3) Similarly, fics that deal with Adam still being in hell and Sam and Dean haven't completely forgotten about him. (preferably one where Adam eventually gets out of the pit)

4) Any stories with a protective!John. (I'm a huge fan of good-dad!John stories)

5) Anything where one character had a permanent medical problem. It could be an injury, illness, or anything. But no death-fics pretty please

6) And finally, any fics where the boys are older and the beatings they took as youngsters is screwing up their old bodies. Can be a domestic!fic or not.

I'm fine with gen or slash for any of these (any pairing)

Thank you to anyone who can help me!
Looking for fics where Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen have sex in, on or in front of the impala. Also J2 playing Wincest-Fics.

They coul be together yet or can get together (fics where they´re have feelings for the other but the other dont know).

Also: PWP, Oneshots, and normal/epic stories.
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Hi all,

I'm looking for fic where Dean is pinned in the Impala after a car accident. His leg is stuck, maybe? I don't know if it was a specific fic that I read the summary for or just an idea that got in my head, so any links to similar stories would be appreciated. Vague, I know, sorry.

- Gen only - no wincest please.
- J2 would also be awesome.
- No death fic.
- No WIP.

Otherwise anything goes. Thanks for your help!!
05 December 2011 @ 07:11 pm
I was wondering if there was an entire community surrounding just weechesters and if so and anyone could provide a link, I'd be so greatful. I also was wondering if anyone had read the fic, that also happened to be weechesters, where the family is in a car accident and when Sam comes to he can't find Dean. Dean had made it out of the car to the road to try to find help while leaving Sam and his unconscious father in the car. If anyone could help that would be awesome!
05 December 2011 @ 02:33 pm
Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an ultra-specific type of fanfic, and I’m not entirely sure where to look for recs. I’ll just put it in list form to make things really simple considering the nature of the complex request. Thank you for bearing with me. :)

Read more... )
02 December 2011 @ 07:49 am
Hey there, does anyone remember a fic in which the impala starts changing and eventually grows Ash's mullet? I remember Dean being very upset and Sam finding it funny. Also Ash does the dirty with the impala mullet to get it back on his head. Yes. Definitely a crack fic.
19 November 2011 @ 12:18 am
Hello, there!

1.) So, I'm really in the mood for  possessive!protective!smitten!Jared and Adorable!Shy!Jensen fics, but the problem is I think I already read every single fic with these tags but I'm desperately hoping that I'm wrong! So rec ur fav fics with these tags and hopefully I'll find some that have escaped my clutches!

2.) I don't know if this even exists but anyway :) I'm wondering if there are any fics where the Impala turns into a MAN??

Bottom!Jensen only Please!

Thank you!!! :D
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02 October 2011 @ 06:36 pm
I'm looking for a story where Sam is on the stairs at Bobby's and overhears John saying that he wants to abandon Sam. It turns out this is due to his hearing/seeing from Castiel about the showdown in Detroit. Sam is about to fall down the stairs when Dean grabs him. They fake sleep before running away, John hot on their trail. The boys might have been 13 and 17 or 14 and 15, something like that.

FOUND! On Our Own by [livejournal.com profile] authoressnebula

Thanks to ash48 and jacyevans :)
25 September 2011 @ 11:03 pm
Hello, everyone.

So, awhile back I lost this amazing PWP that I thought I had saved in my memories (nope), and I'd be thrilled if someone out there could help me out.  I don't remember too much, but it went something like this:  Sam and Dean pull over to the side of the road and have sex in the Impala (bottom!Dean like whoa).  Uh, yeah.  That's basically it.  

I do remember some details though:  Sam's dirty talk escalated throughout and was downright filthy hot by the end, and Sam kept telling Dean how passing cars could see him all strung out inside the Impala.  One of the cars that passed by had a family in it, and somehow this evolved into some crazy daddy!kink which... gah.  So hot.  I'm sorry that this is so vague.

Well, thank you!
Hi, I'm looking for two stories I read not that long ago and now can't find again.

The first one is a Dean/Cas AU/AR. Dean is cast into a alternate reality where Cas is a prince and there is a curse on the royal family. They will die a slow death unless they find true love. The Impala is a horse in this world, but 'her' rump is still a trunk that can spit out whatever Dean needs. Sam finds his way to the same world and stumples upon Anna who forgets everthing unless she keeps looking at it.

The second one is mostly Sam/Gabriel with Dean/Castiel in the background. Sam and Gabriel somehow ends up in Florida and needs to find Dean and Cas who, they find out, has ended up in the complete opposite corner of the country. Gabriel and Castiel can communicate with each other through Sam and Dean. Sam gets cursed and lives in his own head in the time where Gabriel kept killing Dean over and over again when they thought he was the trickster.

I hope someone can help me find these two stories, thanks in advance.

Both stories found, links in comments :)
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Looking for two fics I haven't been able to find searching the archives of posts:

1) The story opens with Dean looking for Sam - Sam is in high school, and for the last month he has been openly rebellious, doing things out of character for Sam.  Dean finds him at a party, openly getting high while a blond kid is nuzzling his crotch.  Dean drags him out of the party and they fight in the Impala.  Dean and Sam have had the occasional sexual encounter, but Dean feels so guilty in between them that he pretends they never happened and pushes Sam away.  Sam takes control and lets Dean know that he doesn't get to decide when they are intimate, and he doesn't get to pretend it never happens.  It ends with them having sex on the hood of the Impala. 
FOUND - in the comments!

2) I've found some great character bleed stories in previous searches, but one specific one, the first of that type I read, I can't find.  It was a Dean/Jensen character bleed story, and it took place in Jensen's trailer.  It was NC-17.  I believe there was actually a Sam/Jared follow up it, but I may be mistaken.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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27 July 2011 @ 04:36 am
So I'm rewatching 2x14 (Born Under A Bad Sign, my absolute favorite), and I can't help but notice that for whatever reason, the Impala seems ALOT more 'snarly' in the opening bits, before the title card. Which got me curious.

Uber-vague season 6 spoilers. )

As usual: Self recs a-okay, any rating, any genre except horror, Wincest is awesome, gen is good too, just no het, please.
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21 July 2011 @ 12:23 am
 I remember a particular scene: Dean keeps getting flashes of a memory. In it Dean has decided to visit Sam at Stanford-I don't remember if he just wanted to see him or if he decided it was actually time to go talk to him (though that doesn't happen). Sam is playing soccer or football or something and has taken off his shirt. In the flashes Dean focuses on different things: he sees the sun shine off the Impala or off Sam's body  (his sweat?) and Sam had dirt on him.Eventually Dean sees the whole memory and feels the arousal he felt watching Sam. This was the first time he felt something like that. He drove off and repressed it so much he didn't even remember it happened.   

So over the course of the fic Dean remembers. I think it is set in season 1. I'm pretty sure it was Sam/Dean eventually. And it was a long-fic.  I have some ideas, but this is one scene/theme so it would take me a while to be sure I had the right story.

Thanks anyone who replies!!
30 June 2011 @ 08:20 pm
1. So, some people enjoy turning our gorgeous black Impala into a person. But, is there anything where she gets turned into a black impala? 'cause I kinda want Dean to stick her on a leash and still call her his baby, even if she's suddenly got fur and four legs.

2. I hope there's something along these lines, I keep looking, and it seems like there would be, but I can't find anything. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Stories that are in Medieval Europe Fantasy land? Like, with horses, and swords, and the boys still being hunters just, ya'know, back when Ruby was a little girl.
21 June 2011 @ 12:14 pm
I...am kind of crying right now. I just read The List(http://saucyminxfix.livejournal.com/4009.html) by Brie&Char and...it's a tear-jerker, but it's amazing. however it has left me in need of something more light-hearted.

1-Castiel) Destiel, teaching him about life, learning how to be human, becoming friends with Sam...

2-Sam) Wincest, wee-winchesters, school, life in general, (coming out) ...

3-Dean) Same as above requests, learning to love, the impala...

4) hurt/comfort focusing on comforting

5) Hugs

And, yes, those are shmoopy and fluffy and shameless, but honestly? I need it right now. I will shower the person who helps with mucho love and affection.

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19 June 2011 @ 08:32 pm
So I'm back!! This time with a general and specific fic search :D
1. So, I'm looking for fics that focus on Dean's taste in music. I know that this issue comes up in most fics but I'm really craving something that has scenes like Dean drumming on the steering wheel, singing loudly (and awesomely, but I really don't care if it says he's a horrible singer), and just rocking out in the driver's seat and being Dean *-* Maybe scenes where they argue over music or something where maybe Sam finds Dean's tapes in the Impala after his Deal comes to a close and he listens to it etc? I also sorta want something like, In the Days of Sam and Dean, them on the highway and passing the time with car games, music, and ribbing each other; scenes like the one in the beginning of 'Hell House' would be AWESOME :D 
I really miss the old days, where our only worries were visions and the yed, where the boys were just... brothers. I guess I meshed up two requests in one, but seriously, anything where Dean is rocking out to his music, and the boys just going from case to case being them is much appreciated. Gimme Led Zeppelin and Metallica and I will marry you *-*
Considering what I'm asking, I don't think that pairings will really be an issue here, but just in case: Gen and wincest only. Please, no het :3
2. This one is driving me crazy trying to find it. It's one of those Raised-apart fics (Sam was adopted by rich parents and I think I remember Dean telling Sam that his family was killed in a fire and he has this sort of, phobia of fire? There was a scene with a bonfire and Sam notices Dean freaking out.) Dean is a new teacher at Sam's private school and Sam starts going in for tutoring even though he's like,  the smartest kid there and Dean knows this and calls him on it. They end up getting together and they also meet up over break at this fancy hotel (Sam pays for it cause his family is filthy rich) and Dean finds out Sam left home without telling anyone. I remember Sam telling Dean something about how him and his dad have a bad relationship and that it possibly had something to do with his mom dying? I also remember something about Sam speaking Spanish??
If it helps, I think I read this over on archiveofourown.org

(Found in Comments)

Thanks in advance all you lovely people!!!! :D

(P.S-- Sorry for the tag mishap there Mods D: I was being dumb :I)
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06 June 2011 @ 01:33 pm
I've been having a kinda crappy couple of weeks, and not being able to find a couple of fics haven't made it much better. I've been trying to find them on my own, but no dice, so please help me out. Also there are some general requests that would make my day if someone found something for them. Self-recs welcome and encouraged. Edit: Found in comments.

1) Sam and Dean are in the Impala and somehow the conversation is turned to all the different kinds of sex the two have had, and it turns out Sam is a lot kinkier than Dean thought, and that he has had sex with men. I'm pretty sure it ends up as Wincest. Edit: FOUND in comments.

2) A J2 hockey AU where Jensen is a hockey player who is out and Jared is his tutor.

3) Any Dean/Castiel that are about them getting together. Bonus points for long fic, awesome!Sam, and/or Dean having a big gay freakout.

4) Any mpreg where Dean is the one carrying Cas's child, although I wouldn't mind if he other dad was Sam. Again bonus points for long fic. No eggpreg.

5) Any Sam/Dean/Cas threesome featuring them getting together. I've already posted a request like this before, but thought I'd see if there are any more out there.

6) Any Sam/Cas that doesn't end up becoming Dean/Cas.

Please and thank you!!!

BTW, I'm not a fan of PWP, so unless there's a chapter of a longer story that's PWP, please don't rec it. And for 3-6, please non-AU only.
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15 May 2011 @ 08:59 am

So I saw a classic Impala driving down the highway the other day. It was scrubbed down and covered in primer, obviously ready for a new paint job.

It put me in the mood for fics where the Impala changes color. Crack fics, trickster fics: whatever. I want Dean's baby to have her pretty paint job screwed with and the reaction of the boys when they find out or even have to do it to her to avoid the law or what have you.

I prefer Dean/Sam wincest or gen or even canon het. No daddy!cest or Sambriel. I'll take Destiel, but I'm not fond of it.

26 April 2011 @ 07:26 am
Hey everyone ^^

I ran over the 'jealous section' and I didn't notice fanfic like this so.... 

is there a story about Sam being jealous of the car? Like... he's jealous cause Dean's spending too much time with Impala, pays attention to his baby etc? Wincest preferably, but it wouldn't matter X

Thanks ^^
16 March 2011 @ 05:55 pm
 I read a story a couple months ago that was Dean/Castiel. I only remember a few parts of it and have Googled for it and came up with this community, so I'm giving this a try.

There's a scene that sticks out in my mind, of Cas taking Dean roughly/without consent over the Impala while out in the wilderness/desert. And when its over a mountain or hill or some type of land mass has been shifted or destroyed because of Castiel. Its a bad relationship between the two of them where it gives you the idea that Castiel is abusing Dean.

Another scene is when Castiel saves both Dean and Sam from demons and they end up in this large hall. The author provides an image of it and it looks a lot like something from the Lord of the Rings. And Castiel gets healed or something through the hand print on Dean's shoulder and Sam is somehow involved in that.

That's most of what I can remember of the fic. I'll place some tags and maybe that will help. It was pretty long though. Thanks.
14 March 2011 @ 12:20 am
Okay, looking for a Sam/Dean fic written a few years ago. All I can really remember is the scene where Dean shot a werewolf(could have been something else, though) while he was having sex with Sam in the impala. I can't remember anything more then that, sorry. Hope you all can help me out!

Edit: Found - Backseat Driver by jonny-vrm