14 June 2015 @ 11:33 am

So, there's two that I'm searching for currently. In the first, it's wee!chesters/young!winchesters. There's a hunt that John goes on with Dean and it goes bad. He gets hurt and is afraid to go back to the house but he knows John will make him. He runs away to visit Caleb at college and winds up crashing in his dorm for a few days until Caleb finds out that Dean ran away without telling anyone other than Sam. Caleb has a roommate - Bull? maybe? - and he and Dean get along really well by the end of the fic.

The other is young!Dean because he manages to get deaged from his 26 years of age to 13. He sneaks off to find Sam at one point in the story because of everyone's bad reaction to him being young again and winds up getting possessed by a demon. There's a sequel where Caleb takes him to visit Sam and Sam doesn't initially believe that it's actually Dean.

15 August 2013 @ 09:32 am
Hi all, I'm looking for a specific pre-series hurt!sam fic. Dean is on a hunt with Caleb and John takes Sam to a really run-down cabin in a remote town. John leaves for a hunt and gives sam a list of chores to do (i.e. chop wood, fix furnace, clean guns) but Sam is in a car accident with a man who owns the gas station who tries to molest Sam. He hides the injuries from John and gets really sick and delicious angst ensues. I think I read it on FF, but am not positive.

Sorry for the confusing description, but hopefully someone recognizes it!

Also I would love any recs for hurt/sick Sam fics, especially weechesters or pre-series fics.

08 April 2013 @ 02:06 pm
Hey there,
I was hoping someone could remember a fic for me. I believe it was a trilogy, and it was titled with parts from the old Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. "All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put Humpty back together again". Yeah. Ummm, but yes, it's a flash back fic where Sam and Dean are hunting man made monkey like things, and one of them is clamped on Sam's leg so they go to pastor Jim's. Sam has to go to the hospital and he flashes back to when he was paralyzed by werewolves as a teenager. I remember Sam was really clingy to Dean cause of a venom in the monkey's saliva, and that John eventually shows up, so this is obviously first season/pre-series.
Hi guys,
I'm looking for three specific fics this week, with all of them being based on the brotherly relationship between Sam and Dean.
  1. Sam was hurt on a hunt and Dean sheparded him to Bobby's where Dean falls prey to the flu or some other virus which should make him cooped up in bed. However, both Dean and Sam end up trying to take care of each other while not feeling 100% themselves. I'm pretty sure it was told from Bobby's POV; I remember this is the first fic I read where I called them idjits!
  2. Sick Dean fic where he has to go through the pain of a gallstone. Sam stays with him through the whole thing even though it takes several days (maybe closer to a week). FOUND
  3. Sam feels as if he is a screw up and runs away from his dad and brother. He believes that his dad hates him because he isn't just like Dean and he goes to Pastor Jim's house (it could have been Bobby's) where he ends up in a bed for a day or so 'cuz he's sick. Josh, Caleb, and Bobby all come to Pastor Jim's where they plus Dean and Jim take care of Sam while he recovers and learns to trust in his dad again. (Caleb and Josh, maybe Bobby held up guns against John when he wanted to see his son because they thought Sam didn't want to see him and his entrance might cause Sam to freak out). This one was weechesters, I think (don't hold me to this) Sam was around the age of 12. FOUND

Thanks you guys for doing this and always being so helpful :) I'm pretty certain I found all of these on fanfiction but I'm not entirely sure.

20 December 2011 @ 04:27 pm
I am sitting here with a bad back (since Thanksgiving) and am spending my time going through posts.   I think I have checked all the tags that pertain to my request but I need more!  What I am looking for are WeeChesters or TeenChesters where:

1. John just does not understand/and or abuses Sam and he runs away.
2. Sam is kidnapped and is not reunited with his family for months or even years.
3. Sam is missing and no one knows what happened to him
4. Sam is taken by CPS and grows up away from his family only to reunite later.
5. Mute, deaf or blind Sam

I would prefer GEN only for these requests please.  It would also be super if Bobby, Pastor Jim, Caleb or Joshua were in the story.

Thank you in advance for saving me from total boredom.
09 December 2011 @ 12:00 pm
Hi all,

I am looking for fics pre-series where sam is hurt but can't be taken to a hospital or doctor so dean/john/bobby/calab etc have to patch him up. It would be great if there was a helping of guilty!john or guilty!dean. No WIP's please

Thanks for all the help in advance:)
05 November 2011 @ 07:09 pm
Hi all,

Hoping ye all can help stave off my boredom with some recs please :)

1) I'm looking for some non au H/C (preferably hurt!jared) J2 fics with loads of chris, chad, misha etc please.

2) Some teenchesters H/C (preferable hurt!sam) with bobby, calab, pastor jim etc.

Self recs are always good but no WIP's please :)
Thanks in advance!!!
21 September 2011 @ 08:24 am
Hey all I'm looking for stories where other hunters interact with the boys, good or bad. Per say maybe Caleb, Joshua, Pastor Jim, Daniel Elkins or the bad like hunters who don't like Sam or hunters who heard about them through Gordon.

Anything along those lines! And my weakness is hurt!Sam with protective!Dean if that is in there somehow I will love you oodles and oodles!

Preferably gen but I don't mind wincest my only request is maybe bottom!Sam? Though I ain't too picky. Any season, teen!chesters, wee!chesters ANYTHING really. Thanks!
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27 August 2011 @ 08:26 pm
Looking for a fic that I read on FF that I hope is somewhere on LJ, or that one of you wonderful people out there read it over on FF and knows which story I’m talking about. John is a proper ass and sends a teenage Sam (not older than 15 - if I can remember correctly) off to a cabin in the middle of nowhere to toughen up.

Dean is not there as he's on a hunt with Caleb. Sam not only gets seriously ill, but is also attacked by a man who wants to rape him. Sam also makes friend's with a boy, that is in fact a spirit. Other characters include Bobby, Joshua, Caleb and Pastor Jim.

Contains plenty of hurt!Sam, protective!Dean and off course mean!John.

Hope someone out there can help me out! Would love to read this fic again.
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02 August 2011 @ 10:08 am
Hey guys!

First request: some cute, adorable wee!chesters that show Sam and Dean's bond from an early age. 

Second request: Any wee!chesters that feature Sam as a baby you know like 1 and under or even 2 and under cause quiet frankly baby Sammy is adorable ><

Third request: Any mommy!dean fics which means Dean doing something a mother would I.E, cooking, cleaning, changing of the diapers, kissing the boo boo's. You know what mom's do?

And that's it! I'm not really picky but please gen for all requests and bonus points if John, Bobby and or any hunter friends that being Caleb, Joshua, Pastor Jim are included.

Thanks :D
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Hey guys I'm WAY behind on reading the new fics for season 6 like episode tags and such. So can you guys rec me any good hurt Sam fics that are either episode tags to season 6 or in season 6? Really anything goes as long as I have my hurt!Sam in there with awesome protective Dean. Thanks XD

For my second request can you guys rec me some fics that have like Sam and Bobby really bonding? Like father and son or Bobby takes care of Sam and is really protective over him?

Also I'll takes stories featuring other hunters like Joshua, Caleb, Pastor Jim etc. that are really protective over Sam. Thanks :)

P.S mods I think there needs to be a season 6 tag now.  Also IDK I don't see a Joshua character tag on here (even if he was only briefly mention -.- He's featured in alot of stories)
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